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eggless dates walnut coffee cake

dates & walnut cake has always been a favorite. during christmas or easter. we would always buy the cakes ready from the bakeries. the eggless dates walnut coffee cake i had wanted to make from so long. i had dates as well as walnuts but never got to making a cake with them.

finally i made this eggless dates walnut coffee cake and it was so good. now since i bake often, i am getting better in making cakes too. this recipe is not adapted from anywhere. i had earlier made mango cake and i chose the mango cake recipe as a base to make this dates walnut coffee cake.

since i was not sure how the cake would finally turn out, i did not take step by step pics. on the same day i had also baked a fruit bread which was also super. will be posting the fruit bread recipe soon as well as the mango cake.

dates walnut coffee cake recipe

apart from flavors of dates, walnuts, i have also added instant bru coffee. some cacao nibs also went in the cake. overall the cake was one delicious cake with a coffee and chocolaty taste.

however, adding coffee and cacao nibs are optional and you can just make the cake with walnuts and dates. but then coffee adds it own charm and flavor to the cake.  you can easily add small chocolate chips in the cake instead of cacao nibs.

cacao nibs are pieces of raw cocoa beans that have been shelled and roasted. they are crunchy and taste a bit like coffee as well as chocolate. they are an excellent source of anti oxidants, fibre and have a lot of nutrients. i purchased the navitas natural organic cacao from here.

i found them expensive, but any imported stuff will be expensive in india…. and for health reasons, i don’t mind spending  some extra money. also this is not a affiliate link… meaning i am not going to earn anything if you buy the cacao nibs. i am just sharing with you in case you want to buy these nibs in india.

dates walnut cake

so this eggless dates walnut coffee cake is healthy as i also added 75% whole wheat flour in the cake and with the dates and the walnuts in it. the recipe is easy to make. even a novice in baking can make this cake and get full marks. here i have added homemade soy milk in the cake. but you can add regular milk, cashew milk or even almond milk.

so you can have your cake and eat it too!!!

if you are looking for more eggless cakes then do check eggless apple upside down cake, eggless orange cake, eggless apple cake, eggless chocolate cake and eggless plum cake.

eggless dates walnut coffee cake recipe below:

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dates walnut coffee cake
an easy and light dates walnut coffee cake. vegan recipe
RECIPE TYPE: dessert
CUISINE: world
SERVES: 1 medium size round cake
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1.5 cups whole wheat flour/atta
  • ½ cup all purpose flour/maida
  • ½ cup cold pressed organic sunflower oil or any good vegetable oil
  • ¾ cup organic unrefined cane sugar or organic demerara sugar (adjust as per your taste preferences)
  • 1 cup soy milk or regular milk
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup seedless dates
  • ½ cup walnuts
  • 2 tsp instant coffee
  • 1 tbsp cacao nibs or small chocolate chips - if adding choco chips, then adjust the sugar accordingly
  • ½ tsp vanilla bean powder or vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • a pinch of salt
  1. chop the dates and walnuts and keep aside.
  2. line or grease a cake pan.
  3. then heat the milk and switch off the flame.
  4. add the coffee powder and stir.
  5. add the dates. stir and allow the dates to be in the milk for some 15-20 minutes or more.
  6. begin the process of sieving both the whole wheat flours and all purpose flour with salt, baking soda and baking powder.
  7. now you can preheat the oven to 200 degrees C/392 F.
  8. take the seived flour mixture in a large bowl.
  9. add the sugar & vanilla powder and mix.
  10. add the soaked dates along with the milk, 1 cup water, walnuts and oil.
  11. mix with an electric beater at medium to high speed till the whole batter is uniform and mixed evenly. don't overdo the mixing.
  12. fold in the cacao nibs or chocolate chips.
  13. pour the cake batter into the prepared cake pan.
  14. with the help of a rubber spatula remove the batter from the sides of the bowl and add it to the cake pan.
  15. shake the cake pan from the sides.
  16. place in the pre heated oven.
  17. bake for 45 mins to 1 hour or until the a tooth pick inserted in the cake comes out clean.
  18. serve the dates walnut coffee cake warm with some tea or coffee.
  19. the remaining cake can be kept in an air-tight box and refrigerated.

