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Brownie is an evergreen favorite of all ages, when it comes to Chocolate Recipes. I mean what is actually not to love in it – there’s chocolate and all things decadent in a Chocolate Brownie recipe. Here, on this post, I have shared a similar, yet easy and yummy Eggless Brownies recipe that you can make with cocoa powder. This variation of this quintessential dessert also makes use of whole wheat flour and not all-purpose flour. So, the recipe is also a bit healthier and is vegan too.

brownie cut into wedges, staked on top of each other and served on a white plate.

About Eggless Brownies Recipe

A Brownie is one of those sweet dishes that has nothing hidden about it – from the name to its flavors and texture. I mean what can be more obvious than calling a dish by the name of what its color is.

Also, as the chocolate is one of the main ingredients, it is also commonly termed as Chocolate Brownie or Cocoa Brownie.

The recipe of an Eggless Brownies had been requested by many readers. In fact, there are more eggless cake and muffin recipes that have been requested by readers and I will add them gradually.

For this particular recipe of Brownies minus eggs, I wanted the recipe to be made easily by everyone.  So, I have used cocoa powder in this one.

brownie wedges served on a white plate.

Just like any other recipe, this recipe of Eggless Brownies too has some more ingredients that are common and easily available. You really don’t need to go hunting for them.

Divided into dry and wet ingredients, these are, whole wheat flour (or add atta that is used for making chapati or roti), baking powder, salt, water, sugar, oil and vanilla extract or essence.

I also add organic raw sugar in this recipe of Brownie to make it all the more wholesome. But you can easily make it with your regular granulated sugar as well.

Make sure to use a good quality of cocoa powder for this Chocolate Brownie recipe. The color and quality of the cocoa powder also decides the color of this Eggless Brownies.

My dish turned a dark chocolate color and not a brown one because of the variety of cocoa powder I used.

This Brownie is not chewy, but is soft, moist and cake-like. I have not added any nuts or dry fruits in this Chocolate Brownie. However, some chopped roasted almonds, cashews or walnuts would really elevate the flavors in it.

The inspiration for my recipe of Eggless Brownies lies loosely in this Brownie Recipe. In the recipe I have swapped a neutral flavored oil with butter.

Instead of heating and melting butter, I have heated water and added sugar, cocoa powder, oil and cooked this mixture till it came to a boil. Then, added it to the dry ingredients.

The whole wheat flour softens due to the heat. This results in the soft texture of this Chocolate Brownie. The original recipe calls for eggs. So, if you want to make this Eggless Brownies with eggs, you can check the original recipe.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Eggless Brownies


1. Grease a 7 x 2 inches square baking pan with some oil or softened butter if you prefer.

baking pan greased with oil for making chocolate brownie.

2. Measure all the ingredients and keep them ready, namely

  • ½ cup whole wheat flour or atta, leveled – 60 grams
  • ⅓ cup cocoa powder, leveled – 30 grams
  • 4 tablespoons oil – can use sunflower oil, olive oil or any neutral flavored oil
ingredients measured and kept ready.

3. In a mixing bowl or pan, take ½ cup of the whole wheat flour, ½ teaspoon baking powder and 1 pinch of salt.

whole wheat flour, baking powder and salt added to a bowl.

4. With a whisk, mix everything very well. You can even sift this flour mixture, if you prefer. Keep aside.

Preheat the oven at 200° C/392° F for 15 minutes.

If using, stone ground or roller milled whole wheat flour (or chakki ground atta), then do sift it twice with the baking powder.

ingredients mixed well.

Make Cocoa Solution

5. Now, take 1 cup water in a pan and heat it on low to medium flame.

heating milk in a pan for making cocoa solution.

6. When the water turns hot (but not boiling), lower heat and add ⅓ cup sugar.

sugar added to hot water for making cocoa solution.

7. Next, add ⅓ cup of the leveled cocoa powder.

cocoa powder added to hot water for making cocoa solution.

8. Then, add 4 tablespoons oil. Here I have added the entire 4 tablespoons of oil with a measuring cup.

You can use any neutral flavored oil or olive oil. I used sunflower oil.

adding oil to cocoa solution for making eggless brownie.

9. With a spatula, begin to mix everything well, so that the sugar dissolves and the cocoa powder mixes well with the water. Break the lumps of cocoa powder, if any.

mixing ingredients to make cocoa solution for eggless brownie.

