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Hot, cheesy pizza loaded with your favorite veggies is one of the most fun and easy dinners to make at home. With just a few key tips you can create a restaurant-quality crust, and treat yourself to the best homemade pizza that’s completely customizable to your tastes. Plan your next pizza party using my foolproof Pizza recipe, with step-by-step photos for making perfect and best veggie pizza from scratch every time!

Whole round Pizza on a wooden pizza plate with a cut triangular slice on left top side

About Veggie Pizza Recipe

I promise you’ll never want to order delivery again after you see how easy it is to make pizza at home using fresh ingredients.

This recipe includes instructions for how to create a chewy crust that’s lightly crisp on the bottom using all-purpose flour or bread flour. It makes a dough that is far better (and cheaper!) than any store bought dough or restaurant pizza I have tried.

Even the tomato sauce is made from scratch! It’s wonderfully simple and flavorful, and is the perfect base for layering on lots of cheese and your choice of toppings.

Not only is this homemade pizza recipe wholesome to make with no artificial ingredients, you don’t need any special kitchen equipment either.

The best pizzas are made in a very hot wooden fired oven and over a pizza stone. Of course our kitchen ovens cannot be compared with the hot commercial ovens. When making a homemade pizza, I suggest to use the highest temperature in your oven.

sliced pizza with the remaining pizza on a wooden pizza plate sprinkled with some dried herbs and red chilli flakes

More On This Recipe

My family loves pizza. So I make it pretty often and am now a pro at it. I bake pizza using a pizza stone and also a baking tray or pan. Let me tell you that a pizza stone make a real difference to the texture of the crust.

I hear you! I know that every kitchen does not have a pizza stone. So I have kept this recipe simple enough where you do not need a pizza stone. Just use a metal pan or tray and you will get a crisp crust if you follow my outlined steps below.

I make pizza dough with both unbleached bread flour and unbleached all purpose flour. Bread flour having more gluten helps to have a chewy crispy crust. The texture of the pizza crust made with bread flour is so good.

Having said that, I do not mean that you cannot make pizza with all-purpose flour. Of course, you can and they will still taste good. With all-purpose flour, try to use the unbleached flour or opt for organic flour.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Pizza Recipe

I have divided my step-by-step guide into 3 main sections for you to be able to make this best Veggie Pizza easily.

  1. Make pizza dough
  2. Make pizza sauce
  3. Assemble & bake

Step 1 – Make Pizza Dough

This recipe will make enough dough for 4 small or 3 medium sized or 2 large pizzas. It’s great for preparing ahead of time keeping in the fridge overnight for when you’re ready to use!

I have explained kneading dough with hands, but you could easily use a stand mixer.

Here’s how to make the best, easiest pizza dough from scratch:

1. First, in a large bowl mix together 1.5 teaspoons instant yeast and ½ teaspoon of sugar.

Usually instant yeast can be mixed directly in the flour or in water at room temperature. But I am detailing this method as it can be implemented if you are using dry active yeast. Add 2 teaspoons dry active yeast for this pizza crust recipe.

instant yeast and sugar in a large steel mixing bowl

2. Add 1 cup of lukewarm water (44 degrees Celsius) and stir. Set aside and let the yeast activate.

Tip: The water has to be lukewarm and not hot or cold. Hot water will kill the yeast and cooler water won’t activate the dry active yeast.

warm water added and mixed with a steel spoon

3. You should start to see the yeast mixture bubbling up and doubling in size after about 10 to 15 minutes.

yeast mixture bubbled and frothed

4. Combine 1 cup of unbleached all purpose flour (or bread flour) with 1 teaspoon of salt and 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

flour, olive oil and salt aded for making pizza dough

5. Stir with a whisk or wooden spoon or steel spoon.

flour, olive oil and salt mixed with the yeast mixture with a steel spoon

6. Add one more cup of the flour.

more flour added to make pizza crust

7. Keep on stirring. The mixture will be quite sticky, like in the photo below.

sticky mixture after mixing flour

8. Add the last cup of flour and continue to stir. The dough will start to form and leave the sides of the bowl, but will still be sticky.

more flour added and mixed

9. Now it’s time to knead the dough by hand until it forms a smooth dough. Dust with flour to prevent sticking as you work. The dough will be soft and elastic, and no longer sticky.

Tip: If the dough becomes sticky, sprinkle some flour and knead. If the dough looks dry and not smooth, sprinkle a bit of water and knead.

pizza dough kneaded very well

10. Keep your dough in the deep bowl, and lightly apply a bit of olive oil all around the outside of the dough. This will keep it from sticking to the sides of the bowl once the dough proves and grows.

Cover loosely with a kitchen napkin or towel, and let rest at room temperature for the dough to leaven:

  • 45 minutes to 1 hour for instant yeast
  • 1.5 to 2 hours for dry active yeast
oil spread on the pizza dough

11. After exactly 1 hour my dough had risen and doubled up to what you see below.

If you plan to make the pizza the next day, then wrap the dough tightly in a plastic wrap and keep in the fridge.

pizza dough has doubled and increased in volume

12. To make the pizza right away, portion and flatten the dough to a disk. In the below photo, you can see that the dough has leavened well, with stringy strands and many air pockets that will make a chewy crust.

close up photo of the pizza dough showing stringy dough with air pockets

Step 2 – Make Pizza Sauce

You can easily make a zesty, robust tomato sauce while the dough is resting. The recipe makes for a bigger batch of tomato sauce which you can always refrigerate or freeze.

1. You can choose to either chop the tomatoes (500 grams or 5 to 6 medium tomatoes) and use them fresh to make the sauce, or blanch them first and then add in a blender.

Blanching will reduce the cooking time, but is not necessary for making a delicious sauce.

chopped tomatoes in a blender jar

2. Crush the raw or blanched tomatoes in the blender to make a puree that is as smooth or chunky as you like for this pizza recipe.

consistency of crushed tomatoes shown with a steel spoon

3. Next, in a large sauce pan heat ¼ cup olive oil, and add 2 teaspoons minced garlic. Sauté and stir for some seconds to soften the garlic.

finely chopped garlic being fried in olive oil

4. Now add the tomato puree, and mix well.

crushed tomato puree added

5. Continue stirring and let the tomatoes cook for 5 minutes.

mixed and cooking tomato puree further

6. Add salt as needed. Mix and stir.

salt being added with a small steel spoon

7. Cover the pan with lid and simmer the tomato sauce on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the tomatoes have softened.

If the sauce looks too thick you can add ¼ cup water. Then cover and continue to cook.

pizza sauce being cooked covered with a glass lid

8. Simmer until the tomatoes have completely cooked and the sauce has thickened.

pizza sauce has thickened

9. Stir in herbs and crushed black pepper.

For the pizza sauce seasonings in this recipe, you can add ¼ cup chopped basil (or 3 to 4 teaspoons dried basil), 2 to 3 teaspoons dried oregano (or 2 tablespoons fresh oregano) and fresh crushed black pepper as needed.

If you can I recommend using fresh herbs for the boldest Italian flavor.

herbs added in the sauce with black pepper being crushed with a wooden mill

10. Mix the sauce well and set aside.

You can allow the pizza sauce to completely cool and store in an airtight container for up to 10 to 15 days in the fridge, or 3 months in the freezer, and use anytime you’re ready to bake the pizzas.

herbs mixed with the salt

Step 3 – Assemble & Bake Pizza

1. First, preheat the oven to the highest temperature in your oven. In my oven it is 230 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit).

Grease a round metal baking pan with olive oil, and then lightly dust it with maize flour (cornmeal), semolina (rava or sooji) or flour.

round shallow baking tin greased with olive oil and dusted with semolina

2. Divide the homemade pizza dough into equals parts to make either 4 small or 2 large or 3 medium size pizzas.

Wrap any dough you’re not using in plastic wrap and keep in the fridge for up to 3 days total.

To store in the freezer for up to 3 months, lightly coat the dough in olive oil and seal in an airtight freezer storage bag.

pizza dough cut and divided in four parts

3. Using clean, dry hands, take one portion of the divided dough and roll it into a neat round ball.

Place on a cutting board or countertop that’s been lightly coated with some flour, and sprinkle the dough with a light dusting of more flour.

a dough ball dusted with flour on a wooden board

4. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough ball into a large round or oval shape of about ⅛ to ¼ inch thickness.

Roll the dough from the center towards the outer edges for the most even pizza dough. You may have to dust the surface with flour as you work.

A pizza dough is always stretched with hands and not rolled. Stretching the dough with your hands needs practice.

For most home cooks, rolling the dough is much easier and so I have included this step. You could also flatten and press the dough with your fingers directly in the baking pan.

I do stretch or flatten the dough with my hands but not everyone is good at this. Thus rolling makes it easier.

If you are a master at stretching dough with your hands, then go ahead with this technique.

pizza crust rolled to a round circle

5. Once stretched to the desired size, gently place the pizza base in the greased baking pan. Be careful not to tear the dough, as it is very soft and stretchy.

pizza crust placed in the greased baking tin

6. At this point you can prick the dough with a fork if you want a thinner, crisper crust. This also helps in the crust not puffing up when baking.

However, you can leave the dough as-is for a fluffier, chewier vegetable pizza crust.

pizza dough being pricked with a fork

7. Use a pastry brush to lightly brush the surface of the crust with olive oil.

pizza dough being brushed with olive oil with a white silicon pastry brush

8. Then, spread the tomato sauce on the pizza in a thin, even layer. Leave about an inch of dough around the outer edge free from sauce for a perfect pizza crust.

tomato sauce or pizza sauce spread on pizza dough

9. Top the sauce with a generous handful or two of shredded mozzarella cheese.

pizza crust topped with shredded mozzarella cheese

10. Place your choice of veggies on top of the cheese, making sure to spread the toppings evenly.

In the below photo, the vegetable toppings are red onion, green & red bell pepper and steamed corn kernels.

Keep reading for some of my suggestions for great pizza toppings for this Veggie Pizza recipe!

pizza topped with veggie cubes - green and red bell pepper, onion and steamed corn kernels

11. Here is another topping idea for you – a few mushrooms, onions, capsicum and green olives.

When using mushrooms make sure they are fresh and use them sparingly. Many mushrooms will make the crust soggy.

For an all mushroom pizza, sauté or stir-fry sliced mushrooms till they are light golden before topping them.

pizza crust topped with sauce and veggies like onions, green bell pepper, sliced green olives and sliced button mushrooms

12. Next, add a light layer of grated parmesan cheese to finish the pizza.

pizza topped with grated parmesan cheese

13. Place the baking pan close to the lower heating element (or you can keep it even on the crumb tray of your oven) to get the crispiest crust and perfectly molten, gooey melted cheese.

Bake the veggie pizza in the preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes, until the cheese melts and the crust is golden.

