Caramel Custard Recipe, How to make Caramel Custard


Caramel Custard is one of the few custard recipes, that I am absolutely fond of. Its also called as Caramel Pudding. Its easy to make and does not much of your time. The ingredients are simple and easily available in your kitchen.

I made this recipe…… as my new camera had finally arrived. I had actually decided to make something else….. but ended up with this sweet delectable note.

I intend to replace all my old pics with better quality pics for my readers from now onwards. This will take some time……. but I plan to do this one by one for each recipe.

To make the custard, use a good quality mould. Mine was not that good…… somehow I managed to make in it. The custard did not come out smoothly and hence the custard in the pic does not have a smooth surface. I had some difficulty in unmoulding the custard.

A Tip: While caramelizing the sugar, you could add 1-2 tsp of water in it. This will avoid the sugar getting burnt and the caramel will be a little smooth and liquidy.

caramel custard recipe details below:

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Caramel Custard Recipe
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 eggs beaten
  • 10 tsp sugar
  • 3 tsp sugar for the caramel
  1. Place the sugar for caramel in an aluminium mould. Place the mould directly over fire for the sugar to melt. Keep the flame at minimum.
  2. When the sugar starts to caramelize and becomes brown, close the flame. Tilt the mould, so that the caramel gets evenly coated on the base and sides of the mould.
  3. Make sure you do not burn the sugar. Take care while cooking as melted sugar is very hot. Use a pair of tongs while tilting the mould or wear your kitchen gloves.
  4. In a saucepan, heat milk. Add sugar. Cook for sometime till sugar dissolves and milk thickens a little.
  5. Let the milk cool. Add the beaten eggs to the milk. Beat this milk-egg-sugar mixture well.
  6. In the meantime, when you will do step 7…. that is the next step….. keep a pan with water for boiling.
  7. Pour this mixture into the mould. Cover with grease proof paper or aluminium foil. Secure firmly with a string.
  8. Place the mould into the boiling water. Be very careful here again. A suggestion is…… close the flame of the boiling water and then place the mould in the pan.
  9. The boiling water should be upto ⅓rd of the mould. Cover the pan with a lid and steam for 20 mins on a medium flame.
  10. Make sure that during steaming, the water does not dry. If required, add more water.
  11. After 20 mins, test the center of the caramel pudding with a knife. If the knife comes out clean, the pudding is done……. or else you will have to cook if for some more time.
  12. Allow the pudding to cool a little. Now we come to the unmoulding part. Keep the serving dish or plate on top of the mould. Gently turn the serving down, so that the mould comes on top of the serving dish.
  13. Tap the mould gently…… and allow the custard to unmould itself from the mould.
  14. You can serve Caramel Custard warm or chilled.

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  1. saigayathri says

    Hi Dassana
    Me too a bigfan for caramel custard.i like the receipe.Can you please guide me how to make badshah sweets because when i hit sweet shop i always go to badshas section and end up at some other sweet.either the taste is not good or price is extremely high. so i thought maybe try at home and surprise my family for this karthigai deepam celebration.
    Your way of teaching procedure is very much convenient and tasty as well.

  2. Nikita Barbaruah says

    Actually I am a student so dont have the proper utensils at home. I wanted to ask can i use a big kadhai filled with water and steam d milk sugar egg mixture in a non stick pan?

  3. sophia says

    Should we use Teaspoon or tablespoon for measuring sugar, sorry im new to cooking, pls let me know

  4. S.C.Sahu says

    Long time ago I read in a magazine & made caramel custard in a rice cooker. That was much simpler than the one mentioned here. Prepare as mentioned in the recipe above. Then place the container in which this pudding is to be made in the rice cooker . pour water into the rice cooker up to the level of the milk-egg mixture. Put the rice cooker switch on. bring the water just up to the boiling point. Then switch off. put on the rice cooker lid. Allow the water to cool. Then take out the pudding as mentioned in the recipe above. You will get a smooth and soft pudding. The recipe in the magazine had definitely cautioned not to boil the water, because then the pudding will not be soft. I presume this way it can as well be made in a pressure cooker if there is no rice cooker available.

    • says

      thanks for the method of preparing in the rice cooker. i agree its much easy. i do have a rice cooker, but never tried making custard in it. however i do make idlis and dhokla and in it and it makes my work simple and easy.

  5. Lajwanti says

    Hi Dassana,

    Again you have come up with such a simple method for a complex recipe. I have always wanted to make caramel pudding at home but never got down to doing it because I thought it was too difficult but your recipe just seems so smooth sailing.
    Will surely try and let you know.

    Lajwanti Shetty

    • says

      hi lajwanti. i used to make this caramel custard often. when making use a good mould and grease it well. i have to now think of making an eggless version of caramel custard.

    • says

      yes lata, you can make caramel custard in the pressure cooker. just steam it the way we steam idli.

      add water to the cooker. place the bowl with a tight lid or aluminium foil covered & tightened with a string on the bowl rim. remove the vent weight/whistle from the lid of the cooker. cover the cooker with the lid. steam for 10-15 minutes till the pudding is well set.

    • dassana says

      vanilla essence is not used in this recipe. hence the custard does have a little eggy aroma which is a bit overpowered by the flavor and aroma of caramel.

      if you do not like the eggy smell and flavor, you can add vanilla essence to this recipe.

  6. Heena Rangwani says


    can i make this recipe in an oven? then I don’t have to worry about the water boiling over??. I can just keep the lid on and forget about it. but then I guess i would need to know oven temp. and how long to keep it. do let me know. thanks.


    • dassana says

      you can make the caramel custard in the oven. but i have never made caramel pudding in the oven.

      preheat the oven to 140 C.

      take a broad and deep baking pan. add hot water to it. place your mould/moulds with the caramel custard in the pan. the water should just touch 1/4 part of the moulds from below.

      place the pan with the moulds in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.

      do let me know how the caramel custard turns out.