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biryani is a one pot meal full of flavor and taste. there are many types of biryani’s cooked in india.

there is hyderabadi biryani, lucknowi biryani, mughlai biryani, kashmiri biryani, kerala biryani and so on. there are many variations of the same type of biryani also. e.g. the mughlai biryani will have many variations.

making biryani needs time and patience as its an elaborate dish and needs lot of preparation and hard work. once you get to eat a well prepared biryani then you will not complain about the lengthy process of making the biryani.

an authentic biryani is always slow cooked on dum. this cooking on dum gives the biriyani its uniqueness and originality.

in this post, i am sharing 12 biryani recipes which i have posted in my blog. out of them the most popular biryani recipe on the blog is hyderbadi veg biryani recipe.

hyderabadi veg dum biryani 

veg dum biryani

a vegetable biryani recipe from the land of the nawabs – hyderabad. this is the most popular biryani recipe on my blog. many readers have tried this recipe and given positive feedback. the veg biryani is light, aromatic and deliciously yum…. its a step by step recipe covering the elaborate process of making this biryani in detail.

restaurant style vegetable dum biryani

an aromatic, lightly spiced vegetable dum biryani, restaurant style. the flavors of the freshly ground spices as well as the caramelized/browned onions are a hallmark in this biryani and brings out the best in the whole dish.

kerala veg biryani

kerala veg biryani

delicately spiced and fragrant mild vegetable biryani made with coconut milk. overall the kerala biryani is much milder and less in heat since it has less spices than the tamil nadu or hyderabadi veg biryani. along with the spices, herbs, cashews and raisins the biryani is mild, delicately balanced in flavors and has a light sweet taste. again one of the best biryanis. an elaborate process of making this biryani, but worth it. trust me on that. step by step recipe.

kashmiri biryani


a no onion no garlic biryani from the kashmiri pandit cuisine. here hing or asafoetida plays an important role in substituting the flavor of onions and garlic. also the fried dry fruits mainly raisins add sweetness to the final dish. fennel powder and dry ginger powder also add their flavors as well as aroma along with the other whole spices.

qabooli biryani or chana dal biryani


an aromatic and flavorsome biryani made with bengal gram (chana dal). the basmati rice, chana dal, yogurt and spices… when they all are cooked together in dum, the whole quality of this chana dal biryani changes to a royal feast.

mushroom dum biryani


step by step recipe of mushroom biryani e dum pukht. here birista or crisp fried onions add a great deal of flavor, aroma and taste to the biryani. the biryani also has curd, mint leaves along with the usual indian whole garam masala. vegetables, paneer can also be added instead of mushrooms.

palak biryani or spinach biryani


this recipe of palak biryani is one easy biryani recipe. if you have spinach and want an easy as well as satisfying meal, then do make this green spinach biryani… lightly spiced and aromatic.

mushroom biryani or kalaan biryani


a south indian version of mushroom biryani. this biryani is spicy and hot and with full flavors of the mushrooms in it. an easy recipe of mushroom biryani.

raw unripe jackfruit biryani or kathal biryani biryani – mildly spiced and subtly flavored meaty vegetarian biryani made with jakcfruit.

bombay biryani

bombay vegetable biryani recipe

mumbai vegetable biryani – aromatic and spiced bombay dum vegetable biryani.

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