Easy Banana Cake Recipe (Eggless, Vegan & Whole Wheat)

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This Banana Cake is a delicious, one-bowl vegan recipe made from mashed ripe bananas, walnuts and whole wheat flour. Tasty and a bit healthier than traditional Cakes, this quick and easy eggless Banana Cake recipe is refreshingly light, pillowy soft and incredibly moist.

loaf of sliced eggless banana cake on white tray with serrated wooden knife on side

More on This Eggless Banana Cake

Everyone in my family enjoys this delicious, moist banana cake – especially my brother-in-law, who compares it to those he had at the well-known Vienna Bakery in Mumbai.

So if you have some ripe bananas laying around at home, then get mashing and make this quick and easy cake.

This banana cake recipe has been adapted from my very popular, tried and tested Banana Bread.

By increasing the amount of oil and bananas in that recipe, I was able to make a light and soft cake. I also reduced the amount of baking soda and added in chopped walnuts for an extra crunch.

Ingredients You Need

  • Bananas: The star of the cake, you’ll need approximately 4 ripe or overripe bananas.
  • Flour: Though my recipe is made with whole wheat flour, you can use all-purpose flour or pastry flour or whole wheat pastry flour.
  • Leavening ingredients: The recipe has both baking powder and baking soda. For best results, I suggest to use both. Make sure that they are fresh and active.
  • Oil: A neutral tasting oil works great. But you can use olive oil and coconut oil. You can also use melted butter. I have made the cake with sunflower oil.
  • Nuts: While walnuts are traditionally mixed into the batter, any halved or crushed nuts can be used. Feel free to use almonds, pecans or cashews.
  • Dry Fruits: Raisins, cherries, or other dried fruits add extra sweetness to the cake.
  • Flavorings: My recipes simply has vanilla extract as the key flavoring ingredient. You can add ground spices for warming flavors. Ground cinnamon, cloves, allspice or pumpkin spice make the cake have a lovely aroma.
  • Optional Ingredients: Coconut flakes, chocolate and other ingredients can be delicious additions to this cake recipe; however, make sure not to overload your banana bread with too many extras.
Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make Banana Cake Recipe

Make Banana Puree

1. Mash 4 medium to large ripe or over-ripe bananas with a fork to a smooth consistency. I have used over-ripe bananas for this recipe.

TIP: The consistency should be smooth without any chunks, so if needed you can also use a blender to mash the bananas.

Silver fork mashing overripe bananas in bowl

2. Add ½ cup of sugar, ⅔ cup of any neutral flavored oil and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mashed bananas.

Fork whisking together oil, sugar, vanilla extract, and mashed bananas in small bowl

3. Stir well so the oil mixes with the banana puree and the sugar dissolves completely.

Whisk stirring banana puree in bowl

Make Batter

4. Sieve 1½ cups of whole wheat flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, ½ teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt directly in the bowl.

TIP: If you do not have a sieve, you can use a fine mesh strainer or whisk.

Flour and dry ingredient mix for cake in bowl

5. Fold the dry ingredients thoroughly into the wet ingredients. Fold using the cut and fold method.

Check my video above or in the recipe card below to see how to form the batter with the cut and fold method.

TIP: Do not mix! If the batter looks too thick, add some water, almond milk or lite coconut milk. 

The amount of water to be added depends on the quality and texture of the whole wheat flour and the consistency of the batter. Only add in the extra liquids if the batter looks very thick. 

Orange spatula mixing banana cake mix in bowl

6. Add 10 halved walnuts that have been finely chopped and fold again. Prep and chop the walnuts before to add to the batter.

Tip: In addition to walnuts, you can also add raisins, pistachios or any nuts and dry fruits of your choice.

Orange spatula folding crushed walnuts into cake batter

Bake Eggless Banana Cake

7. Pour the batter into a greased or lined loaf pan ( 7.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches) or round cake pan (7.5 x 2 inches).

vegan banana cake batter in baking pan

8. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F (180 degrees C) for 45 to 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the cake comes out clean. The timing varies from oven to oven, so keep a note of this.

Tip: If the top of the cake starts browning too much, cover the top with aluminum foil or parchment paper while baking.

Suggestion: If you do not have an oven, then bake the cake in a stove-top pressure cooker. Follow the method listed in this detailed post of Pressure Cooker Cake to make this banana cake.

Note: The orange-yellowish color in the image is due to incandescent lighting in my kitchen.

Baked banana cake in baking dish

9. When warm or cooled, slice and serve Eggless Banana Cake plain with your tea or coffee.

sliced eggless banana cake slices on a white plate with a white cup of tea and white tea pot

Serving Suggestions

  • Delicious all on its own with an evening cup of tea or coffee or as a sweet dessert.
  • Top with homemade whipped cream 
  • Frost the cake with butter or cream icing, or even chocolate icing.


At room temperature, the cake stays well for 2 to 3 days. Wrap the cake in a cling film or store in an air-tight box and refrigerate. It keeps well for about 2 weeks when refrigerated. The cake also freezes well for a couple of months.

Expert Tips for Best Banana Cake

  • Batter: This eggless banana cake batter has a medium-thick consistency. Depending on the quality or texture of whole wheat flour, you may require to add liquids like water or almond milk or lite coconut milk if the batter looks very thick.
  • Flour: Though whole wheat flour forms the base of this cake, you can sub it with all-purpose flour in the same proportion as of whole wheat flour. Both atta (that is whole wheat flour used to make roti) as well as the whole wheat flour available in the US, Europe and other countries work well in the recipe. 
  • Folding: Form the batter using the cut and fold method. Do not use a whisk and mix the ingredients. 
  • Baking: Depending on the temperature in your oven and the size of your pan, the cake might take less or more time to bake. As the temperature varies from oven to oven so keep a note of this. The benchmark is that a tooth pick or skewer inserted in the vegan banana cake should come out clean.
  • Oil: For the oils, a neutral tasting oil works best. So you can add sunflower oil or any neutral tasting oil. You can even make the cake with olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Vegetarian option: Instead of oil use butter. Melt butter and use in the same proportion as that of oil.
  • Flavorings: Chocolate chips or cocoa powder or cacao nibs can be included. Chopped nuts like pistachios, pecans, pine nuts, almonds and seeds like sunflower seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), flax seeds and sunflower seeds can be added. Lightly toast the seeds in a skillet prior to adding. 
  • Spices: If you like spiced cakes, then add about ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon or ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg or 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice mix.


How do I keep the cake from becoming overly sweet?

Because the ingredients for this vegan banana cake recipe are so easy to customize, you can simply withhold adding in sweeter items, such as sweetened coconut flakes, chocolate, or dried fruits.

Can I make this cake vegetarian?

Instead of oil you can use butter to make this recipe vegetarian. Simply melt the butter and use in the same proportion as that of the oil.

How long will this banana cake stay fresh?

Your banana cake should last 2 to 3 days if properly stored. Wrap your cake in plastic wrap and leave on the counter. If you plan to store in the fridge, then place it an air-tight box or wrap tightly in a cling film so that the cake does not dry out.

Why can’t I use a whisk to mix the ingredients?

Whisking disturbs the the combined ingredients and causes the batter to lose air that helps it to rise. When using the folding method instead, you preserve more of the volume and will have a fuller vegan banana cake.

More Cake Recipes to Try

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banana cake

Easy Banana Cake Recipe (Eggless, Vegan & Whole Wheat)

Banana Cake is a delicious, one-bowl vegan recipe made from mashed ripe bananas and whole wheat flour. Tasty and healthier than traditional cakes, this quick and easy eggless banana cake recipe is refreshingly light, pillowy soft and incredibly moist.
4.88 from 313 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Cuisine American, World
Course Desserts
Diet Vegan
Difficulty Level Moderate
Servings 12 banana cake slices


  • 4 bananas (medium to large ripe or overripe) – 300 grams
  • 1.5 cups whole wheat flour or 180 grams whole wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 pinch salt
  • ½ cup regular sugar or organic unrefined cane sugar or 100 grams sugar
  • cup any neutral flavored oil (I used sunflower oil)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 10 halved walnuts – finely chopped or any dry fruits or nuts of your choice (optional)



  • Preheat your oven at 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit). If using a regular oven, heat both the top and bottom elements. For a microwave convection oven, just preheat the oven.

Making cake batter

  • Peel and chop the bananas. Add them to a bowl and mash them with a fork. You can also use a blender to mash the bananas.
  • Add sugar, oil and vanilla extract.
  • Mix thoroughly so that the oil mixes evenly with the banana puree and the sugar dissolves.
  • Sieve whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt directly in the bowl. You can also sieve these separately and then add them to the wet ingredients.
  • Fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients very well.
  • Add the chopped walnuts and fold again. Apart from walnuts, you can also add raisins, pistachios or any nuts and dry fruits of your choice.
  • Pour the batter in a greased or lined loaf pan ( 7.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches) or round cake pan (7.5 x 2 inches).

Baking banana cake

  • Gently tap and shake the pan. Place the pan in the center rack if using a regular oven or otg.
  • Bake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 45 to 50 mins or until a wooden skewer or tooth pick inserted in the cake comes out clean. 
  • If the top of the cake starts browning then cover the top with an aluminium foil or parchment paper while baking.
  • When warm or cooled, gently remove the cake from the pan. Slice and serve banana cake as is with tea or coffee.



  • Batter: This banana cake batter has a medium-thick consistency. Depending on the quality or texture of flour, you may require to add liquids like water or almond milk or lite coconut milk if the batter looks very thick.
  • Flour: In place of whole wheat flour, you can easily use all-purpose flour in the same quantity as that of whole wheat flour. Both atta (that is whole wheat flour used to make roti) as well as whole wheat flour available in the US and Europe, work well in the recipe. 
  • Folding: Use the cut and fold method to make the batter. Do not use a whisk and mix the ingredients. 
  • Baking: Depending on the temperature in your oven and the size of your pan, the cake might take less or more time to bake. As the temperature varies from oven to oven so keep a note of this. The benchmark is that a tooth pick inserted in the banana cake should come out clean.
  • Oil: You can add sunflower oil or any neutral tasting oil. You can even add olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Vegetarian option: Instead of oil you can use butter. Melt the butter and use in the same proportion as that of the oil.
  • Flavorings: Chocolate chips or cocoa powder or cacao nibs can be added. Chopped nuts like pistachios, pecans, pine nuts, almonds and seeds like sunflower seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), flax seeds and sunflower seeds can also be added. Lightly toast the seeds in a pan before adding them to the batter. 
  • Spices: If you like spiced cakes, you can add about ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon or ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg or 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice mix.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Easy Banana Cake Recipe (Eggless, Vegan & Whole Wheat)
Amount Per Serving (1 banana cake slice)
Calories 238 Calories from Fat 126
% Daily Value*
Fat 14g22%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Sodium 50mg2%
Potassium 236mg7%
Carbohydrates 29g10%
Fiber 3g13%
Sugar 13g14%
Protein 3g6%
Vitamin A 25IU1%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 1mg5%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin C 3mg4%
Vitamin E 5mg33%
Vitamin K 1µg1%
Calcium 23mg2%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 16µg4%
Iron 1mg6%
Magnesium 34mg9%
Phosphorus 91mg9%
Zinc 1mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This Banana Cake recipe post from the archives first published in May 2014 has been republished and updated on 26 January 2022.

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    I did not use any nuts and instead used coconut chips.The touch of cinnamon powder enhances the flavour of the banana cake. I am really pleased with the way the cake turned out.

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    1. Welcome and Thanks Anusha for sharing your positive feedback and suggestions for the recipe.

  8. A little too sweet for our liking but so grateful for the recipe! From our experience, the finished cake was slightly wet and crumbly after we added a bit of almond milk to the batter.

    Because we could not establish if the batter was too dry so we added the almond milk for a runnier batter to pour it into the baking pan. We had also substituted half cup of sugar with less than a quarter cup of stevia but it was still a little too sweet for our preference.

    For our next attempt, we would probably just pop a quarter or half of a teaspoon of almond milk into the batter and reduce the stevia by 10%. Disclaimer: we added some dried raisins and 4 rather large bananas into the batter so they were already sweet to begin with.5 stars

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  12. Easy to make the cake. Batter was thick and I added milk and some water to right consistency. Very nice and soft. Kids have requested to make again. Ps. I used more bananas and it was nicer. Thanks Dassana. God bless you.5 stars

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    1. Welcome. Thanks and let me tell you that each oven works differently and the temperatures can be less or more hot inside it. So when baking from any recipe, you can always adjust the time or temperature considering your oven. Next time you can bake for a less time and use good quality pans.

    1. You have to use the convection mode of your microwave oven. Using the convection mode, preheat for 15 minutes and then bake at the same temperature as mentioned in the recipe. Only reduce the baking time as convection ovens bake faster. But the banana cake cannot be baked using the microwave mode.

  13. Hi, I tried the recipe of this Banana Cake. The taste is perfect with the right amount of sweetness and the flavor of banana. But the only thing that I did not like was that the cake is not crumbly in texture but instead it is soft from the inside although it is cooked. Where did I go wrong?5 stars

    1. Hi Mekhala, looks like the batter has been folded or mixed too much and hence this texture. It will be like that of a soft baked pudding texture or a soft doughy texture. When folding the ingredients, fold with a light pressure from the hands. The batter just needs to be evenly folded and not over done. Over mixing will lead to formation of gluten strands in the batter and will make the texture soft and doughy. I hope this helps.

  14. Hi..may I know what’s the difference between banana cake and banana bread? Both looks the same..😁

    1. They both look similar but cake is more softer and more sweeter than bread. Hope this helps.

  15. Does this cake freeze well? How far in advance can it be made?

    How many days would it keep at room temperature?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes it does. It will stay good in a freezer for a month and at room temperature for 1 to 3 days depending on the temperature in your city. In a cold room temperature it will stay good for 2 to 3 days.

  16. Brilliant cake. Testing it out today for my baby’s first birthday and he has an egg allergy. This eggless cake was moist enough, added half tbsp of milk and half tsp cinnamon as recommended. Thank you

  17. oh wow! this recipe is soooo simple and so cool.. i finished 3 concalls and a cake in 1 hour 🙂 thank you look forward to trying more recipes 🙂5 stars

  18. Hi
    Why are both baking powder and baking soda required? Former contains latter. Also, I don’t find baking soda online for ordering.
    I used baking powder alone, and confess cake was not quite spongy


    1. Both are needed in the recipe. Baking soda does help in leavening the cake and helps in making it light and fluffy.

  19. Hi Dassana, I came thru your vegan cake…it looks awesome.i would like to try a 2 kg banana cake. What changes are to be made. Can you mention ….please.5 stars

    1. Hi Anu, in the recipe card, you will see the servings tab. Kindly increase the number from 12 to 48 there and you will get the ingredient proportions accordingly.

  20. Hello,
    Was searching some whole wheat cake options for my 6 year old daughter. Found this recepie. I made it half all proportions. Can you please guide on baking soda and baking powder proportion?
    It came out well though. Just I can sense a taste of soda later.

    Thank u.5 stars

    1. Then you can reduce the baking soda slightly and add about ⅛ teaspoon – which will roughly be 3 to 4 pinches.

  21. I have made this cake so many times, comes out very well. Thank you so much for this recipe. One of the best healthy cake.5 stars

    1. Came out very well..I used coconut oil and loved the flavour..I should have used aluminium foil as mentioned in the recipe as my top layer was more brown.. But tasted awesome 🙂🙂🙂5 stars

  22. I tried the cake today and it came out well . Kids too enjoyed the cake.
    I always look for your blogs for recipes. It is helpful.

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    1. Welcome Vera. Glad that you liked the banana cake recipe. Thanks for your kind words. Stay Safe.

  24. 𝙃𝙞, 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙢𝙮 𝙛𝙞𝙧𝙨𝙩 𝙗𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙚𝙭𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙞𝙩 𝙘𝙖𝙢𝙚 𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙡.. 𝙄 𝙝𝙖𝙙 𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙣 𝙗𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙣𝙖 𝙢𝙪𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙨 𝙣 𝙄 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙢 𝙖 𝙡𝙤𝙩. 𝘼𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙄 𝙖𝙡𝙬𝙖𝙮𝙨 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙤 𝙗𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙗𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙣𝙖 𝙘𝙖𝙠𝙚. 𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙄 𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨, 𝙄 𝙛𝙚𝙡𝙩 𝙄 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙗𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙖𝙜𝙖𝙞𝙣 𝙣 𝙖𝙜𝙖𝙞𝙣.𝙏𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙢𝙪𝙘𝙝 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙚𝙜𝙜𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨, 𝙫𝙚𝙜𝙖𝙣 𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙞𝙥𝙚. 🙂5 stars

    1. Thank you Anjali. Glad to read your feedback on the banana cake recipe. Most welcome and Happy Baking.

  25. in my microwave there is no ‘convection mode’ bt only ‘microwave mode’ .so can i use it for baking cake? nd also can v preheat microwave using ‘microwave mode’?

