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Hotel style onion rava dosa recipe with step by step photos – this is a variation of the popular rava dosa recipe with onions. Rava dosa is one of the easiest dosa to make since no grinding and no fermentation is required. Few more similar dosa recipes on the blog are Oats dosa and Butter rava dosa.

onion rava dosa recipe, onion rava dosa

To make this instant onion rava dosa – just mix all the ingredients and allow the batter to sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then you are ready to make the dosas. When the dosa batter is resting, you prepare the coconut chutney. The ease of this recipe makes it a good option for breakfast or even for brunch.

I have tempered the dosa batter with mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves. This tempering gives a really nice flavor to the dosa and does not take more than 5 minutes.

To make the batter, you can use water or buttermilk. Sometimes I prepare the batter with water and sometimes with buttermilk. Both ways the onion rava tastes good. The spices, herbs that go into the dosa give their own taste and flavor….. Not to forget the presence of onions too.

This dosa is best served with coconut chutney or sambar.

How to make hotel style onion rava dosa

1. Mix all the ingredients for the dosa like the rava, rice flour, all-purpose flour, onions, green chilies, ginger, crushed black pepper.

mix onion rava dosa ingredients

2. Heat 1 tsp oil in a small frying pan. Crackle the mustard seeds first. Then add the cumin and curry leaves. Saute for a few seconds till the cumin browns.

frying cumin mustard for making rava dosa

3. Add this tempering mixture along with the oil to the other ingredients. Add salt too.

add tempering to rava dosa batter

4. Pour water or buttermilk and make a thin batter without any lumps. The batter should not be thick or of medium consistency. I added about 2 cups and ¼ cup water to the batter. If the batter becomes too thin, then add some rice flour to slightly thicken it. Keep aside the dosa batter for 15 to 20 minutes.

onion rava dosa batter

5. heat the tava or non-stick pan. Using a small piece of fabric or paper napkin or half of sliced onion which has been dipped in oil… Grease the pan.

heat tava for making onion rava dosa recipe

6. with a ladle pour the dosa batter. Start from the edges and…..

spread onion rava dosa batter on tava

7. Move towards the center. If there are big gaps, then fill them lightly.

spreading onion rava dosa batter on tava

8. Sprinkle ½ tsp oil from the top. This dosa takes a little longer time to cook than the regular dosa. The pan has to be really hot before you pour the batter.

sprinkle oil on onion rava dosa batter

9. Let the base becomes golden or crisp. Flip and cook the other side. Usually, I cook both sides. But you can just cook the base and when the top is also cooked, fold the dosa and serve immediately. Prepare all the dosas this way. The rava and the flours settle down at the bottom of the batter. So you have to stir the batter very well every time you make the dosa. In case the batter becomes thick after making a few dosas, then add some water and stir again.

cooking onion rava dosa recipe

10. Serve the hotel style onion rava dosa hot with coconut chutney or vegetable sambar.

onion rava dosa

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onion rava dosa recipe

Hotel Style Onion Rava Dosa

4.87 from 38 votes
Easy lacy dosa made with semolina, rice flour, onions and all purpose flour. A quick breakfast option.
Prep Time 25 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 45 mins

Cuisine South Indian
Course: Breakfast

Servings 6 dosa


main ingredients

  • ½ cup unroasted rava (sooji or semolina)
  • ½ cup rice flour
  • 2 tablespoon all purpose flour or whole wheat flour
  • 1 green chili - finely chopped
  • 1 medium onion - finely chopped or about ½ cup of finely chopped onion
  • 5 to 6 curry leaves - chopped
  • ½ inch ginger - finely chopped (optional)
  • water or buttermilk as required - i added 2.25 cups water *check notes on how to make the buttermilk
  • 9 to 10 black peppercorns - crushed
  • 1 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves (cilantro leaves) - optional
  • salt as required

for tempering

  • 1 teaspoon oil
  • ½ teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • oil or ghee as required for roasting the dosa


making batter

  • Take the rava, rice flour, all purpose flour, green chilies, ginger, onion, coriander leaves, crushed black pepper in a mixing bowl.
  • Heat 1 tsp oil in a small frying pan. Crackle the mustard seeds first. The mustard seeds should pop before you add the cumin seeds. 
  • Then add the cumin and curry leaves. Saute for a few seconds till the cumin browns.
  • Add this tempering mixture along with the oil to the other ingredients in the bowl. Add salt.
  • Pour water or buttermilk and make a thin batter without any lumps. 
  • The batter should not be thick or of medium consistency. If the dosa batter becomes too thin, then add some rice flour to slightly thicken it. Keep aside for 15 to 20 minutes.

