by dassana amit updated January 9, 2014

namaste, hello & welcome 

about me: my name is dassana which means “search for insight” ( many readers ask me the meaning of my name and hence i have mentioned it).

i have done my post graduation in education. after working as a high school teacher, i quit my teaching career and joined the corporate industry where i worked as quality analyst & trainer for some years. web development happened when i quit my corporate job and i took a keen interest and learnt a lot about it.

i have developed this blog along with my husband. i have been cooking from a tender age of 10 and it is one art that is deeply instilled in me. the first recipe which i cooked was a sindhi dal from a cookbook… and from there i started cooking and sometimes helping my mother in cooking. as i have done my graduation in home science, i got professionally trained in cooking as well as baking & confectionery. we were trained both in indian as well as international cuisines.

whatever i know about cooking, baking and confectionery is thanks to my training in food science, food technology, nutrition & dietetics as well as the cooking classes we would have every week.  i left my full time corporate job before i got married and a year later, i started to blog, not because i wanted to, but due to a lot of insistence from my husband. he encouraged me so much and this blog was born.

initially i just wanted to document the family recipes, but later the blog paved for me to try various recipes from different regions of india, different countries and i got completely hooked.  i also develop recipes. am also a meditator & spiritual seeker on the path. spiritual masters who inspired me from childhood – gautam buddha, osho, raman maharshi and jiddu krishnamurthi.

i get a lot of emails, that i am from which caste or religion or which part of india. i personally don’t believe in caste, creed or religion. for me humanity is the religion. however, tracing my roots…  i come from a multi lineage, multi ethnic and multi cultural family… from kerala, andhra, goa, maharashtra, karnataka and punjab…. and raised in a very cosmopolitan mumbai… and the only language i know is humanity.

about the blog: this blog is a vegetarian blog with vegetarian and vegan recipes. mostly indian but some world cuisine as well. there are some baking recipes as well. i have a passion of baking, especially baking breads.

most of the recipes are in step by step pictorial format. they are easy to understand and relate too. all the recipes are tried and tested in my kitchen. the recipes in this blog are taken from my family. some are traditional indian recipes. some recipes are adapted from cookbooks, my home science notes, magazines, internet etc. some recipes are the ones which I have created and developed. i am experimental in my ways of cooking and always go for innovative ideas.

whilst i work on creating the content, taking the pics and on the design front, my husband works on the server, maintenance and technical aspects of the blog.

on vegetarianism and veganism: i was born in a family where fish was cooked almost everyday and goat’s meat or chicken on sundays. not that we did not make vegetable dishes. there would always be vegetable dishes or sambar or dal along with fish fry or fish curry. at 14, i started to have vegetarian food and stopped eating chicken and fish. i never had meat even though it was made in the house. i had a strong aversion to meat from the time i was a kid. i went through a lot of ridicules and laughter from family, friends and colleagues just because i was a vegetarian. thankfully, i got married in a vegetarian family and it was a blessing. i also cook sattvic no onion and no garlic recipes on some days.

beginning toward the end of 2012 till the end of august 2013, i was on a vegan diet. i had to resume a vegetarian diet due to some hereditary health issues. i also have a family which is not vegan and i cook vegetarian food for them. i do make recipes with organic dairy products like organic milk, organic paneer and organic cheese. still i do make our everyday chai or tea with cashew milk or soy milk. for rest of the drinks like smoothies or indian desserts, i use almond milk or coconut milk or cashew milk. since yogurt is also used a lot in indian cooking, i used to substitute cashew yogurt with milk yogurt. but for now i make yogurt with organic milk.

about food practices & habits: even before i started to blog, i would buy organic and this habit has stayed even today. all my grocery stuff is organic produce from grains to sugar and flours. now i have even started buying organic vegetables and fruits. i cannot get all the vegetables organic. but i do buy whatever i can. hence you will see fewer gourmet fruits or imported vegetables recipes on the blog.  i buy local vegetables and fruits to ensure that this supports the farmers who work and produce and help in feeding this country.

about cooking: cooking is an art. there is science too. a perfect cook combines the art of cooking with the science of food and add his/her love to the food… right from the preparation to the finale…i eyeball the ingredients that are added to the food. the inner feeling also guides me in the process of cooking. the colors, texture, flavors and aroma also inspire and fuel my creativity when i cook.

the recipes on the blog are good as well as tried and tested and may be sometimes unique as well. if you are looking for something new, than this website is a place you should visit again.

about indian food: indian food is diverse as well as vast. there is so much variety that i bet one cannot find such a massive variety in any country. from simple everyday recipes to complex recipes, from a basic dal to a heavy biryani, from a light meal to a full thali meal. there are thousands of varieties of food that one gets in india. not to forget the sweets and desserts too. yet another indian culinary delight is the indian street food.

the recipes are also markedly different pertaining to the different regions. the north indian food is different than the south indian food. then there is the rajasthani, gujarati, maharashtrian, goan food – which forms the western belt and the central belt – the bihari, agarwal, awadhi and lucknowi cuisine which is again very different. in between there are parsi, east indian, sindhi and iranian flavors too. not to forget the north eastern states as well as kashmiri cuisine. so welcome to the land of indian food.

about photography: the styling and photographs are all done by me. till the mid of october 2011 i was using my nikon camera for taking the food photographs. i brought my first dslr camera – canon eos rebel t3i in october 2011.  i use  EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens & f 50mm f/1.8 canon lens for all my food photographs. by now i have learnt the basics of food photography. i don’t say i am a pro but i do a decent job. i am not a professional food stylist and this part does get reflected in my photos. hence some of my food photos are weirdly or “differently” styled than what is generally the norm or what you see in the web or magazines. thats the creative side in me.

initially when i started the blog, i used to take the pictures from my mobile phone. already, i have updated some of my older posts with new pictures and i keep on updating the older mobile photos with the new camera pictures. so the updation of pictures on previous posts is an ongoing process on this blog.

comment policy: you can share your experience related to a recipe or give your suggestions or feedback. i reply to most of the comments or queries i get on the blog. if you leave a spam, rude or offensive comment, they are automatically deleted. the comment system has been enabled this way.

food bloggers, please don’t add events and promotional links in your comments.

advertising & revenue: my blog is monetized for ads. so your views and the clicks help me earn some money which eventually help me in running this blog in terms of server costs (which is very expensive) and the cost of other programs/softwares. the blog receives 2,006,469 pageviews  and 821,048 unique visitors per month (as on Sep 2013). to keep such a high load of traffic going, i pay for expensive servers and programs. other reason being i have a lot of pics hosted on my site and they take up considerable bandwith. also not to forget all the hard work that goes in selection of ingredients, recipe testing, developing, photographing and writing the content.

promotions: please do not send me any promotional or marketing emails for your product. i don’t do any product promotion or advertising.

copyright: all the content and images on my blog are copyright protected. please do not hotlink to my images or content. also please do not  republish my content or use my pics. in case you want to use my images, then write to me at the email address mentioned below.

social media: you can subscribe to the recipe updates here . if you are more used to using social networking sites, then you can subscribe to veg recipes of india’s facebook page or google plus page or twitter or pinterest.

You can contact me by writing to me at vegrecipesofindiaATgmailDOTcom

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Stuti Trehan Patel April 16, 2014 1

Love your blog! Following you from texas!


dassana amit April 16, 2014 2

thanks stuti. keep visiting.


Philip Arambula April 3, 2014 3


I was hoping you could help me out and point me in the direction of the person who handles biz dev matters for your company.

Thanks so much,

Philip Arambula


dassana amit April 3, 2014 4

philip, you can write at vegrecipesofindia@gmailDOTcom


shabbir March 29, 2014 5

This was my first time on your website. I must say that I was amazed at the amount of recipes I was able to find. many of my friends are turning vegetarians and I am always looking for veg recipes. I think indian veg recipes are the best. your recipes are clear and easy. Thank you for this website.


leeja March 26, 2014 6

hello dassana,
i have been visiting your web page for quite some time and i tried your gajar ka halwa recipe and it was out of the world. my entire family loved it. thanks a lot n yea ur pics r out of the world!


dassana amit March 30, 2014 7

welcome leeja and thanks for this sweet feedback. keep visiting.


Nithya March 25, 2014 8

Hi Dassana,

I am a south indian living in Bangalore. I had to break my head thinking what side dish to do for chapatis as I was running out of options. I came across your blog and was more than happy to find so many gravies. Now my husband looks forward to dinners every night. My personal favourite is indian street food section as I am very fond of Mumbai chats and miss it a lot here…:( but now I can make it at home. Thanks to you..:)


dassana amit March 30, 2014 9

welcome nithya. nice to know that blog is helping you in cooking. reading such feedback, i feel motivated to post more recipes.


Nithya March 25, 2014 10

Hi Dassana,

I am a south indian living in Bangalore. I had to break my head everyday as to what side dish/gravy to make for chapathis. I had checked other blogs but was not very happy until I came across your blog. My husband too looks forward to dinners after a hard day’s work as I cook a recipe everyday from your blog. I don’t know how much to thank you. I love your indian street food section personally as I am very fond of Mumbai chats and miss them here..:( but now I can try it at home. Thanks to you…:)


dassana amit April 1, 2014 11

nithya, its not just you, even i have to think at times what to cook. btw i also cook from my own blog ;-) basically i started the blog as an online journal, so i can refer the recipes when i want to. and i still do it.

your comment has made me feel so good. trust me, after a day’s work even we as a family look forward to having dinners together. do try the mumbai chaat recipes.


Vignesh March 22, 2014 12

Hey Dassana,

I’m a 20-something bachelor living away from home. I love cooking and I look up new, interesting recipes to treat myself every weekend. Your blog has been of great help. I’ve been quite regular on here since late 2012 and I’d like to thank you for sharing your recipes.

Cheers, I’m off to prepare dry aloo gobhi.


dassana amit March 22, 2014 13

welcome vignesh. nice to know that you are visiting blog for so long. keep visiting and i hope you make a delicious dry aloo gobi.


ketki March 21, 2014 14

Hi Dassana, I previously also commented about your recipes. Now again I am writing by reading about you. The meaning of your name is ‘search for insight’ and also you are a spiritualist. So, why don’t you read “Bhagvat Geeta as it is” by H.D.G. A.C.Bhaktivedant Swami Prabhupada. You can visit the nearest Iskcon centre or temple or download it online from iskcondesiretree/ebooks. I am sure your search for seeking the ultimate ownself will end here. With best regards.


dassana amit March 21, 2014 15

thanks ketki for the kind words. i had bought this book from vrindavan iskon temple. i must say that i liked the temple, food and ambiance there. very good for heart oriented or for people on devotional path. i recommend iskon temple to all my friends who are spiritual.


