Chocolate Avocado Mousse

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This Chocolate Avocado Mousse is decadent, smooth, satisfying and rich in flavor! It is also eggless and vegan! Use ripe avocados to make the base and combine with melted chocolate. Make in just 15 minutes and serve as a sweet snack or dessert.

overhead shot of chocolate avocado mousse in three bowls topped with nuts on a round wooden board

About Chocolate Avocado Mousse

This chocolate avocado mousse looks gorgeous and tastes amazing. Avocados are a key ingredient in this recipe and the riper the better! I always buy avocados when I have the chance as they can be used to make so many delicious dishes.

Some of my go-to recipes are Avocado MilkshakeAvocado Toast and Guacamole. I have also made an avocado cake but it didn’t come out as well as I had hoped so I usually make this chocolate avocado mousse as a dessert instead.

This recipe was inspired by a mousse recipe from Kiran’s blog. The dessert was presented beautifully. The ingredients were easy to find however, I did substitute agave syrup with organic cane sugar but the results were just as delicious.

Though avocado makes up most of this dessert you can’t taste it at all! The flavors from the coconut oil, coffee and chocolate mask the avocado flavor. Some other delicious mousse recipes you may like to try are: 

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Chocolate Avocado Mousse

1. Add ½ cup of chopped semisweet chocolate, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee and 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw sugar to a small skillet.

Optional: You can also melt these ingredients in small bursts using a microwave instead. Make sure you stir in between each interval until the chocolate has melted completely.

2. Heat 1 to 1.5 cups of water in a saucepan on medium heat. Bring water to a boil then lower the heat.

boiling water in a saucepan

3. Place the skillet with the ingredients on top of the saucepan.

TIP: Make sure that the skillet does not touch the water.

skillet with chocolate ingredients on top of saucepan

4. Once the pan comes into contact with the steam the chocolate will start to melt. Stir the ingredients continuously until the chocolate melts and has a smooth texture.

Do not overcook the chocolate as it will seize or release fat.

chocolate ingredients being melted and stirred

5. The chocolate mixture should have a smooth and shiny texture. Once the chocolate has melted remove it from the pan. Then set it aside and let it cool completely. 

melted chocolate mixture

6. Scoop the flesh of 1 medium or large avocado in a blender. Make sure the avocado is ripe and at room temperature, as a cold avocado will cause the chocolate liquid to harden.

Then add vanilla extract and the melted chocolate mixture at room temperature.

room temperature chocolate mixture, vanilla extract and avocado in a blender

7. Blend until smooth.

Blended chocolate mousse mixture

8. Scoop out the mousse in bowls or glasses.

avocado chocolate mousse in a bowl

9. Cover the mousse with a lid or foil. Then refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour or until cold. You can also eat this mousse straightaway without chilling it.

vegan chocolate mousse covered

10. Remove the foil then add chopped cashews, pistachios, almonds and any berries of your choice.

avocado mousse served with chopped nuts and berries

Enjoy chocolate avocado mousse.

overhead shot of chocolate avocado mousse in three bowls topped with nuts on a black granite board

Expert Tips

  • Quick vegan chocolate mousse: This mousse is a great chocolate treat and can be ready in just 15 minutes! Add room temperature molten chocolate mixture, room temperature avocado and vanilla extract to a blender and mix until well combined. Add the mixture into a glass bowl.
  • Avocado: Choose ripe avocados to make this tasty dessert. The avocados should be firm but slightly give way when you squeeze them. Peel and deseed the avocado before adding it to the blender.
  • Room temperature: It is important the chocolate mixture and avocado are room temperature when they are being blended. This will ensure that you get the perfect mousse consistency and prevent the mixture from hardening.
  • Melting chocolate: For this recipe, I placed the skillet with the ingredients on top of the saucepan and used the steam to melt the chocolate. If you use this method then make sure that the skillet does not touch the water. Alternatively, you can use a microwave to melt the chocolate instead. If you are using a microwave ensure that you allow the chocolate mixture to cool before adding it to the blender.


Does this mousse need to be kept in the fridge?

