masala paniyaram recipe, how to make masala paniyaram recipe

masala paniyaram recipe

masala paniyaram are spiced dumplings made from left over idli batter. paniyarams can be made plain, spiced or sweet. they are crisp from out and soft from within. they are vegan and gluten free as well. i have already posted the recipe of sweet paniyaram.

my first introduction to paniyarams were when a friend would get these in her tiffin box sprinkled with idli podi (dry idli chutney powder). one bite and i was hooked.

they were so much like idlis and unlike idlis for me. soft like idlis from within but crisp from out. thats what i like about paniyarams.

paniyarams are a south indian tiffin or breakfast snack… and they are healthy like most south indian food – idli, poha dosamasala dosa, uttapam, upma.

these are made in a special utensil or cookware called paniyaram chatti which have moulds in it. in the market one gets both non stick as well metal versions.

you will see in the pics below, the paniyaram chatti i use at home. i have a traditional one and i got it from an antique shop in goa. its very heavy and the batter does not stick at all in this one. i have made paniyarams many times in this traditional chatti.

masala paniyaram is very easy to make, if you leftover idli batter at home. i just add the onions, spices etc in the batter and make the paniyarams with the left over idli batter. also there are versions where the spices are tempered and then added to the idli batter.

from the leftover batter i had, i made these masala paniyaram as well as sweet paniyarams. given a choice, i liked the sweet paniyarams more than the masala ones.

so shall we begin step by step masala paniyaram recipe

1: add the chopped onions, green chilies, grated coconut, spices, herbs everything to the idli batter.

2: mix well.

3: heat the paniyaram chatti. add a few drops of oil or 1 tsp of oil if you prefer in each mould.

4: pour the spiced idli batter in the moulds upto 3/4 of the mould.

5: allow to cook for a few minutes. turn carefully with a wooden skewer or spoon and let the other side cook.

6: you can flip them once or twice more so that they get cooked evenly. you can also add some more oil if required. when the paniyarams are golden from all sides, remove in a casserole… so that they stay warm. cook in batches this way.

7: you can serve masala paniyaram hot or warm with idli podi or coconut chutney. i served these with a quick hotel style coconut chutney.

masala paniyaram

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masala paniyaram recipe below:

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masala paniyaram
masala paniyaram - crisp & soft spiced dumplings made from leftover idli batter
RECIPE TYPE: breakfast
CUISINE: south indian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 2 cups idli batter
  • 1 medium size onion, finely chopped or minced
  • 1 or 2 green chilies, finely chopped
  • ½ inch ginger, finely chopped or grated
  • a pinch of asafoetida/hing (optional)
  • ½ tsp crushed black pepper (optional)
  • ¼ tsp red chili powder/lal mirch powder
  • 2 tbsp chopped curry leaves
  • ½ cup grated coconut
  • salt if required
  1. mix all the ingredients in the idli batter.
  2. add salt if the idli batter does not have salt previously added to it. stir well.
  3. heat the paniyaram chatti. add a few drops of oil.
  4. pour spoonful of the batter ¾ of the paniyaram mould.
  5. allow the batter to cook for 2-3 minutes on a low or medium flame.
  6. turn each paniyaram with the help of a wooden skewer or spoon.
  7. now allow the other side to get cooked and crisp.
  8. turn once or twice for uniform cooking.
  9. remove and keep in a casserole so that they stay warm.
  10. these masala paniyaram are also good as tiffin box snack or picnic snack.
  11. serve masala paniyaram with coconut chutney or sambar.
SERVING SIZE: 12-14 paniyarams

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  1. Suman says

    stumbled upon this, when I was looking for idli recepie, as mine came out very dense, ( not spongy at all) I thought they did not come out spongy because I had mixed the batter quite a bit as I made dosa’s first. what is the trick. I do put Methi seeds during soaking, I now make dosas using the rice flour and urad dal flour, for short cut

    • says

      the texture of paniyarams depends on the idli batter. if the batter has fermented well and increased in volume, then the paniyarams would also turn out good. there is no trick. its just fermentation that is important. a tip would be to add a bit of baking soda or yeast to the batter. the texture becomes better.

  2. Mansukh says

    I was on holiday in mumbai and bought the pan, and this week was free so I made the small dought nuts which were very nice and every one liked them thank u will be trying more of your recipes thank u

  3. SUNITA SIL says

    Hi Dassana

    So well tasty recipe but would like to know from where did you buy this paniyaram chatti. f you could help, i would like to purchase the same.

    very healthy recipe,


  4. Meghna says

    Loved your post!
    Tried this receipe for the first time, earlier I used to make using curd & sooji ( in micro) . Turned out to be ok ( am not good at cooking ) but love experimenting, though!
    My query is, the batter that I have is quite a lot so can I use it for making idlis in the micro.
    Would be grateful if you could please let me know. Thanks in advance

  5. Ashwini says

    hi Dassana,
    Made these twice with leftover dosa batter and both the times they turned out very good.Thank you

  6. says

    Hi Dassana,

    The first time I tried to make paniyaram it got stuck to the pan and didnt come out well so pretty scared to try it again, mine is a stainless steel pan…is there any tricks to use this kind of pan. your pan looks classy and vintage where did you buy it.


    • says

      you can apply some oil in the pan and keep it overnight or for a few days. try making one paniyaram and see if it gets stuck or not. if it does not then you can use the pan easily. this is a vintage piece which i got from an antique shop in goa.

    • says

      hi suruchi. you can even shallow or deep fry them. keep the batter thick, so that it does not spread in the oil. i am not sure about baking as i tried a few and they became dense.

  7. Rajitha says

    Looks delicious. I’m surely going to try these. I have this chatty at home. We used to make unni appam with them. But now, its just lying idle. Do share the sweet paniyaram recipe too.

  8. Priya V says

    Hi, what a cute abelskiver pan
    I really love all your photographs, by the way the photography props are really good and give a rustic feel to the food,where did you buy this copper or brass pan from ,i also like the objects of that metal used in your blog elsewhere in other recipes . Just asked cause i also stay in goa an would like to have them

    • says

      hi priya, i got the abelskiver pan from a antique shop near mckie’s market in baga beach. i don’t remember the name of the shop. there are some shops there and they sell antique stuff. these pans are popular with the tourists in goa and they use it like urli for keeping flowers in water. i have even seen these in hotels in goa. i guess the other object you are referring to must be the copper plates. these i got from bombay metal shop in madgaon. they have real some good stuff, especially for food bloggers.

      • PriyaV says

        Thanks just stumbled on your blog when i googled for a recipe by the way tried your dhokla recipe, turned out fabulous although the method is quite simple we also share some same interests such as preparing nutritious food, spirituality,meditation, photography