cooking onion rava dosa

  • Heat the tava or non-stick pan. Smear a bit oil with a slice of onion or a small piece of fabric or paper napkin.
  • With a ladle pour the dosa batter from the edges towards the center.
  • Sprinkle ¼ or ½ or 1 tsp of oil from the top.
  • Let the base becomes golden and crisp. Flip and cook the other side. When both the sides are cooked, remove the dosa from the pan. 
  • Prepare all the dosas this way.
  • Serve the hotel style onion rava dosa hot with coconut chutney or vegetable sambar. This dosa has to be served immediately.


*to make the buttermilk - dissolve 3 to 4 tbsp of yogurt in 2 cups of water. Whip the buttermilk very well before you add it to the other ingredients.

Nutrition Info Approximate values

Nutrition Facts
Hotel Style Onion Rava Dosa
Amount Per Serving
Calories 181 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Fat 7g11%
Sodium 44mg2%
Potassium 64mg2%
Carbohydrates 25g8%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 3g6%
Vitamin A 30IU1%
Vitamin C 18.9mg23%
Calcium 113mg11%
Iron 5.2mg29%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  1. I tried these recipe today.although I used a non stick pan my dosa were sticking to the pan I was not able to turn the dosa pls help4 stars

    1. mamta, while making dosa firstly always use a heavy pan. it can be nonstick or cast iron, but the pan has to be on the heavier side. light weight pans do not work and dosa or pancakes made on such pans will stick. secondly the pan has to be used only for making dosa or for pan frying or shallow frying food. if it is used for dry heat cooking, like making rotis or roasting spices, then also dosas can stick. hope this helps.

  2. Hello Ma’am…
    Whenever i plan to cook sumthing new, veg recipes is the site i refer and follow and thankfully everything has turned out perfect …last time i made khasta kachori and it was better then market wali kachori….
    I love dosa but can’t make it frequently because of the required preparation time but yesterday i tried this recipe and turned out so good… Thanks a lot…5 stars

    1. Welcome Shweta. Glad to know that you refer the website often for preparing new recipes. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback on rava dosa recipe.

  3. Ur recipes are simple and easy to follow… I follow ur website everyday… theres not a single day I have not seen ur website for my cooking.. thanku for making my life in the kitchen so easy….
    Love the variety of recipes .. u name it u have it… keep up the good work

    1. Welcome Archana. Thanks for your positive feedback. Glad to know that recipes are helping you.

  4. Thankuu mam for such a yummy recipe… Today i prepared and my family liked it so much…. I measured according to ur given measures and i came out perfect… i always follow ur recipes.. Thankuu very muc mam..:)5 stars

  5. I love your recipes and the best part is whatever I try out it comes out well. Thanks somuch. The rava dosa was yummy.

  6. hi
    I tried rava dosa its taste very nice but it break when I made what’s the reason Pls tell me5 stars

    1. nidhi, rava needs to cook more and become crisp from base. if its not allowed to cook well, then it will break. another reason could be that the water has become more. so in this case the rava dosa becomes soft and thus breaks.

  7. Yummy recipe! I tried it out twice and my daughter loved it 🙂 thanks for sharing!!5 stars

  8. I tried rava dosa but it did’nt come out sticked on non stick tava.whats the reason

    1. use only one tawa for preparing dosa. also the non tawa should have a thick bottom, which helps in even distribution of heat. if the tawa is thin, then dosa will stick. so here the dosa sticking is not due to the dosa batter, but the tawa.

  9. Im to glad to tell u that i will try some recipes that make me a good cook in front of my in laws they praise me. I will thank u for this

  10. First of all thank you for sharing the recipe. I tied the rava dosa and my family members loved it. Your recipes are explained in Such a detailed manner alo g with snaps that’s really very helpful.

  11. Hi Dassana! Your website is a saviour! I have tried a few of your recipes and each and every one of them turned out superb! ?In regards to this particular recipe, will pre-roasted rava work??

    1. thanks chaitrali. you can prepare with pre roasted rava. but the dosa will taste a bit different.

