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This Chana Masala, also known as Chole Masala, is an authentic North Indian, Punjabi style curry made with white chickpeas, freshly powdered spices, onions, tomatoes and herbs. Naturally vegan and packed with healthy minerals, protein and fiber, this delicious Chole Recipe can be ready in just 45 minutes minus the soaking time of chickpeas.

closeup shot of white plate with sections filled with chana masala, sliced onions, fresh lime wedges and bhatura on a marble table-top

What is Chana Masala

Chana Masala is a popular Indian dish of white chickpeas in a spicy and tangy gravy. In North India, this dish is called ‘chole masala,’ or simply ‘chole’. No matter what you call it, this is a tasty vegetarian curry dish that you should definitely try making yourself!

Chana is the Hindi word and chole is the Punjabi word for chickpeas. In Hindi, the word masala means a mixture of spices. When the word masala shows up in a dish – like this Chana Masala or Paneer Butter Masala, for example – it specifically refers to a spiced gravy.

This Chole recipe was originally inspired and adapted from Anita’s blog and posted in 2009. I can’t believe it has been so many years since the original posting!!!

Over the years, I have continued to perfect the recipe, making changes in proportions as well as ingredients. The result is this Chole Masala recipe, which has a good balance of spiciness, taste and flavor.

In the process, I also updated the pictures in the post and added a video making it even easier for you to follow along with me. Hooray!

This easy, lip-smacking Punjabi Chana Masala is one of the most tried and tested recipes on the blog. It has been made innumerable times by me as well as by many readers.

This Chole recipe reminds me of Chole Bhature, which is our favorite street food. Chole Bhature is a popular Punjabi dish where chana masala is served with a fried leavened puffed bread known as Bhatura (or plural bhature).

When living in Delhi and Gurgaon, we would get awesome Chole Bhature in many places. While I don’t live in those cities anymore, I still get strong cravings for street style Chole Bhature, and this recipe for chana masala hits the spot!

It tastes exactly like the North Indian street-side chana curry, minus the heat. We prefer our foods on the tamer side of the Scoville index, so I’ve made a milder masala gravy.

However, if you prefer spicier food, simply increase the quantity of red chili powder, green chillies and garam masala powder to get the flavor just right for your palate.

Why Soak Chickpeas

When you make any chickpea or Rajma (Kidney Bean Curry), it is always better to soak the beans or chickpeas overnight (or for at least 8 hours), which makes it easier to cook the legumes. Soaking beans or chickpeas also reduces the phytic acid, which is the element that causes bloating and flatulence.

Pro Tip: If you have forgotten to soak the chickpeas, you can speed up the process by adding them to a bowl of hot boiled water. Cover and soak for 1 to 2 hours.

In a pinch, you can also opt to use canned chickpeas instead. This will reduce the amount of cooking you have to do, but the trade-off is that you don’t get the opportunity to season the chickpeas with amla (Indian gooseberry) or tea bags.

Ingredients & Substitutes

  • Dried Amla (Dried Indian Gooseberry) and Dry Pomegranate Seeds: The dried amla gives a dark color to the chole, along with a light tang. The pomegranate seeds give a sour taste. Find these ingredients at Indian specialty food stores or online at
    • If you cannot find these ingredients, add dry mango powder (amchur powder) towards the end. In the absence of dry mango powder, you can also squeeze some lime or lemon juice towards the end to mimic the tanginess of amla and pomegranate seeds.
    • You can also use a black tea bag to achieve the darker color that amla imparts. If you are not fussy about the dark color, then just cook the chickpeas in water with some salt or opt for canned chickpeas.
  • Chana Masala Spices: what contributes to the flavors and aroma of this dish are the freshly ground chole masala spices. The whole spices are roasted until they get extra browned and are later ground.
    • If possible, I always recommend making your own masala spice mixes from scratch. Whole spices are preferable to pre-ground spices, as they retain more of their naturally occurring oils. By making our own chana masala spice mix, we not only have control over the spiciness of the dish, but also the depth and quality of flavor.
Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Chana Masala

This simple Chole recipe can be broken down into three easy steps.

Soak and Cook Chickpeas

1. Rinse 1 cup dried white chickpeas (a.k.a. chana or chole) in fresh water a couple of times. Then soak them overnight or for 8 to 9 hours in 3 cups of water.

Keep in mind to add enough water to take into account that the chickpeas increase in size during soaking.

After they have soaked, later drain all the water and again rinse the soaked chickpeas in fresh water for a couple of times.

soaked and rinsed chole or chickpeas

2. Traditionally dried amla (Indian gooseberries) are added to impart a dark color to the chickpeas. Amla also gives a faint sourness to the stock. If you do not have dried amla, you can opt to add 1 black tea bag.

If you do not care about the dark color, then you can also just cook the chickpeas with salt and water, or opt to use drained canned chickpeas instead.

dried amla added to bowl with chole for chana masala recipe

3. In a 3 litre stovetop pressure cooker, add the chickpeas along with 2 to 3 dried amla pieces or 1 black tea bag. Add 2.5 to 3 cups of water.

Note: Taj black tea bags work very well.

measuring cup with water above a pressure cooker filled with chickpeas

4. Season with ½ teaspoon salt. Stir very well.

teaspoon of salt above pressure cooker

5. Pressure cook the chickpeas for 12 to 15 whistles on medium heat. The chickpeas should be cooked well and softened enough that you can mash them with a spoon.

If you do not have a pressure cooker, then cook the chickpeas in a pot on the stovetop with plenty of water.

Depending on the quality and freshness of chickpeas, it can take up to 1 to 2 hours for the stovetop pan method.

pressure cooker steaming

Make Chole Masala Powder

6. Meanwhile, add all the whole spices for the chole masala to a pan or skillet. Begin to roast them on a low heat. The spices used for masala are the following:

  • 2 black cardamoms
  • 1 inch cinnamon
  • 3 to 4 peppercorns
  • 2 cloves
  • 1 medium tej patta (Indian bay leaf) or 2 small tej patta
  • ¼ teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain)
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1 teaspoon coriander seeds
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • ½ teaspoon dry pomegranate seeds (if you do not have these seeds, then omit adding them at this step and add dry mango powder or lemon juice later as mentioned in the steps below. In the recipe video, dry mango powder is added.)
  • 1 to 2 dry red chilies (preferably broken and seeds removed)
whole spices to make chole masala powder

7. Stir often and roast the spices until they get extra browned, but not yet burnt. Don’t stop even after they become fragrant, as they need to get more browned than usual.

roasting whole spices

8. The extra browned and roasted spices are pictured below.

roasted spices to make chana masala powder

9. Let these roasted spices cool and then grind or powder them finely in a coffee grinder or in a dry grinder.

ground chana masala or chole masala powder in a spice grinder

10. By now the chickpeas are cooked (pictured below). You will see a darker brown shade in the white chickpeas. Remove the amla pieces or the tea bag from the stock and discard them.

cooked chana (or chole or chickpeas) that have a brown tint from cooking with amla

Make Chana Masala Gravy

11. Heat 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan or kadai (wok). Add ½ teaspoon ginger-garlic paste and sauté for some seconds or until their raw aroma goes away. You can use any neutral tasting oil.

ginger garlic paste in pan with oil

12. Then add ⅓ cup finely chopped onions. Sauté stirring often till the onions soften and turn translucent or light brown.

chopped onion added to pan

13. Add ½ cup finely chopped tomatoes.

chopped tomatoes added to aromatics in pan

14. Sauté the tomatoes stirring often until they soften and the oil starts to leave the sides of the onion-tomato mixture.

oil leaving the sides of the tomato-onion masala mix

15. Reduce the heat. Then add all of the powdered spices that we made, together with ½ teaspoon red chili powder and ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder.

At this point, you can also add ¼ teaspoon garam masala – which is optional though.

adding chole masala or chana masala powder to softened onions and tomatoes

16. Mix very well. Then add 2 to 3 slit green chilies to the onion-tomato masala mixture.

green chiles added to onion-tomato-ginger mixture for making Punjabi chole masala recipe

17. Add the cooked and drained chickpeas. Reserve the stock.

add the chole or chana or chickpeas to spiced tomato-onion mix

18. Stir and mix very well.

stir the chana masala

19. Season with salt as per requirement. Mix again. Keep the addition of salt in check as salt is also there in the stock.

add salt to the Punjabi chole masala

20. Add about 1 to 1.25 cups of reserved stock or water. Stir well.

adding liquid to the chole for simmering into gravy

21. For a thinner gravy, cover and simmer on low to medium heat. You can also cook chickpeas without the lid, causing the gravy to thicken and reduce.

Mash some chickpeas with the spoon to thicken the gravy. If you prefer an even thicker gravy, add less water or mash more chickpeas to release the starches.

You can keep the consistency you prefer. At home, we prefer chole recipe with a bit of gravy.

making chole recipe with a lid on for thinner gravy

22. If you have not added dry pomegranate seeds while roasting the spices, then you need to add amchur powder (dry mango powder) now.

About 1 teaspoon amchur powder is enough. However, you can add less or more of it as per your taste. Stir the gravy very well.

If you do not have dry mango powder, then add ½ to 1 teaspoon lemon juice or according to your taste.

simmering Punjabi chana masala with no lid on

23. The chana masala is ready to be served.

completed chana masala in the pan ready to be served

24. Garnish with chopped onions and cilantro (coriander leaves).

Serve the Punjabi Chole Masala with fried Indian bread like bhatura or poori, together with a side of sliced onions, ginger julienne and lime or lemon wedges. Yum!

white plate with sections filled with chole masala, sliced onions, fresh lime wedges and bhatura on a marble table-top

Serving Suggestions

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer my chana masala served with a poori or roti. Some great options are: tandoori roti, phulka, kulcha, bhatura or naan. Add some sliced onions and fresh lime or lemon and you have the perfect Indian meal!