Alternatively preheat a baking sheet in the oven for 20 minutes when you assemble the pizza in the baking pan.

Place the pan with the pizza on the hot baking sheet which will help in getting a crisp crust.

veg pizza being baked in the oven

14. Your perfect personalized veggie pizza is now ready to enjoy!

veg pizza with gooey melted cheese out from the oven

15. Wait for a minute or two and then serve the veggie pizza while still hot. Sprinkle red chilli flakes (red pepper flakes) or dried herbs or Italian seasoning.

If you have fresh basil leaves, garnish the pizza with torn or roughly chopped basil before serving it hot.

Leftovers can be kept in a sealed container for up to 1 day in the fridge.

a triangular slice of veg pizza with the remaining pizza on a wooden pizza plate sprinkled with some dried herbs and red chilli flakes

How to Personalize Your Veggie Pizza

You can choose any of your favorite toppings for making delicious vegetarian pizza at home!

  • For mushrooms, I suggest you sauté them till light golden before adding them to the pizza. This will keep them from releasing moisture during baking and making the crust soggy. You could use button mushrooms or oyster mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms.
  • Hearty veggies like onions, bell pepper (capsicum), and baby corn can be added directly without cooking first. If using corn, steam and use the kernels or use canned corn.
  • For broccoli or French beans, lightly cook or blanch first. If you like olives and capers on your pizza, add them directly before baking or grilling the pizza.
  • And for green vegetables like kale, fennel, cabbage, cauliflower, or shaved brussels sprouts, sauté or cook for just a few minutes before using in this veg pizza recipe.
  • For a vegan pizza, feel free to use vegan plant-based non-dairy cheese for a vegan veggie pizza made from scratch.

Expert Tips

  • Kneading Pizza Dough: If you have an electric mixer or food processor at home, you can use it to make the pizza dough. The dough has to be kneaded really well and should be soft, supple and elastic.
  • More Kneading Tips: Add some more flour for a sticky dough. For a not so soft and bit dry dough, some more warm water can be added.
  • Dough Versatility: This dough is versatile. Make a thin or thick curst pizza with it, the choice is yours. You can also opt to make pizza pockets or calzones with this dough with a filling of your choice.
  • Storage: The leftover pizza dough can be refrigerated or kept in the freezer. The leftover pizza sauce also keeps well in the fridge for 4 to 5 days.
  • Prepping Veggies: If you want, you can sauté the onions, bell peppers and steamed corn kernels lightly in olive oil before using them for topping.
  • Scaling: You can easily halve, double or triple this pizza recipe.


1. How should I use a pizza stone?

Preheat your pizza stone about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Assemble your pizza on a pizza peel or a flat tray or lid making sure that the pizza peel is evenly dusted with flour – this makes it easy for the pizza to glide from the pizza peel to the baking stone.

Gently slid the pizza with the help of a spatula on the preheated pizza stone and bake for 8 to 10 minutes until the cheese melts and you see crisp golden edges in the crust.

2. My pizza cooked well but the crust did not brown, why?

Try use a metal pan for the cooking of the crust if you are baking in the convection mode of your microwave oven.

If you have a regular oven or an OTG keep the pan near the lower heating element. The metal pan being a good conductor or heat becomes hot and this helps in making for a crispy crust in the pizza.

3. Why my pizza crust is hard or dense?

The pizza crust is always leavened with yeast. If the yeast does not activate well the dough won’t get leavened resulting in a dense, dry or hard texture. Ensure that you have a stock of a good brand of yeast.

4. Why has the cheese got separated and become rubbery?

If the pizza is baked for a longer time, the cheese will separate and become chewy or rubbery. Try baking for less time and at a high temperature.

More Questions Answered

I do not have a metal baking pan? What else I can use?

You can use a glass baking pan or a ceramic plate or pan. But with both glass pan or ceramic pan, you won’t get crisp crust and the texture will be more like a bread.

Can i use Holy basil (tulsi) in place of Italian basil in the pizza sauce?

Holy basil is more aromatic than Italian basil. Both have different flavor and aroma profiles. I would not suggest to add Holy basil as the pizza sauce can become bitter. But you can use Thai basil in place of Genovese basil.

What can I use in place of olive oil?

You can use butter or a neutral tasting oil like sunflower oil or any good vegetable oil.

I do not have an oven. How can I make veggie pizza without an oven?

You can easily make pizza on a skillet or frying pan. You can check this recipe of Tawa Pizza (made on skillet).

I do not have yeast. So what can I replace it with?

You can check this No Yeast Pizza Dough recipe. Or you can make the pizza dough with a sourdough starter.

Can I use whole wheat flour?

Yes you can – with whole wheat flour, there will be no chewiness in the pizza, but it will have a soft texture.

More Homemade Pizza Recipes To Try!

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Whole round Pizza on a wooden pizza plate with a cut triangular slice on left top side

Veggie Pizza Recipe | Homemade Veg Pizza

Treat yourself to the best homemade pizza that’s completely customizable to your tastes. Plan your next pizza party using my foolproof recipe for making perfect veggie pizza from scratch every time!
4.83 from 115 votes
Prep Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Cuisine Italian, World
Course Main Course
Diet Vegetarian
Difficulty Level Moderate
Servings 3 medium-sized pizza


For pizza crust

  • 3 to 3.25 cups all-purpose flour or bread flour (unbleached), 375 grams
  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • 1 cup warm water or add as required
  • 1.5 teaspoons instant yeast 4 to 5 grams or 2 teaspoons dry active yeast
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt or add as required
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil for brushing dough
  • semolina or cornmeal (makki ka atta) or all-purpose flour for sprinkling on pan

For pizza sauce

  • 5 to 6 medium tomatoes – 500 grams
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic or 8 to 10 small to medium garlic cloves, 5 grams peeled garlic
  • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • ¼ cup chopped basil or 3 to 4 teaspoons dried basil
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano or 2 tablespoons fresh oregano
  • freshly crushed black pepper or ground black pepper, as required
  • salt as required

Toppings (Include Any)

  • 1 onion sliced or cut in cubes
  • 1 capsicum (bell pepper), sliced or cubed
  • 1 tomato chopped or sliced – optional
  • 10 to 12 pitted green olives sliced, optional
  • 10 to 12 pitted black olives sliced, optional
  • ½ cup steamed sweet corn kernels or canned corn kernels
  • cup sliced baby corn – optional
  • ⅓ to ½ cup sautéed kale – optional
  • cup sautéed spinach – optional
  • ⅓ to ½ cup cauliflower, fennel, brussel sprouts, cabbage (steamed, roasted or sautéed)
  • ½ to 1 cup sautéed button mushrooms – optional
  • ⅓ to ½ cup broccoli or french beans (blanched or sautéed) – optional
  • Italian seasoning – as required
  • mozzarella cheese or pizza cheese, as required
  • parmesan cheese (vegetarian), as required
  • red chili flakes – as required


Making pizza dough

  • In a large mixing bowl take the instant yeast, sugar and lukewarm water.
  • Stir and let the mixture sit at room temperature for 10 to 15 mins till it becomes frothy,
  • Add one cup flour, salt, olive oil to the frothy yeast mixture.
  • Mix well. Add another cup of flour and mix again. The mixture becomes sticky.
  • Add the last cup of flour and continue to stir.
  • Knead the dough into a smooth, springy ball. Apply some olive oil all over the dough.
  • Cover loosely and keep in a large bowl at room temperature for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The dough will double up and nicely leaven.

Making pizza sauce

  • Crush or make a smooth puree of the tomatoes in a blender.
  • Heat olive oil. Fry the minced garlic for some seconds. Add the tomato puree. Mix and let cook uncovered for 5 minutes.
  • Season with salt and mix. Cover and simmer the tomato sauce on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the tomatoes have softened.
  • If the sauce looks too thick you can add ¼ cup water. Then cover and continue to cook.
  • Add the herbs and crushed black pepper. Mix well.

Assembling and baking veg pizza

  • Preheat your oven at 230 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit) for 20 minutes.
  • Cut the dough in 3 or 4 equal parts. Flatten the dough to a disk. On a lightly floured surface roll the dough having ⅛ to ¼ inch thickness.
  • Place the dough onto a greased and dusted pan.
  • Brush some olive oil on the pizza base. Spread the tomato sauce on the pizza.
  • Top shredded mozzarella cheese and veggies.
  • Sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese.
  • Keep the tray near or close to the bottom heating element of your oven.
  • Bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 230 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit) until the base becomes golden brown and the cheese on top melts.
  • Wait for a minute or two and serve veggie pizza while still hot.



  • You could use a 1:1 proportion of whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour to make the pizza crust.
  • Feel free to add your choice of veggies. While onions and bell peppers (capsicum), tomato, can be used raw, you will need to roast, steam, boil or sauté other veggies like sweet corn, potato, spinach, zucchini, eggplants accordingly. 
  • If including a lot of mushrooms, sauté them in some olive oil until light golden before topping them on the pizza.
  • For a vegan option, opt to use a plant-based non-dairy cheese.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Veggie Pizza Recipe | Homemade Veg Pizza
Amount Per Serving (1 pizza slice)
Calories 271 Calories from Fat 117
% Daily Value*
Fat 13g20%
Saturated Fat 3g19%
Cholesterol 12mg4%
Sodium 429mg19%
Potassium 229mg7%
Carbohydrates 31g10%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 3g3%
Protein 9g18%
Vitamin A 893IU18%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 3mg15%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin B12 1µg17%
Vitamin C 21mg25%
Vitamin D 1µg7%
Vitamin E 2mg13%
Vitamin K 14µg13%
Calcium 115mg12%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 112µg28%
Iron 2mg11%
Magnesium 21mg5%
Phosphorus 130mg13%
Zinc 1mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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This Pizza Recipe from the archives was first published in April 2012. It has been updated and republished in February 2024.

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    1. Thanks. Either you remove the dough from the freezer and thaw at room temperature. Or keep the frozen dough in the refrigerator overnight. After defrosting or thawing, portion and roll the pizza dough, top with tomato sauce, veggies, cheese and bake.

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  7. pizza cooked well but crust did not brown even after 20 min. What went wrong?

    1. Try use a metal pan for the cooking of the crust if you have baked in a microwave convection oven. If using an OTG, then keep the pan near the lower heating element so that the crust becomes crisp and golden.

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        1. i must have mentioned keeping on a lower rack for an OTG or electric oven in some other pizza post or comment. in this pizza recipe post, i have not mentioned. ifb won’t have racks as they are microwave convection ovens. to get a crispy base, use a metal pan. do not use a glass or ceramic plate or pan. keep the pan on the glass turntable of the oven and bake using only the convection mode of the oven at 200 degrees celsius. the metal pan will get hot and this will help in having a crisp base on the pizza. also roll to a thin crust or medium crust pizza, so by the time the base is done, the cheese also has melted or golden. do not make a thick base. hope this helps.

