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dal rasam recipe with step by step photos – yet another rasam which is a favorite at home after tomato rasam. this dal rasam was made by mom when all of us would have cold attacks in the winters or monsoons.

it is a spicy one, though i usually make it less spicy. also this dal rasam warms the body and is excellent when has bouts of cold, chill and cough. two more rasam varieties which are good for cough and cold are milagu jeera rasam (pepper cumin rasam) and pepper rasam recipe.

in this dal rasam recipe, cooked arhar dal (pigeon pea lentils) is simmered in a freshly roasted and ground spices with tamarind pulp. so the cooked dal gives some body and texture to this soup like drink and the spices lend their aroma, warmth and flavor along with the sourness from the tamarind.

the spices are roasted and then ground to a semi coarse or fine powder. later to be tempered with mustard, curry leaves and dry red chilies along with the freshly ground rasam powder. this tempered mixture is then added to the cooked dal and simmered with tamarind pulp and some water.

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