Roma March 21, 2014 16

Hello Dassana!
I am a regular at your blog and love it very much. I have tried quite a few recipes from here as well. I especially like the write up that you do before recipes which generate lot of interest in the upcoming recipe. Great work. Keep up.
This is embarrassing, but I must ask.
Apparently you are working full time on this blog. Do you mind telling me how much you earn to take it up as a full time profession? I am unsure of how this works.
You can reply on email if you don’t want to publish this.
Thanks a lot.


dassana amit March 22, 2014 17

thanks roma. i think you are interested in knowing how much money can be made from blogging or from food blogging. this below link is a detailed article which answers your query clearly–The-rise-of-the-food-bloggers.html
you can also search in google “income from food blogging”.
i hope it helps


Pam E March 20, 2014 18

Hello, Dassana,

Can you tell us the names of some breadlike recipes that do not use wheat? Are there any others in addition to dosa? I need to eat gluten-free. We have a shop that sells all the alternative flours but only the son speaks English and he doesn’t cook. We LOVE Indian food. You have so many recipes to look through, so far I have only found dosa.

Thank you!!!


dassana amit April 16, 2014 19

hi pam. there are some flat breads that are made regionally with gluten free grains. these are made with finger millet flour (ragi in hindi), sorghum (jowar in hindi) and pearl millet flour (bajra in hindi, buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta in hindi) and water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta). you can also use gram flour or rice flour to make some flat breads at home. apart from dosa there is also appam (hoppers) and many other variations of dosa. some of these gluten free flat bread recipes i have already posted on the blog.


Radhika March 18, 2014 20

Hello Dassana,

Just came across your blog. Must tell you that its absolutely lovely. :)

I am a TV producer and working on two shows – sattvik food and ‘cooking with consciousness’. We are currently looking for anchors for both shows.
Would like to speak to you about the same.

Please feel free to reach me on



dassana amit March 18, 2014 21

have mailed you on fb radhika.


Sreevidya March 17, 2014 22

I love ur site very much. No words…… Dassana U r amazingly great….


dassana amit March 17, 2014 23

thanks sreevidya. only god is great.


Rochelle March 15, 2014 24

Namaste, i love your website! Last year around holi i made my dream trip to India and when i came back i was looking for recipes online and found your page. Got busy with work so did not have time to really get into it. Did make a few of your recipes, but not regularly. Now, a year later i am engaged. He is indian and a great cook. Starting april i am going to make 4 recipes from your website every weekend. So that i can be great at it by the time we get married. Wish me luck and thank you for sharing your great gift. Lots of love, Rochelle


dassana amit March 16, 2014 25

congrats on a new beginning rochelle. all the best. 4 recipes might become too much, so you can just start with 1 or 2 recipes during weekends. you sure will be good in indian cooking. its not difficult, but yes some recipes require plenty of time and patience. love and hugs.


Amritha March 15, 2014 26

hi dassana,
I just love your blog a lot :-) have tried your orange cake, pizzas,spaghetti and currently the upside down apple cake is in the oven :-) Even though i loved to cook i had never tried my hands in baking until i moved out of India and found an oven in the apt(i did have a microwave before but it was only for reheating).I would like to thank you for the detailed recipes and lovely photos to compliment the recipe.They are so good and accurate that you just cant go wrong :-) i found your blog just a month ago and all set to try new recipes from them :-)


dassana amit March 16, 2014 27

thanks amritha for your sweet words. i am glad that the recipes on the blog are helping you. i hope the apple cake was good too. happy cooking :-)


Amritha March 21, 2014 28

it came out awesome :-) Thanks for asking :-)


dassana amit March 21, 2014 29

welcome amritha


Venkat March 14, 2014 30

Hi Dassana,

Glad to run into your website.
I recently took to making vegetarian dishes; I was looking to expand
the varieties of recipes I can do with my limited preferences/ liking of Veggies.
I can definitely use / do the expansive variety of dishes, especially from different region of India.
My first try will be the Rajasthani Bhindi/Besan Masala.



dassana amit March 14, 2014 31

welcome venkat. nice to know that you liked the website.


Jaya March 11, 2014 32

Dassana, I love to eat, but never learned to cook. Am married now, living out of India, and ya, I feel the need to cook myself now..

As you may imagine, I have been through several websites for some easy or simply explained recipes..and I haven’t stuck to one. After experiencing your site, I don’t think I will need to look at another site again! Simple, yummy recipes, so well written. The site is so easy to navigate, save recipes, search, download …kudos to both of you on such a great job! I eat a lot of non veg, but these recipes are so easy and tempting, I don’t feel the need to cook non veg!



dassana amit March 12, 2014 33

thanks jaya for this motivating comment. keep visiting and trying new recipes.


Jerome March 5, 2014 34

Congratulation Dassana for your excellent website. You share your culinary experience to everyone (to the whole world) !
The site is very pleasant, pictures (photos shooting) are very successful and dishes seems succulent. You make us travel in India from north to south through your website.

Do you plan to add in the topic “How to make”, some cooking tips for instance, how to have a perfect rice (volume of water/rice, cooking time, methods, etc.), which oil to use to make fry samose, bathure, poori, etc.

Thank you once again….


dassana amit March 6, 2014 35

thanks jerome. oh yes… i do want to add the “how to prepare” but just not getting enough time to make these posts as they tend to be detailed with a lot of pointers and tips. in fact “how to cook rice” has been in to do list for about 3 months now :-) will sure add some of the “how to prepare” posts soon.


Leila March 2, 2014 36

really nice to know that humanity is your religion. wish you all the best in life!


dassana amit March 2, 2014 37

leila, wishing the same to you.


angela eckersley March 2, 2014 38

Hi love your site. Your receipes dont give quantity of ingredients. Would love to know how much of each ingredient to use in garlic naan bread.. thank you


dassana amit March 2, 2014 39

there is a recipe box at the end of all the recipes in each post. it has the measurements, preparation and notes section. you must have missed seeing it.


Nidhi February 28, 2014 40

Hi Dassana … I have been following your blog for a while now and I really love your work. Whenever I have to look for any vegetarian dish, your blog is always the first I browse through. Thankyou so much for all your hardwork and keep up the good work. :)


dassana amit March 2, 2014 41

welcome nidhi. keep visiting the blog and do try more recipes.


Jisha February 28, 2014 42

Hi Dassana,
It was such a pleasure reading abt u, indeed rarely we come across people like u.i just love ur way of presenting a recipie n the detailing.good luck!!!
Rarely people make bread in India, n so was delighted to find a whole wheat bread recipie with u !!!!!! Cd u plz clarify few of my doubts abt it????
U hav. Mentioned to keep the dough for 3 to 4 hrs for rising,is nt make the bread too sour r yeasty smelling n Indian climate?
Whenever I tried whole wheat it was too dense even wit the help of gluten powder,finally 2 cup maida vz 1 cup atta was ok wit 1teaspn of Gloriana active dry yeast, still I don’t findmany holes n the bread like the commercial ones,if I add 2 reason it smells too yeasty too…any suggests?
I use convection microwave, n dat 200degrees for 50 mts s slightly undrcooked -any idea abt the correct oven temperature?

Thanks n advance!


dassana amit March 2, 2014 43

hi jisha, i have already replied your comment queries here –


sandra February 27, 2014 44

can you give the recipe for vegetable kolhapuri?


dassana amit February 27, 2014 45

will add the recipe in the future.


Gauri February 26, 2014 46

Hi Dassana thanks a lot for your reply and thanks a lot for guidance on blog introduction it will be very helpful bye take care. all the best again and thanks again. :)


dassana amit February 26, 2014 47

welcome gauri. all the best to you.


Saloshini February 25, 2014 48

I am looking for Dhokla receipe that uses yogurt or sour milk
please email me some of these

Many thanks for all your lovely receipes.
I am also a vegetarian.
thanks once again
South African Indian


dassana amit February 25, 2014 49

thanks. i don’t email individual recipes. you can join the subscriber list and you will get a weekly or fortnightly recipe newsletter.


Gauri February 25, 2014 50

Hi Dassana i am a big foodie so i go through many food blogs but i love your blog. the first recipe i tried from your blog was chocolate banana carrot cake and it was really tasty the recipe was easy :) now i am planning on starting my own blog and as you mentioned in introduction you’ve also made your blog by your own so can you please give me some guidelines regarding to that…. Always keep up with cooking.. all the best… and thanks a lot for your time..:))


dassana amit February 25, 2014 51

thanks gauri for the appreciating words. you can check the below link on how to start a food blog.

if you are not technically inclined person then in you can start the food blog very easily.
it take some time to get used to blogging software and slowly you can learn many things.
any doubt or if you want to add any feature to your blog then just google and there are plenty of blogs which shares turorials.
there are many food blogs which are using (google free platform for blogging)

another popular blogging platform is wordpress ( i am using wordpress)… it is paid and also needs some technical expertise. if you like then you can move your blog from blogger to wordpress later on. as a beginner, i suggest sign into using gmail account and start the food blog in 5 minutes.
my best wishes with you.
happy blogging



Aparna February 25, 2014 52

I really like the way you have presented each receipe a person who does not know cooking will also learn from the pictures which are actual ones that’s the beauty of your blog. I have passion for cooking and keep visiting many blogs and receipe sites but yours is the best one i came across which explains in detailed. I would request if you can add mocktail receipes on this blog. Also if you can add few more international dishes vegetarian, thai, lebanese, mexican etc will be great.

Best wishes


dassana amit February 27, 2014 53

thanks aparna. with the summers approaching soon, i will try to add mocktails. i have some thai recipes already posted. will give a try to the lebanese and mexican ones.


Smitha February 22, 2014 54

Hi Dassana
Love your presentation, the details and the spirit of your blog, think i stumbled on urs looking for Idli recipe and it turned out to be successful. Thanks!
One question, are you residing in India, if yes what is your source for organic groceries and vegetables. Could you please share. Do you use any online websites to buy grocery. I have found it very hard to get organic vegetables that are fresh.
Thanks and good luck!


dassana amit February 25, 2014 55

thanks smitha. i live in india. i buy organic from a shop close by my home which home delivers the veggies and fruits. online, i purchase organic grocery from, and i also buy veggies from let me know where you live. i can help you. you can reply to this comment in an email.


Jeshma February 20, 2014 56

Hi Dassana,

An amazing site..:)
Just superb work…..awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee..
You are truly helping super foodie people like me:)
Keep up the good work…


dassana amit February 22, 2014 57

thanks jeshma for the positive feedback.