Keeping the mousse in the fridge will help it to firm up and set. But you can also enjoy it without refrigerating. If you want to serve it cold, leave the vegan mousse to set for at least 30 minutes to get the best results. If it has not been set then leave it to chill for longer. We like this dessert when it is chilled or cold.

What can I use instead of avocado?

In this mousse, the avocado makes the consistency creamy and thick. If you are not a fan of avocado, then use ripe sweet bananas instead. You will need to add less sugar or skip it altogether if you use bananas. You can use about 1 to 2 medium-sized bananas.

What can go wrong with this chocolate avocado mousse?

There are a few things that can go wrong when making this mousse. For this recipe, you will need to make sure that the melted chocolate mixture and avocado are at room temperature to achieve the right consistency after blending the ingredients.

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overhead shot of chocolate avocado mousse in three bowls topped with nuts on a round wooden board

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

A Chocolate Avocado Mousse that is decadent, satisfying and rich in flavor made with ripe avocados and melted chocolate. The recipe is also egg-free and vegan.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Blending Time 5 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Cuisine American, World
Course Desserts
Diet Gluten Free, Vegan
Difficulty Level Easy
Servings 3


For the avocado mousse

  • 1 avocado ripe, medium to large
  • ½ cup chopped chocolate – semi-sweet
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons raw sugar or maple syrup – add less or more to suit your taste
  • 1 teaspoon instant coffee
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract or ½ teaspoon vanilla powder

For Garnish – optional or choose any

  • 1 tablespoon chopped cashews
  • 1 tablespoon chopped almonds
  • 1 tablespoon chopped pistachios
  • 4 to 6 fresh berries – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or blackberries
  • 1 tablespoon cacao nibs or chocolate shavings


Melting Chocolate

  • Take the chopped semisweet chocolate, coconut oil, instant coffee raw sugar in a small skillet or a heat proof bowl. Set aside.
  • Heat 1 to 1.5 cups of water in a saucepan on medium heat. Bring water to a boil then lower the heat.
  • Place the skillet with the ingredients on top of the saucepan making sure that the skillet does not touch the water nor is very close to the surface of water.
  • When the pan comes in touch with the steam, the chocolate will begin to melt.
  • Stir the ingredients with wooden spoon until all of the chocolate melts. Do not overcook the chocolate as it will seize or release fat.
  • Once the chocolate has melted remove it from the pan. The melted chocolate mixture should look smooth and glossy. Then set it aside and let it cool completely at room temperature.

Making Chocolate Avocado Mousse

  • Scoop the flesh of the avocado in a blender. Make sure the avocado is ripe and at room temperature, as a cold avocado will cause the melted chocolate liquid to harden or seize. Also ensure that the chocolate mixture is at room temperature
  • Add vanilla extract and the melted chocolate mixture that is at room temperature.
  • Blend to a smooth consistency.
  • Spoon the mousse in small bowls. You can either refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour or serve straightaway.
  • If refrigerating, cover the bowls with lids or a foil or parchment paper.
  • Serve garnished with some chopped nuts or fresh berries or chocolate shavings.



  • Add more chocolate if desired.
  • You can also increase the quantity of coffee and coconut oil if preferred.
  • Sugar can be adjusted as per your taste preferences.
  • The recipe serves 3 small bowls, but you can make more servings by increasing the quantity proportionately.
  • This mousse can also be made with milk chocolate, dark chocolate or sweet chocolate. You will need to add more sugar if using dark or bitter-sweet chocolate.

Nutrition Info (Approximate values)

Nutrition Facts
Chocolate Avocado Mousse
Amount Per Serving
Calories 385 Calories from Fat 252
% Daily Value*
Fat 28g43%
Saturated Fat 12g75%
Trans Fat 1g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2g
Monounsaturated Fat 12g
Cholesterol 2mg1%
Sodium 8mg0%
Potassium 555mg16%
Carbohydrates 31g10%
Fiber 7g29%
Sugar 19g21%
Protein 4g8%
Vitamin A 123IU2%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 2mg10%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin B12 1µg17%
Vitamin C 7mg8%
Vitamin E 2mg13%
Vitamin K 16µg15%
Calcium 39mg4%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 57µg14%
Iron 2mg11%
Magnesium 84mg21%
Phosphorus 140mg14%
Zinc 1mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  1. Great recipes! Just wanted to ask what I can use as a substitute for the coconut oil used in this recipe? Thank you.

