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about us:

namaste, hello & welcome.

i am dassana. my name means “search for insight” ( many readers ask me the meaning of my name and hence i have mentioned it).

i have done my post graduation in education. after working as a high school teacher, i quit my teaching career and joined the corporate industry where i worked as quality analyst & trainer for some years. web development happened when i quit my corporate job and i took a keen interest and learnt a lot about it.

i started this blog in feb 2009. i left my full time corporate job before i got married and a year later, i started to blog, not because i wanted to, but due to a lot of insistence from my husband, amit. he encouraged me so much and this blog was created.

initially i just wanted to document the family recipes, but later the blog paved for me to try various recipes from different regions of india and different countries. i was a hobby blogger from the year 2009 to 2010. then for about 1.5 years due to personal and work commitments, i could not give time to blogging and hardly blogged. beginning of 2012, i started to blog professionally and became a full time blogger.

i am amit – a computer engineer by profession. i have initially worked in telecom companies as a programmer. i was involved in my own work and professional commitments and in my free time worked on the blog. once my professional commitments got completed, i joined the blog full time in 2013.

while dassana works on the recipe development and photography, i work on the technical aspects like web design, development, server maintenance and content promotion of the blog. together we both work on content creation, recipe selection and social interactions like emails, comment threads, social media. its a lot of work and we are always short of time but not of ideas. thats why if you have been a regular visitor, you will always see some changes happening on the blog.

apart from blogging, we both are into meditation and occult teachings, having a strong spiritual background. there are many spiritual masters and books which have inspired us on the path. we get a lot of emails about our religious background. we personally don’t believe in caste, creed or religion. for us humanity is the only religion.

about the blog: this blog is a vegetarian blog with vegetarian and vegan recipes. mostly indian but some world cuisine as well. there are some baking recipes as well.

cooking is one art that is deeply instilled in dassana. as she has done her graduation in home science, she got professionally trained in cooking as well as baking & confectionery. she was trained both in indian as well as international cuisines. whatever she know about cooking, baking and confectionery is thanks to her training in food science, food technology, nutrition & dietetics as well as the cooking classes she would have every week.

most of the recipes are in step by step pictorial format. they are easy to understand and relate too. all the recipes are tried and tested in our kitchen. the recipes in this blog are taken from our families. some are traditional indian recipes. some recipes are adapted from dassana’s home science notes & various cook books. some recipes are the ones which dassana has created and developed.

beginning toward the end of 2012 dassana was on a vegan diet. she had to resume a vegetarian diet due to some hereditary health issues. we also have a family which is not vegan and we cook vegetarian food for them. we do make recipes with organic dairy products like organic milk, organic paneer and organic cheese.

about food practices & habits: even before we started to blog, we would buy organic and this habit has stayed even today. all our grocery stuff is organic produce from grains to sugar and flours. we even purchase organic vegetables and fruits. we cannot get all the vegetables &  fruits organic in india. but we do buy whatever we can. hence you will see fewer gourmet fruits or imported vegetables recipes on the blog.  we buy local vegetables and fruits to ensure that this supports the farmers of our country.

we always prefer home cooked food whether its making a simple pizza or a loaf of bread. we believe in cooking with fresh ingredients which are easily available. we do not use any processed food like ready made purees, spice pastes, ready to eat stuff etc in our cooking. as a result we have sound health in our family. we do not fall ill or spend any money on the doctors. eat healthy and stay healthy is our motto.

about cooking: cooking is an art. there is science too. a perfect cook combines the art of cooking with the science of food and adds his/her love to the food… right from the preparation to the finale. the inner feeling also guides us in the process of cooking. the colors, texture, flavors and aroma also inspire and fuel our creativity when we cook.

the recipes on the blog are good as well as tried and tested and may be sometimes unique as well. if you are looking for something new, than this website is a place you should visit again.

about indian food: indian food is diverse as well as vast. there is so much variety that we bet one cannot find such a massive variety in any country. from simple everyday recipes to complex recipes, from a basic dal to a rich biryani, from a light meal to a full thali meal. there are thousands of varieties of food that one gets in india. not to forget the sweets and desserts too. yet another indian culinary delight is the indian street food.

the recipes are also markedly different pertaining to the different regions. the north indian food is different than the south indian food. then there is the rajasthani, gujarati, maharashtrian, goan food – which forms the western belt and the central belt – the bihari, agarwal, awadhi and lucknowi cuisine which is again very different. in between there are parsi, east indian, sindhi and iranian flavors too. not to forget the north eastern states as well as kashmiri cuisine. so welcome to the land of indian food.

about photography: the styling and photographs are all done by dassana. till the mid of october 2011 we were using nikon camera for taking the food photographs. we use canon eos rebel t3i in october 2011 with EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens & f 50mm f/1.8 canon lens for all our food photographs. dassana is not a professional food stylist and this part does get reflected in her photos. hence some of her food photos are weirdly or “differently” styled than what is generally the norm or what you see in the web or food magazines.

initially when we started the blog, the pictures were taken from a mobile phone. already, we have updated some of the older posts with new pictures and we keep on updating the older mobile photos with the new camera pictures. so the upgradation of pictures on previous posts is an ongoing process on this blog.

comment policy: you can share your experience related to a recipe or give your suggestions or feedback. we reply to most of the comments or queries we get on the blog. if you leave a spam, rude or offensive comment, they are automatically deleted. the comment system has been enabled this way.

food bloggers, please don’t add events and promotional links in your comments.

advertising & revenueour blog is monetized for ads. so your views and the clicks helps us earn some money, which eventually help us in running this blog in terms of server costs (which is very expensive) and the cost of other programs/software. the blog receives 2,006,469 pageviews  and 821,048 unique visitors per month (as on Sep 2013). to keep such a high load of traffic going, we pay for expensive servers and programs. other reason being we have a lot of pics hosted on the servers and they take up considerable bandwith. also not to forget all the hard work that goes in selection of ingredients, recipe testing, developing, photographing and writing the content.

promotions: please do not send us any promotional or marketing emails for your product. we don’t do any product promotion or advertising.

copyright: all the content and images on our blog are copyright protected. please do not hotlink to the images or content. also please do not  republish our content or use our pics. in case you want to use our images, then write to us at the email address mentioned below.

social media: you can subscribe to the recipe updates here . if you are used to using social networking sites, then you can subscribe to veg recipes of india’s facebook page or google plus page or twitter or pinterest.

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  1. Kanushree says


    I’m a big fan of your blog. Love the way you share recipes along with step-by-step pictures which is of a great help. Have lost the count of recipes I have tried in your blog, chocolate moist cake, sponge cake, kadhai paneer, dum aloo punjabi to name a few and they have all turned out great.

    It would be great if you can post some recipes of gluten free or mutli-grain tea time snacks like chips, crackers. Would love to try them.

    Thank you. Cheers.

  2. Pritika says

    Hey guys!
    Just love your recipes , especially the way you give a detailed step by step instruction with pictures.
    It makes so much difference when you are actually cooking a new recipe and have no idea how the cooked food should look.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Troy says

    Hi Dassana &Amit,
    I love reading and trying out your recipes.This is one of the best food sites that I have come across with beautiful pics and detailed instructions.Your replies are also very prompt and helpful.Thank you very much for this great blog,it has been most useful and interesting at the same time.Wish you both the very best always.
    Warm regards,

    P.S.: 1) Please ask viewers to disable AdBlock for this site.
    2) In your recipe for mushroom biryani,someone was asking about stone flower,it is called dagad-phool in Indian stores or Kalpasi in Tamil I think.

    • says

      welcome troy. glad to know that you liked the site and the recipes. thanks for this kind gesture and thought. yes its called dagad phool in marathi and kalpasi in tamil.

  4. Aman says

    Hi, i am just not a good cook; therefore, whenever i have to cook ..i am dependent on receipes. To top that, out of many websites that i have checked and a few useless apps which i downloaded …i like this website the most. Easiest methods to follow with real pictures and nice receipes.

    But…i do have one big question- Is there any way that i can actually just download or save individual receipes whichever i cook frequently so that i dont have to find the receipe at all times also..if i short of time..i have the recipe handy in my phone.

    Please let me know i tried…but cudnt see any such option.


    • says

      thanks aman for sharing your positive feedback. glad to know this. you can save the recipe or print it from the recipe box. you can bookmark the recipe posts also in browser folder on the phone.

  5. Shruti says

    Hi Dassana! Thank you for the amazing recipe that you post. I had quick suggestion – Earlier web design was better to look for the latest recipe. Current design restrict my browsing for latest recipe. May be you would consider changing this if you hear the same suggestion from others.

  6. Balasubramaniyan.K says

    Dear Amit and Dassana,
    I whole heartedly thank for your website and service.
    I tried the Eggless chritmas fruit cake. Simply Divine.
    Step by step instructions with beautiful photos.
    Really wonderful like a child’s play.
    Very pleasing website. I have visited many cookery
    sites. This is the first comment I have posted ever in my life.
    Due to gratitude I clicked the side advert. some ad website
    open on a new tab but most ad open on the same tab
    closing ur website. Thanks for reading this.

    • says

      welcome balasubramaniyan. glad to know that you like the website so much. thanks for sharing this touching and encouraging feedback. no need to click on the ads unless you want to check them. because that will not be fair to the person who is paying for displaying those ads. your gratitude and love is more important than the money. keep visiting.

      • Balasubramaniayn.K says

        You have lots of paramitas inherited from
        your past and accumulating in the present life.
        keep growing in Dharma. lots of blessings
        from many people will surely help you to
        accomplish the purpose of your life.

  7. Niek says


    Me and my girlfriend love your recipes. I’ve noticed your using a wet grinder to grind the wet masalas. Yours look so smooth, I’m not able to achieve the same level with my food processor.

    Could you tell me the brand or type you’re using? I was looking for something in The Netherlands (EU) but I can’t find anything similar to the ones in your pictures.

    With kind regards,


    • says

      thanks neik. i am using an indian brand preethi. this model has a 750 watts machine. you can check if you can get this brand online on amazon.com

  8. jyoti says

    First of all thank you so much. Dassana I have learned a lot from your blog and I have tried a lot of your dishes successfully. I started cooking after marriage and I had never cooked before. I travel constantly with my husband and never got a chance to learn cooking from my mom in law or mom (both are excellent cooks). Your blog is a great help and both me and my husband being vegetarians I go straight to your blog when want to try something new. Great work :)

  9. says

    Hi Dassana,
    i have seen your blog its wonderful the way you introduce cooking in easy way step by step now any one can cook,gr8 job,
    i am wondering to know when you will be introducing sizzler, my best wishes to you,njoy cooking and keep inventing and experimenting new in life
    happy cooking,.

  10. Pallavi says

    Beautiful website and pictures actually help a lot. I visit your site often for vegetarian recipes.

    A quick question, I noticed you are into occult teachings and meditation also, do you blog on that too??

  11. Priya says

    A lovely and lively blog.Great pictures..Amazing recipes…Have tried many recipes for baking..but yours comes perfect.Great going!!

  12. Eat All Nite says

    Hi Dassana,
    Your all recipes are awesome. I Love your recipes. i have tried your all recipes at home. thank you so much for wonderful recipes.

  13. Malathi says

    Hi Dassana,
    I love all your recipes .Being vegetarian and cake lover,I tried many eggless forms of baking. Your recipes inspire me to bake everyday.
    Thank you so much.

  14. Shruti says

    Hi Dassana,

    All your recipes are awesome :) I have tried so many recipes from your blog and everything comes out so perfect. Thanks you so much :)

    I have a query.I wanted to try baking cakes and bread. Which Oven would you suggest ? OTG or Microwave ?

  15. meghan says

    Hi Dassana,

    I have been a huge fan of your recipes, your write ups about the recipes, very relatable and always filled with warmth . And of course, the beautiful step by step pictorials. It reflects how meticulous you are. Dassana, I want to try the Kaju katli recipe on the blog. I will be making it for 10 family members ( including our family ) . How much Kaju katli should I make, I mean how to adjust the quantities. Also, when you say a cup of cashews, are you referring to broken / cashew pieces of whole cashews.


    • says

      welcome meghan. thanks for your kind words. i mean whole cashews while saying 1 cup. for 10-12 people it will be too much of stirring. make the same recipe in two or three batches.

  16. Elizabeth says


    Thank you so much for your site! I have been learning to cook Indian food for a few months now and your recipes are better than anyone else’s. They always turn out perfectly.

    I wanted to leave a comment on your idli recipe, but the comment box was not appearing. I have a question about what to do if you cannot cook the batter immediately. Because I work early in the morning, if I have the batter fermenting overnight I think I won’t be able to cook it until later in the evening, and then it will have fermented for almost 24 hours. What should I do? Can I put it in the fridge after 8 hours or will that ruin it?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • says

      thanks elizabeth. as soon as the batter is fermented, you keep it covered in the fridge. it stays good for some days. if the batter becomes sour after one or two days, then you can make dosa or uttapam or paniyaram (dumplings) with the batter.

  17. Vidhya says

    HI Dasanna,

    I have tried several recipes from your website and all turned out really well. Thanks very much for giving me a chance to excel in cooking. Because of this website , Im more keen to cook than ever. My family enjoys all the meal, I have prepared from your site. Well done and all the best.


  18. jayashree says

    All your recipes are of accurate measurements. and I usually refer ur website for any recipes. Thanks for posting every pics of all recipes. My cooking turned perfect only with the measurements you have given for the recipes. Thanks alot

  19. says


    I tried to leave a comment on your How to Sprout Mixed Beans but couldn’t find it. Anyway, i tried your method but then by the 2nd day, the soaked beans smell sour, yeastly and simply unpleasant so I had to throw it away. I skimmed off the foamy top of the water as you instructed.

    I read another article that we are supposed to change the beans with fresh water everyday but I didn’t see that in your post.

    Did you forget to include that step?


    • says

      if the beans are rinsed well before soaking, then this issue may not happen. also there should be no water left in the beans. all the water should be discarded. i do not rinse the beans when the sprouting is happening. the beans have to be undisturbed. so this step is not forgotten :-)

      • says

        So we are not supposed to soak the beans when sprouting? Just rinse them well enough in the beginning and drain most of the water out then leave them undisturbed on the kitchen counter? Also does it matter if I cover it tightly with a lid or would it be better to use damp cloth?

        • says

          hi jos, we need to soak them overnight. once they are soaked and swell up, then discard the water. you can even rinse them after they are soaked. the just place the soaked beans in a clean bowl. cover and leave them undisturbed. keep them in a place where there is some light. you can cover tightly with a lid or even with a moist cloth. i need to update this post with better pics. so will do soon.

  20. Janhavi says

    Really all ur recipes are much much better than sanjeev kapoors. All recipes are nice with perfect measurements and wonderfully clicked too.

    Keep going and all the best to both of you. :-)

  21. Yaduraj says

    i need a little help regarding to the oven. my mother bought an godrej oven and she is new with microwave. so please tell me about power level for different kind of recipes or just let me know that which power level is good for which kind of cooking.

  22. Jalaj Mehta says

    Your recipes are damn good, much better than chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s. You should release a cook book

  23. Nandita says

    Hello again Dassana :)

    I made the bread again with your tips, and it came out much better than the first time. But when i try to toast the bread in a toaster, it never becomes hard/crisp or even change colour like when we toast the outside bread. its always soft, is it because of the whole wheat or am i still not doing it properly?

    I made Easter biscuits today and they came out very well :) … i reduced the recipe into half and since i dont get flax seeds here, i substituted with 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tsp vinegar ( i didnt want to put egg) . May be coz of this, the inside was also crispy instead of soft as mentioned in the recipe? But i liked it anyway 😀

    I prepared the chocolate chip cookies twice, and both time the bottom of the cookies got burnt and i had to scrape it out. I dont have a aluminium tray, a black tray came along with the OTG, so i put a butter paper and bake the cookies on them. I put the tray in centre with top n bottom rods heated as mentioned. But the bottom of the cookies got burnt and stuck to the butter paper. Will it work if i switch to only top heating after half the baking time?

    Thank you for the recipes. i m enjoying learning to bake through your recipes.

    • says

      could be due to the whole wheat. i am just guessing. but when i toast, the toasting takes time than the outside bread. this is as the bread will have more moisture than compared to the ready made breads. for easter biscuits, the combo of baking soda and vinegar must have made them crispy.
      for choco chip cookies, i suggest to use aluminium tray. black colored baking trays or pans get heated quickly and hence the baking time is also reduced. you can grease the black tray or grease the butter paper and bake at a lower temperature (reduce to 15 to 20 degrees) and for less time. the cookies will not get burned from the bottom.

  24. Gauri Parashar says

    Hi Amit and Dassana. Thanks for a wonderful food blog you both have created together.
    Dassana your recipes are mind blowing and the way you represent them makes them so easy to learn even for a novice like me :)
    I searched for sizzlers on your blog but didn’t find it. If possible try to make it. Everyone will fall in love with that recipe too :)

    • says

      thanks gauri. sizzlers are on my to do list. so i do plan to add one in the coming months. i just need to buy a hot plate for the sizzler :-)

      • Ramya says

        Hi Dassana…I jst love ur recipes, they are tasty n the ingredients what you use are easily available at home.
        How cn I give my feedback or suggestion on recipes?

        • says

          for now we have closed the comments on most of the older posts. so the feedback or suggestions can be mailed to us. in some days we will open all the comments. so then the feedback or suggestions can be posted on the page.

      • Gauri Parashar says

        Thanks Dassana for the reply. Will eagerly wait for special sizzler made by you. As all the dishes you made are worth to fall in love with.
        In Hinduism, there is a Goddess Annapurna, I found you exactly like her.
        I loved your bharwa karela recipe. As you have mentioned earlier that you have closed comments so I mentioned it here.
        You both are bringing a revolution in food sector.
        All the Best for all your future endeavours :)

        • says

          thanks a lot gauri. thats very nice of you to say. but i am not like maa annapurna. i am HER devotee. i have a sweet cute idol of HER in my kitchen. i do remember her for inspiration as well as to find new recipes :-)

  25. S.K.Puniani says

    I want to know what is Javas called in English I understand it is used for below cause.

    Also if you can specify some Indian Pulsae etc used in any way to reduce Blood Cholostoral.

    • says

      jawas is flax seeds. most of the pulses and beans are good to reduce cholesterol. you can try any of the dals that we use in indian cuisine like moong dal, arhar dal, chana dal etc. even dried peas or matar are good. but when cooking lentils, just remember to cook them really well and add spices like cumin or asafoetida or turmeric, so that gas or bloating does not occur. when soaking beans like rajma or chana or any beans, soak them overnight. discard this water and rinse the beans in fresh water and then cook them. the soaking gets rid of the phytates from the beans.

  26. manjiri says

    Hi Dassana and Amit,
    I am so impressed with the simplicity of the recipes you make..rather you present the recipes such a way that they look so simple,great work..keep it up!

  27. Sadhana says

    This is about the eggless banana cake from veg recipes of india. I had tried your recipe exactly but the texture was not as grainy as in the picture. What could the reasons be for this? Thank you.

  28. says

    Hi Dassana Amit,

    Thanks a lot for such a nice and helpful blog. Its been almost six month since I started cooking on daily basis as I got married 😛 … And every time I need to cook something that I don’t know, I always google. The first link that I get is vegrecipesofindia.com and without any other search, I just always follow this link and my all dishes turns out to be so tasty. The credit goes to you. The recipes here are provided with such a great detail that no one can fail in cooking those recipes. The more praise I receive, the more grateful I feel to you.

    After trying ample of your recipes, today just thought to read your “About Us” column and it is worth reading. Really, great efforts you both put in for this blog. I will bookmark this blog now on wards and will keep looking to try more and more recipes. As I stay in US, I don’t get all the Indian ingredients easily here which sometimes makes our days so common and boring with same food everyday. But with help of your blog, I am trying to get as many food options as I can to make my cooking more varied, interesting and healthy. Thank You.

  29. Aswathy says

    First of all a big thank u for this wonderful. I have tried some of your recipes and it never let me down. This is my one stop solution now.

    Sorry for posting this at a wrong place. I wanted to prepare veg fried rice with 2 cups of rices and dry paneer tikka also with double the paneer. I cant find the reply boxes in these pages. Can you please tell me the changes to be made? Thanks in advance.

  30. shweta says

    Hello D and A,

    I have been a regular reader of your blog and absolutely love the recipes you share. I have cooked several and they have all turned out beautifully- thanks to you. But the reason I am writing this comment is to just express my happiness that people like you exist in today’s world. I read some of your answers and was thrilled to read how honest, transparent and positive you are. Your spirituality is surely a reason, but practicing it also requires tremendous self control and discipline. So hats off to you both for giving so selflessly, for believing in the law of karma and for being so positive. Special mention: Amit- it is so great to see you support D and encourage her while working hard in the background. May God bless you both and may there be more people like you!

    • dr nisha says

      hello amit and dassana
      i have been trying hard to post a comment but i was not able to. sorry i posted it here.
      first of all a very very big thankyou to u for all these recipes. i followed ur dum aloo, paneer butter masala, pindi chole, rava idli, sambhar with coconut chutney, rasgulla recipes n many more….. n i am too say my family started loving my cooking n me both more n more.. my hubby has becum fan of mine… thanks to u both…

  31. Jane Garcia says

    I love Indian food and have tried to make it several time without success. I recently made your vegan aloo gobi and followed the directions exactly, but it came out sooooooooooooo bland!!
    Is there a secret spice that no one is telling me about?
    It’s just so frustrating to spend all that time and $$ and the end products is so disappointing…any suggestions?

