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Collection of 35 capsicum recipes – bell peppers or shimla mirch as we call this veggie in India, is a favorite with some folks. In my family, we have kids who love capsicum so much, that they don’t mind taking capsicum every day in the tiffin.

Apart from making a dish completely with capsicum, one can also add them in sandwich or wrap or pizza stuffings, in pulao and biryani with other veggies and even in simple dry sabzi or a gravy. I always buy capsicum when I do my grocery shopping as it is liked so much in the family and I always add them to the sandwiches or sabzis I make.

I use all the three colored varieties of bell pepper that I get – red, yellow and green. Adding them not only makes the dish colorful but also tasty.

Sharing here a collection of 28 capsicum recipes I have posted on the website. I do make other varieties too and will add them in this collection whenever I share a recipe.

Collection of 35 capsicum recipes

1. Capsicum curry –  delicious Hyderabadi style curry made with bell peppers. Good side gravy dish with chapatis or parathas.

capsicum masala recipe

2. Stuffed capsicum recipe – green bell peppers stuffed with spiced potatoes. This stuffed capsicum recipe goes best with rotis accompanied by a raita.

stuffed capsicum recipe

3. Capsicum rice – an aromatic pulao made with green bell peppers, spices and rice. This is a mild pulao and so goes well with kids or folks who do not prefer spicy food.

capsicum pulao recipe

4. Shimla mirch ki sabji – stir-fried spiced potatoes with green bell peppers. this is a Punjabi recipe of making aloo shimla mirch sabzi. A dry vegetable recipe that has no liquids. Besides the capsicum and potatoes, just a few Indian spice powders are used in this dish

aloo capsicum recipe, aloo shimla mirch recipe

5. Capsicum sandwich – quick and easy capsicum cheese toast sandwich. These sandwiches are not spicy and hence kid friendly. They are fairly easy to assemble and prepare.

capsicum toast sandwich recipe

6. Paneer capsicum recipe – rich gravy dish made with cottage cheese and green bell pepper. addition of cream gives a good flavor to this recipe.

paneer capsicum recipe

7. Besan capsicum recipe – simple yet tasty recipe of a sabzi or bhaji made with capsicum (green bell peppers) and besan (gram flour).

capsicum besan recipe

8. Aloo capsicum recipe – a semi gravy recipe of capsicum (green bell peppers) and potatoes in an onion-tomato base.

aloo capsicum recipe

9. Capsicum fry – quick & delicious South Indian style potato capsicum recipe.

capsicum recipes

10. Corn capsicum sandwich – easy recipe of a grilled sweet corn capsicum sandwich.

capsicum recipes

11. Capsicum raita – spiced flavorful raita made with slightly sauteed capsicum and spices. Green bell peppers taste very good in this raita recipe. For a mellowed flavor of capsicum, you can use yellow or red bell pepper.

capsicum recipes

12. Capsicum chutney – nutritious chutney recipe made with red capsicum or red bell peppers. you can serve it with South Indian snacks like uttapam, idli, dosa, medu vada.

capsicum chutney recipe

12. Muhammara – muhammara is a roasted red bell pepper dip from the middle eastern cuisine. Muhammara is a really awesome dip and if you have not tried and then you should try it. It goes very will with toasted pita bread wedges, french fries, raw veggies, falafel.

muhamarra recipe

Capsicum recipes with other veggies

1. Veg chilli milli – spicy and tasty gravy made with mix veggies, tomatoes-cashew paste, green chilies and spices. Usually, cabbage, carrots, green bell pepper and green peas are added in this dish. Though, you can also use your choice of veggies.