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    thanks in advance

    1. abbas, you need to use the convection mode of your microwave oven to make pizza. in the convection mode, all kinds of baking recipes can be made. not all microwave ovens have convection option in them. so you have to find out if the oven model you have has a convection feature. using the microwave option, the pizza will become dense and hard. alternatively, you can try tawa pizza.a

  17. Hey.. I just made it and made two large pizza ooommmgg it was so so so delicious my mom juz Loved it n said it’s way too good than market bought… I said u r behind my cooking skills… Thanks a million mam… Love you loads..5 stars

    1. Welcome Deeksha. Glad to know that you and your mother liked the Pizza. happy baking.

  18. Hello mam,

    I tried ur ata base receipe of pizza. I first tried it in gas tandoor it came out excellent with Base crisp ans cheese melted. I again tried in my new microwave convection mode. The top of it was beautifully​ golden but the base was not crisp as expected. Rather was soft like bread. I have used 180 Deg. With 20 min baking in convection mode. Please suggest what can be done for crisp base.
    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Welcome Aparna. You need to keep the pizza in a oven proof metal pan to the a crisp base. If you keep it directly on the glass turn table of the microwave oven, the base will not be crisp or golden. As glass is not a good conductor of heat. So you a oven safe pan and keep the pizza on it and then bake.

  19. Hi dassana,
    I was considering buying olive oil for baking purposes. Any olive oil that mentions as ‘fit for cooking’ will do? Also is it a type of refined oil?

    1. ruchi, olive oil can be used for baking. yes you can use the oil which mentions fit for cooking, for baking also. usually the olive oil we get in shops is refined.

      you can also use sunflower oil for baking. i buy organic sunflower oil and use it for baking and for dishes where a neutral-flavored oil is required. for cooking indian food i use ghee, peanut oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and mustard oil mostly. for frying i use peanut oil.

  20. Hi Dassana
    Your pizza made me drool?In which rack do we have to keep the baking tray (top bottom or middle) ? And if I want to bake multiple pizza at a time with two baking trays how should I do ? Please clarify.

    1. thanks priya. if you want a browned crisp base, then keep at the bottom. use both the heating elements. if you want a base which is golden but not crisp but soft like bread, the keep in the middle rack. if you want the cheese to be golden and the veggies charred from the edges, then keep below the top rack. what i do is keep in the middle rack. if i want the base to be crisp, then i keep close to bottom heating element. you can keep two baking trays either in the bottom or middle or in the middle and top.

  21. Hi dassana,
    Great recipe!
    Please adapt this recipe and give step by step instructions to make pizza on stove top. As you know most people in India don’t have oven. I checked the internet and there aren’t many proper recipes available to make pizza on stove top.
    Thanks for all the recipes. I use your site religiously!

    1. thanks zainab. i will be adding the stove top pizza recipe but with a no yeast pizza dough. but with the same method, even this pizza can be made.

  22. Hi M/s. Dassana,
    Love all your recipes. They are really simple and your site is very helpful with all the clear pictures of the steps. Want to know if I could bake the Pizza in a pan on a Stove top?5 stars

    1. thanks indira. you can bake the pizza in a pan or tawa. firstly use a heavy and thick large bottomed pan. keep the flame on low or sim. spread some oil or butter all over the pan. place the rolled pizza dough without the toppings first. lightly cook the base. just a light brown. them lift and turn over gently. on the partly cooked surface, quickly spread the pizza sauce. add the veggie toppings and grated cheese. cover the pan with a lid. cook till the base becomes crisp and golden. keep everything ready. also use heavy thick bottomed pan and cook on a low flame, so that the base does not get burnt.

  23. I tried the recipe in microwave convection mode. Everything turned out right but the base was white and not brown and crisp. why?

    1. did you use a baking tray for the pizza. or you kept the pizza directly on the glass turn table. if you have kept the pizza on the glass turn table, then it won’t become golden or crisp as glass is not a good conductor of heat. preferably an aluminium baking pan or tray should be used, so that the pizza base turns golden and crisp. if you have used a baking tray, then some more baking time will yield a golden and crisp pizza base.

    1. if yeast is not used, then the recipe changes. i will be adding a veg pizza recipe made without yeast soon.

  24. Hi dassana I love ur recipes and I check ur blog daily u can post no oven no yeast pizza recipe

  25. Hi Dassana,
    Watta recipe!!! I have never imagined that home made pizzas could be better than store bought ones. No more store bought pizzas. Thanks for ur wonderful recipes. You have made our meal time interesting and enjoyable.5 stars

    1. welcome madhumita 🙂 thanks for positive views, glad you liked the veg pizza recipe.

  26. Hello ..I had tried ds receip was good but d pizza was bit dosnt look lyk a cheese burst one u plzź tell me ..wat mistake I had done

    1. pratibha, looks like the yeast did not activate properly and thats why the dough had some hardness. even a not so good quality yeast will give issues with the texture of pizza or for that matter any bread. whenever you make pizza or bread, then do try to use a good quality yeast.

  27. hi maam was very good…but the base was lil bit more soft ..i had used ..atta and msida both n half quantities

    1. aastha, using atta and maida in half-half is fine. more baking would have made the base more crisp. also use a metal baking pan for the base. they get nicely browned and crisp.

  28. Hi dassana

    Love your recipes… Your website is my go-to place when trying anything new. However I am new to baking and need advice. Do I have to preheat the oven every time while making subsequent pizza? As the first one turns out perfect but the second stays raw and cold

    1. thanks khyati. if the oven is on, then no need to preheat. but if you switch off the oven, then you need to preheat. when i make subsequent pizzas like these, i keep the oven on. first i prepare second pizza. then remove the first pizza from the oven after its done. place the second pizza and bake it.

    1. smriti, please use a baking tray. otherwise it become difficult to remove the hot pizza from the oven.

  29. Hi,
    I tried your recipe today and this is the first time am making it. I loved the sauce, added mushrooms too.
    I have convection oven and have a pan which is used for slim fry in oven. Used that for the pizza and kept on the turntable. Dint use aluminum foil before placing the pizza on pan, forgot to do it and dint brush milk on the sides of the pizza. Baked for 15 min at 200, the base got cooked and cheese got melted but neither the base nor the cheese turned brown. But the pizza was perfect crispy on outside and soft in the inside. To make it brown, I baked for 5 more min, the cheese browned but not the base and the base become bit soggy because too much water kept releasing from the sauce while baking. What should I do to brown them?5 stars

    1. did you saute the mushrooms or blanch them before adding on the pizza. also a few slices of mushrooms are fine, but too many will make the base wet as they release water while cooking. and the pan is made from metal or glass? let me know.

  30. Hi!
    I tried this recipe and it turned out wonderfully. However, though the first pizza was better than the one you get restaurants there were problems with the base of the other two. Could it be that the dough for the other two rested longer than that of the first one.Or that I kneaded as well as flattened them a lot more than the first one to get a thinner crust. The base of the last two though thin was not as airy or light as the first one. Please point out where I went wrong.5 stars

    1. resting for some more time should not be an issue. looks like the crust has got over done while baking. or could be over kneading has caused the issue. too much of kneading after the first rise can affect the texture in any bread. also if you make them more flattened , then the time for baking will also be less as they will get baked and crisp faster. just bake the thin crust pizzas for less time or till the cheese melts. also do not over stuff the toppings on the pizza. hope these suggestions help.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Could it be that for thin pizza temperature has to be lower. Like 180 or so?

        1. welcome prachi. usually pizzas are baked at a high temperature. the pizzas that we get in india, is the american version of pizza with a thick base. whereas the authentic italian pizza, does not have a thick base. in italy too, they bake at a high temperature.

  31. Agar mozrella cheese na Ho to cottage cheese use kar skte h kya ya iska koi alternate option Ho skta h kya and oregano m kya kya hota h and oregano ka koi dusra option h and Indian basil use kar skte h kya?

    1. oregano ka koi option nahin hain. joh sabja plant ka leaves hai, woh use kar sakte hain ya jo market main basil milta hain, wah use kar sakte hain. holy basil ya tulsi ka prayog naa kare, kyun woh bahut strong hota hain and topping koh kadwa kar sakta hain. agar mozarealla cheese nahi hain, no amul processed cheese bhi use kar sakte hain. cottage cheese se alag swad ayega.

  32. Hi, for how many days can we refrigerate the dough? We are just two in the family excluding the toddler who won’t eat much. So one medium pizza would be enough for a time for us. I am New to baking and planning to try it out5 stars

    1. can refrigerate for a week. one medium to large pizza is enough for two people, unless the person loves pizzas 🙂

  33. Hi,
    I love pizzas but lately have been extremely dissatisfied with dominos and pizza hut. Your recipe seems delicious and I feel that the pizza will turn out yummy.

    I have never baked anything. I don’t even have an oven. Can I you please tell me which oven should I buy that will be best for this recipe? I really want to start baking and try this recipe at home but I have absolutely no idea about the equipment…5 stars

    1. thanks sneha. i used to use a philips oven first, but that model is no longer available. now i am using bajaj 35 litre otg. so far whatever i have baked in it has turned out good. not yet tried pizza, but bread, toasts, cakes all come out well.

  34. Hi,

    Wanna try this recipe tomorrow. Will normal Amul cheese work for the recipe?

    1. yes amul cheese will work. amul cheese won’t melt like mozzarella cheese but still taste good.

  35. Hi,

    Thanks for this yummy pizza recipe. Can you please tell i which mode i have to cook pizza?, Microwave , Convection or Grill? And shall i use grill rack? also do tell for how much time i have to cook pizza? shall i use nonstick pan ?

    1. use convection mode. preheat the oven using the convection mode at the temperature mentioned in the recipe for at least 15 minutes. you can use a grill rack. but lifting the pizza from grill rack can be an issue. i would suggest to use a pan or tray meant for baking. it can be aluminium or non stick, but it should be able to withstand high temperatures. ideally always use a pan which is meant for baking. timing will vary depending on the capacity, model, make and size of the oven. so i cannot tell the exact time. the cheese should melt and the pizza base should be cooked and golden. once this is done, then you can remove the pizza from the oven.

  36. Hi.Please tell how much instant active yeast should be used in this recipe?

    1. meenakshi, 1.25 tsp of instant yeast. do note that instant active yeast that is sold in indian markets is dry active yeast and not instant yeast. dry active yeast needs to be mixed with warm water + sugar solution for the proofing. this is not applicable for instant yeast. instant yeast can be directly mixed in the flour.

  37. Dear Dassana,
    Have you used active dry yeast or instant yeast.
    I have active dry yeast,how much of it to use and what would be the rising time.

    Thank you,like your recipes a lot,tried a lot if them

    1. i have added dry active yeast. same as mentioned in the recipe. 10 to 15 minutes for frothing.