    1. thanks so much vikas for positive views and this appreciation means a lot to us 🙂

    1. you can make with only rava too. just that with rava, the dosas will not be very crisp, but will taste good. rice flour adds some crispness to the dosa.

  12. Hi
    Thanks for the recipe. I am always at a loss regarding what to make for breakfast and this site has helped me a lot. I use non stick pans in all my cooking and the dosas don’t come as well as the ones prepared on the normal tava (especially the normal fermented rice-and-urad dal dosa). Any tips?

    1. generally i make dosas on iron tawas. at times i also use non stick pans. when using non stick pan, do not spread any oil on it. just directly add the batter and spread it to make a dosa. drizzle some oil from the top. also cook on a low to medium flame. using a wooden/silicon spatula to lift the dosas and not a steel one as it can scratch the non stick coating, which is not good for health. also keep one pan for making dosas and a second one for making chapatis or roasting spices etc.

  13. Really good recipe. This is one site where I don’t have to bother adjusting ingredients according to our taste, the proportions are perfect and all recipes turn out great.5 stars

  14. can i make this batter overnight and use it in morning as i wont get time to leave the batter for 15 mins

    1. yes you can. but keep in fridge as outside the batter will ferment and get sour. do add some water while making as the rava absorbs water and the batter becomes thick.

  15. Very tasty.. step by step photos u upload are very helpful.. it just makes a lot more easier to prepare.. many website post many recipes, but ur recipe is the first i follow n it comes out very well.. thank u for providing us best recipes.5 stars

    1. pleased to know this sushma 🙂 thankyou so much for your kind and positive words and you are welcome.

  16. thanks for the tasty tasty recipes…. I tired a lot of ur recipes and all are come sooo yummmyyyy….

    1. prerana, main ingredients:
      1/2 cup unroasted rava/sooji/semolina)
      1/2 cup rice flour
      2 tbsp all purpose flour/maida or whole wheat flour/atta
      1 green chili/hari mirch, finely chopped
      1 medium onion/pyaaz, finely chopped – about 1/2 cup of finely chopped onion
      5 to 6 curry leaves/kadi patta, chopped
      1/2 inch ginger/adrak, finely chopped (optional)
      water or buttermilk as required – i added 2 and 1/4 cups water *check notes on how to make the buttermilk
      9 to 10 black peppercorns – crushed
      1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves (optional)
      salt as required
      !for tempering
      1 tsp oil
      1/2 tsp mustard seeds
      1 tsp cumin seeds
      oil or ghee as required for roasting the dosa

  17. Followed the recipe and made it over the weekend. It was excellent. Loved it. Thank you for sharing this. Your easy explanation makes it so easy to cook. Again Thank you. Will be following you.

  18. You are superb amit. Made it first time for my little one . It turned out too good. My toddler loved it. Thanks alot. I always refer to ur website for making dishes.5 stars

    1. pleased to know this pooja thankyou for your kind words. you welcome always and thankyou again for referring friend’s to our blog now we know where the traffic comes from!

  19. Hi…I tried this recipe but my dosa got stuck to the tawa and did not come out. It has been very bad experience for me. Can you suggest why it happened so.

    1. the tawa has to be seasoned very well for making dosa. always keep one tawa for making dosas and another one for making rotis. if the same tawa day after day is used for making dosa, then they do not get stuck. for seasoning, you can heat the tawa, spread some oil. keep the tawa with the oil for 1 to 2 days. before making the dosas, heat the tawa and wipe the oil. now add a new spread of oil. then make dosas.

  20. Awesome dosa recipe simple to learn. Thanks team for making cooking easy and loving.

  21. Dear Dassana,
    This website is awesome!! Your simplistic writing and clear pictures give me a fair idea to say when ingredients are cooked and not burned. I have learned to make breakfasts, chutneys to biryani from your website. Thanks a lot!!

    1. we are quite pleased to know this priti 🙂 glad our food blog could help you. thankyou so much and you are welcome.

  22. Hi dassana..
    First of all I’m a huge fan of yours. Being newly married and still an amateur cook I always turn to your blog for new recipes to try.. And they are always a hit with the family.
    For making rava dosa can I skip rice flour altogether ? Would it compromise on the taste or texture ?
    Please reply soon

    1. thanks sneha. rice flour is required and it does help in making the dosa crisp. i would not suggest using any other ingredient instead of rice flour.

    1. welcome subbalakshmi glad your folks liked the rava dosa 🙂 and thankyou for sharing your views.

