cooked rice idli recipe, how to make idli from cooked rice

by dassana amit updated September 16, 2013

cooked rice idli

idli is a comfort food always for us. it makes for our comforting, warm and nutritious breakfast every weekend.

as much as i love idlis, i even love experimenting with the idli batter. i had experimented with these idlis made from cooked rice 7 months back, after reading about these in a cookbook. thereafter i have made idlis with cooked rice many times. a few times i made a multi lentils idlis, soybean idlis and on occasions ragi (finger millet) idlis too.

in this idli recipe, along with the cooked rice i have also added idli rava (cream of rice) and urad dal.

the steamed rice makes these idlis ultra soft, fluffy and very light. these idlis are much much softer than the usual idli recipe i follow with cream of rice.

i have illustrated picture collages to show the whole method and not exactly a step by step post… as the method is the same as of that making idlis. just the ingredients and their proportions are different and that makes a lot of difference in the texture of the idlis.

this is also a good way to use leftover rice. to make these idlis, use leftover rice which is of the same day. if you know you are going to have some leftover rice, then just soak some urad dal and idli rava for a few hours before you make the batter. you can also use leftover rice a day old which has been refrigerated.

you cannot make dosas with this idli batter. they don’t come out well. so just use the whole batter to make idlis. if there is any leftover batter than you can easily make masala paniyaram from it.

a few steps to make cooked rice idli:

get the soaked idli rava, urad dal and rice in a grinder jar or in a wet grinder. add water in intervals and grind to a smooth batter.

pour the batter in a pan and stir in some rock salt. cover and let the batter ferment overnight or for 8-9 hours.

grease the idli pans and pour the batter in the moulds. steam the idli for 10-12 minutes in an electric cooker or in an idli steamer.

when the idlis are steaming, prepare your favorite coconut chutneyserve the idlis steaming hot or warm with coconut chutney and sambar if you have already made it.

cooked rice idli recipe

cooked rice idlis recipe details below:

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cooked rice idli - makes 15-18 idlis
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
cooked rice idli - ultra soft idlis made with cooked rice.
Recipe type: breakfast, snacks
Cuisine: south indian
Serves: 3-4
  • 1 cup cooked or steamed rice
  • 1 cup idli rava (cream of rice)
  • ½ cup urad dal/spilt and husked black gram
  • 8-10 tbsp strained urad dal water for grinding
  • rock salt as required
  • oil for greasing the idli moulds
  1. soak the urad dal atleast for 3-4 hours or more.
  2. soak the idli rava for 2 hours.
  3. drain the urad dal and reserve some of its strained water.
  4. we will use this water to grind the idli batter.
  5. drain the idli rava very well.
  6. add the drained idli rava, urad dal and cooked rice in your wet grinder or the grinder jar.
  7. first add 2-3 tbsp water and begin to grind.
  8. stop grinding, and then add the remaining 6-7 tbsp during intervals.
  9. the batter should be fluffy, smooth and ground well.
  10. pour the entire batter in a deep pan or bowl.
  11. stir in salt.
  12. cover with a lid and let the batter ferment overnight or for 8-9 hours.
  13. the next day before making the idlis, add 2 to 3 cups water in a steamer or electric cooker or pressure cooker.
  14. switch on the steamer or electric cooker or place the pressure cooker on the fire and let the water come to a boil.
  15. grease the idli moulds with oil.
  16. pour the batter in the idli moulds.
  17. place the idli pan in the steamer, electric cooker or pressure cooker.
  18. cover with their respective lids.
  19. if using pressure cooker, remove the vent weight (whistle) from the lid.
  20. steam for 10-12 minutes or more till a tooth pic inserted in the idlis comes out clean.
  21. serve the cooked rice idlis steaming hot or warm with some coconut chutney or sambar or both.

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Alice March 2, 2014 1

Can 1/2 cup of red lentils be used instead of the urad dal? I can’t find urad dal in the supermarkets.



dassana amit March 2, 2014 2

red lentils would give a different taste and texture. i would suggest to use mung lentils instead of red lentils in this recipe.


laxman singh January 8, 2014 3

Rice idli


suchitra November 16, 2013 4

oops forgot to rate… :)


suchitra November 16, 2013 5

Dassana,my dear..God bless you for this super yumm recipe.I have been constantly nose diving into idli batter mistakes all this while..i tried your cooked idli recipe..and i am gobbling up the softest idlis ever..i love the aroma that emanates from the idli cooker…thanks a ton and keep them coming :) …will try other recipes and get back to u :)



dassana November 17, 2013 6

welcome suchitra. glad to know that the cooked rice idli recipe turned out well for you. do give your feedback once you try other recipes and thanks for the rating. feel free to write if there is any doubt in a recipe.


pinki October 10, 2013 7

can I use rice flour in place of cream of rice?? Hope you answer soon! Thanks.


dassana October 11, 2013 8

i have never made idlis with rice flour. you can try adding rice flour and see how it works. in this recipe it should work fine as both urad dal and cooked rice is added.


Familycook September 19, 2013 9

Hey Dassana! I made these idlies with cook rice and turned out super yummy! Thanks…Wll be blogging about it shortly:)


dassana September 21, 2013 10

alright, i will check when you put the post.


easyfoodsmith September 19, 2013 11

Awesome! Such a great way to use left over rice. Looking at the idlis it is hard to tell that they were made from cooked rice. Thanks for sharing!


Divya Jany September 16, 2013 12

different tpe of idli…


neeti rustagi September 16, 2013 13

wot sort of rice to use for idlis…is it basmati rice or other


dassana September 17, 2013 14

in this recipe, its idli rava. if making regular idlis, then better to make with idli rice.


renu September 16, 2013 15

interesting.. i sometimes add leftover rice while making normal idli batter.. that gives soft idlis..these days i use normal ponni rice instead of idli rice.. do u think that can be added instead of idli rice.. i think it will be ok..what do u say dassana?


dassana September 17, 2013 16

even i add a handful of rice while making the idli batter. the recipe would work with ponni rice too. 3/4 cup of rice would be alright.