    • says

      indian food is generally not bland. i am not sure which aloo gobi you are referring to. there are only two recipes which are vegan. one is a dry version and one is a curried. both use spices like red chili powder and garam masala powder. so they cannot be bland. i make both of them. i can only pinpoint to the quality of red chili powder and garam masala. the red chili powder that we use in indian food is just ground red chilies. nothing is added to them. the garam masala is a blend of warming spices that make the food aromatic and gives a flavor and taste of its own. there is no secret spice or secret ingredient. if anything become bland, when you try an indian recipe, then just increase the amount of red chili powder or green chilies.

  32. Madhuri says

    Hi Dassana,

    You have a lovely blog here! I can’t thank you enough for the atta bread recipe on your blog. I have experimented with LOTS of bread recipes and have never had such a fantastic result. I have now bookmarked your blog for future reference and will try as many recipes as I can.

    Next on my list to try is your banana bread. I have a question regarding that. I want to try making the banana bread with oats flour [ground rolled oats]. Do I have to make any changes in the proportion of oil/egg?

    Thanks again

    • says

      thanks madhuri and good to know. even i have experimented with many recipes before i finally came to this one. you can add 1/4 cup of oats four and 1 cup flour. no need to reduce the eggs. just reduce the oil by 1/4th.

  33. sunshine says

    Though I am not a frequent cook, but as they say, the path to making your loved ones happy often comes through cooking, so every now and then I try.. Your recipes, along with the pictorial, step by step instructions make even not-so-kitchen savvy people like me churn out professional quality dishes.. I started off with your bread pakora recipe and after a few months of trying a few other ones, all of which came off beautifully and fetched me loads of compliments, I was curious to know more about the chef and came to the ‘About Us’ section.. I must say you guys make a fantastic team and are doing a wonderful job.. Keep dishing out new stuff.. Best wishes

  34. says

    Hello! I was wondering if I could have your permission to share an image from your rose milk post with credit given and a link to the recipe on your site, as part of a collection of rose recipes.


  35. says

    Hello Dassana

    Thank you so much for the easy to follow 100% whole wheat bread recipe. I am new to baking. I tried this recipe today, and it turned out good. But it wasn’t as fluffy as it is in your photo, it was a little wet n soft, so i baked for ten more minutes. The first time i placed it in the centre rack ( i have prestige 28 ltrs OTG), the top got nicely baked and crisp, but not the rest. So the second time i put it in the bottom rack and baked it for 10 more mins, it was little better but i think it should have been more dry. It was soft and tasty, but just feel it should be more dry and fluffy? Could u pls tell me what changes to do for next time?

    Both my parents are diabetic and my father is a heart patient. So is it ok if i skip sugar and butter/oil/ghee and make the dough? Will the bread turn out good?

    My parents enjoyed eating the bread, but they prefer it without sugar and fat.

    I also tried your eggless whole wheat butter cookies, and they turned out great, yay!! i put them in centre rack. All cookies should be baked in centre rack??

    Can you please mention in your recipes, in which rack to bake the dishes? it wil be helpful, if you can.

    Please help :)

    Wish you both lots of success, thank u so much for this wonderful website. I can understand the time, energy and effort that goes in putting up such detailed recipes. It is really very helpful to us beginners. I am surely going to try as many baking recipes as i can! :)


    • says

      firstly thank you nandita for the overall positive feedback.
      – starting with cookies first, i always back cookies in the center rack with both the top and bottom heating elements on. top rack, they get browned from top. lower rack they get too much browned from bottom. i will make it a point to mention in which rack to bake in the future posts.

      – now for the bread. the yeast feeds on sugar as well as the sugars in the flour. you can easily make bread without sugar. i add it just to give a faint sweetness to the bread. you can also add a pinch of sugar if you are fine with it. the fats like oil/butter helps in giving a soft and moist texture. you can reduce the fat or skip it also. but in this case, just add some more water while kneading. the dough has to be slightly moist. you can also skip salt or add very less. for the bread that you baked, you need to bake for some more time. wetness should not be there. you can cover the top with a aluminium foil and bake further if the top gets browned quickly.

      – for proofing the active dry yeast or fresh yeast, if not adding sugar, you take the yeast, warm water and 2 tsp of flour in a bowl. mix well and allow to yeast to bubble and froth for 10 to 12 minutes. later add to the remaining flour and knead.

  36. lucy says

    Hi Dassana

    I love your recipes! I have just made your recipe for “http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/chana-dal-recipe-chana-dal/”. I have a question about it but when I looked at the end of the recipe where the comments are – I could not see anywhere to write a comment myself. How do I do this? In the meantime my question is – I cooked the garlic til light brown/golden, then I added the onion. But by the time the onion was golden the garlic was black/burnt! How do I stop this from happening? Any advice greatly apreciated. Thank you!
    Your dal recipes are far better than ones I have tried in cookbooks – thank you!

    • says

      thanks lucy. the comments are closed on older recipes due to time constraints. if you saute on a low flame then the garlic should not turn black. also you have to stir the onions quite often. another way is you add the onions first and once the onions are cooked, then add the garlic. i cook many recipes, in which i add garlic first, but never had this issue. a thick bottomed pan is also good for sauteing or tempering.

  37. Kala Nidhi says

    I just want to say that photography is oozing warmth and it has some snugly characteristic that makes the whole recipe stand-out in a very great way.Your recipes and food photography are a treat.

  38. Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta says

    Dear Gurudeva and Gurudevi,
    Hats off to you. I am a vegetarian and I always thought nobody cares about vegetarians, specially the young generation. But after seeing your website, I am wonder struck. O my God! O my God!! this just a wonderful collection, complete with even ‘No onion and no garlic items.
    Only thing which I could not get in your website is “Odia dishes”. You know Odisha is famous for Lord Jagannath. We are going to have the Rath Yatra very shortly (18th July). The Jagannath Temple is the largest vegetarian kitchen of the world cooking food based only on steam technology. This food is called ‘MAHAPRASADAM’ because it is said that this food is nothing but “Anna Brahma” the only place in India where God takes the form of food. Lord Jagannath himself is fond of food and 56 types of dishes are prepared in the temple and offered to him everyday.
    I propose that you include some typical Odiya cuisines to your list like Dahi Pakhala, Dalma, Besara, Mahura, Khatta, Khiri, Khechadi etc. There are also a lot of famous sweet dishes in Odisha like Chhena Podo, Rasaavali, Adisha Pithaa, Chakuli, Monda pithaa etc.
    You can also put few dishes according to the ancient Indian division of food based on Bhagwad Geeta – for example Satwik, Raajasik, and Taamasik – the characters of it are given in Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta.
    Thanks a lot

    • says

      Thanks a lot Dr. Dipankar for your kind words and this inspirational message. i have noted down the recipe and will try to add them. i am not much familiar with Odiya cuisine. but want to visit the Jagannath temple. its in my to do list.

  39. Rogelio says

    Hello, I want to make the mango pickles but I want to know if the fenugrek and mustard seeds have to be toasted. Thank you.

  40. Silvia D'silva says


    I just recently discovered your site n loved it. Keep up the great work.

    I have a few questions

    How can I add a comment under each recipe … doesn’t show any kind of comment box.
    In your Punjabi Chole recipe… can I substitute Chaat masala instead of amchur
    And jaggery instead of dates?

    Awaiting reply

    Thank you


    • says

      hi silvia, the comments have been closed for older posts for the time being. yes you can add chaat masala, but then keep a check on the salt. since chaat masala already has salt in it. i which recipe are you asking to add jaggery instead of dates. let me know.

  41. Kushal says

    I visit your blog regularly and tried most of the egg less cake recipes. I am looking for vegetarian food recipes rich in iron as my little daughter is a fussy eater and she is not ready to eat same food again. This blog helps me a lot. :)

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    Hello dassana and amit
    I havr gone through your blog many many many times and i have tried a few of your recipes and they all turn out to be amazing.

    Your blog is simply Fabulous. Of course because of the recipes but for few more reason. Firstly, all the recipes are explained in such a way, withall details, that it becomes very easy to try the dish. Then, its also great that you post a new recipe almot everyday, not many food blog or any other blog, in that case, does that 😀 lastly, dassana, you even reply to almost every comment, especially where the reader have face any problem while trying the problem, you reply to it and solve there problem, its great! Its amazing.
    Keep up the good work.

    And by the way, you both look very cute and kiddo kind 😀

  43. Jalprit says

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    I have tried ur Mawa Cake receipe and it came out wonderful and v really loved it.Thanks a lot for sharing this receipe.
    I wanted to try Pita Bread and while reading ur receipe , I saw a link regarding instant yeast on ‘Gourmetco.in’.So I visited that website and found Gloripan Instant yeast pack and I found that it contains SORBITAN MONOSTEARATE.

    So my question : Sorbitan Monostearate in yeast is a vegetarian ingredient or not?

    Please Clarify ,so that I can try pitta bread asap.
    Thanks in advance.

  44. Vidya says

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    I have been a regular visitor of your website for the past one year..Though I am not new to cooking, I was not a regular cooking person too!!! Its been a year since I got married. Once when I was randomly searching for some recipes, I came across your website and ever since this is my first stop. I have tried many recipes of yours like tomato pulao, paneer dishes, naan, wheat cake and the list goes on…I must say Dassana none of your dishes have ever failed to come out the way you describe here!!! I love your dedication and the efforts you put in to make every dish seem so easy!!! Thank you very much!!! You are doing a great job!!!

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    I cook so many of your recipes since a long time and have been meaning to thank you guys.

    Thanks a lot for your recipes.


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    Namaste. Hare Krishna! Are you Hare Krishna devotees?
    I found your blog very useful since your blog is purely vegetarian.
    Keep up the good work

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    P.S. – if it’s not too much to ask for, would love to see some more chat and continental veg recipes. Thanks.

    • says

      thanks for this wonderful comment manasi. glad :-) i will add some continental veg recipe. for chaat i have added most of the chaat recipes already on the blog. you can search using the google search button for any specific chaat recipe.

  48. Laxmi says

    When you said “the portuguese were the first one to bring yeast to India”

    I instantly searched for “yeast” in google….and one among the result is….

    any unicellular fungus that reproduces vegetatively by budding or fission, including forms such as candida that can cause disease.
    plural noun: yeasts

    I humbly request encourage more traditional food.Namaste _/\_

    • says

      yeast is a microorganism that is used in the leavening of breads. there is a whole science behind bread making. the yeast used for bread baking are not harmful or pathogenic. just like there are beneficial and harmful bacteria. the beneficial bacteria help in the setting of curd from milk and also in fermenting food like idli or dosa. you can read more about bread baking. there are a quite a number of traditional foods posted already on the blog.

  49. Aanchal Iyer says

    Hi Dassana & Amit

    I’m a writer myself and can identify with your story a lot, as it was my husband who encouraged me to become a content writer after I had to leave my full-time job when we started our family. Your blog is very comprehensive, to-the-point and beautifully presented. I congratulate you both for having achieved so much in life. Stay happy stay blessed.
    And yes, whenever I cook your recipes, my son loves it. So please keep writing. :)

  50. Dipti says

    Hi..Dasana.. I bought Microwave with Convection & grill mode.

    plz guide me how to bake cake in convection mode?

    • says

      hi deepti, you can first read the manual of your oven. you also call on a person from the oven company who will give a demo on how to operate the oven. its best to ask for a staff from the company who will give a demo.

      • says

        Hi Dassana, this message is for Dipti who asked about baking cakes in convention mode. I use one similar oven/micro Dipti and have baked several cakes in it. Set the mode to convection and temperature to 170 deg C and then bake for 45-50 minutes. This is for a standard vanilla sponge cake. It would vary depending on other cakes and ingredients for which you should check the manual or the recipe that you follow. Hope this helps!

  51. Aparna says

    Hi Dassana, I tried your Dal Tadka Recipe and it came out very well. I just did not add any cream. Next time I will try the dhungar method, as I did not have any charcoal. I go to your website very frequently and I want to try more recipes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  52. Anitha says

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    I have been referring to your site for a lot of recipes and must tell you that you are doing a commendable job. I also like the fact that they are healthy, eggless and tasty. The step by step pictures also make it very easy to understand the recipes. Keep up the good work.


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    I follow your website for making many things and they turn out to be the best always.Your website is simply superb.Thanks for all the efforts.
    Now I am also planning to buy an oven and have very little knowledge as to which one will suit my needs. Like basically I wish to bake cakes and make bharwaan sabzi’s, paneer tikkas,roast certain things like peanuts and dals.We are also pure vegetarians so could you please guide which one will be best (Microwave Grill Oven, Microwave Convection Oven & OTG Oven) and also if you could mention which one do you use : )

    • says

      thanks seema. i use an old philips model. they have stopped this model now. its an 18 litre oven and a basic one. enough for a family of 3 to 4 people. for baking an OTG is always good. after using OTG, i do not bake cakes, breads or cookies in my microwave oven. i only use microwave oven for dum cooking biryani. if you plan to cook in the microwave oven or reheat food along with baking, then microwave is good. but for baking, i would suggest to get an OTG. when baking in the convection mode of microwave oven, the baking is quick and fast. baking is even and better in an OTG.

  54. says

    Thank you very much for this ‘sage’ advise! I bought my Curry leaves for the first time in Toronto. The aroma and taste of these are amazing. I am wondering if after patting the leaves dry they can then be stored in a airtight jar in the fridge. If I choose to freeze them is it best to use a air tight plastic container to prevent freezer burn. Thank you.

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    Your website is really amazing. Your recipes are delicious…you’ve written the recipes so well with every minute instruction that makes cooking simple & interesting and the outcome is tasty too. Hats off to you & Amit for the hard work & patience you have put in creating this site. I am a big fan of yours and eager to learn many more cooking tips and recipes from you.

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    I love to go through your blog. I started loving to cook different varieties of dishes by going through your dishes and turned to be delicious. The best part that I like about the website is the images/pictures that you post while preparing the dish helps me a lot. Im inspired by your dishes and keep up the good work.


  59. Sushmita says


    I made your palak paneer today. It turned out wonderfully!
    I was wondering how I could subscribe to your blog, so that I get a notification each time you post a new recipe. I couldn’t find the option to do so…am I missing something?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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    First of all, I’ve never heard this name “Dassana” .I thought that is surname and this is Amit’s blog. 😉 then I landed on this page and cleared misunderstanding. I loved your blog and recipe. This is very nice concept that you post pics with recipe. every person can easily understand. I was looking for breakfast food and I landed on you blog. Thank you so much for sharing easy recipe. Please keep posting.

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    Love to cook wid ur guidelines..
    Thanxx a lot..
    Wish u all the best..

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    Whenever I want to prepare some restaurant style dishes, I follow your recipes. Your recipes are too good. Thanks a lot. In fact your blog has inspired me so much that I am planning to have my own blog now.. not recipes of course as I am not as good as you guys are.. but some articles and poems which I have written..so I think your blog is helping people not only for recipes but for other things as well, right? anyway, thanks for this wonderful website…

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    I want to thank you for sharing your recipes. I follow some of your recipes. I find it easy and very helpful.


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    I really like your site a lot. Can we make recipe requests? If so, could you post south indian tamarind rice and dry chili paneer?



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    You really have amazing photographic skills and not to mention your amazing recipes.
    I want to bake pizzas and breads and all the baking recipes of yours.
    What type of oven should i buy. Am a beginner with no clue.
    Suggest me an oven to bake breads,cakes and do pizzas. Am a vegetarian!

    Thank you,

    • says

      thanks shobbana. you can buy a 18 to 20 litre OTG which is good enough for a family of 3 to 4 people. an OTG is good for baking and not expensive. the one which i have is an old philips 18 litre model. its a basic OTG. OTG is better in baking than a convection oven. do note that convection ovens have a fan. so when you go to buy, just check. also microwave ovens have the facility of baking in the convection mode. i have a microwave oven with convection option too. but i feel the baked goods turn out better in the OTG.

  67. Ari says

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    A very nice blog. I want to do basic baking at home. Could you suggest recipes and give some tips (Do’s n Dont’s ) for first timers?
    A ‘First Timer’s’ tag / section on your blog would really help people like me.
    Also, do you have Android app with all your recipes?


    • says

      thanks kirthi for the suggestion. we will see if we can implement this section. we currently don’t have any app. in due course of time we will try making an app.

  70. Amruta says


    I have been a regular visitor of your website and have adopted and adapted many recipes from you. It has been a great help as I enjoy cooking from scratch and your website has actually encouraged me to further my interest. Also, due to my husband’s dietary restrictions we cannot eat out as much as we want but because of your website I can take any recipe and exclude any spice that won’t suit him and it works out great. So in summary a BIG thank you to you! and please keep on posting :D.

    FYI, I have recommended your website to anyone who wants to know proper Indian food recipe ;).

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      welcome amruta. glad to know that blog is helping you in adapting recipes as per your need. thanks for sharing your positive feedback and also for recommending the site.

    • Aleema says

      Been following your site now for over two months but for two reasons, one is experimenting with your recipes, second, evaluate if I could use your recipe in a new app I’m building to service retailers.

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    I’m a hobby blogger that to just a day old 😉 My complete inspiration to blog is my love for cooking and photography, but what really pushed me to blog is your website and another website called sugarnspicebyradhika which I visit so many times in a day so that I can cook something.
    I belong to a family of photographers and I do have knowledge about photography but then I wanted to know what lighting equipments do u use because I love the you photograph and also what props? My father always gets irritated when i ask him…hehe.. If u share it, it would be really kind of you

    • says

      thanks you arunima. firstly i wish you all the best in your blogging journey. its a creative journey and photography is a part of it. thanks for also sharing about sugarnspicebyradhika. i was not aware of this blog. for photography, i do not use any lighting. all photos are shot in natural day light. best time is morning and in the evening. during the afternoons, the light can get too harsh. the bowls, serving ware etc have been collected from different sources. some i have purchased online and some are from local shops.


    Hello Dassana and Amit. First of all i’ll say really really thank you for saving my life! Now i’ll introduce myself as an undergraduate student and currently off on a vacation. Conditions are such that i’m all ‘Home Alone’ and gotta cook some meal for ‘survival’……but never ever stepped inside the kitchen, so forget about cooking a meal. I’ve searched a lot of recipes earlier on myriad sites and believe me all my experimentation were ‘chain of uncontrolled nuclear reaction’!!!! Finally i met yours and with that mouth watering pictures taken of delicious dishes of yours i was sure of another apocalypse. But VOILA! not only this time my efforts of preparing the dish (Dal Fry Restaurant style – for my beginning as am not as much dexter in cooking as you) payed off, it looked almost like the one mentioned in the picture and i’d say that i was sure am gonna cook something. You know how it feels to be successful after so many fiasco!
    Thank you very much and i hope you’ll still be there 5-6 years later on as well, when probably i’ll get married and will then be in SERIOUS DIRE NEED of you people!

    • says

      thanks sudhendu for this sweet and positive feedback. good to know that step by step presentation was helpful for you. if you keep on trying more recipes then i am sure you will learn cooking in next few years. i don’t think i will be blogging for another 5-6 years but the blog will be online for readers. happy cooking.

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    Hi Dassanna your recipes are simply amazing. Thanks! a million times over. Your generous sharing and the pain staking effort and love you put into the photography, detailed explanation, tips and the recipes themselves are all a combination of perfection, passion and commitment of a master craftsman, no less. There must be many people like me blessing you both immensely for the great work and sharing you do. I grew up in a house with mostly non-veg cooking prepared by a cook. Now since Ive grown up n love to eat n cook vegetarian too, I’m constantly asking my mum for recipes and she is at a loss when I need a traditional veg recipe. So I am soooooooooooo glad I can turn to your site because it always has what I want and so lovingly put together that it feels like mum is giving me the cooking instructions herself. God Bless you and may you always be the sharing, giving person you are.

    • says

      welcome sonia. thanks a lot for this sweet and encouraging feedback and also for your prayers. glad to know that recipes are helping you in cooking vegetarian food.

  74. Seetha. R. says

    Hi Dassana,

    To add to my previous comment, I would like to add that I have found various people and sites replicating your recipes words by word, and picture by picture. I am not sure if they have your permission to do so and it pinches me to see others taking advantage of all your hardwork and effort, by copy pasting your recipes.

    • says

      the blog name you mentioned (i have removed the link) is not copying our recipes, but has taken permission from us to use some of our blog layout inspiration. which is alright with us. but this is the only blogger who has taken permission. the rest are blatantly copying. they copy format, copy design, copy layout, copy the photography style and they even copy recipes. change one or two ingredients here and there. do not give any credit. personally i have seen many such instances. one blogger has even gone to the extent of writing all the letter in small fonts. its irritating and frustrating. we will take the right action at the right time. i strongly know that whatever one does, it always comes back. karma does not leave anyone. so these people who copy and cheat will get their karma back.

  75. Seetha. R. says

    Hi Dassana,

    I chanced upon your blog while browsing for new recipes and am glad I did. I am an avid cook and search for recipes which help me to cook a dish differently. I love the variety, the colourful pictures and the way you have put up the recipes in easy to understand language and easy to find ingredients. Any day I am flustered about what to cook, I come here and voila, I always find something wonderful to cook. Kudos to you and your husband. Keep up the good work and all the best to both of you. Thanks a lot.

