aam ka panna recipe, how to make aam ka panna or raw mango panna


aam ka panna recipe with step by step photos – three indian drinks i often make in the summers are shikanji, aam ka panna and kokum sherbet. they all are summer coolers and help greatly in beating the heat in the summers.

at home we avoid the unhealthy soft cola drinks in the summers and take recourse in the bountiful blessings that mother nature gives us. watermelons, coconuts, musk melons, cucumber, fresh kokum, lemons… all these are the fruits which are great summer coolers and help you a lot in tolerating the heat and heat stroke.

aam ka panna is made from raw mangoes. the drink is slightly sour and sweet to taste with a hint of cardamom & black salt. the aam ka panna recipe presented here is adapted from my home science notes.

few more raw unripe mango recipes are punjabi mango picklegreen mango chutneyraw mango dal. raw mango chaat and raw mango rice recipe.

aam panna made from raw mangoes

sugar or jaggery is added to the panna as a sweetener. i avoid using white sugar in my cooking and always use organic cane sugar or golden sugar. recently i saw a pack of organic evaporated sugar cane juice in the fabindia outlet here. i had to buy it.

in the aam panna i added the evaporated sugar cane juice and it took the aam panna to a totally whole new level. it was not just the raw mango that appealed to the senses, but also a refreshing mild taste and flavor of sugar cane juice. the colors of the aam panna are also like the brown cola color due to the evaporated sugar cane juice.

i also made the aam panna with organic jaggery, cardamom and black pepper and this combo was much different. now the color changed to a golden yellow shade. i get so inspired by colors and try the same to portray in my photographs. don’t know if i do enough justice to it or not.


you can either make the aam panna with sugar or jaggery. if you do make it with sugar your aam panna will have a light creamish or pale or lemon yellow color to it.  take your pick…. which colors inspire you?

aam ka panna

a few health benefits of aam panna:

  • it prevents you from heat stroke and keeps the body cool.
  • raw mangoes are rich in vitamin c and iron, plus the jaggery also gives an iron boost.
  • the aam panna helps in preventing stomach problems in the summers.

step by step raw mango panna or aam ka panna recipe:

1. rinse the raw mangoes in water a couple of times. pressure cook the raw mangoes in enough water for 3-4 whistles till they become soft. you can also steam the mangoes in a steamer or a pot.

raw mangoes or aam

2. after cooking the raw mangoes, the peel comes off easily. scrape and remove the cooked mango pulp. scrape from the peel also. collect the cooked mango pulp in a bowl. discard the peels.

peel off mangoes for aam ka panna

3. add powdered jaggery/sugar and crushed cardamom with black salt. as a rule always add double the amount of jaggery/sugar to the mango pulp. the ratio is 1:2 for mango pulp and jaggery respectively. i got about 1 cup of mango pulp. hence have added 2 cups of the evaporated cane juice.

aam ka panna pulp

4. mix well. you could also use a blender or hand churner to blend the panna. your aam panna is ready. store aam ka panna in a bottle or jar in the fridge.

aam ka panna

5. for making the drink, dissolve 1 tbsp of the aam panna in one glass of water. add ice cubes and serve aam ka panna cold.

mango panna

if you are looking for more mango recipes then do check mango falooda, mango mastanimango lassi, mango milkshake, mango sherbet and mango iced tea.

raw mango panna or aam ka panna recipe below:

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aam ka panna recipe – raw mango cooler
aam ka panna recipe - cooling mango drink slightly sour and sweet to taste with a hint of cardamom & black salt
RECIPE TYPE: beverages
CUISINE: indian
SERVES: 1 bottle or 1 medium size bowl
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 large or 2 medium sized raw mangoes
  • 2-3 cardamoms, crushed or powdered
  • 4-5 black pepper, crushed or powdered (optional)
  • 2 tsp black salt
  • powdered jaggery/sugar - double the amount of the mango pulp... add more for more sweetness
  1. rinse the raw mangoes in water.
  2. steam the raw mangoes in pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles till they become completely soft and pulpy.
  3. remove the peel and take out the mango pulp.
  4. mix the cardamom powder, salt and jaggery to the mango pulp.
  5. mix the ingredients or blend to make it smooth.
  6. store aam ka panna in an air tight jar or bottle.
  7. while serving aam ka panna, add 1 tbsp of the preserve to one glass of water.
  8. stir and add ice cubes. serve aam ka panna cold.
1. add more sugar or jaggery for a pronounced sweet taste.
2. you can also steam the mangoes or cook these in a pan. remember they have to become soft, so that the peel and the pulp comes out easily.