  38. Thank you so much for this recipe.I made it for dinner today.We loved it.This was the best pizza recipe I have tried.I was searching for veg pizza recipes for quiet a long time,I am happy I found this recipe.I will try your whole wheat Pizza next.?

  39. Italians take for the pizza dough instead of common flour “farina 00”, which contains less starch. That’s the flour for real pizza. The dough becomes elastic, the artistry some pizzaioli master by throwing it into the air, is only possible with this flour. And it tastes much better. And I don’t take honey, but a pinch of Cayenne Pepper.

  40. A question what if I make a whole large pizza with the whole dough instead of dividing it …..would the steps followed would be same or different?????

    1. the steps would be the same. just that you will add all the toppings at once on the pizza.

  41. Would love to try this pizza recipe. What can I use as substitute for olive oil?

    1. olive oil is always traditionally used. though you can use a neutral flavored oil like sunflower oil.

    1. farin, you can make in a pan following this method – firstly use a heavy and thick bottomed large tawa or pan. keep the flame on sim or low. spread some oil or butter on the pan all over. place the rolled pizza dough without the toppings first. lightly cook the base. just a light brown. flip. now the cooked side will come on top. then quickly spread the pizza sauce, add all the toppings,including cheese on the partly cooked part. cover the pan with a lid and cook till the base becomes golden and crisp. the cheese will also melt. do use a heavy thick bottomed pan and keep the flame on low. otherwise the base gets burnt. keep everything ready, so that you can add the toppings quickly when the other side is cooking.

  42. Hello andi, I don’t kno y my pizza turn out to b a disaster.. Actually I thought of making whole wheat pizza n tried too..Mine is IFB rotisserie convection model meeru chepinatea chesanu kani pizza base cook avaledhalu endi ponattu vachindii pls help…

    1. aditya, no replacement. you can get from a good general store or super market.

  43. Hi…I bought cheddar cheese today can I use it in this recipe in place of mozzarella cheese??

    1. monika, the cheddar cheese makes the pizza little oily or greasy. you can use but the texture of cheddar cheese is different. its up to you. if you are fine with the texture then you can use it.

      1. Thank you very much for this recipe.. Made it for dinner today and everyone In my family liked it..I used paneer tikka as topping and mixed mozzarella and cheddar cheese…it tasted great…but there was just one issue..the base was not completely cooked from the bottom…I made it in convection mode and used the grill rack to keep the pizza plate..can u suggest why this must have happened?
        after taking the pizza out of the oven I had to cook it in a pan for 1 min to cook it’s base completely..but the final result was fabulous 🙂

        1. when cooking in the convection mode of a microwave oven, there is not heat that comes from the bottom, unlike an OTG, where there are bottom heating rods. so its always better to keep the pizza in an aluminium tray or pan as then the aluminium conducts heat and the base cooks well as gets a golden crust. this will not be possible if a grill rack is used. meaning when the pizza is kept on a grill rack. also what plate you used on the grill rack. an aluminium plate or tray should work. but a glass one will not give good results.

        2. Thanks ma’am will try once again n will let u know about my experience… But this recipe is indeed the best one I have ever come across..:)

  44. Brilliant ! Tried it yesterday and everyone loved it 🙂 just faced one problem .. I dont have pizza pan / tray for my convection (don’t have oven) so base wasn’t getting equally cooked and was very difficult to put the round shaped pizza on little grill in convection with all the toppings.. Had zigzag pizzas :p kindly advice wat to do to get evenly cooked pizza

    1. if you can get a small sized tray for the grill, then you will get an evenly cooked base. otherwise make small or mini pizzas and place them on the grill (one at a time or two mini pizzas at a time) depending on the width of the grill. should work and the base should also be evenly cooked.

  45. Hey can you please tell me for how much extra time can we keep the dough apart from those 2 hrs..?

    1. after 2 hours or after the time taken for the first rise, then you need to keep the dough in the fridge. if kept outside for a longer time, the texture as well as the taste will change.

    1. thankyou manisha but whats making the dough tangy? ideally it shouldn’t taste tangy.

  46. Hi
    I have tried many of your recipes and all were loved in my family.i had tries chilly paneer, shahi paneer etc. Right now I don’t have oven. So can u share tawa recipe of pizza. I would like mention I always prefer ur blogs for any cooking as they are perfect.

    1. thank you nisha for this lovely feedback. i have taken a note of your request. will do add a tawa pizza post. will take a couple of months as i am relocating and still not settled. right now sharing recipes from drafts.

  47. I have purchased green sliced olives dipped in vinegar. Kindly let me know whether it should be washed before putting on pizza.

    1. no need to rinse or wash them. you can directly place the olives on the pizza.

  48. Hi
    Muje apki pizza recipie bnani hay. To muje advice de ki ap kahte ho ki oven 200 c pre heat oven me 30 minute k liye rako.

    Per mere microwave me 1 second, 1 minute, 10 minute is tarah k timing pe set hota hay.

    Please muje advice dijiye ki me kaise microwave ko pre heat kru kitni minute pe pre heat kru.

    1. trusha, the pizza gets baked in the convection mode of the microwave oven. in the convection mode, there will be settings in your microwave oven to set the time. so you can choose that. for preheat, set the temperature to 200 degrees celsius in the convection mode and manually set the time to 10 minutes. after 10 minutes are over, switch off the oven. again set the temperature to 200 degrees celsius and now set the time to 10 minutes or 15 minutes. place the pizza pan in the oven. bake the pizza till the cheese is melted on the top.

  49. I have made pizzas multiple times by following your instructions, and every time the pizzas have turned out really well. The only difference is that I don’t have an OTG. I have a basic microwave oven (not convection), so I bake the pizza for 6 mins at most heat. Thought it might help those who want to make pizza but don’t have an OTG.

    1. thanks lopa and also thanks for sharing this info. i am sure it will help all the readers who do not have a OTG and want to make the pizza in the microwave oven.

  50. All recipe is very easy…………………………………..
    I made pizza following your instructions and it came out so nicely that everybody enjoyed.

  51. Really superb….when seeing itself ur recipe s tempted me to cook.thanks a lot. Plz…tell me cakes and biscuits with small millets using cooker.Plz…Plz….Plz….4 stars

    1. we are pleased to know this krithika 🙂 thankyou also what you mean by small millets?

    1. the taste won’t be affected. but the smell will be there a bit. i hope with all the pizza sauce, veggies and cheese the smell is not felt.

      1. Yea
        Tried this recipe yesterday
        Thankyou so much!!!!
        And would like to try more recipes

  52. tried the recipe…
    ws really good…
    everyone at home liked it..
    but when i tried to bake at 200 c, the pizza didnt raise, but when reduced to 190 with the same time limit it worked..
    thanks a lot for this recipe…
    i ws really craving to have pizza, and didnt want to buy from outside, and your recipe ws a saviour!!!4 stars

    1. thanks sagini. logically even at 200 degrees celsius, the pizza should rise. but i am glad the recipe worked for you.

  53. Hey I just want to let you know that I have dried this easy and awesome vegetable pizza recipe of yours and it was delicious.Thanks again 🙂5 stars

  54. Hi, I followed the pizza recipe and it came out very well… family now prefers this over the ones in pizza huts…..

  55. I Just luv ur recipe……d way u have given d picture as well as the written its awesome….i just wanna ask dat can we make dis recipe without using oven….lyk if sm 1hav nt oven…..!!!

    1. thanks nigar. it can be made on tawa or frying pan but there is a technique involved in it. difficult to put everything here.

  56. Such a lovely illustration and it was so easy to make it .. Thanks so much … It came out really well …

  57. best veg recipes site
    all the recipes are so easy and very clearly instructed to cook with excellent pictures.

    I made rava dosa following your instructions and it came out so nicely that everybody enjoyed.

    i now always like to see your site and follow all the veg recipes

    thanks very much for such a wonderful site

    1. welcome jagruti. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive feedback on recipes.

    1. thanks liza. you can not make it in microwave mode but can bake in convection mode of microwave. bake for same time as mentioned in the recipe. however timing varies from oven to oven.

  58. Dear Dassana,
    when u said to cover the already double sized dough with plastic wrap before putting in fridge wont it get pressed while doing so. Do we have to deflate it as some punch it i saw vah chef doing it it on youtube or we just have to wrap it without disturbing it; and if we do so then next day after taking it out and bringing it to room temp as u said after 45 min that we have to knead it and then shape it. Do we have to knead it or just shape it. b’coz on u tube iam seeing many people giving importance to kneading.5 stars

  59. Hello…while cooking in microwave…in convection mode…rack shud b used or need?
    Awesome n simple reciepe! Thanks!!

    1. rack is not required. just use baking pan or tray and place the pizza on that. otherwise the pizza won’t get crusty and browned from the base, but the top will be cooked.

  60. Hi dassana,

    I have microwave with convetion….so.. pizza ki dish ko griil stand pe rkhna hota hai ki…tre pe rkhe to chlega…

    1. sweety, glass tray par rakho. nahi tu neeche se heat nahi lagega aur neeche se kaacha rahega. (please put the pizza in a baking pan and keep the baking pan on the round glass tray which is in the oven. the pan should be baking safe. )

  61. Hi dassana,
    I’ve made pizza with different recipes but I was very happy with your recipe.It turned out excellent n now no more tryouts with other recipes.My son n husband loved it n it made my day. Once again thx a lot.5 stars

    1. welcome jagruti. glad to know that you liked this pizza recipe. its good to know your feedback as you have tried many recipes.

  62. Simply awesome !!!! Came out so well even at first attempt… Thanks for sharing it !!! I’m gonna try whole wheat pizza next.5 stars

  63. I made it today n it was yummy …. My hubby loved it n we wanted more… The dough was doubled aft 2 hrs but when i touched it , it was like all the air was gone out n dough became the size as it was earlier..

    1. thanks priyanka. once the dough is doubled. you have to punch it very lightly.

  64. Hey dassana,
    I am a frequent follower of your blog and have tried many recipes and almost all of them were yummy,Thanks for all of them…but this time something went wrong with pizza base and I am sure its me who did something wrong…this was the first time i made base at home…usually I use ready-made pizza bases.My home made pizza base was under-cook even I bake pizza almost 1.5 time of usual baking time.
    Do u have any idea what could be wrong…
    1)My yeast mixture was not frothy even after I let it sit for 20 minute at room temp.
    So if my yeast is not good quality?
    2) I added more flour at the end as dough was quite sticky till the end and I found it impossible to knead it.
    So these could be the reasons?