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  1. aparna s pratap says

    Hi Dassana can I skip the baking powderand instead add lime or vinegar. Also please suggest a good aluminium free baking powder available in India. Can you also please suggest if 8.5″ Roy d pan will work for these proportions. Thank you in advance. Waiting g to bakev th is inevitable :)

  2. Bhumi says

    Love your passion for food!
    Love all ur recipes.
    Well can we sibstitute dry coconut for fresh one.
    Thanks Bhumi

  3. Trupti says

    Hi Dassana,
    As usual a great recipe from you. This recipe made me an 8 inch cake plus 6 cupcakes. This would be a tasty, filling and healthy snack for my kids. Thank you !

      • Trupti says

        Hey wanted to give 5 stars, incorrectly gave 3. Hence correcting ☺. Even my husband who isn’t much of a sweet/ cake person devoured 2 cupcakes in one go. He likes the nuttiness of the whole wheat flour.

  4. Jocelin fiedacan says

    Done baking eggless dates walnut coffee cake. Soo yummy and healthy! Thank you for the recipe.

  5. pooja rohan nanda says

    Today I made this cake in my electric tandoor. Result was brilliant. Cake was so yummy and healthy as it has 3/4 atta. Thank you for such a great recipe. Im a novice in baking so my cake coming out perfectly is a big thing for me…love n hugs

  6. Jomcy Thomas says

    Hi Dessana,
    I am a frequent visitor of our food blog and tried lots of recipes. All of them turned out really good! Today I baked this cake. I was a bit concerned because of some of the comments mentioned here but mine turned out superb!! I also tried your Strawberry milkshake today and it was also delicious. Truly appreciate your efforts in putting each recipe in detail with the pictures. Keep up the good work and best wishes!!

    • says

      thanks jomcy for sharing positive feedback on cake. in baking there are many chances of things going here. specially if the recipe is not followed as it is. glad to know that you visit the blog regularly.

  7. Madhu says

    Hey dassana I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my cake,sending this little note to thank you I last baked 25 years ago in my early 20s a few months ago I bought an oven after our silver jubilee I was inspired after reading and going thro your web site I’ll shall continue to use your and consult your site for all types of foooood thank you so so much continue inspiring others God bless .

    • says

      thats very nice to know, madhu. i am touched :-) do continue doing what you love. when we do what we love and our passionate about, it satisfies us creatively and makes us feel good. do try the baking recipes and if any issue, then feel free to ask or comment. we all learn :-)

  8. Bhakti says

    I made this yday with regular dairy milk and without any maida..i. e. 2 cups of wholewheat flour. The cake tastes good..but the center is not crumbly. .it is somewhat soft and chewy but cooked well. What could be the reason?

    • says

      i think bhakti, either the cake batter was very thick due to the quality of whole wheat flour. what i have seen while using both these flours is, that the maida tends to absorb less water and whole wheat flour tends to absorb lot of water. so if you one want the consistency which is meant for any recipe, then the quantity of water or liquids have to reduced or added more while using maida or whole wheat flour, respectively. another reason could be that the batter was too much mixed. this can also make the cake chewy.

  9. Abhi says


    I tried but it went miserably wrong the crust was cooked but inside it was flat and moist.i preheated oven at 200 C for 20 mins and baked for 45 mins. I have tried it 3 times all the time it becomes flat.

    • says

      most of the times, when the cake is not cooked from inside, it means that the batter has got over mixed. when we over do the mixing, gluten forms in the batter and this interferes in the rising of the cake. next time when you make, just mix so that there are nu lumps. don’t over beat or mix the batter.