    1. baking can only be done in the convection mode. i am not sure if this banana cake recipe will work in the microwave mode. so better avoid making. i don’t want all your effort to go waste. usually, any baked cake cannot be made in the microwave mode. the oven also cannot be preheated using the microwave mode. hope this helps.

  26. i thought u didn’t get my mail,so i resend it:
    can v use honey & desi ghee instead of sugar& oil? i hope it won’t taste bad .
    can i use oven safe glass bowl in cooker cake recipe ?
    how can v use oats flour in cake, e.g. oats flour instead of maida….

    1. hi akshita, i have already replied to you. scroll below in the comment section and you will see your name and my replies to you. with oats flour some testing will be required. you will need to add some maida or atta along with oats flour.

      i have also replied to your other queries in the comments. you just need to scroll.

  27. The mixture was quite dry and cake turned out to be very crumbly. Need to increase the volume of wet ingredients considering it is whole-wheat atta.

    1. if the mixture is dry, then some more wet ingredient needs to be added. so you can always add some water or milk (coconut or almond). i have mentioned this point in the steps also. depending on the texture and type of whole wheat flour, less or more wet ingredients will be required. hope this helps.

    1. yes, you can add ½ teaspoon of cardamom powder or ¼ to ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder. a pinch of nutmeg powder can also be added with the cinnamon powder.

  28. Hi, tried this recipe and it turned out very good…it was so easy to make. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! How long does banana cake stay good at room temperature or does it have to be refrigerated ?4 stars

    1. thanks for this lovely feedback. in a cool or cold climate, banana cake will stay good for a couple of days at room temperature. but in a hot or warm climate, i would suggest to refrigerate the cake.

  29. Excellent recepie. Have previously tried many other recepie for egglees banana cake. But this one had better texture, taste, color, flavour. I really appreciate your sharing this recepie. Thanks5 stars

    1. thanks for this awesome review on banana cake. so glad to know. most welcome and happy baking.

  30. Hi… My banana cake taste was good… I added jaggery instead of sugar… While cutting cake it’s breaking…. I added chocos also4 stars

    1. the cake is breaking due to two reasons. either it is hot or warm when it is sliced or too much moisture in the cake. jaggery add more moisture in the batter as compared to sugar, so the cake needs to be baked for some more time. it can also be that due to the addition of chocos the cake is breaking. hope this helps.

    2. Hai. Can I use all purpose flour for this receipe and does the measurement change?

      1. you can use all-purpose flour. in cup measurement, it will be the same – that is 1.5 cups and in weight measurement, it will be about 188 grams.

      2. can i use honey, desi ghee instead of sugar and oil? i just hope it would not taste bad and honey measurement would be equal to sugar’s. can i use oven safe glass bowl in cooker cake recipe?

        1. you can use ghee instead of oil, but avoid honey as it becomes poisonous when heated. instead of honey, you can use jaggery. avoid using an oven-safe glass bowl in cooker cake. in an OTG or electric oven, you can use, but do not use in cooker. it can be risky. instead, use a steel pan. you can even use the steel pan which we stack and cook rice, dal, vegetables together in the cooker. a heavy steel bowl can also be used.

  31. Have tried many times and yummy outcome….how much kg this measurements results in?

  32. Thank you for the “perfect” cake recipe, especially for novices. I’m a first-time baker; tried this one out, and it turned out just awesome. Can’t wait to try out the other recipes. Thanks again!!

    1. thank you. glad that the recipe worked for you. yes, do try the other recipes as well. welcome and happy baking.

  33. Hi Dassana
    I tried this cake today with a few adjustments- used 3 ripe bananas ( did not have 4), reduced sugar to about 80 grams and used my microwave. The cake tastes good but is still too sweet for my taste – can you suggest how much sugar I should add at the minimum? Also this cake in comparison to your chocolate and orange cake has a lot of oil, is there any way to reduce that too?

    The cake texture was crumbly but I guess that was because I did not use the recipe proportions or a oven. Do let me know of a less sweet version / and possibly with less oil content. Loving your site, am gonna try the mango pickle tomorrow:)

    1. hi tara if you use four bananas, then you can add ¼ cup of sugar. for the oil, you can reduce the oil to ¼ cup. but if the batter looks dry, then add some water or any vegan milk (almond or coconut) to get the cake batter like consistency. hope this helps.

  34. This is my favourite recipe. I’ve used molasses or liquid jaggery instead of sugar.. cinnamon very well complements the flavour of banana.. thanks for the recipe.4 stars

    1. thank you bhavana. definitely jaggery or liquid jaggery works well as i have also used these. welcome.

  35. Hi Dassana, The cake turned out to be very tasty and yummy with easily available ingredients at home. Thank You Very much.

    Could you please post a recipe of how to make homemade maida at home. I have been searching this all over internet for a simple way to do it at home.5 stars

    1. nice to know sailaja and thanks for the rating and feedback. i have noted down the recipe request and will see if i can add the method of making maida.

  36. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. I made it hundreds of times and I gave it to all my family and friends to make it as well because it’s always a big Blast.
    I added a pinch of cinnamon and chocolate chips and it turned out to be a big success. I don’t add any sugar to it just depending on the bananas’ sweetness and it’s just enough for whoever doesn’t like sugary cake.
    I recommend this recipe for everyone as it’s too easy and will never ever let you down.
    Thank you again and again..
    By the way, I tried many other recipes for cakes and they are wonderful..5 stars

  37. Hello mam the cake tastes amazing!!! M a great follower of ur recipies but baking i suppose is never my cup of tea, i tried my hands on this banana cake it tastes very well but i need to know that when i cooked banana cake the side cooked crisp and the bottom too but the cake wasn’t well cooked from mid …. what could be the mistake???
    I m using morphy richards otg 28rss5 stars

    1. thank you neetu for the feedback on this recipe as well as the other recipes. for the banana cake, the center needs to be baked more. so the cake has to baked for some more time. usually, the sides bake first and then the center. depending on the oven type, the temperature inside the oven, baking can take less or more time. checking with a toothpick or wooden skewer or fork will determine if the cake needs to be cooked more or not. it the top gets browned more than cover the top of the pan with an aluminium foil or an oven-safe metal lid. hope this helps.

  38. Hello, I’d like to first thank you for this wonderful recipe, it has made me quiet the popular baker at home. I live with my aunt and she can’t have dairy products or eggs so this recipes is her favorite. I would to ask if I were to use a 11” loaf bread pan and were to double the recipe, how long will it take and at what temperate should I bake it? Thank you.5 stars

    1. that’s great to know ali. thank you for this lovely review on banana bread. if the recipe is doubled, the time will increase. so it can take about 1 hour or 1:15 minutes or even more. timing depends on the oven type, make and temperature inside the oven. the cake should be browned or golden from top and a toothpick should be clean when the cake is checked. it should have crumbs and not sticky batter on it. the temperature will be the same as mentioned in the recipe. no change in the temperature.

      welcome and happy baking.

  39. For 1 kg of whole wheat banana walnut cake eggless what would be the proportion of the ingredients

    1. just increase the proportions of all the ingredients accordingly. in the recipe card in the servings section, add 30 banana cake slices instead of 12 and you will get the recipe proportions increased accordingly for 1 kg of banana cake.

  40. This is my go to banana bread recipe. I just love it. One quick question, is there any way to reduce the oil in it. For example, can I use ⅓ cup oil and ⅓ cup milk in place of ⅔ cup oil? 5 stars

    1. thanks garima. yes you can use ⅓ cup oil and add ⅓ cup milk instead.

  41. An all time hit with my kids specially my toddler who is extremely fussy eater.
    Can’t thank you enough for this recipe.5 stars

  42. Hi Amit, hope you are doing well.
    I cannot count how many times I have tried this recipe but it has always been a hit. It has been loved by family and friends.
    This time I want to make this cake using multigrain flour. I have aashirwad multigrain flour. Will it give a different taste?5 stars

    1. thanks sonam for sharing this feedback and review. yes with multigrain flour, the taste will be different. do note that the amount of whole wheat flour should be more as compared to the other flours in the multigrain flour.

  43. Hello Mam I am new to baking.I have tried baking two three times but I am not getting the right temperature measurement for my oven.i had once baked it at 180c but the cake came very hard in microwave.soni reduced it the cake was soft and fluffy but it didn’t swell much as I desired.Where m I going wrong?

    1. microwave convections ovens bake faster than an OTG. so you can bake at a lower temperature like 165 or 170 degrees celsius. the fluffiness of the cake does not depend on the temperature but using fresh and active baking soda, baking powder and mixing or folding the batter correctly. too much of folding or mixing the batter will make the cake dense. hope this helps.

  44. Hello there

    I keep trying ur recipes and they always turn out to be good . I tried ur banana bread but it not bake very well from inside . I kept it at the given temperature 180 degrees but it was still undone even after one hour… can u tell me where did I go wrong4 stars

    1. try not to over do the folding batter. if the batter is not folded too much gluten strand form and they give a dough structure in the bread. on the outside it looks like the bread is not baked, but actually the baking is done. this is because of mixing the dough too much.

  45. Hi Dassana,

    I am following your recipies regularly and everytime they turn out to be very good.
    I wanted to add some chocolate chips to this recipe. Should I make some changes in the ingredients quantity or should I just add a small amount of chips to the above recipe??

    1. thanks ashita. don’t make any changes to the recipe. just add the small amount of chocolate chips.

  46. Hi Dassana,
    I had a query. Can I substitute banana with pineapple as my kids like pineapple cake? Also what is the difference in the cake if egg is added or not added? Does it make the cake taste better like the market ones?
    I really like your recipes they always turn out good, since I make them for kids I like the heathy option of wheat over maida.
    Lots of good wishes and gratitute to you!

    1. yes of course dee. pineapple puree can be substituted. with eggs the cake have a better crumb structure. they are more lighter and fluffier as compared to cakes made without eggs. though with using correct egg substitutes once can get such a texture also. in the market for eggless cakes, a few more ingredients are added that make the cake fluffy like cake gel and cake improvers. i would not add such ingredients in homemade cakes and its better to use natural edible ingredients.

      thanks for the feedback and best wishes to you too.

  47. Hi Dassana,
    Thank you for all the healthy recipes. Banana cake came out very well. I don’t get this spongy texture in whole wheat chocolate cake. Should I add some baking powder? How much should I add?5 stars

    1. thanks nalini. yes you can add some baking powder. since baking soda is already added, thus you can add 1/4th teaspoon baking powder.

  48. Am a beginner . My cake turned a little bitter and crumbly & very crisp on the outside . Where did I go wrong ?

    1. crumbliness could be due to uneven folding or mixing of the batter. bitterness i am not sure. could be due to the type of oil used. when making cakes with oil, always use a neutral tasting oil. when baking keep the pan in the center rack of the oven. and mix or fold the batter gently but well. hope these tips help. the more you bake, the more you will get the knack of it and you will become good in baking.

      1. Thank you so much Dassana. Your response is so encouraging . Am not giving up ..Will correct my mistakes next time .5 stars

  49. Thank you so much dassana Amit. I will definitely try this cake in metal pan as the batter was very tasty. Thanks a ton.5 stars

    1. welcome divyanshi. when baking in a microwave convection mode for any thing like pizza or cookies or cake, always better to use a metal pan as it conducts heat very well and thus the baked product has a golden finish or a golden crust.

  50. I tried this cake for my kids in my ifb microwave convection using convection mode. However cake became hard from top and the from inside it was half cooked. I used borosil glass round bowl. Please help, I don’t know where I went wrong.5 stars

    1. divyanshi, in a convection mode of microwave oven, the heat comes from the top (as the heating elements are usually placed on the top). also there is no heat source from the bottom as regular ovens have. so the top gets baked more. secondly a glass bowl or pan is a not a good conductor of heat. so the baking is slow when baked in a glass pan. what has happened here is that heat has not been conducted well enough in the glass pan (as no heating element below in the oven) and moreover using a glass pan will slow down the conduction. if you use a metal pan, the cake would have got baked from the center with some browning from the top. this are the reasons why the cake has become hard from top and half cooked.

      hope i have been able to explain well. try to use a metal pan when baking in the convection mode of microwave oven. if the top starts becoming brown, then cover the top with aluminium foil or parchment paper when baking in the convection mode only.

  51. Hello ma’am, I love your recipes and keep trying them out. Planning to bake this cake in a couple of days. I was wondering if it is okay to use eno fruit salt instead of baking soda in the recipe? Please let me know. Thanks!4 stars

    1. shaii, thanks. you can use eno in place of baking soda. add about ½ to ⅔ teaspoon of eno.

  52. Hello Dassanna,
    I am a HUGE fan of urs. Every time I want to check out a recipe yours is the first website I search. You make the entire cooking process seem really simple and your step by step pics are a real help. Lots of Love, Kudos and Respect. And thanks a bunch for all the recipes5 stars

    1. thank you much ananya. so glad to read your positive comment. i try to make the cooking process simple so that it helps the readers. wish you all the best and welcome. happy cooking.

  53. Hi, can we make this cake in pressure cooker or steamer with the same measurements of ingredients?

  54. Hello so I tried this one today looked good but when I cut it .. it wasn’t as crumbly as it looks in the picture .. it’s more like sheera .. could u tell me the problem

    1. vipra, the cake needs to be baked for some time. its not baked completely. so please bake for some more time.

  55. Hai..can I use jaggery instead of sugar?if yes ,is there any variations in measurements?can I use coconut oil in the place of oil ?

    1. yes of course you can use jaggery instead of sugar. you can use the same measurement as that of sugar. if the bananas are very sweet, then add ⅓ cup jaggery. you can use coconut oil. do note that with coconut oil, the aroma of it will be there in the cake.

  56. Awesome recipe and very simple too. My 10 year old daughter watched the video and used the recipe to make this cake by herself. It turned out so great. Very soft and moist with awesome flavors. It is hard to believe this does not have eggs and is made with whole wheat flour!

    Thanks Dassana for posting such a simple yet delicious recipe.5 stars

    1. thats great. of course kids can make easy recipes with a bit of guidance and attention. glad to know that the eggless banana cake turned out great. this cake is soft and moist inspite of the whole wheat flour. thanks for sharing ????

  57. Just made this recipe and it’s great! I made them as cupcakes and halved the baking time and they worked out really well. Topped them with a vegan lemon icing and some crushed walnuts. Very soft and tasty thank you!5 stars

    1. Welcome Chloe. Thanks for sharing this. I am sure it will help some readers.

  58. Hi! Tried ur banana cake recipe. The taste was good , but I felt the texture was dense. Is that how it’s supposed to be ?
    I used half a stick of melted butter

    1. bhavana, the texture is not dense. its soft. i guess the amount of butter added is less. also when folding whole wheat cake batter, the folding has to be done lightly without overdoing it. if the batter gets folded too much, the cake will become dense.

  59. This cake is fantastic! I didn’t have wholewheat flour so I used strong pastry flour and it worked really well….and I don’t even like bananas that much. I will use this recipe again….it was so easy. 🙂 🙂 🙂5 stars

    1. Thanks Patricia for this positive feedback. Glad to know that you liked this egg free banana cake recipe.

  60. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone after an eggless banana cake. I’ve made banana cake with egg before, and I think this turned out just as good, if not better.

    I put slightly less sugar because I had more bananas and added walnuts plus cranberries. It was scoffed down by my family in a flash. A must try recipe. Thanks Dassana Amit!5 stars

    1. Welcome Nidhi. Glad to read your awesome feedback. Yes its one of the best egg free banana cake recipe.

  61. Amazing recipe! I used plain flour instead of wholewheat, mixed golden granulated sugar with dark muscovado sugar, added 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder and the result was a deliciously moist and fluffy chocolate banana cake perfect topped with a dusting of cocoa powder and maybe some nuts. Thanks for the recipe!5 stars

    1. Welcome Camy. Glad to know this. Thanks for sharing this positive feedback on banana cake. Do try some more recipes from the blog.