    1. thanks isha. yeast can be a culprit if it does not get proofed well. what happens is the proofing of the yeast helps the dough to rise and makes it soft and light. a bread made with poor quality yeast or yeast not proofed at all, will be lumpy, hard, rough, uneven, tacky and take a lot of time to bake. you should have just prepared another batch of yeast. with me if the yeast does not proof well, i discard it. once i discarded yeast solutions 5 times since the yeast was not proofing. all the times i was thinking it must be low or high temperature. but then i eventually threw this brand of yeast. adding more flour is not the solution as the issue is with the yeast.

      1. Thank you much dasanna.Next time when I will use yeast I ll definitely remember your suggestion,This was the first time i was using yeast:)
        Thanks again..

  65. It’s great yum pizza nice idea looks to good and like this recepie5 stars

  66. Hi
    Just love your blog. I tried out the veg pizza and it came out soooooo well , my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. thanks for sharing. May you churn out exotic recipes in future.5 stars

    1. welcome asha. thanks for sharing positive review on pizza and for your best wishes.

  67. Hi
    love your blog. amazing collection of recipes. I tried out the veg pizza and it came out excellently well. thanks for sharing and hope u come out with exotic recipes. Most importantly, it was a hit at home with the wedges disappearing as fast as lightning.

    1. thanks asha for sharing positive review on veg pizza. glad to know this.

  68. Hi
    I love the recipes in your blog. Yesterday I tried out the veg pizza and it was a hit and the credit goes to you. Thanks so much Dassana.5 stars

  69. Hey Dassana,
    I love your blog, I have tried many recipes and they all came out very well. I didn’t try this pizza recipe, mainly because I live near italy and my family owns a pizzeria, so I get to eat authentic italian pizza whenever I want. While I like all your recipes, I just found this one odd, this is not a italian pizza, the crust has to be very thin and crisp for it to be italian, this looks more like the americanized version, which is sold in Domino’s, pizza hut in India. Hope you try and make it more authentic next time 🙂

    1. jia, you are right. this is the pizza we get in india. in dominos or pizza hut. we are used to eating this. only in local restaurants serves the thin crust pizza but many innocent customer will think that they are cost cutting. i will add a separate post on thin crust pizza. in india we call the authentic italian pizza as thin crust pizza. thanks for the feedback.

  70. Hello Dassanna, thanks a ton for the lovely recipes. I recently made the goan veg curry, which was appreciated by my family 🙂
    I tried following the above recipe for veg pizza yesterday, everything went well and the dough rose exactly as you have shown. But when I put it into the microwave oven in convection mode at 220 degree celsius after preheating it (automatically), the pizza turned a lovely brown on top and a great smell emanated. I kept it inside the oven for about 12 minutes. But when I took out, the whole pizza just collapsed as the bottom part had not baked at all… Can you pinpoint what went wrong? Thanks much!

    1. welcome divya. which pan you used for baking the pizza. did you keep the pizza on glass turn top or in a baking pan? in a microwave oven the heating is from top. so your top will get brown. there is no heating at the bottom. so the pizza will not be cooked from the bottom at the same time. so you need to bake for some more time. so that the base also gets cooked.

      1. Thanks for the clarification Dassana. I kept the pizza in a glass pan and made it the first time, hence the heat didn’t transfer to the bottom part of the pizza at all… Ha ha!
        Today I tried it by keeping the pizza at 250 degree convection mode in a nonstick pan that was provided along with the oven. It came out beautifully. Thanks a lot!
        By the way, can you provide a recipe for eggless brownies?

        1. i thought so divya. and thanks for replying back. a metal conductor is required for the heat to transfer. the microwave glass base is not a good conductor and hence the base did not get cooked. i will add an eggless brownie recipe. i make this recipe at times, but just not been able to take pics and update. will add in some days.

  71. Dassana the pizza came out to be toooooo good thk u very much. After two hrs the dough had leavened nicely, i wrapped it in a cling but did not keep it in fridge as had made it around 7.30pm. I made two pizzas one thin crust with pizza sauce and cheese for kids and other thick crust with veggies for us. Finally suceeded, thks to u Dassana!

    1. thanks for sharing your positive review on veg pizza and for sharing your experience. good to know this.

  72. Hi Dassana, am trying out the veg pizza so wish me luck, as often when ever have tried out pizza following many recipes was not upto the mark. I followed ur recipe and prepared the sauce and used little ketchup while making it instead of red wine(is red wine the normal port wine which v get in goa), tossed veggies in olive oil and kept, have also kneaded the dough at around 12noon and kept for leavening. Dassana if i need to make it in the evening should i wrap it in cling after leavning and keep in outisde or in the fridge pls. Thks!

    1. hi mohini, all the best first. red wine is different from port wine. but you can use port wine too. you can wrap it in cling and keep in the fridge or keep in a covered box or container. after the dough rises, it has to be kept in the fridge. i hope the pizza turned out well.

  73. Hi Dassana, the pizza looks so tempting. I want to try it too, but before that I need to know if there is an alternative to yeast? Also, if I want to use wheat flour instead of all purpose flour, what procedure shall I follow?

    1. thanks sonam. no alternative for yeast. for whole wheat flour, you check the whole wheat veg pizza recipe which i have shared on the blog using the search button.

  74. Hi Dassana,
    Thanks a million for sharing this wonderful receipe. The pizza turned out wonderful. Everyone at home loved it.5 stars

  75. Hi, I loved your vegetable pizza recipe! It turned out really good. I am going to try the pav and garlic bread recipes next!

  76. This is my favoutite website to search diff recipes. I am ur fan.l tried deal makkni,hyd veg biryani and many more. Now pizza is on list. Which cheese u use. Britannia or go cheese is OK.amul I am not getting small pack

    1. thanks sowmya. i use go cheese now. their quality is good and i have added them to toasts and pizzas. but in this recipe, i had used amul mozzarella cheese. i don’t use britannia as do not like their cheese taste.

  77. Thank-you so much for sharing this !!..i tried and my pizza turned out to be awesome 🙂
    Keep posting 🙂5 stars

  78. Your recipes are superb. The best thing about them is that they tell you everything from scratch. I have bookmarked this website. May you stay blessed, always. 🙂

    1. also could you please tell me as to what procedure I would have to follow while using my microwave oven? Thank you.

        1. And the same temperature has to be kept in the convection mode as well? As in to preheat!

        2. yes the same temperature in the convection as well as for preheating. its important that the microwave oven is preheated in the convection mode for about 10 to 12 minutes before baking.

        3. Also can you please tell me what flour have you used for the dough? Is it maida only? Thanks! 🙂

        4. here i have used maida only. but with the same recipe i have even made pizza with atta/whole wheat flour and it works well. just a bit dense, but health wise good.

  79. hi…
    I made pizza thrice in every possible mode and I used amul mozzarella cheese. but every time cheese become hard and rubbery. please give me a better solution.

    1. i have used amul mozarella cheese before and never had any issues. its best to use the convection mode. i think its the cheese which is giving these issues. perhaps the quality has gone down.

      1. its manufacture date is dec 2014. pls tell time and temperature to cook. im using lg microwave oven

        1. pushpraj, you have to bake the pizza in the convection mode. use the same temperature and method as mentioned in the recipe. do preheat the oven for 15 minutes before baking at the same temperature as mentioned in the recipe.

  80. thanks a lot friends.. for this awesome recipe,
    dassana, my family praise me because of ur recipe.5 stars

  81. hi dassana ji,
    I tried this recipe today , it was superb!! thanks for posting such excellent recipes . The whole procedure was very well explained. Thank you once again.!5 stars

    1. welcome priyanshi. thanks for sharing this positive feedback on recipes.

  82. Hi Dassana, thank you so much for this recipe. I tried it today n what to say…..wah wah from my husband…my friend n my daughter…it’s all because of ur step by step method with PIC. Thanks u so much 🙂

  83. Hi Dasanna,

    I have a silicon tray that came with my samsung microwave oven. I tried this recipe but the pizza base at the center didn’t cook properly. Also, i realized that my oven takes 10 minutes more than the time given here. Is there any other watt and time ration apart from the one mentioned? also, why is the center not baked?

    1. hi pranshu, i think its the same reason you mentioned. that your oven takes a longer time. oven have different temperature ranges. when i too try some recipes from books, i see that the timing varies in mine and theirs. sometimes its quick and sometimes it takes time. since i bake often now, i know when the baked product is ready. for pizza, i always check the base and the cheese in the center and all over. if the base crust is golden, crisp and the cheese is all melted, then the pizza is done. similar way i check for cookies too. the bottoms should be light golden or golden and firm. i don’t think this issue is due to the silicon tray. its probably the oven temperature. generally pizza are baked at a high temperature. you can also increase the temperature in your oven to 220 to 250 degrees celsius. but the timing will reduce. try this if you have these temperature ranges in your oven. my microwave oven has 200 degrees celsius as the highest temperature.

      1. Hey yeah i tried to bake again with the left batter. I changed the temperature to 250 degrees and time to 15 minutes. They came out good. I wish i could put the pic. They are brown n crispy. Thank you! 🙂

        1. welcome pranshu. good to know this. then next time u bake pizza at this temperature. if u want you can email us the photo.

        2. Hello Mr dassana
          I have followed total instructions of hydrabadi biryani from your recipe the result was great. I m really happy . I want to ask shall we use mayonese cream in pizza topping?

        3. thanks mital for sharing positive feedback on hyderabadi biryani. yes you can use mayonese cream in pizza topping.

  84. hi , such an easy and excellent recipe and nice detailing.
    I am a new bee at baking can you please help me
    I have brought a samsung microwave with grill,convection and microwave setting, can you please help me which all utensils I can use in it and fromm where to buy

    1. thanks. i would suggest its better you go through your microwave manual. it has all the details on which pan you can use for the various modes like grilling, convection and microwave. just remember that not to use any metallic pan in microwave mode. if using plastic or glass, then use microwave safe plastic or glass pan/bowls.

  85. Excellent recepie explained very clearly and accurately. Our kids liked the pizza.5 stars

  86. Ur recipe looks good, want to try. I hav LG microwave oven and i use that on convection mode to reheat restaurant brought pizza.. Can i use the rotating glass plate as a pizza tray? If u hav seen LG microwaves they dont hav metal racks so I Cant put baking tray on that

    1. if you use the rotating glass, its difficult to remove the pizza from it and is a lot of work greasing it etc. i would suggest use a baking pan or tray. i have a ifb microwave oven and i got a metal baking round tray and a separate baking rack with it. so i use the baking tray and sometimes the rack as well in the convection mode only. don’t use metal stuff in microwave mode.

  87. Everywhere i find the pizza base made of refined flour (maida)
    Nutrition and digestion wise, wheat flour is far better than maida…
    Can i use the wheat flour in place of maida and make same recipe?4 stars

    1. swapnil, yes you can use wheat flour to make this pizza. i have myself made it many times.