If you are avoiding gluten, this chole recipe also tastes good with plain steamed Basmati or jeera rice.


There are many variations of chickpea curries made in Indian cuisine, but I like this Punjabi chana recipe that I have shared here the most. It tastes like the chana masala you get in the streets of Delhi and Punjab! Few more delicious variations you can try are:

  • Pindi Chole – A dry, spiced and tangy version of chole made with chana masala powder. A special and unique recipe from Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Amritsari Chole – Another special variant from the city of Amritsar in Punjab, India. The gravy is made with onions, tomatoes and plenty of ground spices.
  • Instant Pot Chana Masala – Easy one pot recipe made in the Instant Pot. No chana masala powder needed.
  • Chickpea Curry – Simply delicious South Indian Recipe of chickpeas in a delightful curry base of roasted/toasted coconut and spices.


Does chana masala freeze well?

Sure! Any leftovers can be frozen for up to a week or refrigerate for 1 to 2 days. However, I always recommend eating any lentils or beans on the same day.

Otherwise, it can give digestion-related issues with Vatta dosha according to Ayurveda. To reheat, allow to defrost in the refrigerator overnight and either use the stovetop/pot method or microwave it in intervals.

What is the difference between chana masala and tikka masala?

Chana is the Hindi word for chickpeas, while tikka is the Hindi word for “chunks.” Chana masala is therefore a chickpea-based curry dish, while there are many kinds of tikka masala recipes out there that use vegetables, paneer or meat in a curry sauce.

Is there any way to skip the toasting and grinding of whole spices?

You can try, but masala made with freshly roasted and ground spices has a different flavor and taste than the ones made with pre-ground spices.

I highly recommend trying to make your own – it really only takes about 10 minutes, and the flavor is so superior that you won’t mind!

If you are using pre-made chole masala spices, start with 2 to 3 tablespoons.

More Indian Chickpea Curries For You!

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white plate with sections filled with punjabi chole masala, sliced onions, fresh lemon wedges and bhatura on a marble table-top.

Chana Masala Recipe | Punjabi Chole Recipe

One of the best Chana Masala Recipe that you can make. This Chole recipe is made with freshly powdered spices, onions, tomatoes, herbs making the curry taste like the ones you get on the streets of Delhi. 
4.92 from 155 votes
Prep Time 9 hours
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 9 hours 45 minutes
Cuisine North Indian
Course Main Course
Diet Gluten Free, Vegan
Difficulty Level Moderate
Servings 5


For pressure cooking white chickpeas

  • 1 cup dried white chickpeas (garbanzo beans, kabuli chana or safed chole) – 200 grams
  • 3 cups water – for soaking chickpeas
  • 2.5 to 3 cups water – for pressure cooking the chickpeas
  • 2 to 3 dried amla or Indian gooseberry or 1 black tea bag, optional
  • ½ teaspoon salt or add as required

Ingredients for gravy

  • cup finely chopped onions or 1 medium-sized
  • ½ cup finely chopped tomatoes or 1 medium-sized
  • ½ teaspoon Ginger Garlic Paste or 2 to 3 small garlic cloves + ½ inch ginger, crushed to a paste in a mortar-pestle
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder (ground turmeric)
  • ½ teaspoon red chili powder or cayenne pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon Garam Masala – optional
  • ¾ to 1 teaspoon amchur powder (dry mango powder), optional and only to be added when you do not have dry pomegranate seeds
  • 2 to 3 green chilies – slit
  • 1 to 1.25 cups water or the stock in which the chickpeas were cooked
  • 1.5 to 2 tablespoons oil
  • salt as required

Spices for chana masala powder

  • 2 black cardamoms
  • 1 inch cinnamon
  • 3 to 4 black peppercorns
  • 2 cloves
  • 1 tej patta (Indian bay leaf) – medium sized
  • ¼ teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain)
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1 teaspoon coriander seeds
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • ½ teaspoon dry pomegranate seeds
  • 1 to 2 kashmiri dry red chilies

For garnishing

  • 2 to 3 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves (cilantro)
  • ½ to 1 inch ginger – julienne
  • 1 medium onion sliced or chopped
  • 1 medium tomato sliced or chopped
  • 1 lemon or lime, sliced or quartered


Soaking and cooking white chickpeas

  • Rinse the chickpeas a couple of times in fresh water. Then soak them in water overnight or for 8 to 9 hours. Add enough amount of water as the chickpeas increase in size after soaking it. Later drain the water and again rinse the soaked chickpeas with fresh water.
  • To give a dark color to the chickpeas, traditionally dried amla (Indian gooseberries) are added. These also give a faint sourness to the stock. If you do not have dried amla, then add 1 black tea bag.
  • In a 3-litre stovetop pressure cooker add the chickpeas along with the 3 to 4 dried amla pieces or 1 black tea bag. Taj tea bags work very well. Then add water.
  • Season with salt and pressure cook the chickpeas for 12 to 15 whistles on medium heat. The chickpeas should be cooked well and softened. The chickpeas should be soft when you mash it with a spoon or eat it. The chickpeas should not give you a bite when you eat it.

Dry roasting spices

  • In a pan, take all the whole spices for the "chole masala powder" mentioned above and on a low heat begin to roast them.
  • Stir often and roast the spices till they get extra browned. Don’t burn them. You have to go beyond a point roasting them even after they become fragrant and they get more browned than what is the norm usually.
  • Let these roasted spices cool and then grind or powder them finely in a coffee grinder or in a dry grinder.
  • By now the chana will be cooked. You will see a darker brown shade in the safed (white chana). Remove the amla pieces which would have softened by now or the tea bag from the stock.

Making chana masala

  • Heat oil in a pan or kadai. Add ginger-garlic paste and saute for few seconds or till their raw aroma goes away.
  • Then add chopped onions and saute stirring often till the onions turn translucent or light brown.
  • Add tomatoes and saute stirring often till they soften and the oil starts to leave the sides of the onion and tomato mixture.
  • Lower the heat and then add all of the powdered chole masala that we ground, together with the red chili powder, turmeric powder and garam masala powder (optional).
  • Stir and mix the dry ground spices and then add slit green chilies
  • Add the cooked chickpeas. Mix well.
  • Add salt according to taste. Then add about 1 to 1.25 cups of the stock in which the chickpeas was cooked. You can also add water instead.
  • Stir and cover the pan with a lid.

Cooking chole masala

  • Simmer on a low to medium heat. You can also cook the chana masala without the lid. 
  • The gravy will thicken and reduce. Mash a few chickpeas as this helps in thickening the gravy. 
  • Simmer till you get the consistency you prefer. The consistency of this curry is not thin, but medium consistency or semi-dry. For thick or semi-dry consistency add less water.
  • If you have not added dry pomegranate seeds while roasting the spices, then you need to add amchur powder (dry mango powder) now. Mix and stir well.
  • Serve the Punjabi chana masala with kulcha, bhatura, poori, roti, naan, bread with a side of sliced onions, tomatoes and lemon or lime wedges. 
  • While serving garnish with coriander leaves and ginger julienne.
  • This Chole Masala also tastes good with steamed rice or jeera rice or saffron rice.



Recipe Notes

  1. For dried chickpeas ensure that they are fresh and within their shelf period. Old or aged chickpeas will take a lot of time to cook and also don’t taste good.
  2. If you don’t have dry mango powder (amchur) or dried pomegranate seeds then add lime or lemon juice towards the end once the dish is complete.
  3. You can also use 3 cups of canned chickpeas and add them once the tomatoes and ground spices are sautéed well.
  4. You can skip making the chana masala powder from scratch and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of packaged chana masala powder instead. 

Cooking Chickpeas In Pan or Pot:

  1. You have to take enough water in the pot while cooking the chickpeas. It takes a lot of time though. For 1.5 to 2 cups of soaked & drained chickpeas, you can take about 4 to 5 cups of water.
  2. Adding a pinch of baking soda in the water along with salt, also helps in the cooking process and the chickpeas become really soft when cooked.
  3. You can add about 1 teaspoon of salt while cooking the chickpeas. A little less salt is also alright. I usually add less salt.
  4. Cover the pot and cook the chickpeas. If the water starts to become frothy, then remove the lid and cook chickpeas for some minutes. Remove the scum if there is any while cooking the chickpeas.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Chana Masala Recipe | Punjabi Chole Recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 239 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Fat 7g11%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Sodium 786mg34%
Potassium 614mg18%
Carbohydrates 37g12%
Fiber 11g46%
Sugar 9g10%
Protein 10g20%
Vitamin A 592IU12%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 1mg5%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin C 38mg46%
Vitamin E 2mg13%
Vitamin K 11µg10%
Calcium 83mg8%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 243µg61%
Iron 4mg22%
Magnesium 68mg17%
Phosphorus 178mg18%
Zinc 2mg13%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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This Chana Masala Recipe from the blog archives was first published on August 2009. It has been updated and republished on July 2021.

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    1. thanks a lot vinita. so glad to read your comment. this chole recipe is so good, that it tastes great with chapati, rice, roti and even bread. sometimes i make aloo tikki and serve extra chole masala with it. most welcome and happy cooking.