  76. Surbhi says

    Hi Dassana,
    I came across your website a few days back while looking for an Orange cake recipe…I tried your recipe and it came out so good. To add to it, the fact that it was wholewheat was surely like icing on the cake. Since then, I have been trying several recipes from your website, especially the cakes and just loving the end results. I just want to wish you all the best and thank you for the lovely recipes. Keep up the good work!
    Also wanted to make a request…please post a recipe of an eggless strawberry cake. You have posted one but that uses vanilla cake as base but please post one which is flavored with strawberries, like the Orange cake that you have.
    Thank you

  77. Bahariah says

    I am an Indian food/vegetarian food lover, and I am getting back to cooking. This is God-sent. Thank you to the both of you!

    • Leanne says

      Hi Dassana and Amit,
      I live in Australia and I’m neither Indian nor vegetarian! I’m just a huge fan of your recipes. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve also told friends to check out your site because I enjoy cooking with your recipes so much. Two questions: what do you mean by restaurant recipes? Is this simply the addition of cream to a recipe? Also can you tell me the best uses for mustard oil?
      Thanks so much and I wish you both every success with your website.

      • says

        thank you leanne :-). restaurant recipes are recipes which are made the way like in indian restaurants. mostly when we cook curries at home, they are very simple and we don’t add ingredients like cashew paste, almond paste or fried onion paste or cream etc. in restaurants many such pastes or masalas are added along with a lot of oil, butter or cream. though i do not add so much oil, butter or cream when i recreate a restaurant style recipe at home. we use mustard oil in simple north indian sabzis, pickles and gravies too. potatoes pair very well with mustard oil. so you can cook a combo dish of potatoes with other veggies in mustard oil. we also fry pakoras in mustard oil. the taste of pakoras fried in mustard oil is distinct and very good. i have some veggie recipes that i make with mustard oil already shared on the blog. out of these, two family favorites are bengali dum aloo and the punjabi kadhi pakora.

  78. sangeetha prakash says

    Hi Darsana
    Amazing recipes& excellent presentation. thank u for making me cook my favorite restaurant dishes simply at home. before reading ur blog i wondered as how systematically u r explaining the methods of preparation. now no wonder as u were a teacher. may u achieve success & prosperity in all u do.

  79. Amit says

    Dassana & Amit. Awesome job by creating this blog. Very happy with the outcome of recipes when followed meticulously… Love the way the guests react when they try out my food (cooked with your instructions)
    God bless, let more keep coming….!!! Regards

  80. narendra panchal says

    hi thanks for all the recipes with this even a guy can cook easily
    can you add masala puri recipe which we get in bangalore

  81. swaranjoti says

    I so love your site. Just wish I could sign in and keep a recipe list or star things I want to try later. Just a thought :)

    • says

      thanks swaranjoti. i do not know how you can do a list or use a star. i suggest you to create a pinterest board on pinterest.com. the boards can be kept private too.

  82. Shalini Singh says

    I love this site and a big thanks for uploading so wonderful recipes…….today i am going to try veg momos 3rd time….fingers crossed :)

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    great recipes!! I am so happy to find your blog! Please keep up the great work. All your recipes are good in terms of perfect measurements, step by step pics, and extremely easy to follow directions. Language is grammatically correct and never says anything more than the recipe calls for..
    Being an Indian, I wholeheartedly support your work!!! I am very impressed to know that you run the site from India!!!
    Jai Hind!


    Very Superb Site….. Very good Recipes and making Understand step by step is very good. Gr8 going keep it Up !!

      • RIDDHI ARORA says

        HI MA’AM,
        Thank you so much for sharing the recipes. They are really good. I tried khandvi for the first time and it went really well. Your step by step picture interpretation was also very nice and it helped me lot. My mother was really surprised that i have made khandvi so well. So full credit goes to you because withot your help i would never had completed in making khandvi. Thank you once again.


      • Shikha says

        By the Name veg recipes of INDIA.. I get Attracted to this Site…& Seriously U Wont Believe That Now I am very much fond of this site..The Specialty of this Blog is That you put Every picture After Explain In Words..It Gives Exact Idea That How to Cook Where we getting Wrong… seriously Superb Site Ever….Keep It uP…

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    I keep following many of your recipes and they turn out really great. Please keep up the good work.

    Lately, I have been trying to add my questions/responses to your recipes but I am unable to do so. Could you please check as to why is it so ?

    I think I should ask my recent query here : Can I add moist or fresh crumbled paneer for the Paneer Burfi recipe? Kindly suggest.


    • says

      hi ritu, firstly thanks. we have disabled the comments for most recipes as we very much short of time these days. use fresh crumbled or grated paneer. if you crumble the paneer, then crumble it finely, so that large pieces are not there.

      • Anushka says

        Hi Dassana
        I’m following your recipes for quite some time now and they have turned out brilliant. I thank you for posting such wonderful recipes.
        can you please post the recipe of spring rolls?
        thanks and regards.

      • Shraddha says

        Hi Dassana,
        I have been following your blog since a while now. But it was only today that I went through your profile. I imagined u to be some hot shot professional chef but was totally bowled over to see u doing such great work being a hobby chef. At the same time I was also happy to learn about your husbands efforts in whatever you do. Great going. Good luck and thank u !!!

        • says

          thanks shraddha for your kind words. i have got some training in culinary field. i have worked in a 5 star hotel also a intern. plus the course of home science also helped. so i have some experience of professional ways of cooking.

          • A says

            Hai I m interested in cooking and wanted to know some online way of reading home science and some good cookbooks

            • says

              A, you will have to search. i don’t know free version. but otherwise you can buy books on amazon and read in kindle or flipkart also has reading App.

  86. Nidhi says

    Hi dassana, I loved all ur lovely recepies. Thanks for trying n posting for us. I want to try chocolate Swiss roll with Philadelphia cheese dressing filled in. I have the recepies from YouTube but need to make it eggless for my friends here in U.S. Who doesn’t eat egg. Can u plz tell what best substitutes egg in such baking without altering its taste n the quantity plz.

    • says

      thanks nidhi. i tried making eggless swiss rolls. but till now i did not get good texture in them. while rolling, the cake would break. i tried with curd, vinegar, with apple puree and it did not work well. the problem comes when you begin to roll and it just breaks. so i would strongly suggest to go for a fool proof eggless swiss roll recipe or try using condensed milk instead of eggs. i have not tried swiss rolls with condensed milk, but i think it should work.

  87. Abra says

    Your work is great and I appreciate the enthusiam with which the recipes are made. Kudos! I have a small question. Well, my husband is a huge fan of palak paneer but he is against adding tomatoes with palak. For some reason he strongly believes that this combination is not good for the stomach as it coagulates and forms stones. I have been searching for recipes without this combination but I haven’t found anything lip smacking. So, please can you suggest an alternative for tomatoes in palak paneer. Thank you.

    • says

      hi abra. firstly thanks. its said that spinach with tomatoes causes stones. just skip the tomatoes in the recipe. no need to add them. as an option, you can add a wee bit of fresh curd/yogurt – about 1 to 2 tsp.

  88. Trupti says

    Hi Dassana and Amit,
    Actually I wanted to leave a comment on your eggless whole wheat butter cookies recipe. But I am unable to find the comment section underneath the recipe !! And that’s strange because I have left comments on it before. The same goes for some other recipes also like hotel style onion rava dosa… Anyways so I thought I’d comment here. I tried your eggless butter cookies with other variations too. Cinnamon, chocochip, coffee, plain vanilla, And needless to say they are wonderful every time. I guess when you have a winner of a base recipe like this one, you can play with it successfully!! Can you pls post this comment in the right section for me? And can you help me in finding out why there is no comments section number some recipes. Thanks and looking forward to trying out some more recipes.

    • says

      welcome trupti. thanks for sharing your positive feedback on all the recipes. comments are closed in many recipes as we are really short of time for past few days. hopefully we will open comments within a month or two. currently comments are only open in latest recipes.

  89. says

    Hi Dassana & Amit, Wanted to stop by and congratulate you on this wonderful space that you have created. It’s become second nature for me to stop by your blog whilst on the hunt for either simple or exotic recipes. I love how you include step-by-step recipes (with pics!), which makes it that much more easy to follow. Every recipe that I’ve tried from here has been a great success so yaay to you & to me! 😉 Keep blogging & wish you all the best.

  90. rsk says

    your blog is awesome. i am looking for “How to make a vegan Marshmallow” at home as store bought one is costlier. it would be helpful if you can post this recipe with instructions.

    • says

      i have got a request for marshmallows. but till now i have not made the recipe as i am not able to get corn syrup. if i can get it, i will try the making them at home.

  91. Anju says

    Hi, thanks for doing such a great job and posting such good recipes, I have tried out some of your recipes and they turned out well, the step by step photos are taken very well and the instructions are clear and help a lot. thanks for taking all this effort. keep it up.

  92. Shalini says


    This is the second time I am visiting your site, your recipes look good. Amazing effort! I wanted to know in South is Ragi flour consumed often? If yes then how do you consume it in the summer months because Ragi is a warm category food.

    • says

      thanks. from what i have read, ragi is cooling. in the south there are some drinks made with ragi like ragi malt, ragi ambli. even ragi porridge is made.

  93. shilpa says

    Hi Dassana,

    How wonderful is to inspire others with your food blog. From past few months our household is also gravitating to cooking at home more often and eating whole foods. Thanks to your recipes, cooking has become more and more interesting for me. Hope your spiritual life continues to enrich your cooking and in turn your cooking continues to enrich your spiritual living.

  94. shilpa ram says

    Hi Dassana,

    Lovely recipes :)

    I want to try “Paneer Makhanwala”. My daughter’s favorite.
    I have a question. I have some sweet red peppers at home and I want to use in this recipe. Will it taste good? and if yes, how to add it?

    Thanks a lot,

    • says

      you can add them. the gravy will get the taste of the bell peppers, but overall the taste will be good. i would suggest you to separately saute the bell peppers in a bit of oil or butter till they are half done and then add them to the gravy when you add paneer.

  95. Ansuya says

    Dear Dassana,
    Your cookery website is superb and I regularly follow your recipes.

    I want to try the bread jam role and I am unable to post my doubt under
    the recipe heading. Can you please let me know what will be the proportion
    of yeast, sugar, oil etc for 1 cup of flour (say 1/2 cup wheat flour and 1/2 cup
    Please give me an idea what will be the proportion for making cakes with 1 cup of flour since all your recipes mention 3 cups of flour. This request is because my oven is very small and hence I cannot bake large quantities.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Lots of love to you.

    • says

      thanks ansuya. 1 cup of flour will give you a very small jam roll. i would suggest to use at least 1.5 cups. just halve all the ingredients proportionally from the jam roll recipe. for cakes, except the eggless christmas fruit cake, most cakes have 1 to 1.5 cups flour used. so these cake recipes you can easily make.

  96. Monika Kandpal says

    Hi Dassana and Amit,

    Your blog is wonderful.I really loved to see and try those recipies. Today i tried “besan Ladoo”.It worked well and definitely my hubby will love them.
    But i didn’t find “leave a Reply” option at “http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/besan-ladoo-recipe-easy-besan-ladoos”. Plz tell me how to post my thanks and regards there.

    Monika “Mannu”

    • says

      welcome monika. thanks for sharing your positive feedback. actually the comment box in old recipes are closed for few days because of a hectic schedule. we will open the comment section (leave a reply) after few days. i appreciate your gesture and concern.

  97. Nishtha says

    Dear Dasanna and Amit,

    Your blog is fantastic!! Hats off to both of you for putting up such a wonderful and useful platform. I love cooking- but just simple , delicious and nourishing food; nothing elaborate. And your blog feeds my passion to cook just that :) Your style of presentation is simple, easy to understand and follow. What I like best is the brief write up you put up for each dish- many-a-times with your personal anecdotes- it gives a very homely feel to the recipe. Also, I love the tidbits of information you share on the origin of ingredients, substitutes that can be used if original ingredients cannot be found, test if a stage is successfully completed …. I could go on and on.

    Thank you so much for your efforts. God bless and keep going :)

    • says

      welcome nishtha. nice to read your positive feedback. it helps while writing the recipes and designing the website. thanks for sharing your positive feedback and for your prayers. happy cooking.

      • Radhika says

        Hi Dassana,

        I have tried a lot of your paneer recipes and they have turned out just like restaurant style untill last few times.. My tomatoes are coming too tangy so the final sabji is always a little bit over tangy.. I don’t know what should I do to restore the original taste I used to get before.

        • says

          add tomatoes which are not too tangy. the tomatoes should have a sweet taste. you can balance the tang by adding some cashew paste or cream or milk powder/dairy whitener. on the milk powder/dairy whitener, just add 1 tbsp as too much will make the gravy sweet.

  98. Sagar B. Sonawane says

    Hi, Dassana

    I am working as Sharekhan firm as Share Trader (Dealer), But i having very much interest in cooking,
    I am also trying your recipes at my home , and i am glad to Thank you for this blog,
    that it helps me to improve my recipie skills more & more…….your really a best teacher for me for at least in cooking.

    tour recipies & photographs are really very helpful to me to step by step cooking .
    Thankx once again

    do it forever wish you best luck

    • says

      welcome sagar. glad to know that step wise recipe presentation has helped you. readers feedback is always important to us and is much appreciated as it helps in designing the website. thanks for sharing your positive feedback.

  99. Isha Gupta says

    Hi Dassana Amit

    Your blog is the first place i refer to whenever i need to find a recipe. Great work guys!
    Need help on something. The Bournvita at my home got frozen. I am looking for some recipe where i can make use of this frozen Bournvita.


    • says

      thanks isha. you can add the frozen bournvita, if still within its expiry date in milkshakes, hot chocolate. just add some hot water or hot milk and stir and then use it in a milkshake or a hot beverage recipe. if the bournvita is in a glass bottle, then only add hot water. i would add hot milk to the jar. stir and then keep the bournvita in the fridge.

  100. Rosna Binish says

    it was my friend reshma bharadwaj introduced me to your website. Awesome dishes and everything has given in such a way that anyone can easily follow. ..good job dassana and amit

  101. Pavithra says

    Hi Dassana,

    Your blog is too awesome. I find difficult to express it in words. Your blog has inspired me to try new things in my kitchen. I used to hate kitchen and cooking all the time. Your instruction is very detailed and informative… OMG!! It’s easy to follow and inspires to try.

    I’m happy that I came across this website. I’m going to be a regular follower of your blog.

    Lots of Love

  102. Priyanka P says

    I love reading your blog. The recipes are well presented and you have a good balance of pictures and content.
    I tried your whole masoor dal yesterday after forcing myself to follow the recipe precisely and it turned out great!
    At times when I am browsing your site, looking at pictures, I often wish I could see the recipes of things seen in the pictures.

    • says

      thanks priyanka for sharing positive feedback on recipe and on the food photos. nice to know that you like the pictures and the recipes posted. happy cooking.

  103. Archana says

    Amazing blog ! It’s my go to place for anything,
    Your Palak Paneer recipe is the best. It’s so easy and tasty, can’t believe that ! Simply loved it.

  104. Anupama says

    Hi …I should thanku people..cause of ur blog I have learnt so many veggie dishes…m pure veg and my husband a super foodie but he hates to eat same veg food but cause your blog I actually learn different types of veg food especially the indian authentic cuisine …as sush before marriage I knew only to make pulav dall and basic sabzi….but now am bit of chef of my house..you knw dassana for even a small requirements I refer you blog it’s very helful …thanks a lot you are doing great job …..

  105. Deep says

    Hi dassana and amit,
    I have been following this site for last one month and i found it as one of the best foodie site representing delicious , tempting and yummy foods of India.As i am an Indian food lover and vegetarian your site turned out to be one of my most favorite site (though m not so good in cooking :p but like and try to cook different-different foods.).

    And you guys are amazing, you both and your work compliment each other so well.
    Amit would suggest you to put post comment text box on top of comments (am being a techie feel that).

    Thanks for creating such a beautiful website and sharing an amazing foods recipes.

    P.S – dassana you truely are unto your name as you said.

    Thanks Deep

    • says

      welcome deep. nice to read your positive and motivating feedback. right now the comment is at the top of comments only. even we feel that readers should not scroll down at the very bottom to type a comment.

  106. Sam says

    Hi Dassana,
    I love your blog. It has so many good recipes and detailed instructions for each of those. I always coming browsing here for Indian food inspirations. Good luck with this.

  107. Preeti says


    I started using your recipes while I was pregnant and used to have craving for home cooked food. Since we live far away (actually a different country altogether) from my parents, I had to do all the cooking. And your blog was a life saver!

    Totally enjoyed making recipes off your blog and enjoying them :) Your blog is now quite popular among my friends.

    Lots of wishes for your success

  108. Melissa says

    I was looking online for a easy to follow Palak Paneer recipe today and happened upon your site. Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for (measurements, pictures, and all!) but I’ve just spent close to an hour looking at some of the most amazing recipes. I cannot wait to start trying them. I discovered Indian food while teaching in South Korea, of all places, and love love love it! I think the first thing I do whenever I travel to a new city is scope out the local Indian restaurant. Now it’s my turn to try my hand at cooking some of my favorites. I don’t get nearly as much time to cook as I would like to but I can guarantee that when I do, I will be picking my recipes from this site. Great job on this blog and doing something everyday that you are passionate about!!

  109. Prabha says

    Great work! The introductions are nice to read, the pictures are lovely and helpful at the same time, and the instructions are clear. Every time I check your website, I end up saving at least 5 recipes more than I need because the dishes seem great and the photographs are enticing. Way to go!

  110. Tarun says

    I found this website very informative. The dishes are mouth watering and very easy to cook. I am a professional accountant but like to cook whenever I get time. I have tried a number of dishes from your website and I have one word to express my feelings….. “Yummyyyyy”.
    Thanks for maintaining this website brilliantly and all the best.
    Looking forward to more innovative dishes.

      • Tarun says

        Hi there,

        I tried your besan toast recipe this weekend. It was fabulous. My wife liked it like anything. It was extremely less oily and yummy. I also added small pieces of capsicum in the batter and it really added to the taste and looks of the toasts.
        Thanks for sharing such easy to cook and healthy recipes.

  111. Lauren says

    Hello! I love your blog and recipes. Just wondering, do you mind your images being republished on social media such as pinterest or intstagram (with credit and a link of course)?

  112. kanchi sravan kumar says

    madam very nice off ur recipes that i have saw all the things that u had putted in wed site its very great and one more thing iam also thinking to start pure veg food court in nellore , andhra pradesh .
    madam can i get some suggestions form ur side.
    madam its awesome . i am not having any other word to express it .

  113. Daya says

    Hello Dassana. I am living alone and I must say this has become my go-to website whenever I want to cook something new. You do not take the reader’s knowledge for granted and mention every detail and that is much appreciated, not to mention that the end result usually comes out pretty well !

    I have one small suggestion. Being a bachelor living alone outside India, quite often I have only a limited number of ingredients and am not in the position to buy items spontaneously which means that quite often I have to make do with what I have. In this case, it would be great if this website had some feature in the search engine where you could filter recipes by ingredients. Or alternatively, I enter all the ingredients I have and the website could return different recipe results with different %age ratings indicating to what extent I possess all the ingredients required.

    Thank you

    • says

      thanks daya for sharing positive feedback. glad to know this. your suggestion is good and many people have asked for this feature before also. as of now we don’t have the technical expertise to do it. hope we can implement it in future.

  114. Such says


    For someone who takes an active interest in food, both as a hobby and academically, I find that your blog is one of the best out there. Your range of recipes is stupendous, and not one of them has failed me. I think it is an excellent introduction to cooking Indian food for anyone who wants to give it a try. It beats the likes of Madhur Jaffrey, Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal in its consistency. I think this is because it is apparent that you guys work on your recipes with tremendous care and earnestness, and not because you want to span a multi-million-rupee industry out of teaching people to cook. Your recipes are as close to perfect as it can get, especially for home cooks — you provide the tips and techniques that really matter for people who don’t necessarily have the fanciest kitchen. I visit your blog nearly every day, and have learnt how to make most of my Indian food from it. It’s a wonderful site and I wish you all the best, I hope you get tremendous appreciation for it because you absolutely deserve it :)

    • says

      thanks such for sharing this positive feedback. i must say you have observed correctly. we don’t want to make a big business. actually we don’t even know how long we are going to post recipes. but we want to make sure that whatever recipes goes in the blog is good. the idea is that anyone can cook good food at home and vegetarian recipes are also delicious. we also make it a point to post recipes which will help the farmers like makhana, jowar, bajra, other millet grains and so on. indian food habits are very healthy and we should encourage it. thanks once again for your encouraging feedback.

  115. says

    hi amit and dassana i really enjoying your site. i visit your site regular. all recipe and and cooking ideas of your (dassana)unique and best, and you also inspire for cooking.. i cook almost every day. i’m also Computer Engineer and I love cooking.

    one my request to please post some Mexican recipe too. by the way i most like south indian dishes.

  116. manish says

    good going i really like ur work and i do share it good food good step and good taste…keep it up

  117. Jatina R Thakkar says

    Hi Dassana,
    I really like the way you explain the recipes with pictures. It becomes so easy!
    Just wanted to know if you have developed an app too for this website. If not, I suggest you should. Its quite handy and convenient.
    Wish you Good Luck and me Happy, Healthy & Delicious Cooking!!!…….haha

    Thank you once again,

    Jatina R Thakkar

  118. Singh says

    Hi – I came across your website a month back and fell in love with it. It’s so much fun just going through the recipes and seeing the step by step pictures on how to make them. It helps me a lot in understanding the recipes since I am more of a visual learner.