Vandhana February 19, 2014 58

Hi Dassana,
Just made your palak paneer and it turned out awesome..have been a fan of your cooking, the food turns out yummy. Was wandering, if you a recipe for paneer makhani. My son loves it eating it when we go out, was wandering if you have one so i can make it at home. Would love to know if you could share because i know it will turn out yum. thanks..:)


dassana amit February 22, 2014 59

thanks vandhana for the positive feedback. i will post the paneer makhani recipe soon in the blog. mean time, you can try this paneer butter masala recipe which is quite similar to paneer makhani recipe and has been tried and tested by many readers.


alma February 16, 2014 60

Dear Dassana, I am new to cooking as I didn’t have the chance to learn to cook as my mother passed away before she could teach me. Could you please give me a simple bhuna chicken curry recipe and a bhuna meat curry recipe. I know your a vegetarian, however you used to eat chicken before. I would really appreciate it if you could help me and would like to tell you I am a muslim. Thanks a million. xx


dassana amit February 16, 2014 61

i am sorry to know this alma. i have a few chicken recipes from my home science notes like butter chicken etc. i will have to click and send you the pics. also once i had made chicken mughlai following a recipe from sumeet mixer cookbook. the gravy is almost like bhuna chicken. so i will email you the pics in some days.


Bobby Chahal February 20, 2014 62

bhuna meat curry is really delicious. I got a chance on two occasions to taste it. I really miss bhuna meat curry. I stay away of house and nobody knows how to prepare bhuna meat curry here.


maniilal sabrimala February 13, 2014 63

i am a professional artist, and the founder and director af an art fraternity named ANOKHII,
i love cooking too…. regards, manii.


dassana amit February 16, 2014 64

i think i have heard about anokhii before. all the best to you. happy cooking.


Naomi Shaw February 8, 2014 65

Hi there!

It’s such a pleasure to “meet” you! I was searching around your site, , and noticed that we cover a lot of the same things in our writing! I was wondering if you are accepting guest posts? If so, I would absolutely love to contribute!

I’ve been a stay-at-home mother for several years, and in my free time, I do a bit of blogging on the side. But as my children are getting older, I find that I really want to get into writing full-time, and I was hoping you could help me reach that goal! I want more of an online presence and get my name out there.

If you feel so inclined, please take a moment to read some of my samples at I would also be more than happy to send along a few articles I have published online if you’d like to read more. I enjoy covering DIY and crafts for home, but I also love writing about the realm of business, more specifically retail design.

Furthermore, should you post the content that I submit, I will gladly share a link to the post on my social media accounts for increased exposure.

I would love to collaborate with you on a few topic ideas if you are interested in a guest post (I’m not interested in monetary compensation). I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Naomi Shaw


dassana amit February 16, 2014 66

hi naomi,

i am afraid we don’t accept any guests posts. i wish you all the best in your writing as well as blogging journey.


Anjali February 8, 2014 67

Love, love, love your blog! The recipes are brilliant and the photos are shot very well. Thank you,,


dassana amit February 9, 2014 68

welcome anjali


Reshma February 3, 2014 69

Hi Dassana!

I accidently stumbled upon on your website. Loved your paragraph on caste and religion. Very rarely do I read/meet about people with such idealist thoughts. I am so proud to meet such Indians. I have always met Indians who say they are from Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat or Tamil Nadu, etc. Where is the Indian?


dassana amit February 3, 2014 70

thanks reshma. i agree with you.


Danny January 27, 2014 71

Hi Dassana,
It’s an absolute delight to stumble upon such a rich catalogue of vegetarian Indian recipes! I have been perfecting my Tarka Dal for some time now and have it for lunch every chance I get and can’t wait to try your recipe for parathas tomorrow to have with it. Thanks for sharing and may your gastro-spiritual journey continue unabated for years to come!


dassana amit January 27, 2014 72

welcome danny and thanks for your best wishes and for these motivational words. god bless you.


Lauryn January 22, 2014 73

Hi Dassana!
Thanks so much for the pita recipe! They turned out delicious, soft(this is very important to my husband, he has eaten too many of the bricks I’ve baked in the past) and tasty and perfect with my hummus! I was also very interested in your spiritual beliefs that you posted in your about you section since I am currently doing a survey on different spiritual beliefs. Would you mind participating in the survey?

Thanks, Lauryn


dassana amit January 28, 2014 74

thanks lauryn for the feedback. let me know which survey.


Shalini January 21, 2014 75

Thanks,for all the effort that u have put in!!
It’s a delight to go thru ur recipes..good job.


dassana amit January 22, 2014 76

thanks shalini


Keerthi January 21, 2014 77

Hello Dassana,

I came across your website while I was looking for a recipe on Kaju katli and I must say you have wonderful recipes and makes me want to try each one of them. I am a big fan of Indian food and your website is a keeper on my favourites. Thank you for sharing your kitchen experiences, so we could also learn and motivate ourselves to experiment with different Indian cuisines.


dassana amit January 23, 2014 78

welcome keerthi and thanks for this motivating comment. positive feedback from readers is always encouraging.


Raj January 20, 2014 79

I just came across your website and am truly impressed by it. The blog entries are absolutely great – simple and clear instructions for recipes and the pics really put it all together very well.
Just wanted to say thank you!
Best regards.


dassana amit January 20, 2014 80

welcome raj. thanks for motivating me by giving this positive feednack. keep visiting the blog.


Rhonda January 20, 2014 81

I discovered your blog by accident when I went searching for some dal recipes. I am so happy I’ve found you! Your blog is beautiful and so well done. I love Indian vegetarian cooking; I’ve even roped my meat-loving husband into cooking as well. He tried to make naan for me on the weekend and it didn’t turn out as well as expected. We will try your naan recipe (and others) soon.

Thank you so much for your time and hard work to create such a wonderful food blog.



dassana amit January 23, 2014 82

thanks rhonda for appreciating the site. do visit again and try the naan. it really goes well with curry dishes.


SB January 20, 2014 83

Thank you for the wonderful Moong Dal Tadka recipe! Even though I am an Indian, born and brought up in India, i left for college to Canada and now live in the US married to an American and for the past 7 years i have (shamefully) mostly cooked American and Mexican food! I do cook the occasional non veg and seafood curry/fry since my husband loves Indian food ( but not all the time), but sadly i just never learned more recipes. Tonight we had the Moong Dal with rice and mustard greens saag. Its one of my most favorite meals my mom would make when i was growing up and so i was so glad i found this recipe! My husband loved it too!

I was also looking for a recipe with Pinto Beans Do you have any suggestions? I have used it to make Rajma before, but i was wondering if you had any other recipes with this kind of bean. Thank you!! =)


dassana amit January 30, 2014 84

thanks SB. nice to read your comment. we all love food which we have eaten growing up and have fond memories attached to it. you can try this punjabi lobia recipe.


poonam January 13, 2014 85

just saw your site while i was searching for a recipe.
i am really very impressed with step by step process of each recipe and your personal notes about the steps. the pics are really beautiful too. so clear and detailed. feel like making everything at once. (though i am one who enjoys reading recipes, not trying).
keep the good work.
thanks for the labour you took on all this.
i can only say, kamaal hai, maza aa gaya.



dassana amit January 13, 2014 86

welcome poonam. very sweet and motivating comment. thanks for encouraging me. keep visiting and do try some recipes :-)


S.S.VERMA January 10, 2014 87

You have transformed me into a chef!

Some time ago u published the recipe for Punjabi Wadis…it was monsoon at that time. Now that there is some sun in Mumbai I have the same drying in my balconies.

Also thanks for the recipe for sirke wale onions……I appreciate your attention to detail.

Next on my list: Bhagare Baingan for this weekend.

Thanks again. Pls keep up the good work.And in casde passing thru Mumbai pls give me a call.



dassana amit January 10, 2014 88

Thanks S.S.VERMA. Such comments are always motivating and it is nice to know that the blog is helping people in cooking good food at home. keep visiting and try more recipes. happy cooking.


Tina Mischke December 27, 2013 89

It is so nice to meet you. I, too, am a teacher and have been involved in writing projects and photography over much of my 55 years. But my passion is cooking. I especially like learning all the intricacies of Indian cooking. I have bookmarked your blog and thank you so much for presenting this wonderful information.

I discovered your blog whilst searching for a recipe that uses button mushrooms and fresh fenugreek and found your methi soup recipe. My version, based on your inspiration, came out great.

I also enjoyed reading your bio and look forward to sharing your site with the 435 members of my Simply Vegan Facebook group.



dassana amit December 31, 2013 90

thanks a lot tina. i saw the pic and the soup is looking yummy. i have liked it also. thanks for sharing the pic. sure, you can share my blog with your readers.


Lin December 27, 2013 91

loved ur blog n all the recipes looks sooo yummy!
I got here on my eternal searching for an “ucma” recipe.
it all started like 7years ago when i found a lil hindi restaurant in my city, i tried it n totally loved it, specially what the chef called upma, but i always tought it was “ucma”. i came back every time i could just to eat that yummyness but the chef got married few time later and quit that job, which made me so sad (and hungry!).
Its been like a year since im a vegetarian, all my family wanted to be veggies but after a few weeks it was only me and when i tried eating meat again i just couldnt, iugh!
Im mexican and its really hard to be vegetarian here, people almost took me for an insane girl, they even told me “how could u live like that?!” i think the same of them haha
Well, so im sure im gonna try the upma as soon as i could get all the ingredients.
If u even want some info about mexican food u can write me whenever u want.
Thanx a lot n keep the good work!


dassana amit December 31, 2013 92

oh… such a cute story. same thing here with the meat… i know it not easy. do try the upma. i hope you like it. sure, i will keep in you mind if i need any query for mexican recipes. i will mail you if required for the mexican recipes. i had made a vegetarian chili some time back and i do not have any reference point as how it taste authentically….. beccause i have never had it i was like i wish i knew someone mexican at that time.


Zahar Daud December 25, 2013 93

Its delicious recipe, thank you.


dassana amit December 26, 2013 94

welcome zahar


Mina December 15, 2013 95

Hi Dassanna,
There are many international cuisines in your recipes. Do you get all those things in India? Where do you live?.and also you are very pretty. I love your recipes , I have tried few of them.( indian ones).


dassana amit December 16, 2013 96

hi mina, yes living in india, you get these gourmet stuff in major cities and metros like bangalore, mumbai and delhi. if you are asking about the herbs like basil, parsley, celery etc, then i grow these in my balcony garden.

thanks for the comment and also for trying the recipes.