10. Let this mixture come to a boil on medium-low heat.

boiling cocoa solution for eggless brownie.

Make Brownie Batter

11. Switch off the heat and add the bubbling cocoa solution to the flour mixture.

adding cocoa solution to flour mixture for eggless brownie.

12. The liquid mixture will cover the entire flour mixture. Also, add ½ teaspoon vanilla extract.

cocoa solution added to flour mixture for eggless brownie.

13. With a spatula or wired whisk, begin to mix both the wet and dry ingredients lightly.

mixing ingredients with a wired whisk for eggless brownie.

14. The mixture will be hot. So, be careful while mixing and also mix lightly. Do not over do as you do not want a chocolate wheat dough. A few tiny flour specks in the batter are fine.

hot batter mixture while mixing to make eggless brownie.

15. Below is a photo showing the consistency of the batter. It is a very thick batter and does not flow freely but still loose.

If the batter looks too much thick, then add a few tablespoons of hot water and mix again.

Note that the water required depends on the quality of whole wheat flour. So, please keep some hot water handy, if you need to add it.

making brownie batter.

16. Now, place the batter with the spatula in the baking pan.

brownie batter added to prepared baking pan.

17. Shake the pan, so that the batter spreads and evens out. Also, using a spatula spread and make the batter even.

evening the batter in the baking pan using a spatula.

Bake Chocolate Brownie

18. Here’s the brownie pan ready to go in the oven.

baking pan with brownie batter spread in it.

19. Bake in the preheated oven at 200° C/392° F for 30 to 40 minutes, with both top and bottom elements on.

Keep the pan on the center rack. Do not open the oven door till ¾ᵗʰ of the Chocolate Brownie is done.

Since oven temperatures vary, do keep a check. In a convection oven, preheat as well as bake at 180° C/356° F.

baking brownie in the oven.

20. Check with a tooth pick and if the tooth pick comes out clean, remove the pan from the oven. Do not over bake the Eggless Brownies as then the top will get dried out and become crusty.

baked brownie in the pan.

21. Once the Brownie becomes warm or cools down, you can remove it from the tray or you can slice in the baking pan itself.

brownie slab placed on a white plate.

22. Slice and serve Chocolate Brownie. If not serving immediately, then store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

In a cool and cold climate, you can keep it outside at room temperature for 1 to 2 days.

brownie wedges on a steel plate.

23. While serving Brownie, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar on top. You can even serve them with some chocolate or caramel syrup on top. Or make a dessert of Vanilla Ice Cream served with these.

brownie cut into wedges, staked on top of each other and served on a white plate.

Expert Tips

  1. For best results, make use of a fine quality cocoa powder for this recipe. The color also depends on this.
  2. In my recipe, I usually add sunflower oil. However, you can use olive oil or any other neutral flavored oil in this recipe.
  3. The consistency of the batter in this recipe is a thick one that does not flow freely, but is loose. Just like a Halwa. In case your batter has turned extremely thick, then add some hot water and mix to get the right consistency.
  4. Quantity of water that goes to make the batter also depends on the quality of whole wheat flour or atta you are using in this recipe.
  5. If you are baking using a convection oven, then make sure to preheat as well as bake it at 180° C/356 ° F.
  6. You can easily store these Brownies in air-tight containers and refrigerate. If you live in colder climates, these also stay good at room temperature for 1 to 2 days.

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Please be sure to rate the recipe in the recipe card or leave a comment below if you have made it. For more vegetarian inspirations, Sign Up for my emails or follow me on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

eggless brownie recipe, eggless chocolate brownie recipe

Eggless Brownies Recipe | Chocolate Brownie

An easy Eggless Brownies Recipe made with cocoa powder, whole wheat flour (or add atta that is used for making roti or chapati), sugar, baking powder and oil. So, the recipe is also a bit healthier and is vegan too.
4.80 from 44 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Cuisine World
Course Desserts
Diet Vegan
Difficulty Level Moderate
Servings 9 Chocolate Brownie


Dry ingredients

  • ½ cup whole wheat flour (or atta), leveled – 60 grams
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch salt

Wet ingredients

  • 1 cup water
  • cup raw sugar – 70 grams or add regular white granulated sugar
  • cup cocoa powder – leveled, 30 grams
  • 4 tablespoons oil – can use sunflower oil, olive oil or any neutral flavored oil
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract – optional



  • Grease a 7 x 2 inches square baking pan with some oil or softened butter if you like.
  • First measure all the ingredients and keep them ready.
  • In a mixing bowl or pan, take whole wheat flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt.
  • With a whisk, mix everything very well. You can even sift this flour mixture if you want. Keep aside.
    Preheat the oven at 200° C/392° F for 15 minutes.

