cereals names | list of cereals names in english, hindi, marathi, tamil, telugu, kannada

Cereals names in english, hindi, marathi, tamil, telugu, kannada ( cereals list ):

This exhaustive cereals list contains names of cereals in english, hindi, marathi, tamil, telugu, kannada languages. Names of the cereals flour as well as the products from the cereals is also mentioned. Cereal pictures are also displayed in this glossary list. 

The first column consists of the picture of the cereal. The remaining columns are for the names of cereals in the various languages. i have also mentioned if the grain or seed is gluten free.  this cereal list is best viewed in a laptop browser. 

Cereals are an integral part in Indian cuisine. Cereals are called as anaj in hindi. Both various type of grains and millets fall in the broad category of cereals. Millets, amaranth, quinoa are generally seeds and are called as pseudo grains. 

The english, hindi and marathi translations has been done by me. For the other languages, I have referred the book – modern cookery by thangam philip. 

I will be updating this post in other Indian languages as well. Please do read the comments section for more information. 

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Cereals names

Cereal English Hindi Marathi Tamil Telugu Kannada Gluten free
wheat grains macro Wheat Gehun Gahu Godumai Godhumai Godi X
wheat dalia Broken wheat,
Cracked wheat
Dalia Lapsi Godumai ravai Godhuma rava Kuttida godi, godi rave X
whole wheat flour - atta Whole wheat flour Atta Kaneek Godumai maavu Godhuma pindi Godi hittu X
maida or all purpose flour All purpose flour,
Refined flour
Maida Maida Maida maavu Maida pindi Maida hittu X
sooji, rava Cream of wheat, semolina Sooji, suji Rava Ravai Rava Rava X
seviyan Vermicelli Seviyan, sevai, sev Shevaya Semiya Semiya Semige X
noodles Noodles Noodles X
pasta Pasta Pasta X
fresh corn Corn, maize Makai, bhutta Makka Makka cholam Mokkajona Mekke jola X
Dried corn Makai ka dana X
makki ka dalia Corn meal, polenta Makai ka dalia Makka rava Cholam rava Mokkajona rava Mekke jola rava X
maize flour Maize flour Makai ka atta Makyache
Makka cholam maavu Mokkajona pindi Mekke jola hittu X
corn starch Corn starch Corn flour
barley Barley Jav Jau Barli arisi Yavam Barli X
rice Rice Chawal Tandool Pacha arisi Biyyam Akki
parboiled rice Parboiled rice Ukda chawal, sela chawal, arwa chawal Ukda tandool Puzhungal arisi Uppudu biyyam Kusubalakki
poha Beaten rice, parched rice, rice flakes Poha, chiwra, chidwa Pohe Aval Atukulu Avalakki
puffed rice Puffed rice Murmura,  Kurmura
Arisi pori Borugulu, murmuralu Mandakki, kurlari
rice flour Rice flour Chawal ka atta Tandlache peeth Arisi maavu Biyyappu pindi Akki hittu
sabudana Tapioca, sago Sabudana Sabudana
tapioca flour Cassava or tapioca flour Cassava Maravalli kizhangu mav Karapendalam Marageanasu
amaranth seeds Amaranth seeds Rajgira, ramdana
amaranth flour Amaranth flour Rajgira atta
buckwheat Buckwheat Kuttu, kootu Kuttu Kotu
buckwheat groats Buckwheat groats Sabut kuttu
buckwheat flour Buckwheat flour Kuttu ka atta
quinoa Quinoa
oats Oats Jai, javie
pearl millet - bajra Pearl millet Bajra Bajri Kambu Sajjalu Sajje
jowar-sorghum Sorghum, milo Jowar, juar,  Jwari  cholam  Jonnalu Jola
finger-millet-ragi Finger millet Mundal, makra, mandua Nachni Kizhvaragu Ragulu Ragi
foxtail millet Foxtail millet Kangni  Rala  thinai Korra Navane
little millet Little millet Kutki Sava, halvi Samai  Saama Saame
barnyard millet Barnyard millet
Sama, samvat, swang, vrat ke chawal
Varai, vari, Kuthiravaali Odalu Oodhalu
  Kodo millet Kodon Kodra Varagu Arikelu Harka
  Arrow root flour Arra root, araruta, paniphal
  Water chestnut flour Singhare ka atta
  Foxnuts Makhana, phool makhana