  88. Too good recipe
    Which pizza pan should i use?
    Do i need to buy a seperate oven purpose pan or can i use regular tawa or non stick tawa that we use to make dosa on gas stove?
    If over ware, then which brand would be good?

    1. swapnil, i use aluminium pans which are oven safe. i get it locally so there is no brand. any local kitchen or utensil shop will have them. but you can not make it on regular tawa on stove top as the base of pizza will get burnt. you have to use oven to make this veg pizza using oven safe pans.

      1. No No! No cooking on gas stove. I was asking can i use the same tawa that we use on gas stove, to cook pizza in oven?
        Well u said oven safe pan, i got my answer. Thank you ☺️☺️☺️

        1. Made pizza today for breakfast….yuppp i can eat pizza anytimeeee…. It came out too good…..except mozarella turned out to be very rubbery…
          I used amul mozarella cheese. It was fresh..I baked for 15 min on 200 c temp
          What should be the reason? Any other brand that can i use? Pls tell me brand which is available easily. Thanks 🙂

        2. good to know swapnil. mozzarella does not become rubbery, but yes it does become stringy on melting. even i have used amul mozzarella cheese and never had this problem. 15 mins it fine. in fact i have even baked the cheese till golden from top. you can try gowardhan brand. even their mozzarella cheese is good. gowardhan also has shredded cheese. so its good as saves time. some packs are labelled as ‘go’. the next are the imported variety, but they are too expensive.

  89. Awesome recipe, it turned out very well. I mostly follow the recepies posted in your blog. Thanks so much for the detailed steps!!!! My husband was too happy with how well the pizza turned out to be. Thanks once again 🙂5 stars

  90. hey! thank you so much for posting this recipe… the pics look so tempting. I tried making the pizza but once it was done the cheese was so hard and chewy, i couldnt even swallow it properly… help?

  91. Hey,thank you so much for this awesome recipe.I bought a new OTG and tried this recipe today.Came out well.Thank you so very much for putting in so much effort to share your wonderful recipes 🙂 I just love your blog!! Hoping to try more of your recipes.Keep them coming 🙂

    Lots of love!

    1. welcome karthika. glad to know this. this is a good start for your OTG. enjoying the baking.

  92. Hi Dassana! I just want to u and ur recipes and the website…they’re so easy to follow with all those yumm pics…and they come out absolutely delicious!! Thank u <35 stars

  93. I loved this pizza. I’m pregnant and I’ve been craving veggie pizza for weeks, but I felt guilty eating it out. So I decided to make it guilt free at home with my organic stuff and whole wheat flour. Let me tell you. It is soooooo delicious. It had the same smell that I’ve been craving for so long and don’t let me start talking about the sauce. It is soo good. I didn’t know that there is a lot of difference in taste between the fresh and canned sauce. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipe.5 stars

    1. thanks a lot haya. of course, there is a lot of difference between the canned sauce and the fresh sauce. homemade pizzas are guilt free as well as healthier.

  94. Tried it today Dassana …on demand of my daughter ..but everyone at home loved it…now its my husband’s demand for tomorrow. ..Thank u for ur recipes….I m a fan of urs indeed tried many of ur other recipes too… keep posting dear. .. God bless!! Tell me plz how long I should bake to make the base only?5 stars

    1. thanks soumya for the feedback. nice to know pizza is in demand 🙂 for the base only, depending on the size, you can bake for 20 to 30 minutes. you can use a temperature between 180 degrees celsius to 200 degrees celsius. the base has to get light browned with a bread like texture.

  95. I made pizza for the first time in my life using our oven..Followed the recipe for making pizza base…It came out very well…Made my own pizza sauce though..My husband and myself felt that what we did at home was a lot better than what we have from outside…Thanks for the recipe!! It is indeed a tried and tested recipe 🙂4 stars

    1. thanks for the feedback bhavya. homemade pizza is always a winner than the outside ones. once you are succesful in making pizza, you can make different variations and with various toppings. even the pizza bread can be baked and stored in the fridge. when you want, just spread the pizza sauce and add the toppings and cheese and bake the pizza.

  96. Hey Dassana thanks for wonderful recipes you keep posting on your blogs…I have tried many of them and all were beautiful:) has now become my daily ritual to visit your blog:)

    I tried your pizza recipe it was very tempting but i have one problem my pizza was slightly darker from edges…any idea what went wrong?

    1. Thanks isha. If the edges are thin as compared to the center, then the edges will get browned.

  97. I have ifb microwave oven . What I m use grill or convention for pizza making

    1. use convection for pizza making. even i have ifb microwave oven. the grill is very slow. takes a lot of time. convection is faster. this pizza has been made in the convection mode of the ifb microwave oven 🙂

  98. its wonderful.. haven’t seen such well explaned receipe online ever…keep up the good work5 stars

  99. Hi Dassana
    I have an LG microwave oven which has micro, convection and grill modes separately as well as micro+convection and micro+grill modes. Could you please give me a procedure in steps to make veg Pizza with ready made pizza base.
    Waiting for your response….

    1. hi preeti, you first preheat your oven in the convection mode for at least 6 to 7 minutes. since you already have a pizza base and you just need to partly cook the vegetables and melt the cheese. place the prepared pizza (like spread the sauce on the base, then add the vegetables and top with cheese & herbs) in the oven and bake in convection mode for the required amount of time, till the cheese melts. i cannot tell you the time as the temperatures vary from oven to oven. hope this helps.

    1. cheese is required in a pizza. if you have oregano plant at home, then just sun dry the leaves and you have dried oregano at home.

  100. Instead of using dry yeast, can i substitute it with instant yeast? could you tell me how much instant yeast would go in this recipe to make the dough?

    1. yes you can add instant yeast. 2 tsp of active yeast equals 1.33 tsp of instant yeast. you can add about 1.25 tsp of instant yeast. just remember that the rising time will be reduced if using instant yeast.

  101. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the step by step tutorial, I also have an ifb microwave with convection setting, I tried making pizza today, but the base remained undercooked from the centre… Could you please tell me what kind of utensil you use to place the pizza in the oven, and also, do you place that utensil on top of the wire rack provided with the microwave, or on the glass tray used in microwave mode?

    1. the oven has to preheated well. atleast 15 to 20 mins before you keep the pizza. i had got a metal round pan with the oven which i use to keep the pizza. i just keep the pan with the pizza on the glass tray. you can use any aluminium baking tray to keep the pizza.

    1. welcome supratim. homemade pizzas is also more healthy if you use whole wheat flour and you are in more control as you know what goes into pizza.

  102. Hi dasssana
    I have onida microwave oven.i want to know that I have to cook pizza directly on glass plate or on the grill given by company.pls help

    1. you can bake the pizza on the glass plate but then removing it is difficult. better to use a round baking tray or pan to bake the pizza.

  103. It’s sounding so tasty so i am dam sure that it will taste awesome.thk u:-) 🙂 🙂5 stars

  104. hey dassana what is the mode setting of the microwave oven…. I have samsung oven.. Which mode i have to use?????

    1. its convection mode in the microwave. remember to preheat your oven at least 15 to 20 mins before you bake. the preheating is also done in the convection mode.

  105. This is one of the best cuisine websites. Dassana you are doing a wonderful job. Thanks for the recipes.

  106. World’s Best Recipe. Thanks Richa. I have recently purchased LG microwave oven and will definitely try this awesome veggie pizza

      1. Yes, HaHa. I read comment below while I was in bus and thought your name is richa.

        Amazing recipe !5 stars

  107. Hi Dassana, this receipe was really helpful. I had made a thin crust pizza the last time. I was thinking of trying a cheese burst kind of pizza, could you tell me how to do that?5 stars

    1. thanks sayli. i have never made a cheese burst pizza. i think this is how its made. you first roll the pizza dough into a round. spread cheese mozzarella cheese on the dough. keep some empty space about 1/4 inch all round the dough. now place another rolled pizza dough and then fold the edges like how its done for gujia. then top with veggies and cheese and then bake. its more like a sandwiched pizza where the cheese is between the two pizza breads and the toppings are on top.

  108. hii…
    i tried this pizza bt mozzrela cheese melt nhi hua nd pls tell me if i have readymade pizza base then what will time it take to bake

    1. a good quality mozzarella cheese should melt. what temperature setting you chose and how long you kept the pizza. was the oven pre heated enough? with ready made pizza base it may take about 12 to 15 mins in a medium hot oven.

  109. Thank You for the wonderful recipe.
    Just a few things :
    Don’t you have to preheat the oven?
    And how do you get the base to be fluffy ?(like pizza hut)
    Thanks in advance

    1. the oven has to be preheated. i have mentioned in the post. if the flour is well leavened, then you will get a soft base.

  110. Hi Dassna,

    Looks yummy! Please let me know which Oven you used for making this Pizaa.
    I am going to buy a new convection oven.Can you please tell me how and in which mode should the oven be used to make a nice Pizza like yours…:)


    1. hi rajesh, the oven is IFB microwave oven with microwave, convection and grill modes. after you buy the oven, a representative from the company will come and demonstrate to you how the different modes are used. there is also an instruction and recipe booklet which you can refer.

  111. Hie dasaana…
    PAMILA HERE… last time i prepared allu veg pizza everything was perfect excepet mozerella cheese.. it didnt melt!!!
    Can u tell me wht can be the reason?

    1. Mozzarella cheese melts. Did you thaw or defrost the cheese before adding to pizza.

  112. Thank you for writing the method to make pizza sauce i was a bit confuse earlier. and it was a one good and tasty recipe

  113. Hi Dassana,

    What all herbs do you use for the fresh or dried herbs mentioned? I have quite a few Italian herbs most of which i do not know how to use (got it from someone)!!


    1. hi lavanya

      for fresh herbs i use basil as i have basil growing in my terrace garden. dry herbs – i use oregano. these two i use while making pizzas. while making salads, i add both fresh basil and parsley. for pasta, lasagne and soups depending on the recipe i add dry oregano, rosemary or herbes de provence. herbes de provence is a mixture of dry herbs, used in french cuisine. the italian herbs you can even add in soups, rice based dishes and also baked vegetable dishes like veg au gratin or any other dish. try out with a few and then go along to see how they compliment the vegetables and the sauces that you add.

  114. Hi Dassana,

    Sorry for the goof up… but really ur recipes are just perfect…keep posting please….
    thanks a ton..

  115. Dear Amit,
    ur recipes are just amazing!!!!tried this pizza recipe and ur Dabheli recipe too…just amazing…got so many compliments for Dabheli as i had made it for my kitty party.
    the step by step presentation of the recipes is amazing too….
    jus wanna thank u… so much


    1. hi jaya, dassana here. amit is my husband’s name. thanks a lot and welcome.

  116. Tried your pizza recipe and it came out awesome.. My husband loved it and so did I. Thanks a ton. Only issue was I think the base got soggy. Does precooking the base help??