Mehak December 4, 2013 97

Hello Mam

Thanks a lot for your guideline, I will sure visit the sites.



dassana December 5, 2013 98

welcome mehak


Mehak December 2, 2013 99

Hello Mam
Mam I need your help. Actually I am planning to attend cookery classes for baking. So I just need your guideline that what are the different items like cakes,tarts and breads etc. which comes under baking process so that I could ask about all items if I go to attend classes, I don’t want to miss any item.So please guide me ASAP.
Mehak :)


dassana December 4, 2013 100

hi mehak, it difficult to explain the details in a comment. i suggest you to go through some baking blogs like, and you can have a look at the recipes for cakes, tart, pies etc and understand what they are.


priya December 1, 2013 101

Love your recipes and your ideals. Its hard sticking to something when there’s so much peer pressure to do the opposite. Well done! Is there a reason you use the small ‘I’ when you write your entries or is it accidental?


dassana December 2, 2013 102

thanks priya. the use of small ‘i’ is not accidental and i write it purposely. i read one mystical book where the author have only used the small alphabets and i liked it. i always suggest that one should listen to inner voice or gut feeling.


suchitra November 16, 2013 103

hello dassana,
just read up your introduction and absolutely love it :) .You look adorable in the picture .So nice to have come to your blog.


dassana November 17, 2013 104

thanks suchitra


Blandina November 13, 2013 105

Hi! I recently stumbled on your website, and believe me it is such a lovely site with those lovely pixs adding to the glory of the dishes…I first tried a couple of the recipes (no onion, no garlic) for Karva Chauth and my “mil” was totally floored. After that till date I must have tried atleast 9 of your recipes, and must say have got addicted to your site. Being a Goan myself and married to a north Indian, your site is absolutely welcoming…I look forward to trying many more of those yummy dishes…
Last but not the least many thanks for creating this site and good luck to you…
Cheers! Blandina


dassana November 30, 2013 106

welcome blandina and thanks for writing this lovely comment. its always motivating to read such positive feedback from readers. keep visiting.


pallavi November 11, 2013 107

hi dasanna,
I am very impress u r recipies.. I have make ur recipies.. so tasty. like restaurant taste.. thanks.. can u post somesweets? I search somany blogs.. bt this blog recipies is very nice. I like resturent style recipies.. so thanks a lot………….


dassana December 1, 2013 108
Mr.Raj.H>M> November 5, 2013 109

Hi Dassana,
Accept my warm wishes for diwali,may god protect you and ur family.Also tons of appreciation flows towards you, for making my veg, dum hyderabadi biryani a delightful experience.I followed step wise method described and WOV!!!The texture,the whiff of aromatice spice,the taste,you made our diwali colourful and tastefull..I prepared it for about 20 people, and all were short of words to praise, and all the credit for it goes to you,even my family wants to thank you…….Your blog is visually creative and process amply simplified,which makes it easier to follow.
Also, i m a veg. too and into spirituality and meditation,and ascribe to your way of thinking,so every time i make a new dish from your collection,my thankful note will be reserved for u, hope u would read it and continue doing the good work, All the best and God bless.


dassana November 18, 2013 110

hi raj
much thanks to you for this very positive and motivating comment.
i feel very good when i read such touching comments and specially when the recipe has contributed in bringing some smiles or made a occasion memorable.

a meditator has to be creative. because creativity is also the door to divine.
i wish you all the best in your inner and outer life and happy diwali to you and your family.

best regards


jyothi anand November 2, 2013 111

Well! your site is beyond words. I haven’t found anyone giving such a clear step by step instruction with mouthwatering pics. Gud goin……….

Jyothi Anand


dassana November 2, 2013 112

thanks jyoti


RG November 2, 2013 113

Hi Dassana!
One fine day last month I decided to make a healthier cake and that’s how Google brought me to you :) I completely fudged up the wheat-apple cake you have posted :( (not your fault – my oven is new and I was testing it) But I knew I have found a great site which now is part of my favorites task bar!

I read your thoughts about religion and God and gladly your name is as I would call ‘religion-neutral’ no one can guess what religion you follow :)

Lastly a question – apart from being a wonderful cook, you communicate extremely well – have you ever thought of participating in televised cooking competitions like master chef India.
And wishing you, your family and the site members a very prosperous Diwali!
My best,


dassana November 2, 2013 114


Thanks for appreciating. No, I have not participated in any TV show as i don’t cook non-veg food.
Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous diwali.



Rede Batcheller October 30, 2013 115

I now know it is possible to get to heaven without having passed away! I was hunting for the fig jam recipe I used last year and apparently didn’t save, and up comes ‘vegrecipesofindia’ and a good fig jam recipe. I’m just about drooling looking at everything else — I’ve done no Indian cooking in years but I think I just got dropped back into it! Many blessings, and thank you for all your work on all this!


dassana November 28, 2013 116

thanks a lot :-)


Michelle T October 29, 2013 117

Where do you find organic milk in this country? I live in Dehradun and have no idea where to even look. I used organic milk in the States but when I moved to India I couldn’t find any. Thanks for your recipes.


dassana November 8, 2013 118

mailed you.


swathi October 27, 2013 119

hi dassana

I have been following your blog for quite some time now. I have also tried 2 of your dal recipes, needless to say they were awesome. I am an amateur cook as of now but have developed keen interest in cooking.I love experimenting on new recipes and cuisines.

I was surprised initially by the unique cooking techniques you have mentioned in some of your recipes, food blogs usually follow simple techniques. But I love your blog, especially the dal recipe collection. Looking forward to trying out new and interesting recipes from your blog. Food bloggers like you make life so much easier for amateur cooks like me.

Thanks a lot.


dassana October 27, 2013 120

welcome swathi and thanks for writing such a sweet comment. every one is amateur in the beginning but what matters is the willingness to learn and explore… and the persistence. so i feel u will be a excellent cook soon.


Subash October 25, 2013 121

Your dishes, awesome, Your thought process about God even more awe-inspiring. Stay blessed.


dassana October 26, 2013 122

thanks subash.


Erin October 23, 2013 123

Thank you for this beautiful blog! I’ve been (trying) to cook authentic Indian food in Texas for the better part of ten years, and have had limited success, largely due to vague descriptions in cookbooks without photos. I feel lucky to have stumbled across your blog. Please tell me you’ll be publishing a huge, glossy book soon! I would love to have all these recipes/stories/photos in one, permanent place.


dassana October 27, 2013 124

welcome erin. i will let u know, in case i publish the book in future. thanks for this motivating and positive response.


Anand October 20, 2013 125

Hello Dassana
Namasthe.. I stumbled upon this wonderful page in google search while searching for what is Dal which I should use to get best tasting sambar. I want to thank you for this wonderful sight and to your patience and details, I think your skills of Food technology and quality analyst are best used here. Thanks a ton.
I was trying to see which blog (word press, google or paid website) when I pressed about us and your introduction about you was excellent. A lot of people would be curious to know how could you manage to get so many cultures, that would be great story in making.

I am born in Strict Vegetarian family and Yes one always feel disconnected with others esp, when I go on camping with others but world over the vegan concept is becoming increasingly popular. I wish you all the best and hope to see a lot more recipes of vegan and vegetarian dishes from you, sorry you just raised the expectation levels ..:-) God Bless you.


dassana October 22, 2013 126

thanks anand for this appreciating. if we listen to our gut feeling then sooner or later we all will find our creative talent. i enjoy cooking and blogging so most of this blog is created spontaneously. enjoying what u do is the most important factor. this blog is using self hosted wordpress blog with thesis theme. god bless you too and thanks again for all the compliments.


Archana October 18, 2013 127

Hi Dassana,
I stumbled on your website when I was searching for veg recipes when my hubby dear suddenly decided to turn vegetarian. We have been strict non-vegetarians :) all our life and suddenly to cook veggies was a nightmare! My favourite past time has been browsing recipes and trying them out. Guess your website never came into my radar (regretfully) because of our choice. But I’m so glad that I chanced upon your blog. It’s amazing. I tried quite a many of your recipes, but the best compliment I got was for your kadai panner. My daughter, who hardly eats veggies, just loved it! Your step by step description is so good and so easy to follow even for a novice. You make vegetarian dishes look more appetizing than the “others” :)
Thanks Dassana. By the way, I’m konkani too.
Look forward to bond with you over recipes :)


dassana October 22, 2013 128

welcome archana. i can related to your feeling when your daughter complimented you on kadai paneer. at few occasions, i experienced the same emotions when i got good comments from people who are mostly into non-vegetarian food.
keep visiting and sharing your feedback.


Aroopa October 12, 2013 129

Dear Dassana( दस्सना)
You have à very nice food site especially for vegetarians.
Is your name is an अपभ्रंश of the Sanskrit दर्शना?
What is your mother tongue?
When we write in the English script we never get the right pronunciation.
Wishing you and ours a very auspicious VIJAYADASHAMI.


dassana October 15, 2013 130

aroopa. thanks for appreciating the site. my name is not related with ‘darshana’. my mother tonque is konkani. wishing you and your family auspicious VIJAYADASHAMI and navratri.


Ann Lee October 10, 2013 131

This is absolutely amazing! I am absolutely in love with this website! Thank you for your amazing work!


dassana October 11, 2013 132

welcome Ann Lee


Prajakta October 10, 2013 133

Hi, I am a stout nonvegetarian for a simple reason that it was more easy compared to veg food.
But i landed to ur site … and was quite happy with your style of cooking . I tried you rajgeera puri and it turned fab. My daughter (10) is a vegetarian and i am sure ur site will really help me.

Photos are very tempting and really pushes me to try ur dishes. Today i will try your dhokla receipe.
Bye and take care.


dassana October 10, 2013 134

thanks a lot prajakta for your genuine feedback. i have also replied to your microwave query. do try some more recipes from the blog for your daughter. even vegetarian food is easy to make.


Supriya Nair October 10, 2013 135

Hi Dassana. It is really nice to know about you. Being a vegetarian in a household that also eats non-veg food is not easy. I am in the same shoes. You have an amazing range of recipes on your space. Love your food photography as well. I am from Mumbai too and I am trying to inculcate vegan recipes in my diet as I had a gall bladder excision three years ago. It is really a pleasure and a learning experience for me while reading your food space.


dassana October 12, 2013 136

thanks supriya. nice to know that the blog is helping you. you can easily veganize most indian recipes except for sweets or milk based desserts.


usha October 8, 2013 137

Hello Dassana, found your blog whilst looking out for indian recipes, and I really, really liked the simple-to-do recipes, and even more so, the pictures. That really helps. This is a brilliant site for indian cooking. Forge on !!


dassana October 8, 2013 138

thanks usha. your feedback was very motivating for me.


shyamala October 3, 2013 139

Love you so much Dassana!!!, for giving us such wonderful & perfect recipes, I am really very grateful to u! may God bless u…….:)


dassana October 4, 2013 140

thanks shyamala. god bless you too.


T October 1, 2013 141

Hi there, just wanted to stop by and say wow, I love your recipes. When I read about your roots: I said “WOW”, you are so diverse in yourself. I am craving some of your mumbai street food right now such as pav bhaji, veg sandwich etc. Thanks for meticulously putting all this together.

I also want to take the time to say good job on separating vegeterianism ( i am a vegetarian) vs vegan vs fish-eaters etc


dassana October 3, 2013 142

a big thanks to you. i also love mumbai street food specially pav bhaji.


Ansuya September 14, 2013 143

This blog is excellent. I tried your fruit bread. It was very good. I am waiting eagerly for the apple pie post. Also the tips given to start a blog has given me an interest to start my blog. The tutorial in the internet for blogging is confusing. Hence can you mail me the step by step tutorial to start a blog and to host it using a free platform like


dassana October 5, 2013 144

hi anusuya. thanks. i have already posted the apple pie recipe. in fact its very easy to start your blog on its an easy interface to learn. i am giving you a link which can be used as a reference guide –


Rashmi September 12, 2013 145

Your posts are simply awesome. I was trying to make instant oat idlis and somehow they just did not turn out right. Then I ran into your idli post.

