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pani puri recipe, pani puri

Pani Puri  or Golgappas is my most favorite chaat from childhood. I used to have pani puri often with my family on the streets of Mumbai (Bombay) and it was something I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Pani literally translates to water and here the Puris are fried puffed crisp dough balls. Generally, the water or pani is sour, tangy as well as spicy. This spicy pani is balanced with the addition of a sweet tamarind chutney.

This sweet chutney is called as meetha (which means sweet) pani. The spicy water is called as teekha (which means spicy) pani. Both are added in the puri along with the main filling which consists of boiled potatoes, chickpeas, moong sprouts or a thick dry curry made from white peas which is called as ragda.

The puri or pooris are made from flour or sooji/cream of wheat or both. They are thin, crisp, fully puffed and thus occupy the filling and the chutneys. These can be brought ready from the stores or can be made at home too. If you want to make pooris at home then check this step by step poori/puri recipe.

puri for pani puri recipe

I don’t know who invented pani puri or how it came into existence. Its one of the popular street foods of India. Whereas in Mumbai, we call it Pani Puri. In the northern states its called as Golgappa and in Bengal, its called as Puchka.

There are differences in the fillings and the chutneys in all these regions. The filling also can be of your choice. Personally I prefer moong sprouts or ragda, but hubby prefers boiled potatoes and onions. So it depends from person to person and you can use your choice of stuffing.

This pani or spiced water recipe is my mom’s version. Here the pani is both spicy, tangy as well as sweet. So you don’t need to make the sweet chutney.  However if you want a more sweeter taste, you can make the sweet tamarind chutney and serve with the pani puri.

To make this spicy and sweet pani, you just need to make the green chutney and dissolve it in water. The spicy and sweet water is ready. Chill it in the refrigerator before you serve or you can add ice cubes too.

pani puri

For this pani recipe, you can also skip the jaggery and just make a tangy, spicy pani. Then you need to make the sweet tamarind chutney. Even Jal Jeera can be used to make the spicy water.

Keep everything ready before you start assembling the pani puris – the boiled cubed potato or steamed moong sprouts filling, the pooris and the spicy water.

You can even make individual serving portions, so that people make it for themselves. In the pics below, I have made sweet tamarind dates chutney, just to show the assembling.

First crack the top pooris with the spoon. Then stuff the potato-onion filling in the pooris. Add a few teaspoons of sweet chutney or as per your choice.

pani puri

Then add a few teaspoons of the green pani or as per your choice.

adding green chutney in the pani puri

The pani puri is ready to serve. They have to be had immediately. Or else the puris become soggy.

pani puri recipe

To make a mumbai style pani puri recipe, use ragda as the filling.

Update: I have also made this pani with equal amounts of jaggery and dates and the result was awesome. You can add 2 tbsp crumbled jaggery and 2 tbsp chopped dates. The rest of the ingredients are same as mentioned below.

If you are looking for similar recipes then do check pav bhaji, samosa recipebhel puri, sev puri, chole bhature and dahi aloo tikki.

Pani Puri Recipe below:

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Pani Puri Recipe: Easy Pani Puri Recipe
pani puri - a popular street food of india, where crisp fried dough balls are stuffed with potatoes, sprouts, spicy tangy water or sweet chutney.
CUISINE: indian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
other ingredients:
  • 24-30 puris ( you could buy these puris readymade or make them at home)
  • 1 small bowl of tamarind chutney or tamarind dates chutney
For the stuffing - * check notes for other options
  • 2 to 3 medium potatoes
  • 1 small to medium onion
  • 1 to 1.5 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
  • 1 tsp roasted cumin powder
  • 1 tsp chaat masala powder
  • ¼ tsp red chili powder (optional)
  • black salt as required
For the Pani Recipe:
  • ½ cup chopped mint leaves
  • ¾ cup chopped coriander leaves
  • 1 inch ginger, chopped
  • 1 green chili, chopped (for a spicy pani, add about 2 to 3 green chilies)
  • 1 tbsp seedless tamarind, tightly packed
  • 3 to 3.5 tbsp crumbled or powdered jaggery/sugar or as required OR 1.5 tbsp chopped seedless dates & 1.5 tbsp powdered jaggery (the sweetness can be adjusted as per your taste)
  • 1 tsp roasted cumin powder (bhuna jeera powder)
  • 1 tsp chaat masala powder
  • 2 to 3 cups of water (add water as per the consistency you want)
  • 1 to 1.5 tbsp boondi/fried tiny gram flour balls (optional)
  • black salt as required
Preparing the Stuffing:
  1. Boil the potatoes till they are cooked completely.
  2. Peel them and then chop them.
  3. Finely chop the onion.
  4. In a small bowl, mix the potatoes, onions, coriander leaves, cumin powder, chaat masala powder and black salt. Mix well and keep aside.
Method to make the Pani:
  1. In a blender add all the ingredients mentioned above for the pani.
  2. Add little water and grind to a fine chutney.
  3. Remove the green chutney in a large bowl. Add 2 to 3 cups water. Mix well. Check the seasoning. Add more black salt or jeera powder or chaat masala if required. If you want a thin pani, you could add some water. But keep on checking the seasoning, as per your taste.
  4. Add the boondi to the pani.
  5. You can chill the pani in the fridge or add some ice cubes to it..
Assembling Pani Puri:
  1. Crack the top of the puri with a spoon.
  2. Add 2 to 3 tsp of the boiled potato-onion filling in the poori.
  3. Stir the green pani first and then it and the sweet chutney as per your taste.
  4. Serve the pani puri immediately.
  5. You can also make individual portions with the puris, potato-onion mixture and the pani. Let the individual assemble the pani puri for himself/herself as per his/her taste.
* other stuffing combinations or a combination of these:
steamed moong sprouts
boiled white chickpeas (kabuli chana)
boiled black chickpeas (kala chana)
boiled potatoes
chopped onions
chopped coriander leaves
ragda - a dry white peas preparation

