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besan laddu recipe - a popular ladoo made from gram flour, powdered sugar and ghee.
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besan ladoo recipe with step by step photos – one of the popular ladoos often made during festive occasions. besan ladoo is easy and healthy sweet which is made all over india.

besan ladoo, besan ladoo recipe

i have shared 26 ladoo recipes on the blog. this besan ladoo is one of the most popular ladoo recipe on blog along with coconut ladoo, boondi ladoo and rava ladoo.

i know, 2 ways of making besan ladoo

  1. in the first method, the besan or gram flour is roasted in ghee till it start giving a nutty fragrance. this method has a slight different texture. it is easy but with the ghee added first there is too much hand work required while stirring the ladoo mixture. its a slightly tricky recipe and may not be suitable for beginners.
  2. another very common method used in north india is to dry roast the besan or gram flour first and then add the ghee after some time and roast it further till it start giving nutty fragrance. this method i have learned from my mil who is making besan ladoo since ages. as per my experience, this is more fool proof method and the taste and texture of the besan ladoos also comes better than the first method. i have shown this method in this post.

overall, besan ladoos are easy to make and they are very nutritious and healthy.  since they are also loved by most kids. so you can make them in bulk and store in air tight container. apart from them you can use besan to make other popular diwali sweets like mysore pak, 7 cup burfi, besan halwa and motichoor ladoo etc.

few tips for making besan ladoo

  1. while making besan ladoos, its important to roast the besan (gram flour) well, till it starts releasing the ghee and also will starts giving nutty fragrance. if you add sugar into the gram flour before it is roasted well, then the uncooked gram flour will have a raw taste in the ladoo and you won’t get the perfect sweet taste in the ladoos.
  2. also roast the gram flour on low flame and keep on stirring continuously.
  3. once you add the sugar then stir continuously so that no lumps are formed.
  4. to make besan laddu more healthy, you can add dry fruits like almonds, raisins, cashews or pistachois. they are also good during the winters.
  5. if you are unable to form besan ladoos even when the mixture has cooled completely, then keep the mixture in the fridge for 20-30 mins. the ghee will solidify a bit and you will be easily able to form the besan ladoos.

besan ladoo recipe

apart from this besan ladoo, there are many sweets which are made during diwali festival. few such diwali sweets recipes on blog are:

besan ladoo recipe

Author:Dassana Amit
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:18 minutes
Total Time:23 minutes
Cuisine:north indian
Servings (change the number to scale):15 medium sized besan ladoo
4.85 from 83 votes
besan ladoo recipe
besan laddu recipe - a popular ladoo made from gram flour, powdered sugar and ghee.

INGREDIENTS FOR besan ladoo recipe

(1 CUP = 250 ML)
  • 2 cups besan (gram flour)
  • ½ to ⅔ cup ghee - add more ghee, if required
  • 1 cup powdered sugar or boora
  • 4 green cardamoms - powdered in a mortar-pestle (choti elaichi or hari elaichi)
  • 1 or 2 tablespoon golden raisins (kishmish)

HOW TO MAKE besan ladoo recipe

roasting besan

  • dry roast the besan in a kadai or pan on slow flame for about 11-12 mins.
  • keep on stirring continuously right from the beginning. so that the besan is not burned and so that there is even browning.
  • while roasting the besan, melt the ghee and keep aside.

making besan ladoo

  • after 11-12 minutes of total roasting time, add the melted ghee and continue roasting the besan for some more 5-6 minutes stirring continuously.
  • the besan would start to give a nice nutty fragrance and will start releasing ghee.
  • once you get a strong nutty fragrance then switch off the fire.
  • remove the pan from the stove and keep down.
  • add powdered sugar or boora. for best taste use the boora.
  • stir well so that no lumps are formed.
  • add the powdered cardamom and raisins. you can also add chopped dry fruits at this stage. stir well.
  • once you have mixed the besan ladoo mixture well then let it cool down to room temperature.
  • make small or medium sized besan ladoos and store them in air tight container.
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how to make besan ladoo

1. dry roast the besan or chickpea flour in a kadai or a pan in a low flame. stirring often so that besan gets browned evenly and does not burn.

besan for besan ladoo recipe

2. the besan still being roasted and after 11-12 mins, the color has changed. when you are roasting the besan, melt the ghee and keep aside.

besan for besan ladoo recipe

3. then add the melted ghee and stir well.

ghee for besan ladoo recipe

4. mix well and and continue to stir for about 5-6 minutes. it will start releasing ghee and will give a nice fragrant aroma. if you add the sugar before the besan is cooked fully then your besan ladoo will have taste of uncooked besan and won’t be tasty. so wait for these two signs (nutty fragrance and besan will release ghee) before adding sugar in next step.

making besan ladoo recipe

5. remove the kadai or pan from the stove and keep down. add the powdered sugar or boora and stir well so that no lumps are formed. you will get the best taste in besan ladoo with boora which is easily available in indian markets.

sugar for besan ladoo recipe

6. add the raisins and stir well.

raisins for besan ladoo recipe

7. let the besan mixture become warm or cool down and then shape into medium sized besan ladoos.

besan mixture for besan ladoo recipe

8. store besan ladoo in air tight container and serve when required.

besan ladoo recipe, besan ladoo



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  1. You make my life so easy! Every time I need to make something new I just come here. The method is so detailed and easy to comprehend that not one of your recipes fail me! Thank you so much and God bless you. Keep posting

  2. Hi, tried your ladoos, followed the recipe yet they tasted a lil bit raw n stuck in my mouth..what am I doing wrong

    • nimmy, the besan has to be roasted well. if it is not roasted well, then the ladoos can stick in the mouth. so while roasting use heavy kadai and roast till the besan changes color and become aromatic. a slight darker color is also fine. roasting besan takes time. its better to roast properly rather than having half roasted besan. also stir the besan non-stop after it begins to change color. hope these tips help.