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    1. thanks chaitra. glad to know that the visual presentation is helping you.

      the mixer grinder that i use (shown in this recipe) is preethi blue leaf brand. it has a small chutney grinder, 2 wet grinders and 1 juice extractor. there is another small blender i use, which is nutrivault from texet. i use this one for making milkshakes, making coriander or mint chutney and for onion, tomato paste, making small quantities of coriander powder, jeera powder etc. for grinding coconut or coconut based masala pastes, idli batter etc i use preethi blue leaf mixer-grinder. both are available on

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      thanks for sharing the suggestions. i will see if i can add them. thanks again.

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    I absolutely love your website and this particular recipe! Now I’m in a situation where I need to make it for a hundred people… do you have some tips regarding proportions (mostly spices)? Like do I really need to put 40 black cardamoms and 40 green chilies?
    Thanks for your amazing work! Regards from France, Camille.5 stars

    1. thanks camille. when making any curry or gravy dish, the ingredients have to be added in approximation or eye balling them or intuition. so you won’t need to add 40 cardamoms and 40 green chilies. 20 will be fine of each. just feel and intuitively add the ingredients while making the recipe and you won’t go wrong. for this recipe you don’t need to double or triple exactly all the ingredients. it will create unbalanced flavor and taste. so add the spices and spice powders accordingly. only increase the amount of chickpea, water, onion and tomatoes.

  22. Madam j just went through comments of people,n you not only say thanks but help individually,this is out of world,please give hind name of masala like fennel,snuff ETC. One thing I m searching samosa I had eaten in child hood in Bengali sweet shop now closed,the feeling was of only patato cut in very small size but it were not boiled aloo,some black masala was ,very small size of SAMOSA, .well u r researcher ,IF U HAVE ANY VERSION PLEASE GUIDE.I HAD TO STAY AWAY FOR MONTHS SO STARTED TALKING INTEREST N TRY WHEN REACH WITH FAMILY…RAJIV

    1. Thanks Rajiv. Fennel seeds is Saunf in Hindi. If I come across this version then I will try to add the recipe. I make it a point to reply to every comment so that it helps the readers.

  23. I TRIED n your special masala had changed taste,very detailed given.Thanks Rajubhai

  24. Hey! I have made the recipe exactly as written and it came out really great. My family loved the taste and am grateful to you for sharing this recipe 😀5 stars

  25. Hi…

    I want to make a big batch of the masala… help me out with qty… as each time roasting and grinding especially on weekdays becomes not possible….

    Plssss help out5 stars

    1. uttara, i am afraid increasing the ingredients proportionately can make the masala taste go awry. since i always add recipes which are tried and tested, i cannot give the proportions as a big batch of chole masala powder from this recipe has not been tried by me. when making any kind of masala, the spices have to be in the correct amount. even if one spice is in less or more quantity, it can ruin the flavor of the entire masala.

  26. I’ve looked for hours as different recipes for Chole Masala and like the looks of yours the most. Your recipe is definitely the most transparent.

    I usually don’t alter recipes without trying them first, but am going to go out on a limb and make the following changes:
    -omit or reduce Fennel seed (it’s wayyyyy too strong for my palate)
    -1/2 cup desi yogurt
    -1/2 tsp hing
    -dried fenugreek leaves

    I will also be cooking my pre-soaked chickpeas in a rice cooker.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to make this. Thanks for posting the recipe!

    1. thanks a lot bryan. you can reduce fennel.the preference for fennel varies from person to person. i also know people who do not even like fennel seeds ????
      1/2 cup yogurt will add some sourness to the curry. so i would suggest to use about 1/4th cup. hing and fenugreek leaves are fine to use.

  27. Hey dassana. Your recipe is as close as it can get to amritsari chole. I am from amritsar and my husband is from andhra. We live out of india and i always tell him when we visit amritsar i will take to all the awesome food joints there. I made your chana recipe and it tastes exactly like what we get in amritsar. My husband had a taste of amritsari chole without visiting the place. You made me miss my hometown even more. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe.5 stars

    1. Welcome Geetanjali. Glad to know that the recipe helped you in recreating the taste of authentic amritsari chole.

  28. Thank yoou for being so awesome, as always 🙂 do i have to soak the chole overnight? Is there a quicker way?

    1. welcome suhani. yes soak the chole overnight or soak them in hot water for 2 to 3 hours.

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    It was a big hit, and I m so happy that I didn’t use Bazaar ka Chhola Masala.
    I’ll recommend it to everyone else too.5 stars

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    P.S.: Your wife is/will be so lucky to have you 😛5 stars

    1. Thanks Akanksha for your kind words. Glad to know this. Thanks for sharing you positive feedback on recipes. Happy cooking.

  31. Do u changed the recipe?I remember when I previously visits u r blog there is only ginger,and no fennel,more quantity of corrinder seeds

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    1. Thanks Dhana. Glad to know that you liked the chole masala recipe. Combo of chole with bhatura is too good !!!

    1. Dipti, its little tricky. you have to use method of andaaz or approximation while adding spices.

  33. Hello Dassana.

    I’ve tried this and several other recipes shared by you. They’ve all turned out to be very delicious. I am especially grateful for your Udipi sambhar recipe. I couldn’t find it anywhere else even after searching so much.

    I really appreciate the way you share every step in so much detail, publishing as many photos as possible. I also like the options you give for healthier versions of all recipes.

    Thanks a lot 🙂5 stars

    1. Welcome Jyotika. Glad to know that you like the recipes and its presentation style. Thanks for this motivating feedback.

  34. i made this chhole recipe and it turned out great! I did not have tea bags, neither amla, hence i used a combination of some tamarind, kokum (amsul) and amchur powder! Smacznego!!!!4 stars

  35. Your recipe was a big success. Thanks so much for sharing it. I made a half tray of chhole for a potluck party last night and I had NEVER made this dish previously. The step by step directions were a big help. The taste was phenomenal. Any reason to avoid amchur to increase tartness after using anardana?

    1. thanks a lot niranjan. glad to know. anardana is also sour and so is amchur. if both are used together, the sourness is felt distinctly and strongly in the recipe. thats why its better to use one of them.

  36. awesome recipe…came out really well…. 🙂 the sour taste given by amchur powder and lemon was extraordinary

    1. thank you sanjai for the positive review on chole masala. both amchur powder and lemon juice gives a nice tangy taste.

  37. Hi Madam , can we increase daniya seed like 2 or 3 spoon for the masala . Will it alter the taste .can you clarify. Thank you. Rathy.

    1. yes it will change the taste. if you want you can increase dhania seeds.

  38. Hi Dassana,
    I have really struggled with this dish. So I’ll share my learnings. The first time I tried it was about a year back and I used canned chick peas. The problem was that I used only 1 can but otherwise followed your recipe to its bitter conclusion. The dish was stronger tasting than a day out with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Determined to crack the case I tried again after a few months but instead used 2 cans of chick peas…the result was much better. It was more like a day out with Cindy Crawford but still not a 100%..these days Katy Perrry is required.
    I can now happily report that Katy has visited. The modification I made was to use only 1/4 teaspoon of sauf instead of the recommended 1 teaspoon. It’s probably a matter of personal taste but Katy is a lot more fun.
    Best regards as always, Rohit.

    1. after a long time rohit, seeing your comment. as always you do have a great sense of humor. i do not know how many grams of chickpeas are there in 1 can. but i presume the quantity of masala became too much for the amount of canned chickpeas. like you say saunf is a matter of personal taste. i know of folks who add very less saunf in any recipe as they feel its taste is too dominating.

      1. One can of chick peas is 400g, drained weight being 240g. I think dried peas one cup is ok but if tinned then 2 cans are needed.

        1. thanks for the info rohit. could be 2 cans are required. one cup of dried chickpeas is about 200 grams. after cooking, they increase to 3 to 3.5 cups. though i have never measured the weight of cooked chickpeas.

    1. don’t use anardana goli. its usually sweet. plus there are some more spices in it apart from anardana. just skip anardana. instead you can add lemon juice toward the end or amchur powder.

    1. just add some mashed potatoes. the potatoes will absorb the sourness and balance the flavors in the gravy. moreover they will also thicken the gravy. another alternative is to take some chickpeas from the gravy and grind or blend them with little water to a smooth paste. 1/4 cup of chickpeas will be fine. then add this to the gravy and simmer.

  39. Hi
    Chole nd bhature both were awsome, super , lipsmacking .
    Thanx for d recipe nd God bless u.

    1. thanks for your kind wishes jaya and also thanks for the feedback on both chole and bhature recipes.

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    1. pleased to know this sheetal, thank you for your positive and encouraging feedback. you are welcome.

  41. Hello,
    what do you think about MDH Chana masala mix?
    I cannot get all the spices for this recepies in my local
    Will it go well when I use ready to use blends?


    1. i have not used mdh chana masala mix. but any chana masala powder will work in this recipe.

  42. Hey I always look for your blog when I want to cook something new. I have tried so many of your dishes and they are always so properly explained and taste awesome. Tried this too and for a minute I thought that I have ordered this from a restaurant. That’s how amazing it turned put to be. Thanks for sharing such amazing recipes with us 🙂5 stars

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    1. surely try jai thank you and you are welcome. do let us know how the punjabi chole was?

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  48. Hi …i started cooking recently and am setting up my kitchen. Could you please let me know which mixer is best in the market to buy for a small family ??
    Also which material is best for cooking ?? Non stick, ceramic or any other? ? I heard non stick is not safe so a little doubtful what to buy for my kitchen.

    Pradeepti4 stars

    1. i use preethi mixer grinder (blue leaf) and it is good for a family of 3 to 4. best is to use steel. even iron, brass and copper is good, but additional care needs to be taken. you can also buy clay or earthen pots. they are also good. non stick has to be used carefully. use it only for low to medium flame cooking. high flame removes the non stick coating. also do not use sharp spoons on non stick pans. use wooden or silicon spatulas or spoons.

