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by dassana amit updated January 24, 2014

matar paneer: easy matar paneer recipe

matar paneer or mutter paneer recipe – one paneer recipe amongst all the north indian paneer recipes… matar paneer is quite often made at home.

so here is a simple and easy recipe for matar paneer. this recipe is not restaurant style but a simple homemade dish. the kinds which make for a homely comforting meal.

i learnt to make mutter paneer first time at my in-laws’ place. this is a classic north indian punjabi recipe which my mil makes. its simple, fuss free and easy.

just a slight adaptation i have done to her original recipe by adding cashews & some coriander leaves to the masala paste. mil does not add any cashews. i wanted a creamy texture in the matar paneer gravy and hence the addition of cashews. the coriander leaves also gives nice citrus notes to the curry. the rest of the matar paneer recipe is same.

matar paneer recipe

matar paneer goes well with parathas, naan and even steamed rice. at home i usually make parathas or rotis to go with matar paneer. a side veg or a raita also goes well with the combination of matar paneer and parathas. in the pic are parathas and mix veg salad with nuts served with the matar paneer. vegan can substitute tofu with paneer and still enjoy the deliciousness.

tip from reader abhishek: you can shallow or pan fry the paneer pieces and then add these to the curry.

if you are looking for more paneer recipes then do check paneer butter masala, kadai paneer, paneer tikka, paneer bhurji and palak paneer.

matar paneer recipe details below:

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matar paneer
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
matar paneer – spiced and creamy curry with peas and cottage cheese
Recipe type: main
Cuisine: north indian
Serves: 4
  • main ingredients:
  • 200-250 gms paneer/cottage cheese
  • 1 cup peas or matar – fresh or frozen
  • 2 to 21/2 cups water
  • ½ tsp turmeric powder/haldi
  • ¼ tsp red chili powder
  • ½ tsp punjabi garam masala powder
  • 1 tsp coriander powder
  • 2 or 3 tbsp oil or ghee
  • a few coriander leaves for garnishing
  • salt as required
  • sugar as required and optional (check notes)
ingredients for the masala paste:
  • 3 medium sized ripe red tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 medium to large onion, chopped
  • 1 green chili, chopped
  • ½ inch ginger, chopped
  • 2-3 garlic, chopped
  • 1 tbsp chopped coriander, chopped
  • 5-6 whole cashews, chopped
  1. blend all the ingredients mentioned under masala paste in a small grinder or blender to a smooth paste. keep aside.
  2. heat oil or ghee. add ½ tsp cumin seeds. add the masala paste.
  3. fry for 6-7 minutes on a medium flame till the oil separates from the paste.
  4. add all the dry spice powders and stir. add the peas or matar, water and salt.
  5. pressure cook till the matar/peas are cooked. (check notes below on how to cook in a pan.)
  6. when the pressure drops on its own, open the lid of the pressure cooker.
  7. add the paneer cubes. simmer for 2-3 minutes or till the paneer cubes get cooked.
  8. don’t overcook as the paneer becomes dense and hard then.
  9. garnish matar paneer with coriander leaves.
  10. serve matar paneer with rotis, parathas, naan or rice.
1. if making matar paneer recipe in a pan, then first fry the masala paste in the pan. add the dry spice powders and stir. add the matar/peas, salt and about 21/2 cups water. close the pan and cook the peas till they become soft. if the curry dries up whilst cooking, add more water.
2. if the tomatoes are tart, then sweeten the gravy by adding some sugar.

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Roseline March 31, 2014 1

Tryed matar paneer yesterday and it was awsome, this is the first recipe i tryed from your website.
Thanks for the wonderful recipe!!!


dassana amit March 31, 2014 2

welcome roseline


shalini March 19, 2014 3

Hi Dassanaji, i was tried of making matar paneer same wayfor years. Yesterday i just thought to look for some new method, believe me even without cashew it turned out to b awesome, v v yummy..thanks a lot..


dassana amit March 20, 2014 4

welcome shalini and thanks for giving your positive feedback on matar paneer recipe.


Pooja R Jhaveri March 19, 2014 5

Hi it was lovely to use your recipe of mutter paneer . But I felt little tangy taste of the vegetable so kindly can you suggest some other option thank you


dassana amit March 20, 2014 6

the tanginess is due to the tomatoes. its always better to use ripe red tomatoes. i would suggest to add cream and some honey or sugar to cut down on the tanginess. some extra cashew paste can also be added.