Making cocoa solution

  • Take 1 cup water in a pan and heat it on a low to medium flame.
  • When the water become hot (but not boiling), lower the heat and then add sugar, cocoa powder and then add oil.
  • With a spatula begin to mix everything very well. The sugar should dissolve and the cocoa powder should mix evenly with water. With the spatula or whisk, break the lumps of cocoa powder if any.
  • Let this mixture come to a boil on medium-low heat.

Making chocolate brownie batter

  • Switch off the heat and add the bubbling hot cocoa mixture to the dry flour mixture.
  • Also add vanilla extract.
  • With a spatula or wired whisk, begin to mix both the wet and dry ingredients lightly.
  • The mixture will be hot, so be careful while mixing and also mix lightly. Do not over do. A few tiny flour specks in the batter are fine.
  • The brownie batter has a thick consistency and does not flow freely but loose (much like a halwa consistency). 
  • If the batter looks too much thick, then the one showed in photo at step 15 above, then please add a few tablespoons of hot water and then mix again. 
  • The water required depends on the quality of whole wheat flour. So please keep some hot water handy, if you need to add it.
  • Now place the brownie batter with the spatula in the baking pan.
  • Shake the pan, so that the batter spreads and evens out. Also using a spatula spread and make the batter even.

Baking Brownie

  • Bake brownie in the pre heated oven at 200° C/392° F for 30 to 40 minutes. Do not open the oven door till ¾ᵗʰ of the brownie is done.
    Since oven temperatures vary, do keep a check. In a convection oven, preheat as well as bake at 180° C/356° F.
  • Check with a tooth pick and if the tooth pick comes out clean, remove the pan from the oven. 
  • Do not over bake the brownie as then the top will get dried out and become crusty.
  • Once the brownie becomes warm or cools down, you can remove it from the tray or you can slice in the baking pan itself.
  • Slice and serve chocolate brownies. If not serving immediately, then store in an airtight container in the fridge.
    In a cool and cold climate, you can keep these brownies outside at room temperature for 1 to 2 days.
  • While serving brownies, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar on the top layer. 
  • You can even serve the brownies with some chocolate or caramel syrup on top. Or make a dessert of vanilla ice cream served with the brownies.


  • Instead of oil, you can add 4 tablespoons of softened butter. 
  • Use a good quality of cocoa powder.
  • Add more sugar if you prefer for a more sweeter tasting brownie.
  • Opt to make the chocolate brownie recipe with all-purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour.
  • I usually add sunflower oil. But, you can use olive oil or any other neutral flavored oil.
  • The amount of water to be added will vary with the quality and texture of whole wheat flour.
  • If using, stone ground or roller milled whole wheat flour, then do sift it twice with the baking powder.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Eggless Brownies Recipe | Chocolate Brownie
Amount Per Serving
Calories 115 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Fat 7g11%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.3g
Monounsaturated Fat 5g
Sodium 7mg0%
Potassium 98mg3%
Carbohydrates 14g5%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 7g8%
Protein 2g4%
Vitamin A 1IU0%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.04mg3%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.02mg1%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0.4mg2%
Vitamin B6 0.03mg2%
Vitamin E 3mg20%
Vitamin K 1µg1%
Calcium 18mg2%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 4µg1%
Iron 1mg6%
Magnesium 26mg7%
Phosphorus 63mg6%
Zinc 0.4mg3%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This Eggless Brownies recipe from the archives, originally published in August 2016 has been updated and republished on February 2023.

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  1. Hi. I have tried your brownie recipe. It was tasty . But it wasn’t soft at all. Don’t know what went wrong. Please suggest as I had exactly followed your measurements.5 stars

    1. The softness comes from the baking powder’s reaction with the other ingredients. If the baking powder is not fresh and active the brownie won’t be soft.

