collection of 12 coconut chutney recipes for idli dosa vada

collection of 12 coconut chutney recipes for idli dosa – coconut chutney is usually made to go along with variety of south indian snacks like idli, dosa, vada or uttapam.

coconut chutney recipe

a simple chutney adds so much flavor and taste to south indian snacks that you won’t feel like having them without coconut chutney.

there are many variations of making coconut chutney. the difference lies in the ingredients used like mint, coriander, garlic, curd, tamarind etc and the method to make the chutney. e.g. tempering (tadka) makes a lot of difference to the flavor of the chutney.

here i am sharing the coconut chutney recipes i have added on blog. as i add more variations, i will update this collection post.

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12 coconut chutney recipes for idli dosa

1. coconut chutney recipe – this is my go-to recipe for making coconut chutney to be served with idli, dosa, uttapam and medu vada. one of the most popular chutney recipe on the blog which is tried and tested by many readers.

coconut chutney recipe

2. hotel style coconut chutney recipe – this is a quick  coconut chutney recipe that goes extremely well with idli, dosa, uttapam and medu vada. what contributes majorly to the earthy taste of this coconut chutney is roasted bengal gram or chana dal.

hotel style coconut chutney recipe

3. spicy coconut chutney recipe – this is a simple recipe of coconut chutney that is spicy and uses minimal ingredients. this spicy coconut chutney is served with davangere benne dosa.

spicy coconut chutney recipe

4. red coconut chutney recipe – a bright red colored kerala style chutney for idli, dosa and uttapams. this is quick to prepare chutney, if you already have grated coconut.

red coconut chutney recipe

5. red chilli coconut chutney recipe – a slightly hot version of red chilli coconut chutney. this red chilli chutney gets the punch when it is tempered. so do temper the chutney.

red chilli coconut chutney recipe

6. coconut curd chutney recipe – the yogurt gives a slight sour taste to this coconut chutney. this chutney tastes very good with idli and dosa or plain uttapam.

coconut curd chutney recipe

7. coconut tamarind chutney recipe – slightly sour tasting chutney made with tamarind, coconut and spices. simple and easy chutney recipe and goes very well with idli and dosa.

coconut tamarind chutney recipe

8. coriander coconut chutney recipe – another variation of coconut chutney which goes well with idli, dosa, vada, uttapam, upma or other south indian tiffin snacks. the chutney has a raw taste of coriander. so, if you don’t like the raw taste of coriander then you can fry the coriander leaves in little oil and add them, while grinding the chutney.

coriander coconut chutney recipe

9. mint coconut chutney recipe – one more variation of using herbs in coconut chutney. this mint chutney goes well with idli, dosa or uttapam. mint is cooling and excellent for digestion.

mint coconut chutney recipe

10. garlic coconut chutney recipe – a coconut chutney which has the flavors of garlic. this chutney is not tempered. i have also posted another variation of coconut garlic chutney in which the tempering or tadka is done.

garlic coconut chutney recipe

11. coconut chutney for fasting – a no onion no garlic coconut chutney made simple and easy with just three ingredients. this coconut chutney goes well with the fasting or vrat snacks that are made during navratri, ekadashi or janmashtami.

coconut chutney recipe for fasting

12. sesame chutney recipe – this is a quick and easy coconut chutney, if you have all the ingredients at home. even bachelors or novice cook can make it easily at home. it goes well with idlis, dosa, uttapam.

sesame coconut chutney recipe



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  1. Hi dassana,
    I have got a lot of thick pulp from a green coconut (the ones that are sold for juice primarily). Can I use that for these chutneys? Or only brown shell ones are required?

    • ruchi, you can use this pulp to make chutneys. you can even make mocktails with them by blending. if you search in google, you will get some mocktail recipes made with coconut flesh.

  2. yummy collection’s, will attempt one after one after another. did make mint chutney came out really well. wonder how I cooked before your app;-)I