capsicum curry recipe

2. Kadai mushroom gravy – button mushrooms cooked in a spiced (masaledar) onion-tomato based gravy.

capsicum gravy recipe

3. Paneer tikka – easy and foolproof recipe of a delicious paneer tikka on tawa or stove top or griddle.

paneer tikka on tawa recipe

4. Chilli paneer – there is a gravy or sauce in this restaurant-style chilli paneer version. You can make the gravy slightly thick or having a medium consistency

chilli paneer restaurant style recipe

5. Mushroom tikka masala – restaurant style recipe of mushroom tikka masala gravy.

mushroom tikka capsicum recipe

6. Veg kadai – restaurant style Punjabi vegetable kadai gravy recipe.

veg kadai capsicum recipe

7. Paneer khurchan – easy & quick North Indian semi-dry curry made with paneer in an onion-tomato-capsicum base.

paneer capsicum recipe

8. Mushroom manchurian gravy – a spicy, sour and sweet mushroom manchurian with sauce.

manchurian capsicum recipe

9. Mushroom manchurian – spicy Indo Chinese recipe of mushroom manchurian.

manchurian capsicum recipe

10. Paneer manchurian – sweet, sour, umami Indo Chinese recipe of paneer manchurian.

manchurian capsicum recipe

11. Dry paneer manchurian – pan-fried cottage cheese cubes in a spicy, tangy and sweet sauce. A popular Indo Chinese starter recipe.

manchurian capsicum recipe

12. Chilli mushroom – easy to prepare spicy dry chilli mushroom. An Indo Chinese starter snack.

mushroom capsicum recipe

13. Kadai mushroom – cooked button mushrooms in a semi-dry gravy of spiced and tangy tomato sauce along with juliennes of green bell pepper.

mushroom capsicum recipe

14. Veg pizza – vegetarian pizza recipe from scratch. The pizza bread is made from all-purpose flour. Wheat flour can be used too. But wheat flour will make the pizza bread base a little dense.

capsicum pizza recipe

15. Tawa pulao – a popular Mumbai street food of rice and vegetables sauteed together with pav bhaji masala and other spices-herbs.

tawa pulao recipe

16. Pav bhaji – popular street food from Mumbai consisting of spiced smooth mashed mix vegetables, served with lightly roasted buttered bread.

pav bhaji recipe

17. Jini dosa – its a delicious and popular dosa variety from the Mumbai street food. In jini dosa a stuffing of mix veggies like capsicum, cabbage, carrots are semi cooked in schezwan sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup and a few Indian spice blends.

jini dosa recipe

18. American chopsuey – veg chop suey can be made both With boiled noodles and fried crispy noodles. In this recipe I have shared the method of making with fried noodles. You can compare veg chopsuey to mix veg fried crispy noodles with a sauce. The sauce is tangy, sweet, spiced and oh tastes so good with the crisp fried noodles and the crunchy mix veggies.

veg American chopsuey recipe

19. Fried mix veg sabzi – delicious and tasty North Indian style fried mix veg recipe. this mix veg recipe has the typical Punjabi flavor and taste to it. the recipe calls for frying the vegetables. Since the vegetables are fried and cream is used, the recipe becomes rich in calories.

mix vegetable recipe

20. Veg Kolhapuri – spicy and tasty mix vegetable curry from Kolhapuri cuisine. vegetable Kolhapuri is best served with chapatis, bajra bhakri or jowar bhakri or phulkas and even parathas.

veg Kolhapuri recipe

21. Chinese bhel – it is an adaptation of veg chopsuey recipe and also a fusion recipe that is made for Indian tastebuds. Similar to bhel puri, Chinese bhel has sweet, tangy and spicy taste. This recipe of Chinese bhel is too delicious and tastes exactly like a chaat snack.

Chinese bhel recipe

22. Singapore fried rice – one of the fusion rice varieties from the Indo Chinese cuisine is singapore fried rice. Its a spicy rice variety that is a part of the menu of many Indo Chinese restaurants and even street food stalls in India.

singapore fried rice recipe

23. Mix veg curry – simple, homely and tasty recipe of mix vegetables made in North Indian Punjabi style.

mix veg recipe

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