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collection of 34 tasty matar recipes – along with potatoes, green peas is a versatile veggie and you can make a lot number of recipes with it. add them to rice, to gravies, to stuffing’s for sandwiches and parathas or make salads or soups.

apart from making dishes only with green peas, i also add them to recipes where other veggies are also included. though aloo matar is a favorite curry with many, there are other delicious dishes too that you can make with matar.

in india, during winters, the market gets flooded with fresh tender green pea pods. green peas is not available through out the whole year. so i buy green peas in bulk, pod them and then freeze them in a container. they stay well for 4 to 5 months. whenever i need matar for any dish, i just take them from the container and add to the dish. i avoid buying the store brought frozen peas.

i am sharing here a collection of recipes that i make with green peas. the collection includes gravy/curry based dishes as well as sabzi or dry dishes. i have also included some breakfast and snack recipes made with matar.

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matar recipes with gravy:

1. green peas masala – creamy and delicious green peas masala gravy. no onion no garlic recipe. this peas masala recipe does not use butter or cream like most of the restaurant style recipes i have posted. cashews and milk powder are added to make this gravy creamy, smooth and slightly sweet.

2. matar paneer – spiced and creamy curry with peas and cottage cheese. this recipe is not restaurant style but a simple homemade dish. the kinds which make for a homely comforting meal. a family recipe.

3. aloo matar curry – a simple and home style punjabi recipe of peas and potatoes curry.

4. methi matar malai – popular punjabi north indian curry made with green peas, fenugreek leaves and cream (malai).

5. matar paneer dhaba style recipe – delicious and spicy dhaba style matar paneer recipe made with green peas and cottage cheese. this matar paneer has the flavors and taste of dhaba like food in it. the recipe is also easy. i have made the entire recipe in a pan. but you can even use a pressure cooker to save time.

6. mushroom peas curry – rich and delicious south indian mushroom & peas curry made with a coconut-cashew base along with rest of indian spices.

7. matar ka nimona – easy to prepare UP style matar ka nimona recipe. this is a gravy like dish prepared with fresh green peas, onions, tomatoes and spices. i have also added potatoes but they are optional.

8. aloo gobi matar – lightly spiced curry with cauliflower, peas and potatoes.

9. khoya matar makhana – rich punjabi curry made with peas, fox nuts and khoya (evaporated milk solids). if you do not have makhana, then simply make the curry with peas and khoya. instead of makhana you can also add paneer (cottage cheese).

10. mushroom matar makhani – mushroom and peas in a creamy makhani sauce/gravy. the creaminess comes from ground cashews and tomatoes.

11. potato peas korma – a south indian style potato peas korma made with coconut, poppy seeds, cashews and red chilies.

12. aloo matar paneer recipe – aloo matar paneer is tasty curry or gravy made with potatoes, green peas and paneer in an onion-tomato base. the recipe i make is a simple and easy recipe with a home style taste.

13. veg shakuti recipe – veg xacuti is a delicious spicy coconut based curry with complex flavors. xacuti recipe is a popular dish from the goan cuisine. i have used mix vegetables to make xacuti.

14. anjeeri matar – a delicious gravy recipe made with figs, green peas and yogurt.

15. poricha kuzhambu recipe – a healthy and delicious mix veggie based lentil gravy made with coconut+spice paste.

16. veg chilli milli – spicy and tasty gravy made with mix veggies, tomatoes-cashew paste, green chilies and spices. usually cabbage, carrots, capsicum (green bell pepper) and green peas (matar) are added in this dish. though, you can also use your choice of veggies.

matar recipes (dry & sabzi):

1. dry aloo matar – tangy, mildly spiced dry sabzi of baby potatoes with green peas. regular potatoes also can be used in the recipe instead of baby potatoes.

2. matar mushroom – semi dry curry of peas and mushrooms made north indian style.