  62. Hi mam
    I am very much happy to see this recipe and i like to make it
    But i dont have an oven
    Can i make it in cooker??

  63. This recipe is gave me a surprisingly good cake and such an easy way to make cakes. I had never tried an eggless, butter less cake but ur recipe made my day. The quantity is spot on. The best part it is a lot healthier than the traditional cakes using wheat flour and the natural sugar from the bananas. Thank you so much!5 stars

    1. Welcome Shivani. Glad to know that you liked this banana cake recipe made with out eggs. Do try some more baking recipes as all the recipes posted on blog are tried and tested. So if you follow the instructions then they will come out well.

  64. Hi…
    I have tried many of ur recipes it came out fabulous . Everyone were impressed when I served banana cake????5 stars

    1. Thanks Chaithanya for giving this positive feedback on banana cake recipe. Glad to know this.

  65. Hi Dassana ,
    I am really happy with this came out really well in first attempt, thank you so much .
    Do you have recipe how to make eggless ajwain biscuits ?

    1. thanks nelly for sharing this feedback. i have got requests to add a few savory biscuits. so will try to add them. have taken a note of ajwain biscuits.

  66. Success in first attempt….so in love with this recipe… Thank you so much5 stars

  67. Hi Dassana! I’m a huge fan. I was very afraid to bake as the first few instances my cakes used to sink in the middle. After following your recipes I am quite a confident home baker now 🙂 I have one query to the banana cake. Can I double the proportions? It’s just not enough for my family. Please reply soon!5 stars

    1. thats nice to know shweta and thanks for this lovely feedback. i have never doubled the recipe but a few readers have and it has worked for them. so you can try doubling the recipe.

  68. Hi dassana, this recipe is fabulous! I have baked this cake three four times and my family and guests simply love it. Thanks a ton for posting this recipe. In fact all your recipes are so perfect, tried and tested, I am never scared to try out a new one, even when I am having guests over. I totally trust them.

    1. Welcome Anagha. Glad to know that everyone liked this egg free banana cake recipe. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback on recipes.

  69. Hi! I am a huge fan of all your savoury dishes (I follow your recipes to the tee) Had never succeeded at baking though but with your easy recipes I must say I have grown quite confident in my baking skills too! What a lovely recipe, this banana cake!!

    1. Thanks Shweta for your kind words and positive feedback on recipes. Glad that I could help you in your baking journey.

  70. Hii

    I tried the recipe today and it turned out pretty well. Thanks!!
    Can sugar be replaced with honey and what will be the proportion4 stars

    1. thanks kadambari for the feedback. avoid honey when cooking and baking since honey becomes toxic on heating. for a healthier alternative you can use jaggery, palm jaggery or coconut sugar.

  71. Thank you for the recipe, i do like this cake a lot. However, i baked this cake about 75-80 mins, not sure why is not done but overall i do love this cake. Thanks for sharing this recipe5 stars

    1. i hope the oven you are using is getting heated at the temperature you have set. if the temperature is low in the oven, then baking will take a longer time. you can get the oven checked by the company’s person.

  72. Hello, can i add almond powder as I want to make it for my baby? How will this change the recipe?4 stars

    1. shikha, i have already replied to your comment. just refresh the page and you will see my reply to your earlier comment.

  73. I want to make this cake for my baby, I want to use almond powder with flour and i don’t have baking powder( I have baking soda). Can I make this without baking powder and how I can incorporate almond powder in this recipe? I don’t want to fully replace the flour with almond powder but want to use it as one of the ingredients so that it’s nutritional value can be increased. Thanks

    1. shikha, you can add half a cup of almond powder and use only 1 cup of whole wheat flour. just add about 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda. the cake will have a different texture due to almond powder, but my guess is that it will taste good.

  74. I don’t have OTG or oven. I have Baati cooker and Microwave. Could you please guide, how to bake there?

    1. dolly i have never used baati cooker. i guess the way you make baati, same way you can use it to make the banana cake. for a microwave oven, you need to have a convection mode. if you have convection mode in your microwave oven, then preheat oven in the convection mode for 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. then bake cake at 180 degrees Celsius in the convection mode. do not use the microwave mode or combination modes.

  75. Hi Dassana
    You are my most trusted source when it comes to searching recipes online. I have followed many of your recipes and they always turn out to be good..
    By the way I have a question. When it comes to baking, it always gives me trouble. I got a microwave and whenever I bake any cakesor muffins, even after following all the directions about the process, time and temperature, almost always my cake browns from outside while remains gooey inside. And then I have to overbake it to get the insides cooked well while the outside gets slightly overbaked and dry in the process.
    Rest taste and texture everything turns out perfect.

    Please solve this mystery. I tried searching solutions online but couldn’t get much help…
    🙁5 stars

    1. firstly thanks kajori for the feedback on recipes. in convection ovens the baking is faster. its due to the fan in the oven. so either you can reduce the temperature to 15 or 20 degrees less or reduce the time taken for baking. even i used to have this issue when i used to use a microwave convection oven. as a result the top of the bread or cake would get too much browned and crusty. another tip is to cover the top with a foil or parchment paper. this way the top will not get overdone. the heating element is on top in a microwave convection oven and thus the heat comes from top. as a result the tops get cooked faster than then the base and the center.

      1. Hi
        Can the oil be replaced with ghee? If yes, then in what quantity?
        Thank you for the recipe.4 stars

        1. welcome. you can use ghee instead of oil. use the same amount as mentioned in the recipe. but use melted ghee in the same proportion.

  76. Tried this recipe a couple of times and it just gets better….everyone loves it.
    I used milk instead of water (when the batter became thick) the last time, and it turned out softer.
    Thank you for this and look forward to more such recipes!5 stars

    1. Welcome Prarthana. Glad to know this. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback.

  77. Great recipe. Have made this cake three times now. Everyone in my family loved it. Thank you.5 stars

  78. Best recipe.I used microwave oven and the result is excellent.Just 2 minutes preparation and 5 to 6 minutes baking time and result is so yummy. Thank you5 stars

    1. Welcome Jyoti. Thanks for your positive feedback on banana cake recipe.

  79. Hi thank you for the recipe.
    Can I avoid baking soda? Actually I only have baking powder. Please suggest me.

  80. Mam..i have tried some receipes of yours and they came out perfect. Thankyou so much!
    I have a small query. Why do we dont add any lime juice/ vinegar in this eggless receipe while we added it in the chocolate one?

    1. riddhi, you can add lemon juice or vinegar in this recipe. i have used the same recipe and made eggless banana muffins where i have added lemon juice. and thank you.

  81. I tried this recipe yesterday, thanks to ripe bananas 😉 , and oh my God! It turned out to be one of the best baked desserts I’ve tried! Thank you so much for such a simple and yum recipe 🙂5 stars

    1. Welcome Nirupama. Thanks for your positive feedback on banana cake recipe.

  82. Hi just a quick question. Can we use maida instead of Aata? Will it taste good?5 stars

    1. Sam, It will stay good for 2-3 days in a warm climate like india. in cold climate it will stay for more days.

      1. I m planning to take for air travel for kid.will banana blacken.and if it blakens is it safe to eat

        1. sam, banana will not blacken. you can easily take the banana cake for the air travel trip.

  83. I made it today for my daughter. She has food allergies. It was so delicouse. Thank you so so much for sharing the recipe. The best Vegan cake recipe so far.
    Thank you,5 stars

    1. Welcome Sanfangcisco. Thanks for your positive feedback on banana cake.

  84. At first I thought the batter is so thick how it will be able to get a perfect shape but it came out so perfectly. Thank you for sharing 🙁5 stars

  85. Hi! I tried this cake but the batter became doughy
    And it did not become brown, rather, got burnt

    1. doughy is because either the liquids were less for the quality of flour used or the batter has been folded too much.

  86. Hi, i have tried this recipe for 2 times but it was not spongy as it looks in your picture, can u suggest , i have tried it in oven as well as microwave, with measuring spoon and butter.another question is can i use powdered sugar instead of grains.5 stars

    1. shruti, try not to overdo the folding part. if the batter gets mixed too much, then the cake will fall flat and won’t have a soft texture. also as soon as the batter is folded, then pour in pan and place the cake pan in the oven. preheat oven for 15 mins before placing the cake pan. you can use powdered sugar.

  87. What a fantastic recipe. Came out perfectly. Tastes delicious. Thank you and look forward to trying more recipes.5 stars

  88. hi,
    Can i make it in pressure cooker ? that time how much time it will take ?

  89. I tried this recipe yesterday evening as I wanted to make a cake for my lil ones 2nd month birthday..came out really nice..I used half of all those ingredients and used brown sugar instead of normal sugar, baked for 30 mins at 180c in preheated oven.

    Thanks for this amazing recipe.5 stars

  90. Awwwww it smells like heaven, tastes awesome as well!!! Thanks Dassana, but u said 1cup=250ml and said 1.5cups of aata and approximately 180gms?? Didn’t get it. I roughly calculated and used aata.5 stars

    1. jothsna, 1 cup of atta when weighed separately in a weighing machine weighs 120 grams. so 180 grams of atta when added in a cup weighs 1.5 cups. the cup measures 250 ml of liquid ingredient. In the same cup 1 cup of flour measures when weighed in a weighing machine – 120 grams of flour. So different solid ingredients like rice, sugar, sooji etc will weigh differently. So 1.5 cups of wheat flour weighs 180 grams. either you can follow the cup measurement or the gram measurement.

  91. Came out good ; It’s mentioned 1 cup is 250 ml and for wheat flour its said 1.5 cups or 180 GM ; so is wheat flour 180 GM or 300 GM ? I tried with 180 it came out excellent ; when is was just going thru it I had a doubt

    1. Sneha, the cup measures 250 ml of liquid ingredient. In the same cup 1 cup of flour measures when weighed in a weighing machine – 120 grams of flour. So different solid ingredients like rice, sugar, sooji etc will weigh differently. So 1.5 cups of wheat flour weighs 180 grams. either you can follow the cup measurement or the gram measurement.

  92. Hi Iam a great follower of all your recipes and I do recommend to thisnto mynfriends ; being a vegetarian I love all your recipes. I tried this banana nut cake and it came out great ; My husband and 2 year old loves this .

    Can I double the quantity to make it in a larger tin ? How would be the baking time then ?5 stars

    1. Thanks Sneha for your kind words. Yes you can double the quantity. Baking time will only increase by 10 to 15 minutes.

  93. I am going to prepare this banana cake tomorrow. Just a quick question.. What do you mean by whole wheat flour? is it the same flour that we use for preparing chapathi or phulka? I am usingAashirwaad brand.. Is it OK if I use this,?

    1. yes it the same flour which we use for making chapatis. i have use chakki ground atta. you can use aashirwad atta also. each atta has a different quality. so in case the batter looks very thick, then you can add some water/milk/coconut milk to it.

  94. Nice recipe..but wanted to carry for picnic…for how many days will it last outside refrigerator ?

    1. you can use sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil or any other neutral flavored oil. do not use peanut oil or sesame oil as they will give their oil flavors and taste in the cake.

  95. I have a vegan friend,so I was searching vegan cake recipes for her and luckily I found your website.And today I tried out this banana cake,It really came out very well.Thanku for this amazing and simple recipe..5 stars

    1. thanks for this feedback krishna. glad to know that the banana cake recipes turned out good. do try some other cake recipes too. they are also good ????

  96. Hi Dassana,

    Could you tell me about the shelf life of this cake? Also should I store it in refrigerator or outside?5 stars

  97. Wow..!!! it came so well.. Well i made it as surprise birthday cake to my hubby… Thank you very much for your most tasty recipes..

  98. Hi Dassana,

    Lovely recipe. I used organic jaggery powder instead of sugar and it came out great. Though in my oven it took less than 30 mins, so the edges started to burn before I noticed. Still tasted good. Thanks for the recipe.

    Now my question is how can it be stored? And what is its shelf life? Should I keep it inside refrigerator or outside?

    1. Thanks GARIMA. Store the banana cake in an air tight container and keep in the fridge. It stays good for around 10 days.

  99. Made this for tea yesterday. It was very yummy. But not as light and fluffy as yours. I never get my breads right. I must be doing something wrong. Any bread I make always tends to be dense. Any suggestions? We licked the loaf pan clean. Was very tasty despite the dense texture.4 stars

    1. Thanks Ramya. Don’t overdo the folding or mixing of the batter. Use light hands while mixing. The batter should have volume and should not fall flat after folding or mixing. This should solve the issue.

  100. Oh my God.
    This thing turned out so delicious.
    And did I tell you, it was my first attempt at baking anything.
    It was ready in 35 minutes of baking.
    Much thanks for sharing your recipes.5 stars

    1. Welcome Akash. Glad to know this. Good start for baking and trying some more recipes.

  101. Hi, d cake cameout to b g8 but cake slices were a lil sticky… could not get that web look

    1. looks like the cake needs to be baked for some more time. you can still keep back in the oven and bake for some more minutes.

  102. Hi Dassanna,
    Great healthy recipe. Tried this recipe twice and both times the cake came out well … soft and moist from inside but the outer layer crumbles when trying to pick cake piece while the cake is still bit hot… anything wrong from my side or it happens ? .. you know kids want to have it as soon as it is out of oven.5 stars

    1. thanks rekha. i know this with kids. any cake need to be allowed to cool completely before serving. even when they are warm, a soft textured cake can easily crumble. so let the cake cool completely, otherwise it will crumble. i have myself crumbled cakes many times by removing it within minutes from the pan and still while hot or warm ????

  103. Thank you for the lovely recipe … it turned out very well. However, felt that after taste of the baking powder or soda bicarbonate was little strong.
    Can we reduce the amount we add? Or alternative suggestions?

    1. okay. you can reduce a bit. but don’t reduce too much as these two are the only leavening ingredients used in the recipe.

  104. I want to try Dis recipe..but of half quantity.. Should I bake for 30-40 mins..or 20-25 min

    1. Sweta, baking time will reduce. but i don’t know if halving the recipe will work. baking time you have to keep a check.

    1. you can, but make sure the overall weight is 300 grams (with the peels on). with less bananas, you may need to add water or milk to the batter to get the right consistency. otherwise the batter will be atta like.

  105. This came out very well and my kids and husband loved it. I have to make this once a week, thats my daughter’s order. Thanks for the recipe

  106. Hi
    I want to try this cake without wheat I mean gluten free flour.plz tell me 180 Degree pe oven set kiya jaye to kya bread bhi ban Sakti h.becoz I tried cake and it was good but now I want to try bread.plz answer me

  107. Hi, I tried this today. I baked for 55 minutes. Although taste was great but it was soft inside. Do you think it needs to be baked for another few minutes?

  108. Hi, I have 8.4 x 4.4 x 2.5 inch pan. Does this size work for this recipe? Also, initiall do I need to grese the pan with oil?

    1. kavita, i am not sure about halving this recipe and whether it will work or not.

  109. Can I replace the flour with rice flour and sugar with maple syrup or agave? I buy a cake from a local vegan bakery that only uses rice flour, banana, maple syrup, cocoa power, sunflower oil, sea salt, cinnamon, baking soda and vanilla. I’ve tried every possible way using thsee ingredients but can’t get it the same way. Your recipe is the closest to this. So I was wondering if I can just substitute5 stars

  110. Hi Dasanna, I want to try this recipe in a pressure cooker. Can you please tell me for how long have I to bake in the pressure cooker.. I intend to bake in a 5 liter aluminium pressure cooker. Thank you in advance…

    1. preethi, it can take about 30 to 35 minutes or more. so cannot say the exact time. but on an average 35 minutes is fine.

  111. Hi dassana

    I made the cake the taste was yum. But my cake did rise in between but by the time I took it out for cooling, it was flat . What could be the reason.5 stars

    1. thanks manasa. the cake falling flat could be due to incorrect pan size or the oven door being opened many times. when a cake is baking, always open the oven door once the cake is 3/4th baked. hope this helps.

  112. Tried the eggless banana cake . . it came out really well! Thank you! My 9 year old helped me bake this cake. How can we make it more moist?5 stars

    1. thanks a lot kalpana. so sweet of your kid to help you in baking. the cake is moist. moistness depends on the consistency of the batter. and the consistency depends on the quality of whole wheat flour used. so if the batter looks very thick or semi dry, then you can add some liquids in it – water, milk, almond milk or coconut milk. also do not over do the folding. too much of folding will also ruin the texture as well as softness.