Mitali Nawale March 9, 2014 7

Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe !!! It’s such a perfect recipe .. That even restaurants in USA can’t serve…Awsome!!


dassana amit March 9, 2014 8

welcome mitali and thanks for this positive feedback


Mital March 6, 2014 9

Thank u so much miss dasana ji.. You have been a great help and your way or recipes are so helpful to house wifes like us… We realy apriciate your efort to be sgared with us… I did the muttor panner recipe excately as its mentioned was mind blowing and my family memmbers got very happy from me…


dassana amit March 6, 2014 10

welcome mital and thanks for this positive feedback. it helps.


gaurav jain February 25, 2014 11

Thanks for a very simple, clear and great recipe. Came out better than what I imagined. A question on using the pressure cooker – how many whistles should I wait for? I used the pan this time.


dassana amit February 25, 2014 12

thanks. 3 to 4 whistles is fine. the peas will be cooked well.


bhuvana February 11, 2014 13

Wowcooked for lunch.can just go by d stll lingers in my mind.just tried d recipe bcas of I am giving 5 star.!! .wil try other recipes


dassana amit February 11, 2014 14

thanks bhuvana :-)


Studd Shagg February 4, 2014 15

thx for the superb recipes……..


Anil Kinikar February 3, 2014 16

Please let me know when to add paneer when you are cooking it in the pan. I have a feeling that paneer needs to be fried in masala before adding water. I will be using frozen peas. These will cook in 5 minutes. Should I add paneer and peas at the same time? I am also thinking about 1/4 cup coconut milk.
I need more details because I a novice cook.




dassana amit February 4, 2014 17

paneer cooks quickly and if its cooked for a longer period of time, it becomes dense. i suggest to cook the peas first and then add the paneer. if you want you can also saute or pan fry the paneer till golden and then add it to the curry. in this case you don’t need to cook the paneer in the curry. you can add coconut milk. but add towards the end once the whole dish is ready and switch off the fire. since coconut milk curdles if you cook it.


Ray January 23, 2014 18

Had this for my tea tonight with rice and a cabbage and carrot curry. Really nice. I made it without cashew nuts but would love to try that. In the uk vegetarian food does not feature well in indian restaurant menus. Channa dhal, aloo gobi, tarla dhal and bombay potato are common. muttar paneer is available in some but it usually is cream- laden. I prefer your home -cooked version.

Thank you.


dassana amit January 24, 2014 19

welcome ray. keep visiting the site.


swapna January 18, 2014 20

Hi thankyou for sharing this recipe i tried it and clicked out excellent in taste. Usually i dont like to make north indian recipe bcoz of particular smell of onion and tomatoes but ur recipe had made me confident to try other recipes.


dassana amit January 19, 2014 21

welcome swapna. yes, do try more recipes.


NIHALA January 13, 2014 22



mukambika January 12, 2014 23

Hi dassana
I hv goofed up every paneer recipe i hv made till date.
Courtesy ur recipe finally i ended up dishing a sumptuous paneer recipe to perfection.i m not a masala person. very little masala is the heart of this dining table enjoyed a quite time whilst the curry disappeared from the kadhai itself.a gratifiying effort.just substituted cashews with melon seeds.will share it with my colleagues soon.A big thank u and happy sankranti.


dassana amit January 13, 2014 24

welcome mukambika. thanks for sharing this positive feedback on matar paneer recipe. do try more recipes. happy sankranti.


mukambika January 12, 2014 25

Hi Dassana
Successfully served the mutter paneer to my family courtesy ur guidance. My paneer dishes r always a flop.I got it right for the first time all thanks to u. Has boosted my confidence to try other paneer recipes. I m not a masala my tummy went easy .substituted cashewnuts with melon seeds. Still yummy….
Bye and thanks….
Happy makar sankranti


Steve Mannell January 9, 2014 26

Hi Dassana, thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. I made it last night and it was truly sumptuous. Keep up the good work, loving your blog and your recipes are so easy to follow. Kindest Steve from the UK


dassana amit January 9, 2014 27

welcome steve and thanks for this motivating feedback. keep visiting and try more recipes. any query then feel free to ask.