    1. thanks prema. as a stip, brush some olive oil on the base before spreading the sauce. it won’t become soggy. you can pre cook the base before and then do the topping later.

  117. Hi Dasanna Amit,

    My wife tried veg pizza while I was narrating to her as per the instructions in the webpage. This made a great moment for us to have family snack time. Thank you for the recipe.

    Ravi & Lavi (Lavanya)5 stars

    1. thanks ravi & lavi for this sweet comment. i feel good to know that the blog is helping people in cooking as well as having good moments.

  118. Hi Dassana,

    Pls ignore my earlier post , I forgot i had already posted on your website 🙂

  119. Dassanna….

    i dont have a baking tray as of now… is it ok if i just place the pizza base on the glass rack of the microwave oven and bake it?

    1. hi medha, you can keep the pizza on the glass. but it will be very hot when you have to remove. so you have to use a broad spatula to lift it up.

  120. I,have a readymade pizza base kindly guide me how to make a pizza in a microwave?4 stars

    1. apurva, i have never tried in microwave. are you talking about making pizza in convection mode or microwave mode? if you are making pizza in convection mode then just keep the pizza on a rack. the heat coming from the top element will help to melt the cheese quickly. i have never made pizza in the microwave mode.

  121. do i need to keep the pizza on high rack when using microwave for making pizza?

  122. You are simply splendid.. Your any recepie is well explained n to the point. Every single details are covered. Thanks a lot… Keep posting new recipes. Great work!!!!

  123. Hi Dassana,

    For any recipes your website is always on my top list. Keep up the good work.

    I tried this pizza recipe it came out really well. Only thing i feel is the the base takes longer time to cook than the vegetables. So If i cook longer the vegetables dry out. any suggestions for that..

    1. hi seema, thanks. i suggest the following:
      – the oven has to be really hot before the pizza is kept. so the pre heating time is important. so while making breads like naans or pizza pre heat the oven for at least 20 mins before you bake.
      – secondly keep the pizza in the center rack if you are using an OTG. also if possible bake at a high temperature like 220 or 250 degrees C. the oven when i made this pizza just has 200 degrees C as the last option.
      – also if you cover the pizza well with cheese, the veggies won’t dry out.

  124. which container can i use for keeping the pizza in microwave ?? and for how much time and what should be the power??4 stars

    1. this pizza recipe can be made in the microwave oven in the convection mode. it cannot me made in the microwave mode.

  125. I am planning to buy a oven. Kindly guide me whether to buy a OTG oven or microwave oven as I want to use to make specifically cake and pizza. Please advise.

    Jyothi Maben

    1. i suggest to buy to an OTG as first since you can do a lot of baking in it. meaning you can use the shelves for multi purpose baking. which cannot be done in the microwave. like you can bake 3-4 cake loaves at one go which is not possible in a microwave oven. moreover, microwave is suitable only for reheating and microwave cooking. its good for baking also. but if you don’t need the functions of reheating and microwave cooking, there is no point in spending extra money only for baking.

  126. The recipe went really well and my husband really loved it but i faced a small shortcoming, that no frothy layer was formed on the water containing yeast and sugar and also my batter did not rise much, which left me wondering whether the quality or the quantity of yeast or anything else was deterrant…

    1. thats coz the yeast did not double. its very important for the yeast to froth. either the yeast was not active or the water was hot or cold. thats why the dough did not rise. next time make sure that the yeast froths and if it does not, then throw away the whole mixture and start again. buy a good quality yeast.

    1. to make the pizza bread in the microwave, convection mode has to be used. not all microwave ovens have the convection mode in them. check your oven’s manufacturer’s guide or booklet to know if convection is there or not….. and if it is there how to use it. otherwise in the microwave mode pizza bread cannot be made.

  127. Pizza looks yummy.
    i have been reading many of ur recepies & have cooked at home. I have found many good reviews from everyone. i hope u keep on sending many good receipes.4 stars

  128. Can we make d base separately and store in fridge for few days? I will make dis today and tell how it comes out!!

    1. hi madhumita. you can make the pizza bread base and store in the fridge for a day or two. if keeping for more days then keep the dough in the freezer.

  129. Dear Dasanna
    I made veg pizza following your recipe and it was yummy. My hubby and kids enjoyed it. Thanks.
    Lekshmi5 stars

  130. Hey!
    I made this pizza in Microwave oven it all got burned 🙁
    The sauce ws tasting horrible after burning :/

    What can do to make it into perfect pizza next time whn I try?

    Someone told me tht if M using microwave thn I should bake the base seperately for sumtime… Is tht the solution for my problem?

    Plz help I really wanna taste this yummy pizza :'(

    1. the recipe is for an oven baked pizza and not microwave. meaning you cannot make the pizza in the microwave mode, but can make in the convection mode which functions like a regular oven. if you are using microwave mode, then its better to make the pizza bread separately and then add the toppings later.

  131. please help me out …… I left the dough for about 2 hours and a half in a plate and covered it with cling film …. but it didn’t rise ….. it just became wider and it has so many bubbles…………..i’m planning to make the pizza after about 2 – 3 hours ….. what should I do…. please help

    1. rose, since you are saying that the dough has become wider and has bubbles. then it means the dough has leavened. so you can continue making the pizza now or if you want to make it after 2-3 hours then keep the dough in the fridge.

  132. Hi

    Please can u tell me the difference of using OTG or regular oven for baking pizza. Will that taste the same. In most of the baking recipes, it is said that baking is done in oven. Which oven do they refer to.


  133. Hi

    I have an OTG. I wanted to clarify whether baking pizza in an OTG or conventional oven makes any difference. Wherever I read the recipe for pizza, cookies or bun they refer to oven, which oven do they use?


    1. not much of a difference. i have both OTG and microwave oven and i have baked in both. the only difference i have seen is that when baking in OTG, there is even browning and baking. in the convection mode in microwave oven, the browning is too quick and the top layer browns quickly. atleast thats what happens in the oven i use. so i cover the top with an aluminium foil or brown baking paper.

      they use the regular oven. OTG is also a regular oven. so you can easily bake any bread, cake or cookies in your OTG.

      1. may I ask , what would the Consequences be ?? I don’t have yeast right now .. and I’ve read many articles about replacing yeast with baking powder ..

    1. this recipe is such that yeast is used. for baking powder, the proportions of the flours and other ingredients have to different. i have never made pizza with baking powder,so won’t be able to help you on that. the bread would not become soft or fluffy if baking powder is added.

  134. your pizza is wonderful .. but what if I want to make only 1 medium sized or large pizza … what would the ingredients be ???
    and what do you mean by 3 garlics … do you mean 3 whole garlics or 3 garlic cloves …
    thanks alot

    1. of course it cannot be 3 whole garlics. its 3 garlic cloves. have already replied to our first query.

  135. dear dassana ,
    your pizza seems amazing , I think i’ll try it soon … but I have some questions please :
    1) I only want to make the dough for one medium sized or large pizza … can you tell me the ingredients please ??
    2) can I bake the pizza in the microwave ??? if yes , how long should I leave it??
    3) what is dry yeast ?? …. I only know normal yeast that is in packages

    Thanks a lot in advance5 stars

    1. 1: just halve the ingredients proportionally and you would get one large pizza.
      2: this pizza recipe cannot be made in the microwave.
      3: dry active yeast are compressed dry yeast available in granules. they are inactive at room temperature but become active in warm water. by normal you mean fresh yeast? actually there are 3 types of yeast available – fresh yeast, dry active yeast and instant yeast. so you can check whats mentioned on the labels before you buy. the amount of the different yeast varies. you can use the yeast calculator from google search results.

      1. thank a lot .. but would less than 1/4 spoon of sugar be enough to activate the yeast ??

  136. Hi

    What is the mode you select in Microvave oven. Grill on convection mode?

    Please tell me


  137. Superb Pizza recipe. Delicious output and a never-go-wrong recipe. thanks for sharing 🙂

  138. Dear Dassana,

    I have been making pizzas at home with store-bought bases for a very long time now. And finally after mustering up enough courage tried your recipe for homemade pizza base. To much delight, the pizzas turned out fabulous ! My kids really enjoyed them and so did we.
    Thank you for the wonderful recipe…its soon going to become a family-favourite for us.

    1. thanks ashwini for this positive feedback. i am glad you all liked the pizza recipe and it turned out very good.

    1. herbs are basically plants that are used in cooking and baking for their aroma and flavor. eg coriander leaves and mint leaves which we use a lot in indian cooking are herbs. in italian cooking, for eg basil, celery, parsley etc are used. they can be fresh or dried. dried herbs are available individually or in a mix with other herbs in most super stores. fresh herbs are also easily available nowadays.

  139. Hi Dassana,
    I tried baking pizza at home as per your recipe and its come really good.
    Thanks my husband liked it very much..
    I am happy..
    Once again thanks for such a wonderful recipe

    Usha Iyer

      1. Dassana,

        I tried using two cups of maida and nearly one cup of wheat flour and also tried four cheese combination. The pizza crust came extremely soft and it tasted good too..
        Thanks dear..
        Must say ur a wonderful cook or chef.. 🙂

        1. thanks for the feedback on the pizza recipe as well for your compliment, usha 🙂

  140. Thanks for recipe, its yummm………tried bit differently, filled cheese in b/w layers of pizza!!! awesome.

    Dr. Tarun

    1. thanks tarun. its good to experiment and innovate the dish as per your own taste.

    1. abhinesh, you can use wheat floor too. but if you make it completely with wheat flour then the veg pizza becomes dense and it is not very soft. but using wheat flour is more healthy. another option you have is to mix wheat flour with maida (or all purpose flour)

      1. Hi Dassana,

        I tried it with maida yesterday with my new LOFA Oven. With few mistakes .. but it was tasty ..Since that was my first Pizza, I will rate it success!
        1. when I prepared yeast, it didnt become bubble or frothy layer on top.. yes even after 40 mins.
        2. So I kept the dough aside for 5 Hrs.. Yes , It came good looking .
        3. I made thin crust.. because I like that way.
        4. My Oven was so Hot..(next time I will measure temperature) So My pizza was ready in less than 10 min.. But.. I wasn’t sure.. I kept it inside for few more mins and the edges got burned and cheese become brown.

        But… at the end it was Soooo Tasty except the edges..

        Can I know what may be the reasons for issues yeast ..

        1. for a first time, they way you have mentioned, looks like the pizza was good.

          yeast needs luke warm or warm water to get activated. if the water is not enough warm or hot, then the yeast does not get activated. also the yeast should not be expired. so if there is no froth and bubbles, its best to throw away the solution and start again. also some sugar needs to be added to the water. as this also helps in activation.