  10. arushi says

    Hey,i tried this recipe and it turned out to be awesome. But my sister cannot consume sugar in any form for some months(no dates also) and she loves coffee cakes. Could u plz suggest me a recipe for her?
    Thanks a ton ! 😀

    • says

      you can try with a sugar substitutes like stevia. i have had stevia before in teas and drinks, but never added to baked goods. you can google for a sugar free cake and i am sure you will get a recipe. since you say no sweet… can she not have fruits too. let me know. i have a recipe of a cake made with apple sauce. the recipe has sugar. but you use sweet apples and then no need to add sugar. but won’t be very sweet.

  11. reshma says

    Ma’am can I add 2 cups of whole wheat instead of maida? N shud I increase water quality while using whole wheat?

  12. ABaker says

    Hi dassana

    The concept of the date walnut coffee mixture is great so i tried it. The taste was good, but the texture wasnt like a cake at all. It was all uncooked and moist from inside :(


    • says

      i am not sure why the cake was not uncooked and moist from outside. you could have mentioned some more details as to the baking temperature, oven, pan size etc. i would have been able to help out.

  13. Shubha says


    I tried this cake yesterday, but upper crust got very very hard and lower part was still moist. Let me know what went wrong? will try making again. pre heated oven at 200 degrees.


    • says

      shubha, how long you preheated the oven and which pan you used to bake. to avoid over browning or hardening of the crust, always keep a butter paper or aluminium foil on top of the pan.

  14. Shifali says

    I tried to bake the cake at 180°C for 30 mins but it was uncooked from inside. Then I removed it from rack n baked it for another 20 mins at 200°C it came out well. I think the cake needs to be baked at 200 °C only. The sugar n coffee flavour was little less but overall loved the cake. I used powdered white sugar n also added 1 tbspn of cocoa powder. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    • says

      thanks shifali. oven temperatures vary from oven to oven. hence the different in time. so what works in one oven will not necessarily work in another one. this i tell from experience. the cake can be baked at both 180 as well as 200 degrees celsius. since i baked at 180 degrees celsius, i have mentioned the same in the recipe. the coffee flavor is not dominant in this cake, but yes there is a subtle flavor.

  15. Dhanashree says

    Hi ..I have tried this recipe second time…and it is fantastic. I like it. Thank you very much…This is the second recipe I have tried it from your blog. First was mawa was also good..

  16. Neetika says

    Hi there….I love to bake but I don’t have Any oven …can u pls suggest some cake or cupcake recipes which I can make in microwave …it would be a great help …thanks

    • says

      i will have to post the recipe after i try and test it. most of my baking recipes are impromptu and instant, so i will have to test them in the microwave and then add the recipe.

  17. ligne says

    I tried it this weekend and the cake was burnt in 20 minutes.. I think the oven size pan size does seem to matter.. felt like it would have worked fine if I had baked at 180 degrees instead of 200degrees :(

    • says

      oh no :-( the oven size and pan size matters. i think even less than 20 mins would have worked. its always better to keep an eye while baking, as oven temperatures, sizes etc differ from home to home.

  18. Priya says

    Hi Dassana,
    I’m a novice baker, if you will. And I tried this cake over the weekend. I got a beautiful brown crust but the inside of the cake just didn’t cook. It was all wet and chewy. I baked at 200 Celsius for an hour. Does the pan size affect the baking process? I used a 18 * 18 cm square greased pan. The cake wasn’t edible at all… :(
    Any pointers on what I can prevent for future baking experiments are welcome…

    • says

      i think the cake was not baked well for some other reason and not the pan size. 18 by 18 cm pan should work well for this recipe. something with the heating in the oven. did you preheat the oven. also it is possible that the batter was not done well. it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly has gone wrong.

      • Priya says

        Yeah, I had the oven preheated for 15 mins at 200 deg C. I hand mixed the batter. Unsure if thats the reason.