Wah! Its a great post and then I bookmarked a whole lot of recipes I would like to try. Thank you for the wonderful step by step instructions and the photographs are great too. Wonderful job.


dassana September 12, 2013 146

thanks rashmi. will like to hear your feedback on recipes.


Kiran September 8, 2013 147

hi dassana,

hats off to the efforts that are going into the making of this brilliant website. quality trumps as your stats also says.though you express doubts about your food photography skills, pictures are brilliant! your style of “no caps” is nice. i am trying to copy that style in this comment. :-). moreover it proves a point that having a training helps. method matters, especially in the bread making, kneading etc. will be compelled to regularly add to your page visits.



dassana September 9, 2013 148

thanks kiran for this motivating comment. yes, training helps and one has to keep on learning and experimenting. as i am doing with photography.


Suthendra September 3, 2013 149

Good work. Keep it up. All the best and thanks for such a wonderful site


dassana September 3, 2013 150

thanks suthendra


Sana August 27, 2013 151

Hello Dassana,
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the recipes, your thourough and comprehensive writing style. I am a vegetarian too eversince I was like 4 years old, and I can relate to you, because I’ve experienced the same things you had,from relatives, friends and whomever I meet. I love Indian food and looking forward to prepare some of your mouthwatering and awesome dishes to my family !!!!! So glad to have found your site and WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN LIFE. Finally, thank you SOO MUCH for sharing your recipes with us.


dassana August 29, 2013 152

thanks sana for your appreciation and best wishes. i wish the same to you.

Reply August 23, 2013 153

Had seen your space n number of times whenever I hit for some recipe in Google.
But never checked the about section of your blog. Feel real great that you are a pure vegetarian more apt would be vegan, and was wondering how you could change to a vegan being in a your parent’s family which was a pure non vegetarian. Well glad to be at your space and following you happily in Facebook.. :) Your space is awesome with very good explanation of recipes you try out.. Real good work.. Keep going and rocking! :)


dassana August 30, 2013 154

thanks sangeetha for the positive comment and appreciating the site. i guess i became vegetarian at an early age, because of my interest in meditation. meditation was probably my interest in past lives too. meditation makes it impossible to eat non-vegetarian food. keep visiting the blog.


Jinku August 19, 2013 155

Thats the best “About Me” I have read so far. Congrats. Your site and recipes are awesome.

Just a question, how are you showing so much ads in your webpage? Google adsense will allow only a maximum of 3 ads / page, right? In this page itself I saw 1 ad on header, 2 on right side bar, 1 on bottom and 1 on left sidebar. Can you shed some light on this?


dassana August 20, 2013 156

thanks jinku. what you see in the left side bar is yahoo ad :-) the rest are adsense ads.


Priti August 18, 2013 157

I love your recipes!! Thanks for sharing:)
Can you post a recipe for cereal chivda or corn flakes chivda. Your recipes are delicious and healthy :)


dassana August 19, 2013 158

thanks priti. will post in some time.


kumaran August 16, 2013 159

i am from Chennai i like your recipes very much it is available in book form.


dassana August 16, 2013 160

thanks kumaran. we don’t have a cook book.


KUMARAN August 16, 2013 161

I am from Chennai. i want your recipes in a book form. How can i buy your COOKBOOK pls tell me. Thank you


Dipika August 16, 2013 162

I love your blog. I have made a few recipes and now I know that all the recipes I make from here are consistently good. I also read about your interest in spirituality and meditation. I am so happy to read about your kindness to animals too. I also used to be a non-veg but after meditating for a year the desire to eat it left me overnight, much to my own surprise. I started feeling a lot of compassion for animals, fish and insects.

I still love cooking and eating delicious food and your blog is usually the first I will check out online. Thank you for the delicious recipes which you photograph and write out with so much detail. I am really glad your husband supported you in starting the blog. We would have missed out on so much otherwise :)

God bless and may you keep growing in all that you wish.


dassana August 17, 2013 163

thanks dipika for writing such a motivating comment. such comments motivates me to keep on blogging.
with meditation our energy vibration changes and it becomes difficult to eat non-veg food as we go deep in meditation.
all religions and spiritual masters have given importance of vegetarian diet for making progress in meditation or spirituality.


Nimmi August 16, 2013 164


I love your recipes and your approach. We are a lot alike – vegetarian, computers, cooking. In my case, add art, jyotish, repairs and writing.

While camping in France, I came across Walnut bread. It got me interested in bread making. The bread was sold by the weight, and only made in one bakery in this one village. It was a dark bread, with some rye in the dough. And had a bit of structure to it (not soft and spongy) and tasted “real”. Maybe the bread had some walnut flour as well – not sure. Food is treated seriously in France.

I also got interested in Pizza making after my niece introduced my to Crusties’ pizzas in Sydney, Australia. One had a sauce of chopped mushrooms and garlic, topped by grilled asperagus stalks. All of a sudden, I realised that here was another area worth serious exploration! Then I found out there are many out there in internet land, seriously working in this area. I have just got two cast iron plates and seasoned them (like the dosa plates) to use for this. Luckily this also means I can make dosa on them, which is great when kitchen space is limited.

It has been a delight to find you, and I have started to email your website to other foodies I know. Keep on with your website, and I hope your ad income increases by leaps and bounds so we can enjoy your company and ideas for a long time to come.


dassana August 17, 2013 165

thanks nimmi for writing this encouraging comment and as well sharing the website with your friends and also for your best wishes :-)
keep on visiting the blog and sharing your views about recipes.


pritika August 14, 2013 166

hi dassana,
I have been checking your website from long time but this is the first time I am writing to you. I love the way you explain about your recipes and put pictures of each and every step. This actually helps a lot if I have to try something new. I am not writing about recipes but about the website. I want to create a website and regarding that i need help from you. I would be obliged if you could help me regarding this.


dassana August 17, 2013 167

thanks pritika for the encouraging words.

regarding starting a new website you can check this below link

i hope this link will help you to clear your doubts.


Adrian August 12, 2013 168

Thank you for the recipes. Most enticing and finger licking good, it would seem !


dassana August 12, 2013 169

thanks adrian


Gilles August 10, 2013 170

I’ve been following and exploring your blog for one year now, trying as many recipes as I can, and I wanted to take my hat off to you for this wonderful work! It’s so rare to find such erudition, clears texts, beautiful photos and good mood gathered together…
Being a Hindi learner, I’m looking for a good indian cookbook in Hindi, equivalent to, say, “Prashad – Cooking with Indian Masters” for instance. Would you know such a book and how to get it ?

I wish you all the best!

Gilles, from France.


dassana August 12, 2013 171

namaste gilles. thanks a lot for your positive feedback. i have seen hindi cookbooks, but only of authors like sanjeev kapoor, neeta mehta and tarla dalal. i haven’t seen any equivalent in hindi of a book like Prashad – Cooking with Indian Masters. there is a local website called as they sell indian regional languages books like hindi, marathi etc in different categories like food, culture, religion etc. you can browse through this website and search for the same book with the title or author or ISBN number on amazon. you can also browse through but flipkart delivers in india. but they do have hindi cook books of the same authors mentioned above.


Mohan Menezes August 7, 2013 172

I accidentally found this wonderful site, I will make it a favorite from now on! Thanks for the great recipes. As a Canadian I hardly cook but after looking at the simple recipes, I am now motivated to help my wife in the cooking department.

I complement you and your supportive husband. I like the brightness, the mouth watering pictures, the construction of this website as well as enjoy the easy reading and location of recipes as well. I will be following your success in the days to come.

God bless and all the best to you!


dassana August 7, 2013 173

thanks mohan for this motivating comment. i appreciate your gesture.


Smita August 3, 2013 174

hi dear, I was searching for lauki soup and saw your site,its very nice of your site . I was also a teacher but at present at home .I like cooking very much and very much found of working on computer.I liked your site very much ,as since from when i am working on making a site.Please do suggest me some sites.


dassana August 5, 2013 175

i did not understand what are you asking. which sites you want me to suggest you.


Harpreet Singh July 30, 2013 176

Good Day Dassana,
I came accidentally on your site. I was trying to find instructions on making white butter.
I have read your blog. It is very well written, very authentic and loved your attention to detail (camera) and your honesty (monetized ads). Many thanks to your husband for encouraging you to pursue and is now maintaining the servers . Well Done!! Ms. Dassana
Keep Rising and Keep Shining!!
Good Work!!


dassana July 31, 2013 177

thanks harpreet for this nice and motivating comment. with your best wishes, i hope the blog will keep on growing.


Aravind July 27, 2013 178

I accidentally landed to you web blog while searching for mushroom biriyani. Soon I realised your blog is much different from others which exist. All the write ups, photographs are excellent. You are a gifted multi talented person. Keep going.


dassana July 30, 2013 179

thanks aravind for the motivating words.


anna July 21, 2013 180

Hi Dassana:

Thanks a lot for share this kind of recipies, I LOVE India and its cuisine.




dassana July 22, 2013 181

thanks anna.


Namrata July 17, 2013 182

Hi Dassana,

Good Morning,

I want to give you a big hug and say “Thank you”!! Off lately i have to be at work until 9 or 10 in the night due to which my husband has taken over kitchen department. All thanks to your detailed recipes that he has been following and cooking some awesome food every single day. So far he has made – Dum aaloo, Paneer Makhani, Paneer Jalfrazi, aaloo Palak, Thepla, aloo ghobi, Rasam and baigan!! All the dishes have turned out to be absolutely perfect and authentic. Aroma & Flavors are out of the world. I am not exaggerating by any means. All these dishes are way above and beyond comparison with some of the Indian restaurants around our area. Thank you once again for the lovely blog.


dassana July 17, 2013 183

aww namrata…. you made my day. thanks once again and hugs to you too.


AA_Mom July 15, 2013 184

Hello Dassana,
I came across your blog when searching for the bhatura recipe and have subscribed you since then. I should have done it earlier as I had seen your blog being mentioned on the various food blogs that I frequent. You have an incredible collection here and we all should thank your husband as well as he inspired you to start this blog. Thanks for the wonderful recipes.


dassana July 16, 2013 185

thanks AA_Mom for this sweet comment.


Divya Mishra July 14, 2013 186

Hi Dassana,
I stumbled upon your blog a few days looking for a particular recipe. I found


Zeffirra July 8, 2013 187


I like your blog a lot. You share amazing recipes. Please keep it up. Its very inspiring.

I have started my own blog today and am very new to the world of blogging. On the blog I will be sharing my life as it is. No photoshop, no make up :). I plan to also include a few recipes here and there in my blog. I have posted one salad recipe for Ramazan already. I was wondering if you would like to take a look at it and feature it on your blog. Or even make some suggestions with respect to the design and content of the blog.
Appreciate your help.



dassana July 9, 2013 188

will check your blog zeffira and will write to you after seeing your blog in my spare time. thanks for your kind words. blogging is good and creative as well. you will enjoy the whole process of blogging.


