Cooking Facts about Idlis and Dosas

by dassana amit updated May 24, 2013

I guess I don’t need to mention anything about Idlis, Masala Dosa or Plain Dosa. These South Indian dishes are famous everywhere in India, and even the most proper North Indian restaurants in India and abroad serve them.

The dosa or idli recipe calls for soaked lentils-urad dal and rice. Some of us do not know how the nutritional properties of lentils significantly change when they are soaked. Here is a post about it: Nutritional Benefits of Soaking Lentils

The soaked lentils and rice are then ground and fermented overnight. Fermentation also increases the nutritional benefits. You would like to read this post for more information on fermentation: What is Fermentation

The quality of the Idlis and Dosas depend much on the quality of rice and urad dal used and the fermentation process. In one of the post I have explained the following:

  • the basic method of making idlis-dosas,
  • the detailed fermentation process of the idli-dosa batter and,
  • some do’s and don’ts to help you get the perfect idlis and dosas :

Its link is here: Idli Dosa FAQ

Generally one can use the same batter for making idlis as well as dosas. Read this link to know how does idli batter differ from the dosa batter: Difference between Idli and Dosa Batter

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