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  1. Shravya Reddy says

    i really liked the recipe but had a small doubt to clear.

    What will be the shelf life of this concentrated aam panna????


  2. says

    Very Good Recipe…

    Natural Jaggery (Gud) is not only sweet agent in kitchen but its very good medicine.

    Why natural?
    Now days jaggery(Gud) comes in whitesh color; do u know how this color comes?
    This is the “Nirma/Ariel ki safedi”; because people are “eating through the eays not through the

    Natural Jaggery comes dark in color, but taste is very sweet (not salty).

    Panna (Green mango Juice) is one of the recipe which made from raw mango and Jaggery(Gud).

    This Panna (Green Mango Juice) prevents you from heat stroke and keeps the body cool.
    As green mangoes are rich source of vitamin c and iron, plus the natural jaggery also gives an iron boost.
    It helps in preventing stomach problems in the summers.

    Raw Mango Curry is also recipe which can be made through jaggery(Gud).

  3. annie thomas says

    Being a keralite born n brought up in Mumbai, I love all types of Indian cuisine. Also am always in search 4 varied recipes. your pics and explanation of method r gr8. Will surely log on for more recipes-healthy ones too.I am going 2 make Aam panna 2dy. Thnx 4 the lovely Recipe.

  4. priya says

    Can we freeze this juice as cubes in a tray and then add 1 cube to a cup of water and dilute and drink whenever necessary? will it work fine? We are just three ppl at home and it would not be possible to use up the whole lot in two days.

  5. Akshatha says


    I came across your blog.. And would like to try this recipe.. Can u pls mention the shelf life?

  6. Nithya says

    I have not had a lot of north Indian dishes, but I tasted this drink last month and have been thinking about it ever since. The one I had was greenish and a bit too sweet, but refreshing nevertheless. Can this be made using plain salt/rock salt. what is the significance of using black salt?

    • says

      you can make with regular salt or rock salt. black salt has a somewhat earthy taste which is not there in the regular or rock salt. plus it also helps in digestion.

  7. Huma Ahmed says

    I came across your blog last year, while looking for a recipe for various kinds of daals. Since then I have become a fan of your recipes. They are easy and the pictures a plus. Today I made the aam ka panna for the first time. It turned out good, right now is chilling in the fridge. I live in New Jersey and share your recipes with my family and friends which are spread all over the world and they really like them too. Almost all the things are available here but like one of your achaar recipes putting it in the sun that process becomes a little difficult. I am a Punjabi and not a vegan but still all your recipes are great. Thank you.

    • says

      thanks huma for such encouraging comments. also thanks for sharing the recipes with your family and friends.

      for the mango achaar recipe, if you do not have sun, then you can also mix all the ingredients and store in an airtight bottle for some days. actually living in india i forget that there are some cities and towns in some countries which do not get good sunlight.

      i forgot to mention this point in the pickle recipe. thanks for this point. i will update the post soon.

  8. says

    Loved your pics :)
    I am planning to make my first panna drink since last week, but did not know its was this quick.

    You have an amazing blog :)

  9. says

    Hey…love all the clicks, missed your space a lot during vacations and now I am back :) ….loved all your posts, need to try out few soon, will start with the white bread first….Aam Panna is my all time fav during summers..

  10. says

    This is my favorite thirst quencher. My grand mom would make tons of this mixture and keep in the refrigerator. You have brought back some sweet memories with this post.
    I love your panna and hopefully this year will get to try it in India again as I am heading in less than week for a holiday there.

  11. says

    another one of my faves while growing up.. we had a bunch of mango trees, and would go pluck or rather climb and pick a bucket full of mangoes, then sit and peel some with mom for achar and some would go into the panna! love the cold refreshing look in the pictures! I want to try the one with jaggery since jaggery also has so many minerals. it will make it one nutritious and cooling summer must!