3. matar ki sabzi recipe – simple, easy and delicious green peas sabzi that goes very well as a side dish with chapatis or phulkas. for the recipe you can use fresh or frozen green peas. both work well. when i make matar sabzi, i steam the green peas. you can even boil the peas. few more such easy dry sabzi recipes on blog are:

  1. aloo gobi sabzi
  2. baingan aloo
  3. capsicum aloo
  4. jeera aloo
  5. aloo beans
  6. karela sabzi

4. gobi matar – dry and lightly spiced cauliflower peas recipe.

5. bandh gobi matar – easy to prepare spiced punjabi recipe of cabbage and green peas.

6. aloo gajar matar – quick and easy dry curry made with potatoes, carrots and peas. no onion no garlic recipe.

7. matar paneer bhurji – spicy blend of scrambled cottage cheese and peas with onions, green chilies, tomatoes and indian spices.

8. matar usal – a semi dry curry from the maharashtrian cuisine made with fresh green peas, coconut and spices. mild sweet tones and lightly spiced.

9. gajar matar sabzi – delicious dry sauteed carrots and fresh green peas.

snacks and other green peas recipes:

1. matar pulao – aromatic green peas pulao recipe from punjabi cuisine. the pulao has sweet tones because of peas or matar. this pulao can be made with fresh or frozen peas. if you want to make pulao then check this link → 28 pulao recipes.

2. green peas paratha – whole wheat flat bread stuffed with a spiced mashed green peas filling. no onion no garlic recipe. the recipe is the most simplest version of matar paratha with minimal spices. so what you get is the taste and flavor of peas without being dominated by too many of spices.

3. matar kachori – flaky & crisp indian pastries stuffed with spiced & mashed peas. in hindi matar means peas and kachori is the fried & flaky pastry. these are like spiced empanadas. the matar kachori filling can be varied from savory to sweet, from potato & peas to lentils and even onions.

4. bengali matar kachori – fried bread with a mild and sweet green peas stuffing. a popular bengali breakfast as well as snack.

5. chura matar recipe – UP style recipe of chura matar or matar poha. chura matar is an evening snack which is popular and made in many homes in uttar pradesh during the winters.

6. green peas sundal – sundal are dry legume-lentil preparation spiced, tempered along with fresh coconut. the recipe uses dry green peas. however can also be made with fresh green peas.

7. hara bhara kabab – kabab made from spinach, peas and potatoes. nutritious as well as delicious.

8. aloo phulkopir singara recipe (bengali samosa) – singara also known as shingara is a popular tea time snack from bengal. the stuffing for the vegetarian version of singara is made from potatoes or cauliflower, potatoes and green peas. the taste of singara is completely different and no where close to a punjabi samosa. in singara you will get a hint of sweetness and crunchiness of peanuts along with the earthy taste of cauliflower and potatoes.

9. matar paneer toast sandwich recipe – a simple and healthy toast sandwich recipe made with paneer, matar (green peas) and spices. this recipe makes for an easy brunch or snack.

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  • hi dassana I had tried matar paneer on last Wednesday everyone like it but as my family is a Punjabi family and we like spicy food that's why I don't add sugar but still pea has it's sweetness. what disappointed me. can you tell me how can I reduce green pea sweetness

    • pea will have it sweetness. it also depends on the quality of peas. during winters, one gets the sweetest peas and even potatoes are sweet. there is no way you can reduce the inherent sweetness which is present in the peas. the only way you can balance the sweetness is by adding some more spicy ingredients in the gravy, like red chilli powder or red chilli paste or green chilies.

  • Hi dassana, i've tried ur lot of recipes and got compliments frm my family, so, i would like to say that the ingredients you choose for ur recipes is very common and easily available in stores for middle class people like us which i find rarely in other recipe sites.

    • thanks a lot ambalika. i usually add ingredients which are easily available in india and are affordable. in fact even i find the imported ingredients way too expensive and so i have very few recipes posted on website with them.

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