    I had a query that I hope you can help me with. I do a lot of home cooking at home, make fresh food everyday using organic products with less oil because my husband has cholesterol issues. I try to make them tasty but they always turn out bland. I’m not sure what I do wrong because I do add a large amount of spices when cooking. What’s the best way to make food more interesting? I use simple spices at home (turmeric, dhanya grinded fresh, salt, hari mirch, and jeera). Do you recommend any other spices I can use to add a good taste to the food.

    Last question is – When is the best time to add spices? If you add them in the beginning does the smell burn away or should it be added later?

    Thanks so much in advance! I feel sometimes its very hard to cook with less oil and make food tasty at the same time.

    • says

      thanks for your positive feedback. do you add garam masala. most north indian curries and sabzi garam masala is added always. amchur is also added in some recipes. garam masala add towards the end when the recipe is done. add it and simmer for one minute and stir. red chilli powder also makes the difference. the right amount of salt is very important as it brings out the flavor of other spices. without right amount of salt the food will taste bland, even if you have added lot of spices.

  119. clare says

    greeting from New Zealand, dasana and amit. I discovered this site a few weeks ago, and now I spend hours here!!! I just love it. The recipes are so yum, and the photos are very helpful. I could happily spend the rest of my life eating only your recipes!! Thank you so much.

  120. Shivangi Sharma says

    Hi Dassana Amit,
    I am Shivangi, i am a student, in school and have been trying out your recipies and they have come out to be incredibily good. My family loves them….. specially the paneer section..
    Thank you.. :)

  121. Dr. Urwashi Parmar Singh says

    Hi Dassana Amit,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your wonderful recipes.

    I am not a great cook as you but nevertheless I cook. I have cooked different cuisines in the past on and off, but have been regularly be cooking since the past 1 year. Hence I started experimenting with different vegetables.

    I brought Frenchbeans from the market and wanted a recipe which would help me make the dish tasty, especially for my husband to like it. I found multiple recipes and the one of “Frenchbeans and Potato”. It has no coconut in it and I guess after I make it mu husband will surely appreciate.

    Also your recipe of “Bhari hui Bhendi” is good. And as it seams from the recipe, it is easy to make.

    Dassana, unique is your name, unique is your blog. So whenever I would want to make something which I don’t know, I would refer to your blog.

    And I hope you if I have any doubts, you will solve them whenever I ask.

    Dr. Urwashi Parmar Singh

    • says

      Welcome Dr. Urwashi. glad to read your positive feedback. yes feel free to ask any queries about recipes. i usually reply within 1-2 days time. happy cooking.

  122. Shalini Babbar says

    Very Nice Blog..I tried Eggless banana cake..it was too yumm…Thanks..:)

  123. Pooja Mayadeo says

    You are doing a superb job! Keep up the good work! Everytime I have to cook something which is not an everyday recipe, vegrecipesofindia is the blog I go to!
    Both times that I have been out of the country for large periods of time, your blog is the one which helped me create Indian recipes without a fault.
    The best part about most of your recipes is that all ingredients are generally found at home. Other advantage of being a veggie blog is that you don’t rely on “chicken stock” for all the flavour. That’s where I get stuck most of the time.
    A thank you to u guys was long due from me, so here goes!
    Thank you so much!

    PS: Today I read your cake recipe with flaxseed as a substitute for eggs! Interesting…gotta try it out this weekend :)

    • says

      welcome pooja. nice to know this. good you share your feedback. because it helps to know what helps the readers. thanks for sharing positive review on recipes.

  124. Rasika says

    I look for Indian recipes with good instructions and pictures or videos, all the time. I stumbled upon your blog today and am truly glad for it! Yours is the best I’ve seen so far. Nicely written, easy to understand, very helpful pictures, and thoughtful tips. I came looking for one recipe, and have stayed now for much longer than I planned to. Loved every recipe’s presentation that I clicked on today, but am most grateful for your honest, thoughtful, detailed recipe for Kaju Katli. After years of dreading it, I think I’ll finally give this favorite treat a try, thanks to your post! Thank you. God Bless.

    • says

      welcome rasika. thanks for sharing your kind and motivating feedback. i hope you like the kaju katli recipe. thanks again for your prayers.

  125. maria says

    dassana & amit – thank you for all your hard work! I appreciated getting to know more about you from this post too. I just got back from a month in India and, craving the food, I did a search. Soooo happy to have found your wonderful blog!! I’m thankful for the veg recipes and the eggless and other categories, as well. We are in the US and try to eat organic and healthy as much as possible, too. Looking forward to trying LOTS of your recipes! Namaste :)

  126. neha says

    Hello Dasanna and Amit,

    This comes from a new bride who moved to a new country and who has absolutely no knowledge of cooking… Thank you very much!

    I cant believe I can make parantha’s, paneer and bake my own bread at home(considering i’m just a two month old cook :P)… I feel so comfortable entertaining guests and trying out new dishes… Thank you for instilling this confidence in me

    Your blog is like my mum teaching me to cook

    Lots of love from Germany

  127. Jai Trapti says

    Loved your site and hard work put in .. Congrats .. We (Me and my wife) are vegetarian too and loved your site, presentation and simplicity of content.

    Would love to see mobile app for the same, as most of the time we use mobile.

  128. Mala says

    Dear Dassana and Amit,
    congratulations on your wonderful website.Such hard work and dedication should bear positive fruits.Best wishes to you both.This is my go to website for all my cooking; Especially when i have guests!Living in a small Canadian town,everything has to be cooked at home and mostly from scratch,I am truly grateful for your clear step by step pictorial tutorial and directions.
    Thanks and regards

  129. gauri says

    Dear Dassana,
    first we want to thank you for such a wonderful site.
    We can understand,You have taken lots of efforts for it.
    The steps with pictures are the best.

    I never thought cooking can be so easy.


  130. kartika says

    hello dassana amit your website is amazing but since I m a beginner I wanted to from where should I start cooking I have tried dal but my problem is that of how much salt should I put .because this is only problem I m facing can u help me out wid this.thanks

    • says

      welcome kartika. usually for 1 cup of dal, i add roughly close to 1.5 tsp of rock salt. what you can do is first add half tsp of salt. when the dish is made then check the taste of dal and keep on adding little more salt, stirring well and then tasting. this way slowly increase the salt proportion till you like the taste. slowly you will get the knack.

  131. shiny paul says

    hi Dassana
    Thank you for creating this blog.. It is simply amazing. Tried most of your Chinese recipes and all of them were super delicious..
    Veg recipies of India simply rocks. Keep on posting more recipies.. going to try chaats n sweets.
    Stay blessed.

  132. Pratiksheet says


    I have seen your posts. They are amzing. I wanted to know if can I use them to repost by crediting you? :)


  133. Nikhita says

    This is my new favorite cooking website – I’ve made a few of your dishes already and have gained confidence as a cook. I am excited to try many more. Thank you!

  134. Lavanya says

    Hi Dassana,

    You are really awesome, I am from Bangalore and working IT .I am a non vegetarian,I love cooking but due to lack of much knowledge on veg items .I used fail while trying Veg items.But Your blog Is like light in the darkness, Blog helped me a lot in preparing veg food.

    All the items tried here have come out very tasty…..my hubby is very happy :)

    Thank you thank you so much ………..

    Lavanya K

  135. Mina Patel says

    what can I say? Perfact darshana. very very impress with thw way you have all your recipe.
    never seen like this. God bless you for your hardwork.

  136. Prathima says

    Your website is really good. The best part about it is pictures. Each and every step is added with a picture. I am picture person so this idea is really brilliant. Not only just giving a try of the recipe we also know how the outcome of the dish should be. Thanks for all your time and effort.

  137. Tricia says

    I have been exploring cooking Indian dishes in my kitchen since last year. I just discovered your website and love it. So many dishes I would like to make and try, I don’t know where to start! Thank you for this wonderful resource.

  138. ABI says

    Also do some articles on indian pickels \ fermentation methods , the kind of things put on sun over rooftops in gujarat.

  139. von Braun says


    i discovered your blog today only and allready tried two recipes, thank you very much!
    do you have tips how to reduce time spent in kitchen? Like recipes that could be made in advance and stored to be eaten later on?
    I don’t know, like pickles, frozen meals (if the tase remains still good, dried meals (i liked the idea of yur sundreid potatoes for example!) etc…Are there indian breads that can be stored?
    Thank you very much

    • says

      thanks von. as per the indian ayurvedic tradition, food has to be freshly prepared and consumed. but nowadays due to many things, cooking at home from scratch is becoming impossible. there are some indian dishes that can be made in advance and then cooked later. eg rotis or parathas (whole wheat flat breads) can be faintly cooked (not browned) on a griddle till the dough just about cooks and then frozen. when you want to make rotis or parathas, thaw them and roast with oil or ghee till golden. you can also make stuffed parathas this way. also potato tikki or patties can be shaped and then frozen. veggies and dals change a lot in their taste & flavor if refrigerated. its always best to consume then fresh. some snacks like khakra, mathri, sev and sweets like whole wheat flour ladoos, sesame laddos and besan ladoos stay for a long period of time. in fact most indian fried snacks which we call as farsan stay good for a number of months.

      • divya says

        Hi amit n dassana

        Congratulations on your fantastic blog. This blog is just such a pleasure to look up. To be honest, this is the first place i look up for any recipe.

        Living in One of the smaller towns in canada, i need to be my own chef, server, n guEst! My husband loves flavourful n nutritious food n being ardent vegetarians, this is a perfect place. Thanks n keep the great work going.

        Ps i want a good palak kofta recipe… any chances of doing one?

        Cheers n love,


      • von Braun says

        Good morning,

        Thank you very much for your reply.
        You are absolutely right about the advantages and better taste of fresh cooked meals.
        I’m allways searching for healthy solutions for spending less time in the kitchen…
        God willing i will try your suggestions, thanks again.
        I hope i can find these recipes in your blog.

  140. Zulekha Begum says


    I am regularly following this this. Keep up the good work.

    Can you please tell me the authentic Gatte ki Sabzi recipe. Every website has different style.

  141. Abhay says

    Wow so much of dedication and hard work . Your recipes make so many people s tongue to drool. I am dumbstruck with your dedication — hats of to you both Dassana and Amit

  142. Ujwala says

    Hi Dassana and Amit,
    Superb site…i just love to cook looking at this site.
    The pictures are wonderful which just encourage me to cook .
    I dnt have a lot ok cooking habbit at home, after marriage,my mother inlaw takes care of the kitchen mostly.
    But whenshe is away ….i take charge …and my only hope is “Veg Recipes of India”
    I can find any recipe on this site…all are unique, tasty and wonderful.
    They way you show and write each and every stpe make me feel”is that it ?thats so simple” :)
    You are doing a great deed and make feel like a wonderfull chef already …
    tahnks a lot :) and keep going ………..

    • says

      welcome ujwala. glad to know that the recipes are helping you in cooking and you like the recipes presentation. thanks for your kind words.

  143. Vrushali says

    Hello Dassana and Amit!

    Hope you doing wonderful. I must say all the recipes looks easy and tasty. I have tried few recipes from you website and they were amazing. I am 21 weeks pregnant and everyday I feel like eating something different. Thanks to both of you everyday i try new recipe from your website. My husband and friends are really impressed with my cooking now dayys 😉

    Keep it coming the good recipes.

    God bless you both

  144. Vasu says

    Hi Dassana and Amit,

    What an awesome couple you guys are! Thank you so much for this mouth watering blog. I have become your die hard fan. I try your recipe almost everyday. I don’t consider myself a great cook, but thanks to you, now I am.
    I have a question. In some of your recipes you have mentioned condensed milk as an ingredient. What can I replace it with? May be sweetened coconut milk? I am a vegan, hence this question. Thanks again!


    • says

      welcome vasu. thanks for sharing your kind words and positive feedback. you can try coconut cream. but it might work in desserts but not in baked goods. basically it depends upon recipe to recipe.

  145. Vaibhav says

    Hello Dassana and Amit, I want to say that as an avid cooking fan, I find your website to be the best and finest ones for Indian-Veg recipes. I specially admire the way you guys introduce the dish, followed by detailed pictures (the pics can alone make or break appetite and give strong will to cook the dish) and step by step procedure. I have so far made Biryani and Paneer65 (I think that was the name) from your blog and whoever tastes these or even sees picture of what I was able to make (through whatsapp etc) is mightily impressed. Cheers to your good work. I wish the best for you guys – Vaibhav

  146. njoy says

    Hi Dassana ,
    Thanks for all the efforts you have put to explain each recipes step by step along with the photos. Its really helpful. I have a query on heavy cream. I am unable to get heavy cream in near by stores .. so we make heavy cream at home for whipping in cakes?

  147. VIRGINIA says

    Hallo Dassana, came across your recipes by chance, and so enjoyed putting your ideas into practice, I would appreciate if I could subscribe to your site, via e-mail, and for you to kindly send over some of your recipes. I am diabetic, ALSO if you could include some recipes for those of us who can enjoy your recipes. Many thanks, and continue with the great work. Kind regards, Virginia

  148. KP says

    Hello Dassana and Amit, Yours is one of the two blogs i have bookmarked and always come back to whenever i feel like cooking something.. I’ve tried cooking a lot of your recipes and my wife feels very happy whenever i cook some thing new ! I particularly liked the chhole recipe, tawa pulao and also loved the paani puri recipe !! Keep up the good work…
    And Amit great job with organising the blog and the pics – they are really very nice.
    My sincere thanks to both of you for helping me become a better cook!!

    KP, Bangalore

  149. Kanchan says

    Hi Guys,
    I am so happy to have found your page.
    I work in Jakarta, Indonesia and find it really difficult to conjure up recipes very now and then. Your recipes are super easy to follow and require basic ingredients, its a blessing; especially for me, living in a foreign countries where not all Indian spices are available easily.
    My sister lives in U.S and we regularly follow your page and exchange our experiences.
    Great work you guys keep going!! All the best!
    Also if you guys could post recipes of molten lava cake, red velvet cake, rainbow cake (eggless of course) it would be of a great help!

    Thank you.

    • says

      welcome Kanchan. glad to know that recipes are helping you in cooking. good to know both of you are regular checking the blog. i have noted down the recipes request and will try to post them soon. happy cooking.

  150. Mrs.Pooja says

    Dear Dassana and Amit why don’t you both blog like this for Non-veg recipes also.
    Your veg recipes blog had helped me a lot and improves my cooking ability as well specially in veg. I would like you to start with non-veg recipes also with step by step images as shown in the veg section.
    I think it will help more to be expert with non-veg recipes also.


    • says

      Welcome Mrs.Pooja. Thanks for sharing positive feedback on veg recipes. we don’t post non-veg recipes as we are vegetarian and don’t cook non-veg food at home.

  151. Clare says

    Hi Dasanna and Amit,
    I am really glad to have discovered your website. Being English and not familiar with making Indian food from scratch, I find the step by step pictures really useful. What a lot of work you must put in! My partner, who is Bengali, loved my (your!) Chana Dal, so thank you very much :) I’m looking forward to making many more of your recipes, especially as I am trying to eat more of a vegetarian diet.
    I also like reading all the comments here, there’s a lot of love on this site!
    All the best to you both,

  152. susmy nair says

    Hi dassana,

    When it comes to leaving a comment im very lazy! however took the effort coz i really love this site especially the pictures which guides me correctly, not to mis out on small details like medium flame or low flame! u turned me in to an “experimental chef” at home whose maximum dishes turns out to be a success!! All thanks to You & ‘vegrecipesofindia” site..

    Big ThankYou! Keep up the good work :)


  153. Anil K says

    After i moved to onsite location, i have google’d for food recepies more than i google’d tech stuffs. Finally i found this and had to visit and visit and revist….continuing…I have tried some recepies and they were amazing.

    Thanks for this awesome and creative website. Dassana really makes awesome and delicious food and Amit you really make this website worth visiting.

    • says

      welcome anil. thanks from both of us for sharing this positive and encouraging feedback. glad to know that you are a regular visitor of the blog. happy cooking.

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    i really like your recipe’s especially the panner butter masala one.just loved it.i also made these.turned out good but were a little hard.Also i am 15 years old and i also want to blog.so it would be kind of you to help out on how to go about these thing.thanks. :)

  155. mahi says

    your site is just awesome.. glad to find … will follow it from nw on.
    what i like … is your photographical tutorial. that what i was looking for and i found you…
    you are really hardworking.. GOD BLESS U WITH PEACE AND HAPPINESS..


  156. RupaMahesh says

    Hii amit and dassana … all the recepies are awsome… can you order for an android app which makes easier to navigate through the website. I learn most of snacks from your blogs…. thanks a lot

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    Hi Dassana,
    I have been looking at your blog and trying out recipes for quite a while now, but the last couple of weeks, its been a real life-saver. I have had to cook without onion-garlic which I am not really used to, and been referring to your blog as soon as I wake up each morning and breakfast to dinner happens from here.
    Thanks a ton for all the effort your have taken. Your recipes work so well. Made the poha dosa yesterday which was really spongy and delicious. Looking forward to trying many more.
    Thank you once again

  158. rajeshwarishalabh says

    Hi Dasaana Amit.. I just love love this blog. And the recipes actually inspire me to cook as well as click. Now I dont need to search for various sites. Your blog is a one-stop solution for any recipe I want. Thanks guys.. keep up the good work.. and keep guiding novices like us. :-) Much love!

  159. sowmini gopinathan says

    few months back only i discovered your blog. seeing those recieps, i feel like cooking. now i’m passionate about trying new recieps. i’m a pg student and am staying at hostel. whenever i come home i try one of the recieps and everyone enjoys it. being a south indian we have never relly tried north indian dishes at home.and now i have started exploring them.home-made vegetarian foods are always healthy and more tasty:)
    both of you are doing a good job!! thank you so much for this blog:)

  160. shwetha says

    Also one suggestion there ! In evenings i often end up wondering what i could cook out of the ingredients left at home(i’m new to cooking and am a working woman). it would help us great deal if we are able to pick recipes out after choosing the ingredients available (say, onions, tomatoes, potato and we get a result of recipes that includes these ingredients)…i understand this would require a lot of tweaking at a software engineering level … but just a suggestion if u could include..

    • says

      shwetha, your suggestion is good. but you are right it needs a lot of tweaking which is beyond our technical expertise. we are compiling pages of veggie recipes like gobi recipes or methi recipes. so that you can find all recipes with one veggie in one place.

  161. shwetha says

    Hi guys!

    I came across your website when i looked for a paneer recipe. Your blog is inspirational in a lot of perspective.. Be it at a cooking perspective or photographic or software engineering or at a writing perspective and most importantly even at entrepreneural perspective.
    This blog and its idea and the whole world around it seems just so complete!

  162. Rajesh Joshi says

    Hello Amit & Dassana, congrats! you both have done a wonderful job. Loved the photos,they are really mouthwatering. I am especially commenting on photos as I am also an Advertising photographer. I have done lots of packaging jobs. My warm regards to both of you and looking forward to many more mouthwatering recipes and photos.
    Rajesh, Thane, Mumbai.

  163. Sherin Hojoh says

    Hello Dassana ,i accidentally came across your site while browsing for some recipes.From then on iam a regular visitor .Your recipes are simply superb .photography is excellent too .please keep sharing and keep up the good work ..

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    Hi Dassana/ Hi Amit,

    Your site is really nice ! I am a Gujarati and getting married to a Kannadiga. So I was trying to learn all Karnataka recipes and I came across your site !
    The cuisine classification, the small small important instructions are superb !
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge !


  165. NIKHIL says

    Thanks a ton guys i started baking recently, i always wanted to bake but thought it was tough. I do not like smell of eggs and when i was searching for egg less recipes online i found u guys. and trust me i have been baking for last 3 days and really enjoying it . its my girlfriend birthday on 11feb and i am going to bake for her … thanks a lot guys

  166. ina says

    hi dassana,
    i recently got married and after a lot of quarrels about not knowing how to cook, i found your recipes and have started cooking at least one meal a day… yours is by far the best and most realiable… you dont take prior knowledge for granted and so it means a lot to people like me who have just started cooking.. now i visit almost everyday and my marriage is being saved:)

    • says

      ina, good you shared your experience. now onward i will be more careful while writing a recipe and will add more basic details on how to cook a recipe. please feel free to ask any query about any recipe posted. thanks for your positive words and i was touched reading your mail. my prayers are with you and i wish you all the best for your future.

    • Dr. Natasha S says

      Hi dassana! Love, love, love your blog.. :*
      Your recipes are so wholesome and turn out so delicious.. I’ve tried quite a few and my admiration just keeps increasing by leaps and bounds.
      The efforts you put in to simplify the recipes for amateur cooks like myself are truly worthy of applause. I love the write up too.. adds a warm, homely touch and your pictures are so beautiful and inviting.. I can almost taste the love that has gone into preparing the dish. Hats off to you and your hubby for creating this wonderful blog.
      Most importantly, thanks heaps for your detailed instructions and for painstakingly answering all queries.. You are a culinary rockstar 😉

  167. mannu says

    hiii… i’m a software tester and technical document writer .. u know everyone has says that i dont know cooking even i aslo think so. But one day randomly i visit ur website and find it more interesting and then i started to cooking ….n the best thing is that now my mom says “acha lag rha hai itni young age me tuje cooking karte hue dekh kar”…thanks guys ..thanks a lot! :)

    • says

      hi mannu. its nice to read your comment. nothing better than getting appreciated from one’s mother in the cooking department. cooking will definitely help you in the longer run. wishing you all the best.