  113. Wow! I tired this recipe and again it was just amazing. Official, my favourite cake! I also caramelized some bananas and tipped it with cinnamon sugar for icing 🙂 But I just found the cake a little oily! Thank you again for such an amazing recipe! Your recipes are turning me into a great Baker! 🙂5 stars

    1. Welcome Nandita. Good to know this. Thanks for sharing the variation you did to take the cake to another level.

  114. Can i use ghee/ butter/ milk instead of the oil? Can i skip the essence?4 stars

    1. you can use butter or ghee. you can skip essence and add some cardamom powder.

  115. Hello Amit! I have made ur banana loaf recipe several times, infact reguarly.. its an instant hit at my home, my daughter husband absolutely love it.. and as the sugar content is less my in laws who are sugar patients, eat piece or two without much worry! Thank for this wonderful receipe..

    1. thanks again varda. good to know that your family liked the banana cake. happy cooking and baking ?

  116. Hi Dasana,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this receipe.
    After so many attempts finally got perfect cake.dats only because of your banana cake recipe. I made it just now so thought to share with you.
    Thanks a lot once again5 stars

  117. Hello
    I tried this cake today. It came out very beautiful. Me and family very happy with the cake. This is my first ever cake baking attempt. Thank you so much for perfect recipe.

    I have substituted butter / oil to ghee and sugar to organic powder jagger. Didn’t use vanilla essence, instead used kesar-elaichi syrup.

    I intend to try all the recipes 🙂5 stars

    1. thanks a lot MRD. its feels good when at the first baking attempt, the cake or for that matter bread turns out good. also thanks for sharing the variations. both cardamom and kesar goes well with bananas.

  118. Hi,
    Great recipes..very easy to prepare.cooking seems simpler.
    I tried this cake.few questions:
    1.how long can I store this cake..any particular method
    2.i had kept in airtight container.. After 3 days..when I cut the cake..there used to be thread like things seen
    3.smell was like overripe banana
    4.cake crumbles..m not able to cut like your pic..I use rect cake tin..I use micro
    Please suggest4 stars

    1. vatsala, have replied to your first few queries. i guess cake needs to be baked for some more time. also let the cake cool completely and then remove. if the cake is removed when it is hot or warm, then it will crumble.

  119. Hi,
    Your recipes are easy to follow and best superb.
    Its made cooking easy and there is variety.
    How long can this cake be stored?
    After 3 days it was smelling kind of ripe banana.. And when I cut.. It was like thin strands are seen.4 stars

    1. vatsala, store in the fridge. it stays good for about a week. there will be an aroma of ripe bananas in the cake even after cooling and when stored. i am not sure what the thin strands are. ideally there should be no strands as the banana is mashed well.

  120. Tried your banana cake today. It was fantastic! Thank you so much for meticulously researching and presenting all these recipes.5 stars

  121. Dassana! U r god! Ur recipes r the perfect ones for the ABCDs(American Born Confused Desi)

    1. thank you very much anjai :).

      i am not god but i am good:) i try to give my best in whatever i do.

  122. it is one of the tastiest cakes i ever had..thank u very much…..can i use olive oil for this recipe?5 stars

  123. I made it without the almonds but added pieces of left over milk chocolate and some cocoa powder. Came out fantastic anyways!!5 stars

  124. Hi,

    I love your recipes.. Like some one has already said.. They are no did quick and easy ones.

    I had tried this recipe earlier but it turns flat after cooling.. Wonder why?
    I have set it in the oven again today in the hope that it will hold after it cools.. Have used exact measurements and follwed the instructions to a large extent..

    Will post the pic if possible when it is done.5 stars

    1. thanks navarathna. when baking, do not open the door very often. open the oven door once the cake is 3/4th done. opening the door many times leads to a sunken cake or makes it fall flat. use the correct pan size. a large pan can also make the cake flat. i hope this time around the banana cake turned out good.

  125. hi dassana….i made this cake…it turned out well…taste was awesome..hv some queries. …i hv baked d cake in microwave convection. ..to check d cake is baked i inserted a toothpick it came out clean….but while eating it was a little soggy n sticking to d upper palate of mouth…do banana cakes hv crumbly texture like vanilla n chocolate …also wanted to know d consistency of d batter…as per ur method d batter is too thick….therefore i added little milk

    1. Hina, the cake needs to be baked for some more time. banana cake does not have a crumbly texture. the consistency of batter is thick. but even if you make it little thin it won’t matter.

  126. Hello,
    I tried making the cake, it was awesome!!

    Everyone in my office also loved it!! Thanks!!5 stars

  127. Hello,
    Wont this recipe require any flax seeds or curd?

    And can i make this in cooker?

  128. I’ve tried this cake. It came out well..We all liked it very much.. Its a healthy one.. I would like to know whether it will work if i double this recipe..

  129. This is literally the BEST Banana Cake I have ever had. I made it for breakfast and it was gone in about 15 min. Then again for a party and gone in 10. I’ve been making 2 of them at least twice a week, all month. Lol5 stars

    1. thank you jessica for this ‘best’ tag on the banana cake. much appreciated. glad to know you are baking the cake at least twice a month 🙂

  130. Hello mam,

    Thanks for ur all lovely receipes. I must say they all are so simple n fuss free n yet so delicious. I hv tried many of ur cakes, rice n paneer receipes n each time they came out perfectly .As i m a vegetarian, ur eggless cakes receipes are like a boon for me. Thanks again.

    I have a query regarding buying microwave with convection and an otg. For one interesting in baking which one is a good option. And also could you please suggest any brand with specifications.5 stars

    1. thanks a lot aparna. i always suggest an OTG rather than a microwave for baking. just because i find the baking quality in an OTG better than microwave as far as even baking is concerned. i am using bajaj 35 litre oven and so far it is good. previously i was using philips 18 litre oven which was also good.

  131. Hi Dassana,
    i have a query. Are baking soda and cooking soda same? If not, where can i find it? I caanot find them in local shops. Thanks.

    1. they are same. both baking soda and cooking soda are just different names of the same ingredient – sodium bicarbonate. you can buy online, if you are not getting the baking soda locally.

  132. Hi dassana,
    I googled the cut n fold technique mentioned here to mix the batter. Just a small query.. Is it okay if a whole wheat cake batter has a lot of lumps? Like half an inch thick? Because if one will try to mix/mash them then it will become full blown rigorous mixing.
    Or mixing with a whisk with hand is preferable?

    1. ruchi, tiny lumps are fine, but not big lumps. half an inch thick lumps are not fine. they are slightly larger lumps. if lumps happen, then sift the flour once to twice and then add the wet ingredients to it. when using mixing technique, there can be lumps, but when you fold using the cut & fold technique, lumps will not be there. since when cutting the lumps are also broken. when mixing its always better to use wired whisk. for folding its better to use a spatula. can be wooden or silicon spatula.

  133. Dear Dasanna, I am baking the cake as I write. I have used butter in place of oil and would like to know if I can use Virgin coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.All the recipes tried by me from your blog have turned out great and won me appreciation in the family. Thank you so much for it.5 stars

    1. thanks a lot dipti. you can use virgin coconut oil. i have also made a few cakes and eggless banana bread with coconut oil.

  134. Hi dassana .. as sujatha said in above comment, v have to see scroll up for ur reply to our comment. No notification for ur reply.. pls do check abt it.. even I have sent many comments but I don’t know on which recipe I sent n I don’t get notification for ur reply.. it’s useful if v ask u some question n waiting for ur reply.. thhankss a lot for ur recipe. This cake is on way to ready;) yummy I have confidence on all ur recipes dat it’s will defineltly come out super..

    1. pooni, the older comments coming on top is in the app. but on the website its the newer comments showing on top. i will see what can be done in the app regarding this issue. with regard the notification, i had enabled it some time back. but many readers started complaining that they get mails whenever any person comments on the post. so i have disabled the notification now.

      thanks pooni and i hope the cake turns out good and you like it.

    1. with eggs this recipe will change along with its ingredients. so since i add tried and tested recipes, i am unable to tell you what changes need to be made with eggs.

  135. Thanks a lot, Dassana! Your recipes are amazing! This is my default site that i come when i have to check for whole wheat and eggless baking. Thanks for all your efforts. I am just now baking banana cake and i hope i have followed your recipe to the T. 🙂

    Am also looking to make wholewheat eggless croissant. Do you think it is possible?5 stars

    1. thanks a lot sukanya. i hope the cake turns out good. wholewheat eggless croissant is possible. though i have never made at home, but i used to have whole wheat croissants at times, during breakfasts in one of the hotels i stayed for some days. if they can make it, then so can us. and theirs used to be all whole wheat. no maida at all.

      1. Thanks, Dassana… My cake turned out a bit too soft, not sure if i put a bit more water or something else. But the taste is incredible.

        Can you help put a recipe for eggless wholewheat croissant sometime in future? Am so addicted to your step by step pics.. 🙂

        1. welcome sukanya. try baking for some more time, if this happens in the future. sure, i will try to add whole wheat croissants in some time.

  136. Hii..
    Thank you for all the lovely recipes…
    can you please suggest some cake recipes for microwave, I don’t have an oven…

    1. welcome sheetal. i have stopped adding microwave recipes for health reasons.

  137. Thanks Dassana for your quick response,since two days I am sending message I don’t know what went wrong.ok .I really love your recipes .the way you narrate the step is really helpful for beginners,more over feel confident myself that I can cook. Cooking is my passion ,I do try north Indian dishes ,I even try baking as I told you in earlier post .can I buy small size OTG ,is it helpful I usually bake cookies as i have succeeded in convection oven for cookies,but l want to bake cakes that too egg less.everytime I see your eggless cake recipes I feel tempted,start immediately bake but not satisfied with results in convection oven.please please help in temperature settings in convection oven.guide me buying OTG .sooory for such a long post.
    You won’t believe me ,I have asked these queries for so many others ,but failed to get results,sure you help me.

    1. welcome poornashri. you can buy an 18 to 22 litre oven. i had an 18 litre oven and it was a small oven. i have done a lot of baking in this oven. currently i am having a 35 litre bajaj OTG and this one is also good. the 18 litre oven was from philips, but now philips have stopped manufacturing it.

      for convection mode, always bake at 15 to 20 degrees less temperature. as baking is faster in a convection oven than a regular OTG. also while baking any cake, cookies or muffins, preheat the oven at the temp mentioned in the recipe for atleast 15 minutes. keep the pan after 15 minutes and bake. do not open the door of the oven, till 3/4th of the baking is done. this is especially true for cakes as then the cake can sink or fall flat in the oven.

      let me know if you have any queries.

      1. Thanks Dassana ,I have IFB where I can set the temp for preheating but can’t set time for preheat ,its automatic.i will try placing foil or butter paper inbtn baking next time..is baking soda different from cooking soda bcoz I used cooking soda these for baking wherever needed.thanks a lot for your reply.

        1. okay. in the ifb oven i have, i can set the time manually. baking soda and cooking soda are same.

  138. i tried yesterday. this time carefully monitored the oven. the cake came out well. thanks dassana for sharing the recipe

  139. hi Amit this cake rocks. thank you so much. the cake baked was wonderful and husband loved it

  140. for me it is coming oldest to latest..if i have to see response gto my comment i had to scroll down 600 comments. i dont for others how it is showing

    1. oh. where are you seeing it. on the app or on mobile browser. let me know. in the desktop its appearing as the latest on top and oldest at the bottom.

    1. sujata, the comments are shown in the order of latest coming first to oldest at the last. let me know if you meant this.

  141. I have IFB microwave convection oven ,I love baking but not not confident.after seeing your recipes I feel like baking ,I have tried alots of cakes,cupcakes ,but I feel in convection cake won’t bake evenly ,please guide ,I love your all recipes very simple to follow with great results.please tell me if I had to better buy OTG for baking.

    1. thanks poornashri. if you have an oven, then do bake. i have used IFB microwave convection oven for baking. my only issue would be that the tops of breads or cakes would get browned faster in it. otherwise the baking would be quick and even, except for the top part. thats coz then heating element was on the top. however i still feel a regular oven or OTG is any day better than a microwave oven for baking. after baking in an OTG, i now do not use my IFB oven for baking cakes and breads.

  142. i analysed what would have gone wrong. After 5 , min preheat the oven has by default switched over to mw mode. and i have set 40 min time without noticing it. The recipes of vegrecipes of india never fail

    1. okay. 20 minutes time is still less for the cake to bake. so i was thinking what must have gone wrong. its not possible for the cake to get burnt in 20 minutes. thanks for letting me know. next time whenever you bake, be careful.

  143. i followed the instructions but in 20 min there was burnt smell. so i removed the cake from oven,. and the cake turned out to be burnt inside.i kept the temp 180 only

    1. did you use convection oven or used a combination mode with convection and microwave. let me know.

  144. Thanx so much. Its a wonderful recipe. Takes less than ten minutes to assemble. I follow this site for vegetarian cooking and everything which I have tried has turned out to be great. I have gained lot of accolades for being a good cook. .thanx to you

    1. thats nice to know pallavi and thanks a lot for this lovely comment. happy cooking.

  145. Hi, I tried making the cake in cooker as per your instructions in some comments. I bake it for around 45 minutes but it didn’t brown at all. Since the knife came clean, I removed the cake. After cooling when I turned it upside down, the middle part was stuck to the pan and was uncooked. the cake seemed cooked at the edges but there also the top was uncooked. What might have gone wrong ?

    1. in a cooker this cake might take a lot of time. just keep back again in the pan and cook for some more minutes. when cooking cake in a cooker, the top should get browned. if the top does not get browned, then the cake can be uncooked from the centre. also the knife or fork or toothpick should be inserted till the bottom of the pan. if the cake is uncooked, it will show in the toothpick as the batter will cling to the toothpick. hope this helps.

  146. What’s the minimum quantity of water to be added? Pl mention that in the recipe. I made it without adding any water as its not mentioned in the recipe. I read it in comments that water milk can be added. Adding this clarification in the recipe will help. I generally follow many of your eggless baking and they turn out superb .3 stars

    1. radhika, water is not added in the recipe. i have mentioned adding water as at times due to the quality of flour, the batter can become thick. so in this scenario only water can be added. thanks for the feedback on the eggless recipes.

    1. its due to the quality of whole wheat flour. some flours absorb less water and some more. this variations happend due to the following reasons – how much finely they are ground, the amount of fibre and the percentage of gluten in the flour. so the amount of water to be added depends on the flour quality.

  147. Hi,
    I tired this cake today.the batter was way too thick when i finished mixing.it did not look like the batter shown in ur pic :(.Where would i have gone wrong?
    (since the batter was very thick,i mixed a little milk and baked and my whole cake burnt 🙁 🙁 🙁 )

    1. maha, depending on the quality of flour, more or less water is required. at times some types of whole wheat flour absorb a lot more liquids and at times do not. so some more water or milk can be added. but i am not sure why the cake got burnt. did you bake in OTG or used the microwave mode for baking?

      1. I baked in convection mode at 180 C.(in convection it got cooked in 20mins itself).Like u said tomo I will try this recipe again with more milk added.Hoping it turns out good for me 🙂

        1. thanks maha. usually in convections ovens food gets baked faster than the conventional ovens. its due to the fan present in convection ovens. do try and let me know. you can add 1/2 cup more of milk or water. also fold the ingredients using the cut and fold technique with light pressure coming from the hands. do not over do the folding and do not mix. if you stir and mix the batter will fall flat and can start having gluten strands in it, which will ruin the texture of the cake.

  148. Thank you for such a flawless recipe. Followed it and turned out to be a super hit

  149. I have made this so many times now, it’s definitely my go to recipe if I want to bake a cake. Have tried making several different eggless cakes from around the internet and always end up wishing I had made this instead. This cake is so moist and has turned out perfect every time. Thank you so much.

  150. Hi Dassana,
    Thankyou for this wonderful banana cake recipe. My cake turned out soft, spongy and delicious! And the best part is its made of wheat flour. God bless you and keep sharing 🙂

  151. Hi Dassana, I just baked this banana cake and it came out soft, well risen, nice textured and beautiful brown golden colour. The recipe is just awesome! And the best part is its made up of wheat flour. I want to thankyou for sharing this great recipe. I am now going to try all the other bread / cake recipes shared by you. God bless you and please keep sharing 🙂4 stars

  152. Hii..This is the second time i baked this cake today… N it came out woderfully.. Everybody just loved it..Thanks u so much for this amazing recipie . Its the best eggless cake i have ever baked. ??

    1. welcome neha and glad to know. this recipe is a keeper. i have myself baked both the banana cake as well as banana bread many times.