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  1. Hi , can anyone tell me indian name for teff….or what can I use instead of teff flour (used in Ethiopia dish)
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hello Amit Dasanna,
    It has been long since I commented on your blog. However, not a single new dish I make unless I visit your blog. Do you know what do we call Rye in any Indian language.
    thank you,

    1. welcome back sandy. hope you are doing good. rye is not native to india. so it does not have any indian name. we only get imported rye or rye flour and that too in superstores in big indian cities or metros.

      1. My dear friend rye is not imported…mustard seed is known as rye in punjabi and hindi

        1. sir jee this not that rai they r talking about. The one u r talking is a spice and the the one they r talking about is a flour(Rye). It is not found in India.

      1. the spice ‘mustard’ is called as rai/rye/sarson in hindi. what is referred here is ‘rye’ which is cereal grain.

  3. I read it that In india, Rabi crops are:
    1. Wheat
    2. Barley
    3. Oats
    4. Chickpea
    5. Linseed
    6. Mustard.
    Can u tell me what is Oat and Barley called in Hindi?

  4. I am having a hard time finding english names for the following pulses/cereals please help:
    a. Moong
    b. Udad/Orid
    c. Vatana (those green colored dry, hard rounded shaped cereals….I guess india imports it from canada cz on the bags its inscribed that its from canada)

    1. moong – is mung beans or mung lentils
      urad – black gram
      dry vatana – dried green peas

  5. I don’t think Bajra and Jowar are tamil words…we in Maharashtra have been using these words to refer to Pearl Millets and Sorghum respectively. I suspect these are Hindi or Marathi words

    1. bajra is called as kambu in tamil and jowar is called as cholam in tamil. its mentioned in the post.

    1. amee, rye is a grain and not grown in india. no hindi name for it. at least i don’t know.

  6. thanks for your such a wonderfu page..:-) I usually try dishes from your page. plz make category for gluten free dishes for main course; bcoz my husband has severe allergy from gluten and for past few years he has suffered alot. If you do so it will be very helpful for me ..ones again thank you so much god bless you.

    1. thanks krishna ji. i already have a category of gluten free food. its displayed on all the pages. what i will do is i will add it in the top menu bar. just a reminder. i don’t know if you are aware of that asafoetida/hing has wheat particles in it. so skip it completely. a few readers had informed me about this and then checked online too. here’s the link of the gluten free category – https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/recipe/gluten-free/

  7. Thanks for your such a wonderfu page..:-) I usually try dishes from your page. plz make category for gluten free dishes for main course; bcoz my husband has severe allergy from gluten and for past few years he has suffered alot. If you do so it will be very helpful for me ..ones again thank you so much god bless you.

  8. Hi, Do you know the indian name for Einkorn and rye grains. I have been searching for a long time and nobody seems to know it.

    I would really appreciate it if you know it and can tell me.

    Thank you.

    1. i don’t know what is einkorn. but rye i have seen in india in super markets. there is no indian name i suppose. all the packets or rye and rye flour i have seen are imported from europe and america.

    2. Hi Aarthi,

      Einkorn was the first strain of wheat which was cultivated 10,000 years ago by Neolithic Homo Sapiens. There is a foreign website which sells this variety, I can’t remember the name. The positive thing is that Einkorn variety is non GMO & non hybridized compared to today’s wheat.

    3. I would be also very interrested to know the name of the Einkorn in traditional Indian language!

  9. awesome page . i just turned gluten free so wanted to make parathas with jowar atta or singhare atta . this is great. i can now buy all these from Patel Brothers here in New York !
    appreciate it 🙂 and blessings to you

  10. Dear Dassana, I am having troubles understanding a flour at my local bazaar. It is called “Charri” flour.
    I was hoping you would know what grain it comes from. I thought maybe Sorghum?
    I thought you would be the perfect person to ask….

