aloo paneer kofta recipe, how to make aloo paneer kofta recipe

aloo paneer kofta recipe

aloo paneer kofta recipe – i had made the koftas for malai kofta. half of these aloo paneer koftas went in the malai kofta curry and half were served as a snack on the next day. another kofta curry recipe on the blog is cabbage kofta curry.

these aloo paneer kofta can be made for fasting/vrat or during navratri fasting. just substitute the corn flour with fasting flours like water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta), buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta) or arrow root flour.

i have been a lot of paneer recipes from my readers since last year. i shall be posting all the requested paneer recipes in some time. i have quite a few in the drafts.

in the recipe below i have given the original recipe which makes about 14-16 medium sized koftas. you can halve this recipe and make 7-8 koftas if required.

aloo paneer kofta punjabi recipe

lets start step by step aloo paneer kofta recipe:

1: mix the grated boiled aloo/potatoes, grated paneer, spice powders, corn starch, coriander leaves and salt in a bowl.

mix aloo and paneer

2: mix really well and then take a medium sized ball from the mixture and flatten it.

mix aloo paneer

3: place chopped dry fruits in the center.

add dry fruits to aloo paneer kofta ball

4: bring the edges toward the center and seal the dry fruits mixture completely with the outer covering.

aloo paneer kofta dough

5: make all koftas this way. you can give any shape you want, round or oblong. i flattened them a bit for ease of frying. heat oil for shallow frying or deep frying in a pan and add the koftas.

shape the aloo paneer kofta

6: carefully fry the koftas in the oil till golden brown.

fry the aloo paneer kofta

7: drain the aloo paneer kofta on paper napkins to remove excess oil.

drain aloo paneer kofta on paper napkins

8: serve the aloo paneer koftas hot or warm with coriander chutney or sweet chutney or tomato sauce.

aloo paneer kofta recipe

if you are looking for more paneer recipes then do check malai paneermatar paneer, paneer butter masala, kadai paneer, palak paneer and paneer tikka recipe.

aloo paneer kofta recipe details below:

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aloo paneer kofta
aloo paneer kofta - a melt in the mouth soft texture koftas with a crisp exterior.
RECIPE TYPE: snacks, starter
CUISINE: north indian
SERVES: 14-16 medium sized koftas
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 200 gms paneer/cottage cheese, grated
  • 3 medium sized aloos/potatoes, which have been boiled & peeled and then grated
  • 11/2 tbsp almond flour or 1 tbsp milk powder or 11/2 tbsp khoya (i used almond flour)
  • ½ tsp black pepper powder or crushed black pepper
  • ¼ or ½ tsp red chili powder
  • ¼ or ½ tsp punjabi garam masala powder
  • 1 or 1.5 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
  • 1.5 or 2 tbsp corn flour/corn starch
  • 2 to 3 tbsp mixed chopped dry fruits - almonds, cashews, pistachois and raisins
  • vegetable oil for frying ( i used rice bran oil)
  • rock salt or regular salt as required
  • chaat masala as required (optional)
  1. mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except the dry fruits.
  2. check the seasoning and add more salt or spice powders if required.
  3. take a medium sized ball from the mixture and flatten it slightly.
  4. place the dry fruits in the center.
  5. bring the edges toward the center and cover the dry fruits completely.
  6. seal the kofta well, so that they do not break while frying.
  7. make all the koftas this way.
  8. heat oil for shallow frying or deep frying in a kadai or pan.
  9. add the stuffed koftas and fry till golden brown from all over.
  10. drain the kofta on paper tissues.
  11. serve aloo paneer kofta hot or warm with green chutney or sweet chutney and sprinkled with some chaat masala.
  12. these koftas can also be made and added to malai kofta curry.
tips for aloo paneer kofta recipe:
1. i added 1.5 tbsp corn flour/corn starch to the kofta mixture and the koftas did not break. however, when making koftas, just add a small ball of the mixture first in the oil and if it does not break, then move ahead with frying the rest of the koftas. if the kofta does break, then add some more corn flour to bind them well.

2. the oil has to be medium hot. too hot oil, will brown the koftas quickly with the inside remaining uncooked. a warm oil, will make the koftas soak oil and become greasy. the texture in the latter case also would not be good.

3. if you are making aloo paneer koftas for fasting or vrat. then use rock salt and substitute the corn flour with fasting flours like water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta), buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta) or arrow root flour.

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  1. Pragna shah says

    Looks good’ I do follow my own recipe and add other ingredients from other recipes and combined it together and come out delicious . Never thought adding farari flour to it, which is a great tip thank you. Do send me your other recipes please . Happy Mother’s Day x

  2. Payal says

    I like your website. The recipes are awesome.
    To make these kofta’s what can be an alternative to corn starch?