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    1. pleased to know this isabel thankyou so much for your kind and encouraging words glad our blog could help you 🙂

  51. I wrote a post that appears to have disappeared …. I tried your excellent recipe, but I was plumb out of Kabuli chana, (chick peas), so I used Cowpeas, / Red Chori / Vigna unguiculata – Wikipedia … instead. It has a little firmness, (bite) even after 12 minutes in the presuure cooker, but we liked it. We used some potato flakes to thicken up the gravy. By the way, Cowpeas are recognized by the UN Food and Argi. org (FAO) as the most protien rich bean in the world. No kidding.

    To Hope (-ful ?) the American, who posted below ….. until Ms. Dasana can get around to writing her ‘paper’ cook book ….. isn’t it a miracle, that we can still use her ‘virtual’ cook book ? :->)
    Continued good wishes and Joy and happiness.5 stars

    1. i just replied to your earlier comment, gary ji. even i use cowpeas for making usal and sometimes make it in the punjabi way. paper cook book is a big task. i touted with the idea a few years ago and gave up. there are too many things involved. but as i mentioned in my previous comment, i will be making an ebook. i so much agree on the “virtual cook book” part. thanks for that 🙂

  52. Dasanaji, ….. Regarding, writing a ‘paper’ cook book, ….. before you go through the motions and procedures of writing a paper cook book, …. maybe you could easily write an E-book with all your ….. or most of your virtual recipes, with a select amount of the photographs, and make a quantum leap forward.

    I understand your husband is in the IT business, so the file making and the systems analysis and E-book making can be done in a jiffy.

    Just a thought – that I thought could be of help.5 stars

    1. gary ji, we are looking into writing an ebook. so will publish the ebook in some months. thanks for the suggestion. my husband’s IT knowleldge does help at times 🙂

  53. This is an excellent recipe! Just what I have been looking for!
    Esp good served with a little bit of tamarind sauce and chopped onions on top.

    Might I ask–I’m an American with a love of Indian food, but I have yet to find a good English language cookbook to use. They skip any of the ingredients that take a little effort to find here, and use tiny amounts of spices, don’t roast or fry them, etc. Do you have any suggestions for a good cookbook? …Maybe you will publish one?!

    1. thanks hope. most american based indian authors’ cookbooks have these tweakings. thats why i never buy any american indian author cookbooks. i would suggest jiggs kalra’s books. they recipes are good and you can easily scale them down to serving of 3 to 4. hopefully lets see if i can publish a cook book 🙂

  54. Nisha Ji whenever I follow your recepie the food goes just awesome… I tried this chole recepie and it was awesome..

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    1. sorry to know about your mother zahiba have no words to express but glad to know our food blog could help you in cooking food 🙂 take care and god bless you.

    1. difficult to tell superna. when cooking for many servings, the ingredients have to be used in approximation or added through the method of andaaz.

  56. This is a great recipe, I keep coming back to it. I cook my onion/tomato for about 30-40 minutes stirring very often. This is how the ladies in India taught me! I love this recipe. Brings back some wonderful memories for me!!

    1. thanks kim. if you use a huge amount of onion and tomatoes, then you will have to saute for 30 to 40 minutes. for a serving of 4 to 5, one does not need to saute for so long. hope this helps.

  57. 6th Oct 2015: The Chole recipe turned out to be tasty. My family enjoyed having….Thanks for sharing the recipe !5 stars

    1. you can add tomato paste, but the amount has to be less, as the paste is more concentrated. try adding 2 tbsp of it first and then as per your taste, you can add 1 or 2 tbsp more.


    1. shona a big thankyou for your kind and encouraging words 🙂 surely try more recipes and let us know how they were ? god bless you and you are welcome.

  59. Hi, i recently moved to another country and don’t have a mixie or the blender. Loved your recipe. Can you please let me know how could I alter the recipe to prepare without have to grind the ingredients for masala.4 stars

    1. if you have a mortar-pestle, then use that to make the masala. but a lot of handwork will be required. and if you do not have mortar-pestle, then forget the masala. when you heat oil, add the following spices before you add the ginger-garlic paste. saute the spices till you get a fragrant aroma. then add the ginger-garlic paste. the spices are 1 black cardamoms/elaichi, 1 inch cinnamon/dalchini, 2 to 3 cloves/lavang and 1 medium indian bay leaf/tej patta or 2 small tej patta. another alternative is to add these spices while cooking the chana. then you don’t need to add them in the tempering. now when you add the red chili powder, that time add 1/2 to 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 tsp dry mango powder or dry pomegranate powder and 1 tsp garam masala powder or chole masala powder. you can increase the red chili powder and garam masala powder to suit your taste buds.

      1. Beautiful! Thanks so much. I have a mortar and pestle. Will try both ways and see which is better. I love your recipes and the details in it. The rajma I made from your recipe list turned up excellent. Thanks once again.

  60. Hi, I am a big followers of all your recipes. Whenever I have to try something new. I just browse it here. Amazing recipes. Lots of success to you.

    1. thankyou so much Neha for your kind words. wish you all the success to you as well 🙂

        1. Hello,

          The above mentioned recipe is for how many portions?.

          I’m planning to cook this curry for 20 people.5 stars

        2. the recipe has 4 to 5 servings. if making for 20 people the proportions will change and you will have to add the ingredients by approximation or andaaz. indian curries and gravy dishes do not work well when the ingredients are increased or decreased proportionately.

  61. Hi Amit,
    Thank you for the hard work you have put into presenting this recipe so beautifully. I live in the
    UK and miss out on lot Delhi food where I am from.
    I am going to give it a try today.

    1. thankyou ashish do try surely can understand how it is to be far away from our motherland. but keep cooking indian food atleast you could enjoy that part and you are welcome 🙂

  62. I am very much fond of cooking and find your recepies easy to follow. Your instructions are very specific and almost always give good results. Thanks for your efforts.5 stars

    1. Welcome PRASANNA. Glad to know that you found the recipes presentation good.

  63. Hi,

    Last night my mother in law suddenly asked me to make chole for lunch. With no ready made chole masale to the rescue I turned to your webpage for help and I surly wasn’t disappointed.

    Am really glad that I didn’t have the pakaged masala or else I wouldn’t have known how easy it was to make the chole masala. Thank you for the pictures which you include as it helps me in judging the quantity of the ingredients.

    By the way, the chole were perfect. Just had them for lunch 😉

    1. welcome sonal. glad to know this. thanks for sharing your positive feedback.

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    tryng out ur recipes very often…n it turns out to b awsum evrytym!! my dad n bro luvs d dishes dat i cook..n m nw d “master chef” of my home…!!
    nothng wud ve been possible without u…ur a true inspiration…tnxx again!!<3<3

    1. welcome aa5nghamitra. glad to know this. thanks for sharing this sweet feedback.

  65. It’s like a mother guiding us how to cook delicious food…thnxx a zillion!!
    tryng out ur recipes very often…n it turns out to b awsum evrytym!! my dad n bro luvs d dishes dat i cook..n m nw d “master chef” of my home…!!
    nothng wud ve been possible without u…ur a true inspiration…tnxx again!!<3

    1. thats good to know that you are the masterchef of your home. great 🙂 all the best for your future and thanks a lot for these genuine and kind words.

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  67. Today I prepared this chole and it was awesome… Every one in the falimy liked specially my 4 yrs old daughter she liked it very much..thanku for the recipe….5 stars

  68. If few chickpeas mashed after that simmer on low flame oil on the garavy vaished
    What will i do for make oily gravy

  69. Made the choley tonight to be served at brunch tomorrow and they turned out super amazing!!!!!! I can’t stop tasting them….hope there will be some leftover for my guests tomorrow .

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. Next one is the mushroom tikka masala….can’t wait!

    1. welcome shetal. glad to know this. thanks for sharing this awesome feedback.

  70. Hi Dassana! I have been following your recipe since an year, and I noticed today that you have changed the chole masala spices and their ratio. what will be the effect of that on the taste? is it more spicy or subtle combination?5 stars

    1. thanks rajshree. since i made this recipe many times, i experimented with the spices. finally came up with this version. which is more flavorful. its not spicy.

  71. It seems delicious…but i want to know does that taste like we eat in restaurant?, i love delhi chole bhature i always wonder what they put it taste so delicious I want to make it taste like same in restaurant.please help?

    1. priyanka, you will have to try. but it taste very good. make it more spicy if you want.

  72. Outstanding!! Thank you ever so much for this recipe. I am now so eager to try ssome of your other recipes. Thanks Dasana , God bless 🙂

    1. welcome sharon. thanks for sharing your positive feedback and for your prayers.

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    why i addressed u dear is because thats the way i feel about u as i am so much fond of ur recipes!! thank u so much !! i have tried many of your recipes and they turned out to be so delicious!! keep posting new recipes!!kudos to your good work!

    1. thats sweet of you shilpa. thanks for this sweet as well as positive feedback. i will keep on adding more recipes.

  75. Hi dasssna,
    You know ur just amazing..i made this chole for first tym yestrdy and i got amazing response from my offc frnds..they loved it.i follow ur website most of the tyms for keep posting such amazing receipes.4 stars

    1. thanks remya for sharing positive feedback and for your kind words. glad to know that you and your friends liked the chole recipe.

  76. Thanks Dassana for this wonderful recipe. I have tried so many variations but not so yummy. I just tried it today and tasted and it has turned out too good. Waiting for my husband’s and my kids reaction.will let you updated.

    1. thanks for the feedback padmaja. hope your family likes the chole masala.

