sweet and sour mango pickle recipe, punjabi aam ka achaar recipe

sweet and sour mango pickle: punjabi sweet and sour mango pickle

sweet and sour mango pickle recipe – posting one more favorite sweet mango pickle recipe before the mango season fades. this mango pickle is made with jaggery, nigella seeds and fenugreek seeds.

an easy, simple no fuss mango pickle without any oil. i am enjoying the mangoes so much in this hot hot weather that i can’t seem to get enough of them. i called up mom-in-law especially for this pickle as the hubby was asking for it to be made. also this is a recipe request from my facebook fan page.

i have also shared punjabi mango pickle and gujarati mango pickle recipe.

there are two ways of making this mango pickle. either you cook everything together or keep the pickle in sun for 2-3 days. both ways the jaggery that is used in the pickle thickens a bit.

sweet sour mango pickle recipe

if you cook you will get softer texture of mangoes. if you keep in the sun than the mangoes will have a little crispness to them. you decide how you would love to make this pickle.

i kept the mango pickle in the sun for 3 days…. and what i got was a sweet, spicy, sour pickle with a somewhat crisp mango pieces that have absorbed all the flavors of the spices .

sweet sour punjabi mango pickle

the sweet and sour mango pickle is excellent with rotis, parathas, stuffed parathas and even simple dal-rice. you can just have it plain or straight from the jar.

since this is a no oil recipe, my suggestion would be to keep the pickle in the refrigerator. the jaggery and spices do help in preserving the pickle. but still better to keep in the refrigerator. make sure you use clean utensils and a clean sterilized bottle to store the mango pickle.

starting with step by step punjabi sweet & sour mango pickle recipe:

1: firstly wash and wipe dry the raw mangoes. peel the skin and chop the mangoes into bite sized pieces or small pieces. collect these in a bowl. discard the seeds.

wash the mangoes for sweet sour mango pickle

2: now add all the spices, spice powders, salt and jaggery.

add spices to mangoes for pickle recipe

3: mix well. the jaggery will melt and the whole mixture will look watery. keep in the sun for 2-3 days till the jaggery syrup thickens and the mango pieces tenderize a bit. instead of drying in the sun you can just cook everything together.

mix mango pickle mixture

4: this is a close up pic of the mango pickle on the 3rd day. i kept for 3 days in the sun.

sweet sour mango pickle on third day

5: store the mango pickle in a clean or sterilised jar. keep in a cool dark place or keep in the refrigerator. enjoy the sweet and sour mango pickle just plain or with any meal.

punjabi mango pickle recipe

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sweet and sour mango pickle recipe below:

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sweet and sour mango pickle , punjabi style
sweet and sour punjabi mango pickle recipe
CUISINE: north indian, punjabi
SERVES: 1 medium bottle
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 3-4 raw small to medium sized mangoes, rinsed, peeled, stoned and chopped, approx 3.5 to 4 cups of chopped mangoes
  • 1 tbsp nigella seeds/kalonji
  • ½ tbsp fenugreek seeds/methi seeds or methi dana
  • 1 or 1.5 tbsp red chili powder
  • 1 or 1.5 cup powdered jaggery or sugar - add more if required
  • salt or black salt as required
  1. mix all the ingredients with the chopped mangoes.
  2. check the taste.
  3. if required add more jaggery or salt or chili powder
  4. keep in the sun for 2-3 days till the jaggery thickens a bit and the mangoes tenderize a bit.
  5. if cooking, then cook for some minutes till the jaggery melts and thickens a bit.
  6. cover the cooked mango pickle with a clean kitchen napkin and let it cool.
  7. store mango pickle in a clean bottle or jar.
  8. serve punjabi mango pickle with any indian meal or parathas or have it plain.
the red chili powder and jaggery can be adjusted to suit your taste.

you can also add sugar instead of jaggery.

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  1. suhani motwani says

    Dassana thnx for the sharing a simple method of sweet mango pickles in punjabi style.coz we cant know how to made a sweet pickle of mango. Thnx.

  2. Durgak says

    dasanna, how are you? I could not find Gujarati pickle Chunda made with grated mangoes and sugar. Could you please let me know . Now it is the season for the mangoes, would very much like to follow your recipe. Thanks and God bless . DK

    • says

      i am fine dk ji. i have not posted the chunda yet. every year i think i will make it and end up making mango pickle. i will try to add the recipe this year.

    • says

      smita, i suggest to make with unripe mangoes. for making with ripe mangoes there is another pickle called as ‘chunda’. but i don’t have the recipe on my blog. you can search on the web.



