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spanish fried rice recipe with step by step photos. this easy to make delicious spanish fried rice is one of our favorite recipe. its simple like the portuguese tomato rice, but more flavorful and little spicy, and the method of cooking the rice is also different. this flavorful and spicy spanish rice recipe is also known as arroz mexicana.

by the way, its really mexican rice but known as spanish rice. in mexico it is served as a side dish with other mexican dishes. you can read more about spanish rice here on wikipedia.

i don’t know much about mexican food, other than tortillas, burittos, guacamole (my favorite) and the mexican bean recipes. recently i added three quick and easy recipes from mexican cuisine that are tomato salsa, corn salsa and mango salsa recipe. otherwise my knowledge about mexican food is very limited.

spanish rice is made by browning the rice with onions, garlic then cooked with capsicum, chopped tomatoes/tomato puree/tomato paste plus vegetable broth. if using tomato puree, then reduce the amount of vegetable broth to 3 cups.

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