  3. Manisha says

    Hi Dassana,
    I am a regular follower of your recipes and recommend it to my cousins and friends too. I must appreciate the simplicity with which you detail out everything about the dish.
    I faced slight issue while preparing the above koftas.
    In the process everything was going smooth and matched your pictures, but while frying the kofta while I turned them to cook from other side, the koftas got opened and oil seeped inside. Till then everything was going well and they were replicating the ones we had at hotel.
    Any specific reason why it happened so?

    • says

      thanks manisha. could be due to excess moisture in the kofta mixture. the potatoes have to be drained really well. meaning even when you mash them, there should be no moisture or traces of water in them. the paneer should be defrosted and then added. if frozen paneer is added, then they will release moisture once they come at room temperature. in this case, you can add more of the corn starch so that the koftas don’t break while frying.

  4. Suruchi says

    Hi Dassana,

    This looks awesome and am planning to make it right from the time you posted it, but never ended up making it :(

    Now with complete determination to make it this week, I have only couple of questions. Did you use fresh paneer or frozen? Will it make any difference if I use frozen paneer?

    Thanks so much!

    • says

      hi suruchi, i have used frozen paneer. i thawed the paneer till it came at room temperature and then used it. you can use either fresh or frozen. if using frozen paneer, then let it come at room temperature before using it. all the best and happy cooking :-)

  5. sans says

    Aausssummm delicious i was eager to have paneer kofta since long n wanted to know the recipy as well .its simply easy n extremly mouthwatering recipy

  6. says

    YUM!!!! My sister is coming to visit soon and this would be a really fun project. She has run out of my chaat masala and will want more–we could use it on this.

  7. suhani says

    hey dassana..i just loved this recipe..i made it today..waiting for malai kofta curry recipe..plz dont stop paneer recipes..lets them flow my dear..

    • says

      did you like the kofta suhani. how were they. i have some paneer recipes in drafts like palak paneer, shahi paneer, paneer sandwich etc. will post the malai kofta in some time.

  8. says

    dassana, the first picture looks so perfect… I could just have it right off the screen….this recipe seems to be easy and simple, love the addition of dried fruits.

  9. Renuka says

    this is a superb post….
    the color of koftas ……..perfect
    wud be waiting for malai kofta recipe ….
    here is my gatta recipe
    for making gattas collect besan, a pinch of hing,little bit saunf, bit of haldi, namak, meetha soda a pinch and a little bit of vegetable oil. make dough with lukewarm water. dough shud be relatively stiff. i used my food processor to make makes dough even and well mixed and if water is perfect it will not be messy sticky thing …and perfect..with hands sometimes it becomes messy as besan sticks to the hands.
    in a pot let water come to boil and then add small rolls of besan made lengthwise . rolls are made as children make with clay. in boiling water gattas swell to almost double . let this happen for about 15-20 min then take gatts out after a little while cut then in little pieces not too small but medium size and once again put them in same water for 10 min.
    now take curd as we make in kadhi..whisk curd with salt, hing, namak and haldi and with water which was left in gattas boiling …add additional if required. i gave punjabi touch to gattas ..take little oil in kadai, put little jeera when hot and add small sized finely chopped onions and a tsp of garlic pieces fry them well …add the cut gattas at this stage and fry them in oil…for this step..the oil put in kadai shud be on higher side then for frying onions and gralic only..fry for 2-3 minutes…now add half tsp of red chilli. desgi mirch wud give better color .this is done to give subzi a good color ..chilli quantity may be reduced..but rajasthani cisin as lot of mirchi in most of the 2 seconds add whisked curd …make sure mirchi does not get burnt.and keep stiring till the first boil do not leave the mixture in between.. then slow gas and keep of another 15 mins..more the boiling better the gattas will..dassana i belong to rajasthan but born and bought up in punjab so have blende both the states in rajasthani version onion and garlic are not added..they believe that addition of onion garlic makes curry heavy and is not easily thats it…do give me ur feedback …hows it…

    • says

      thanks renuka. and more thanks for the gatta recipe. i shall surely try soon. will surely give you feedback. i have my mil’s gatta recipe too. so will try both in due time.

  10. says

    I have just had my dinner a few minutes ago Dassana, and the moment I saw this picture I feel hungry again.. very very tempting picture, the crust has come out so well.. Would you like to adopt me ? 😉

  11. Pulkita says

    Hi Dassana! I have been a regular follower of your recipes and they are awesome! My mom loves to try out the recipes posted by you whenever she can and we have never been disappointed. I have recently started learning how to cook. Just 1 question…how are Koftas in general different from Cutlets? I am sorry, but I find them quite similar, in terms of preparation, presentation and taste. :-)

    • says

      thats nice to know pulkita. kofta is a term that is used for balls made from minced meat. in vegetarian cuisine, kofta and cutlet can be made with the mashed veggies or paneer or potatoes. but kofta is shaped into a ball and mostly stuffed with a filling. it can be stuffed with any filling depending upon the recipe. whereas the cutlet is not stuffed and flattened. usually a cutlet is pan fried. but a kofta is deep fried or baked in a tandoor. actually there are so many recipes with the names kofta and cutlet and they are always used interchangeably.