Krishna Veni January 9, 2014 28


Yesterday tried your recipe (mutter panner), it was a great success.


dassana amit January 9, 2014 29

thanks krishna


Anne January 9, 2014 30

Hello! I love this recipe and I love your site.
For this recipe, I add a can of coconut milk instead of the cashews. Higher in calories, but equally big in flavor! I am trying it with tofu tonight because the store did not have paneer cheese this time.


dassana amit January 9, 2014 31

thanks anne. yes you can add coconut milk and it will give a nice flavor and taste. happy cooking :-)


Willow January 6, 2014 32

I am new to using some of these ingredient, I made it exact to the recipe but with the green pepper and tumeric missing as I did not have these items. The end result has a slightly bitter aftertaste, even after adding sugar. There is obviously an ingredient in here I don’t like! Any idea which it is? I will try this again though and taste after each addition. Thanks for encouraging me to try something new!


dassana amit January 6, 2014 33

thats nice you tried something different and new. there is no ingredient that is bitter. so the bitter after taste is a surprise to me. i use all fresh ingredients excepts the spice powders. i guess may be the garam masala might be having a bitter after taste. just a guess. the garam masala one gets in the stores is not that good. its always better to make one’s own garam masala blend.


Shilpa January 2, 2014 34

With very less effort the dish came out good.


RASHID December 21, 2013 35

It was great and awsome. I & my both sons enjoyed it with hot tandoori roti.
A few suggestions.
1) I feel it would be better if we add the dry spices ( chilli/turmeric/coriander powder etc.. after the cumins splutter and then fry it for a minute and add blended paste
2)In the end add kasturi methi/garam masala, stir well and garnish with coriander leaves..


dassana amit December 22, 2013 36

thanks rashid. thanks also for the suggestions. i shall try this way. usually i add the dry spice powders later as i don’t want to burn them and this is how i always cook. i shall try this method to see if it deepens the flavor and taste.


jennifer December 19, 2013 37

love the photography and how you’ve plated the food. hope it tastes good as well…need to try it ;)


dassana amit December 19, 2013 38

thanks jennifer. yes, it will taste equally good :-)


Rose December 9, 2013 39

I am not a big fan of mutter paneer, but I tried the recipe you gave and loved it so much. A big thank you for ur site.


dassana amit December 11, 2013 40

welcome rose. nice to know that you liked this mutter paneer recipe.


Sumanta Roy December 1, 2013 41

since away from my Wife for the last few weeks, am living on my own in Jaipur & my Wife is staying in Kolkata with our new born & my parents ( she will be coming here next month ).
initially i was eating out but since that was affordable neither to the pocket nor the stomach, i decided to start cooking for myself.
it was just by sheer chance that i came upon your page.
since then all that i have been doing, everytime i begin cooking is to google xxxxx dassana ( for e.g. paneer dassana, capsicum dassana, bhindi dassana etc etc )
everything, the recipies, the presentation ( layout, images etc ), just awesome!
Thanks is all, what i can say!


dassana December 1, 2013 42

thanks sumanta for this positive feedback. its nice to know that the site is helpful to you. its always better to eat home cooked food and cooking is a creative too.


Jenna November 10, 2013 43

I made this tonight with your garlic naan recipe and they both turned out wonderfully. The Matar paneer was excellent. I order this at restaurants and find the restaurant version is too creamy and lacking of the flavor I am looking for. I used all whole spices ground and mixed by hand just before cooking. I can’t wait to try your saag recipe. This website is in my favorites now and I will visit often. Thank you for providing such an excellent resource.


dassana November 17, 2013 44

welcome jeena. nice to know that you liked the matar paneer recipe. saag recipe is my favoriate in winters and usually we eat it for 3-4 days as its taste gets better with each passing day.


Beth October 30, 2013 45

I loved this recipe – my first attempt at creating Indian food for my family (we are Irish and cook completely differently). I did change the cup of peas to 3 cups peas and the paneer/cottage cheese (because I’m alergic to milk) to 9-14 ounces of EXTRA-FIRM TOFU cut in 1/4 inch squares, and didn’t even need to use the water as it was already wet enough (I think because I had to use 28 ounces of Rotell Diced Tomatoes and Chilis instead of the fresh tomatoes and green chili you asked for, which already was in a watery sauce). I also had to use dry powders instead of fresh ginger,m garlic, and onion, so I’m sure my ending result was not as tasty as it would have been had I been able to get to the store for fresh ingredients.