Sonali July 7, 2013 189

I found your blog thru Pinterest and love it the way you have structured it. Looking fwd to following u and your recipes.


dassana July 9, 2013 190

thanks sonali


surkhab June 30, 2013 191

Nice website and great work.. keep posting such a delicious recipes…


dassana July 1, 2013 192

thanks surkhab


imran June 25, 2013 193

Hello Dassana, i m from pakistan, i like this site too much…plz keep itup…


dassana June 25, 2013 194

thanks imran


Torie June 24, 2013 195

I just stumbled across your lovely blog, via Tastespotting. I particularly love dals so will try some of yours and see how they compare to some of mine ;o). Am also interested to see the type of vegan curries you make. I like your blog layout in as far as Indian food from different regions. Very helpful. Best Torie


dassana June 24, 2013 196

thanks torie. you can try the dal as well as the other veggie curries. most indian food recipes can easily be veganized.


Gavnisha June 22, 2013 197

hello again.please do you have some indian and spicy recipes of dodka (ridge gourd luffa) or ghosavala (smooth luffa) and Matti gulla or green brinjal.thanks in advance


dassana June 22, 2013 198

i do not have any recipe of ridge gourd or ghosavale. i don’t make these as no one has these veggies at home :-(

there is one recipe made with green brinjal. when i had posted this recipe i had made with green brinal. but can be made with purple brinjals too. this is a little spicy. you can adjust the spices as per your requirements –


Gavnisha June 23, 2013 199

thanks a lot dasana.god bless u


dassana June 23, 2013 200

thanks gavnisha


Gavnisha June 22, 2013 201

hi dassana…love ur website…all the best…regards from Gavnisha of Mauritius


Janhavi June 20, 2013 202

First of all you have very beautiful name just like your beautiful blog
I’m very impressed with all the recipes. I made kulfi today, it is in freezer now, but I’m sure it will be great. I like the way you wrote. I do eat satvik food almost everyday, no onion/no garlic no chilli. So is my family. Once in a while i use garam masalas to make occasional recipes, but everyday all natural organic ingridents make food heaven. Thanks for all the recipes here, keep writing :-)


dassana June 20, 2013 203

thanks janhavi. i hope the kulfi has turned out good. i agree on the use of natural and organic ingredients. i make satvik food on some days and on days when we don’t want to eat onion and garlic. but i do add some chilies :-)


Leigh June 20, 2013 204

I love your recipes. Do you know of a good resource for finding Indian spices online? Thanks!


dassana June 20, 2013 205

hi leigh. i usually buy organic spices from a shop close to our place. i don’t know any resource of finding spices online.


Bindu Jolly June 19, 2013 206

Hi Dassana,
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your website and your repertoire of recipes! I stumbled upon your website last Friday whilst looking for imaginative Indian vegetarian recipes – something different to the norm I usually make. I tried 3 recipes over the weekend-Punjabi chana, kadhai paneer restaurant style and the Goan style chilli mushroom. What can I say? The recipes were amazing – really really good. I am so impressed you really are a culinary genius! Please keep the new recipes coming!
Thank you!


dassana June 20, 2013 207

thanks bindu for making my day. more new recipes will be posted. i have lots in the drafts.


Noorain June 18, 2013 208

Hi dassana,

I really love the way you have made your website and you food recipes look mouth watering Im going try few soon,between please give me few tips to develop my blog too, im so new to it!



dassana June 19, 2013 209

Hi Noorain

Thanks for appreciating the site.
We have shared many tips on our sub domain
and also on this page

SEO, Site Speed, Good Blog Design, Quality Content, Social Networking etc are important.

Few good sites which i would recommend are:



noorain June 22, 2013 210

Thank You!


Morgan LaRue June 12, 2013 211

Aloha Dassana,

Any interest in compiling your recipes into a cookbook? I would purchase it in a heartbeat! Your recipes are terrific.

Kind regards,


dassana June 14, 2013 212

thanks morgan. even i feel i should make a ebook of recipes. lets see when and how it happens.


Nandita June 7, 2013 213

Hi Dassana,

I have spent the past couple of days browsing through your recipes and they all look just amazing! I already tried out your restaurant style dal tadka around 2 months back and have made it some 4-5 times ever since! Then I didnt have the patience to look through your website :)
I was going crazy the past couple of days trying to decide what I can start out making using your website….I have decided to check on your website depending on the veggies I have at home and try out stuff. Hopefully I will be prompt in posting my comments for all the dishes that I try out!

Thanks for running such an amazing website…it is awesome work! :)



dassana June 7, 2013 214

thanks nandita for writing the positive feedback. it not only motivates me but also helps the other readers to try the recipes. do share your honest feedback once you try more recipes.


geetanjali May 20, 2013 215

hey hi… i came to know abt this site while searching for paneer recipe. and i fell in love. step by step recipe is very interesting idea and i wish you very best luck. plz continue your food journey.


dassana May 21, 2013 216

thanks geetanjali


Mealnut May 18, 2013 217

Hi Dassana,
simply blown away with your food photography. Would you like to showcase it on our website: ? We are creating a platform for home-chef to showcase, or sell their delicacies online. Keepup the amazing work :-)


dassana May 19, 2013 218

thanks :-)


Arpita May 14, 2013 219

I cannot wait to make Garam Masala at home.
I would like to request the recipe of “Masala Puri” which is famous in bangalore.I tried to find the authentic one where it gives how to make chaat masala at home,but cannot find family loves ‘masala puri’ and I look forward for your recipe of the same.
Warm Regards,


dassana May 14, 2013 220

i know masala puri. let see if i get the time to make an authentic one :-)


Arpita May 12, 2013 221

This is the best veg recipes I have come across.
I would like to know which garam masala you would use for North Indian curries like Punjabi dum Aloo?I use MTR which gives south Indian flavor.Pls let me know the alternative.
Also is it ok to substitute Green Cardamom for Black?
Thanks in Advance.


dassana May 12, 2013 222

hi arpita

thanks for the appreciation.
we make punjabi garam masala at home
and below is the link of step by step recipe to make punjabi garam masala

green cardamom has a different flavor and taste than black.
if green cardamom is not available then you can use black but it will not bring the exact flavor as green.



Sham May 10, 2013 223

Hi, Hope u can assist me. I am looking for a vegetable curry recipe made up of broad bean drum sticks papri and whole lots of other indian vegetables. This dish has fried pateria with it. Thanks Sham


dassana May 10, 2013 224

i will have to see which recipe is this. will update if i get all the ingredients as well as the recipe.


Chetan May 9, 2013 225

Great Stuff, Awesome Website. Looking forward to being regular on your site and helping my mom n wife at the kitchen with my special dishes :) :)


dassana May 10, 2013 226

chetan, you are welcome to visit the site again for checking out recipes.


Punya May 8, 2013 227

Hi Dassana, Stumbled upon your website one day searching for a random recipe. And now I am completely hooked on to it. So much so that I have it bookmarked and try and visit it almost every other day. I tried your recipe for Manchurian, though it did not turn out to be perfect, but my family really enjoyed it; I have been asked to make it again! :D I have planned to try all you paneer recipes since I am a big paneer fan. Sharing you website link with my mom too now.Btw, awesome photography :) Keep up the good work. Happy cooking!


dassana May 9, 2013 228

thanks punya for your feedback and also for making the recipes. do try the paneer recipes as well. they are good recipes. happy cooking to you too.


Hazel May 6, 2013 229

Hi Dassana, I had to make jeera rice for a party, & going through your web site, I tried your
jeera rice, it is so tasty & simple to make. All the guest asked me if I bought the rice. I proudly said it is from a web site. Now I am hooked on to your web site. I am from Goa too.
Lived in Bombay & now migrated past 17yrs. to Canada. Miss all the authenic good food.
Keep up the good work. God Bless.


dassana May 6, 2013 230

thanks for the compliment hazel. you can try some more recipes. they are all vegetarian, but good ones.


Mark May 2, 2013 231

Hi Dassana,
I just discovered your website and I love cooking Indian Food. It’s brilliant… great recipies, lovely photos, easy to follow… its really a great site, thank you. Now I’m starving just looking at it!


dassana May 3, 2013 232

thanks mark. since you love cooking indian food, you must try some recipes from the blog :-)


Jo May 1, 2013 233

Hi Dassana,
Just wondering how I unsubscribe to receiving email updates from your blog?
Thanks, Jo


dassana May 1, 2013 234

hi jo. i checked and you are not subscribed to receive the email updates. your email id is not in the subscription list.


Narayanan K May 1, 2013 235

Dear Mrs.Dasanna,

I have gone throough your website. It is one of the best website I have ever seen having so many recipes from various cuisines with pictorial guide. I appreciate that you do not want us to upload any new food items instead you will try and post it, which is really a good thought.

I wonder whether you have added the pongal receipe in your south indian cuisine. If not please add, there will be so many who may like it.

Keep up the good work!!


dassana May 1, 2013 236

thanks mr narayanan k. pongal recipe is not there in the blog. i will update a few pongal recipes later.


louise burt April 29, 2013 237

This is a wonderful site! Beautiful photography, clearly laid out and fab looking recipes that I can’t wait to try! Thank you.


dassana April 29, 2013 238

thanks louise.


Dr. Tushar April 26, 2013 239

Dear Dassana, seriously surfing this blog even for 2-3 mins gives my stomach a hard time!
I must say, you have a brilliant aesthetic sense!
This blog is a jaw dropping experience for Indian Cuisine lovers.
- Fan #1


dassana April 27, 2013 240

thanks tushar for those encouraging words.


Dr. Tushar April 26, 2013 241

Your husband is the luckiest man in the universe!


dassana April 27, 2013 242
Sonal April 23, 2013 243

This is one of the highest quality food blogs I have come across! I love how you describe the inspiration for the dish before you actually share the recipe. And of course, the food photography and styling is perfection.


dassana April 23, 2013 244

thanks sonal.


Jo April 20, 2013 245

Hi Dassana,
what a fantastic blog you have! I am so pleased to have come across it! I have a couple of question for you out of interest: 1. what is your motivation for being vegan? 2. you use cashew, almond, and soy milk in some of your recipes, which one do you prefer and why? And what do you think about rice milk?


dassana April 22, 2013 246

thanks jo.
1: after being a vegetarian, the next best thing that i could do was being a vegan. it will just follow if one is sensitive and meditative.
2: for making tea, i prefer cashew milk. its easy to make and the tea tastes just like regular indian chai. for milkshakes and making indian sweets, surely almond milk works best. cashew milk tastes good in milkshakes too. soy milk is again for making tea, coffee and adding to cake batters. i usually end up using cashew milk more since it easy to make than making almond milk or soy milk. i have not yet tried rice milk, so cannot comment on it.