  168. Rayeesa Abdul says

    I had tried 1 of ur street food recipe masala puri( made with grean peas pulses) and my family loved it. As i thought wil visit ur site again to try dat same recipe but… Cant find in ur site anymre. I searcd a lot! So i wud appreciate if ur cud find 4 me or post it. Thanks and wil b waiting for ur feedbck soon!
    Thnks once again!

  169. vs says

    Thanks so much for putting together this wonderful website. It has made learning to cook away from home very fun and tasty. And you have absolutely every Indian dish I could ever hope to make. Nothing can beat mother’s recipes, but my new “mother” has many awesome recipes too :) Thanks again!

  170. Sharmi says

    Great work guys !! Until I ran into your blog, I was not much of cook and mostly ate takeout. Your blog helped develop my interest in cooking. I am now a regular visitor to your blog.

    Your recipes are detailed and guide me step by step. I print your recipe and use it when i am cooking. I really appreciate you taking the time to personally respond to everyone.

    A feature request I have is to have the ability to receive notifications when dassana replies to my comments.

    • says

      thanks sharmi for sharing this positive feedback. glad to know that recipes are helping you. this feature was there before but you will receive an email notification for every comment posted on that post. since many people didn’t like it so we removed this feature. we usually reply to comments in 24-48 hours, unless very busy.

      • Sharmi says

        Can you make the feature optional? Maybe a checkbox that asks for whether you want to receive email notifications ? If they check the checkbox, they can receive notifications.

        But even without that, I am a regular visitor, so i get to view your replies.

        • says

          sharmi, it was like this only. optional with a checkbox. but issue was that once you subscribe to comments notification option, then any other person posting a comment in that post, you will also get an email notification. which after some time becomes irritating for many subscribers who often ask us to remove their email from subscription. thats why we had to remove the feature.

  171. Spice Chicken says

    Hello beauties, I am a longtime reader commenting for the first time after reading about the individuals behind this blog. Thank you for delicious and healthy recipes. Namaste.

  172. Stephan says

    Thanks so much sharing your experinence. I have fallen in love with the Indian cuisine during my 6 month stay in India many years ago and still addicted to the Indian kitchen. It’s so inspiring what you show here, incl. the perfect photos and description how to prepare. Thanks so much and keep on going.

  173. Radha says

    Dassana…Your name is as incredible as yourself…Im from Mumbai and i look for different recipes all the time.I just happened to stumble on your blog..Amazing recipes that have been explained beautifully…i felt really happy..I have tried a few recipes and they have turned out well..Also i really appreciate the pains that you take by replying to each and every comment..god bless and keep posting wonderful recipes.May god bless you.Thanks

    • says

      welcome radha. thanks for this sweet and encouraging feedback and also for your blessings. since readers take time and effort to write comment and share their experience, so i respond to their sweet gesture by replying to their comments and also answering their queries… so that readers can make the recipe better.

  174. William says

    Thank you very much for the great recipes! Your site is very comprehensive and has great, easy to follow recipes. My wife, 4 children and I are going vegetarian and your site has provided us with a wealth of recipes to make vegetarian fun, flavorful, and very filling. I am so happy that here in southeast Texas we have a local Indian grocer where we can find all the ingredients we need. I look forward to trying all your recipes!

    • says

      welcome william. thanks for sharing this sweet feedback. good to know that you are becoming vegetarian and the website is helping you in cooking. feel free to ask any queries on recipes.

  175. Dr Snehal Sharma says

    hello dassana
    i m happy happy to say ur blog is a wonderful guide.
    Step by step everything is explained tht no one can miss anything
    I have tried many recipes n all have come out good
    thank u soo much

  176. seema says

    The pictures are so tempting that i can’t wait to try the recipes.
    Great work Dassana. Keep it up.

  177. Pedro Enrique says

    Just like to say ” Love the recipes” And have commented before.. I,ve looked and looked for a recipe that uses a lot of tomatoes but cannot seem to find .. Can you help with any suggestions please. Thank you Pedro

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    Hi Dassana,
    I come from Durban South Africa, from a 1.2million Indian population that came here over 150 years ago. I have cooked since I was 8, professionally since 1994, and as a chef for the past year.
    Recently back in South Africa after a 1 year Journey through India, I have had the most amazing Food Adventure.
    My biggest challenge has been to recreate some of the amazing meals I experienced, in homes, villages, restaurants, cities – amongst the rich and the poor.
    it’s been a challenge.
    But I must give Gratitude to you.
    Your efforts in this blog are phenomenal.
    You truly do honor India and all our ancestors.
    Your spice combinations and flavours are as authentic as anything I’ve found.
    This site is my first stop when I’m looking for a recipe.

    • says

      namaste philen
      although you stay abroad but looks like you an ancient soul from india.
      your comments touched us and thanks for writing such a beautiful and loving feedback.

  179. Dr Vanditha Pai says

    Hi dassana,
    I really think ur blog is absolutely fantastic.I have tried a lot of recipes from ur website. I started with veg dum biryani which came out to be very yummy n turned out to be my family s favourite. I must say the pics of recipes u post are really tempting and inspire me to cook it asap. Thank u.

  180. prabhjot singh says

    Dear sir/madam
    you guys are doing a great job. thanks for sharing your countless experience and recipes with us.
    I just want to know the difference between dry, instant and other kind of yeast.

    • says

      dry yeast also called as dry active yeast needs to be activated in a warm water + sugar solution.
      instant yeast as the name implies is instant and need not be activated in warm water + sugar solution. they are added directly to the rest of the ingredients.
      fresh yeast need to be activated in a warm water + sugar solution.

  181. Dr. Usha Kamat Sharma says

    I am so enchanted with this blogsite.
    I am a 69 year old semi-retired Clinical Research professional who loves to cook and try new recipes.
    I too am a Mangalorean, who in my time succeeded in convincing our families to allow me to get married to a Punjabi (unheard of in those days!!! lol, :-))
    I love the recipes because I miss Mangalorean cuisine, and was never really taught Punjabi cuisine. I had to pick up everything on my own. Hubby was always cooperative, and uncomplaining which very perversely made me determined to master Punjabi cooking for him :-) I had always wanted the recipe for Punjabi “poodas”, and thank you very much for this.
    Please keep up this good work, and know that you are truly appreciated and have a loyal following.
    Dr. Usha Kamat Sharma

    • says

      thanks dr usha ji for this kind and sweet comment. i can understand how in those days you must have convinced your family. it must have not been easy.
      i am glad to know that you found out the punjabi pooda recipe. thats a favorite in our house, especially in the monsoons. like you too now i have mastered punjabi cooking, but i always prefer to go back to my south indian, mangalorean and goan food. so i make them often and the punjabi food takes a backseat :-)

  182. Gauri says

    hi dassana, thanks for this informative site and mouth watering recipes.
    can I know cream that you use for icing of cake is from which brand? I mean which is best brand available to get best results?

    • says

      welcome gauri. i only use amul cream and not used any other brand. so can not say which is best cream. the result is not like icing made with whipping cream. but not bad too. i am satisfied with the results of amul cream.

  183. deepa says

    great job! i have tried many of the recipes and even adapted some for non veg recipes. Thanks a lot for this website

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    This is Shilpa Chaudhary from Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi’s Ofc. (Minister to Women and Child Development)

    I would like to speak to you regarding a partnership between You and People For Animals.

    People For Animals organizes events and recently we are planning for a big event related to 300-500 different types of Rice and Rajma’s.

    Please give me a call back or give me your no so that we can talk in detail.


    Shilpa Chaudhary

  185. Laurie Mrvos says

    I feel that I have hit the motherlode of recipes. My husband and I are vegetarian, and wanted to add Indian cuisine to our arsenal of recipes. I admit to being intimidated, but have been looking for sources to enable us to get started. This is a beautiful and very educational site, and I feel I could get lost jumping from one recipe to the next. Thanks for putting such care into your work. I know I will be spending a lot of time here.

    • says

      welcome laurie. nice to know that you want to include indian cuisine in your diet. indian cuisine has lot to offer in terms of vegetarian food. do try some recipes and feel free to ask any query. thanks for your sweet feedback.

  186. zelma says

    Thank you for your recipes, your page is brilliant. It would be nice if you could add some tips how to veganize non vegan recipes, of course where the veganization is possible :)

  187. piyush omar says

    Hi to both of you, Amit and Dassana. A very good initiative by you Amit that you encouraged her to write a blog on food and that to Indian Cuisine (Vegetarian). I am so much happy to find this blog, as for a quite long time I have been looking for a website where I can find step by step and the uses of it and their purpose. I think it wouldn’t have been possible without Dassana’s knowledge into food science.
    Good Work

    • says

      thanks piyush. reading your comment made us feel that we are rewarded more than the effort we have put in this website. positive feedback, appreciation and love from readers is driving this website. thanks to all of you.

  188. Medha says

    Hi, love your blog. It would be great if you can add “pin” button to all the recipe pages, as otherwise I have to every time go on pinterest page and manually add a pin for your recipe. I know you have a pinterest page too, but the blog makes it much easier to read, search, and pin your recipes.

    It’s encouraging to know that Amit left an IT career to join the blog full time! I happen to be an IT professional too, and have been mulling over changing my career to something in food or farming. :)

    • says

      thanks medha for your kind words. pin it button is there in all images except the first image. if you don’t find then let us know and we will have a look at the issue. food is a big industry and there are many opportunities there. many IT people have left their jobs and are doing blogging full time on various topics of their interest and expertise. what is important is to blog about stuff which you are passionate about and have a very good knowledge. because to blog you have to read, experiment and learn a lot.. so its important one loves the topic about which we blog.

      • Medha says

        Thanks for a reply Dassana. Regarding the pin button, now I noticed it _under_ the first image (e.g., ragi dosa recipe page), but I don’t notice it on any other images on the same page. I use Linux or Android platforms and Firefox or Chrome browsers.

        • says

          welcome medha. on our laptops and android devices, we can see. but cannot test on linux as we don’t use it. it must be the plugin’s compatibility with the operating system.

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    I read ur About Us column. Impressed! i’ll surely hit the ads so that the Blog continues forever and ever! its jus amazing! Kudos to both of you..!!

  190. Keerthana Ramesh says

    I am a terrible cook. But everytime I have tried to recreate a dish from this blog, it ends up tasting like something out of 7 star kitchen. Thank you so much!

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    Hi Dassana & Amit,

    Very clean and nice website. I would request you to kindly publish the ingredients at the top of recipe instead at the bottom as this will help us following the recipe correctly.



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    Hi Dassana,

    I was wondering if you ever though about putting your whole site into a book! I would pay fifty bucks at least to have a resource like this…I prefer paper copy to have in my kitchen but I know the ebooks are so popular these days and can allow unlimited pages. I guess I could print it out. I am an american wife to an indian husband and I need a lot of help with ensuring I get meals on the table that is healthy for my family. Your recipes hit home every time and remind me of menu items that my own mother in law does. Please let me know if anything like this is in your near future!

    Many blessings,

    • says

      thanks kari for your positive feedback. i do agree what you say about publishing the book. the issue is that in hard copy step by step photos can not come with great detail and clarity… as step by step images have to be squeezed. ebook is a good option and we might go for it, provided if we get a good techie/company for doing it…. what ever we do, we try to give our best.. no point charging people money for a mediocre work. so we have postponed the book idea for some time now.

  193. Sharmilee says

    Your blog is awesome. I love how you have descriptions for each recipe and explain why we do what we do. The pictures are also excellent.
    I was never interested in cooking, but your beautiful blog made cooking a pleasure for me now. I now print out your recipe and cook a different dish every time.
    Thanks so much.

  194. Ashwini says

    Hi lovely couple,
    Your blog makes people craving for food :) The best part is that its like an encyclopedia .. you type any vegetarian dish and boom your blog pops up. I appreciate all your efforts that has gone into making this lovely place for food loving people :)
    For people who are away from India and missing the authentic foods your recipies truly manages to bridge the gap.
    Keep up the good work as there is lot of us out here looking forward for more from you :)


  195. jasneet says

    Hi Dassana ,

    I follow your website very closely and i absolutely love your recipes.
    If you could however, specify the exact amount of salt you put in your recipes , i guess i would not mess up an otherwise balanced dish .

    • says

      thanks jasneet for sharing positive feedback. its very difficult as people have different taste for salt. there are different types of salt. i use rock salt which is less salty than table salt or iodized salt. thats why i don’t mention it. because salt preference varies from person to person.

  196. Sirisha Ganugapati says

    Your recipes and tips are very good..and helpful indeed.I loved the bharwan bhindi & shahi rabdi.

  197. Avantika says


    I am an Indian girl pursuing my PhD in Germany, which is why I have to cook for myself. I never cooked before I came here, and don’t really like the whole concept of spending hours cooking, but I am a big foodie. I started looking up recipes when I got homesick and I have loved all the recipes of yours that I tried! They are simple to understand and make, and that is good for someone like me, and it is so obvious that you have put so much love into them. Thank you for teaching me how to cook. My mother and boyfriend are really happy 😀

    • says

      welcome avantika. glad to read your positive feedback. if the blog is helping you in cooking then it is doing justice to its purpose and name. happy cooking. feel free to ask any query.

  198. Shubhada P says

    Happy New Year, Dassana & Amit! May this year bring you health, happiness & prosperity.
    Please keep up your good work in the new year. I am sure your recipes help a lot of young people survive & then excel in the cooking area. I have a marriage age daughter & I will surely direct her to your website when she needs to start cooking on a daily basis.

    • says

      thanks a lot shubhada ji for this sweet and encouraging feedback. we also wish you the same. we are sure the website will help your daughter in cooking.

  199. Swati says

    Hi Dassana,
    Advance wishes for New year..
    I really really like the receipes prepared by u. Each tym I prepare a receipes I open the veg receipes of india webpage on my mobile phone.
    These are just yummm…
    Do u have any book published by u. I would like to buy if there is any.
    Keep up the good and yummy work on.. :)

  200. Ancy says

    Hi Dassana,

    Really want to thank u for this amazing website wit ur super amazing recipes!! Have tried many of ur yummy recipes and they r a hit at home among family and friends!! Of course the credit all goes to both of you guys. Thanks a lot once again and keep up the good work! Just a request if you could post some soup recipes.

  201. Asmita Bhagwat says

    I want cookies receipe for diabetic mother-in-law.
    It should contain soya floor, wheat floor, makai floor and honey.
    It should be eggless too.
    Will u give me proportion of cookies useful for diabetic persons, which is healthy and cholesterol free.

    • says

      it would be difficult to give the exact proportions as baking is all about trying and testing recipes. i have had a couple of cookie disasters with some experimentations. a suggestion would be to avoid honey. as honey gets toxic when heated. many baking recipes contain honey. but according to ayurveda, honey should not be heated. would suggest to use a fruit base like apple sauce or pumpkin puree instead of honey. you can search on google and you will get some diabetic friendly cookie recipes. adapt the basic recipes as per your requirements and experiment. once you get the knack then cookie making will not be difficult.

    • Karen Loro says

      I am reading about the diabetic cookie request .. Try cooking with xylitol ; tastes like sugar , but very low carbs. ( cookbook is available on Amazon written by an RD). I also substitute plain nonfat yoghurt for 1/2 the fat in all cookie recipes and they turn out great .. can also substitute rolled oats for 1/2 the flour in all cookie recipes.
      I love this blog !!! We eat aryuvedic much of the time .. the healthiest food on the planet . thank You for your lovely site……

  202. Lezley says

    hey u guys ! Amit and dassana , i urgently need your help on this …..i am looking to get Black cumin seeds and i always end up with kalonji at the store all the suppliers i have ended up with , are taking me for a ride i need to know where i can avail Black cumin seed ..if u guys can help me the dealer or genuine known location where i can get the real deal i.e organic black cumin seeds i will be ever so greatful to u guys i am from Bombay ……………….need your advice asap.. my num to call emailed to u on your email address

    • says

      Lezley, kalonji is generally referred to as black cumin. i think you are looking for shah “jeera” (in hindi) or imperial cumin (in english). shah jeera you can find easily in any good shop or in super store. organic is little tricky to get but try fabindia or try organic section of any good super store like hypercity, big bazaar or try online websites of “24 natural mantra” or “down to earth” or fabindia. i hope it helps.

  203. says

    Hi Dassana,
    Browsed through many of your recipes and they look very yummy. Special Thanks for sharing. I have just started blogging few months back so still learning.Do visit my blog and let me know how I am doing.
    Keep up your good work and keep in touch.

  204. Sukanya says

    Hi Dasanna and Amit
    I am a student and have just started to cook. I have always loved home cooked food and I hate eating junk or outside in restaurants. In foreign, people mostly eat outside unlike Indians. I have to manage both my studies and avoid eating out. This site has helped me a lot. Your recipes are almost the same as my mom’s and for this reason I love your blog so much. I miss home food and now I am excited to cook all the home cooked indian dishes.
    You guys are amazing. I love the enthu of this blog. Keep it up!!

    • says

      thanks a lot sukanya. i very well know how it is when living outside and when one has to manage one’s cooking, studying and living alone. i can relate. do try the recipes. most of them are homely. some are restaurant kinds also, but you can always enjoy home cooked restaurant food :-)

    • Masoom Raza Rupani says

      I had always hated non veg food. Even the eggs. Being a muslim there was non veg at least once in a while and I would be really unhappy.
      I used to cook myself once in a while but there always was mix ups.

      Now I hope, I would transform into a good chef(though only for myself for now).

      Though I am yet to navigate your full website but it seems it lacks north east, oriya, Bihar, Lukhnow and Mughlai tags.

      Would love to see some updates on this.

      All my good wishes to you for your wonderful work.

      Masoom Raza

  205. Smitha says

    Hello chef,
    Its a fantastic blog on cooking must say. Plz add the link for Karnataka recipes on the side bar( under Indian cuisine). It would be then much easier for people who love Karnataka food.

    Thank you.

  206. Vignesh Karthikeyan says

    Beautiful work Dassana and Amit.. I am very new to the blog and i have been following it on a daily basis for the last one week. Very interesting. This site will be the second thing i open when i come to office every morning with the first one being my mails. Keep posting. Inspire others to cook. And you guys are doing a fabulous job.. Thanks :)

    • says

      welcome vignesh. we also used to the do the same in our office days. first check emails and then check interesting sites. thanks for your positive feedback.

    • navjot says

      Awesome Dassana…. i am far away from my family in opposite time zone and i was finding cooking so difficult and calling home every time was not a option but thanks to your website cooking is fun and easy too….again thanks alot. May be uploading videos will be also be a good option for all of your fans :-)

      • says

        welcome navjot. glad to know that blog is helping you in cooking. thanks for sharing this positive feedback and for your suggestion. may be in future i will upload some videos…. as right now, no time to make recipe videos. happy cooking.

  207. Subhajit says

    Hi dassana, i am following ur blog for nearly about one month now…. u ppl r doing a gr8 job……. thanks for making cooking so easy…..

  208. Ansuya says

    I love your website so much and I have tried most of your recipes which come out well and tasty. Keep it up.
    I would like to suggest to include recipes which will stay for more no of days say for 4-5 days, especially when we go in the train and to pilgrimage when some elderly family members refuse to eat in restaurants and eat mainly fruits.

    Thanks once again for this wonderful website.


    • says

      thanks ansuya for the feedback. in an indian climate, its difficult for food to stay for that long without a refrigerator. but there are foods which stay for a week to month. but most of them are sweets or snacks like ladoos or fried snacks. already i have added quite a number of snacks and sweets that stay long without a fridge. but food like lentils or veggies do not stay long.

  209. Sari says

    Dear Dassana,

    Hope you are doing well. I really appreciate your hardwork and dedication . Your pictures are excellent . Recipes are clearly explained through steps. Really love it. Now I am a regular viewer of your blog.

    I love cooking. I am a working female from Qatar. I am a hobby baker and cake decorator too. We are non vegies .Epecially my hubby and son never encourage any veg dish ( especially south indian recipes )..But now story changed :) . Since I started cooking with your punjabi veg recipes , I have completely changed their food habit .Now , i take non veg only once in a week :) . Main change was in pulses intake. We were not eating any pulses before. Now rajma, black eye beas, dal and all are a regular dish in our home.

    I have a small suggestion dear. In the step by step picture notes , If you can add quantity of ingredients too , it will be really appreciable. So , unless someone need to print out the recipe , no need to scroll down to see the original recipe. Its a humble request from a lazy female :)

    NB: Please add me to your weekly mailing list

    All the best …

    • says

      welcome sari. big thanks for this positive feedback. the suggestion and feedback matters. we don’t give ingredient quantity in step by step photos because if there are lot of spices then the list will become confusing.

  210. Sneha Sudeep says

    Dear Dassana and Amit,
    Kudos for putting up such a fantastic blog!
    Dassana, your recipes are not just mouthwatering, but a sheer reflection of how heart put into simple food can make all the difference.
    The clarity you give on each step of cooking, the precision of ingredient quantities mentioned for each recipe also shows your honesty. Your work here shows how spiritual you are. Its so obvious and encouraging. People like you cannot go too wrong :)

    Amit, hats off to support Dassana in her endeavours. With a backbone and support like yours, you as a couple will go a long way. Numerous blessings on their way for the kind and good work you both are doing, teaching people how to spread smiles through cooking…. Not just cooking… Cooking with simplicity and all heart :) :) :)

    God bless and All the very best!