  153. Hi dear, i want to cook this egg muffin…but i dont hv OTG or oven…plz help me how can i make it without oven…how to bake in pressure cooker plz giv instruuctions5 stars

    1. kreeti, you can use olive oil. use the same amount as mentioned in the recipe.

  154. cant we use butter instead of oil in this banana cake….if yes…then what quantity?4 stars

    1. you can use butter, but use melted butter and same proportion as of that oil mentioned in the recipe.

  155. Hi dassana,

    Thank you so much for sharing this receipi..your step by step instructions helped me to overcome fear of baking I had harboured in my mind for a long time..the cake also turned out good and my two year old finished half of it in a day…thanks a bunch..


    Seema5 stars

    1. very pleased to know this seema 🙂 thank you for positive views. you are always welcome.

  156. Is it possible to bake this cake in normal micro mode or can it be baked in pressure cooker?

    1. the recipe won’t work in the microwave mode. but you can bake in a pressure cooker.

  157. Hi di…
    Can’t thank u enough for this super duper recipe…i tried it today and yuppii..it turned out so wonderful..evrything was great from aroma to taste…my family loved it…thank u..

    1. pleased to know this thank you suvarna 🙂 for your kind words and positive feedback.

  158. Yummy!! I tried this today and it came out really well. I never knew Eggless banana cake could taste awesome. Please keep trying and sharing with us such amazing recipes.

    1. surely lavanya we will keep posting new recipes 🙂 thank you for your positive feedback on eggless banana cake.

  159. Dassana,

    Tried the recipe, and it came out well. The cake was moist and soft on the day it was baked, but it got dry the next day. Maybe because of the banana, not sure. Made this in pressure cooker. Your measurements are all accurate, and that leads to perfect cakes for us!!

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. Keep going.4 stars

    1. thanks anne for the positive feedback. the cake will become dense after refrigeration is coconut oil has been used. keeping the cake covered in an air tight box or container will not dry it out. hope this helps.

  160. I am not at all into cooking.. but i tried baking using ur recipes.. n they turn out so well.. and also i have always been doubtful about using online recipes as i dont know anything about cooking.. but with ur recipes i can bake at ease.. n the pictures make it even more easy.. thanks a lot for sharing such delicious dishes n recipes.. keep cooking n posting..!!!! ♥♡♥

    1. very pleased to know this thank you so much surbhi for your positive feedback and kind words.

  161. Hi Dassana,

    I am going to try this receipe tomorrow.
    Can I replace regular sugar with sugar free powder/tablet to make sugar free.
    I am asking as my father is diabetic patient.4 stars

    1. i would suggest to use natural sweeteners like dry fruits instead of a sugar free powder. as one does not know how the sugar free powder will react during the baking process. you can use about 1/4 cup of dates puree or pureed figs instead of sugar free powder. since dates are very sweet, 1/4 to 1/3 cups should be fine. figs also you can add about 1/3 cup. cook the dates in some water till they soften and then add blend them. if the dates are very soft, then you can puree them directly with some water. it should be a thick puree. for fig puree, soak dried figs in warm or hot water for a couple of hours. when they soften, the blend them to a smooth puree. you can also cut down on the oil in the recipe if using the puree. add just 1/4 cup oil.

      1. tried your cake yesterday by adding melted butter…It was awesommmmme!!!!!thanks for the recipe….My kid Loved a lot!!!It tasted too good like normal sponge cake made out of maida….

        1. glad your kid loved the eggless banana cake 🙂 thank you for your positive feedback and you are welcome.

  162. Awesome recipe!!!! Thank you so much.. All of your recipes are fab with all the efforts you take to post the pic of each and every step.. Very much appreciated!!!!

    1. 2/3rd cup – meaning about 66% or a bit more than 1/2 cup. between 1/2 and 3/4th cup. hope this helps.

  163. tried banana cake…. it came out very very yummy. thanks dear… keep posting new recipes.. will learn a lot5 stars

    1. thanks a lot sangita for this feedback. will surely add some more recipes.

  164. Hi Dassana,

    I have tried your recipe with unbleached all purpose flour and it has always turned out well. Can I substitute the wheat flour with all purpose gluten free flour? If so, what’s the proportion? Does it need any xantham or guar gum to be added? If not, could I add flaxseed meal instead? In one of your responses, you mentioned not to add olive oil but I had always been adding it and the cakes turned out delicious. May I know why olive oil is not recommended? Thank you

    1. selvi, difficult for me to answer as i really do not know how a gluten free flour will work, with or without xanthan or guar gum. i think you can add flax seeds. in this cake, olive oil gives a different flavor with the bananas. i also add olive oil to cakes, but in other cakes. just a personal matter of taste.

  165. Hi dasana! the banana cake was delish. i must say you have a beautiful set of whole wheat cake recipes! i am gonna try out all of them! thanks for sharing.

    1. thank you much liz and also thanks for the feedback on the banana cake. do try the other whole wheat cake recipes as well.

  166. Brilliant recipe . I added 2 tbsp yogurt and 2 tbsp water since my batter was very very thick . Baked for an hour – turned out perfect !!!

  167. I m not used to for doing comments but this tym I can’t resist myself . I tried this cake yesterday with half of ingredients becoz it was trial n m not gud in cooking. First tym I bake with foil paper..the cake is awesome n within 2 mins. There is only a empty plate.I used whole wheat flour with lil bit soyabean and chana flour and bake in otg with only bottom rod on for 45 mins…its really tastes very delicious.

    Thank u so much for sharing this…. keep sharing

    1. welcome bhavna. glad to know this. thanks for sharing this awesome feedback and your variation. do try some more recipes.

  168. Hi Dasana,

    I tried this recipe for a friend’s birthday and it came out so well! Everyone loved it. Thanks for sharing the detailed steps. 🙂

  169. Hi taste wise it was good but slightly under cooked. Is it b r coz of wheat flour?

    1. under cooked means needs more baking. or the batter has been mixed too much which looks under cooked when baked, but its not under cooked actually. its not due to wheat flour.

  170. Yesterday i have made this cake. It was delicious. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice recipe. Just a small clarification, so every time while making cake in OTG we need to keep the baking tray in the middle rack and turn on top & bottom heating.Or this arrangement is only for this cake.5 stars

    1. thanks for the feedback ruma. for every baking that i do, i do keep both the heating elements on and keep the tray in the center. this helps in evening baking. if the tray is close to the top, then the top gets cooked faster and vice versa. most baking recipes do not mention this. but i find this method the best.

  171. Hi, Nice recipe. thanks for sharing. Can I add 1/2 cup of raisins to this? I am planning to try mawa cake next. Can I add 1/2 cup raisins there as well?

    1. thanks priya. 1/2 cup will be too much in mawa cake. just add 1/4th cup raisins.

  172. If I make this banana cake with eggs and skip baking soda then will it work ??

  173. I normally never leave a comment but I had too this time as your recipe is simply fab. Earlier each time I used to bake a cake it was more or less a disaster but not anymore since I have started baking using ur recipes!! I have made this recipe 2 times already and as I m typing this its baking for the third time! Can’t help it… its amazing?

  174. Wow! I just made this and it’s so good!

    I originally looked for this since I have extra bananas but no eggs and no extra budget to buy eggs (student problems).

    It turned out really great even without eggs! Currently eating it fresh from the oven!

  175. Hi I have made this cake 3 times now in as many weeks. It’s perfect each time. I can’t have enough of it. I keep it wrapped up in foil in the fridge and it keeps well.4 stars

  176. Hi! I made this cake yesterday…it came out very well…thanks for such wonderful recipies…i also made mushroom butter masala following ur recipie… It has become my husband’s favourite dish… Thank you so much for your guidance..

  177. Hi,
    Baked this cake today with my 4 year old son, it came out so well. Thanks 🙂5 stars

  178. Hi Chef.

    Made this cake today. It was not airy infact very “geela” like halwa. While in oven cake was bulging but afterwards it flattened. I didnt mix extra liquids. Just oil in recommended quantity. I dont know where i went wrong?. Although taste was good.

    1. looks like the cake needs more time to bake. you could have kept in the oven for some more time. halwa consistency can imply two things – one the cake has not baked well or the batter has got mixed too much. while baking, its best not to open the oven door continuously as this leads to the cake falling flat. hope this helps.

  179. Hi Dasana,
    All your recipes are delicious & great! Thanks for sharing them along with pictures, it makes lot of difference.
    The only confusion I m having is about the measuring cups. U said you have used 250 ml cup. Does that mean I have to use same cup for flour, oil , butter, water,etc? Because if you covert ml into grams then it’s not with the proportion that you mention above. Can you please clarify?

    1. thanks. yes the same cup for flour, oil, butter, water etc. when you convert the solid dry ingredients into grams, the weigh is different and i have mentioned it too in the recipe card.

  180. Hi Amit, really excited to try this cake, just one query – can we use Eno instead of baking powder and baking soda? Waiting to hear from you soon! Thanks.

  181. Hi Amit, really excited to try this cake, just one query-can we use Eno instead of baking powder and baking soda? Waiting to hear from you soon!

    1. thanks priyanka. instead of baking soda, eno can be used. overall just add 1 tsp of eno. also add some acidic ingredient, like about 1 tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar. just to help the cake have a better texture.

    1. i have not tried. you will have to give a try. may be the recipe comes out well.

  182. Hi chef!
    This recipe is just fab! The outcome was also very tasty and was appreciated by all… Can u pls share the recipe for banana pancakes.

    1. thankyou dibyarashmi 🙂 have taken your request for banana pancakes on our file.

      1. Thank u dasana… I have tried your carrot halwa,panner pulao…. all came out very well…….

  183. Hi my cake remains little white n creamy from inside, it does not turn out to be as brown n crisp as yours, please suggest

  184. For the first time my cake turned out soo perfect in texture and taste. Thanks a lottttt. Have one question my cake cracks from top everyone I m making although taste n texture is perfect. Please help.

    1. thankyou krishna 🙂 there are many reasons why the cake cracks due to excess baking powder, if your keep tampering the oven doors or the proportion of the cake is not right. hope this help’s you.

  185. Hello Madam,
    One more query that I missed to ask in my earlier text. In case I want to use butter, do I need to measure butter after melting or before. What will be measurement in grms if before melting. It will be 167 ml if after melting right.

    1. purvi, melt the butter, measure it and then add. but do make sure that the rest of the ingredients are at room temperature. otherwise the butter will start solidifying. yes the measure will be 166 to 167 ml.

  186. Hello Madam,
    I tried this recipe and cake came out very well..
    I was wondering whether we could add flaxseeds here. In that case can we skip baking soda? Your suggestion please..5 stars

  187. tried this recipe yesterday…it came out so well…thanks for the wonderful recipe…everyone loved it…!!!5 stars

  188. Somebody please tell me ..when 1cup measures 250ml ..how can 1.5 cups measure 180gm!! I used 1.5 cups and made a fool out of myself.. disaster!!

    1. jagruthi, 1 cup is measured in 250 ml in volume. but when you use measure ingredients, their weight changes. so 1 cup of whole wheat flour when measured in a weighing machine is 120 grams. so 1.5 cups is 180 grams. eg 1 cup rice is 200 grams. you can look at this point in this way too. 180 grams of whole wheat flour fills up 1 and 1/2 cups. if you have used 1.5 cups of whole wheat flour, then you should not have an issue.

      1. Well.. when I mixed the wet batter into the dry one.. it was at too tight.. I couldn’t even move the spatula and fold the ingredients properly!! I understand the volume and the weight part you explained…but for baking purposes…gm and ML are considered equal (metric)

        1. okay. if you have used exact 1.5 cups of whole wheat flour, then could be that due to the quality and texture of whole wheat flour, the mixture required more liquids. sometimes it happens, that (but rare) that the whole wheat flour requires more moisture or liquids. more bran and more fibre in the flour would mean more liquid needs to be added. so in this case, some more liquids like water or milk can always be added to get a smooth batter. whenever you use whole wheat flour or multi grain flour for baking (cakes, cookies or breads), always remember that you may need to add more liquids in the batter or dough. it largely depends on the type of flour being used. if you use the same variety or brand of flour, then any recipe that you follow, just add some more liquid ingredient to the batter or dough.

          for baking purpose, dry ingredients are given in weight (gram) measurement and liquids in volume (ml) measurement. both cannot be interrelated. i give cup measurement also as many readers use standardized cups and do not have a weighing machine.

  189. I made this today it was too good I made in cooker ….. Thank you …. This was the best recipe I found wen I Googled for banana cake

  190. Hi, I made this & for the first time baking came out perfect, it was amazing. It just tasted like Starbucks Banana bread. Even my husband loved it. Thanks for such a lovely recipe….

    1. thats great to know and thanks for sharing your experience. welcome sowmya.

  191. Hey…i m going to try the recipe today…i hv a Morphy Richards OTG i wanted to know that should baking be done with both heating elements on or just the lower one…and also which wrack should i place cake pan middle or bottom..thanks

    1. for even baking, its always better to use both the top and bottom heating elements and place the pan in the center rack. i always do this for all the bakes. if the pan is too tall and close to the top heating element, then place it in the second lower rack. i do this for the loaf pans when i make breads or loaf cakes.

  192. Thanks for the recipe, I tried this! This was my first time baking and the result was wonderful. I just added some yogurt because I wanted to use less olive oil.

  193. Awesome…Very yummy cake… Baking for d first time and came out perfect.. I replaced walnuts with pecans,sunflower oil with vegetable oil and sugar with brown sugar.. Thanku for such a lovely recipe.. I love ur blog.. Perfect pictorial presentation.. ❤️??

    1. great to know soumya and glad the substitutions worked well. thank you 🙂

  194. Hi

    can i use extra virgin olive oil for this.. or suggest which brand sunflower oil should i use.

  195. Thanks for this recipe.. The cake came out very nice..
    I used 50-50 maida & wheat flour. It took 17 mins in microwave convection mode at 180° C.
    Apart from cake please also share new recipes of eggless cookies also..

    1. thanks for the review aesha and also thanks for sharing your variation and the time taken in the microwave convection mode. i do plan to add more cookie recipes.

  196. I would love to try your recipe but i dont have baking powder, can i just use baking soda and maybe adjust it to 1 tsp?

  197. I am loving this recipe and gng to make tis for my m-i-l today ..
    Is there anyway i can make this in n microwave nd if so how long to put it in and in wat setting.

    Thank u for the recipe

    1. i do not know if the recipe will work in a microwave mode. you will have to give a try.

  198. Hi Dassana, i made this cake today. It tasted heaven but wat quite dense and under cooked from inside, though it looked perfectly baked from outside.. What could be the reason?

    1. the denseness could be due to over folding or mixing of the batter. usually if the batter gets over done, the cake will look done from outside, but the inside will be dense and there will be no lightness or porousness in the cake. just fold lightly.

      1. Hi, baked this again today, initially it seemed like it rose well, but when cooled, it sunk and felt like it did not rise at all. What could be the reason?

        1. sheetal, what pan size you are using. and also when baking, its better not to open the door many times. doing this can sunk the cake, once removed from the oven or cooled.

  199. Hi ,
    When I pre heat my OTG should I keep empty cake pan also for pre heating.
    Want to try it tomorrow so kindly let me know ar your earliest.

    You are superb in every recipe.

    Thank you

  200. hi , so the measuring cup given here is 250 ml which is same as 250 grams if im not mistaken.. but for atta the quantity you have mentioned is 180 grams which is supposed to be 2/3 cup (whereas you have mentioned it as 1.5 cups) .could you please clarify. because i realised it only after mixing the atta ( 1.5 cups ) with other ingredients and it ended up being like we do for roti . then i added curd to get cake consistency . But it did come out well.

    1. 250 ml is not 250 grams. in cups the volume is measured in milliliter for liquids. for solids, the same volume gives different weight measurements. eg 1 cup rice is 200 grams and 1 cup all purpose flour is 125 grams. 1 cup atta is 120 grams in weight, so 2/3 cup will be less and not 180 grams. the batter must have become too thick due to the quality of atta. sometimes atta absorbs a lot of water or liquids, depending on its quality and type. so in this case more liquids can be added.

  201. Hi Dassana,

    I have baked this cake many times and it had always turned out delicious. However, could I omit the sugar or is there a sugar substitute such as dates, applesauce or increase the number of bananas etc? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. thanks selvi. i would suggest you to add pureed dates or apple sauce. if you increase bananas, the texture becomes more like a halwa. don’t add honey as honey becomes toxic when heated.