        • says

          okay. the preheating is fine. so it must be the batter mixing. either it was done too much or was uneven mixing. let me see, if i can add a step by step for this recipe, then you can see the consistency of the batter and this will help. hand mixing should not affect. i have seen many people mixing cake batter with hand. it is possible that the mixing was too much.

  19. Neha says

    hello, Can you pls tell me which oil you use?
    Can we use white butter instead of Oil?

  20. Dr. Shubhra says

    hey dear, i dont know how many times i spoiled the cake baking thing. but recently tried your this recipe and it turned out to be a perfect one .it was so so spongy and delicious and guess what i used multigrain atta for this……
    thanx a tonn… U are a rockstar
    Love you for this

  21. Neha says

    i tried the cake with jaggery but wasnt good. Then i tried with sugar and added a bit “rava”…was okay. I tried to use the same recipe for a carrot cake and then for a strawberry cake but it was so moist and not cake like at all.
    Can you please recommend a recipe for using fruits which are in season?

    • says

      hi neha, the recipe does need to change if other ingredients are used like fruits. generally fruits which yield a pulpy purees like apple, banana and mango make for a good eggless substitute. apple puree works very well as an egg substitute. i will be adding a mango cake soon. also plan to add a no bake mango cheesecake. i will consider your request and see if i can bake cakes with seasonal fruits. there is an eggless orange cake and a banana bread already posted on the blog.

  22. shubhra says

    Hi Dassana,
    just loved your recipe. Actually i m a beginner at baking. Just wanted to ask that could this cake be baked in a microwave? If yes, then at what mode, what time and what temperature?
    looking forward for your reply

    • says

      hi shubra, you cwill have to bake in the convection mode in the microwave. preheat the oven first at 180 degrees celsius for 10-15 mins. than in the convection mode, bake at the same temperature of 180 degrees C for 40 to 45 mins or more.

  23. Neha says

    can we use jaggery here instead of sugar? as its more healthy.
    And do you teach online as i m.not from pune.I luv eggless cakes.

    • says

      neha, yes you can use jaggery. if you are using very sweet taste then reduce the amount of jaggery. i don’t teach online. but you can always ask queries.

      • Neha says

        Hi Dassana…i used jaggery instead of sugar and i added some ripe figs with dates…
        And i baked it on the gas in a cooker. My oven sadly burns all cakes.
        But the cake is looking dense and sunken and even after 1.5 hrs it was moist.
        What went wrong? Pls guide.
        I ve hardly been good with baking …but i keep trying since i luv it.

        • says

          the cake is meant to be baked in the oven. i think the cooker was not able to bake it properly. do try baking cakes in the oven. i am not sure which oven you use. but with correct temperature setting, use of proper cake pans or tins, the cake should not get burned.

  24. Anu says

    My cake took only 15 minutes baking time.i had added extra baking soda to make it less dense..but it was still dense..I used whole wheat bread flour so flour smell was a bit dominant..I should have used atta…less sweet cake

    • says

      15 minutes is less time. if whole wheat flour is used completely than to reduce the denseness, either milk or water can be added in some amounts. even with atta the same things needs to be done. just to make the batter light, soft and moist. adding extra baking soda will change the flavor as well as the texture.

  25. says

    Hi Dassana,

    Am a big fan of ur blog..:) ur recipes are easy to follow and amazing…luved and am planning to try a few of them..;)

    Loved your cake recipe and also the mould…looking very cute can i knw whats the depth and size of the pan?? and where you got it from?? would surely love to have one in that size…



  26. says

    Hi Dassana. Thanks for posting this cake recipe. I have a query. In the 16th step when we bake the cake for 45 mins to one hour, what is the temperature that we need to set the baking for? I am a novice baker. Thank you.

  27. Mrunal says

    Hi Dassana,

    1 cup measurement is equivalent to how much? An American cup usually is 240 ml and Indian is 200 ml.