      Whenever making any baked goods, it is better to check the freshness of the baking powder or baking soda by mixing either in a bit of vinegar and water solution. If either bubbles and fizzes they are fresh and active.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Dassana, I tried out this easy recipe today! Thank you.
    I did all the steps as mentioned ,it came out good but it tasted a little bitter ,could you help me out why it happened?
    I used Hershey’s cocoa unsweetened & added some chopped walnuts.4 stars

    1. The bitterness could be due to the quality of cocoa or oil. If you have used vanilla essence instead of extract, this can also make the cocoa taste bitter. If using vanilla essence, then ¼ teaspoon can be added. I hope this helps.

  3. heyaa!! loved your recipe i have been looking for a good eggless brownie recipe and came across your recipe just wanted to check whether this recipe would fit in a rectangle baking pan (if yes, then do i need a trimming in the measurements??) as i do not have a square one and i really wanna try making some brownies

    1. Hi Tisya, a smaller rectangular pan would work well for the recipe and thanks.

  4. hi, i am using morphy richards otg when i make a brownie it is uncooked &became rubbery.please can you tell me the temperature & timer.sometimes cakes also become uncooked.can you help me.

    1. temperature to bake is 180 degrees celsius. timing will vary, but you can consider an approximate time of 25 to 40 minutes. try keeping the cake in the center rack and use both the top and bottom heating elements. rubbery can be due to overmixing the batter and baking soda or baking powder not being fresh for eggless cakes. hope this helps.

  5. Hi, you have awesome recipies.. I keep going through your recipe pages even in office ???? .. here I have a question…! Coco powder you used is sweetend or unsweetened??

  6. Is there anyway I can add a little coffee into the recipe. How do I do It?

    1. yes you can. when you add the cocoa powder to the hot water, that time also add instant coffee.

  7. Hi, can I use all purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour in all the recipes ☺

    1. yes you can use all purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour in all recipes. just add less liquids like water or milk as whole wheat flour absorbs more water or milk than all purpose flour.

  8. Hi, thank you for eggless brownie recipe.. have tried using exact measures as advised.. and baked for 35 + 5 mins… while the brownie came out ok, there was too much oil oozing out making it taste too oily. I’d used olive oil. What do you think went wrong? Any suggestions? Thank you4 stars

    1. welcome sekhar. i have never had this oil issue when making the brownie. the oil has to get mixed evenly. if the batter is over done or under mixed, then there is a possibility of oil coming out while baking. could also be due to olive oil. next time you can add 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil.

      1. thank you Amit. Will try that out next time. btw, I’d tried the normal chocolate cake, came out quite well.
        your site is awesome and i’m trying more recipes too. Thanks again.

        1. Welcome SekharT. Glad to know that you liked the website. Thanks for sharing positive feedback on eggless chocolate cake.

  9. Can i put this mixture i into my small muffin tray? Instead of putting in a square pan?

  10. Hi dear….. i have a bajaj 35 lt oven and it has two modes… a bake mode with only bottom element on and a toast mode with both elements on….so according to you i should use the toast mode instead of bake mode? I am a bit confused

    1. i also have the same oven. you can use either. sometimes i use the toast mode and sometimes only the bake mode. in bake mode, the top does not get browned or gets browned very less. so for this recipe you can use the bake mode.

  11. Hi dasana … M a huge fan of urs i follow almost each recipe of urs.. .. this choco brownie i have tried turned out to be a block buster.. Instead of baking it into tray i baked it into silicon cupcakes mould nd it was really fantastic…! ????

    1. Welcome Priyanka. Thanks for your kind words. Good to know that the recipe worked well in silicon cupcakes mould.

  12. Hi dassana amit..
    I tried this recipe and with your reply it turn out to be superhit.. Now i want to make brownie of triple quantity . So what quantity of all d ingredients should be..??
    Thanx in advance.5 stars

    1. just triple the ingredients proportionately. thanks for the feedback on the brownie recipe.

      1. Thanx for your reply Amit… i want to make this recipe with triple quantity what changes i need to make with all the ingredients..??”5 stars

        1. prachi, i have already replied to your query. please check below. refresh the page and you will the comments.

      2. My brownie got stick to the baking tray itself… after some tapping it came out to be broken.. is it because i have reduced the quantity of oil or something else5 stars

        1. prachi, i don’t thick is because of that. i hope its not a new pan. in new cake pans or tins cakes or brownies do tend to gets stuck for the first time. also grease the pan well with oil or butter.