  77. Hi Dassana,
    I had given up on ever cooking good chana masala till I found your recipe today. My husband ABSOLUTELY loved it! Thanks heaps for the recipe and for all your other recipes! can’t wait to try the mango shrikhand tomorrow.5 stars

    1. welcome kris. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive feedback.

  78. Hi dassana
    Tried this recipe, it came out very well.. My husband loveed it. Thanks for the recipe.5 stars

  79. hi ,

    for 1 cup cooked chickpeas how much teaspoon of masala required? i want to prepare masala and keep it for next use also. please help.

    thanks5 stars

    1. this recipe gives about 3 cups of cooked chickpeas. i think the ground masala was around 1.5 to 2 tbsp. so for 1 cup of cooked chickpeas you can add 1 to 1.5 tsp of the ground chana masala.

  80. This is a awesome recipie… First time my husband said wow, immediately after taking first byte… Thanku soo muxh for this wow moment. I m recently married and u know how nyc it feels…. Thank u soo soo much..5 stars

    1. welcome hetal. thanks for sharing this wow feedback. i can understand and relate with you. do try some more recipes.

  81. Hello Dassana,

    Greetings from London. I cannot compliment your site enough! This weekend we had friends over for dinner. I made your punjabi chole and a few other recipes from your blog. My friends didn’t believe I made it. They were sure the food had been ordered in from one of the top Indian restaurants in London and even checked the dustbin for evidence of take away bags and papers! Thank-you so much for sharing these lovely recipes. Wishing you and your family a prosperous new year! Looking forward to trying more of your wonderful food.5 stars

    1. welcome jacques. forget about the guest, even i can’t believe this. that means you have cooked the food with lot of love and care. credit goes to you also. wishing you a happy new year.

  82. I tried this recipe today and whole house is aromatic. I had assumed preparing chole is herculean task your recipe dispelled my assumption. Thank you4 stars

  83. I’m a single veg man in the USA & I was well used to Taco Bells, Burger Kings, Pizza Huts, & the assorted expensive Indian restaurants. Food was only for sustenance & not for pleasure, something necessary & something that consumed time.
    Then I came across your website & started experimenting.
    Now, about a year later, I am an acknowledged ‘Great ‘ Cook. My neighbors comment favorably on the different aromas that emanate from my house & self-invite themselves often. My parents visited from India & were pleasantly surprised at my sea change of attitude towards food. The few relatives I have around look forward to my increasingly frequent visits, as I always make & take something ( I’m now addicted to the praise that the follows & it’s no fun anymore if there’s no one to appreciate your work & success).
    I totally attribute my ‘cheffiness, my unexpected popularity, my blossoming passion, & my bloating weight to you. Thank you so much.
    Along with a few friends, I’m now part owner of a veg Indian restaurant in the San Francisco Bay area. We still use your recipes & the chefs know you by name. We do reasonably well for a new entrant into an already overcrowded field. And we have plans for the future.
    I understand you are from Andheri(w). Me too. There’s Shoppers Stop today where I used to live an age ago. And also Radhakrishna restaurant, Oasis….. The Iranis at the station are now McDonalds.
    I hope I run into you someday, I would like to meet my inspiration. Thanks again.

    1. thanks ranjit for this long but encouraging and motivating feedback. your comment is one of those which inspires and motivates. its a good to know that the recipes are making a positive difference in readers’ cooking and eating habits. its a good step you took to learn cooking and start your own restaurant. usually fast food is not healthy and cannot be eaten every day. we also have lived like this and in long term it gives health problem. we wish you all the best for your restaurant’s future. i hope after having food at your restaurant, people remember authentic indian food which is cooked in their homes.

  84. The more authentic way to blacken the Chole is this:
    1. Take a muslin cloth. Put in 2 Tsp of regular Tea, 1 Tsp of Amchur powder and 1 piece of Khajur in this cloth.
    2. Tie the knots tightly and put it in the pressure cooker when cooking Chole.
    3. Remove after cooking.

    Tip: If yo add whole garam masala (Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves) in the Chole while cooking in pressure cooker, it will infuse additional flavors.

    1. thanks for the suggestions. have never heard of khajur/dates. i know about the whole garam masala part when cooking chana.

  85. I am big fan of your recipes bcz the way u present is very beautiful and simple to understand. My mom is great a cook and we are Punjabi and your recipes are somehow similar to my mom recipes. I love your chite chole ke recipe one query I have that instead of chopped onion and tomato we can grate them also? Or recipe require chopped one only??? Kindly advise5 stars

    1. thanks divya. most punjabi homes have more or less the same recipes. for the chole, you can grate also the onions and tomatoes. i choose to chop them as its faster to do so than grating. you can even puree or make a paste of them.

  86. I follow your recipes, they turn out great. Step by step photos help to know how the end product should look. I stopped to look at any other sites for recipes.5 stars

  87. I am a regular follower of your recipes…they are just yummm… Thanks a lot for sharing your pearls of culinary art.i I just had to ask one thing: Can I make the masala in bulk say for using 2-3 times in say 3-4 weeks. I am a working lady so to save time can I prepare and store in bulk..if yes, does it need to be refridgerated. Also please give the proportion of spices and the way to do it.

    1. you can make the dry chole masala powder in bulk. just increase the quantities proportionately.

      1. Thanks for your feedback. Just one more thing: does this mix have to be refridgerated or can be kept at room temperature. Awaiting reply.

        1. you can keep the chole masala at room temperature, since its a dry preparation. the roasting of the spices ensure that the masala has a longer shelf life.

  88. Omg,perfect punjabi chole.i was searching out for this recipe since so long.finally…I’m thinking y I haven’t tried it earlier.
    Anyways,thnx dassana.awesome recipe.u reminded me taste of “Bengali market ” k chole..thnku again..5 stars

  89. Made this recipe today with garlic naan (also from your site). It was so yummy! Thank you so much for this awesome recipe. Also a note on the pomegranate seeds, I had some pomegranate molasses and added them instead of the seeds or the amchur and it worked very well.5 stars

    1. thanks supriya. good to know that the pomegranate molasses worked in the recipe. i have never used it since we don’t get it here.

  90. Thanks for the recipy. Please mention the name of the spices and the quantity required to make chole masala.5 stars

    1. the recipe details are mentioned right at the bottom where the step by step pics end.

  91. Your recipes always turn out great. I followed this one exactly as you have posted ( left out amchur and lime juice since I didn’t have either)…. turned out great! Thank you5 stars

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  93. I like the way chole has been made…..this is the of my kidz…now no need to go to sindhi…to relish channa bhatura…..i will make it at home…..thanx4 stars

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    Already planning to try so many of the recipes and your site is totally ADDICTIVE:-) totally passioante about cooking and your recipes helps me to do something about it and you make even the most trickiest recipes seem so easy.

    Love it to the core 🙂
    tons n tons of love and thanks5 stars

    1. thanks ruchi. great to hear from you. we love feedback and queries from readers. so feel free to comment and share your opinion and tips.

  95. Hi,
    I dunno wat to say abt ur site. Cos anything said will not give enough justice. I love ur blogs. I always look for the recipes u made nd try nd it always turns out gr8.
    I have so much to tell. Guess the comment box ll fill up. 🙂
    I love ve the way u actually reply to all ur comments. this is the first time I’m commenting on any blog. I feel u r like my sister. Cos cooking is something I love nd I feel connected to u.
    Love loads. May God bless nd keep u happy always.4 stars

    1. mallika, your loving comment has touched my heart. i don’t know what to say. a common passion or hobby between individuals always connects. hugs and i pray that you live in light, love and abundance always.

  96. Hi,

    I tried this recipe yesterday and it turned out really nice. I am becoming a fan of your blog. I also like your step by step pictures. as it is easy to follow. Can you please make a recipe of petha- north Indian sweet and micro wave oven recipes because I work and when I get back home, I want to be able to cook quickly in micro wave. Thank you.5 stars

    1. thanks. petha is a time consuming recipe. thats why i have not yet made it. it also requires some ingredient which i don’t think i will get here. plan to add microwave recipes.

  97. Hi Dassana,

    Made this yesterday and it turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing all your lovely recipes.

    Ingrid5 stars

  98. Dasannaji….
    Chole recipe to bohot hi acchi he padhkar hi muh me paani a gaya …
    Ill also try this recipe. ..
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  99. I am so glad I found your website! As a vegetarian I often find it hard to find new recipes, but now I have many new ones to try – thank you! I’m trying this one this week 🙂

  100. Tried the dish today and it was absolutely delicious. I dislike the chole my cook prepares, I tried Your recipe and it was a HIT! It was even better than the ones I’ve had from restaurants. Thanks for the yummy recipe. Keep blogging for people like me who love good food 🙂

    1. thanks veena for this positive feedback. glad to know that you liked the chole recipe.

  101. Hi dassana , I made this recipe the other day, and it was awesome, never again buying ready made chole masala powder.. Thank u for a simple yet mouthwatering recipe

      1. This recipe turned out really well – thank you! One quick question when you say blend the onion tomato mixture with the chole spice powder, do you mean using a blender making it a paste?5 stars

        1. thanks gaya. by blend what i meant was mixing the masala with the onion tomato in the kadai or pan. i didn’t mean blend in a mixer or grinder.

  102. Hi…. Whenever I’m getting confused about any ingredient while cooking I am taking help from your website …. N its too gud especially for girls like me who never cooked any thing n after marriage you have to cook every day. Well today I’m gonna try chole first time with ur help… 🙂 thank you….

    1. welcome ruchi for your positive feedback. if you have any query then you are always welcome to write a comment.

