chikoo milkshake recipe | healthy sapota milkshake recipe | chickoo milkshake

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chikoo milkshake recipe – here’s one more milkshake recipe for summers. chikoo or sapota is in season in india. usually we have them plain or in fruit salad or i make this easy milkshake recipe.

i have used organic chikoo to make this milkshake. they were very sweet and just melt in the mouth like butter. we were totally awed. we are so much used to tasting or having fruits grown with fertilizers and pesticides that we have forgotten how a naturally grown fruit tastes.

if the chikoos are very sweet then you can reduce the quantity of sugar or skip it. i have added coconut sugar in this milkshake. few more milkshake recipes on the blog are:

coconut sugar is healthier than regular sugar. most of the time while making milkshakes and cakes i use coconut sugar, jaggery powder or unrefined organic cane sugar. the coconut sugar has a similar taste to that of palm jaggery.

if you are looking for more beverages then you can also check sweet punjabi lassimango lassi, cold coffee with ice cream, panakam, neer mor and basil lemon mojito recipe.

chikoo milkshake recipe below:

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chikoo milkshake recipe | sapota milkshake recipe
prep time
10 mins
total time
10 mins

chikoo milkshake recipe - refreshing and healthy vegan chikoo milkshake recipe.

course: beverages & drinks
cuisine: indian
servings: 2 -3
author: dassana amit
ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 2 to 2.5 cups chikoo, rinsed, peeled, chopped and deseeded chikoo (sapota)
  • 2.5 to 3 cups milk. you can also use soy milk or almond milk or cashew milk. i used cashew milk.
  • coconut sugar or unrefined organic cane sugar as required.
  • few ice cubes (optional)
how to make recipe
  1. add chopped chikoo pieces in the blender

  2. pour the milk.
  3. add the sugar or jaggery as required
  4. blend everything till smooth.
  5. you can add ice cubes if you want while serving.
  6. serve the chikoo milkshake immediately.

  7. chikoo milkshake should ideally be taken fresh.

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  • Totally fabulous drink! I must have found chickoo here only a couple times in the past fifteen years . This is the same fruit we enjoyed all Summer long in my grandparents' home as little kiddos!

    • you can find frozen chickoo (sapotas) in indian grocery stores and they are very good for smoothie.

  • I am crazy about chickoo and mangoes. Unfortunately, we don't get very chickoos here in Florida but will keep an eye out for it the next time I am at the Indian store.
    You just brought some wonderful childhood memories when my mom would give this to us after school. So yum!!!

  • looking yummy i will try this dfntly.but i did not find any organic items in delhi,do u purchase organic items online? please tell me some brand name

    • i buy organic veggies and fruits locally. these ones from a local vendor selling chickoos and mangoes from ratnagiri. even the grocery stuff i buy locally. most of the organic brands are good.

  • Sorry one more question,what is organic sugar? white sugar has pesticides? i am confused.can we use organic sugar in tea or other sweets like halwa etc? difference b/w jaggery and organic sugar raw

    • yes you can use organic sugar in everything. i use it in tea, sweets, halwa and even in baking. there are three types of organic sugar available in indian markets. one is bleached white sugar and the other one is unrefined. use the unrefined one. it has a light cream to brown color. the third one is organic brown sugar. you can use brown sugar for making tea, coffee, cold drinks and cakes or cookies. but do not use it in indian sweets. jaggery is different and raw sugar is different.

  • You can also add dates to the chickoo milk shake... Read it somewhere and on trying felt itntastes good... N ends up being a lil more healthier too.

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