  28. Suman says

    Hey Dassana,

    PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT! well thats just what I can say about how the cake turned out. It was a tiny variation, I used the multi grain wheat flour and I replaced Walnuts with Hazelnuts. My husband who strongly believes in “a cake without egg is no cake at all… ” absolutely enjoyed the cake. Thank you. Appreciate your effort.

  29. maria says

    I made it, it was perfect, give it to someone who cannot use eggs, was loved by others also, will help me with my plates for vegetation,thank you

  30. jacqueline says

    where is the oil for the walnut cake? going and make it but not seeing the oil add in

  31. Prabha says

    Hi, this cake looks lovely! Am going to try this today :)
    I recently purchased a microwave with grill n convection capabilities. I am an utter novice at baking and don’t have baking trays at home. I have a Borosil approx. 20x9cm glass dish. Can you please help me adjust the quantity of ingredients accordingly? Can i use any other utensils for baking, as I am yet to shop for baking trays and stuff? Also, should I always use the rotisserie stand provided, when baking? Thanks for your help.

    • says

      hi prabha. i think the cake batter would go into a 20×9 glass dish. for baking you must only use good quality metal baking pans or trays or pyrex glassware. i won’t suggest you to use the regular steel or aluminium bowls etc that we use in the indian kitchen. one never knows how the metal would react to such a high heat. there is no need to use the stand.

      • Prabha says

        Dassana, thank you so much for the reply n information. I will set out to shop for baking stuff this weekend :)

  32. s says

    dates and walnuts is very good combination getting awesome taste and also there is coffee,chocolate flavor

  33. Geri says

    Your cake recipes are wonderful just reading the recipes makes me want to run to the kitchen and turn on the oven. I have one question about the pan size. I have a 9 inch wide by 13 inch long pan and wondered if this would be too big for the amount of batter? I see your photo is for a deep round baking pan. Thanks for your help.

    • says

      thanks geri. the size of the pan you have mentioned would be too big for the batter. you can use a medium sized loaf pan or a 5 or 6 inches diameter round tin. you can even divide the batter into two smaller sized loaf pans.

  34. Kunda says

    Hey can u plz give me exact measurements of sponge cake (ie with
    kilogram measurements n not cups) with butter n not oil plus cake gel
    I have bought cake gel but don’t know how to use it in correct
    measures I will be highly obliged if u send me full recipe with exact

    • says

      hi kunda, whatever cake recipes i post are all tried and tested. so i cannot just give you a recipe without first testing it. i don’t want the cake to be a blunder when you bake it. i have never used cake gel. you can try googling and find how the cake gel can be used. i am afraid, i cannot be of any help to you.

  35. Joyita says

    Hi Dassana,
    Thanks so much for this post, was waiting to try making this one:)
    Since i am pretty much a novice at baking, was wondering whether the cake recipes that you post can be made in a micro wave. In that case is there a need to pre heat or can the instant button (takes approx 4-5 mins) for cakes will work. Also, is there any other use of the cacao nibs if one buys a packet?
    warm regards, joyita

    • says

      hi joyita, i think this particular cake can be made in the microwave. no need to pre or use the instant button. i would suggest you to halve the recipe and try.

      cacao nibs can be used in cookies, puddings, breads, muffins. they can also be added to the morning breakfast cereals like muesli, oats. even in fruit salads or custards. these nibs have a bitter taste. they are not sweetened. so adding them to a sweet recipe goes very well. i don’t know where you stay. if you stay in united states, then you can buy directly from navitas. link here –

      navitas also has sweet nibs, so you can buy these if you prefer them.

  36. PRIYA says

    nice one incidently i had also prepared eggless date and walnut cake today i follow aayis recipes(shilpa) blog tried your orange cake too loved it

    • poonam says

      Firstly I would like to tell u that I’m a big fan of ur recipes. They are so simple and easy to cook. Till date I have not failed. I love cooking and I’m crazy about. Everyday I try something new

      Can I use almonds or cashew instead of walnut as I don’t have them in stock