      1. Dear Dassana…today I baked a banana cake using your very recipe. I substituted sugar with applesauce( same amount) and reduced olive oil( yes, I use olive oil for my cakes) by a quarter cup. My, my…it was divine:-).Thank you for your advice and for all your delicious cake recipes. Please continue with your talent and skills…:-)5 stars

        1. pleased to know this selvi 🙂 glad you liked banana cake recipe. thankyou for your positive words and you are always welcome.

  202. Hi Dassana,
    Thank you for such a wonderful recipe, I made it 2 days ago it was awesome, I added little milk in it to make It soft dropping consistency.

  203. Hello Ms. Dassana,
    thanks for the nice recipe. I tried it yesterday. Taste wise its good, cooked very well. But one thing was very weird. The cake texture was very crumbly. I could not cut piece of it, it was like big bread crumbs. I used 3 big bananas instead of 4 medium. Rest of the things were as per your recipe. Please tell me that what went wrong.
    Anupam4 stars

    1. hello anupam, did you use the microwave oven or baked the banana bread in a regular oven or OTG. crumbly could also be due to uneven folding or mixing or the batter has got too much mixed. the batter has to have volume while folding and should not fall flat.

      1. Thanks for replying. Actually, i baked it on gas. I usually bake cakes on gas, obviously with some other recipes. With baking on gas, all my cakes turn out awesome with perfect taste & texture. I think, i should try this cake in microwave. I am having Samsung CE1041DFB/XTL 28 L Convection Microwave Oven, it has convection, microwave & combination cooking features. Also, i want to know that what do mean by uneven folding or too much mixing? We should mix the batter until all the ingredients get mixed properly, is’nt it?

        1. fine. cakes can be made on gas too. some readers have tried this cake in a pressure cooker on gas. if you are baking in the microwave, only use the convection mode and not the microwave or combination mode. the ingredients in this recipe have to be folded and not mixed. folding is a different technique than mixing. in this method, the batter is cut and folded. the mixture is cut from the center with a spatula and while moving around the circumference, the batter is folded. i am sharing a youtube link as with words or pics it difficult to understand. here is the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXe-kTlTv8I

  204. Hi Dassana,

    I have with me 4 very ripe bananas..But I don’t have time right away to make the cake. Is it possible to store the pulp for later use? Should it be put in freezer and for how long can I store?


    1. yes you can do that, but just drizzle some lemon juice on the mashed pulp, so that they don’t get darkened. you can keep in the freezer for 2 to 3 days.

  205. Hi ,
    I just want to say you are someone I love. Every receipe I tried from this site comes out so nice, so perfect description….so easy and I am running out of homely adjectives. Yesterday I have made banana cake for my 21 month son who always nag when its banana…
    Can you share some whole fruit recipe, like shake or anything where whole fruit nutrients will be there..5 stars

  206. Hey,
    I have 3 words for you.You are splendid :). My friend Janu introduced me to this site.i have never baked a cake in my life and it turned out like the one we buy in Starbucks. I am raking in all the praises for the cake and I wanted to pass them where they are due.
    Thanks a million. Way to go:)5 stars

    1. we are very pleased to know this geetha 🙂 please thank your friend on our behalf. god bless you and thankyou.

  207. Hi dear….I have tried many recipes from your site..paneer recipes, cakes etc .EVERY TIME PERFECT?.now i just visit your site instead of googling ….thank u…..just one doubt…can I add chocolate chips in this cake …I have bananas so planning on making this cake…but my son requested me to add chocolate chips…..if yes…then how much should I add and when?
    Thanks in advance
    And keep up the good work.☺4 stars

    1. thanks a ton for the feedback on recipes, meeta. yes you can add chocolate chips. even i add them. 2 to 3 tbsp is fine.

  208. Hi Dassana,

    I love all your recipes….Have tried few recipes as well..

    Just wanted to know whether we can add jaggery inspite of sugar..Taste will slightly differ but just want to know ….

    1. thanks sudha. yes you can add jaggery. i also add jaggery on occasions and the taste is similar to south indian banana appams made with jaggery.

  209. hi Dassana,

    I tried this recipe yesterday only with multi grain atta. It was yummy but it was very hard like cake rusk. I baked in microwave convection.

    pls suggest changes..

    1. it should not be hard like cake rusk. i do not consider the multi grain atta to be a problem. i think its either the baking soda or baking powder that was not fresh. also fold the batter and do not mix.

  210. HI,
    Many many thanx for the reply first n correcting me with baking powder n baking soda differentiation. The results were truly amazing. Have tried lot banana cake recipes but results came out really good with ur recipe. I will be regular follower after this recipe n really going to recommend ur blog to more people.?
    Please let me know if u have any recipes for whole wheat pizza without yeast . Thanx in advance

    1. thank you very much shanu. generally baking soda should never be substituted with baking powder in any recipe. baking powder can be replaced with baking soda but not the other way round. i did try making whole wheat pizza without yeast, but i did not like the texture of the pizza. so i did not add the recipe. i will have to try a couple of more time to get the right texture. then i will add the recipe.

      1. Thanx again !!! Will wait fr the recipe. Let me know the cookie recipe with whole wheat if u have one .?

  211. Hi Dassana….
    Today I prepared ur banana cake recipe with cooker….. The result is awesome but at base it burnt little bit… But the taste is awesome…
    And I’m also prepared ur bhature recipe and posted a positive comments….
    Hats Off to ur interest, effort and passion…. Particularly ur health conscious ingredients, step by step pictures and exact measurements inspires me to do this recipe and not only this recipe… all the recipe…. Daily i am checking ur recipe in this site….
    And Now I am waiting for ur special SWEET recipe for Diwali….5 stars

    1. we ae quite pleased to know this gayathri you liked the eggless banana cake recipe 🙂 thnakyou so much for your kind words and trying chole bhature too. god bless you.

  212. I must have baked like 20 banana cakes … all different recipes from different websites and I must say this is the BEST. I used over ripe bananas, skipped the sugar and served it with blueberry “jam” ( all i did was to microwave a handful of blueberries until they melted ) Everyone loved it!!! 😀5 stars

    1. we are pleased to know this chloe 🙂 and glad your family loved the eggless banana cake recipe thankyou so much.

  213. Hi Dassana,
    Thanks for lovely recepie ??, my 18 months old love this banana cake very much!
    Will try your other recepies soon ?

    1. hey nilakshi we are glad to know your baby loved this cake 🙂 thankyou so much surely try the other recipes and do share your views on it.

  214. Hi,
    i am a big fan of your website. can you please tell me the recipe for sponge cake with eggs and whole wheat flour? Thank you in advance

    1. thanks renuka. i have a sponge cake recipe from my home science notes and its a tried and tested one. but its made with maida/all purpose flour and has proportion in grams and not in cups. let me know if you want this recipe and i will mail the pic to you.

  215. Having been a useless cake maker for 50 years I tried the banana cake recipe. WOW ………. It works. So quick, so tasty so moreish. It never made it to the storeage tin.
    Thank You

    1. hey margo we are glad to know this thankyou so much for trying the eggless banana cake and you are welcome 🙂

  216. Hi,
    I would like to try this cake with jaggery instead of sugar. Could you please tell them how much jaggery should replace the sugar? Thank you!

  217. Dear Madam

    I have become a fan of your recipes.

    I have a query wrt the eggless banana cake. I baked my cake in our convection microwave oven. But the top got burnt. Use of aluminum foil is not recommended. Way out pls.

    1. just bake for less time and reduce the temperature to 15 to 20 degree less than what is mentioned in the recipe. in most microwave convection ovens, the heating element is on top and thats why the top gets browned faster.

  218. Dear Dasanna
    Your recipes are the best. And your pages are indexed better than other pages. I have always read your recipes and both followed them to the T and also made inspired versions of breads and savory items.
    I want to make 5 loafs for the Navratri stalls we are putting up this Friday. When can I make them? How long do they keep?
    Thanks in advance.5 stars

    1. thanks a lot anu. you can make them a day before. they keep good for 1 day at room temperature and then you have to refrigerate. in the fridge good enough for 10 to 15 days. in a country like india where the temperatures are more on the warmer to hotter side, i just keep the loaf for a day outside. then later in keep in the fridge.

      1. Thanks dear. Turns out, the stalls are on sunday. So, I am going to bake tonight and put it in the fridge. Maybe warm it a little before taking it down. I am excited because every time I come to this particular page and see how light the slices look, I want to make it all the more ☺

        1. you are welcome anu 🙂 surely keep baking as eggless banana cake does tastes yum and thankyou so much.

  219. Hi! I followed your recipe n made this cake yesterday. I baked it in my onida microwave in convection mode. After baking for 40 minutes, it was not done from inside 🙁
    Then I microwaved the cake for 3 minutes And voila it came out perfect!!! Thanks for recipe4 stars

    1. joji the baking temperature varies with the capacity, size and the make of the oven. sometimes the recipe would bake a little early or late in respective oven. but I am pleased to know your cake came out perfect thanks a ton for trying and you are welcome.

  220. Hello,
    Also forgot to tel u I didn’t had baking soda so I used baking powder for the proportion of baking soda given. What difference does it make if I don’t use baking soda in making a cake.
    Thanx in advance

    1. baking soda should never be substituted for baking powder. this is the reason, that the cake did not rise. you can substitute baking soda for baking powder, but not the other way round. baking soda is pure sodium bicarbonate and is 4 times stronger than baking powder.

  221. hello,
    Tried the recipe but it didn’t came out good. I really like ur recipes but this one didn’t work for me. The reason is it didn’t rise n it is raw from inside. Please let me know what can be reason . I have really no clue. Looking forward to ur early reply.
    Please reply .

  222. hello amit,
    I tried the recipe but it is not baked properly from the top in spite of baking it for 1 hr. Can u tel me what went wrong. Followed fully acc to ur recipe. Thanx in advance

    1. did you preheat the oven for 15 minutes before baking. 1 hour is a long time. which heating element did you use while baking – top or bottom. let me know.

  223. Hello dasanna, awesome recipe.. Tried today and it came out well.. But centre part of the cake is slightly soggy.. Can you tell why

  224. Hi Dasanna, can I use melted butter or ghee instead of oil? Thanks, divya5 stars

  225. Hi Dassansa,
    Baking was always a herculean task for me. I’ve come across many baking disasters. But after going through your website I gained some confidence and tried your much commented and rated eggless banana cake recipe with pressure cooker. It came out so well. Thanks alot.5 stars

  226. I tried out this recipe and WOW!!! It was awesome and everyone in my family loved it! The best part is it is Atta and not maida! Keep posting such healthy, delicious recipes.. Looking forward to more such interesting culinary master pieces from you. Keep up the great work!

    1. thanks jayshree for sharing your experience and positive feedback. glad to read your comment.

  227. Tried your chocolate cake the other day, but I didn’t probably wait for the right time for it to cook. Tried this cake today – came out very well. Thank you so much for the recipes.. This is my first baking experience and I’m quite encouraged by the results. Thanks again!!5 stars

  228. Dear sis dassana,
    Just did the cake with double the measurement and it turn out very well. Thanks again. Just wanted to check, a friend of mine told me that adding a bit of coffee into banana cake will help to enhance the taste. Based on your experience is it true?

    1. Welcome JSomu. glad to know that recipe worked with doubling the measurement as well. i have added coffee in other cakes but i don’t think in banana cake. as a coffee lover you will like the taste. basically it varies from person to person. i agree it will enhance the taste and aroma.

  229. Hello sis dassana, am J here from malaysia and am new to your blog. A great blog u have here I would say. Need some help, I wish to double the quantity of this recipe so I just can X2 all the ingredients right? Can I use a 8″ pan? Please advise. Thanks

    1. yes you can double the quantity. one reader had doubled the recipe and it worked well. just increase all the ingredients proportionately. i think 8 inch pan might be less. 9 to 9.5 inches pan would work.

  230. Hi! I have tried your chocolate cake and for the first time ever i made a really Delicious cake. thank you. Though whenever i make a cake some part of it doesnt bake and remians liquid while the other most of the cake is totally baked. so scared that it will burn i just cut the liquid party way. why this this happen? how can i stop this from happening? please answer. thank you 🙂5 stars

    1. thanks for the positive feedback on the chocolate cake. it may be possible that the baking temp in your oven is on the higher side as a result the tops and sides and the rest of the cake gets baked quickly leaving the center unbaked. i suggest to cover the cake with aluminium foil on top after 12 to 15 minutes of baking. then continue to bake till the cake is done.

  231. Hi ,thank you for the white bread recipe.for a first timer like me came out well.i could not fimd the,comment section formthat recipe so posting it here.i also made a small portion of the dpugh as garlic bread.

  232. Hello Sir
    I m very fond of cooking but never done any baking stuff. But after reading ur post I m confident enough to make an eggless banana cake in pressure cooker on father’s day tomorrow. Thank you.

  233. Wts de difference between baking powder n baking soda which u hav used in this recipe

    1. both baking soda and baking powder are different. baking soda is just pure sodium bicarbonate. whereas baking powder is a dry mixture of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda and an acidifying agent like cream of tartar and corn starch.

  234. Hi, I couldn’t resist this recipe and I made it today. It turned out delicious. Thank you for the wonderful and easy recipe.

    i thought the cake was a little dry though my family loved it. Is it fine to add some milk to the cake batter to make it moist? If yes, what should be the quantity? Please let me know, will be of great help.
    And I have an IFB microwave, so cooked this at 160 degree in 15 mins only!!!5 stars

    1. thank you gayathri. the dryness could be due to the quality and texture of whole wheat flour. some flours absorb more liquids than others. you can definitely add some more milk to bake the batter thin and the texture moist. about 1/4 cup should be fine. thats fast baking 🙂

  235. Hi…

    I made this recipe n it was awesome…Delicious

    my daughter n hubby both of them liked it very much..

    Thank u for d wonderful recipe..

  236. Hello. ..I have been following your recipes for a while now and they are awesome. This banana cake was yummy and just right for my kids as an evening snack. Thanks a ton.4 stars

  237. New to baking and I found that normal ‘Baking Powder’ has aluminium in it. Can I leave out the ‘Baking Powder’ from the eggless-banana-cake-recipe ?, because I am not getting a organic ‘Baking Powder’ in India.

    1. in the recipe both baking powder and baking soda are required. in this case, i would suggest you to increase the baking soda to 2/3rd to 3/4 tsp if you are fine with its aroma in the cake.

  238. Jst finished wid ds cake. N its jst amazing. Delicious. Regular reader of ur blog n tried many recipes bt sharing for d fst time. Thank u

  239. This cake is delicious and healthy as well. I mixed brown sugar to make it more healthy. My family liked it so much. Thanks a lot.5 stars

  240. Just a tip: I weighed the bananas with the skin – 500 grams, and without the skin – 300 grams. As for the cake it was light and fluffy; definitely a good healthy snack! I love making cakes and scones for my afternoon tea time. 🙂5 stars

  241. I try dis recipe widout vanilla extract… its turned out good BT its not dark brown on upper side….. can u plz tell me y???

    1. mansi, just bake it for few more minutes till you get brown crust from top. baking time varies from oven to oven.

  242. Hi Dassana,

    Thanks for the recipe..i have made it twice and it came out absolutely awesome.
    Now, I want to double or triple the recipe because I have about 25-30 bananas that are quite ripe (got it super cheap in the farmers market and now even after giving it to all my friends, I am still left with lot of them ! :D)

    I want to make lot of banana bread and give it to all my friends.. but not sure if this recipe can be doubled or tripled or quadrupled.. please let me know 🙂 and thanks again for these superb recipes !!5 stars

    1. welcome aru. glad to know this. i never tried so can’t say whether the recipe can be doubled or tripled?. you have to give it a try.

      1. So, I doubled the recipe and added some chopped almonds and an extra banana. It came out well, took about 1 hour to cook with an aluminium foil for the last 25 minutes coz it started cracking from the top. Thanks again!! 🙂5 stars

  243. Hello Dassana,

    Today I again made this cake. Today is the 6th time of this;) n this time also it is hit in my home….

    Thanks alot as now me confident enough for baking n that is also cakes n imp thing is eggless with whole wheat floor….

