musk melon juice recipe | kharbuja juice how to make musk melon juice

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musk melon juice or kharbuja juice used to be often made in the summers in my delhi home.

we are nearing winter… but here the temperatures here are still warm, apart from the coolness & light shower we witnessed for a couple of days.

musk melon or cantaloupe is a lovely sweet fruit with a soft flesh and lots of water content. sometimes we just have these plain and sometimes i prepare juice from them.

i made the musk melon juice on a day which was hot and humid. we have been having these types of days too. again today it is warm here and not at all cool… so much fluctuations in the weather and temperatures.

at home we often add some milk to the musk melon juice, but there is no need at all.

in a blender just add the muskmelon and some jaggery or cane sugar and there you have a healthy juice. its good to have fresh fruits during summers. few more juice recipes on blog are black grapes juice, pineapple juice, sweet lime juice, ganga jamuna juice, watermelon mint juice and guava juice.

muskmelon has a lot of health benefits:

  • it is high in fibre
  • is good for folks on a diet
  • reduces the heat in the body
  • also helpful in controlling blood pressure and
  • is also an anti oxidant.

we are having a bounty of watermelons and muskmelons in this season too. watch out for another of a kind watermelon juice coming up soon.

i make all these juices just to combat the heat we experience here on some days.

if you are looking for more beverages then do check mango lassi, cold coffee, falooda, virgin pina colada, panakam and shikanji recipe.

kharbuja or musk melon juice recipe below:

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musk melon juice recipe
prep time
15 mins
total time
15 mins

musk melon juice recipe - a healthy and refreshing muskmelon juice

course: beverages & drinks
cuisine: world
servings: 2 -3
author: dassana amit
ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 muskmelon or kharbuja or cantaloupe, any size
  • cane sugar or golden sugar or jaggery as required - optional
how to make recipe
  1. rinse the musk melon in water. cut into half.
  2. then slice them into long pieces.
  3. remove the peel and separate it from the flesh. remove the seeds.
  4. chop and add in a blender. add the sugar or jaggery.
  5. no need to add water. blend till smooth.
  6. pour the muskmelon juice in glasses and serve muskmelon juice immediately.
  7. you can add ice cubes if desired.
recipe notes

tips for musk melon juice recipe:
1. instead of cane sugar any other sweetener can also be added like honey or maple syrup.
2. if the muskmelon juice is thick, add some water of milk. vegans can add water or cashew or almond milk.
3. serve the muskmelon juice immediately. don't chill or keep in the refrigerator as the taste changes a lot and the juice looses it freshness.
4. the seeds of the musk melon can be dried if you have good sunlight and then roasted and added to salads or soups. in india we add them to our sweets and halwas.

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