aloo bhatura recipe, how to make quick aloo bhature recipe

aloo bhatura or potato bhatura recipe with step by step photos – this is a quick recipe to make bhature at home. being a punjabi food lover, chole bhature is one meal i can have anytime of the day.

in my office, whenever they would have chole bhature in the menu, I would inevitably have it every time. after eating the chole with bhature, i would be so full and satisfied, that i would not eat anything else for hours.

i made the chole and bhature, especially for mom, dad and sis since they like it so much. at my place south indian and goan food rules, so its very rare that my mother makes north indian food… and both my parents and sis just love punjabi food. its also the hubby’s favorite dish. so i do make a chole recipe like punjabi chole and pindi chana often. if not bhaturas then i make pooris at home to go with the chole.

usually when i have enough time then i use this bhatura recipe or there is another easy bhatura recipe on the blog. if you are running out of time then you can try this quick bread bhatura recipe in which you only need to leaven the dough for 30 minutes.

having bhatura or poori with chole can be very heavy for some of us. so in that case, you can have the chole with rice or bread. this recipe is an oily deep fried indian bread… so avoid it, if you are cutting down on the calories… i do not know if they can be baked in the oven as i have never done it and i also do not know if they puff up in the oven like the fried ones.

aloo bhaturas not very healthy as they are fried, but still keeping the health factor in mind, i have used wheat flour in combination with refined flour (maida) for the recipe. like my earlier recipe of bhatura, this too has a higher ratio of wheat flour to maida –  in the proportion of 2:1 respectively.

but there is a difference in this recipe of bhatura. its made with mashed aloos/potatoes. once when talking about bhatura recipe with dear mom-in-law, she told me, she makes bhaturas with mashed aloos/potatoes.

i had never heard that bhaturas can also be made with mashed aloos. at least i had never made it with mashed aloos and i did not know that such a recipe for making bhatura existed. it was interesting to know this and i had asked her for the recipe.

to help the dough to leaven, i have used baking powder and yogurt. you can also use baking soda. this recipe is helpful when at times we do want to make bhatura but don’t have access to yeast.

another plus point of these aloo bhaturas are that they do not become chewy once they become cold. bhaturas still remain soft and fluffy.

i kept the dough to leaven for around 1 hour and 45 minutes and the bhaturas came out well. they puffed up and were also soft. if you have enough time on your hands then you can keep the dough for a longer time.

keep in mind that these aloo bhaturas puff up like puris. you have to fry them evenly so that they puff. if the oil is cold than they won’t puff up and would soak up a lot of oil. the oil has to be hot but not very hot. if the oil gets too hot, the outside gets browned quickly leaving the inside under cooked.

if you are looking for more indian bread recipes then do check matar kulcha, naan without yeast, butter naan, garlic naan, aloo paratha and bombay pav recipe.

aloo bhatura recipe details below:

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aloo bhatura recipe
prep time
2 hrs 10 mins
cook time
30 mins
total time
2 hrs 40 mins
aloo bhatura - thick leavened fried Indian bread often eating with chole/channa
course: leavened fried bread
cuisine: Indian, Punjabi
servings: 9 -10 bhaturas
author: dassana amit
ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1.5 cup wheat flour (atta)
  • ¾ cup refined wheat flour (maida)
  • 1 large potato mashed or 2 medium sized potatoes, mashed
  • ¼ teaspoon of baking powder or baking soda
  • 3 tablespoon curd (yogurt or dahi)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar or brown sugar, optional
  • 2 teaspoon ghee or oil for kneading the flour
  • salt to taste
  • oil for deep frying
  • very little water for kneading the flour if required
how to make recipe
  1. seive the flours with the baking powder.
  2. add the mashed potatoes, curd, sugar, salt and knead to a smooth dough. only add water if required.
  3. cover the dough with a wet cloth and keep aside for two hours.
  4. after two hours lightly knead the dough.
  5. make medium size round balls and roll each into a large puri of about 4 inches in diameter.
  6. fry each bhatura in moderately hot oil till they become puffed up and well browned.
  7. serve the aloo bhaturas with punjabi chole.

step by step quick aloo bhatura or bhature recipe:

seive both the flours with the baking powder. bring together the mashed aloo/potato, yogurt, salt and the sifted flour in a bowl.

start to knead the flour. avoid adding water and only add if required as the dough becomes sticky due to the mashed potatoes. the liquids from the curd also help in kneading the dough. so water is not required. add ghee or oil too while kneading the dough.

knead to a soft and smooth dough. cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for around 2 hours.

after two hours lightly knead the leavened dough again. the dough will feel very light in your hands.

make medium sized balls of the dough. dust a rolling board with flour…

and roll each ball into a round disc of about 4 inches in diameter, not too thick nor thin.

deep fry each bhatura in moderately hot oil…

aloo bhaturas puff up while frying like puris….

fry the aloo bhaturas till they become golden brown and well puffed up. keep the bhaturas on kitchen paper tissues so that the extra oil gets absorbed.

serve the aloo bhaturas hot with amritsari chole or pindi chole accompanied with onions slices and lemon wedges.

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