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by dassana amit updated November 25, 2013

khaman dhokla: microwave khaman dhokla recipe

khaman dhokla is a savory steamed cake made from gram flour or chana dal (skinned spilt bengal gram). khaman dhokla are soft, porous, mildly tangy-sweet and a great snack anytime of the day.

gujarati food as well as snacks are mine and hubby’s favorite. thankfully one cuisine is in common between us. otherwise it always a trouble for me what to cook. north indian or south indian recipes. eventually i end up cooking north indian food and the hubby wins.

khaman dhokla is one snack where i have had a couple of disasters. i had almost given up making dhokla when i saw it again on anamika’s blog and the khaman in her pics looked so soft and fluffy….. her simple khaman dhokla recipe inspired me to make dhokla again. i also liked this recipe as it vegan and no curd is used to make the dhokla.


khaman dhokla are a great gluten free option as well. these are really light and healthy. khaman dhokla serve well with some mint or coriander chutney or even raw papaya chutney. i have made moong dal dhokla too which is a completely vegan recipe.

two more dhokla recipes on the blog are white or khatta dhokla and instant rava dhokla recipe.

gujarati dhokla

i have made khaman dhokla many times now from her recipe and it has never failed me.

also, i have made these dhokla both with the steaming method and microwave method. the pics here are of both the steamed & microwave versions and taken on separate ocassions.

dhokla recipe

in the step by step below, i present the microwave method to make khaman dhokla.

in the recipe details, i have mentioned both ways of making the khaman dhokla.

when i am short of time, i make the microwave dhokla. it is super easy and quick. in 5-6 minutes the dhokla is ready and you just have to do the tempering.

khaman dhokla

since curd is not added to this dhokla recipe, the sourness in the batter comes from adding lemon juice. so don’t skip adding lemon juice to the batter. the recipe is also a request from one of my readers.

lets start step by step khaman dhokla recipe:

1: mix all the ingredients for the batter except fruit salt.

ingredients for dhokla recipe

2: now add fruit salt and gently mix the batter. the batter will instantly rise as you can see below. you have to be quick but don’t over mix.

batter for dhokla recipe

3: add the batter in a greased microwave safe bowl.

adding dhokla in microwave safe bowl

4: cover with its lid.

dhokla recipe

5: microwave on high for 2.5 to 3 minutes. insert a toothpick to check for doneness. if the toothpick comes with the batter, than you have to microwave for some seconds or a minute. again don’t over do the microwave cooking as the khaman dhokla might become hard and dense. when warm or cooled unmould the khaman dhokla on a plate.

dhokla microwave recipe

6: heat oil. first add mustard seeds and let them pop up. the mustard seeds should pop. this is important. then add cumin and fry them. later add the other tempering ingredients except water and fry for a minute. finally add water and let it come to a boil.

ingredients for dhokla recipe

7: pour this tempering immediately over the khaman dhokla all around.

dhokla khaman

8: since we have added water to the tempering the dhokla absorbs the water-oil tempering and this makes it more soft. garnish with coriander leaves. slice and serve the khaman dhokla with some chutney or you can just have them plain.

besan khaman dhokla

if you are looking for more gujarati recipes then do check methi muthia, methi thepla, gujarati kadhi, aamras and surati dal.

 khaman dhokla – microwave recipe details below:

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khaman dhokla – microwave & vegan recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
khaman dhokla – a steamed, spiced, savory gram flour cake.
Recipe type: snacks, breakfast
Cuisine: indian
Serves: 4
for the dhokla batter
  • 2 cups chickpea flour/besan
  • ½ tsp turmeric powder
  • ¼ tsp asafoetida/hing
  • 1 or 1.5 tsp ginger-green chili paste
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 or 11/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp fruit salt/eno or ¾ tsp baking soda.
for the tempering:
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds (optional)
  • 1 or 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 sprig curry leaves
  • ½ tbsp sesame seeds
for garnish:
  • ¼ cup chopped coriander leaves
  • ¼ cup freshly grated coconut (optional)
making the batter and steaming in microwave:
  1. grease a microwave safe bowl or pan with oil
  2. in a bowl or pan mix all the ingredients well except the fruit salt.
  3. add the fruit salt and gently mix it in the batter.
  4. the batter will rise.
  5. be quick and add the batter to the greased microwave safe bowl or pan.
  6. cover and microwave the batter for 2 to 3 minutes on high.
  7. check the doneness by inserting a toothpick in the dhokla.
  8. if not done, then microwave again for some seconds or minutes.
  9. remove the dhokla from the pan once warm or cooled.
preparing the tempering:
  1. heat oil.
  2. add mustard seeds and let these pop.
  3. once they pop up, add the cumin seeds.
  4. fry for a minute.
  5. then add the rest of the ingredients for tempering except water.
  6. fry everything for a minute.
  7. add the water and once it comes to boil, immediately pour it over the steamed dhokla.
  8. garnish with coriander leaves or grated coconut.
  9. slice the dhokla and serve with green chutney.
alternative method of steaming the dhokla in a pan:
  1. grease a small pan with oil.
  2. take a large pan or pot in which the smaller pan can fit.
  3. add water in the larger pan and bring it to boil.
  4. prepare the batter as given above and add it to the greased small pan.
  5. keep it in the large pan containing boiling water.
  6. cover the large pan with a lid.
  7. steam for 10-12 minutes till the khaman dhokla is done.
  8. enjoy the khaman dhokla.

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utpal sharma March 26, 2014 1

Thanks for the recepi, I tried it today and came out just too delicious dhokla . but I added a little more turmuric but it was too good ..
Thanks a lot!!


dassana amit March 30, 2014 2

welcome utpal


Kristina March 3, 2014 3

Hi Dassana,
I made this today, and it was really tasty. It turned out just as pictured, although I did have to microwave it for 4.5min to get the toothpick to come out clean. I’d never had or made khaman before, but my boyfriend (Gujarati) mentioned that while this was really tasty, he is accustomed to a khaman that is moist and fluffier and sort of crumbles in your mouth. I didn’t use a full half cup of water in the tempering, because I was scared it would make the khaman too wet. Do you think this might be the difference? Or do you have other thoughts on what he might be talking about?


dassana amit March 3, 2014 4

hi kristina. this recipe is spongy and soft. but not like the khaman which your boyfriend is mentioning. to make the crumbly and moist khaman, you need to add 1.5 to 2 tsp eno/fruit salt in 1 cup of gram flour/besan. i personally do not like adding 2 tsp of fruit salt as the khaman then has a typical soda like alkaline odor which i do not like. so i usually add 1.5 tsp. in this recipe, then you will need to add 3 tsp of fruit salt to 2 cups gram flour. note that the fruit salt cannot be substituted by baking soda in this case. adding the water tempering keeps the khaman moist and it does make a difference. in this recipe it works very well. the spongy khaman dhokla absorbs the water, so there is a moistness, but its not like the dhokla becomes wet.


Kristina March 3, 2014 5

Thanks! That’s really helpful!


aaliya dave February 19, 2014 6

hey thanks for the taste good,but why after i microwave it color changes to red???


dassana amit February 21, 2014 7

that is due to the reaction of the eno or baking powder with turmeric powder. it happens with me too at times.


Daneal February 6, 2014 8

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I have never heard of (or tasted) dhokla before, but I had a big bag of besan someone gave me, so after searching for recipes to use it, I came across yours. I made some substitutions: I didn’t have any green chilies or ginger, so I used a little Thai green curry paste; I couldn’t find asafetida, so I used a mixture of garlic and onion powder; I used the baking soda…so probably not the most authentic, but still delicious and healthy! I will make it again soon, hopefully with all the correct ingredients!


dassana amit February 7, 2014 9

thanks daneal. i am glad with all the substitutions you made, the dhokla was still delicious.


Shantala Rao February 1, 2014 10

Hi Dassana….I am an ardent follower of your blog. All of your recipes have worked beautifully for so far…today I made Dhokla as per this recipe….I don’t know where I went wrong….but the dhokla turned out to be pale brown and wasn’t tasting great…ii used the microwave method…it took about 5 mins for the dhokla to be cooked. Can you please help me?


dassana amit February 1, 2014 11

hi shantala. firstly thanks. i think the dhokla got over cooked in the microwave. 5 mins is a long time. usually even after removing the food from microwave, it still keeps on cooking. the cooking time varies from oven to oven. if using high powder, then 2 to 3 minutes is fine depending on the oven.

also the color should be yellow. i am not sure why the color was pale brown. did you use baking soda or eno fruit salt. let me tell you that even eno fruit salt has a shelf life. so if the batter does not bubble up or increase in volume, it means that the fruit salt is expired. i will be adding a dhokla post that is made in a steamer in some time.


