Punjabi Poora/Puda Recipe, How to make Poora/Puda or Pooda recipe

Sweet Pooda Puda Recipe, Punjabi Sweet Pooda Recipe

The Poora/Puda or Pooda recipe is a Punjabi sweet dish and often made during the rains. This is a very simple and easy punjabi delicacy made using few ingredients. The main flavor in this dish comes from the fennel seeds/saunf.

There are two ways to make Pudas. Pudas can be deep fried like pakoras or made like crepes/pancakes/dosas on a flat griddle.

Obviously, the latter variation consumes less oil than the deep fried one and is a more healthier option. To make the poodas, you will need a non stick flat griddle or a non stick tava, so that it does not stick to the tava. If you are interested in the deep fried version of pudas then here is its link: Poora/Puda/Pooda Recipe: Deep Fried Variation.

Serve the Pudas as a snack with a cup of hot tea and if it is raining then it is the best time to have pudas.

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Punjabi Poora or Puda Recipe Below:

Punjabi Poora or Puda Recipe
CUISINE: Punjabi
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour/atta
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds/saunf
  • sugar to taste
  • water
  • ghee or oil for frying
  1. Seive the whole wheat flour. Add the fennel seeds. Add sugar according to your taste. Add more if you want more sweetness.
  2. Add water and make a batter. The batter can be slightly thin than the normal dosa batter. Mix well so that the sugar dissolves.
  3. I have used sugar. But if you like the taste of jaggery, you could use jaggery too. In 2 or 3 tsp of water, melt jaggery . Use this melted jaggery to make the batter with the wheat flour. Add more water if required.
  4. Heat a flat non-stick griddle. Smear it lightly with ghee or butter or oil. Now take 2 tbsp of the batter and pour the batter on the griddle.
  5. Spread the batter in a circular fashion like a dosa. Once the base of the pooda starts cooking, you will see the top also getting cooked. Smear ghee on the top side. Cook for 2 minutes.
  6. Now flip the puda/poora. You can apply ghee on this side if you want or like. There is no need as you had already applied ghee on the griddle before.
  7. Cook again for 2 minutes. You can flip it again if its not done. When the puda becomes browned on both sides its done.
  8. Serve the puda hot. Make the other pudas in the same manner.
1. While making Puda, I Suggest to use a non stick flat pan or griddle.
2. When spreading the batter, always keep the griddle on a low flame. This tip is also applicable when cooking dosas. If the griddle is hot, then it becomes difficult to spread the batter as the batter gets cooked at the base.
3. Cook the poodas on a medium flame, so that they get cooked evenly.

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  1. Sumann says

    Hey thr! I liked your pooda recipe and tried it tonight. Thanks for posting it! I am looking for a punjabi dessert called Amrassa. I believe it is made of rice flour and jaggery. Could you please share the recipe for it? Thanks a bunch!