* to make the pani hot and spicy, you can add one more green chili.

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    Superb recipe
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    Me and my family loved this pani puri recipe ☺☺

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    Hi Dasanna,

    I have started referring to your recipes quite often now after my success in Idlis with your recipes. I often check check other sites as well for a recipe but I feel very comfortable with your style of cooking. Not only the recipes which I never tried, routine recipes like vegetables and curries I love to keep my methods aside and try your recipes. It gives a nice change to me while cooking and it is always a success with your recipes :)
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    Thanks for the great recipe!
    When I first tried pani puri in Southall/ West London coming over from Germany to visit my now-husband, I thought how can you eat something like this! My husband made me eat them. After 3 of them I fell so much in love with golgappa I tried to make them at least 10 times at home. My puris always became soft, as others described, until I tried your recipe. Now we are married for almost 10 years and he requests them every week. I actually make chana masala to stuff them. Two birds with one stone – and enough left to have paratha with chane the next morning. Thanks for your recipes!

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      welcome dori. thanks for sharing your positive feedback on puri recipe. nice to read your story. in some places in india, chana stuffing is also added in the pani puri. it taste good.

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    Hi Dasanna,
    I always want to make pani puri at home but the taste does not meet like that of the street? May be because i don’t use tamarind…What can be used in place of tamarind, i have not found it in market here in Nepal

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    I was living in india for almost a year but I had to return to my country in south America. You can’t imagine how happy and grateful I am for this website! I can’t wait to try all of your recipes! They look so delicious and I love the photography! Kudos for that… I hope I can find most of the spices and ingredients.
    Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge on Indian cuisine ♡

  7. Asia says

    Hi Dasana, I tried a pani puri recipe from another web site but the pani did not taste like the yumm pani we get from the street side shops and I wasn’t able to fix the taste either. In your recipe you mentioned jal zeera. Will the jal zeera water be sufficient for the pani puri water? I will try out your pani recipe too over the weekend and let you know soon — thx

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      the jal jeera recipe posted already or the blog as well as pani made with ready made jal jeera can easily be sufficient for 1 pack of pani pooris. this pani recipe is both sweet and sour, so you don’t need to make a separate sweet chutney. whereas if you make jal jeera you will have to make a sweet chutney.

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    Superbbb recipe. I just tried it. I tried many recipes for puri but everytime I was disappointed. Your recipe worked perfectly. Thank you soooo much.

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    poochka .. paani poori and fulki.. no matter what they call.. and how differently they make it .. it makes yogic minds .. greedy :) nice post !! thank u for sharing the Mumbai style of Pani puri !!

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      you can google and find different types of pani puri recipes. i usually stick to the same pani puri recipe and don’t make much changes.

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    Keep up the good work.


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      thanks deepti for all that you have said. i used to photograph before i started the blog and in my college wanted to do a professional photography course. but things did not fell into place. destiny brought me again to photography and i love it. i am a self learned photographer and the learning never ends for me :-)

    • says

      you mean making the ragda from white peas, zara… right?

      avoid as it will take around 2-3 hours cooking in a pot.

      go for some quick filling for the pani puri like canned chickpeas or steamed sprouted moong beans or just simple boiled and chopped potatoes.

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      i have the samosa recipe ready with photos…. but i do not have enough time to post it… i have shifted to a new house and the internet connection is very very slow here….. it will take some time till i settle down here and then will hopefully get time to post all the recipes that are waiting to be posted… including the samosa recipe