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aloo gobi paratha recipe

collection of 23 indian paratha recipes including popular paratha varieties like aloo paratha, gobi paratha, paneer paratha, onion paratha, mooli paratha and plain paratha.

paratha or paranthas are very popular as a breakfast meal specially in north india. they are most popular in the state of punjab where they are popular breakfast meal.

parathas are a category of indian breads and nowadays they are easily available in most indian restaurants. but if you want to have the real taste of parathas then you must have them in the dhabas of north india specially from a place called as ‘murthal’ in haryana or in delhi’s parathe wali gali at chandni chowk (old delhi).

if you are eating parathas in punjab then don’t be amused if you see people drinking a tall glass of lassi along with the paratha. a good stuffed paratha is very heavy and is a enough meal in itself and you might feel like having a good sleep after having two or three parathas in punjab where they are cooked with ghee and served with lot of butter and lassi.

every home as its own way or method of making parathas. the skill of the cook is noticed from the fact that how much he can put the stuffing inside the paratha without breaking it and its an art and comes with practice.

the name of the paratha is taken from the stuffing used to make the paratha. e.g. in aloo paratha the stuffing is of spiced mashed potatos. the parathas are usually cooked in ghee but as an alternative you can use oil too. they are usually accompanied with tea, raita, pickle, dal makhani, curd or butter.

there are plain parathas as well as lachedar parathas. these go well with lime or mango pickle and tea. whereas stuffed paratha like aloo paratha or gobi paratha go well with curd or butter. onion paratha can go well with dal makhani or curd. thats how they are usually eaten and it varies as per the taste of the person.

23 indian parantha or paratha recipes:

aloo (potato) paratha aloo paratha recipe
gobi (cauliflower) paratha gobi paratha
paneer (cottage cheese) paratha paneer paratha methi (fenugreek) paratha methi paratha
onion paratha or pyaaz ka paratha onion paratha plain paratha
plain paratha recipe
 cheese paratha
cheese paratha recipe
 kerala paratha or malabar paratha
kerala paratha
 vegetable paratha
vegetable paratha recipe
mooli paratha or radish paratha
mooli paratha
egg paratha
egg paratha
ajwain (carom seeds) paratha ajwain paratha
lachedar paratha
lachha paratha recipe
methi missi roti methi missi roti
sugar paratha or sweet paratha sugar-paratha palak paratha or spinach paratha palak-paratha-recipe
rajgira paratha
rajgira paratha recipe
kuttu ka paratha
chana dal paratha dhaba style aloo paratha
aloo gobi paratha aloo palak paratha
 chana dal methi paratha
dal methi paratha

note: if you are new to making parathas then i suggest you to check this aloo paratha recipe post where i have explained the method of making parathas in detail.

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