But all and all, I’m very pleased with your recipe and plan to try it with really fresh ingredients next time I can get to the store for them. Thank you for putting your recipe on the internet. It is wonderful.


dassana November 8, 2013 46

thanks berth. in fact with fresh ingredients the taste is different than with the dry powders. next time to try with fresh ingredients.


Bipasha October 29, 2013 47

Thanks for sharing this recipe, your presentation looks great too!


dassana October 29, 2013 48

welcome bipasha


sindhu October 18, 2013 49

i have tryed all this recipe it was awsome and i loved it and thank u for show this recipe doing a great job


dassana October 18, 2013 50

welcome sindhu


SANKAR IDEB October 17, 2013 51

mator paneer so testy


Roopa October 15, 2013 52

Tried it.. Lovely recipe. Just couple f things.

1. I guess onions could b fried n den ground into paste wid da rest. Wud gv beta taste.
2. Fryin paneer as mentioned.

Thanks for the recipe.. :-)


dassana October 15, 2013 53

welcome roopa and thanks for sharing your tips. everyone has different taste and thats why i guess there so many ways of making a recipe.


Ana September 27, 2013 54

Hi, I’ve never cooked this before, but I eat it a lot in restaurants, and would love to try to make it. I am lactose intolerant, so can I omit the cheese or use tofu instead?



dassana September 29, 2013 55

hi ana. you can omit cottage cheese and add tofu instead.


Mallika September 6, 2013 56

Hey Dassana,

All my cooking skill credit goes to you! my husband absolutely loves my cooking n praises are never ending, Keep posting new reciepes. You dont know how much you are contributing to my happy married life :)


dassana September 6, 2013 57

thanks mallika. i must also share with you that positive comments are always motivating and your feedback is very touching. thanks again.


Maria Rajput August 20, 2013 58

hi, it seems easy recipes, which gives enough incentives to actually try it in the kitchen. :) n thats great .


dassana August 20, 2013 59

thanks maria. do give it a try.


ns August 8, 2013 60

I tried this recipe. Followed it to the T and its come out brilliant!! Thanks. I’m hooked on to your blog now..

Do you have a kala chana curry recipe?? I thought I had seen it on your blog once but can’t find it now..


dassana August 9, 2013 61

thanks. i do have kala chana recipe, but its a dry curry. here’s the link –

and there is a kala chana chaat too –


Rahul June 22, 2013 62

I have become a fan of yours, I don’t cook without your site on my ipad


dassana June 24, 2013 63

thanks rahul.


ramya May 17, 2013 64

yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanq for this recepiee


Julia | April 8, 2013 65

Wow, gorgeous soup! Definitely pinning this!


Charul @ Tadka Masala April 4, 2013 66

Hey.. nice layout! Loved the buttons on top. :)
As for the paneer, I love this dish and how everyone has his/her own version of it.


Shoba Shrinivasan April 4, 2013 67

Lovely matar paneer dassana. clicks are gorgeous.



Medeja April 3, 2013 68

This is my favorite paneer dish! Looks so yummy!


Suja Md April 3, 2013 69

Nice Matar gravy…I made of note of the steps…Espicially I loved your punjabi garam masala link..


Abhishek April 2, 2013 70

Not that it’s a healthy option, but try and fry the paneer cubes lightly. It makes it much more yummier.


dassana April 2, 2013 71

thanks abhishek for the tip. next time will try this way.


Pavithra April 2, 2013 72

Lovely recipe, the bigger chunk of paneer makes it look all the more worthy and very attractive!!
I make a similar version , but never have added cashews to the paste. I think that is one of the reasons the recipe is creamier and looking rich!!
As always a WOW recipe!


Srividya August 19, 2013 73

Nice recipe!! I make a similar version, but I never combine onion and tomato while grinding, since their cooking times are different. When mixing tomatoes with onion, it takes a longer time to cook and for the raw smell to go away.


dassana August 19, 2013 74

depends from person to person. at home there are many recipes i make combining onions and tomatoes. personally i feel its the same time taken overall, whether you cook them together or separately.