  103. This recipe did not turn out well for me. There wasn’t enough oomph, and it was quite bland. I used ALL the ingredients. I thought my mistake bay have happened when you said add 1 1/2 cup of chickpeas. Is that 1 1/2 dried chickpeas or 1 1/2 cup cooked chickpeas. I used 1 1/2 cup dried chickpeas, soaked, and cooked them which yielded around 4 1/4 cup wet chickpeas. Thanks2 stars

    1. the recipe is a bit spicy. i am not sure what went wrong. but so many readers cannot be wrong. its dried chickpeas and not canned chickpeas. its mentioned in the steps to soak the chickpeas. so obviously its dried chickpeas that need soaking.

  104. Hi dassana

    First I want thank you for the wonderful recipes on this site.
    Very neat & beautiful presentation.
    I tried chole recipe and it turned out really hubby who likes only restaurant chole. after eating this one he said no need to go to restaurant.this chole is more tasty than restaurant one.5 stars

    1. welcome sush. nice to read your feedback. its good to know that you can enjoy the delicious chole at home. enjoy the meals.

  105. Is one and half cup peas equal to 250 grams and what shall I do to make gravy more thicker

    1. 1 cup of dried chickpeas is about 180 gms. so 1.5 cups would be about 270 gms. this recipe gives a good smooth gravy. for a thicker gravy, you can make onion paste and tomato puree. i have chopped them. but you make separate pastes of them. saute the onion paste till it becomes golden and then follow the recipe. if you mash some chickpeas while cooking, this also helps in thickening of the gravy. some people also add boiled mashed potatoes. the starch in the potatoes help in thickening of the gravy. in chole recipes we never add cream, cashew paste or yogurt as thickening agents.

  106. Just made it for breakfast today. it turned out great. Didnt have fennel seeds but it still has amazing flavours!!!! Thank you

  107. Hello aunty,
    I just love your reciepe, I am student use to cook food myself whenever i make anything of your reciepe it turns too good my frnds and roomates use to love it they have given me the title of good cook but its all because of you
    Prici4 stars

    1. welcome prici. glad to know your new title. keep trying and learning more recipes.

  108. Hi Dassana,

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.
    I need your help with a quick question.
    I need to make this recipe for 10 people , can you please advise if I should just double the recipe/ingredients . Would that work ? your inputs will be much appreciated. Thanks5 stars

    1. welcome neelam. usually doubling or tripling the ingredients does not work. but for 10 people you can try. be little careful when you add amchur and garam masala. add them as per the taste in the very end.

  109. Dear,
    I want to try this at home today, but I do not have Amchur powder or bayleaf. Is it okay to prepare without them?

    1. krithi, add some lemon juice towards the end to replace amchur powder… or you can also use dry pomegranate seeds/anardana and powder them instead of using amchur. skip tej patta, if you don’t have.

  110. This dish turned out very good…got compliments from family and friends. Could you possibly suggest a replacement for amchur powder? I did not have any…nevertheless, dish turned out awesome.

    I also made kadai paneer and tadka daal…loved both.

    1. shruthi, you can use lemon juice (in the end) or dry pomegranate seeds/anardana (powder them and add it while sauting the masala) as replacement for amchur. the chole should have a tang.

  111. Hi Dassana,

    I made a scaled-down version of this recipe for 2 people and it has turned out finger-licking good! I didn’t have amchur so I added Everest chole masala because it has quite a bit of amchur in it. I omitted garam masala and fennel because I didn’t have it. But still it’s sooo good 🙂

    5 stars for your awesome recipe!5 stars

    1. thanks preeti. chole masala has amchur in it. no need to add garam masala if you are using chole masala.

  112. The chole turned amazing It was a finger licking Sunday at my home Pity I coked a small quantity since I was trying out for the first time Thanks for the recipe

  113. Dasanna,
    You are a blessed person and so we all, who are reading your blog. My new addiction is to read your receipes and more than that read the way people are writing so many praise worthy words for you. I can not stop reading them.I am learning lot of cooking now. and I tell all my friends to go on your site for any receipes and I tell them that once they start cooking from your receipes, that is the ultimate destination. I am just pressure cooking my choles. I will post the results by evening. My husband and daughter went to Chinmaya Mission this morning, while I stayed back to make choles for lunch

    1. thanks a lot sandy for your kind words. i am humbled. sure do let me know how the chole was 🙂

      1. Dear Dasanna
        My daughter said “Aai, Awsome Chole” and her next question was “is the receipe from Dasanna Auntie?”

  114. Hi Dassana,
    First, thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipes. I feel like we are friends. It is beautifully presented and honestly, flawless.
    I have made the homemade paneer, butter paneer, and now just tried the punjabi chole. I have been making chole for years, and this is the first time it has tasted “right”. I feel so liberated to be making great punjabi food at home and not have to go to the restaurant. Whoo hoo!
    I do have a question: Regarding ginger, what amount is one inch? Do you have tips for grating ginger/garlic into paste?
    Thank you again. (Behind me is simmering rajmah masala, can’t wait to try it)5 stars

    1. thanks manjari for your genuine positive feedback. cooking punjabi food at home is quite great if you get a few nuances right. sometimes i feel i make better punjabi food at home rather than the oily, cream and color loaded stuff they serve in restaurants. there are a lot of punjabi recipes on the blog. you can try them too.

      for ginger, i just scale it to one inch visually for medium sized ginger. since i know how much is one inch, i can scale it easily visually. if the ginger is large, then i just take 1/2 or even 1/4th inch of it. basically using the andaz or approximation while cooking. i prefer to use fresh ginger-garlic paste. so what i do is i chop them roughly. then using a mortar-pestle i grind the. they paste does not have to be very fine. just a semi fine paste will also do. hope the rajma masala was good too.

  115. I’m very interested in how/why you modified the MTP recipe. I noticed some similarities in your recipes, e.g. no garlic. I also noticed some interesting differences. You balanced coriander and cumin more 50/50, and you ‘replaced?’ an ardana with amchur. Also, you didn’t use tejpatta, but added fennel. I’m just curious how you reached your final recipe.

    I will make this recipe soon and post my results. My benchmark is a local Indian street food place which makes insanely good Chhole Bhature. Better than I had in Bangalore!

    1. most of the times i adapt recipe, i always end up changing or altering the original. half-half of cumin and coriander would balance the taste and thats why i added half-half. i have used tej patta/bay leaf in the ground chole masala. i have added fennel as i have tasted chole before with fennel and its gives a very good flavor and taste. i did not have anardana so substituted with amchur powder. do try making this chole recipe.

  116. This is the best channa masala I have ever had, and a new family favourite in our house. Many of your recipes are turning out to be that way. Thank you so much for putting all the time into this blog.

    Here in Vancouver, I use a half-and-half mixture of shallot and red onion to approximate the flavour of the onions I had in southern India–it makes a substantial difference. I substituted chipotle chile powder for straight chili powder to complement and add to the smokiness of the black cardamom, and added a little garlic with the ginger to create a base for the chipotle. Finally, I added a sprinkle of green, red, and yellow bell peppers at the end for a little contrasting colour and crunch.5 stars

    1. thanks a lot. in fact in india, we don’t get many varieties of onions as abroad. just a few varieties. it will make a difference on the kind of onions used. the bell peppers would have added a lot of color and crunch. thats nice.

  117. My mouth is watering looking at all of those flavorful and rich spices! What a wonderful dish Nisa! Nice to meet you Dassana! Headed to surf around your blog.

  118. hi! I have a recipe for chana masala which works great to serve five people and I want to scale it up to serve 50 people. I did a test run last night and it did not taste good! Would you be able to take a look at the recipe and let me know what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks, Michael.

  119. Hi !
    I want to make an onion and tomato paste coz I dun like to see the pieces in cooked food … What can I do ? Should I first use a mixer and then cool the paste ? How much time should I cook this paste ? I look forward to your help

    1. just grind the chopped onions and tomatoes in the mixer or blender first. no need to add water while blending. then when the oil becomes hot, add the onion-tomato paste and saute till the color changes and the mixture starts to leave oil from the sides. then proceed with the next of the recipe.

  120. Dear my love I like to say, tell me your address so I could come there personally and give you a big hug. I have started a new business of lunch box service since 3days from today, it is your recipe I trust and it is making my business go viral and every dish I make with the influence of your recipe is giving loads of complements. Thank a lot a lot. . . Am 22, since 6months am cooking never entered kitchen before that but all credit to you and your recipes, my family love it. I do necessary changes as per taste. M loving it. And love you too take care and keep updating. .4 stars

    1. Thanks Kavya for this lovely comment. i am glad that this blog is making your cooking easier and successful. your loving words have touched my heart, thanks. i wish you all the best in your business. keep visiting.

  121. Thanks a lot, it was very yummy…., small amount of jaggery I added as per my daughters request and it was excellent

  122. Awesome!!!!!Thanx so much for the instant recipe.For the first time i could make it&the credit goes to u n u only

    1. welcome arbeela. i have many chole masala recipes in the blog but this version of chole masala is the most popular one.

  123. I prepared it yesterday and I must say its one of the best chana masala I’ve ever had!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  124. hiii ur channa masala recipe is fantastic. i made it at home. its vry delicious. every body like this. thanks for sharing ur pricious recipe.

  125. I ve always used the packaged Chole masala but my packet got over and I had lot of guests last week. I tried this recipe keeping my fingers crossed. It came out soooo well, we were all licking the juice more than the Chole itself. Thank u!!

