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Collection of 17 pickles recipes. pickles are also called as achaar in hindi. Pickle is in intrinsic and very important part of Indian cuisine. without pickle on side, an essential part will be missing from an Indian thali.

During summers, its a practice in many Indian homes to prepare pickle in enough quantities so that it last for at least a year. Mango, lemon and chilli are the most common pickles and there are hundreds of varieties of pickles. Pickles can be both sour and sweet.


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pickle recipes

Most pickles goes very well as a condiment with simple Indian meals like dal-rice, curd-rice, veg pulao and even with roti-sabzi. You will find pickles in most popular thalis like Andhra thali, Gujarati thali, Rajasthani thali or Maharashtrian thali etc. They also come quite handy while packing tiffin box for kids. In north India, its a common practice to pack Paratha with a pickle.

Here I am sharing collection of pickle recipes which are already posted on the blog. So that its easier for you to find all pickle recipes in one place. I will keep on updating this post as I add more pickle recipes.

 17 Indian pickle recipes

1. Mango pickle recipe – Punjabi aam ka achar made with mustard oil and spices. 4 main spices are used in this mango pickle are – fenugreek seeds(methi), fennel seeds (saunf), mustard seeds (sarson) and nigella seeds (kalonji).

mango pickle recipe


2. Lemon pickle recipe – spiced and a tangy 4 ingredient lemon pickle which is super easy to make. this is not an instant lemon pickle recipe and some sunlight and a few days is required, but the method is quick and very easy.

lemon pickle


3. Amla pickle recipe – Andhra style spicy and tasty amla avakaya recipe. The pickle is made from Indian gooseberries, which are also called as amla in hindi.

amla avakaya recipe

4. Hari mirch ka achaar recipe – an easy to prepare green chili pickle with ground mustard, lemon juice and oil.

hari mirch ka achaar recipe


5. Red chilli pickle recipe – a banarsi style stuffed red chilli pickle. The red chilli pickle aka lal mirch ka achar tastes awesome. You can have it with chapatis or rice or parathas or with any Indian meal.

red chilli pickle recipe

6. Naranga achar recipe – naranga achar is a tangy and spiced Kerala style pickle made with lemons. Kerala naranga achar is also served in the onam sadya meal.

Kerala naranga achar recipe

7. Gobi gajar shalgam achar recipe – sweet and sour Punjabi winter special pickle made with cauliflower, carrots and turnips. what you get in this pickle are crunchy cauliflower, carrots and turnips in a spicy, sweet and tangy base.

gobi gajar shalgam achar recipe


8. Instant mango pickle recipe – the pickle is prepared with raw unripe mangoes, mustard seeds, curry leaves and some spices. Best part of this pickle recipe is that it can be made in less than 15 mins. At room temperature, this pickle will last for 2-3 days. After that place it in the fridge and it will last for a week more. You can also keep in the fridge from day one.

instant mango pickle recipe

9. Andhra mango pickle recipe – mango avakaya or avakaya pickle is a spicy, robust mango pickle from the Andhra cuisine. Andhra cuisine is known for its spicy as well as tasty recipes. the recipe yields about 2 kg mango pickle and this can easily last for 6 months to a year. You can also halve the recipe if you want.

Andhra mango pickle recipe

10. Karela pickle recipe – an easy and quick bitter gourd pickle cooked on stove top with vinegar and spices.

karela pickle recipe


11. Khatta meetha nimbu ka achaar – sweet sour (khatta meetha) pickle prepared with lemons, jaggery and spice powders.

nimbu achaar - pickle recipes

12. Gujarati mango pickle recipe – spiced, sour mango pickle made with split fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds.

Gujarati mango pickle recipe


13. Fresh turmeric pickle recipe – a quick and easy pickle with fresh turmeric roots. to make this turmeric pickle no cooking is involved and you just need to mix everything. This fresh turmeric pickle stays good for about 2 months in the refrigerator.

fresh turmeric pickle recipe


14. Star gooseberry pickle recipe – easy to prepare pickle with star gooseberries. No sun drying required. the same pickling method and recipe can be made with amla or Indian gooseberries as well.

star gooseberry pickle recipe


15. Sirke wale pyaaz or pickled onions – small red onions are marinated in vinegar, water and salt and kept for 2-3 days. So the onions soften with the taste of the vinegar in them and even loose their pungency. So the result are onions with a sour taste from the vinegar with their light sweet inherent taste.

sirke wale pyaaz or pickled onions recipe

16. Sweet lemon pickle recipe – sweet, spiced and tangy condiment is this 4 ingredient lemon pickle which is super easy to make. this pickle has a sweet taste and is sour, spiced, aromatic with flavors coming from the ajwain or carom seeds. There is no oil used in this recipe.

sweet lemon pickle recipe

17. Easy lemon pickle recipe – an easy lemon pickle made merely with 3 ingredients which are lemon, turmeric and green chilies. Best part of this lemon pickle is that it has no oil, sugar and no spices. Yet the pickle tastes great.

lemon pickle - pickle recipes

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  1. Hi, could you please post the punjabi panchranga pickle recipe?

    I’ve been following your recipes for a few years now and they have been of much help in building my culinary skills. Thanks a ton!

    • thank your radhika. i have taken a note of the recipe request. will see if i can add the recipe as lotus stem which is added in pancharanga pickle is difficult to source.

  2. Could you please share with me how to can the pickles so they last for a year. Do you do a water bath and sealed glass jars?
    Thank you!

    • for pickles i do not water bath. at times i sunbath the glass jars with a lid or cover on top. if there are good amount of spices, salt and oil in the pickle then they stay good for a year and sometimes even more. salt and oil and the spices as well act as a preservative. also keep the pickle covered with 2 inches layer of oil floating above. this will ensure that no mould is formed at the top. shake or stir after every few weeks. if the pickle looks dry, then you can heat the oil (which was used for making pickle). then let it cool at room temperature and then add in the pickle. give a good mix with a clean spoon. in hot seasons, you can keep the pickle in the fridge. that is what i do. hope these suggestions help.