    1. thanks nolan. actually, i googled as this word does not come in my mother tongue language. my results told me its sorghum or jowar. a reader has mentioned below as sabudana, but its not sabudana or tapioca pearls.

  11. Thanks for this, really helps people with dietary restrictions because of blood sugar and bp problems.

  12. I have gluten allergy. Following are grains i can have. What are their indian names?amaranth
    Also, what are oats?

    1. thanks partho. you have cleared the confusion. even i did not know what oats or barley are called in bengali. i will update the post.

  13. Hi D…
    As far as I know that the scientific name of Oat and Barley is different but some sites posted that the bengali name of Oat is Jav and the bengali name of Barley is also Jav… !

    Plz clear the matter with reference.

  14. 1. You forgot to mention:
    Oat- jai ( pronounced ja-ee)

    2. You have mentioned sabudana as both Sago and Tapioca pearls. The two are not the same but Sago pearls are similar in appearance to tapioca pearls and the two may be used interchangeably in some dishes.

    3. Otherwise you have done a good job, thank you.

    1. okay. will update the oats part. i know sago and tapioca are technically different. in india, though sabudana is called as sago. its actually the linguistic term used for sabudana in india. i will mention a small note. thanks.

    1. i don’t know. quinoa is not grown in india and hence there is no hindi term for it. it is basically grown in chile and not in india.

      1. In Punjabi, Oats are called “Jawie” or ‘javie”. Not commonly eaten as a cereal, but the oat plant is generally fed to animals in Punjab.

    1. rye is a cereal grain like wheat or jowar or bajra. rye flour is used to make rye breads. not used in india. i have never heard any recipe calling for rye flour in india. please don’t confuse it with rai or mustard seeds that is used in indian cuisine.

    1. hi surjeet, jau atta or barley flour can be used to make rotis. you can even mix atta, besan and jau atta and make missi rotis. theplas can be made with jowar, bajra and jau atta. its also used to make sattu – a flour made from roasted kala chana and other cereals. sattu is very popular in bihar. in fact the organic multi grain flour which i use, has jau in it. you can also add some of it to pancakes or dosa or idli.

  15. Please let me know the English name of Chari ( a small grain in white color ) mostly used by Tamilians.

  16. Hi Dassana ! actually i was trying to find out the proportion of different grains used in making MULTI GRAIN FLOUR. Secondly,is the proportion and grains used in making multigrain flour different for DIFFERENT TYPES OF BLOOD GROUPS. Thirdly, which grains/cereals are used for making flour for REDUCING WEIGHT & in what PROPORTION? Can you help me in solving these problems of mine? Hope to receive your reply very soon. Thanks.

    1. hi rewa. i do not know the proportion of grains used for making multi grain flour. i would just go by andaz and make the flour. i also don’t know anything about the blood groups and its correlation with the grains. neither i can help you in grains for reducing weight and their proportion. i think these questions require an expert advice from a nutritionist or a physician. they will be able to guide you better.

  17. Please update the names of grains (english-tamil) also and if images are there it would be useful.

    1. thanks for your suggestion subha. i will try to accomplish this mission with images as well as tamil names.

  18. Thanks for information, I ended up searching for the name of Jau in english. I thought Oats was the english name for jau. Is Barley & Oats some what similar or same. Are Oats grown in india also.

    1. Barley and Oats are different cereals. Oats are grown in India, especially in the North but are mainly fed to the cattle. Not all info one finds on search results are correct. Even I have read oats called as jau on some sites.

    1. oats are called as jaee/jai/जई in hindi. on google search you can see the pics of oats.

  19. i want to see the pictures of jav and javas . also what is called in english for that.

    what is the difference between jav and javas?

    1. I know for sure that Jau/Jav is the Hindi name for barley. I have seen barley grains in mumbai in the grocery stores.

      I do not know what javas is.

      I do not currently have any pictures of barley.

        1. Flax seed as far as I know are called Alsi. …came across this blog/site just now. ..haven’t explored fully yet …but really liking it…Keep up the great work…