Aditya December 24, 2013 12

I’ve tried so many recipes of yours… very excited to try this one tomorrow for a potluck!


suhail noor November 9, 2013 13



Anu November 7, 2013 14

hi i just had a question that what do u mean by microwave on high.


dassana November 25, 2013 15

it means microwaving on full power. there are different setting in the microwave oven from high to low. you can check your microwave oven manual for more details.


najma junaid chagda October 18, 2013 16

I &my family loved it


Smita September 29, 2013 17

Thanks for the recipe , using microwave looks so easy.The dhokla looks so tempting and yummy.


dassana September 29, 2013 18

thanks and welcome smita.


Richa September 28, 2013 19

I tried this recipe ,but my dhokle turn Red , can you please tell ,why it is turning red ,it is fluffy ,but red .


dassana September 29, 2013 20

hi richa. its due to the reaction of the baking soda with the turmeric. hence i don’t use baking soda when making khaman dhokla. if i use soda, then i add very less of the turmeric powder.


renu September 26, 2013 21

i HAVE to try this…. teh steamed version definitely has its charm.. but i think i will go for teh microwave version first.. my hubby is not a fan of dhokla..i hope i can convince him ..planning a weekend breakfast …
noting down ur recipe.. i thinki have all ingredients except fruit salt..
will let u know..i hope i can make it tom… seeing ur pics i am really really tempted…
i seriously wish i was ur neighbour or friend in pune…:).. honestly…. saying this from teh bottom of my heart:)


dassana September 29, 2013 22

thanks a lot renu. if we were neighbors both of us would have a good time. add baking soda instead of the fruit salt. just add very little of turmeric powder or avoid it as the dhoklas turn red due to the reaction between baking soda and turmeric powder.


amina July 24, 2013 23

hi, can tell me the measurement of one cup in gms or ltrs


dassana July 26, 2013 24

i think you are asking for 1 cup of besan. 1 cup of gram flour is 92 grams.


mansi July 19, 2013 25

i want to ask …in microwave we can cook dokla on simple mood as it is or wecan use steam option ?


dassana July 20, 2013 26

mansi, i don’t have steam option in my microwave oven, so not sure about it. i used the microwave mode.


Eshwari June 12, 2013 27

hii nice recipe :)
I have a quick question…..can we add cook soda instead of eno salt


dassana June 14, 2013 28

you can add cooking soda instead of eno. but it may make the dhokla red or give red patches due to reaction between the turmeric and soda. you can just add a pinch of turmeric in this case. 1/2 tsp soda would be fine.


Loreen June 12, 2013 29

I treid most of you dishes, they are all excellent, thasnk for sharing. but this dish you said 1 tsp oil and you have almost used 1 cup oil. Thks


dassana June 14, 2013 30

thanks loreen for trying the recipes. regarding this recipe, where i have used 1 cup oil? it 1 tbsp oil for the tempering which is mixed with 1/2 cup water.


janet @ the taste space June 1, 2013 31

Hi Dassana, Thank you for sharing such a lovely recipe. I shared my experiences with it here:


dassana June 1, 2013 32

thanks and will check janet.


Greg March 1, 2013 33

Can I substitute Baking Powder for the Eno Fruit Salt? Eno Fruit Salt is no recommended for diabetics.
Many Thanks,


dassana March 1, 2013 34

hi greg. i would suggest you to add baking soda instead of baking powder. baking powder won’t be able to leaven the dhokla batter effectively. if using baking soda, then don’t add turmeric as baking soda reacts with turmeric and gives a reddish color. the dhokla will will have reddish tones in it.