  13. Hi mam…Ur blog is awesome…Almost all recipes hav come out well…I had a query…Can I use microwave mode for these brownies??

    1. Thanks Madhu for your kind words. Please don’t use microwave mode as it will not work.

    1. Prachi, add the same amount of milk as water. in the same step. then skip adding water.

  14. I used the exact measurements given in the recipe… Yet the brownie didn’t turn out well ????… Even after baking it for 1 hr, the brownie was not cooked from the inside… And there was a lot of oil… So much that eventually I had to dispose the whole thing off … I have standard measuring cups and a weighing machine as well… But no idea why this happened. I baked the brownie on convention mode at 180 C… Pls help because I’m a strict vegetarian… I don’t use eggs in my recipes… And I have great interest in baking eggless recipes at home… But I’m not at all satisfied with this one????

    1. pratiksha, looks like the brownie mixture has got fried in the oven. meaning there has been no even mixing or too much mixing of the batter. as a result the oil is released from the sides. one hour is a long time. its not that the brownie has not got baked. either due to uneven mixing or too much mixing, the texture has got ruined. these brownies are soft. if the batter is under mixed or over mixed, it will spoil the texture of the brownies. care has to be taken when mixing or folding eggless cake batters. always mix with light pressure from the hands. hope this helps.

  15. Hi dassana, I tried this recipe today the exact measurements( using a cup as a reference) but it did not turn out well. I baked it in convection mode in microwave ( 180 C) but even after nearly 50 min it was bubbly. The oil separated. The top layer did get a bit cooked but the inside the batter almost retained the original consistency. I took it out after 50 min and when I tilted the tin, some oil actually trickled out. The surface too was very oily. Any suggestions? I was wondering is 1/2 cup flour too less ?

    1. pooja, with a cup the measurements would change drastically. for baking recipes its always better to go by the gram measurement or use the exact cup measure as given in the recipe. the oil does not separate in the recipe. looks like the cup reference you used yielded less flour. 1/2 cup is not less as cocoa powder is also added. in brownies less flour is used as compared to cakes. i would suggest to get a good set of measuring cups and spoons if you plan to bake often. better to buy steel cups as they are sturdy and strong. you can buy them online on

      1. Thanks for you reply. Will try it with exact measurements and let you know how it turns out.

  16. Tried the eggless choclate brownie following the exact recipe but to my disappointment, didn’t come out as I expected☹️. I’ve tried some of your other recipes too , they turned out rather nice.The brownie batter doesn’t rise AT ALL. Not even a bit. Rather disappointed

    1. anuradha, brownies do not rise much like cakes. they do rise, but less as compared to cakes. since you mention that the batter did not rise at all, the issue can be baking powder which is not fresh or which has expired. when only one ingredient like baking powder or baking soda is used, its always better to check its freshness. add a bit of it in a vinegar+water solution and it should fizz and bubble immediately. if not then the baking soda is not fresh. another issue for the batter not rising, is too much mixing. any eggless cake or brownie batter if mixed too much, will form gluten strands in it and this will ruin the texture of the cake. it will be atta like – there won’t be any lightness or sponginess in it. hope this helps.

  17. I completely followed the recipe. But my brownie went crisp like biscuit in sides and uncooked inside.
    What should I do to make brownie ?4 stars

    1. what temperature you baked and did you preheat the oven. looks like the temperature in the oven which you are using is very hot and thats why the brownies are too much cooked from outside. oven temperatures should be calibrated over a period of time. its basically you set one temperature but the actual temperature inside the oven is different. it can be less or more. on google you can find methods on how calibration is done.

  18. Hey Dasana,

    I have tried tawa pulao, rajma and few other recipes. Everything was too good. Pictures and description are very precise. I am it takes lot of effort to do all work. Wonderful blog.

    This recipe (brownie), how can I adjust ingredients for American cup measurements . 1 cup – 237 ml4 stars

    1. sushmitha, thanks a lot. for the cup measurements, you can easily use 1/2 and 1/3rd cup of the measuring cup you have. only change the teaspoon and tablespoons measurements to these – 2.5 tablespoons oil, a light pinch of salt and 1/3rd teaspoon vanilla extract.

  19. Hi mam… I ‘ve tried so many of your recipes .. and all turned out so well.. my kids love brownies and I saw this version of white chocolate brownie.. and I would like you to please guide us doing this your way… please do consider my request 4 stars

    1. thanks a lot malathy. i will give a try. need to get white chocolate first from the market.