  2. Hi Dassana,

    I am a fan of your blog. For Indian vegetarian recipes, this is my only hangout place.
    Thank you so much for helping us cook better with so much variety.

    With regard to the mousse, could I substitute Coffee for Rum?

    Thank you

    1. i am not sure how rum and avocado with the coconut oil taste together. i would suggest to skip coffee completely. rum and chocolate go well together, but don’t know about avocado.

  3. Will absolutely try out this one as it is easy to make, and healthy too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Dassana,
    Excuse me for this silly doubt..but this new format of your blog i am finding it difficult to read a few things,for example i am not able to appreciate if the amount of chocolate is 2/3 cup or 1/2 cup.?

    1. hi ashwini
      it is not silly. thanks for your feedback. we are still in the process of customizing the new format and i agree with you totally that the current font format is not reading friendly. we will change it. the cup size is 2/3.

        1. Tried it,came out yummm…it tasted good as soon as made,though i liked it better the next day after it was refrigerated for a day.5 stars

    1. coconut oil gives a very good aroma, taste and flavor in this mousse. any other oil is not a good substitute. but since you don’t have coconut oil, then you can add any oil.

  5. Beautiful. Where can you get avocados in India? It is one thing I miss from the US. I live in a small town; they are probably easier to find in bigger cities?

    1. mani, avocados are mostly available in cities specially metro cities like bombay, bangalore, pune, delhi. also available in goa.

        1. i don’t know where you stay, but you can order online from they deliver in pune and their avocados are too good. you can speak to them.

  6. i love all yr.recipe would you pl let me know how many calorie choc.avacado has. if you can write all yr.recipe how many total calorie has that dish will be really appreciate. Thanks lot

    1. thanks trupti. the chocolate avocado mousse has approx 200 calories per serving. i am seeing if i can add a calorie calculator to each post.

  7. I just made this mousse for Thanksgiving. The texture and taste are both incredible. I used a shot of espresso in lieu of the instant coffee, and ghee in lieu of the coconut oil, as I am sensitive to coconut.

    1. thanks AR. i agree that the texture and taste of the mousse is too good. am sure espresso must have been great.

  8. Love the dark photography of the dark chocolate! So pretty and sounds delicious, thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello Dassana! I have now tried and tested your recipe for Avocado mousse and it turned out great. Thanks again.

  10. This is great, the idea of using coffee to mask the avocado flavor. I once tried avocado chocolate mousse with just melted dark chocolate, avocado and sugar, It was just eatable… the texture was great but the taste wasn’t all that good… would love to give this recipe a try…

    Do u taste coconut oil or is it not too evident?

    1. try this recipe anisha. you will like it. the coconut oil can be felt. it has its own presence in the mousse and blends beautifully with the chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

  11. Thanks for the link love and so glad you enjoyed making this recipe! I cannot wait to try the combo again, perhaps in a cake? 🙂

    Your version looks absolutely yum!

    1. thanks kiran for sharing the recipe. in fact i am also thinking of using this mousse in a cake as an icing…. it would be damn good.

  12. Girl you are making me want this…Simple and tempting mousse…Bookmarking this…will try sometime and let you know..:)

  13. dassana..i dont know if ever i will be getting semi sweet chocolate here..can i use coco powder instead or any other substitute u can suggest..also which coconut oil did u use..i am dying to make this at any cost

    1. hi suhani… you can use bournville dark chocolate for this mousse. you can also make with cadbury’s milk chocolate. just when microwaving you will have to be careful as they melt very fast. cocoa powder won’t make it rich as there are no so cocoa solids in it. i use the coconut oil which is meant for cooking. i get this unprocessed coconut oil very easily here. you can also add some other oil as sunflower oil, but in this case increase the quantity of coffee by 1/2 or 1 more tsp. but my suggestion would be to add coconut oil.

  14. I have got anything for dessert tonight. I am too lazy to go supermarket today. I wish I could just grab from the pictures. This mousse looks so mouthwatering. Pics are beautiful.