gujarati mango pickle recipe | gujarati methia keri pickle recipe

gujarati mango pickle recipe with step by step photos – gujarati mango pickle flavored with fenugreek seeds (methi) and some more spices.

so before the mangoes completely disappear from the market, i thought i should make mango pickle and post it also. every year i make mango pickle. this year for some reason or the other, including the climate, i did not venture into making mango pickle. i did make other pickles like the lemon pickle and green chilli pickle.

now with the raw mangoes all around, i was tempted to make a batch of mango pickle. more so since the amla pickle has almost got over. since, we are a pickle loving, the pickles get over soon.

i have made this gujarati pickle known as methia keri, before too. i had made a small batch then. i chose to make methia keri as firstly this pickle does not require sunlight and secondly, its one easy & quick pickle to make. i used to loosely adapt this recipe from a pickle cookbook which is not currently in the market. this small book has various indian pickles and chutneys and is aptly titled chutneys and pickles of india (reminds me so much of our blog name :-)) .

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