    • says

      sneha, a big thanks to you from both of us. your positive feedback was really motivating and touching for us. i must also say that you are a natural writer. looks like ma saraswati blessings is with you.

      • Sneha Sudeep says

        Thank you both for the wonderful compliment. I, just like you, put my heart n soul in everything I do or say. When the intent is pure n divine, people will see divinity in your work.
        The lord has been just too kind to me for allowing my thoughts to reach wonderful people like you.

        Thanks again n keep up the brilliant work. There’s something personal I’d like to share with you, So please expect a mail from me soon :-)

        • says

          so true sneha. your words ring a bell in my heart. do share and you can write to us. since i get a lot of emails daily, i may take some time to respond. but i will respond. thanks once again sneha.

  211. Mansi Gupta says

    Hello Dassana and Amit,

    Loads of lovely and yummy recipes i must say, really happy to find this blog, even my brother has started going through it due to pictures (he lives alone in Baroda).
    Could you suggest some veg BBQ recipes other than paneer tikka, I have an electronic BBQ and its just lying idle.

    • says

      thanks mansi. already there are quite a number of grilled starters posted on the blog. you can easily make them on the bbq. we will add some more. but we will have to use oven as the method of grilling, since we do not have a electric bbq. but you can make the same in your electric bbq.

      • Mansi Gupta says

        Ok. Thanks. will check it out and update you.
        Thanks again for this lovely and really helpful blog. :)

        • Mansi Gupta says

          Would also recommend a search bar dedicated to this blog through which we can search the desired recipes, sometimes I don’t know where to find a particular recipe.
          for eg. If I am looking for mushroom recipes, then I will have to go to curies, veggies, snacks individually to check all the tabs for recipe, but search bar will definitely ease everything. :)

          • says

            thanks mansi for sharing your suggestion. but the search bar is at the very top of the site. please recheck and let us know if you don’t find it.

            • Mansi Gupta says

              Thanks Dassana, I found that, but it takes to google search, which sometimes is not at all related to this blog.
              Also, I am unable to find the Canon recipe, few people were complimenting it. :) wanted to check it out.

              • says

                the first 2 to 3 links are google ads and we have no control over them. the next are the links from the blog. what is canon recipe? may be you typed wrongly.

  212. Shushruta says

    hello dassana and amit,
    I love your recipe blog. I do browse through lots of recipe blogs but I keep coming back to yours as I find this very homely reason being simplicity and pictures. whenever someone visits me I try out new recipe from your website and that has given me lots of compliments. The credit is all yours.
    About the picture – they really add to the experience and cannon t3i is best. Thanks a lot for sharing all the recipes.

    • says

      thanks a lot shushruta. you have got a nice name :-) the credit is yours as you do all the cooking. with the pics and step by step, we illustrate the recipe. but finally the credit goes to the person who is making the recipe :-) agree so much on canon.

  213. J K Tank says

    શ્રી દશાનાજી,

    આપના તેમજ આપના પતિદેવના નામ પરથી આપ ગુજરાતી હોય એમ લાગતા ગુજરાતી લખી રહ્યો છું. આપનો આ બ્લોગ ખરેખર એક વ્યંજનની વેબસાઇ્ટ કરતાં પણ અલગ તરી આવે છે, લોકો તેનો લાભ તેમજ સ્વાદ માણતાં રહે અને આપ આવી જ રીતે પીરસતા રહો એવી અદ્મય ભૂખ સાથ જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ!

  214. anuja says

    hi dassana i just loved this site….i love and enjoy cooking…today i tried the besibele bath and the banana choc mousse…it wos awesome….i have become a big fan of this site…i am gonna try lots of recipes from here…
    thank u so much for designing sucha site for house wives like me..
    all the best…

  215. says

    Hi Dassana, I wanted to tell you how much I love this site. Having gone back to my vegetarian roots this past year I needed some great Indian vegetarian recipes and this site is a fantastic source. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  216. Shilpa says

    Hi Dassana (beautiful name!)
    Thanks for your recepies. I tried your kaju katli, paneer makhani and naan recepies and they turned out to be perfect! Good job in being detail oriented and particularly sharing knitty gritty dos and donts for each preperation. Thats what speaks about your passion and knowledge for cooking.

    I suggest to include some recepies for babies and toddlers (5 months till 3yrs; i know you have some for kids) that will be quite nice. I just believe you can do it!!

    • says

      thanks shilpa for the kind comment and feedback on the recipes. some readers have requested for toddler recipes. i will be adding a few. i have some in the drafts and i will publish them soon.

  217. Cynthia says

    Hi Dassana :)
    I have visited a lot of blogs and food websites , but none of them has been as good as yours’ . Thank you so much doing such a great job .You have no idea how horrible i am at cooking 😀 But now i finally can learn to cook simple dishes :)
    Keep up the good work .
    Cheers !

    • says

      thanks cynthia for this sweet feedback. if you keep on trying your hands in cooking… then you will become excellent in cooking. keep on trying and learning. we all learn at some stage in life.

  218. amrithapani says

    Hi Dasanna,

    I love your site and all my friends are you blog addict now. I have a small suggestion. Could you please categorize your recipes according to vegetables also? I never used to know how to cook lauki but I learnt this from your blog. So it would be nice to have a section for each vegetable and its recipes.
    Keep up the good work and thank you.


    • says

      thanks a lot amritha. earlier a few years back, everything was categorized as per the different veggies, fruits etc. later we deleted all of them as it had become too confusing. we are looking into some softwares that can automatically tag or categorize the recipe.

  219. Rahul says

    Hello Dassana, Amit:
    Thank you for all the efforts you have put into this blog, I am a Bachelor and you guys have really helped me out in starting from scratch and learning how to cook.
    Your recipes are great and simple at the same time also well explained, Keep up the good work.

    I have a request, if you guys could come up with a post regarding Grocery Shopping for a month, i.e just a list of all the things that you could buy from a Grocer for a month, as I am a novice at this and I try to shop for all the things but most of the time I see a new ingredient in the recipes and have to go out and buy that before I could make that dish.

    Hence it is my humble request if you guys could help me and other such novice’s out there, as I do not have that much knowledge about every single masala/condiments/spices/beans etc

    All in all you guys are doing and extraordinary job, good luck for your future endeavors.


    • says

      welcome rahul and thanks. we have got a few request from readers on the list of spices, pulses, monthly groceries etc. we are thinking of doing this and will update in the future.

  220. Aruna says

    Hi Dassana,

    I also love to cook and think that cooking is an art and science. You need to cook from your heart and the food simply tastes very good. That’s why the prasadam offered in say Udupi temple or the langar in Amritsar and in other similar places tastes absolutely divine.
    Your site has lovely recipes and clear precise steps. Fantastic work!!
    I am from Andhra, however traveled across India. Every region has a special recipes suited to that climate typically. My husband and I both love having good food at home. I have always been a vegetarian and I really think that it helps in balancing one’s energy.
    Sorry I can keep going on….

    However I really think your site is fantastic and the recipes are great too.

    Thanks for all the effort and good work!
    God Bless!


    • says

      hi aruna, so much agree with what you say about the temple food. i have had the fortune of getting temple prasad in many temples across india. i so very well can relate to what you say. vegetarian food does help a lot. thanks for positive comment. means a lot to us.

  221. Aneeshya Monteiro says

    Hey guys,

    First of all, I am a huge huge fan of this site, I love all your recipes. Kudos to you guys. The main attraction of this website is , Its hassle free , I want to know whether you have an app for the same site in android?. Please do let me know.

  222. says

    Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.
    – Maurice de VlaminckHi Mam ,

    I am Gayathiri Madheswaran Working here in UAE as Engineer.My Parents are in Tamilnadu.Your website teached me many Recipies so i am Surviving :) . Lot of applauses from my Colleagues. Thank a lot . I wish you all success

  223. SuriS says

    Dear Dassana,
    Kudos to you for putting together this wonderful blog and such appetizing pictures. I’m not much of a cook, but post marriage I’m trying my hand at some of it. Your recipes have been very helpful and I look forward to cooking more with them. You should think about starting a cooking class/workshop, if you haven’t already. I’ll be in line to sign up. :) Thanks again. Happy Cooking!
    Best, SS


    Lovely recipes. Keep up the good work.
    The logical extension of the blog is to have an outlet, i.e. a restaurant, where we can pay to sample your mouthwatering food. Think about it!

    • says

      welcome amitava. thanks for the appreciation and the lovely idea. but website recipes, suit us more and we are able to reach more people home than via a restaurant. we want people to enjoy cooking good food at home.

  225. says

    I recently got retired from Haryana Government from the post of Chief Secretary to the Government of Haryana.

    I intend to set up a Food Processing Unit at Ambala Cantt (Haryana). I am keen to have
    a personal meeting with you to discuss certain important matters.

    If convenient please give me your mobile no.

    With warm regards,

    Ashok Jain

    • says

      ashok ji, glad to know about you. we have no experience in setting up food processing unit. so i am afraid, we won’t be able to help you. although we have received such request before also. we wish you all the best in your venture.

  226. Mahapurusa says

    Where can I buy the platters with the dipping bowl featured in your pakora recipe section?



  227. Dhiren says

    Hiya! Greetings from Canada,

    I really wanted to thank you guys for making this amazing site!

    It is very refreshing to see a recipe blog that provides step-by-step instructions with pictures, unlike other sites that I have used in the past. I also enjoy the background information that you include with your recipes. Furthermore, I love the overall format of each post (info, steps with images, ingredient list and a mini version). Lastly, I have a suggestion: please have a “Donate” button or a mini form. This way people can contribute to the site even if they don’t necessarily click on the ads or have an ad-blocker on.

    Site bookmarked.


    • says

      thanks dhiren for this lovely feedback. we appreciate your consideration to help the website.
      honestly speaking, we believe that law of karma balances everything. we believe in sharing our best and the good results follow through. also, in internet world, things are free. although it is not fair with website owners… but thats how internet works. we also surf so many websites on different issues but click only on those ads when we like the advertisement and it should be that way only. otherwise, if someone is clicking on advertisement, just to give the website owner some business, then he is not fair to the person who is paying for the advertisement. so feel free to surf website without the obligation to click on any ad. because internet is working like this only. and in the end, only fair money is good money.

      about the donation, right now the website is self-sufficient financially. so we don’t want donations from readers.. as their love and encouragement is motivating us. in fact, we have got this request from few more readers. we are still thinking of adding links of few websites which are into NGO or social issues. so that instead of donating money to us, readers can donate to these organisation directly.

      lastly, if you still ask what can be done in return, then you can share the website link with your friends or just send good wishes.
      thanks again for writing such a considerate comment.

  228. Ishwinder Sethi says

    Dear Dassana ‘n Amit,

    For this huge hard work and making life of people simple. I will love to buy a cook book, please publish one. And if its already published please share details. I am single man, I love cooking ‘n then eating after seeing and trying recipies given here. Thanks again ‘n keep it up.


    • says

      Welcome Ishwinder. Your comment is motivating. God willing one day we will publish the recipe book. Many readers are asking for it. Hope for the best. Till then you can find the recipes on the blog.

  229. Surpreet says

    Thanks for putting up such an amazing and helpful recipe blog. I am getting married within a month and I am cent percent sure, your blog is gonna save me life post wedding!

  230. Violetsid says

    Hello Dassana, Amit:

    I am unable to post a Q/comment for a recipe I need to make today [yes, “need” :)]. It is the Begun Bhaja Recipe, there is no option to leave a comment. I hope you get this in time, although I think I know the answer, want to know if you tried with brad crumbs? Thanks,
    Viloet S.

  231. Sindhu amit says

    Hey dassana…I love your pictures and the elaborate description. Great job..thanks for everything.

  232. Debarati says

    I really like the way your blog is presented, especially with the pictures and the plating is beautiful. A neat and attractive plating is must and you guys are bang on. Your recipes are really well explained.
    I would like to make a suggestion , is it possible for you guys to develop an app with your recipes? I find cooking/ recipe apps very useful, and I am sure many will agree.
    Keep blogging :)

    • says

      thanks debarati for your positive feedback. honestly speaking we have been wanting to make an app from the last 6 months. but the app softwares are very expensive and also we are not getting time to develop an app. somehow something or the other comes in the way. but we do have plans to make one. i even studied so many softwares, but not yet got the time to sit and develop an app.

  233. Shubhi says

    Love your blog guys! I have tried many recipes from your blog and totally fell head over heels over the outcome….All the best guys!!

  234. champa says

    Hi Dassana,

    Requesting you to provide some nutritious and yummy food recipes for my 2 yr baby who is very picky eater.
    Also if there was a way to search recipes within this website it would be very helpful.


    • says

      the recipes can be searched from the google search tab right on the top right hand side. its visible on the computer, tablet and mobile. can you see it? you can type the word and get the recipes which have been posted on the blog. will try to add toddler recipes.

  235. Jiji says

    Hi … I wanted to thank you for all the efforts you put into the blog.. I am raised in the US, my parents are from Kerala and got married to Punjabi… The recipe you put up on Kadhi was spot on.. I have never eaten this dish growing but read that it was popular dish in North India…. My husband and his family loved the dish and I am on to exploring other recipes… Also love the step by step pictures, which allows me to ensure that I am doing it right.. Its real thrill to wake up during the weekend and surprise my hubby and my family with a recipe I discovered on your blog..
    Cooking is a way to someone’s heart… And you guys have shown me to do this easy without failing at it.. Thank you

    • says

      its feels good to read your comment. i agree that cooking is way to someone’s heart. glad that your family appreciated the kadhi recipe. i know how it is when you are raised up with different cooking background and get married into another one. the change is too much at times and one slowly need to get adjusted. thanks again and do try the other punjabi recipes as well.

  236. Rajashri Ghosh says

    Hi dassana. How are you?? Did you guys have fun on navratri??
    I know I’m writing to you after a long time but the good news is my birthday party was a huge hit, khaman dhokla, babycorn jalfrezy, Punjabi kadhi, fruit custard, butter paneer all were super duper hit. :-)
    Thanks a lot dassana for the easy beautiful recipes, without your help I would not gain so much praises. Thanks, thanks a lot. :-) :-)

  237. Amrita says

    hi..i wanted to say thanks for all the recipes on this blog…i lost my mom a month back..she was an amazing cook.. n now i try to cook like her..i refer to your blog very often for new techniques and recipes..i am sure my mom must be so proud of me..
    thanks a ton…keep up the good work..

    • says

      welcome amrita. your mom will not only be proud but also happy for you. its dream of every mother to train her daughter in cooking and house hold work. moreover her blessings will always be with you. please feel free to ask any query about cooking.

  238. Jim says

    Hello! Greetings from Seattle, USA.
    Found and cooked your recipe for cabbage upkari today. I had not known this dish; so charming that it was a favorite school tiffin.
    It was delicious; thank you for sharing. I look forward to exploring more of your site. Best wishes and cheers!

  239. U.P says

    I have tried a number of your recipes (chole/daal/paneer tikka/besan ladoo) and am very impressed. You make me want to cook again! Your instructions are so clear to understand and the pictures are beautiful. I am planning on making the Veg Biryani for Diwali and am really looking forward to it. Thank you for this website and for sharing your recipes. You are awesome!

  240. Sandhya Dwivedi says

    Hello Dassana,
    I found your site while looking for recipes.Its amazing and fulfilling all my requirements of variety of recipes. I am also a vegetarian so your site and recipe is really helpful.I am really glad that you thought of putting your recipes online.i am going to try each of your recipe starting with hummus…..yummy:P.Thank you so much:)

  241. Anuja says

    Hello there!

    I am a newbie into cooking but simply in love with your blog. The way you write .. it makes everything so simple. I have tried your Palak Biryani and it was a great hit! Not to forget the simple Vanilla ice cream recipe. Least to say, your blog inspires me to cook every time I visit it!

    Thank you so much!
    Stay Blessed! :)

    Much Love,

  242. says

    Hi Amit,

    I was just surfing your blog for the first time to find out how you are popular than us :)
    You are certainly doing pretty good. Awesome and mouth watering pictures. Good job.

    Found one small bug and wanted to share with you. The world Cuisine link on main menu does not work. It is missing the blog’s domain name. You may want to fix it.
    It points to:

    • says

      welcome anil. thanks for your positive feedback and pointing out the error. i have corrected it. i wish you, all the best for your blog which is very well designed and maintained.

  243. James Pereira says

    Hi Amit,
    Was going through you blog. Can you let me know where I can get melon seeds in Bangalore, as I intend to make the Navratan korma using your recipe.
    Appreciate your site and also the way it is presented.


    • says

      james, thanks for the positive feedback. i am not from bangalore but i guess you can get it in any big food store or super stores like “hypercity” or “big bazaar”.

  244. Poonam Kaur says

    Hi Dassana and Amit,

    I was searching some quick recipes for my puppy, and came across this website accidentally.
    Trust me I had no interest to read anything, however, Dassana’s attractive and creative photography pulled my interest and I read a lot of recipes and about you. You both are an inspiration. Your sure going in my “favs” :) Thanks for making this website.

    Poonam Kaur

  245. Aarthi says

    Hi there
    I visit ur site v regularly cos here the recipes are simple but the best part I like is the step by step pictures. Very useful.
    Can u pls add a list of school lunch box recipes? I have two kids, so everyday I have to think of something that’s healthy, not too hard to make, not too liquidy, and most important of all, which they ll like to eat. I browsed through the net but wasn’t satisfied by what I got. I hope u add many such recipes.
    Another suggestion I ll like to make is if I want to leave a comment, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, and sometimes the page is too long. So maybe u may want to shift the comment box right in the beginning of the comments section instead of at the end.
    I would like to express here that it’s really nice of u to read and comment on your readers comments. I haven’t seen this in any other blog. Makes us feel special that u actually care for us and can take out the time to write back despite your busy schedule.
    Much love

    • says

      thanks a lot aarthi. i already have a section on tiffin recipes. i just need to place the link on the pages. i have to include many recipes in this link and will add in a few days. here is the link – http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/recipes/tiffin-recipes/. i suggest to have a combo of main food nutrients for tiffins which means include carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. so best to have combination of rotis/bhakris or food made with rice (eg poha, idli, dosa) along with protein packed food (eg sprouts, dry legumes sabzi, ie rajma, urad dak, chana dal sabzi, paneer etc) and some fruits or raw salad vegetables like beets, carrots.

      thanks for the suggestion on the comment box. i will see if its applicable in the layout.

  246. poonam says

    hello dassana and amit
    I love your website. you guys encourage me to keep trying new recipes. I think I love both of you. I get so much positive energy from you two. stay blessed. trying your dal fry today.

  247. Vandana says

    Hello Dassana & Amit,

    Thank u so much for all the recipes u have put together in this blog. It simple to understand. I belong to Kerala, but grew up in Delhi. My mom is not really into cooking. Hence i never have a good idea about south Indian cooking. My husband on the other hand grew up in Mumbai yet loves South Indian food.

    I had a terrible time balancing the sambar masala and the tamarind etc (lol). I was literally petrified to even enter the kitchen. Also, I dont like to flip thru the cook books. Thats when my friends suggested me to go thru blogs, and here i am.

    So, once again, thank u both of you. Thanks a lot Dassana for all those delicious recipes.

  248. Shefali Dastane says

    Hi Dassana and Amit,

    The blog that you have put together is simply awesome! From accessibility point of view, its very user friendly and recipes are simply mind blowing( and mouth watering 😉 ).
    I am from a Hindu South Indian family where its taken for granted that cooking comes naturally to a girl. However, as I stayed in a hostel for 6 years for my graduation and post graduation, I ended up in a difficult spot when I got married 3 months back. I was clueless about cooking. But, Google lived up to its legacy and I came across this blog! I have tried couple of recipes and I am gradually believing that I am not that bad a loser in cooking as I perceived myself to be :).
    However, I do have a request to make. As I have just started cooking, quite often I do not have the ingredients for cooking. Also, I do not have the correct utensils at times. Could you please write up about the common ingredients( spices, veggies, etc) and commonly used utensils that needs to be at ones home. I am very excited about cooking now, but being a new bee, I need to update my toolbox accordingly :). Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards

    • says

      thanks shefali for this positive and encouraging feedback. while running this blog we realized that many girls nowadays learn cooking after marriage. might be because there is so much pressure of studies and career building in current time. many readers have requested about a post on common ingredients used in kitchen. but i am not getting the time… as it will take a lot of time to prepare such a post. will keep this request in mind. happy cooking.

  249. Yvonne says

    I am Dutch vegetarian loving Indian food and I love your blog! The recipes are tasty but also very clearly presented. You guys are obviously very devoted. Keep up the good work and thank you!

  250. Harsha Ch says

    Dear Dassana and Amit

    I have visited your blog several times but never actually read about you guys. I am totally impressed by the amount of dedication and hard-work you guys have put into this blog; and not to forget it completely shows off :)

    Please keep posting some salads, soups recipes too. My husband loves fresh and healthy food items.

    Good luck to you guys.


  251. Theck says

    Guys: Your website is my never-fail resource for veg recipes, and every single one of them has turned out beautifully, which makes me keep coming back!

    Dassana, thanks for all the effort you have put into blogging these detailed recipes, and keep up the great work. The pictures are lovely to.

    I’d like to suggest a couple of things: if you have a weekly newsletter featuring new recipes, I’d love to get it. And second, have you considered creating an app?