    Your pickle is super. I tried and is good. But do you have any recipe of veg pickles of hot and sweet taste which can last for above 6 months without any fungus development. If so will you please spare the same with me ?.


    Philip Kuruvilla

    • says

      thanks. right now i don’t have any such pickle recipe. i will have try making such a pickle. since all the recipes are tried and tested, i will have to make such a pickle and then post about it.

  4. sara says

    Hi I’m making this for a friend who is from Pakistan. I’m unsure how much salt to add, as I have never tasted anything like this. Also, I was reading other comments, do you want mangoes that are not completely ripe for this recipe?
    Thanks a bunch

    • dassana says

      hi sara. the mangoes have to be raw and not ripe. well on the salt, you just have to taste it. that will help. its the same taste that we do for our other recipes. not too much nor too less of the salt.

  5. d lydhia sylvia says

    I liked your recipe very much I want to know how to make mango pickle with the seed

    • says

      i have never made mango pickle with the seed, though have had them before. you will need tender baby mangoes to make this kind of pickle. in south india, especially kerala they make pickle like this – its called kannimanga achaar. its tooooo good. that much i can tell you. you can search on google with this name and you will get many recipes.

    • says

      hi grace, pickles can be easily preserved for year without moulds. ingredients like oil, salt, sugar, vinegar and spices act as natural preservatives in the pickle and keep it mould free. you can also keep the pickle in the fridge. you can also use sterilised jars for canning the pickle. like jams never allow any water droplets or water to come in contact with the pickle. hygeine is another important factor. so depending on the recipe you will come to know which is the ingredient/s used in the pickle that are acting as preservatives. like in some indian pickles we use vinegar and like in this recipe we have used oil, jaggery and spices.

    • says

      jaggery is an unrefined sugar made from sugar cane juice. in india we have jaggery also made from palms. you should be able to get it easily in the indian stores in malaysia. i am assuming this as there are many south indians living in malaysia and jaggery is used both in south indian cuisine as well as north indian cuisine.

      this link here explains in detail on jaggery and its health benefits:

  6. says

    This is beautiful Dassana! I love mango too. I wish I could taste a truly fresh, ripe mango. The ones in Canada likely come from South America and are certainly not fresh. One day I will try fresh mango! :) I look forward to making this and trying it on some roti! :)

    • says

      fresh mangoes with some rotis are so good. here we get really good fresh mangoes. come to india and you can saveur so many varieties of fresh mangoes in the april-may months :-)

  7. shubha mondkar says

    Your recipes always motivate me.A very tempting recipe.Your aloo puri recipe is a favourite at my place now.thanks.God bless.

  8. says

    Your pickle looks yum, sun cooked pickles are always best and last long too! I am a huge pickle fan and am obbessed with mango and lemon pickles. Havent tried this pickle with jaggery yet, am sure would taste good. Keep going Dassana……it’s good to see post flowing with great recipes!

  9. zarina says

    The mangoes you have shown in the picture are almost ripe can i use raw mangoes

    • says

      they are not ripe mangoes. they are light yellow but not at all ripe. they were very tart. this pickle is made with raw mangoes and not sweet or ripe mangoes. pics can be misleading sometimes :-)

  10. Renu says

    can jaggery be substituted with sugar…..
    by jaggery u mean gur or shakkar ..please help

    • says

      hi renu by jaggery i mean gur. you can make this pickle even with sugar. i forgot to update it in the post though. will update now.

  11. Rani says

    This sweet-sour-spicy pickle is incredibly mouth- watering! I’ll definitely try this out. Appreciate your efforts for all the recipe- research and e-mailing to several of your followers! Do keep up your appealing, appetizing work! Let me say, also, some credit goes to your m-i-l.

  12. says

    i love the punjabi pickles.. i got through this phase of eating pickles like crazy.. that was last year when we had like 10 different types of bottles.. and this year i havent touched any yet.. :)
    love that gorgeous color and masala. you are definitely on a post roll!

    • Tulip says

      Just want to confirm if I cook this for how long should I cook, as we do not get Sun over here, always winter. Thanks, Tulip

      • says

        hi tulip. you just need to just need to cook for 2-3 minutes till the jaggery melts. we don’t need to cook the mangoes here nor want a particular consistency of the jaggery. just ensure that no water goes in the pickle due to condensation. so just cover the pan with a clean kitchen towel instead of a lid. once the pickle is cooled, pour into sterilized jar and refrigerate. you can even halve this recipe and just try with a small amount.