  20. Hi. I tried making this recipe but my cocoa solution was very thin. What should I do to make it thicker?

  21. Hi ma’am,

    I’ve tried many of your recipes and so far all of them have come out very well. In fact, I’ve developed a taste for cooking after following your blog. Thanks a ton there!

    As regards this recipe, I have a BAJAJ MAJESTY 28L OTG, wherein both the top and bottom elements are ON in the TOAST option while in the BAKE option only the bottom elements remain ON. So, do I need to TOAST the brownies?

    1. Welcome Sampada. that is the option they mention. but it does not literally mean that the brownies will get toasted. even i have the bajaj oven at home. but since your oven is slightly smaller, i suggest you to only use the bottom heating element.

  22. Hi Dassana,
    What would be the temperature to bake if I double the quantity of the ingredients??

    1. Judith, same temperature. timing will vary from oven to oven. so can’t say about timing.

  23. Hi Dassana ,
    I want to make this brownie in a 13 * 9 inch pan. Can you please help me with the exact measurements? Thank you in advance !!! Btw I love all of your recipes and the website for the design , detailed recipes and photos. I keep trying them every now and then.

    1. paps, a 13*9 inch pan will be large for this amount of brownie batter. they will get flattened too much. while baking this can affect the texture. for this size pan, you can double the recipe. but add less oil in it. so you can add about 5 to 6 tbsp oil overall in the doubled recipe. sugar can be added less or more depending on your choice. i think the recipe if doubled will work. also add water less or more, depending on the quality of flour. keep some hot water handy. thanks a lot paps.

  24. Tried this recipe just came out really good..Your website/application is beautifully presented and inspiring me to cook varieties ???

  25. Would like to try this recipe with dark cooking chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Could you please tell me the quantity of the same and if there will be any change in the procedure.

    1. khaitan, i am not sure how much dark chocolate can be used. since the proportions of other ingredients will change. as i always add tried and tested recipe, it is difficult for me to tell exactly how much dark chocolate will be required.

  26. Hi,
    I m trying this recipe of yours just now and it is in baking procees.But while doing the preparations,got to my notice that ur recipe states -measuring cup used is = 250ml.
    Now my doubt is this,I’m having a measuring cup of 200ml.I have taken water as 150ml for the recipe.but all other ingredients like flour,sugar and Coco powder I measured 1/3 cup as stated in ur recipe which as per my cup measures 80ml.After making the heated Coco liquid solutio,I had to add a bit of flour to get the thick consistency.Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out good and yummy too.
    Pls throw some light on measurements used and how to go about in ml and GM’s.

    1. preeti, usually when using 250 ml and 200 ml, i follow these proportions as i also have 200 ml cups. so when i want to reduce a recipe quantity i use 200 ml cups. 1 cup of any ingredient in 200 ml cup is approx or about 1/2 cup of 250 ml cup. 1/2 cup of 200 ml is approx 1/4th cup of 250 ml.

      if you have a weighing scale, then you can measure the ingredients in the weighing scale. the weight measurement is just the weight of the dry ingredients on a weighing scale. so when added in a cup, this much amount occupies this much space in a cup. so 60 grams of whole wheat flour, takes up 1/2 a cup. i hope i am clear in explaining.

      also i hope the brownies turn out good.

      1. Hii,
        Thanxs for explaining the concept.I don’t have a weighing scale machine.
        But if ur recipe states 1/2 or 1/3 cup of ne ingredients,then r v supposed to take 1/2 or 1/3 from 200ml measuring cups or take proportionately to 250ml measurements stated in ur recipe.
        Brownie baking was fine but it’s too dense and hard.Not at all soft, it’s chewy too.
        Pls help for next time making perfectly.

        1. welcome. in cup measures, the proportions will work fine, but when it comes to teaspoon measurement, then there will be a problem. if the recipes states, 1/2 or 1/3rd cup, then you can take 1/2 or 1/3rd cup of 200 ml cup. but here again the tablespoons and teaspoon measurements will have to be reduced. eg in this recipe, 1/2 cup of flour in 200 ml cup will actually be about 1/4 cup of flour for a 250 ml cup. so here the baking soda will reduce to 1/4th teaspoon and the oil will reduce to 2 tablespoons and so the other tsp or tablespoon measurements.

          you can also use your 200 ml cup and take measurements for 250 ml cup. eg for this recipe fill the flour till 125 ml (mark) in your 200 ml cup. for cocoa powder and sugar, fill till 83 or 84 ml (little more above 75 ml mark).

          looks like the proportions went awry in the recipe with the 200 ml work. i would suggest to use the 250 ml cup measurements as for any baking recipe, it always better to use the proportions as mentioned in the recipe.