    • says

      thanks theck for this positive feedback. i have added your email to the weekly recipes newsletter. we thought of making the app but could not get the best solution. although we have web app mode for iphone.

      • Theck says

        Sadly I am one of those non-Apple users (although I like to eat them!). I see Tarla Dalal site has an app for food, but it’s not that great. Well, on the web it is! I will make the effort to visit your web page because I really enjoy trying out these recipes!

          • Theck says

            Hello Dassana and Amit,

            I was wondering if you have any update on an app for this blog? It would be thrilling to use it – and as a frequent user of your website, I would be happy to pay a small monthly fee also.

            For some reason, I am no longer receiving your newsletter updates by email – it has been a few months now. Would love to be added back. Please let me know how. I am not on Facebook unfortunately.

            • says

              we did started out working with an app. then left it midway due to lack of time. we are still considering working on the app but just that there is always less time. in fact we even started out with an ebook, but that project also has been left midway. but both these projects are pending. i hope we manage to implement these in some time. we left the email service as a part of cost cutting as the rates were too much. so for now we have implemented the google feedburner service for both feeds as well as for email subscriptions. you can click here to get the email subscriptions – https://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=VegRecipesOfIndia&loc=en_US

  252. Ramesh Vasudevan says

    Dear Amit & Dasanna,

    This is such a great work you guys are doing & no words are enough for that. Amazing site & mouthwatering recipes. Special mention for the photographs.

    Keep going guys. God bless you :)

    Gonna try some of the recipes tomorrow. Thank you guys.

  253. Leeba Mathew says

    Hi Guys,

    Great Job.. First time visiting your blog and totally impressed. Its a visual treat.

  254. Vinay Desai says

    Hi Amit and dassana,I’m really glad that I got this blog I bookmarked it now to learn new recipe for my weekend. I was searching for best n simple mushroom recipe which I found here.. I tried those recipe and at home everybody liked it.. Thank you so much for making this blog.. I’ll be trying other recipe for next weekend.. Thnx n regard Vinay D.

  255. Subha says

    Dear Dassana,
    The recipe of Malai kofta was mouthwatering and so were the pictures. If you have time join the facebook group ” Epicurean delights” You will meet some amazing people all over the world who make delicious food. I have posted a link to your blog there, simple cause i love your page. Keep going !

    Much love from US

  256. Gauri says


    Such a wonderful site, I can’t wait to try out all the recipes! I am newly married and I was looking for a unique khichdi recipe as my husband doesn’t like khichdi but I love it, and I’m glad I found your palak khichdi recipe. It’s great that your blog features soo many vegetarian recipes from different parts of India. It will come in handy for me especially bc I am Marathi & he is Gujarati and I will be learning to cook both types of food :)

  257. anju says

    Amit plz tell me which is rice is perboiled rice. I found so many recipe blogs for Idli and Dosa, on every blog including your blog used perboiled rice. I usually use kesar kali, chand tara, double horse rice. In these varieties is there any perboiled rice. plz tell me.

    • says

      parboiled rice is rice which have been half cooked in their husks and then pounded. they are called as ukda chawal in hindi. basically adding them to idlis make them soft. for dosa, you can use regular rice. parboiled rice, gives a softness to dosa. i suppose the names that you have mentioned are brands and not the names of the rice. atleast double horse is a brand. double horse has parboiled rice as one of their rice varieties. so you can check.

  258. Rajashri Ghosh says

    Hi dassana and hi amit. I’m Rajashri. I was just randomly looking for recipes and found your food blog. And I just love your blog. It’s awesome. I will definitely try your recipes but I have a question regarding dhokla. I am thinking to make the khaman dhokla and the question is, can I make the dhokla a day before and eat them the next day and if I can then how should I store them??

    • says

      thanks rajashri. you can make the dhokla a day before. once you steam and temper it, then store in an airtight dabba or box. then keep in the fridge. when you want to serve, just sprinkle some drops of water on the dhokla and microwave for some seconds, just to warm the dhokla. don’t make hot. otherwise the texture would become dense and loose their softness.

      • Rajashri Ghosh says

        Thank you so much dassana. :-)
        Now I have another question, can I make paneer from 2 days old chhana kept in the refrigerator as the milk was split while boiling??

        • says

          to make paneer, the chenna or the curdled milk has to be hot. i don’t think you can make a block of paneer. but you can use the same chenna to make dishes where crumbled paneer is added.

          • Rajashri Ghosh says

            Okay. Thanks once again. :-)
            I will definitely try to make the paneer from freshly curdled milk and tell you the result. :-)

              • Rajashri Ghosh says

                I made the paneer from fresh curdled milk and it was awesome and I also made chilly paneer and it was a hit too. :-) :-)

                  • Rajashri Ghosh says

                    I couldn’t find the reply option in your fruit custard recipe that’s why I am replying here. Thank you dassana, thanks a lot. My birthday is still a month away but I want to try the recipes in the meantime so that I wouldn’t make a mistake that day. I have another question, can I use regular sugar?? And thank you so much for the advanced birthday wish. :-) I may use some other recipes of your that day and I may need your help with them too. :-)

                    • says

                      welcome rajashri. we have closed comments from some posts as again we will be travelling. yes you can use regular sugar. sure, but just give me a few days to reply as i will be travelling due to family issues.

  259. Kapil says

    I was glad to hear that you too have discovered how food is not just merely a physical thing. That – the emotions and vibrations of a person cooking the meal are poured into the dish. I personally don’t eat food prepared at public places – and this has been for so many years now – that I can’t remember when was the last time I ate a meal at a public place – maybe in 2000. I often get this weird question – “why don’t you eat at restaurants”. Well! i am in the business of shutting down these restaurants one step at a time!!! Haha! I atleast now have a great reference (to this site) to back-up my no-eat-outside stand. It is something very much in the Hindu scriptures. That made me come to this “About” page to find out more. Please also do consider avoiding onions and garlic. You will be able to discover on your own that food can still be delicious without them and it enhances sattvic state. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!!

    • says

      thanks kapil. i agree with you that hygienically and energy wise food prepared at home is better. no onion no garlic food is good for spirituality and satvik qualities. but not every one is satvic in nature and some people are rajsic and tamasik too. for people who want to have onion and garlic, i share such recipes. only during fasting and religious days, we don’t have onions and garlic. another important thing i would say is that one should have mastery over one’s thoughts and emotions. e.g. if we have no choice and we have to eat food in restaurants then the vibration of food should not be able to spoil our energy and we are able to transform that energy. it could be done via mantra chanting, meditation, prayer before starting eating or eating the food reverentially.

      • Kapil says

        Thank you for taking the time to write me a reply. I agree – NONG diet (NONG – No Onion No Garlic) is suitable for people who would want to ground deeper into spirituality.

        While it would be ideal to have mastery over one’s thoughts and emotions – but our Hindu scriptures tell us that even great Yogis like Shiva, Narada, Ekalshrungi, Brahma have been unable to control their minds when a tempting opportunity arose. Thus, i wouldn’t consider myself greater than them and run the risk. I would try my best to stay within the commands of religious code as I can possibly can. If I do not have a choice, I usually have milk or fruits (satvic items) – after all it would be just for a day or two – and I will still survive. Personally, I believe the chemicals of the food does not change even how reventially one thinks about them. Meat, onion or garlic will remain and retain their intrinsic qualities no matter how much one considers them as prasadam. Choosing to eat at restaurants or a diet inconsistent of one’s religious codes while explaining that one will stay pure serves a subtle excuse of the mind to still want to relish that food!! That means the desire is still there and may manifest again and again when the opportunity comes along.

        • says

          thanks kapil for this intelligent reply. you are very logical and devoted to your sadhana.
          i agree with many of your comments.
          i just want to say one point. it is also important to work on other subtle bodies apart from physical body. no onion no garlic diet is good but it is more important to do meditation or mantra or worshipping any diety. because when we die then our physical body is lost but the astral body and karmas remains and continue to next life. so it is important to be more satvic in desire or thoughts. physical conditions are not always in our hand but how we respond to situations is in our hand. anyway, mind and body are not two but one. if we change the mind then body will also change and vice versa.

  260. Apurva Gupta says


    I don’t know how to say this but i just simply love your site!!!
    The photography the recipes the presentation the whole look of the website
    is mesmerizing. I just got married moved to USA hardly know how to cook,
    i am an engineer working with a huge company here hardly have time to cook
    but when i go through your website i want to cook and also eat at home.
    i mostly see my recipes from your website and they remind me of my mom
    which is the best thing anyone could do to anyone.
    i also use to blog but due to marriage and work i stopped but you guys are such big
    source of inspiration who make me want to cook and to start blogging again.
    i want to thank you guys to get such a fantastic recipes to us and to make the website
    so soothing and relaxing to read. Oh i would just not stop writing… its so good! :)

    • says

      thanks apurva for this motivating as well as sweet feedback. i suggest you start blogging again because you writing has a flow or may i loved reading your comment. thanks again. always good to know that blog is making people life easier.

  261. Neha says

    Hi Dassana,

    Would like to thank you and Amit for running this blog. You recipes are a savior for me as i have recently started cooking (Got married a couple years back and i enjoy making occasional meals for my husband) Not only are your recipes simple to make but the output is amazing :)
    Thanks for doing such a great job!

  262. Kevin says

    Hi.I’ve seen many paneer recipes on many sites but yours seems to be the easiest. Can I use milk made from milk powder or uht? The only thing that worried me is vinegar aftertaste as you don’t rinse the cheese to get rid of it.Mostly because I’ll make paneer barfi with it.Can I use white cane vinegar? Is a teaspoon enough and will there be the aftertaste in the barfi?Someone in the comments said that yogurt can replace vinegar. This is a great idea.Please tell how much should I use and if I can put the cheese in a fine sieve or a clean kitchen towel instead of cheese cloth.Can I keep it frozen for six months or a year? Thanks

    • says

      hi kevin, i am not sure how the paneer made from the milk powder milk will turn out. vinegar has an after taste. if you rinse, then there there is less after taste. with yogurt there is no after taste. you may need about 2 to 3 tbsp of yogurt for 1 litre of whole milk. you can place the cottage cheese in a fine sieve. avoid freezing for such a long time as that of six months. milk items are perishable and its always better to consume them as soon as possible.

  263. Marta says

    I recently found your blog and I have to thank you for all the beautiful and inspirational recipes. Not only they are tasty, easy to follow and very well captured in the pictures, but also I find them a great help with anyone trying to follow the best recipes to balance their doshas. It’s perfectly organized and I love to come here and search for new recipes to try.
    Cooking is a passion for me, and now I have even more reasons to try new and healthy recipes. Thank you and keep up with the excellent work! Congratulations! :)

  264. says

    Hi Dassana and Amit. I absolutely adore your blog. It’s so clear and easy to follow. I love the step by step pictures and the recipe table at the end of each post. You inspire the cook inside this sixteen year old.
    Thank you so much for each and every recipe- keep going, you’re doing great!


  265. Lipika says

    Hi Dassana- Amit,

    I came across your website while randomly looking for a sev-puri recipe on google. The layout and presentation of the website (photographs, writing style, easy-to-follow summary of instructions) immediately caught my attention. The dish turned out exactly as I had wanted it, and I got hooked.
    A couple more recipes (your daals especially!) and this became my to-go place for any new recipe I wanted to try..
    As a grad student, I didn’t cook much at home, but these days I actually look forward to trying another one of your simple, homely, recipes every evening..
    Please continue to keep up the great work – for me it’s a way of being home away from home..

    • says

      welcome lipika and big thanks for this sweet feedback. reading your comment, i feel the blog is a success and is really helping people in cooking.

  266. Shubhada Pradhan says

    Hello Amit, Dassana,

    I thought I posted a comment earlier this evening, but since I cannot see it, I am writing to you again. I wanted to thank both of you for creating this blog and sharing your recipes. I like the way you present the recipes. They are also very easy to follow. My husband loves the dals, and ever since I tried some of your dal recipes, he loves the dals that I make. He also liked some other vegetable dishes that I made per your recipes.


    • says

      hi shubhada, i can see your comment and replied to it too. just refresh this page on your browser and you will see your comments. thanks again and happy cooking.

  267. Shubhada pradhan says

    Hello Amit, Dassana,

    Everyone likes my dal preparations. My husband loves dals and used to prefer dals bought from out, now says that I should cook dals at home, since they come out well. My secret? Your blog. Your recipes are really good, easy to understand. Not only dals, I also prepare other recipes, and everyone loves them. Thanks for sharing the recipes!


  268. ashish garg says

    Dear Dassana, Amit

    Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. A compulsive cook, I have been using several websites to perfect my recipes which I normally cook for my family and friends. But once I stumbled open your blog, I have been coming back to it regularly. Amazingly written and simply depicted, it makes cooking even the most complex recipes very easy. Thanks to both of you, we are eating happier and more diverse, healthy vegetarian meals.

    Rgds – Ashish

  269. Shazia says

    Hello Dassana,
    How are you?
    Shazia here.. :) :)
    I am currently living in Delhi with hubby, Khurram..
    Basically I am from Lucknow, brought up in Rae Bareli (U.P)
    I am a housewife & love being so.. :) :)

    I have been following your most lovely & most loved by me, website & recipes for quite sometime..
    Sorry for not writing or commenting earlier on your lovely, simple & so delicious recipes..
    I sneaked in often, stole your recipes, tried them, always had success in trying but never thanked you..
    So thankless & mean of me naa!
    I always thought that I will write to you araam se, itminaan se, in detail..
    because I think you are doing the most wonderful job of sharing your lovely recipes with all of us..
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart..
    I have so much to write to you, for you & about you, but don’t know exactly what to write & where to begin..

    So let me start this way,
    I truly love you & respect you & your work a lot..
    Apart from your beautiful recipes & Oh! so beautiful pictures,
    What I can see is a beautiful person with very beautiful & pure soul..

    It is said that God is in the details…
    Same applies for the details, hard work, passion, precision, enthusiasm & your pure love for food..
    I can see all your virtues through your food & pictures..
    The unique bright light in your pictures which always shines like the bright gleaming Sunlight, I feel that, thats You, Your Heart & Soul & your passion for food shining through.. :) :)
    everything on your website is so pleasant, so beautiful, full of positive energy & happiness..
    No one can be sad after seeing your website.. :) :)

    All of this sums up in one very apt Quotation ~ “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
    + I feel even more sincerer & purer Love you have is that of your Husband Amit.. :)
    I thank him from the core of my heart for encouraging you to do this, if it was not for him, we would have to do Dassana (“search for insight”) of good food & a lovely person like you.. ;D ;D

    Some of your recipes I tried are Kaddu ki Sabzi, Sooji ka Halwa, Veg Pizza, Matar Pulao & yesterday I tried Tomato Omelette and many more recipes, sorry I can’t remember all of them right now (so mean of me naa! :P) & all of recipes turned out delicious as I always wanted it to be..

    Now I very proudly boast about all the dishes I prepare in front of my Mother~in~Law.. 😀 😀
    Even proudly send her the pictures on WhatsApp.. 😀
    I am sure now she won’t be able to think that I don’t know anything about cooking & keep her Son starved.. 😀 ;D
    But I must say that my Mother~in~Law is an exceptionally brilliant cook, whatever she cooks is delicious & very flavorful..
    I can never match her cooking skills..

    I am just a beginner in cooking, taking small small steps & I am very proud of my Teacher, my lovely Dassana Ma’am.. :) :)

    Whenever I have to look for a recipe, I just search it in Veg recipes of India & I always find it, it’s like Google for Food.. :) :)
    I am a non vegetarian & when I have to look for a recipe, I feel lost, don’t know where to look for..
    But it doesn’t matter, mostly I cook vegetarian & I know my quick fix is there at “Veg recipes of India” :) :)

    I know I have lots to write & express, just can’t organize my thoughts comprehensively right now, I know I have missed many things which I thought I would write, when I write to you..
    Will write to you soon..
    keep the great work going!
    My best wishes are always with you..
    God Bless all of us!
    Love & Light,
    s h a z i a

    P.S. ~ Its my humble request from you Dassana, I would love to see pictures of You & Amit together enjoying the food prepared by you. It would be a treat for me & all your readers. I will be very Happy.. 😀 😀

  270. priyanka kakkar says

    Hi dassana ,Amit

    You guys make a great team, I am a regular reader of the blog and I make sure to visit your blog at least once a day. I love the way the recipes are kept neat and simple.

    I was also putting thoughts into starting a food blog of my own. Few do’s /dont’s from both of you would be appreciated.

    Thanks ..

  271. Pallavi says

    I just want to thank you for the amazing blog you have put together. All my life I have had food cooked by my mom and never had to do any cooking. She passed away few months back and since then I have been trying to find my way in the cooking world to cook for my family. I stumbled upon your blog and choose to follow because of the simple steps and pictorial format which helped me to compare at each stage how i am doing. Now everyone is just a fan of my cooking, thanks to your wonderful recipes – starting from simple home dishes to restaurant style dishes. I cant do without going through your blog in my day. Please keep up the good work!!

  272. Sandip Barua says

    I found yours recipe is easy to cook and enjoyable to cook as a amateur cookist like me :). I want to know how can I comment on particular recipe ? Thanks.

    • says

      thanks sandip. comments were closed on most of the recipes for few days. now we have opened them again. so you can leave your feedback. we appreciate and love reading feedback from readers. we like to respond to every comment and because of tight work schedule and a technical update, we had to close the comments for few days.

  273. says

    Dear Dassana,

    I am a newbie in the field trying to make a mark. Your website has been so inspiring. I admire your hard work and dedication. The pictures are eye catching and your honesty shines through your writing.
    I wondered if you might have any suggestions on increasing web traffic? At times I wonder whether all my hard work will ever get its due…

    thanks and regards
    Anupama (http://easybitesonline.com)

    • says

      thanks anupama. there are many things one has to do to get traffic.
      nowadays making website is easy but getting traffic is difficult.
      one has to give very good content, make the site very fast loading, show more content above the fold (e.g. in ur case u can reduce the header image size), good blog design, sharing the posts in social networking sites, linking your blog with your google plus page and doing SEO on posts and so on. for food blog, good photohraphs are also important plus one has to write about the food/recipe one is posting.
      i suggest you to check these 2 blogs are SEO and traffic generation tips. as its a vast topic.
      shoutmeloud.com and quicksprout.com

      most important thing is to blog on topic/recipe in which you are expert. make a niche than on spreading content in different niches.
      all the best to you

      • says

        Thank you so much. I really appreciate you getting back to me. For some reason I was expecting a mail with the response and therefore I did not come back to check. It is a lovely surprise actually. I felt I should understand and appreciate that you are busy! Managing my ‘new-born’ blog keeps me occupied all day; I can only imagine how many dedicated hours you must have put in.
        I will surely bear in mind your suggestions.
        Many Thanks again.
        With best wishes to you both,

        • says

          welcome anupama. yes i totally agree with you that maintaining a blog is very time consuming. specially true for food blogs where we have to click many photos and post them as well. i usually reply the comments in website only and very rarely use the email medium to reply to comments. all the best to your blogging passion.

          • says

            Thank you Dassana. I am trying to think and work around your suggestions:) I can see its going to be a steep climb!
            I have to say one more thing. I know many many many of your viewers must have said this. However, I have got to say that there is an honesty in your pictures which I do not see in any professionally photographed/styled sites:)

  274. says

    Your blog is amazing. I prepared a couple of recipes from your blog and it turned out really well. thanks for sharing them… love you guys!

  275. Angelo says

    Hi Dassana
    I love ur blog it’s really awesome and it helped me a lot as I m a student with love for cooking but never got to cook properly as macho ruled household that boys shouldn’t cook, but u really helped me a lot… I m really thankful that I bumped unto ur blog. It’s suppeerrbbb
    love ya
    Byeeee take care

  276. Saleena says

    Dear Dassana


    Id like to mention firstly of how much i DISLIKE heading to the kitchen and preparing a single dish, until its one of those blue moon days where i enter the kitchen and stay there for hours cooking not one but several dishes at a go.

    I was looking for an aloo mushroom desi recipe online when i came across your website. Reading the numerous reviews for the Mushroom kadhai, without having a look at the ingredients, i told myself that the following day i would try the recipe. Its usual for me to see a recipe and then never make it but thankfully the scenario was different this time as i had promised my family that i would surely make them something.

    To my amazement i actually had every single ingredient required for the mushroom kadhai recipe and voila I ACTUALLY MADE THE DISH!

    I cannot express how YUM the dish turned out. It turned out a slight tangy but that was cos of tomatoes im sure. Id love to send on the pic to you. It was a fantastic recipe. A big thanks to you. Within just 30 mins of preparing the dish, the bowl was wiped out

    You have inspired me to go back to the kitchen and surprise my family with some amazing dishes through your website. MANY THANKS!!!

    I shall try your other recipes and surely keep you updated on how they turned out.

    • says

      hi saleena. cooking can be creative as well as fun. good to know mushroom kadai was YUM. you can also add a bit of cream and that will balance the tanginess of the tomatoes. do try some of the tried and tested popular recipes from the blog. they won’t fail. do update me and give your valuable feedback.

  277. SALEENA says

    Dear Dassana


    I had written a long comment yesterday but it doesnt seem to show up on the page anywhere.

    Anyhow, I had googled aloo mushroom desi recipes and came across your mushroom kadhai recipe. I managed to prepare it with all the ingredients and turned out fantastic. Everyone at my end absolutely loved the dish.

