Tips for making Soft and Firm Paneer – How to make Soft Paneer


I have been making paneer since ages. Sometimes i make paneer on stove stop and sometimes in the microwave. The Microwave method is much quicker. Thus when i am in a hurry to make paneer then i make it in the microwave oven.

I have given the step by step tutorial to make paneer by both the methods.
1. Making Paneer on Stovetop (i prefer this method, more healthy)
2. Making Paneer in the Microwave oven (faster method)

You can choose the method which you like. Personally, i make paneer on stovetop. Although, I have noticed that the paneer made in microwave is more softer than the paneer made in a pan.

Another reason, i prefer making paneer on stove top is because of health reasons. I have read few articles in internet that food cooked in microwave is not very healthy so i don’t prefer using microwave heating.

Tips to make Soft and Firm Paneer at home:

  • For making paneer, much depends on the quality of milk used. So, always use a good quality milk for making paneer. Its better if the milk is a full cream milk. Cow’s milk is good and the paneer turns out to be good if made from cow’s milk.
  • While curdling the milk for paneer, add half a teaspoon or 1 teaspoon of curd. Adding curd to the milk makes the paneer soft.
  • If there is lots of cream floating over the milk, then there is no need to remove it. The natural cream present in the milk, makes the paneer soft.
  • Never over curdle the milk as you will get a hard paneer after it is set. Once the entire milk is curdled and you see the whey completely separated, then remove the pan from the heat. Don’t cook it more.
  • Paneer should always be added at the last stage of the recipe. Once the recipe is done, then add the paneer cubes or chunks and gently mix the paneer with the gravy base or mixture. Cook for 1/2 or 1 minute. Thats it. Don’t cook for more time as the paneer will become rubbery and hard.
  • You can also fry the paneer in oil and then add it to the recipe. While frying it also, ensure that the oil is moderately hot. You don’t want to burn it. Fry till light brown from both the sides. Don’t over fry it or make it more brown as this will make the paneer hard.

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