        2. Hii,thanxs again and will now surely get a new set of 250ml measurements.Will again try it later and see the results.?

    1. pratika, you will have to give it a try. not sure how the final result will be.

  27. I have tried this recipe twice and I loved the taste.However the time taken for the brownies to cook was more than 60 mins and both the times the brownies turned out chewy on the inside. Can you tell me why this happens and suggest a solution?4 stars

    1. at what temperature you are baking and also are you preheating the oven for 15 minutes. 60 minutes is a long time. do let me know.

      1. I did preheat the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees and also baked the brownies at 200 degrees(C), but I used a silicon baking tray.

        1. okay. while baking in silicon baking tray, more time is required than a metal pan or tray as it is a poor conductor of heat. also looks like the chewiness is due to too much mixing of the batter. just mix the batter lightly applying not too much of pressure from the hands.

        2. In that case how much time will it take for the brownies to bake at 200 degrees?

        3. kavya, i do not know how much time does it takes as i have never used silicon pans. also the baking time varies from oven to oven. so i cannot give a specific time. so i would only suggest that after 30 minutes, check with a tooth pick, if the brownie is baked well or not. if there is sticky batter like consistency on the tooth pick, then you need to bake more. if you can see fine crumbs on the tooth pick or if the tooth pick comes out clean, the brownies are done.

  28. Hi .. if I m using maida inplace of atta, does the water quantity remain the same ? And what about the other ingredients

    1. other ingredients can be same. water added can be less as maida absorbs less water than whole wheat flour.

  29. My brownies always crumble, stick to the pan, cannot cut into pieces, pls suggest a solution. I tried so many other recipes also using grated chocolate and butter, then too it was crumbly. Pls help5 stars

    1. looks like they are getting overdone. firstly bake reduce the temp to 15 or 20 degrees celsius, than what is given in the recipe. e.g. if a recipe calls for 180 degrees celsius, the use 165 or 160 degrees celsius. grease the pan very well with butter or oil. try adding some more liquids like water or milk or whatever the recipe has asked for. if the batter is dry, then also the brownies will become crumbly. the amount of water or milk or any liquids to be added depends on the quality of flour you are using. so could be the flour you are using requires more water or milk to be added. hope these suggestions help you pooja.

      1. I will surely work on the points you mentioned, thanks for the help and yes one thing i forgot to tell you is that in spite of being crumbly brownies were tasty as ever

        1. thats nice to know pooja. do let me know if any other issues arise or if you have any queries.

  30. ok just tasted . it’s raw.. have baked it for thirty min..anything I can do to save it now?

    1. chaitra, continue to bake for some more minutes. since no two ovens are same, the time taken also varies. so it can take less or more time.

  31. Hi ma’am, my brownie came out well…taste was perfect…but it didn’t rise much…also if I need to increase the quantity what should be the proportion.tia

    1. thanks soumya. brownies don’t rise much like cakes. just increase all the ingredients proportionately. in case if the batter looks too thick, then you can add some more water or milk.

  32. I followed everything to t. also got batter like in pic. but my brownies are boiling in the oven! what to do?

    1. chaitra, looks like the batter has become very liquidy. so this consistency of batter will take more time to bake.

  33. the water sugar and coco powder mixture was so much for 1/2 cup aata. do we have to keep boiling till it reduces my batter was very thin i had to add more aata into it and the whole brownie was spoiled.

    1. the recipe is tried and tested. you have to just bring the solution to a boil and then immediately add to the atta. the cocoa solution does not need to be boiled till it reduces. depending on the quality of atta flour, less or more water is required. at times some atta flour absorb more water. and at times the flour absorb less water. what you did was right, by adding some more atta. did you use all the rest of the ingredient proportions correctly. let me know.