    Thank you for a lovely recipe!


    • says

      welcome saleena and big thanks for this positive feedback. we didn’t received any comment yesterday. i also checked the spam folder if in case it has gone there by mistake. but its not there in spam folder. anyways happy cooking.

      • SASHI says

        Just went through your autobiography. No wonder, the radiance on your faces indicate your spiritual background as well. I was into meditation and am spiritually devout as well while I worked on Servers as well and am into IT, However, my imminent interest is PIZZA making. (Groan)..I don’t seem to get the timing right in the Convection Microwave. Or perhaps, it’s the mode I need to select. Any clues guys? Your time will be appreciated.



        • says

          thanks sashi. we have a recipe on the blog for making pizza. here’s the link – http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/veg-pizza-recipe-vegetable-pizza/.

          i had made this pizza in an ifb convection microwave oven. choose the convection mode of the oven. then preheat the oven at 200 degrees C. meaning let the oven run at this temperature for at least 10 mins. then stop the oven and place the assembled pizza on a tray or pan. again choose the convection mode and set the time. since everything is ready, you just to need to melt the cheese. so about 7 to 8 mins would be fine.

  278. Pascale Kull says

    Hello Dassana and Amit!

    I just found your blog a few days ago and since then I cook only indian food! We both LOVE it and as vegetarians it is simply perfect to not have to think about exchanging non vegi ingredients…
    Thank you so much for sharing with us!
    And luckily you are not a professional food stylist – after styling the food you can’t eat it anymore (hairspray, gloss, sticks….)! I prefer to see the things like they are :-) !
    Keep on blogging, it’s a wonderful idea!!!
    Take care,
    Pascale & Michael

    • says

      thanks a lot pascale and michael. i have read some bits on professional food styling and i just can’t do what they do like sprays, gloss etc. i prefer food to be styled with natural stuff. indian food is great and one can never get bored of it. there is so much variety. i agree blogging is a good idea.

  279. says

    Hi Dassana,

    I am sitting at my dinner table in front of a bowl of your Dal Fry. Your Dal Fry recipe was the first Indian recipe I ever tried :) I fell in love with Indian food in 2010 on a visit to Canada where I had Butter (Makhani) Chicken. I am Latina and my culture’s food is very flavorful so Indian food became my new favorite food. When I got back to the states I looked for the closest Indian restaurant I could find and had my husband take me there :). Unfortunately (or so I thought) they closed down and no more Tikka Massala or Dal Fry :( near my house. I mustered up the courage to try it in my kitchen so I searched Dal Fry on google and so glad to have found your site! I’ve made your Dal Fry 3 times and my family absolutely loves it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • says

      welcome dorcas. indian cuisine is very rich and i am sure you will love it. i loved reading your comment and it made me feel good that the blog will be helping you in cooking delicious indian recipes.

      • SASHI says

        Hello Dassana/Amit,

        Don’t know if I gave it an amiss, but didn’t find any recipes on PIZZAS. I wish to cook it in a Convection model IFB MICROWAVE. Am a very strict vegetarian which implies that I do not consume garlic, onions either. Can you please help? I’ld appreciate it guys.



        • SASHI says

          And ofcourse to make your task easier, i got the PIZZA BASE, Sauce, Mozirella Cheeze, Capsicum ready.

  280. Lotus says

    Hi Dassana,

    I’m Vietnamese and I’m really interested with Indian food and tea, I have just found out ur blog today and searching for some tea recipes, it’s really nice and useful for me as I planning to open a tea house here in VN and searching for as much as possible receipes then trial making and tase before deceide the menu…ur blog neally useful, i love it… And I would like to ask for advise about tea and cake/ biscuist…served with, how to make it…and how to get some special ingrdient which I can’t find in VN…so many things to prepare for tea house plan, can i email to you and get your advise? :)

    Thanks a lot.

  281. Vibha says

    I just love ur website.tried orange cake today n it came out so perfect .im so very happy.
    Thank u so much dassana. Going to try whole wheat bread recipe tomorrow( I’m keeping my
    Fingers cross).im unable to comment on the recipes don’t know y. Nyways thnx again.

    • Imrana says

      Dear Dassana,

      Thank you so much for sharing the recipes! I love your website and the pictures are enticing enough to make me want to try.

      Have a fantastic day!

    • Vibha says

      Hi dasaana,
      I want to make mango iced tea but I don’t know the diff between black tea n normal tea bags. What if I make it with normal tea bags. What changes needs to b done.( I want to make it for my in laws , as I don’t drink tea at all I don’t know much abt it’s flavour )
      I have 28 ltr otg, my q is if I keep 2 loaf pans at a time ( for bread)then baking time will increase or do I need to chg temp also??
      I’m enjoying cooking everyday something different following ur recipe.

      • says

        hi vibha, the normal tea bags have black tea, unless mentioned green or white tea on the pack. when you buy the tea bags, it will be mentioned darjeeling or assam tea. darjeeling is very light and mild. assam tea is strong. there is a ctc blend also which is strong. whatever tea you use, just follow the same method. if you use darjeeling tea, the taste of the tea will be mild. if assam tea, then the taste of the tea will be felt in the drink. just don’t cook or simmer the tea. the baking time will be same. may be some more minutes. keep the same temperature. don’t increase.

  282. Indika Somaratne says

    Heyyy……Thank you very much for the nice recepies. you two are awsome….This is the best website I have every come across about Indian cooking. I am really inspired from your way of explaining.

  283. Ketkee says

    Hi Dassana,
    ohhh… I literaly I had to scroll deep down to post my comment. 😉 I am really amazed be seeing your following list. I thought of reading each comment, bt its just not posiible.

    You have such amazing recipes and the addition of these wonderful photos, takes it all to higher level. I am really inspired to read about you, and hugely respect the dedication you put in each recipe,whether its preparation or the photography. I also like the way you presented this website and maintainance.

    I am fan of FOOD and PHOTOGRAPHY both so this is a delight for me. I tries hand at cooking mostly(some succeeds, some failed) but I am novice at photography. I read some where above that you are also starting a blog upon it so I am exited about it.

    You are doing great. Keep it up!!!!

    Thank you

  284. Swati says

    Hi Dassana,
    I love your blog and already subscribed 1 year back. I have noticed that you made some changes in your website. I could not post comment on the recipe and i dont know why.
    I made Garlic naan yesterday and first time it was not turned out good so i want to ask you why..but i could not post any comment over there..there is no option to post comment. could you please do the needful so that any one can post comment.
    The garlic naan which i made yesterday was very hard..i can say crispy…but i want it to be soft. Could you please tell me what went wrong.
    waiting for your reply…thans in advance

    • says

      thanks swati. we are doing some changes thats why the comments were removed from some posts. the yeast has to proof well. if the yeast does not proof properly then the dough becomes hard and there is no softness in the dough. in bread recipes, the texture becomes hard or dense because most of the time the yeast is not proofed well. so use a good quality yeast. otherwise in a naan recipes, where the dough has leavened well… there is no reason why the naan should come out hard.

      • Swati says

        How to proof yeast ?
        I have made naan by using the same yeast,obviously following your recipe

          • Swati says

            Thank you for your quick response.
            I love cooking and me n my husband both are foodie. I love your website and have already made lots of dishes, each dish came out awesome.
            I want to request you to share recipe of Bhakarwadi. I am sure you know about it as it is a maharastrian snack.
            I make Bhakarwadi at home by both frying n baking, we loves it, but I want to know your version of Bhakarwadi as you make every dish awesome.
            So waiting for your delicious Bhakarwadi Recipe

            • says

              thansk swati for your motivating comment. till now i have always been getting bhakarwadi from shops. i usually buy the chitale bandhu bhakarwadi. lets see if i can give some time to prepare the recipe and post it.

  285. Novice Cook says

    I just came across your blog quite interesting. I have a problem may be you can assist me. i tried making the chivda but the flakes came out soft and not crispy and crunchy. i sealed them in an airtight container and all. just a few hours after making and they turn out soft. I used the white flakes. why is this? please help me thanks

  286. Alisha says

    Love this site, it’s awesome and everything I’ve made has turned out so good. Thanks!!!

  287. Bhakti Baandal Chalke says

    Hi Dassana,

    Your website is simply amazing. You are doing a really good job.
    I always search for recipes here when ever I have to make vegetarian food. I have shifted to USA last year for work. Since I don’t have my mom or mother in law around in the kitchen your blog always comes as a life saver to me!!

    I am also fond of cooking and I love trying out different stuff. I have tried a couple of recipes from your blog and the best one was Rawa Idly. My husband just loved it!!!
    I have my eyes on the banana cake now and am sure I am going to try baking that one.

    Please do keep up the good work.

  288. Anna Balchandani says

    Dear Dassana,

    Your website has been a Godsend to my family and me. Quite like yourself, I too have found myself going deeper and deeper into a spiritual journey and in the past months I just can not bring myself to eat or even look at any nonvegetarian food products. I’ve completely changed and restructured my cooking style and food habits. Fnding your site has been such a blessing and I have tried many of your mothwatering recipes and had great success with them. Your step by step instructions and pictures make them so easy to follow and there is so much joy in cooking these recipes. Thank you so much for all the loving care and effort that you put into your site. I think making fresh, home cooked meals for our families, especially children, is such an essential part of motherhood and it ends up nourishing not just their bodies but their whole souls and beings…. and your site helps me to do that :) so a big big big heartfelt thank you once again and keep up all the good work. Lot of love and blessings to you.

    • says

      welcome anna. nice to read your comment and the transformation which is coming in your life. all major religions and spiritual teacher have put emphasis on vegetarian diet for growing in spirituality. body-mind are one and any change in body affects the mind and vice versa. if we grow in meditation, love or any other spiritual practice then it naturally brings a change in our actions, diet and thinking. keep growing and thanks for your blessings.

  289. Miri says

    Hi Dassana,
    thank you so much for your wonderful blog! I spent some time in India and fell deeply in love with Indian food. Although my flatmates teached me some Indian dishes – or at least tried to, I am horrible at cooking! – I missed so many dishes back home…
    Searching for easy-to-follow recipes I finally found your page. I really appreciate the effort you made, the instructions are so clear and so detailed that even I manage to get through the whole thing without ending in a big kitchen desaster. Untill now I tried different kind of dhals, veg curries, salads, chutneys and the microwave khaman dhokla, everything turned out super yummy at first try.
    What I appreciate even more, all your recipes are veg and you offer useful advice how to make dishes vegan. Without any cooking skills it is a rather annoying and difficult thing trying to turn non-veg dishes veg…you saved me :-)
    You are really doing a wonderful thing with this blog, thank you so much!
    Best regards from Germany!

    • says

      welcome miri. its a pleasure to read your feedback. reading such comments, i feel the effort in blogging recipes is worth it and motivates me to blog more. keep visiting.

  290. Priyanka says

    This is really nice!
    The recipes are described very neatly. And the pictures give a perfect idea of every step.
    Thanks for all your hard work and efforts!!

  291. Anuradha says

    Hi Dasanna,

    Okies let me confess something! A few days ago I had an attack of viral. So I wanted to make Rasam, and was searching the net. And voila! I found your website! … there was this easy recipe of Rasam and thought let me try that, for my sore throat! It turned out to be awesome! :) Thanks!
    And so I went through your website and had a look at the ‘Idli’ recipe, and I was like Yum!
    Today I wanted to make some Karela stir-fry! So again I came to your website and browsed! But obvious the pictures taken, the way it was written I was wondering wow! ‘this Guy’ writes well! ( Please forgive me for that, for somehow with the suffix Amit I thought your were a guy!) :) :) so obviously was wondering who is this guy and browsed the net for a pic and there you go… I see a ‘nice lady with a warm smile’!! 😀

    Please keep on writing and congrats for this nice site!



    • says

      thanks anuradha. the suffix amit is my surname. no issue with that. a few readers, even address me as amit. they think i am a guy :-) i am glad the recipes worked for you.

  292. Anu says

    Hi Dassana,

    I experiment with vegetarian cooking a lot, and have identified your blog to be very unique. There is a touch of perfection, sincerity and commitment in all your recipes and in whatever you write, and that’s what I like the most.

    May God bless you and have a good life, and keep the positivity with you always..:)

    And, thank you for all the recipes, I’d be keep experimenting :) Next in queue is your Tawa Paneer Masala, for my 10 year old son, who is a huge paneer fan..

    Love and regards.

    • says

      welcome anu and big thanks for your best wishes and feedback. you are very perceptive. i am kind of a perfectionist and sincere in my work. otherwise i don’t enjoy the work. if i am not total in my work then i feel something is incomplete.

  293. shraddha says

    Hi Dassana!

    Your website looks better ,and your recipes work magic.Thank you for sharing bits of love with us.I am in USA ,before i found you i missed home badly ,but you filled in the void with your magic.Thanks again!!

  294. sandhya says

    i simply love all your recipes, in fact started loving to cook once i chanced upon your blog.. simple ingredients, and even simpler cooking process!!! keep up the great work :)

  295. Sreya says

    This is the best blog on Indian food that I have read. The recipes are very easy to follow, and the food always tastes great. Thanks for helping novices like me!
    P.S. I really appreciate the high quality photos as well.

  296. manisha says

    hey dear dassana!! came across your beautiful world of cooking today… amaziiing wrk.. u must make an instagram handle.. i will definitely share this experience with my friends.. keep up!! i shall write nxt time when i bake my second bread..although first one was a flop show.. hahha..
    take cre
    mansiha kharbanda

  297. navneeta dandekar says

    Thank you so much for sequential and simplified ways for cooking the foreign food at home.

  298. says

    Hi Dassana,
    I am a professional who has taken to cooking in a big way for the past 5 years. Cooking for me a stress buster. Slowly it started with learning the basic stuff. But now I have moved to trying difficult recipes and also different types of cuisine. Your blog is one of favorite places to search interesting recipes with simple ingredients. Even my family is amazed to see the kind of recipes i can pull off. Thank you so much for improving my cooking.

    Keep up the good work.

    God Bless

  299. Bableen says

    Dear Dassana,
    I consider myself a newly- turned -cook as it has been only recently that i nurtured the joy of cooking an entire dish on my own. I have been helping my mother with food for quite some time now, but the predicament of taking the charge on my own graduated me to start building recipes. I happened to grasp a look at your blog while searching for a source to rely on!
    and i couldn’t let it go without writing to you. Your work seems an inspiration to many. and most appreciatingly, your recipes are simple yet taste budding and quite easy to connect to!
    I tried kheer yesterday and people liked it!
    Thanks a ton for blogging it out and helping a lot like me!
    would like to add that I too graduated in Home science and later shifted to Mass communication as a career choice.Presently, I am working as a guest lecturer and an aspiring daughter-in-law to be!
    thanx and take care:)

    • says

      thanks for your words bableen. it does take some time to gradually move on to cooking entire recipes on one’s own. its all about learning and once the art of cooking is mastered, then the entire process of cooking not only becomes creative but also easy. in fact you already have the basic tools and experience as you have graduated in home science. i wish you all the best fo your future and happy cooking :-)

  300. shikha agarwal says

    i am so impressed reading receipes they r easy to follow and believe me planning to try all wot ever i have gone through today… thank u, ur contribution has motivated me to try something new…


  301. geetika says

    I am living in Delhi and visited your this today for the first time, and loved the way you have explained the receipes. Will try mango kulfi and post the results.


  302. says

    Hello Dassana, I came across your website when I was hunting for Indian food bloggers. I write fiction and was looking for a back story for a character.
    Essentially I was looking for the Indian presence on the internet and was not too sure about the crowd i would find. However your post on Top 20 Food Blogs by Indian Bloggers really helped.
    I got a couple of great ideas for my character and wow I hit some sites with amazing recipes. So thank you for taking the time and research for writing that blog post.

  303. shweta says

    Hello Dassana,

    I have been looking for a recipe to make bread (slice bread for sandwiches) but we do not use yeast due to allergies.

    Can you please provide a recipe for bread without yeast (and of course without eggs). I found some soda bread/ irish bread recipes, but what I am looking for is sliced sandwich bread.

    I will be really obliged if you can provide one.

    Thanks for the great recipes you post.

    • says

      hi shweta. i have not baked for more than a month now because of the heat. i do plans to bake some cakes and muffins but its so hot now, just don’t feel like baking. i have got requests to add yeast free breads. i will try and see if the recipe works and will surely add.

  304. Anuja says

    Hello Dassana! Could you please share the recipe of Goan Bebinca? I have yet to come across a good recipe.. Thanks!

    • says

      hi anuja, goan bebinca is made with eggs and hence i cannot add the recipe. if i come across an eggless version (which i think is not possible as the recipe uses a lot of eggs) i may add it.

  305. Richa Arora says

    Hi Dassana

    This is richa from Famebox network, we develop Youtube channels for talented people like you. Would love to get in touch with you and discuss the same in much detail.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Cheers :)

  306. Philip Arambula says


    I was hoping you could help me out and point me in the direction of the person who handles biz dev matters for your company.

    Thanks so much,

    Philip Arambula

  307. shabbir says

    This was my first time on your website. I must say that I was amazed at the amount of recipes I was able to find. many of my friends are turning vegetarians and I am always looking for veg recipes. I think indian veg recipes are the best. your recipes are clear and easy. Thank you for this website.

  308. leeja says

    hello dassana,
    i have been visiting your web page for quite some time and i tried your gajar ka halwa recipe and it was out of the world. my entire family loved it. thanks a lot n yea ur pics r out of the world!

  309. Nithya says

    Hi Dassana,

    I am a south indian living in Bangalore. I had to break my head thinking what side dish to do for chapatis as I was running out of options. I came across your blog and was more than happy to find so many gravies. Now my husband looks forward to dinners every night. My personal favourite is indian street food section as I am very fond of Mumbai chats and miss it a lot here…:( but now I can make it at home. Thanks to you..:)

  310. Nithya says

    Hi Dassana,

    I am a south indian living in Bangalore. I had to break my head everyday as to what side dish/gravy to make for chapathis. I had checked other blogs but was not very happy until I came across your blog. My husband too looks forward to dinners after a hard day’s work as I cook a recipe everyday from your blog. I don’t know how much to thank you. I love your indian street food section personally as I am very fond of Mumbai chats and miss them here..:( but now I can try it at home. Thanks to you…:)

    • says

      nithya, its not just you, even i have to think at times what to cook. btw i also cook from my own blog 😉 basically i started the blog as an online journal, so i can refer the recipes when i want to. and i still do it.

      your comment has made me feel so good. trust me, after a day’s work even we as a family look forward to having dinners together. do try the mumbai chaat recipes.

  311. Vignesh says

    Hey Dassana,

    I’m a 20-something bachelor living away from home. I love cooking and I look up new, interesting recipes to treat myself every weekend. Your blog has been of great help. I’ve been quite regular on here since late 2012 and I’d like to thank you for sharing your recipes.

    Cheers, I’m off to prepare dry aloo gobhi.

  312. ketki says

    Hi Dassana, I previously also commented about your recipes. Now again I am writing by reading about you. The meaning of your name is ‘search for insight’ and also you are a spiritualist. So, why don’t you read “Bhagvat Geeta as it is” by H.D.G. A.C.Bhaktivedant Swami Prabhupada. You can visit the nearest Iskcon centre or temple or download it online from iskcondesiretree/ebooks. I am sure your search for seeking the ultimate ownself will end here. With best regards.

    • says

      thanks ketki for the kind words. i had bought this book from vrindavan iskon temple. i must say that i liked the temple, food and ambiance there. very good for heart oriented or for people on devotional path. i recommend iskon temple to all my friends who are spiritual.

  313. Roma says

    Hello Dassana!
    I am a regular at your blog and love it very much. I have tried quite a few recipes from here as well. I especially like the write up that you do before recipes which generate lot of interest in the upcoming recipe. Great work. Keep up.
    This is embarrassing, but I must ask.
    Apparently you are working full time on this blog. Do you mind telling me how much you earn to take it up as a full time profession? I am unsure of how this works.
    You can reply on email if you don’t want to publish this.
    Thanks a lot.

  314. says

    Hello, Dassana,

    Can you tell us the names of some breadlike recipes that do not use wheat? Are there any others in addition to dosa? I need to eat gluten-free. We have a shop that sells all the alternative flours but only the son speaks English and he doesn’t cook. We LOVE Indian food. You have so many recipes to look through, so far I have only found dosa.

    Thank you!!!

    • says

      hi pam. there are some flat breads that are made regionally with gluten free grains. these are made with finger millet flour (ragi in hindi), sorghum (jowar in hindi) and pearl millet flour (bajra in hindi, buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta in hindi) and water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta). you can also use gram flour or rice flour to make some flat breads at home. apart from dosa there is also appam (hoppers) and many other variations of dosa. some of these gluten free flat bread recipes i have already posted on the blog.

  315. Radhika says

    Hello Dassana,

    Just came across your blog. Must tell you that its absolutely lovely. :)

    I am a TV producer and working on two shows – sattvik food and ‘cooking with consciousness’. We are currently looking for anchors for both shows.
    Would like to speak to you about the same.

    Please feel free to reach me on radhika.dang@lifemantra.tv.


  316. Rochelle says

    Namaste, i love your website! Last year around holi i made my dream trip to India and when i came back i was looking for recipes online and found your page. Got busy with work so did not have time to really get into it. Did make a few of your recipes, but not regularly. Now, a year later i am engaged. He is indian and a great cook. Starting april i am going to make 4 recipes from your website every weekend. So that i can be g