Karishma April 11, 2013 247

Hi Dassana
Would love to read about Sindhi recipes – in the same simple manner that you explain.


dassana April 11, 2013 248

i have one of my fav sindhi recipes – dal-pakwan in the drafts from a long time. will try to post some more recipes as well.


Archana April 6, 2013 249

Hi, I came over from Indiblogger. I saw that you are from Goa too and wanted say Hi.


dassana April 8, 2013 250

thanks archana.


Manju March 21, 2013 251

hi dassana all ur recipes r very simple and delicious..i would like u to post creamy white sauce pasta in your blog..please..


Manju March 21, 2013 252

pls do reply ma’am..


dassana March 21, 2013 253

replied :-)


dassana March 21, 2013 254

hi manju. firstly thanks. secondly, since i don’t get organic milk here, i won’t be able to post white sauce recipe with milk. but shall make a version with non diary milk like almond milk and post a vegan version. you can make the same recipe with diary milk also.


Manju March 22, 2013 255

Thanks a lot ma’am.:)


Manju September 4, 2013 256

hi ma’am i hope u remember me i requested u 2 post the creamy white sauce pasta..sorry 4 disturbing u once 4 asking u to post this recipe..pls try to post it as soon as possible..waiting for a positive response..:)


dassana September 4, 2013 257

i know manju. right now i am just posting some ganesh chaturthi recipes. in fact i had made white sauce with almond milk, but did not take the pics. will post in some time.


Sriram March 20, 2013 258

Very tastefully written and imaginatively photographed.
Special, more so as it is difficult to find a ‘veg-only” page that too with a wide variety of primarily Indian recipes.
Congratulations to you!
Keep it up!



dassana March 21, 2013 259

thanks sriram.


Sonu Joshi November 16, 2012 260

Wow, I just found your blog randomly while searching for pizza recipe from scratch and found this quite awesome. Fell in love with your lip smacking dishes.
Apart from cooking and photography I would like to mention I love “Thesis Framework” too. I’m also using the same in most of my blogs :)


dassana November 16, 2012 261

thanks sonu for those lovely words. do try the pizza recipe… it is damn good.

thesis is the best for wordpress users…


suvarna November 15, 2012 262

pl tell me, is this free or i have to pay something? bcoz i have submitted my e-mail id to get free news letters of recipes and they have sent me the e-mail in which they have mentioned thanks for your subscription and click on some link for confirmation. so, is this free or chargable? pl help me then i can continue.


dassana November 16, 2012 263

the email newsletters are free. you can go ahead and click on the link given in the email.


Sharmista Chaudhury November 7, 2012 264

Hi, I am writing to you from THE WEEK magazine, this is for our health magazine Smart Life.
For the December issue of Smart Life we are looking at soup recipes
fit for winter from five popular food bloggers based in India. In
addition to their soup recipes we would also like to know more about
them. Would therefore love to have you contribute to the story.
The queries we would require answers to are as follows.
When and how did you start blogging?
What do you like to cook the most?
What’s the most popular dish on your blog, the one that you got
maximum positive responses for?
Who is your inspiration?

Would like to know if you are based out of Mumbai, if so, would you be willing to contribute to the magazine? We would need a photoshoot with you too.

Sharmista Chaudhury


dassana November 16, 2012 265

have mailed you.


sailajaangara November 1, 2012 266

dassana, your food blog is wonderful. Pls visit my blog also and suggest me some tips to improve it.


dassana November 3, 2012 267

sure will visit your blog soon…


marnie October 28, 2012 268

WOW, what a wonderful collection of recipies, am so excited to find your blog. Congratulations and I wish you much luck and hope you keep posting for a long time. Thank you


dassana October 29, 2012 269

thanks a lot marnie for your good wishes.


swapna October 23, 2012 270

Hi Dassana,
You have an incredible space here…. every recipe of yours is so tempting… keep the recipes coming… :)


dassana October 23, 2012 271

thanks swapna.


Kc2002 October 9, 2012 272

Hi Dassana, I found your blog only recently and I love it. I’ts great that you have recipes from both the North and South! I have tried your Bhindi Do Pyaza and Mah Di Dal and both of them were delicious. Your proportions as listed in your recipes are very good and both dishes tasted authentic Punjabi! The photos are also a work of art! Think you and keep the recipes coming!


dassana October 10, 2012 273

thanks kc for making the recipes, liking them as well as liking the photographs. made my day :-)


Tina September 28, 2012 274

Hi Dassana

I don’t do this often but I hat to write to tell you how much I love your blog. Your blog is officially my go to place for any ideas, recipes, or reminders indeed for my every day and party cookings! Having recently got married I began to get irritated with having to run my mum or sister for even the smallest reminder about recipes – then I discovered your site. I religiously use it – it’s even got its own bookmark! Just wanted to say thanks as I honestly use your blog all the time.

Thank you


dassana September 28, 2012 275

thanks tina such a beautiful comment. you have really made my day :-) i am so glad that my blog is helping you with your everyday cooking as well as party cookings. to be very honest with you, my blog is an online journal for me too. whenever i have to make something which i have already posted, i come to my own blog and take the recipe ingredients. sounds funny, but this is how it is. i usually forget the recipe i create or develop except the ones i make often. so before i forget a recipe that i have created, i always write the recipe down on my laptop and then post it.

once again thanks a lot :-)


Shema George September 27, 2012 276

Nice to meet you Dassana. I recently found your blog and really liked it. I am following your facebook page. When you get time, please visit my space and check it out.
It was nice meeting you!!


dassana September 28, 2012 277

thanks shema. i will sure visit your blog :-)


Mansi September 22, 2012 278

Hey girl i am so happy and excited to see your blog.It made me feel so relieved as i am newly married and am always in search of good recipes and how to cook.Thank you


dassana September 24, 2012 279

thanks mansi. do try some of the recipes from the blog.


Priyanka August 30, 2012 280

Can I please request Daliya and Olive Rice recipe.

Thanks in Advance


dassana August 30, 2012 281

yes you can….. have noted your request priyanka.


Federica August 19, 2012 282

Hello from Switzerland. I am so excited I found your blog on FindingVegan!
I adore Indian food but have no clue how to prepare it. I will be trying some of your recipes soon. I hope I can find all the ingredients :)


dassana August 19, 2012 283

thanks federica for your lovely words. do try making indian food at home. you will simply love it. i hope you are able to get the ingredients.


Maryam August 3, 2012 284

your blog and pictures are amazing .. specially the styling of your photos !! I’m glad that I found your blog and I’m already following your blogging .. keep doing what you are doing ..

can I ask you from where you get the styling ideas and techniques ?



dassana August 3, 2012 285

Thanks Maryam. Your comment is so encouraging to me.

The styling ideas are because I am short of props :-)… It is like necessity is the mother of invention.

So i think a lot on how to present food in a beautiful and creative way using whatever I have. But sometimes I just put the food in a bowl or plate and take quick shots. And sometimes i style the food. There are ocassions when what I have visualized does not look that great in the camera. But these instances are rare.

Since I am a right brained person who sees everything in images, I see the food shots also along with the color combinations. I do trust my inner senses and my heart when i shoot. I don’t even plan. When i am cooking the food, I imagine creatively whatever little props I have to use which will accentuate the food, the lighting – whether i want back light or side light. It is more of a spontaneous creativity for me than planning. I would suggest you to just trust your heart and all the best shots will come from there.

Regarding the techniques – I shoot in the Manual Mode and process all my images in RAW. Processing images in RAW gives me a lot of creative options and making minor corrections to the images like correcting the white balance or lowering or increasing the exposure. Also the way light hits and reflects on the food is very important. So i make sure that the light brings the best in the food and not dampens it.

I will be writing more on photography on my other blog here:
I have not started as I want to start from the basics to the advanced. I am still learning but I want to share whatever I have learnt so far with all my blogger friends out there. You can subscribe to this blog to get the updates. There are SEO updates as well on this blog.


sasy July 27, 2012 286

Hai dassana,my kid is fond of pulao & really loved ur yakhni pulao,it came out well.I never compromise in cooking that too for my son it shld b perfect & healthy.ur recipes are very helpful to me.


dassana July 27, 2012 287

hey thanks a ton sasy….


Richa May 24, 2012 288

I came by your blog while searching for the method to make moong sprouts, but all the recipes look amazingly delicious. I will be trying many many of them. The steps are simple and the pictures make the understanding of the recipe so clear.
I am always wanting to try cook something different, but most of the websites give you complicated recipes or international style cooking – with lesser known ingredients. Your blog has so much to offer..
Kudos on the blog and thanks again for the delicious recipes. :)

- Richa


dassana May 24, 2012 289

thanks richa.

i do agree that some websites give complicated recipes or sometimes the ingredients are not known. i try to keep my cooking basic unless otherwise if the recipe calls for it and use ingredients which are easily available or for that matter are easily available in india.

thanks again for your lovely comments. do try the recipes and if possible share your experience on the blog.


Demosthenes May 16, 2012 290

I’ve never seen such beautiful recipes!
The pictures, the attention to detail, the quality. Bravo!
I’ll start trying them tomorrow.
Thank you for sharing.


dassana May 16, 2012 291

thanks for the appreciative comments demosthenes.


Tanvi@SinfullySpicy May 3, 2012 292

Hi Dassana,
Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog & the lovely words. I m so glad to find your blog. You have a wonderful collection of indian recipes showcased in a pretty way. Hope to learn from you.
I have lived in Pune for 2 years and was glad to find that you follow Osho. I visited the ashram often & it was really peaceful place to be.
Take care


dassana May 3, 2012 293

thanks tanvi. i also have much to learn from bloggers like you.


Sia | Monsoon Spice March 7, 2012 294

Hello Dassana, came across your blog from mutual blog friend’s link list. It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow food enthusiast who shares the same love and passion for food. Your blog has some wonderful recipes which I am planning to cook some time soon. The simple design of your blog with unique recipes, beautiful photos and wonderful narration makes it visiting it again and again!


dassana March 7, 2012 295

thanks sia for liking the design, photos and write ups. felt good. its always nice to hear positive comments and that too from a fellow blogger:-)

do try the recipes and let me know.


Anjali January 31, 2012 296

Hi Dassana,

I stumbled upon ur website looking for misal pav receipe and discovered lots more interesting receipes. Your blog is very interesting and well maintained with a good commentary and step wise photos. It will be great if you can also post ‘dabeli’ in your Mumbai street snack section when time permits.

Keep up the excellent work…



dassana January 31, 2012 297

thanks anjali. dabeli is on my list to post for mumbai street foods. i had the recipe too, but have lost it somewhere. but will make the recipe and post it.