Greg March 1, 2013 35

Thank you Dassana!
I LOVE your website! Most informative and very helpful. I’m a Gluten-free, Sugar-free Vegan and felt as tough I had very few options. India spices have opened a new world in cooking for me. My overall health has improved immensely, since I deleted all gluten and sugar from my diet (I use Stevia and/or “Just Like Sugar” instead of cane sugar). I mostly use chickpea Flour and coconut oil for cooking. Fresh fruits ,vegetables and beans. My goal is not focused on a certain body weight, but to achieve optimum health through my daily diet. In other words, good nutrition is key!


dassana March 2, 2013 36

welcome greg. good to know that you are on your way to wholesome food and healthy diet. indian food has a plenty of healthy options as far as everyday meals are concerned. also barring some milk based sweets, all indian food can be veganised easily. in fact the south indian food is vegan naturally as only coconut or coconut milk is used to make them. even desserts and sweets are made from coconut milk.

just a note on asafoetida. someday a visitor left a comment that asafoetida is not gluten free. i did some research. if using asafoetida, then use the ones which are available in small rocks or lumps. don’t use the powdered form as wheat is added in these, unless the package mentions otherwise. and yes indian spices can really warm up and meal and make it delcious as well.


Aneeta February 21, 2013 37

I love love love your site! And this is my favorite..Thank you for posting a Dhokla recipe I can actually make


dassana February 21, 2013 38

thanks a lot aneeta.


Chandrika Patel February 18, 2013 39

I like new recipes in english and gujarati.
Thank you very much


Priya V January 29, 2013 40

I suppose the bottled hing normally called as compounded asfoetida has wheat flour mixed with it an hence not gluten free but the khada hing is gluten free


dassana January 29, 2013 41

yes, even i think so. but then always better to check the ingredients list and buy asafoetida.


p i January 22, 2013 42

pl let me know the temperature at what oven be kept and also bake,roast or grill in every veg. recipe as it may helpful for alone person not knowing fundamentals of microwave also.


dassana January 23, 2013 43

i will be doing a separate post on the this.


Jessica October 29, 2012 44

I’ve never heard of fruit salt before and didn’t know where to get it, so I used baking soda and it turned out great!


dassana October 30, 2012 45

thats great jessica. even baking soda works well instead of fruit salt.


Priya August 31, 2012 46

Hi Dassana ….I have tried making dhokla at home 3-4 times and it has always ended in a disaster. :(but today I tried making dhokla again with your microwave option receipe and I am amazed to see that it came out perfecccctttt!!!wow ..I am thrilled …thanks so much for your receipe ….I have a request …can you also come up with some low cal /diet food recipes …that will be great!!


dassana September 1, 2012 47

thats nice to know priya. cooking in microwave can be a disaster at times. except for the fried food recipes and rich recipes on the blog, most of the recipes i post are low cal…. i will categorize the existing recipes where not much oil, sugar or butter or milk products is used as low cal. will give you the link too after categorizations so that you can view all the recipes at one go… will also post more such recipes in the future.


Mehak August 30, 2012 48

JGD Mam,

I cooked dhokla today…it seems as ur’s n taste also good… but it’s not as soft as some bakery’s … plz tell y… i added 1/4 cup suji also….

Thx :)


dassana September 1, 2012 49

dear mehak, suji absorbs more water than besan, so the consistency of the batter has to be adjusted accordingly. you would need to add more water in this case. also while microwaving, even if it is microwaved a little more, than the dhokla can become hard. this has happened with me too once. the dhokla became a little dense. it could be that the dhokla did not become soft due to these reasons.


Mehak September 1, 2012 50

wow nice observation…. thx Mam :)


Harpreet Kaur August 26, 2012 51

I’m sorry, but asafetida or hing is NOT gluten free.


dassana August 26, 2012 52

thanks harpreet for letting me know about asafoetida not being gluten free. i was not aware of this. i did check the brand i use and it does not mention wheat or wheat product anywhere. so i assume that the brand i use is gluten free.

i also did some research on the web and came to know that in united states wheat is added to asafoetida. i did not know about this too. also there is a brand known as frontier brand which has asafoetida totally gluten free. i think people who suffer from gluten intolerance would be much more aware than me and would skip asafoetida in this recipe as well in their other food if it calls for it.

anyways thanks for this info. this is totally new to me. next time when i buy hing, i will check the details as well as update it in this post.


Your Cookery Book August 22, 2012 53

As a Gujarati I love khaman dhokla. I never try myself to do it. My mum always makes for us. Bless her. I will definatly give it a go when I saw 10 mins in total time to make it. Dhokla is never be easy to make apart of your tactics Dassana. Pics are impressive as always. Thanks.