  3. I just love it.. besan ladoos…N making thise recipe in diwali is just fun..N help mom 😙for make it, she also will be happy..😊thank you.. N happy diwali.thank you..☺👍

  4. Thanks Dassana for the detailed recipe…laddus came out well. Every one in my family liked it.
    I have tried making laddus many times but they always turned out undercooked or burnt.
    This time they came out really good. Thanks once again. Keep up the good work.God bless.

    • I did exactly as u said, but the laddoos have bitter taste.. Dont know y and what to do.. I didn’t over roast, or under roast.. Added extrasugar also.. What might be the reason

      • bitterness could be if the besan flour has got spoiled or on the verge of getting spoiled or the ghee has gone rancid. too much browning can also make laddu bitter but as you mention you did not over roast it, so either the besan or ghee is the culprit.

  5. Hi,

    I have been following your blog from quite some time but this is the first time I am posting a comment. 🙂 First of all, thank youfor your effort for posting the recipes both in text and then with pics. I am a blogger myself so know how time consuming can this be. Now coming to ladoos recipe. Usually my mom makes besan ladoo for me and hers come out this way exactly. This time I thought I’ll give this a try . I did everything as suggested in the post. In fact since I have failed once as I burnt the besan. I used a heavy bottom kadai, slow flame and stirred continuously for more than 30 mins – first 20 mins without ghee and next 20-25 with ghee. Though the color looks exactly the way it should, I feel the taste of besan is still little bit raw. I am not sure why is it so.


    • thanks aditi for the understanding. for roasting besan, it depends on the type of kadai used. when i say type, i mean the heavy indian kadais, be it aluminium or cast iron work very well for recipes when besan or wheat flour has to be roasted. the kadai has to be heavy. it looks like the besan is not getting roasted. just increase the flame sightless. you can keep it medium low and roast the besan. the color should change. a darker color of besan is also fine, but it should not be raw or kaccha. so try again roasting the besan for some more minutes keeping the flame to medium-low.

      and wish you all the best in your blogging journey.

  6. Hi

    Hope you are doing well .
    I tried it and as usual it came out damn good . Your recipies are really simple and makes me wonder ‘ am i really this good at cooking?’
    Coz I never got a chance to cook and when I had to ….. I found you and life is sorted since then .

    Thank u soo much for sharing your recipies with all of us .


    • Welcome Vidhi. I am fine and hope the same for you. Glad to know that recipes are coming out well and adding to your confidence in cooking. Thanks for your sweet and positive feedback.

  7. I always wanted to prepare besan ladoo and today I was able to prepare the best ever ladoos with your recipe.If you correctly follow this recipe then the ladoos will come out like the ones shown in the picture.I was really happy and surprised to see the results.Thank you so much for the detailed recipe and pictures.It was very informative also!

  8. Hi Dassana
    I made this today…got 15 perfect besan laddoos. One more super recipe from you to bank on ! Many thanks !

  9. Hello Dasanna.
    I need help…tried to make laddu ..but the consistency of batter is more like a gooey halwa…the mixture has nearly reached room temperature…what can be done now?
    Thanx in advance

  10. Tried this recipe yesterday. The ladoos were delicious. Thank you for your generosity in sharing all these recipes. Happy Diwali to your family and you.

  11. Hello,

    A great fan of your recipies. I made this just now, but the mixture is very greasy and refrains from forming a circle like ladoo instead melts apart. Is there any workaround for this?

  12. Hey buddy thank you so much for your amazing recipe……..mene aaj hi bnaya and am so happy ..

    Thanks you & happy diwali brother.

  13. Hi,
    I’m a little confused….do we add sugar immediately after we swtch off the flame or wait for it to cool first? Wont the sugar melt in the hot mix?

    • sugar has to be added when the besan is hot. sugar does melt but not like a syrupy solution. as soon as you place the kadai down, add the sugar and mix very well with a spoon.

  14. Hi Ms D

    I have been quite a fan of your site. Thank-you very much for posting these wonderful receipes. However this time i seemed to have done a boo-boo:-{. I think I added too much ghee so it is like a thick paste. Like a dosa batter in consistency. Is there any way to rectify this or after adding sugar it will become thicker and it will be of the righ consistency then ??

    • Welcome Farah. Thanks for your positive words. After adding sugar it will be fine. also if you refrigerate the ladoo mixture for some minutes then the ghee will solidify and the mixture will look solid. and you can easily make ladoos.

  15. Hi dasanna.. I tried many of ur dishes it turned out to be good Everytime.. I like your picture guide ND thnx again 😘… The notes the hardness ND softness of d cook u describe priscribly it helps lotzz for me this ramazan… Thank again 😍

  16. Hello dassana! I tried many of ur dishes ND it turned out to be good Everytime… Am inspired by ur dishes … As am not such a good cook ur guidance helped me out this ramazan … 😘I love d way u picture guide ND say important notes .. dt really helps us lotzz especially while cooking … The time, the hardness softness all u describe priscribly I loved it… Thank again,😍

    • indrani, with oil the besan ladoos don’t hold shape. i had once made with coconut oil and with coconut oil they hold shape. both coconut oil and ghee becone solid at cool temperature or in the fridge. but with coconut oil the aroma of coconut oil is felt. you can use 1/3rd cup coconut oil. add more if required.

  17. Hi,l tried this recipe n the ladoos r very tasty.Thankyou for posting this recipe as l love these ladoos.l visit this site frequently as ur recipes r easy n the photos be a help.Thankyou once again.