  23. Hi Amit, first I just want to thank you because you make me very good cook. Then I want to congratulate you because you are superb and awesome chef. You make all the cooking so easy and interesting by the way you describe them with your easy description and fantastic pictures. Keep going..

    1. hey bakul firstly thankyou so much for your kind and positive words. secondly its a great feeling to know you liked the stepwise recipe details 🙂

  24. Awesome recipe… Tried it for dinner.. came out very well… Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe..5 stars

  25. Thank you mam for sharing such easy dosa recipe..i had nvr thought dat making dosa would be so easy nd without investing a lot of parents jst loved it…i lyk all of ur recipes..plzz keep posting such awsme recipes..5 stars

  26. maa’m ur recipe waz awsome
    my daighter she is too much choosy….loved rawa dosa…widout any burden…i can make it instantly

  27. madam, i tried almost all the recipes of urs. It came out nicey. I want recipe of pasta . and how to make white sauce. Plz help me.Tank u

  28. Thanks dassana for this yummy and healthy recipe and for all recipes of your blog .i m tried many of them.all the recipes came out very tasty.thanks a ton for this.

  29. Hi,
    I tried the recipe and it came out well. I used a non stick pan. But one concern was as I poured the batter on the edges, it came flowing to the centre. I was able to soft small sized heavy dosas but not crisp bigger and tinner ones. I also tried different consistencies of the batter. But no use. Pl help.

    1. if use a flat pan, then this issue won’t be there. since the pan was a concave one, thats the reason this issue happened.

  30. Everytime I make Rava Dosa, it just sticks to the pan. Can you please help me with that problem? 🙁

    1. kinnari, because your pan is not seasoned. apply some oil to the pan and keep it before you use it again.

  31. Thanks Dassanna . I have been trying to make rava dosa for so long but was always a disaster. This one was excellent!5 stars

  32. This is a tasty and easy to make quick recipe.
    my hubby loves south indian food and he loved it.
    my two year daughter too loved it she is a very choosy kid but she had three of them without complaining.

  33. I love this recipe and I made it a few days ago its like THE best onion rava dosa. I have tried having onion rava dosa at the hotels and all as I like it very much but this had a different taste altogether!!! And is a much healthier option too……5 stars

    1. thanks netra for sharing positive feedback. glad to know that you liked the rava dosa.

  34. Dassana,

    I made this recipe for dinner today and it turned out lip smacking good! I even made the easy coconut chutney recipe and my husband was amazed. He wondered whether it was a store bought chutney! I love your recipes. Please keep posting!

    1. thanks devlina for sharing positive review on recipes and also for sharing your experience. glad to know this.

  35. We have a favorite Southern Indian restaurant where we always fight over the onion rava cheese masala dosa. As an American, I know how to cook most French and Italian food, but have been hesitant to try cooking Indian because it seemed so intimidating! I’m very happy to have found your website and can’t wait to try out a few recipes.

    Have you explained some of the required items and basics? For example: I don’t believe I have the correct pan to cook the dosa.5 stars

    1. indian cooking looks intimidating, but is not. you can try with simple and easy recipes first. not yet. i do not have any page or post mentioning the basics. but in the post, at times i do mention about the kind of pan to be used. dosas can be made in a well seasoned iron griddle.

  36. I have tried the recipe and it turn out to be one of my favourite recipe. Thanks alot.5 stars

  37. Hi Dasaana,

    Thanks for all ur recipies. Its awesome,
    1 Can we make rava dosa without rice flour?
    2 can we grind rice in the grinder to make rice flour?

    Waiting for ur response
    thanks5 stars

    1. welcome harpreet. better to use rice flour. to make rice flour at home, first rinse the rice with water. drain them. spread them on a cloth or on a plate and dry them in shade or sunlight. when there is no moisture on them (totally dried) then grind them in the grinder.

  38. Nice recipes you have here 🙂 I would even up the rava to 1 cup. It turns out even more crispier.

  39. Thanks for the recipe. I made rava dosa for the first time and it turned out very well.
    I didn’t have green chilli on hand so i substituted with chilli masala and it still turned out good.5 stars

  40. Hi Dasana
    Thanks again for this awesome recipe. And thanks to you my friends consider my culinary skills par excellence. You have saved me the bother of waiting for the batter to ferment in winters. The rawa dosa comes out just perfect. Keep up the great work..5 stars

    1. welcome sridevi. glad to know that recipes are helping you. do try some more recipes.

