rice pooris recipe, how to make rice pooris | tandalache vade

rice pooris recipe, tandalache vade recipe

rice pooris recipe with step by step photos – some days when i make usal or black peas curry, i make rice pooris and sometimes rice bhakri/roti. the pooris are […]

kerala paratha recipe or kerala parotta, how to make kerala paratha

kerala paratha or kerala parotta

kerala paratha or kerala parotta is a layered flaky flat bread that is popular across the whole of south india. it is a variation of the north indian lachcha or […]

onion paratha or pyaaz ka paratha recipe | how to make onion paratha


onion paratha or pyaaz ka paratha recipe. the translation of onion paratha in english would be  – whole wheat flat bread stuffed with spiced onions  i often make different type of parathas […]

aloo poori recipe, how to make aloo poori | punjabi aloo poori recipe

punjabi aloo poori

the aloo poori recipe is a hot favorite regular at my hubby’s place for sunday morning breakfasts. can you imagine having pooris with aloos for breakfast. i cannot….. i just cannot eat […]