  126. Hi Dassana,
    With an overly energetic 8 month old I dont have much time/ energy to prepare “kuch to special’ kind of dishes. Luckily your blog has those special dishes with ingredients easily available in our indian homes.
    Today being Diwali, I thought of making Punjabi Chole (hubby loves) and phulka rather than taking an easy way out. My husband and I very happily sniffled our noses and wiped our teary eyes into blissful satisfaction 😉 we both love spicy food – I may have been a little liberal there. It turned out great !!!. I also added a bit of kasuri methi for a different angle on taste (my mom does that).
    So my husband and kiddo are now happily dozing off and I am wondering what I shall cook tomorrow 🙂

    There’s nothing more I can say but- ‘THANK YOU’!!!

    Happy Diwali!!
    PS yesterday I tried your insant rava dhokla – successfull there too..:)

    1. thanks RG. i am too late too wish you a happy diwali. but i do wish you all the best and happy cooking.

  127. Hi

    Appreciate ur blog a lot.visit it on a daily basis.Have tried some other recipes and they were quite good.
    I have few doubts in this chole recipe
    1.How come the color of ur ground masala is so red?It contains only two red chillies. Mine was not that color
    2.The taste of my chole was pretty bland.The color was also very dull.I was forced to add chole masala and amchur to compensate for the taste!!
    What happened??
    Kindly help!!

    1. 1: i have used kashmiri red chilies and hence the color of the masala is red.
      2: i am not sure why the chole you made was bland. this masala gives a slightly spicy chole. did you follow the recipe to the T? did you use canned chickpeas? any changes or modifications you made in the masala… meaning not adding some spices etc.

  128. Hi ijust want to know where to get fresh coconut ,sohe of your receipe says use fresh coconut.i love all your receipes .thanks

  129. Hi Dassana,
    Wow landed on your page from Google search for a different or may be typical North Indian Chole recipe. And I am glad to tell you, I found it at last. Thanks much for sharing this awesome recipe. Chole is my favorite dish all the time!! A new fan and follower:)
    Epsita5 stars

  130. I have never cooked Indian food before so I apologize for this question. I saw in a reply to a question you said that we could cook the chick peas in a deep pot instead of a pressure cooker. You mentioned make sure there is enough water and add salt. How much water do I need to add and how much salt?

    1. you have to take enough water in the pot while cooking the chickpeas. it takes a lot of time though. for 1.5 to 2 cups of soaked & drained chickpeas, you can take about 5-6 cups of water. adding a pinch of baking soda in the water along with salt, also helps in the cooking process and the chickpeas become really soft when cooked. you can add about 1 tsp of salt. a little less salt is also alright. i usually add less salt. cover the pot and cook. if the water starts to become frothy, then remove the lid and cook for some minutes. remove the scum if there is any while cooking the chickpeas.

  131. Tried your recipe which was really simple and easy to follow. Result was superb.
    Thanks .5 stars

  132. Hi Dassana,

    I made the Chole today and it came out really well. I had 2 questions though

    a) Can I put tomato puree rather than chopped tomatoes..I felt the gravy was not thick enough bcoz they were chopped and not a puree
    b)While grinding the spices,should the skin of the black cardamon be taken out or should it be grinded with the skin?

    1. hi vinay, thats nice to know.

      a: if the tomatoes are juicy, then there is enough moisture in the dish. you can also make tomato puree and add it. the chole gravy will have a more smooth texture
      b: the skin need not be taken out of the black cardamom. its ground with the skin.

  133. Hi Dassana,

    when we grind the spices,should I remove the skin of black cardamon and grind only the seeds inside it?

    1. in this chole recipe, there is no need to remove the skin of the black cardamom.

  134. i liked ur recipe alot its simple yet tasty but can v just add sum jaggery and lil tamarind pulp too in chole?

    1. if you add tamarind, it will be called khaate chole. and jaggery will sweeten but may unbalance the dish completely. the taste and flavors may go awry.

  135. Hi Dassana 🙂

    I’m making this for my family tomorrow. I have 2 toddlers so I was thinking of omitting the green chilli, red chillies and chilli powder in case it turns out too spicy for the kids. Would that alter the taste too much?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. hi seema. the absence of any of the chilies, would make a difference in the taste. instead of green chilies and the dry red chilies, i would suggest you to add a little bit of red chili powder only for the taste and flavor. if there is no option howsoever, then just skip all three.

  136. I have some boiled chana in the fridge….gonna try this and will let you know the feedback!! I think the dry roasting of the spices….gives it the authentic Punjabi taste…so good you thought of updating the picture….

  137. Hello
    I liked your recipe & also tried many times. My family enjoyed it. But i garnished it with small pieces of cheese & instead of amchur powdar i used dry pomegranate powdar. Everyone relished it.
    Thank you.

    1. sari, i have not used garlic paste in this chole recipe. but you can use it if you like.

  138. Hi Dassana,

    Thank you for the recipe, looks yummy! I’m wondering, can I use canned chick peas and skip the soaking overnight and the pressure cooker? I do not have a pressure cooker.
    Thank You 🙂

    1. yes, you can use canned chick peas and then saute them in the spices as mentioned in the recipe. happy cooking.

  139. Hi Dassana,
    Thank u for this recipe.It was the best chole recipe I have tried so far. Came out fragrant and tasty . I had one doubt. In the ingredients you mention half tsp garam masala powder but nowhere in the recipe I see the mention of adding it. So do we add the garam masala powder with the other dry powders? I missed using it when I made it yesterday,it tasted good even without it.5 stars

    1. thanks ashwini. you can add the garam masala powder with the rest of the dry powders. but its not required, since we have already made the ground masala powder in this recipe. i shall update it in the recipe.

  140. Hi Dassana. I’ve been long time wanting to make chole, but here’s no amchur around here. What can you suggest to substitute it? Mango chutney?

    1. don’t add mango chutney. some lemon juice would do. if you can get dry pomegranate seeds, then these also can be used. dry roast and then crush the seeds in a mortar-pestle. then add to the chole.

  141. I tried the recipe & it came out really well. my whole family enjoyed & lot of thanks to you.

  142. Thank you for this recipe. Like many I’ve tried several recipes (stopped using instant powders a long time ago) for this beloved dish but never found the right one. The one ingredient that was always missing was the black cardamom and this is THE spice that brings that lovely smoky flavor to the chole we all love. Absolutely wonderful recipe and with some minor tweaks (pinch of saunf and much less amchur) it has brought back memories of delicious meals shared with loved ones far away!5 stars

    1. thanks aparna. the black cardamom in this recipe is that ingredient which contributes a lot.

    1. you can add dry pomegranate seeds powder (anardana powder) or lemon juice. the taste will be different though, but works well. add lemon juice toward the end.

  143. Hello,
    I have made both the masala powder and curry following your method and mind me it came Super 🙂
    Thank U so Much 🙂

  144. I loved your recipes . The amazing pictures that explain the steps…….all other websites do have recipes but yours do reach to people in an original way as if i am standing in the kicthen and my mom is teaching me. Thanku so much . I can’t explain how authentic and original they are and you made my day !5 stars

    1. thanks navneh for writing such a positive and motivating feedback. reading your comment made my day.

  145. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I would try the recipe tomorrow. Just one quick question. Is it possible that I do not boil Chole separately and cook them with the masala itself? My mom says boiling would take away the essence and aroma. Please reply. Thanks 🙂

    1. you can cook the chole with the masala. first fry all the masala and then lastly add the soaked chana. saute for a few minutes. add water and then pressure cook the chana.

  146. Dassana
    when you talk of using the pressure cooker. How long is 5-6 whistles
    I’m not familiar with this

    1. approx 7-8 minutes. also depends on the size of the cooker and the quantity of ingredients added in the cooker.

  147. After surfing the net for a good amount of time, came across this recipe for Chole.
    Tried it and it was awesome. Thanks!5 stars

  148. I tried this, followed all the steps but used MDH masala instead of your spice mix becuz I was a bit rushed and tired.
    It was AWESOME. many thanks for sharing5 stars

  149. good to know about this recipe..and iam trying this now

  150. I tried this recipe yesterday and came out wonderful and has got excellent taste in it.
    We both enjoyed having it and my husband asked me to make it often.i think after marriage this is the first tasty one i made.
    About the taste i can’t express it in words & it was so lovely and perfect,feel like having it often.One thing is i didn’t get this much red color in outcome,what mistake i did?
    Thanks for this lovely recipe Dassana chechi.

    1. thats nice latha. the red color depends upon the type of red chilies used. eg if kashmiri red chilies are added, the dish will have more red color. so the red coloring when using red chilies often depends upon the variety of red chilies. the spice and heat also depends on that.

  151. Hi dassana,
    The recipe is awesome just one question when do we add the red chilly powder and the green chillies. I added it at the end along with amchur and garam masala. Hope that is correct

    1. hi elle, they are added when the powdered spices are added. green chilies is alright to be added at the end, but better to add red chili powder when sauting the onion-tomatoes and spices. i will update the post as well.

  152. Dassana — THANK YOU for posting the links to the aloo tikki burgers, and the Amritsari chhole. Great recipes. I’ll be making both of them soon.5 stars

  153. Hi, i travelled around India and ate alu tikki with chole pretty much every day! I wanted to make it back in England. Is this chole recipe the best one to serve with tikki? or should i be tweaking it at all? Thanks in advance.

    1. hi michael. even when we lived in delhi, we would have aloo tikki with chole almost every week 🙂 this chole recipe is good for aloo tikki.

      1. Thank you for sharing these with me, now I can make everything using just your website!

        With the amritsari chole – it sounds delicious but to me the darker colour makes it look less appetising than the Punjabi version You say it takes on this colour from the addition of teabags. If i left these out would it be a different colour and would it effect the flavour much?

        Thanks again, Michael.