  41. I tried ur onion rava dosa recipe for the first really came out well..thanks.. Looking forward for more easy dosa recipes

  42. Hello Dassana,

    I tried this recipe and kaju katli recipe from your blog and both came out very well. Thanks for the detailed step by step instructions.


  43. Dassana
    Lovely recipe .my entire family enjoyed this dosa!
    Keep going Dassana will try more of your recipes!5 stars

  44. Hi Dassana,

    Let me initiate by thanking you for such delicious recipes illustrated by lovely pictures. You are my second inspiration of cooking after my fiancé (coz he’s a foodie and I love to cook for him) and trust me every recipe I have tried so far from your blog, was loved by him 😉

    Recently came across this post and thought of sharing a suggestion. Instead of adding the tempering to the mixture, you can put very little oil and add the mustard seeds,jeera,curry leaves and let them crackle. Once they start crackling, instead of using ladle, use your bare but obviously clean hands to sprinkle the mixture on the crackled seeds on tawa. Make sure to form a well netted dosa. This way the dosa becomes thinner and crispier. The freshly crackled seeds and curry leaves leave a divine aroma and flavour in your mouth 🙂

    Please make sure to be quick enough to not to let the seeds burn else it will ruin the effort. For this method we should use a flat tawa as the concave one will result in batter accumulation at the centre.4 stars

    1. thanks a lot smriti. also thanks for sharing your suggestion. what you mention must be giving a really good rava dosa. since i make rava dosa for breakfast on some days, i will try your method. sometimes i also pour the batter by hands. i agree on making dosa on the flat tava. will definitely try. thanks once again.

  45. I luv ur website….i hv made lots of stuff using ur ideas n all of dem turned out to be grt…..infact i recommended it to my frnds as well who r trying sumthng fr d first time….. Thanx u made a grt cook….;)4 stars

  46. I’ve been making Rava Dosa for a very long time. But, I still checked your recipe, because all your recipes are awesome, easy & written so clearly with easy to follow instructions.
    So, both are recipes are same 🙂
    But, thanks Dassana for taking time and writing this great blog.5 stars

  47. Hi,

    Could you please let me know how long should i soak the mixture,or is it an instant recipe.


  48. Hi Dassana,

    This recipe looks good and I wanted to try it soon. One query which I had is I have fine sooji at home, can this be used to make Rava Dosa ? Thanks.

  49. All these times when I tried rava dosa, it never came out well. The dosas would be so dry and sticky. I tried your version today, trust me it was wonderful. It feels good. Its soft, crispy on sides and looks good too. Thank you for sharing this.5 stars

    1. thanks archana for your feedback. glad to know the rava dosa recipe worked for you.

  50. The recipe looks mouthwatering. Am gonna try rava onion dosa on sunday. Am so excited 🙂

  51. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.. I tried it today an it turned out very nice..:)

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  53. Hi dasana…tried this recipe today & the dosas came out really good…in fact, there weren’t any dosas left for me…I used 1.5 cup rava(for a family of 4)…the dosas were flying off my tawa…another successful recipe…ur website is my goto link for all cooking related info I need….thank u sooo much and keep up the good work!5 stars

    1. welcome jyoti and thanks for sharing your positive feedback on dosa. do try some more recipes.

  54. Hi,
    I’ve tried rava dosa multiple but never worled out for batter becomes grainy once its all mixed… did u use roasted rava or plain rava??

    1. its plain rava. if you allow to let the rava soak in the batter for some minutes, the batter does not become grainy.

    1. sai, i won’t be able to help you as i don’t know telgu language but you can use google translator service to translate the recipe in telgu.

  55. wow 🙂 …….vry interesting…..but seems lil difficult….. 🙁 …….wil try soon…n let u know 🙂

      1. i tried this receipe, it was awesome in taste but having problem in base formation…..but i will try again…..thanks u amit5 stars

        1. if you use a seasoned tava, you won’t have this issue. thanks for the feedback.

        2. I havent tried the recipe yet but can we substitute rice flour with rice puttu powder bought from store….
          Please respond at the earliest5 stars

        3. sana, yes you can try. puttu powder is little coarse than rice flour. but i think it should work.

        4. Absolutely,mouthwatering recipe with step by step pics..tried it yday, excellent in taste..very nice blog”!