  34. Perfect as always! They tasted so good, half of it was finished before dessert. We paired it with custard to make a yummy dessert.
    Looking forward to more baking recepies from you5 stars

    1. sure we will keep posting more baking recipes, thanks for positive views 🙂

  35. I am a big dark chokolate lover and i love your brownies!! Second time i even reduced the amount of sugar as per my taste and made a branch of this brownies only for myself (secretly from my family ))) by the way sounds ridiculous but i cooked brownies in the skillet without oven just in 20 min and they came out perfect as in the oven ones! Thank you!5 stars

    1. thanks ksenia. great to know that brownies made on skillet came out perfect. thanks for sharing this. i have never tried making brownies or muffins in a skillet. i should give a try. and yes its nice to sometimes to just do things for oneself 🙂

    1. yes i can but avoiding as a time taking process and more so all the ingredients like corn syrup etc should be easily available.

  36. Hi dassana!!will definately try dis recipe soon!u were abt to post sponge cake s recipe.when u r going to dat?

  37. My brownie tasted good but was sticky and moist from inside, i mean i cudnt even cut it into pieces i baked it for quite long still, n my batter was also little loose, can you help me

    1. pooja, did you mix too much? for how long you baked and in which oven (convection or OTG) and also for how long did you preheat the oven?

      1. Hi, i didnt mix it too much, but yes i didnt pre heat the oven, i baked for around 30 to 35 mints, and one more question, i have prestige 9 ltr potg, i wish to buy a new appliance for baking can u suggest me which one shud i buy. And i do not understand the difference between convection and otg, sorry for asking too many question ?

        1. fine. the reason for the brownie for not baking well is the preheating. a minimum of 15 minutes preheat time should be given for any cake or muffin recipe. when the batter goes in the oven, the oven has to be hot and not at room temperature. so when the oven is not preheated, then the cake won’t rise well and also this affects the texture of the cake. moreover the baking time also increases.

          a convection oven is an oven which has a fan. an OTG is a regular oven without a fan. microwave ovens having convection mode also have fan. currently i am using bajaj OTG and its a good one. previously i was using philips OTG and even that was a good oven. you can check the reviews of any brand on the internet and also ask the salesperson in the shop as to which brand is good.

    1. ghee will give a very different taste. i am not sure how the overall taste will be. use 4 tablespoons of melted ghee.

  38. Which cocoa powder is suitable for vegans? and is it sweetened or unsweetened? kindly guide4 stars

    1. soha, cocoa powder where any milk solids or milk powder is not added is suitable for vegans. while buying check the contents in the pack. most cocoa powder do not have any milk solids added, so they are suitable for vegans. the ones i get here are unsweetened.

  39. I made eggless chocolate brownie recipe. The taste was damn good but it didnt bake properly. There was liquid inside the cake . The measurements were perfect but it didnt bake propely.4 stars

    1. liquid means the brownie is not baked. more time was required for baking. no two oven has the same temperature and so the baking time varies. next time you allow to bake for some more minutes, than what is mentioned in the recipe. the only test for any baked cake, brownie or muffin is that the tooth pick should come out clean. but good to know you liked the taste.

    1. it depends on the size, litre capacity of the oven. so there can be no fixed time in baking recipes. sometimes some ovens bake in 10 to 15 minutes too and some take more time. so i cannot say how much time. you have to keep a check. the more you bake, you will get an idea as to how much of an average time your oven takes to bake.

    1. you mean the batter or the finished product. if its the batter, then just bake. don’t worry. it will come out good.

  40. Can we use maida instead of wheat flour? Will it affect the texture of brownie?5 stars

    1. maida can be used. but you will need to add less water. so you can add 2/3rd to 3/4th cup water.

  41. Can we make this browny in cooker?? Since we r not having OTG or oven …
    If yes…then plzzz guide for the same

  42. Hello mam, can we make this brownie in pressure Cooker? If yes then how much time it will take?
    I like your recipes.. They are very easy to make.. And tasty too!!

    1. piya, convection ovens bake faster. so it can take around 15 to 25 minutes.

    1. if you have a convection mode in your microwave oven, then you can bake. otherwise the recipe won’t work in microwave mode. for convection mode, use 180 degrees celsius temperature for both pre heating and baking.

      1. Hi dassana amit..
        Can i use butter instead of oil and in what proportion.. and can i use milk instead of water..
        Pls guide me..
        Thanku in advance5 stars

        1. prachi, you can use butter. use 4 tbsp butter. and milk also can be used. so use 1 cup milk. you can also use half-half of milk and water.