laddu recipes, collection of 26 delicious ladoo recipes

Collection of 26 delicious ladoo recipes for festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi etc. Ladoos are a category of sweets in the Indian cuisine which are popular.

This collection consists of ladoo recipes which are made on various festive occasions in India. Making ladoos is not difficult, but does require some practice and patience. A few recipes in this collection are easy and quick to prepare. You can also check these sweets collections:

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ladoo recipes, laddu recipes

Collection of 26 laddu recipes

1. Boondi laddu recipe – a popular Indian sweet made from gram flour batter and sugar syrup. there are two types of boondi ladoos. One is a soft textured one and the other is a crisp hard one. Both these ladoos have some variations in the method and the consistency of sugar syrup, thus yielding different textures. This ladoo recipe give a soft textured boondi ladoos.

boondi ladoo recipe

2. Motichoor ladoo recipe – melt in the mouth ladoos made from gram flour. One of the most popular Indian sweet. the method to make motichoor ladoos is similar to boondi ladoo. The major difference between  boondi ladoo and motichoor ladoo is the size of the tiny boondi (fried gram flour balls). Boondi ladoo has the gram flour balls bigger in size and motichoor ladoos have smaller ones. Both the ladoos are made from gram flour or besan batter.

motichoor ladoo recipe

3. Besan ladoo – a popular ladoo made from gram flour, powdered sugar and ghee. while making besan ladoos, its important to roast the gram flour well, till it starts releasing the ghee and also will starts giving nutty fragrance. Other popular sweets you can make with besan are:

besan ladoo recipe

4. Atta ladoo recipe – easy and quick to prepare delicious ladoos made with whole wheat flour, sugar and ghee. Other popular desserts made with whole wheat flour are:

atta ladoo recipe

5. Nariyal ladoo recipe – melt in the mouth ladoos made with desiccated coconut and sugar syrup. Just a three ingredient recipe and one which does not take a lot of time to make. Coconut ladoos are specially made during festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra. Easy vegan recipe. You can also check this Coconut barfi recipe which is made with unsweetened desiccated coconut.

coconut ladoo recipe

6. Coconut ladoo recipe – three ingredient quick and easy coconut ladoos made with fresh coconut, condensed milk and cardamom powder.

coconut ladoo recipe

7. Rava ladoo recipe – this is an easy method to make rava laddu recipe for Diwali or any festival. This rava ladoo recipe is made with rava (sooji or semolina), coconut, powdered sugar, dry fruits and ghee.. Other popular desserts made with rava are:

rava ladoo

8. Til ladoo recipe – simple recipe of ladoos prepared with sesame seeds, jaggery, peanuts and desiccated coconut. these sesame seeds laddus make for a good warming sweet snack for the winters. Make them, store them and have them whenever you want.

til ladoo recipes

9. Gond ke ladoo – gond laddu is a popular sweet made during North Indian winters. These tasty gond ke laddu are made with gond which is also known as edible gum, whole wheat flour, ghee and dry fruits.

gond ke ladoo

10. Pori urundai – a crunchy, crisp, light, delicious, easy ladoo recipe which gets ready in minutes made with puffed rice. For this recipe, you can also use puffed flattened rice (puffed poha) instead of puffed rice. They are also known as murmura ladoo or puri unde.

murmura ladoo recipe

11. Ragi laddu recipe – quick, easy and tasty ragi ladoo made with three ingredients – ragi, jaggery and ghee. Ragi is a very good source of calcium.

ragi ladoo recipes

12. Poha ladoo recipe – quick and delicious ladoo made with thick poha (flattened rice or parched rice), jaggery and ghee.

ladoo recipes

13. Dry fruits laddu recipe – no sugar ladoos made with dry fruits. This is an easy and quick recipe for making these healthy and delicious ladoos for the festive season. Vegan recipe. These ladoos can be had during fasting or Navratri vrat also.

dry fruits ladoo recipe

14. Badam ladoo recipe – quick and easy ladoos made with almonds, jaggery and raisins. Badam ladoos make for a healthy sweet snack. Another very popular South Indian sweet made with badam is this Badam halwa recipe.

badam ladoo recipe

15. Moong dal ladoo – easy recipe of delicious ladoos made with moong lentils, ghee and sugar. Another delicious dessert you can make with moong dal is Moong dal payasam recipe.

moong dal laddo recipe

16. Coconut ladoo with khoya – quick and easy melt in the mouth coconut ladoos made with khoya or mawa. With khoya you can make many delicious sweets like:

coconut ladoo recipe

17. Malai ladoo recipe – two ingredient easy paneer ladoo recipe made with milk and sugar. Malai ladoo is a popular sweet from the North Indian cuisine.

malai ladoo recipe

18. Maladu recipe – quick South Indian ladoo made from roasted gram or roasted chana dal. It takes less than 15 minutes to makes these ladoos. They are not only delicious but very nutritious and healthy also.

maladu recipe

19. Urad dal ladoo recipe – tasty and delicious ladoos made with urad dal, ghee and sugar. these urad dal ladoos are easy to make and are protein rich ladoos.

ladoo recipes

20. Peanut ladoo recipe – easy two ingredient recipe of ladoos made with roasted peanuts and jaggery. these peanut ladoos stay good for about a week at room temperature and for 15 to 20 days in the fridge. You can serve these ladoos plain or even serve it as a sweet snack in the tiffin box. The recipe can also be easily doubled or tripled.

peanut ladoo recipes

21. Instant coconut ladoo – 2 ingredient delicious ladoos that are pretty quick to make. The 2 main ingredients are sweetened condensed milk and desiccated coconut.

instant coconut ladoo recipe

22. Sabudana laddu recipe – an Indian sweet made from tapioca pearls. Good for festival days as well as for fasting days. sabudana or tapioca pearls is one ingredient which is much used during fasting or vrats in India.

sabudana ladoo recipe

23. Til gud ke ladoo recipe – easy recipe of delicious ladoos made with sesame seeds, peanuts, desiccated coconut and jaggery.

til ladoo recipe

24. Sattu ladoo recipe – quick and easy ladoos made from roasted chana flour, jaggery and ghee. these sattu ladoos are a healthy option for everyone in the family.

sattu ladoo recipe

25. Til khoya ladoo recipe – melt in the mouth delicious til khoya ladoo recipe. To make these delicious ladoos along with sesame seeds, khoya or mawa is used. A four ingredient easy recipe.

til khoya ladoo

26. Narkel naru recipe – narkel naru are delicious coconut ladoos from the Bengali cuisine. Narkel naru can be made with sugar or jaggery. This recipe of narkel naru is made with jaggery. For the jaggery you can use the jaggery made from sugarcane juice or palm jaggery.

narkel naru recipe

27. Suji ladoo with khoya – quick and easy to prepare melt in the mouth rava ladoo made with rava (sooji or cream of wheat), khoya, milk, sugar and ghee. This recipe is quick and can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

rava ladoo recipe with khoya

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