Swati Roy August 21, 2012 54

I always made the dhokla batter with chana dal, urad dal and rice. But it takes too much time. This recipe of dhokla which is made by besan is very much time saving and very tasty just like restaurant. But I did not serve the dhokla with green chutney but with sweet & sour tamarind chutney and used rai mustard seeds instead of mustard seeds for tempering.


dassana August 21, 2012 55

the soaking of the dals and fermenting takes time. but i will make this one too, once my grinder starts working. i end up making this instant version of khaman dhokla as it is too easy and quick, especially in the microwave. no fuss, no extra cleaning and super quick.


Aparna Datt June 3, 2013 56

Hi Swati ,
My mother used to make dhokla with soaked dals as you mentioned . She is no more now and i am looking for a recipe.can you please send me the same via email , i will be grateful to you


vrun sodhi August 21, 2012 57

I tried exactly the same way its written n guess what…??? it really was a superb n healthy evening snack full of protein n fiber…. thanks n go on…. All the best…


dassana August 21, 2012 58

thanks and nice to hear this, vrun….


Shri August 21, 2012 59

Dassana, this is one recipe that has vexed me several times. Thankyou for posting both versions.
I will try the stove-top one. The pictures look gorgeous as ever. :-)


dassana August 21, 2012 60

thanks shri. do make and give the feedback if possible.


Arch August 20, 2012 61

Using the microwave for this is such a neat idea…love the pics..


ramachander August 20, 2012 62

Hello Dassana,
This mw. way of preparing dhokla is a stupendous idea !!. saves lots of drudgery. Yes, it is ” chat mangni pat shadi”. short circuits the preparation !!. Thank you.



dassana August 20, 2012 63

thanks. it does save a lot of time and extra cooking and then extra cleaning of the other pans.


Runita Bose August 20, 2012 64

Too good.


dassana August 20, 2012 65

thanks runita.


Ginza/Thoma August 20, 2012 66

Great great, wonderful package of a convenient recipe and beautifully styled photos! Am sharing this on fb!


dassana August 20, 2012 67

thanks :-)


Eha August 20, 2012 68

I have never known this particular cake [or snack, as you call it :) !], made it or eaten it: but surely shall!! So easy, with usual pantry items, and with such a moreish look! I guess the fruit salt is a necessity for its leavening properies: shall have to look into that!!


dassana August 20, 2012 69

dear eha, khaman dhokla is a very popular snack as well as street food of gujarat in india. do try making the dhokla. they are very good. the fruit salt aerates the batter and helps the dhokla to become soft and porous.


radha August 20, 2012 70

I have tried making dhokla at home. It has not been bad, but never as good as what we get outside. And so I gave up. This looks tempting, but I am wary of another attempt since it is always compared!


dhirender singh August 20, 2012 71

really excellent recipe thanks for sharing all people and me thanks really i m ultimate happy from your recipe


dassana August 20, 2012 72



hemlata August 20, 2012 73

my son in law likes khaman very much.this is perfect recipe for my daughter.this is like chat mangni pat shadi………thanks dassana.


dassana August 20, 2012 74

welcome hemlata.


thavamani August 20, 2012 75

ths madam dasana ,ur briyani was very tasty,my family loved it.l wil try tis new chickpea dish again,tq


dassana August 20, 2012 76

yes do try the dhokla thavamani… and please don’t call me madam… just call me dassana :-)


Anamika @ madcookingfusions August 19, 2012 77

Hey Dassana, your dhokla’s looks so nice and spongy, loved your microwave version too. Thank you for the mention and trying out my dhokla recipe, I am glad you liked it :).


dassana August 19, 2012 78

thanks to your mom for the recipe and to you for sharing the recipe on your blog :-)


Anamika @ madcookingfusions August 20, 2012 79

you are so very welcome dear :)!


Meghshyam October 11, 2012 80

Can you please tell me how to bake without microwave


dassana October 12, 2012 81

i have already mentioned this part in the recipe details… just keep the pan with the dhokla batter in boiling water and cover with a lid & steam.


Richa August 19, 2012 82

That looks pretty neat for a mw version. great solution for a quick snack:)