  141. how do i make the pizza base without yeast? i dont have yeast right now. and is parmesan cheese fine? or should i use mozzarella only? i also have amul cheese spread

    1. hi abhi, to make the pizza base, yeast is essential. you will have to get ready pizza bases then. you can use parmesan cheese also. amul cheese spread can be applied to the base.

  142. And dassana ji plz also tell that regular ovens and microwave ovens are different or same.and if i make pizza on tava will it be soft and fluffy.plz reply i will be very veru thankful of u.

    1. regular oven is different from microwave oven. when you bake in the convection mode of a microwave oven, it functions like regular oven. however in the microwave mode, the functions of the microwave oven are totally different. if you want to go into full time baking, then i would suggest you to buy a regular oven.

      you can make pizza on a tava. just you have to make sure that the base does not get burnt. if the dough is proofed and kneaded well, then the pizza bread will become soft. you can compare it with naan or kulcha made from yeast. they can be made both on stove top/tava and oven. if the dough is good, the naan or kulcha would come out perfect in both the oven and tava.

      1. Thanku dassanaji.ek aur problem hai.i have made base today in convection mode but it was not spongy and soft but too hard.i think dough was not proper.whenever i make dough it ferment but not double up,why.plz help

        1. hi amita. i would suggest you to read my brown bread post. there are many hints and pointers in this post which will help you. the basic fundamentals of baking any bread with yeast is same. mainly:

          – the yeast should proof
          – the gluten should form in the dough
          – the bread dough should double up

  143. Dear Dassana
    The preparation of the pizza was fabulously explained along with pictures given for reference ….great job…simply loved it. Thanks

  144. Really a great guide to prepare pizza at home…I tried it and the outcome is 100% perfect

    Thanks Author

  145. hiii very good recipe of pizza i was searching for so long my daughter loved it tnks for the recipe

  146. Hi,

    Your pizza looks delicious….i really wanna try….but am a beginner….planning to get a new oven.Please suggest should i go for OTG oven for micro wave convection model…..

    1. you have to first consider your budget before buying any oven and also your requirements. microwave oven with convection would cost you 10,000 rs and above for a good brand in india. OTG would come from 2500 rs and above. if you just plan to bake and grill, then OTG is good. if you want to cook in the microwave and bake also, then go for microwave with convection. reheating food & making cups of tea or coffee is also quick in microwave. so decide accordingly and buy. as far as baking is concerned, both OTG and microwave are good. I use both for baking. in microwave the baking takes less time, due to the fan, i think. so decide as per your budget, requirements and needs.

  147. Hi, I don’t have an regular oven, can I make the pizza base in a microwave oven? Or is there another way I could make the pizza base…please let me know.

    1. dear dr sankara, i won’t suggest to make the pizza base in the microwave. you can cook the pizza base on a tava or a frying pan.
      method given below:

    2. just smear some olive oil on the tava or the frying pan. non stick is pan is better.
    3. roll a thick chapati from the pizza dough.
    4. place it on the hot tava and let one side cook and get browned.
    5. now flip and the cooked side comes on top.
    6. remove tha pan from fire.
    7. quickly spread the pizza sauce on the pizza.
    8. add the veggie toppings and the grated cheese.
    9. cover the tava or the pan and cook till the cheese melts and the base becomes crisp.
  148. Awesome pizza , I followed each & every step of this recipe & turned out a very nice crispy pizza ,Inspite of maida I took 1/2 wheat flour & 1/2 Maida

    1. thats great to know manisha. nothing beats a homemade pizza if it turns out awesome 🙂

  149. Hi Dassana

    I really like pizzas and so I tried making veg pizza with the above recipe but with store bought pizza base and in convection mode in a microwave.
    The top of the pizza tasted good but the bread base was too hard. The pizza was not soft and gooey like it should be. Can you pls suggest how could I improve the same.


    1. i am assuming that you brought already baked pizza bread base. in this case, you will need to bake or grill it for a less period of time as the bread is already baked. so just baking the pizza for 10-12 minutes or till the cheese melts for 180 degrees C in the convection mode is fine. the pizza bread must have got over baked and hence the hardness of the base.

      1. Thanks Dassana for your reply. I will try the recipe again 🙂

        If any recipe asks for oven process, can we do the same in a microwave in convection mode? or is it not the same? As is the case with pizzas and cake recipes.

        1. the microwave and convection mode are different modes as well as methods of cooking food.

          – in the microwave mode, food is cooked by the microwave waves.
          – in the convection mode food is cooked by heat waves through convection heating method. the same way a regular oven would cook or bake food.
          – when we cook food in a pot or pan the food is cooked by the heat waves in the conduction mode.
          – in the microwave mode, food cooks very fast
          – in the convection mode, food does not cook fast

          now if any recipe calls for an oven, it means cooking or baking in the convection mode. unless the recipe specifies that it can be cooked in the microwave mode.

          i would not suggest anyone to make or bake pizza in the microwave mode. it is better if they bake it on a tava/flat pan than microwave it. baking in the oven or grilling are the best methods to make pizza.

          for cakes, you can make in both modes- either microwave or convection. i have made many cakes in both the modes individually and they have always turned out well.

          for microwave cakes, the batter has to be liquid and moist than the regular cake batter. my suggestion would be to make cake recipes which are meant to be done in the microwave mode rather than convection mode. there are lot of cake recipes on the web which can be made in the microwave mode.

          the time required for making a medium size cake can be anywhere between 8-10 minutes on full microwave power. one has to keep on checking in between so that the cake does not become dry and stiff.

          for oven baked cakes depending on the recipe, the cake can be baked anywhere between 150 degrees C to 200 degress C or more. the cake might take 20 to 50 minutes to bake.

          i hope this info helps you richa.

  150. Hi Dassana

    Tried out the Pizza Recipe today and this time made sure that the water is just warm. Also i used SAF Instant Yeast. The base and topping turned out to be wonderful. The only mistake was i wasn’t sure as to how to use the temperature setting in my pizza maker. Hence the pizza got a bit over cooked, only the top cheese layer turned brown. Apart from that pizza was awesome. Hats off to you…. and many many thanks. I have also sent a photo of my home made pizza to the e-mail address of veg recipes of India.
    Just let me know how you feel it looks.
    Tks again

    1. thanks a ton deepa. i have replied to your email. the pizza is looking good and yummy.

  151. Hi Dassana, can we use the same baking tin used for baking cakes? Also if i use whole wheat and maida in the ratio of 2:1 , will it make any difference in taste or as an amateur should i strictly follow the ditto receipe i.e with maida and later go on for any R & D…:)


    1. dear meeta, if you have a shallow baking tin you can use it. the only issue with a baking tin would be to remove the pizza. its much easier with a flat baking pan or even a pie dish.

      there will be a slight difference in the texture and taste. but overall with the veggies, sauce and cheese it does not matter much. you won’t be able to know the difference. the pizza base will not be spongy or light like in the original recipe. it will be a little dense and chewy. but not an issue. i made a whole wheat pizza and the hubby was not even able to tell the difference. you can do the R & D. i do so many R & Ds when i cook 🙂

  152. Hi Dassana, Ur step bt step tutorials are awesome for any starters in kitchen and i give u 10/10 for keeping the fantafabolous work. God bless u .

    Well i like to know which camera ur using to take tis awesome pics. Is its DSLR or a Aim & Shoot compact camera, please let me know the name and model number


    Anil – Hubli

    1. thanks anil for the 10/10 points 🙂

      i have a canon DSLR camera. it is EOS 600D model. in the united states its known as canon EOS rebel T3i. i use the Canon EF-S 18-55mm F3.6-5.6 IS II lens.

  153. nothing better than home made bread topped with gorgeous sauce and veggies! I havent had store bought bread in almost 2 years now..:) maybe an artisan local bread once in a few months.. love your step by step pictures. now if only i can find a house with daylight in the kitchen and move there:)

    1. yes….. why not. you can easily make the pizza in an electric pizza maker.

        1. Sure i will. Last week i made it but the dough did not fluff up. But the topping was good. I have a new pizza maker but do not know how to reheat it. It has temp knob upto 250 degrees and timer knob and also coil selector. Cud u tell me how do i pre heat it and upto what time pls. I am very new to baking.
          A big tks to you for all your recopes. Have tried most of them…. Came out very well

        2. the water temperature is very important for the yeast to get activated. if the water is cool, the yeast does not get activated and if it is hot the yeast dies.

          i have never used an electric pizza maker. i guess it would be the same as the preheating we do for oven. set the temperature and then the time say 4 or 5 minutes. i don’t know what is coil selector. its better you check the manual that came with it. that will help and guide you.

        3. Tks a lot. You were perfectly right. After i added water to the yeast i realized that the water was too hot. Got your point clearly. Will take care next time. Many tks for your guidance. I think the new cooks need not refer to any recipe book but only subscribe to your website. Marvellous
          Tks again

  154. This looks amazingly yummy. How would it turn out if I substitute maida with wheat flour?

    1. i have made the pizza with wheat flour. the dough becomes stiff and is not very elastic as compared to the dough made with maida. even the pizza bread is dense and chewy. i would suggest you add half-half quantities of both maida and wheat flour or in the ratio of 2:1 where it would be 2 cups of wheat flour and 1 cup of maida.

  155. Yummy…finally!! As soon as I am back I have to try this and the bread….too tempting and a grt post as always!

  156. Except for making the pizza base which I feel too lazy to make when I get ready made base easily, I love homemade pizzas…your look scrumptious!

  157. This pizza looks scrumptious! I love recipes like this. Yum!

    1. dear suvidha, the pizza can’t be made in the microwave.

      you can but make it on the stove top. take a nice non stick pan or good tava. grease with some oil and heat it. now place the pizza base on it.
      it will become brown. flip it. quickly put the toppings, cheese etc. cover and let cook on a slow flame till the cheese melts.

  158. Hi Dasanna,

    Nice review of pizza from start to end, i was searching for good pizza recipe since a long time. Thne finally o got today. I am a regular follower of your site and used to watch almost daily. My one question to you is from where to get the dry yeast, I live in Mumbai

    1. thanks shweta. you can easily get dry yeast in a supermarket or hypermarket in mumbai. they come in small packets or in small bottles.

  159. I’ve been looking for a good pizza dough recipe for a while because I have a goat’s cheese & fig pizza that I want to blog about from my holiday to Cape Town. I will definitely use this recipe and link it back to you, so thanks. I am going out to buy some more spelt flour today so will let you know how it goes!!

      1. Dasssanaji plz tell can pizza base be made in convection mode in the microwave oven.i had tried many times but it became too hard plz plz reply

        1. hi amita, i have made this pizza in the convection mode of microwave oven. i have made pizza many times in the convection mode with perfect results. the dough is becoming hard as i suspect its not kneaded well. the gluten has to form in the dough and if there is no proper gluten development in the dough, the bread becomes hard. it can also be due to the yeast not getting fermented well.