    You are the best person I ever known without knowing….:) really mean it…

    Whenever me spending time with my mobile my hubby always asking me “to kya kahati hai tumhari Dassana aaj :D” because whenever i m spending my time with mobile he knows that today some new dish will b thr to taste n he is very foody, he loves to taste new dishes everytime n ur blog is helping me to fulfil that as since last 2 yrs because of some digestion issue he can’t hav non veg food n he is very happy with U n ur blog as he doesn’t have any sad feeling that he can’t have non veg as he is getting so much variety of food because of ur blogs…

    Thanks a tone dear n sorry for so much long comment n for reading my words.

    Sujata Sachin

    Note: will always trouble U by sharing my success or disaster after making every dish:)

    1. welcome sujata. i liked reading your comment. good you shared your story. feel free to share feedback or to ask any query. overall vegetarian food is good for health, delicious and very vast. i don’t think i will be able to cover even 5% of indian cuisine. its so rich.

  244. Hey, I made the cake and it turned out amazing. Everyone in my family loved it, they were all praises about my baking skills, I think you deserve most of if. Thanks for making life tastier. love.5 stars

    1. welcome pallavi. glad to know this. do try some more recipes. feeling good for you.

  245. I tried the recipe today. I used only cooking soda instead of baking powder. And did not use eggs. Baked it on heated pressure cooker in low flame(sim) for 35min the cake came out superb. Better than the cakes we get in bakery. The cake is very soft and lightly moist, awesome recipe thank you

    1. welcome jyothinath. glad to know this. thanks for sharing your variation and also letting us know that the cake can be made in pressure cooker.

  246. Hi I tried this recipe and it came out well. Thanks for sharing it. I added cashew nuts instead of walnuts.


  247. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful receipe.

    I have 1 quick question. What is the utensil that i have to use for baking in Microwave oven?
    Will Tin Container work..as I’m doubtful if we can use metal in Oven.
    I have a LG Convention oven.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. welcome saujanya. in Convection mode of microwave oven you can use Oven Safe metal pans. but don’t use the metal pan in the microwave mode. as the metal start arsing. so while purchasing ask the shopkeeper for oven safe pans.

    2. Hi,

      Thanks for your reply…i tried yesterday…the appearance was exactly the way u have posted.
      Look wise it was very yummy…but the taste was little different..I think it is because of the maida i have used..tht was giving a different smell…
      But yes..i have learnt baking because of you…Thank you so much..

      1. welcome saujanya. maida will give a different texture. more softer texture than atta. i bake cakes with maida but smell never comes.

  248. Hello mam
    After surfing through the net for eggless recipes, i finally found your website. I have tried the eggless atta cakes. They came out very yummy. Also the tip u have given about covering the cake tin after about 15 minutes is very valuable. Can i use the muffin cake recipe to make a regular cake as i do not have muffin moulds? How should i bake in case i am using a silicon mould? I have a 25 lt godrej microwave with convection mode. Thanks.

    1. thanks a lot sushma. you can use the muffin recipe to make a regular cake. i have not baked in silicon mould, so can’t say how long will it take. but on an average, 25 to 45 minutes works depending on the oven type and the temperature conditions in the oven.

  249. I have become a big fan of your receipies, I have tried banana cake today and it was awesome4 stars

  250. hi mam,

    I wana try this banana cake. I hv a gas oven and dont hv clear idea how to do with it. Even the user manual is confusing. Can i cook this in a pressure cooker? If yes, wht are the changes to be made.

    1. savitha, yes you can cook this banana cake in pressure cooker. heat the pressure cooker first. then lower the flame. add about 1 cup of salt or sand in the pressure cooker. place the cake pan and remove the gasket and whistle from the lid. close the pressure cooker tightly with the lid. bake for 30-40 minutes. if not done then bake for some more time. salt or sand can be reused.

  251. Hey i made the cake and was very soft and moist… Just wanted to know whether theres any way i can substitute oil or reduce the quantity?

    1. thanks sujata. you can reduce the quantity of oil. use 1/2 cup or 1/3 cup oil.

  252. Hi dassana,
    I search a lot nd got baking soda in my kitchen.. made this cake and came out very well. More testy and delicious than bakery wala cake.
    Luv u nd thank u for this recipe..
    Very simple and easy to follow recipe..
    I m going to try ur other cake recipe too5 stars

    1. welcome valisa. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive feedback.

  253. Hi dassana,
    I m going to try this recipe tonight. I dont have baking soda.. what can i add Instead of baking soda???????

    Plz help.

    1. baking soda is required in this recipe. cannot be skipped. there is no substitute.

  254. Hi I am an aspiring baker and unfortunately the past few times I’ve baked it turned out to be a disaster!!
    However I stumbled across your blog today and baked this and it was absolutely amazing , got wiped clean. Thanks a lot for the recipe!!!4 stars

    1. welcome anjana. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive feedback on banana cake.

  255. Tried it today, the cake was moist and yummy. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  256. I tried your recipe as I ran out of eggs and the cake turned out beautiful! One of the best banana cakes I’ve ever made actually. I’m going to make it again tonight for breakfast and add figs and a bit of yogurt this time (to activate the soda and to provide some extra moisture for the figs so I don’t need to soak them first- time saver!). Thank you for sharing x5 stars

    1. welcome sundas. thanks for sharing positive feedback. i think it will think.

  257. hi dassana..whenever I make cake it becomes dark brown from outside..Bt under cooked from inside..I have ifb 32src1 convection microwave oven..and in my model I have 110° to 200° range in convection mode ..please suggest at what temperature should I bake the cake and for how many minutes..please help me

    1. you can bake the cake at a lower temperature of 180 degrees celsius. generally convection ovens bake faster than a regular OTG. so when baking a cake in a convection oven reduce the temperature from 10 to 20 degrees less than what is in the original recipe. eg if a cake is baked at 200 degrees celsius, you can bake it at 190 or 180 degrees celsius. timing will vary. the top should look cooked. it can be golden or a light golden. but the final check is that a toothpick inserted in the cake should come out clean or should have fine dry cake crumbs on it. it should not have the cake batter on it.

      1. Thnx dassana..I m going to to try your eggless banana cake recipe..I will inform you about the result:-)

        1. Thanx for your quick reply ..Just one more question at what temperature and for how long should I bake this banana cake..thank in advance

        2. bake at 160 or 170 degrees celsius for the same amount of time as mentioned. but do keep a check while baking, as in microwave convection mode, baking happens faster.

        3. I made the cake today on 160° for 45 minutes and it was perfectly cooked..Bt from outside it became dark brawn and dry as I had no foil paper

        4. thanks niraj for sharing your feedback. you can also use butter paper instead of foil paper.

  258. Sir, I watch your all cake recipes, but I confused the measurement you given
    In your recipes. Please mention the quantity of dry ingredients in gm and wet
    Ingredients in ml. I want to preserve for one month,can i use sodium benzoate
    and what proportion.
    I am waiting for reply. Many many thanks.
    Rameswar Sen

    1. the weight in grams is mentioned in the recipe details below. i do not know anything about using sodium benzoate in cakes.

  259. Hello ma’am I am a silent reader of ur recipes.but I must say u r doing such a fabulous job.with the picture guidance it is so helpful.just want to know as I m dieting now a days and i m mad about cakes.so I want to know can I reduce the sugar amount and oil quantity.instead of normal sugar can I use brown sugar and how much I can reduce.instead of oil can I use olive oil and how less quantity I can use.plz reply.ur guidance will be helpful

    1. thanks malka for taking the time to comment. happy dieting 🙂 yes you can reduce the oil and sugar. you can add about 1/2 to 1/3 cup of oil. the cake won’t be that soft, but will be still good. for sugar, you can add about 1/4 cup. if you want still less, then go for 3 tbsp of sugar. you can use brown sugar. you can also use powdered jaggery.

      1. Thanks dear u r sweet and u made my day.I will definitely try this and I will let u know.

  260. hey, awesome recipes. just wanted to ask that can i use the regular tin/ metallic baking trays in convention mode of microwave. plz reply

    1. thanks shubhra. they should be oven proof. if they are oven proof then you can use. ask the shopkeeper before buying them for baking purpose.

  261. Hi ma’am,
    I am a big fan of you and your recipes. All dishes comes out so well. I tried your basic eggless chocolate cake and it came out yummy. I always used to dread baking but with your clear pictorial representation it came out perfect at first go. I went and bought whatever required for baking. 🙂
    Now this eggless banana cake is baking in the oven. Ma’am one query. Can I replace all purpose flour/maida with whole wheat flour in all cakes and muffins as I am allergic to Maida.
    Thank u and God Bless you and your family always.

    1. welcome asha. thanks for your kind words and blessings. yes you can replace atta with maida in all cakes. but replacing maida with atta will not work in all cakes.

  262. hi, tried your recipe today. It came out delicious. Its my first try at baking. would love to try your other recipes. one question though. How to store the cake.4 stars

    1. thanks ekta. glad to know this. store the cake in an air tight box in the fridge.

  263. Hi Dassana

    Can you please give me the measure in Grams. Especially the 2/3 cup oil

  264. Hi Dassana,
    Thanks a lot for all your wonderful recipes..have tried the gravies, desserts and cakes…they came out really good cos of ur step by step pictures and your crystal clear explanations..if you were somewhere closeby I would have rushed in to meet you in person…such a best work on this website…keep up the good work and May Almighty shower His choicest blessings upon you and your family at all times..take care

    1. welcome gayathri. thanks for sharing such an awesome feedback and for your best wishes. glad to read your comment.

  265. Hi Dassna,

    I tried this recipe at home,, It came out fantastic, very testy… My husband and son love it.
    Thanks for sharing such a yummy and healthy recipe.5 stars

    1. welcome poorna. glad to know that you all liked the banana cake recipe.

  266. Thank you so much for the recipe. Perfect cake recipe. My 11 month old loved it.5 stars

  267. Hi it came out awesome… Love the way its depicted step wise with pictures..
    Trying more recipes ..
    Keep us posted dassana5 stars

  268. Hi Dassana Amit,
    I tried your recipe but my cake did not come out too well. In the sense it did not swell too well and when I tried to remove it from the pan, it broke. Please let me know where I went wrong because my cakes with eggs usually come out well.
    ingredients I used-
    1 cup maida
    1 very large banana
    3/4 cup sugar
    1 cup melted butter
    1.5 tsps. baking powder

    Please let me know where I went wrong.

    1. hi aparna, the proportions of the ingredients you have mentioned are not balanced in the recipe. firstly the butter is too much. for 1 cup of maida, about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of butter is fine. 1/2 cup of butter will make the cake more rich and buttery. sugar is also extra. 1/4 to 1/3 cup of sugar would be fine to use with 1 large banana. and 1.5 tsp of baking powder is a bit more. 1 tsp would have been fine. try making with the proportions i have mentioned and then let me know. for any baking recipe, its always best to follow the original recipe and their proportions. tweaking or changing the proportions won’t give good results.

    2. I think it is because you use ‘cup’ to measure ingredients, which I am not use to. I’ve work with kilos, ozs or grams in regards to measuring ingredients. For me a ‘ cup’ could mean any size however, I admire people who use a ‘cup’ for measurement and their end product is perfect! For me I avoid recipes that uses ,cup’ for measurement

  269. Hi,

    Tried ur recipe. Baked the cake in a cooker. Came out fantastic. This is my first attempt at baking. Just a quick question…can all ur cake recipes be baked in a pressure cooker?


    1. welcome shilpa. good to know your experience. not all cake recipes can be made in pressure cooker. if you want to bake regularly then i would suggest to buy an OTG. secondly, i would suggest to use this pressure cooker only for baking. don’t use it for pressure cooking.

  270. HI DASSANA,
    i tried banana cake recipe and it turned out to be nice, taste n texture was all fine, but there was one doubt that after everything was done and cake was ready i saw some stickiness on the upper part …. can you please suggest what went wrong in the recipe…as taste was nice..

    1. thanks parul for sharing this positive feedback. may be due to the bananas but not sure, just guessing.

  271. Hi, I just want to say that this recipe is so great. I don’t know there is such eggless recipe like this. Once again, thanks for sharing this recipe to me.

    1. Welcome StefZero. Glad to know that you liked the eggless banana cake recipe.

  272. Dassana,

    Just finished making this wonderful cake.
    Didn’t taste it yet but I’m sure it’s going to be superb.. Cos I can smell it 🙂

  273. Hi,
    I tried this recipe n it turned out great! Ur simply awsum!!lots of love.

  274. Hey Dassana, tried this cake last night and it came out quite well. In fact this is my second cake from ur site after the Orange cake. I had a couple of queries though and would be glad if u cud help me out… Just Like my orange cake this cake too came out with hard and chunky crust though the inner cake texture was fine. Donno wht might be causing it. I use onida black beauty convection oven and set the temp at 180 degree preheat and baked at same temp for 40 mins.
    Also I have recently taken up baking and since I have convection MW I thought of using the same. Will baking in regular otg yeild better results?? If so cud u pls suggest a good buy?
    Thx for patiently reading thru my lengthy query. Ur recipes are very accurate in measurements and methods so it has become my ‘go to’ place for any new trials. Thx for all the wonderful recipes…..
    Best wishes

    1. hi ramya, microwave oven uses the convection mode of heating and due to the fan, things get heated up fast and quick. what i have experienced in my microwave oven is that the top would get browned quickly and sometimes crusty too. whenever you bake a cake or bread, which is baked in an OTG or electric oven in the original recipe, then lower down the temperature from 10 to 15 degrees celsius. eg if the baking temperature mentioned is 200 degrees celsius, then lower it to 190 or 185 degrees celsius or even 180 degrees celsius. also sometimes the size of cake pan or tin can cause this issue. baking in an OTG is much better as there is even baking. in microwave oven, no heat is coming from bottom. the heat comes from top, so the top gets cooked faster then the bottom. in an OTG, the heat comes from both the top and bottom heating rods, so the baking is even. i hope this helps.

      you can buy a basic OTG if you plan to bake often. i have an old philips OTG and its working good. i have not yet tried other brands. i prefer to bake cakes, bread and cookies in the OTG. and bake biryanis or melt cheese on pasta etc in my microwave oven. most welcome ramya.

      1. Thanks a ton… On the look out for an otg now…. Ideally wht size wud u recommend for a family of 4 to 5 ppl? Thx again for patiently answering my queries.

        1. welcome ramya. a 15 litre to 20 litre is fine. i have a 15 litre one. just see what features it has and then you can buy accordingly.

    1. i have not yet measured the mashed bananas in cups. next time when i bake, i will add the cup measurement.

  275. Thank you for the recepie. Very nicely explained. Made it as explained. Added 2 tea spoons of milk. Came out superb.

  276. Hi

    I have tried this recipe , came out very nice and yummy , but
    I have some doubt &problem , while mixing all ingredients as per your suggestion , the batter became very tight after some time of folding , i add some portion of milk(4 tsp) & condense milk (4 tsp) to loosen up the batter , i want to know why this happened & how should i rectify this. is adding milk will be okay .

    even though taste and consistency of the cake was good , want understand why this happened

    in place of oil can i use butter

    please suggest me , to understand the cake baking better4 stars

    1. deepika, its due to too much of folding in the batter. the folding has to be done in large strokes about 4-5 times. thats it. the tightening is because of the gluten strands are formed in the batter which spoils the texture of the cake and making it dense. next time just fold briskly and lightly. don’t fold too much.

      1. Hi Dassana

        Thank you for the suggestion , i tried the same , cake came perfect & Tasty

        Thank you so much5 stars

  277. Hi Dassana,

    First time I tried baking and it came out perfect :), only some portion was not fluffy (probably because by mistake I pressed it to make the surface smooth). Thanks for the recipe. I’ll try more of baking from your blog.5 stars

    1. welcome bhavana. glad to know this. yes do try some more baking recipes and feel free to ask any query on recipes posted.

  278. Hi,
    Can we bake this particular cake with all purpose flour/maida?
    If yes, what changes are to be made in terms of proportions?
    Please let me know. Thank you for this wonderful website you’ve put up for beginners like me. 🙂

    1. hi anu, you can make this banana cake with maida/all purpose flour. keep everything same, except oil. add about 1/2 cup oil.

      1. Thank you. I made the egg based version of this cake and it turned out delicious.
        I couldn’t thank you more 🙂5 stars

  279. Hi dassana tried this cake and it is awesome guilt free and gobbled up within 30 mins
    thank u so much
    Wish u happy new year

  280. Dear Dasanna, wish you a wonderful 2015!! May you keep on inspiring people to cook and make their friends and family happy!!