        1. hi michael. the darker color is due to the tea bags. you can omit adding the tea bags. sometimes even i don’t add them. the taste would be slight different as tea flavors to add to the recipe. but not that the flavors change completely. the chole would be still delicious without adding the tea bags. the color of the chickpeas would be its natural creamish color and the color of the curry will be less darker.

  154. Hi Dassana,

    I was wondering how can I cook the chickpeas in a regular pot? I do not have a pressure cooker.

    1. you can cook the chickpeas in a pot. use a deep and large pot. just add enough water with salt and a pinch of baking soda. cover and cook the chickpeas. keep on checking in between. if the water become less, then add some hot water and continue to cook till the chickpeas become soft. you have to keep on boiling till the chickpeas get cooked. it will take a lot of time to cook chickpeas in a pot… approx 45 mins to 1 hour.

  155. Hi, I made this for my family – who happen to adore Indian food- and they loved this recipe! Thanks so much, and I think that your website is fabulous!!

  156. This is something I luv to do in my life.. cooking and serving food is my passion, and I do at home for my kids.. experimenting whatever little I know about cooking, I saw and learned from my mother. Good to see your website and looking forward to learn more and more

    1. same here mohan. do browse the blog and do try some of the recipes. thanks.

  157. Cut out fennel seeds n add dried pomegranate seeds….n add haf amout of mango powder….n c the taste…..straight from a real punjabi….

  158. Basically U must remember the recipe for Cholle , Rajmah , And Mutton is the same

  159. Hi
    This recipe looks delicious. When do you add the 1/2 tsp garam masala? And is the gravy still on flame when you add the Mango Powder? Just wondering how long should I keep it on the flame after adding the mango powder.

    1. the garam masala is added towards the end along with the amchur powder. after adding them you can simmer for 1-2 minutes more.

  160. I made this and linked it on my blog. Just amazing! First time making chole it turned out perfect! Can’t wait to try it again with rotis and amchur powder (haven’t found any in France yet).

  161. hii Dassana…
    it’s such a nice work u had done for others…
    today i am going to make this dish..
    i will tell u tommorow about the dish..

  162. Hi,

    I am planning to make this recipe for a group of 20 people. Your recipe serves 4-5, should i just multiply whatever quantity by 4, to cook for 20 people?

    1. hi vini, you can just increase the quantity of the ingredients proportionately.

  163. Hi Dassana,,,,!! New to ur blog and totally in luv with ur recipes……. Need to try all of dem 😀 Today i tried d chole recipe and i must say it is d best i’ve ever tried….a total keeper for sure,,,, Had tried a lot of chole recipes from other blogs but all of dem were huge disappointment for me…. 🙁 But wen i made chole using ur recipe….i was in total luv with it,,, 🙂 Thanx a lot dear,,, 🙂 Keep up the gud work…. God bless u …

    1. thanks ramya for that wonderful feedback. keeps me motivated and gives me encouragement to share my love and passion for cooking as well as blogging.

  164. Hello Dassana, Great Post and Great Recipe. I am gona to make it today for dinner. The way you mentioned will help me to prepare delicious dinner.

  165. Very nice and delicious recipe thanks dassana…. I tries it and it turned sooooo yummy… very thankfull to you.

    1. you can add about 2 tsp for a spicier version and 1 tsp of chole masala for a less spicy version.

  166. Hi,Dassana.Your chole recipe is great.My friend for delhi had given me the same recipe for both chole and bhaturas(with Potatoes).THe only difference is that there no tomatoes are used instead roasted anardana powder was used.also I added some dreid amla while cooking the cholas.All this brings about a rich black colour.I love your blog.It is very genuine.Thanks for the great recipes.

    1. thanks shubh. i do know about the dry amla and anardana powder being added to chole. the dry amla gives a good black color and the anardana powder a good sour taste. tomatoes add some body and gravy to the chole. otherwise one can just make dry chole with the spices. both ways the chole tastes good.

  167. Wow the Punjabi Chole and Aloo Bhaturas turned out so well.. The colour of the Chole was a bit dark as I had used Dark Red chillies in the spices.. Everyone loved it at home.. Thanks a lot Dassana.. God Bless You.. 🙂

    1. thanks ritz for making the chole recipe and taking the time out to comment on the post.

  168. hi dassana

    yesterday i made this everyone ate heartily to their content and as usual no leftovers and loved the taste too, only the chilli part was a bit more for me but otherwise damn delicious and only one change i made is that for the gravy i mixed milk and water to give that thick consistency and the taste was very good.

    thanks so much again dassana, my next is garlic dal, will let you know how it came out.

    1. thats so nice to know sunita.

      to get a thick consistency, just simmer the chickpeas for some minutes in the masala. you can even mash a few chickpeas whilst they are simmering with the back of the spoon. this way the gravy becomes thick. i think milk would have diluted the spicy nature of this recipe.

  169. Hi Dassana,

    Just want to know Punjabi Chole goes well with poori or chapathi… ????pls give the right combination that i cook next sunday…

    This Sunday i plan to cook your garlic dal/ Aloo jeera… hope it comes out well… for 4 memembers…



    1. punjabi chole goes very well with pooris. ideally chole is served with bhatura. but if not making bhatura then best to serve with pooris.

      don’t worry… the recipes are tried and tested and will come out well.

      1. Truely Said, Garlic dal and aloo Jeera….10 /10 nothing more to say 🙂

        Next Sunday as you suggested will cook the Punjabi Chole / pooris….

        Thanks a ton

        1. thanks janet for taking the time to comment on the recipes and that too after you have made them.

  170. Hi Dassana,

    Just want to tell you that the best thing about your receipe is that all the ingredients is so easy available in the kitchen that i dont have to search for itor look out for it out for it…. some website is so complicated ……………….

    Pls continue the same always …:-)

  171. hi !i am very happy with this site .after a long time of reading and searching other sites this site is very unique.although i have bookmarked it also.the step by step photo presented by u is awesome .even we can get the picture of what is happening in each and every step.
    thank you so much for fabulous receipes.
    keep it up.

  172. I was looking for different Channa/Chole Recipes. This one has been bookmarked too.
    Will update you. Thanks! 🙂

  173. This is by far the best food site in terms of photographs!! what a quality of pictures! great job!

    1. thanks aishwarya. usually people write positively about recipes or both recipes and photos, but this is the first time i am getting a comment exclusively for photographs.

      i hope to take my photography to the next level and present even better photographs.

  174. i tried your recipe for a party I had at home , believe me i got so many compliments …….thank you so much.

  175. Hi Dassana,
    I made this chole recipe as you have mentioned and it turned out to be real good 🙂 thanks for your lovely recipes.

  176. i love this receipe its so simple and thanx for taking out time to update the same.

  177. The recipe sounds delicious and I’ll be making it this week. One question, though:

    Your #6 instruction says to “add the amchur powder”, but you don’t include it – or the quantity – in the ingredients list.

    How much amchur is needed ?

    1. you can add 1 tsp amchur powder. i remember updating the amount for amchur powder some time back. even i am surprised its not showing. may be the updation did not get saved. thanks for bringing this to my notice. i have added the amount for the amchur powder in the recipe post.

  178. HI, Can you tell me what is meant by “chilly powder” in the recipe — is this the same thing labeled as Chili Powder for American chili recipes? Or is it actually just ground chiles?

    1. the chili powder that is used in the recipe is the hot variety of red chili powder available in india. basically, its ground red chilies in pure form.

      i think the american chili powder is usually a blend of chilies with other herbs or spices.

      cayenne pepper comes close to the indian chili powder and you can easily use it in the recipe.

      there are different types of red chili powder available in india and this recipes uses the hot variety.

      1. Thanks so much. I couldn’t wait to try the recipe and did — my little one had three servings. It’s the first chole recipe that’s actually a “keeper”. Thanks so much for it! Look forward to trying others.

    1. I really like u r recipe of bathure i like it thanks for giving such a nice and easy recipe

  179. This is my all time fave chole recipe! tried it once and it turned out to be yumm! Hit this page everytime I make the dish! Thankoooooo

  180. Amchur powder is mentioned in the body of the recipe? How much and what is it? What about the yield and serving size?

    1. sean…. amchur powder is dried mango powder…. it makes the dish sour and is a souring agent used for recipes in north india. you could add about 1 tsp of amchur powder.
      this punjabi chole serves 3 to 4 people.

  181. wow…. It really came out well. my hubby liked it very much. thanz a lot to dassana and anita.
    thanz for posting this wonderful recpie………..

    1. thank you uma….the original was anita’s which i tweaked a little…. even at my place everyone likes this chole recipe…..

  182. Thanks, for acknowledging the original amongst the copies, Dassana! It is no small thing!

    Why don’t you join us for the Mad Party. You know the theme! The rules are simple – have yourself some tea (at home or at your favourite cafe) write a post about that with the theme woven in! 🙂 There is time till my laggard friends post!

    1. Thanks Anita.

      Count me in. I just completed right now posting a galangal lemon grass tea recipe. And then your comment appears. What a coincidence? This is my entry for the mad tea party.

      In fact, I had checked the date for the event but I felt I was late. Your comment came at the right time. So lets have a tea party.

  183. Absolutely delicious! I just made this recipe and it came out perfect. Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I have been looking for a good chole recipe for a couple of years now. Yumm!

  184. I have been looking for a chole recipe for a couple of years now. Everytime I make chole, they never turn out right. Either too spicy, too bland, too watery etc. I came across yours this morning and decided to try it. I must say that this is the best recipe except for the one that my mom makes. I am saving it under my favorites! Thanks a whole bunch for posting this!!

    1. Superb…. I tried it yesterday and It really came out well. Thank you 🙂5 stars