    I made this cake for Christmas. It was yummy but mine was too soft. I couldn´t cut it into proper pieces. The crust was crisp but the inside was too soft though well cooked. Looking at your pics I think I went somewhere wrong. I used olive oil….rest everything was as per your recipe.

    1. wish you too dhanya a great 2015. thanks for your wishes. olive oil is fine. i have made cakes with olive oil before and it works very well. may be either due to the pan size or flour quality. in baking many things affect the final product. so difficult to pinpoint what exactly goes wrong. but still good to know that the cake was good.

  281. Wow never thought eggless cake would taste so great. Easy and simple. My husband n daughter loved it. I replaced whole wheat with maida and used canola oil. Result was great thank you.

  282. Hi dassana, thank you so much for this awesome recipe. I tried the eggless whole wheat cake today and it really turned out to be almost perfect with the right taste, sweetness and softness….will be following for other recipes also. Stay blessed!!4 stars

    1. thanks rekha for sharing positive feedback and your blessings. yes do try some more recipes.

  283. Hi Dassana…thx a ton for this recipe. I am an absolute disaster when it comes to baking a cake , did absolute disaster couple of times earrlier and hence stopped baking 🙁 but this time with step by step pictures and detailed procedure it came out so well…and the best part is its completely made out of atta . I am a big fan of your website and often find myself looking into your page to find ideas for lunch, dinner or breakfast…thanks and keep posting such recipes. God bless.2 stars

    1. welcome jhinuk. thanks for sharing this positive feedback and for your blessings. glad to know that cake turned out well. try some more baking recipes and slowly you will become good in baking. we all make mistakes while learning but important thing is to keep on trying with tried and tested recipes. i wish you all the best.

  284. Hi dear
    I was unsuccessful to bake cake perfectly as it was hard. Please guide me in baking. I used microwave convection mode preheat 185 degree centigrade.

    1. 185 degrees celsius is fine. the preheating has to be done in the convection mode for at least 10 minutes. then the baking has to be also done in the convection mode at the same temperature. you have mentioned preheating temperature. did you bake also in the same temperature in the convection mode?

  285. The cake came out perfect .i baked it on the gas thanks a ton ,your recipes have make baking so easy.
    God bless
    Nupur4 stars

  286. banana cake eggless, how to do in normal gas stove / pressure cooker without oven

    1. padma, the 5 litre pressure cooker has to be closed tightly with the lid and the whistle has to be removed. keep the cooker on the lowest flame. you can heat the cooker first for some minutes before you keep the cake pan. some people also add sand on the bottom. you can also keep the cooker plate that we get in the cooker. then on top of it place the cake tin. i read this somewhere, that if you use the cooker too much for baking, then the metal deteriorates and makes it unfit for pressure cooking. so better to keep one 5 litre pressure cooker separate for making cakes.

    1. this cake can be baked in the convection mode of the microwave oven. if your microwave does not have convection mode or feature, then you cannot bake it.

  287. so sorry found it. thanks will try and respond back. I am planning add a bit of oats to the mix, hope that works. As i have done that in my cake with eggs

  288. Hi,

    Love the way you have described the steps, but where are the measures for the ingredients. i could not find how much quantity to use of the ingredients.

    1. thanks sunita. the ingredients and measurements are mentioned at the bottom of recipe post.

  289. Hi
    Recipe for banana cake is wonderful but can I replace vanilla extract with another ingredient as I haven’t vanilla extract.
    Thanks.4 stars

    1. welcome babita. you can add cinnamon (dal chini) powder or green cardamom (chotti elachi) powder. they give a nice aroma. or skip the vanilla.

  290. Hey I am going to try this recipe I never baked in my entire but going attempt for my cousins for the Christmas party. Do you have any tips? Can I use olive oil or seasons seed oil or canals oil bc that’s wats lyi g in the house. How many bananas do I use? N how much milk should I use or should I not use milk? Wat degree do I put it 180 or 350?

    1. olive oil can be added. the rest of the details are mentioned in the recipe box below when the step by step pics end.

  291. hi Dassana,

    tried out the recipe yesterday and it came out perfect !! followed the instructions to the T. thanks for the foolproof recipe !! My search for the perfect eggless banana walnut muffin ( read cake ) finally came to close . thanks a lot girl !! a big thumbs up for you !!

    preethi.5 stars

    1. welcome preethi. i have also made muffins with the same recipe. but not yet added on the blog. thanks for this sweet feedback.

  292. Hi,
    I tried this eggless banana cake now it was awsm..it had a nice flavour…As my kid doesn’t eat banana I added some coco powder and choco chip to it..it was wounderful.

    Anitha3 stars

    1. thanks anitha for sharing positive feedback on banana cake. choco chips goes very well in the cake.

  293. Hi Dassana,

    Thank you for sharing the recipe. I baked two, one using all purpose flour, sunflower oil but without sunflower seeds. It turned out moist. The other I use coconut oil, add cinnamon powder, melon seeds and cranberries (i have on hand). It turned out great. It is gone within 5 hours.5 stars

    1. welcome margaret. thanks for sharing your variation and feedback. coconut oil solidifies. hence the first cake made with sunflower oil was moist.

  294. Hi Dassana,
    I made this cake yesterday, but the cake was uncooked inside, I left it in for longer but it was still uncooked and the outer layer was hard. The mixture was very thick, I only used 2 bananas and there wasnt enough wet mixture to mix with the dry ingrediants so i added milk. I want to make it again, any suggestions? Also I have a fan heated oven.5 stars

    1. hi aleena, i think there was not enough liquids in the cake or there was over mixing. since milk was added later, the batter must have got over mixed or over folded. over mixing will ruin the texture of the cake. if using just 2 bananas, then once the bananas are mashed, then add milk. about 1/2 cup of milk is fine. then follow the recipe.

  295. Hi..in case of baking in otg, can we switch on the top element at a later stage, like in the last 10mins.

    Also I more query. My cakes rise a lot in yhe oven but after taken out they fall down so much that a deep hole ia created in the middle. Do you have any idea why this happens?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. you can switch off the top heating element in the last stage. which recipe you tried. must be something with the recipe or proportions. ideally cakes should not sunk. it can be anything. uneven temperature, opening and closing of oven doors often, leavening agents added.

  296. I made this cake and it’s a very well receipe the cake was better than any maida cake . I made muffins and cake with same batter but muffins were very soft and spongy but cake was not so. Does it matter the thickness of cake in baking utensil. The cake was soft but became little sticky when cooled, what could be the reason. thanks

    1. yes, it does matter in what size and pan the cake is baked. muffins take a short time to bake than a cake tin or pan. actually the cake is not sticky. i think probably the cake was not baked thoroughly. thats why the stickiness. otherwise there should be no stickiness. if the muffins do not come sticky, then the cake should also. since its the same batter.

  297. Hi Dassana
    I make this cake at least once a week with chocolate chips and its always wiped out.
    Also set it in muffin cases once which turned out very well. Only one problem – the top cracks , it is never smooth like the cake in your picture and I wonder why as the oven temperature is perfect and the rack is placed in the middle of the oven.
    Any suggestions ?5 stars

    1. thanks rukhsana. the cracking can also be due to the size of the pan. does it happens with the muffins too. try cutting down on the sugar and oil and see if it works.

  298. i tried it helped me alot…my kids and my family members had loved it.i recommend u to use this receipe only..4 stars

  299. Hello Dassana, Thank you very much for the recipe.. 🙂 i just love

    the way you present it step by step with images of the dishes.. It

    is very helpful for the beginners like me.. If the beginners can’t

    understand what to do next, your recipes with images helps to move

    forward.. I just love it..
    Well Thank You once again for all the recipes and come up with new-

    new recipes..
    Hope there is nothing in this comment which hurts you…
    Thank You Very Much..
    ~Mitali5 stars

    1. thanks a lot mitali. there is nothing in your comment which is hurtful. not sure why you say so 🙂 i will be adding more recipes.

  300. Hi Dassana. Tried your banana cake today .Came out well.Thanks for sharing 🙂5 stars

  301. I used two tablespoons of flaxseed powder additionally in your recipe. I thought it turned out pretty good! Thanks for the instructions

    1. welcome ashwini. flaxseed powder works a a good egg replacement for eggless cakes.

  302. I m a great fan of your recipes…It reflects your love and passion!! Hats off!! My question is whether I can make this cake in cooker? If yes, pl let me know the procedure. Thank you and keep your good work going!!

    1. thanks jaya. i feel you can try this cake in the cooker. just spread some sand in the cooker. if sand is not available then add salt. heat the cooker for some minutes, about 5 to 8 minutes. then place the cake pan in the cooker. close the lid tightly and remove the whistle/vent weight. keep the flame on the lowest. then bake for about 35 to 45 minutes or more. check with a toothpick for the doneness. the toothpick should come out clean.

  303. Hey that’s very nice recipe, I luv making cake with vegetable oil instead of butter, it comes out more light to eat I feel. Thanx
    Dr Renu tiwari

      1. Hii dassana

        If I use parchtment paper do I have to still grease the paper. If yes pls tell me how to grease and what shall I use to grease.


        1. grishma, just spread some oil or softened butter on the parchtment paper. to make the paper stick to the pan, you can just spread bit of oil on the cake pan.

  304. Can I use all purpose flour for this recipe? And can we add buttermilk or yogurt since no eggs usedd?

    1. yes you can add all purpose flour. no need of adding buttermilk or yogurt.

  305. I tried this banana cake recipe n it was successful,i want to post pic of that for your approval n suggestions

  306. Hello Dassana,
    First of all, many thanks to you for all the hard work you put in…
    i’m a big fan of your blog !!

    Tried the chocolate-walnut cake last week and it turned out to be very good.

    Today, I tried my hands on banana cake… it was not bad but was very dry and sticky in the mouth… Actually, to be honest – it was pathetic !
    Is it because it’s a whole wheat flour cake and no all purpose flour (maida) was used ??
    The cake raise well and the flavor of banana was also good… followed the recipe exactly as it is – the oven was preheated at 190C and before taking it out from the oven, inserted the knife into it to make sure it’s baked properly. The knife came out clean…
    Is this sticky thing normal with all wheat flour cake or did something went wrong?
    Can we add ‘Maida’ or some milk to it. If yes, then in what proportion?
    Also, instead of refined oil, can we add Desi Ghee or clarified butter to it? What difference will it make?

    Thanks once again…

    1. thanks harsh. its not due to the flour type. stickiness is not normal with whole wheat cakes. since i prepare cakes with whole wheat flour pretty often and i know the texture is soft. it can be slightly dense, but not sticky. i think the batter has got over mixed or over folded. when making cake batter, the batter has to be mixed or folded very lightly. if you over do, then the lightness in the batter goes off track and even gluten strands are formed. this makes the cake sticky and doughy. you can make the same recipe with ‘maida’ and add milk also. a few tbsp of milk is fine. if adding milk, then reduce the quantity of oil. you can also add desi ghee or butter. but the taste and the flavors change with ghee or butter.

  307. Hi Amit,

    Can you please tell how should I bake in microwave oven? What temperature?

    1. you can bake in the convection mode of your microwave oven. bake at 180 degrees celsius. but first preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius for 10 to 12 minutes and then bake.

        1. yes you can use an oven safe glass pan or bowl. but the baking timing may vary.

        2. What will be the timing then? And will the temperature remain same (180) while we use glass bowl?

        3. same temperature of 180 and baking time will vary. generally its more when baking in glass ware.

        4. What should be the baking time then? and will the temp remain same if we use glass bowl?5 stars

        5. baking time is same as mentioned in the recipe. the time might increase. so i cannot tell how long. you will have to keep a check.

  308. hi,
    I tried this recipe but it did not turn out good, actually it has not become fluffy and not even looked like cooked though i had put it in oven for two hours. only the upper and lower parts cooked but middle part still uncooked. not sure what I made mistake but I wanted to say I had used mixer for mashing and mixing the sugar and oil. I had followed all the ingredients properly but I added two extra bananas, I dont think that would spoil the cake but I am disappointed after seeing my cake it did not raise at all :(.

    1. two hours is a long time in the oven. did you preheat the oven and at what temperature you baked. its better to use a spatula while folding. since the mixer can spoil the consistency of the batter due to its speed. extra bananas can also spoil the texture. telling this from experience. once i baked a cake with too much bananas and the whole thing was a flop.

  309. I made banana cake…it was sponge…but tasteless..middle portion atta khaye jaisa lag raha tha…pls suggest

    1. Either you have over folded the batter or from the center the cake has not got baked. Just lightly fold the batter. Folding is different than mixing. You can check on google how to fold cake batter and you will get pics on how its done.

  310. thank you very much for banana cake recipe. i got 3rd prize in cooking competition. recipe really rocked ..thanks once again.

  311. Many thank you! Baked for the first time and it turned out well! The top got browned a little,but absolutely clean and tastes yumm!

  312. I didn’t try my hand at cakes for long because of use of “maida” in most of them. Just loved your whole-wheat recipe. Now i can bake it for my kids and feel good about it 🙂

    The cake came out yummy. i added a spoon of Bournvita for richer color… and some pieces of “not so dark” chocolate… once even chocos… Thanks to you 🙂

    I also tried the upside down apple cake… very tasty, very simple, and very healthy …
    i used brown sugar and also replaced water with milk… and again added a spoonful of bournvita…. I wasn’t able to leave a feedback on this cake recipe on its page….so writing here…

    Already baked these cakes for friends as well… and they are a big hit… thx 😀5 stars

    1. welcome shilpi. there is nothing like a wholesome & healthy home baked cake for the family. agree on the maida and thats why i hardly bake with maida, unless making a cake with icings. the variation you have mentioned would equally work well. water can be easily replaced by milk and vice versa too. good to know and thanks for sharing your experience.

  313. Hi Dassana,

    Wonderful recipe. I have been experiment many eggless recipes, but they have been just experiments. This came out lovely and my children loved them. I used 2 rather big bananas and now I feel I should have used more. A suggestion – it would be good if you indicate how much the mashed bananas would be in cup measure. That would remove the relative references of medium/small/large bananas. Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe again – so simple, so tasty and so healthy..

    1. thanks a lot krishna for the feedback. also thanks for the suggestion. next time, i will remember to measure the amount of banana puree. i know the medium, small or large is a relative reference from country to country. but now i give the measurement in grams too.

  314. This banana cake looks fabulous, it’s so soft!!! I am a crazy loaf lover, can’t wait to try this 🙂

  315. Love ur recipes…. easy… N u tell d basics…with stuff that is so easly available… I always check ur site out while cooking…thanku…tried this cake at home… people were suprised I cud actually bake also that too this well..n vegan..4 stars

  316. Hello Dassana, liked the recipe a lot.the bread looks yummy…..however I do not baking powder right now, can I use more of baking soda instead of baking powder. If yes, please let me know the proportions. Thank you.

    1. baking powder cannot be substituted without a modification. baking powder has an acidifying agent. some acidity is required in the batter. to achieve that you will have add some acidic ingredient like curd/yogurt, lime juice, vinegar, buttermilk, cream of tartar, chocolate along with baking soda. so i suggest to add 1/2 tsp of baking powder and about 1/2 tbsp of vinegar (you can use a fruit vinegar like apple cider) or buttermilk or yogurt.

  317. Hi dassana
    Pls tell 2/3 cup means how much oil I have to add or how many tsp/tbsp

  318. Wat is d reason behind it when i bake d cake from top it got gud color but inbetween it luks uncooked ???

    1. could you tell me how you baked. meaning which oven (OTG or microwave), preheating time etc. over browning could be due to the top heating elements being on and the bottom heating element being off during baking in an OTG.

  319. Had some over ripe bananas in the house which everybody refused to eat, which is why I ended up making this recipe and it turned out awesome! Even though I am not a big fan of baking bcos of the flour(maida) and the amount of oil/butter that goes into it, I found ur version to be healthier. Thanks once again & keep up the good work!5 stars

    1. like you over ripe bananas always go into making this cake or some other recipe. no one want to eat them. this is a better version. thanks jyoti.

  320. Cake Turned to be awesome 🙂 Best Part of it.. Its made with whole wheat flour! Such a Healthy Option!!
    Really Appreciate Your Blog for its wonderfull recipes.
    Thank You.5 stars

  321. i have an oven which has power low , m.low, med,m.high, high & combi1,2&3.
    on which power i should bake banana cake n how much time…..
    plz help me

    1. the power is the microwave power. i have not tried baking the cake in microwave. i think medium high should work. timing you will have to check and this depends on the oven and the doneness of the cake.