Anu Parmar January 27, 2012 298

Hi Dassana, was just searching for a basic cake recipe on google for my two years old daughter and your site just happened to me. your site is really an inspiration. Your idea to show all the steps wid pictures, make cooking so intresting and easy that people like me who don’t take much intrest working in the kitchen will start finding cooking an enjoyable task. Thanks for making my life easy and better wid your valuable ideas and recipes… May god bless u


dassana January 27, 2012 299

thanks anu for such beautiful comments. cooking can be a creative and satisfying. just make sure you cook what you and your family enjoy. and don’t forget to the add most important ingredient – your love… to the food…


ramya January 17, 2012 300

thnks alot, i dont know cooking, this website is my guru, dialy i will chk my mail for any recipes, and tomato rasam is simply superb, i would like to ask to include many indo chineese recipes like pasta, hakka noodles,, once again thnku


dassana January 18, 2012 301

thanks ramya for your lovely comments. i don’t update the recipes daily, but try to update it once or twice a week. i will include indo chinese recipes as well in the future.


Chitra January 11, 2012 302

You have a nice collection of chat recipes. I enjoyed reading your blog. Chitra


dassana January 12, 2012 303

thanks chitra


Ashwini Phaniraj December 6, 2011 304

Dear Dassana

Very Thank full to you. I am Very much happy to saw this web. really wonderful recipe. thanks for the wonderful recipe.

With Best Regards
Ashwini Phaniraj


dassana December 10, 2011 305

thanks ashwini


Ramani December 1, 2011 306

Hi Dassana,
Like many others, I stumbled upon your website while looking for, can you guess, how to cook idlis in microwave.. I have the Microwavable Idli dish.. but did not try it before.. and of course I know Aunty Web comes to our rescue every time :). A few hours later, your how to make paneer in microwave took me deeper into your site.. and I really enjoyed browsing the diferent recipes …. Like someone else mentioned, I enjoy reading recipes on the web…. and of course trying them out. Your recipes look very nice and clear with great pictures. keep up the good work !!


dassana December 1, 2011 307

thanks ramani for your appreciative comments.


Usha Chinmay November 27, 2011 308

Dear Dassana:

I am so glad that i wandered over to this site of yours, the way u have presented the recipes and the recipes themselves are so good. I am someone who reads recipe blogs for happiness (i know i sound weird when i say that) and i was so happy reading through your posts. I can almost say that i love you though we have never met. I owe you.


dassana November 27, 2011 309

its nice to know that some one is loving my blog…


Mrs Malhotra November 8, 2011 310

See again u deleted my comment!! I cant believe you follow Osho! As all followers take criticism in positive way


Mrs Malhotra November 8, 2011 311

Apologies just saw that this comment is active and sweet puda one too is active. The one I did post about Karwachauth recipes which I cant find – regarding use of onion garlic in fasting food

Apologies for overlooking


dassana November 8, 2011 312

dear Mrs Malhotra, its alright. we all make mistakes in life. and thats how we learn and grow. in Osho teachings, we are not meant to follow Osho, but to find our source of wisdom and act through it.

Osho never wanted anyone to become his followers. instead he wanted all of us, to awaken the buddha in us.

thanks for touching the sweetest chord in me – my beloved master osho. but it is better to use the term lovers instead of osho followers.

regarding the karwa chauth comment – i did not get a comment about using onion garlic from you.
may be it would have not got posted on the website.

i agree with you that we do not have onion garlic for fasting food. in the compiled list of recipes, i have put for karwa chauth recipes, i have used onion in the chaat recipes. but i had made these not on karwa chauth but on regular days.

i thought people are wise enough to skip the onion garlic and make the recipes. but now i think i will put a note on the post mentioning readers to skip the onion garlic. thanks for that.


Mrs Malhotra November 8, 2011 313

Thanks Dassana,


Mrs Malhotra November 7, 2011 314

Why do u delete critical posts!!! Whenever I have wrote something critical, you have deleted it


dassana November 7, 2011 315

dear Mrs Malhotra, i have never deleted your comments. i have only recieved two comments from you – one is this one and the other is on the sweet puda recipe link.

i don’t know what you are saying. in relation to the recipe i have always published comments where people have asked me about more details, info, given suggestions or even criticized the recipe. if i find the comments offensive or suggestive or absolute nonsense, i delete them.


Rosa Kullstrom September 29, 2011 316

Hi Dassana just searching for soya beea recipes I came to your blog. I must say it is wonderful so inspiring and clear. Thank you so much hope you keep up your vision. I am in New Zealand but born in Finland. Most of luck for your future
Thanks Rosa


dassana September 29, 2011 317

thanks rosa for your kind words. i pray the same for you too and all the best for your future too.


Vernon Bush September 8, 2011 318

Hi Dassana,
I ran across your site today looking for how to make flax seed paste and was pleasantly surprised and SO glad I found you. You cook similar to how I love to cook and I’m finding your recipes pretty awesome! I’m a vegetarian and have been most of my life and you do your blog right when it comes to cooking…You have PICTURES of what the dish is suppose to look like! I LOVE that. I’m such a visual person, people like us need that. Its a great aid. I think its an important key in getting to be a better cook. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’ll be using it on a regular basis… Keep it up!!! Cheers!


dassana September 8, 2011 319

dear vernon

thanks for the encouraging and genuine comments which are rare nowadays. because people are so busy… they don’t even have the time to say a hello…

i explored your site and found out we have one more common interest that is music. i am a meditator and disciple of enlightened masters buddha and osho… and according to osho, music is next to meditation and the right music deepens the meditative experience.

i pray you grow both in creativity and spirituality…
i will keep on writing about some delicious vegetarian recipes…. so do keep checking…



Siddharth Shresth August 23, 2011 320

Hello Dassana,
Just stumbled upon your blog while searching for some mushroom recipes. Though I love Non Veg food, yet this blog has a lot of things to keep me busy for days, even months. You have a simple style of explaining which make things easier…I am curious about the herb mix that you are using. Which herbs do you usually mix?
As a whole, its great work. Keep us drooling….


DASSANA August 23, 2011 321

thanks siddharth for your encouraging and positive comments.

i buy dried mixed herbs, either imported or indian most of the times. and the indian one has not failed me or the recipes in which i have used it ;-)

i buy Herbes de Provence. the herb mix usually consists of thyme, marjoram, rosemary, basil, oregano, savory, fennel, sage, bay leaf

more about Herbes de Provence here on wikpedia and
here is the official site:

for the italian seasoning i add dried oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, red chili flakes, black pepper.

also you could use the italian mix/oregano mix which we get with the pizzas when they are delivered home.

you could easily make these herb mixes at home. google and you get the recipes for making mixed herbs at home.


Siddharth Shresth August 24, 2011 322

I have been using the Pizza oregano mix. ;)

I tried your Mushroom Omlette today. It turned out to be great!!


dassana August 24, 2011 323

do try the other recipes….


Sadhana July 5, 2011 324

Hi Dassana,

I read some of your recipies.I liked them a lot.I am a home maker with 2 grown up kids.I am experienced in cooking.My friends and family feel that I am an excellent cook.I have some of my own recipies which I learnt from my mom,I arrived at them with experience.Can I share them with you?How do I create my blog?I do have a bit of free time now.Please guide me.

Thanks.I will continue reading some of your recipies.
Do reply.



dassana July 5, 2011 325

thank sadhana. i have emailed you. get back to me on any queries or clarifications.


sangeetha May 13, 2011 326

gr8 blog….keep cooking :) :)


dassana May 13, 2011 327

thanks once again sangeetha.


nazia March 16, 2011 328

Hi Sis

Hello I am Nazia I am new to ur site..happy to hear someone whozz a good devotee to God…
I am strong believer in God as well

I would love to discuss religion with u if u dont mind..



dassana March 18, 2011 329

hello nazia. i am not a believer in god. i do not have any beliefs or faith systems. when i use the word god, it means the the existence all around me and even inside me. it does not mean some fatherly figure up there controlling our lives. it means the energy…… the whole cosmic dance.. or call it nature…the life that pervades in you and me and everywhere.

let me tell you that god cannot be discussed. discussion is of the mind, intellect… god has to be felt in your innermost depths. how much ever you discuss, you will never be able to come to know god.


Mrs Malhotra November 8, 2011 330

I agree with you Dassana, God can’t be discussed. My mom told me one thing when I was a kid querying why there are different temples, gurudwaras, churches, masjids when we say god is one. Her simple reply to clear my all doubts was ‘Religion is like River’ All rivers travel towards Sea to be submerged into the great ocean, similarly religion gives a pathway to all to walk towards and get submerged into God.


dassana November 8, 2011 331

great answer from your mom. i totally agree. i don’t want to say anything more, because the answer is perfect.


Sujata November 25, 2010 332

Hi Dassana,

I stumbled upon your website while looking for modak recipe. Great website! You have taken so many efforts especially the pictures at each step are so clear and detailed. Such a dedicated effort. Thanks! Sure you are doing everything with love and awareness. A lot to learn from you. Thanks and Best Wishes and May God Bless You!



dassana November 28, 2010 333

thank you sujata…..


Manorama Ukidve November 11, 2010 334

Hi Dassana,
Stumbled accidently upon your blog. I think I was looking for vegetarian biriyani recipe. Amazing! You really have a lot of passion and patience to have a blog of this quality.
What I found similar is that I too was a non – vegetarian initially, rather forced to be one and later I stood my ground and gave up meat and fish altogether. So I am really enjoying your blog since it has a good combination of vegetables recipes as well as paneer and egg and also basic recipes as well as special recipes.
Also, I believe, having a family who eats meat helps one to be more adventurous with different spices (but that’s purely my opinion).
Anyways, looking forward to reading the rest of your blog and trying out your recipes
All the best !


dassana November 13, 2010 335

thank you Manorama.. your story is similar to mine regarding, eating non-vegetarian food… i admire your courage to go for vegetarian food… sometimes social and famiy pressures just don’t allow you to be yourself and do what you want to do… or eat what you feel like eating…. ;-)

do give me feedback when you try out any recipe.


praveen October 28, 2010 336

frist of all
i want to thanks for your great recipe you posted on your blog
i have try many of them and like you i also want to spend time in kitchen for my family and friends.
all recipe is superb.
thanks a lot
one thing more i also want to post some recipe
how i can?
please mail me


dassana October 28, 2010 337

thank you praveen…. its feels good to know that the recipes have come out well…

to make your own blog… so that you post your recipes… you need to buy a domain name…. then install wordpress in your web directory…. and start posting your recipes through the wordpress interface…. wordpress is an easy software that lets you make your site they way you want it.

you can also, choose the blogger platform and start with a blogger account… the only drawback is that the images and other files are located on the blogger server…

but with your own domain name, the images are located on the space you have taken from the web hosting service provider. so you have total control over your content material including the images….

feel free to email me for any more queries…


sangeeta September 5, 2010 338

Nice to know about you Dassana.
you have a great blog here and i loved the way you write.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the sweet encouraging words.

Like you say you use ingredients on intuition , that is the way it goes with me too ……. intuition leads us to eat what is needed at the moment….isn’t it ?


dassana September 6, 2010 339

thanks sangeeta. intuition not only guides us to eat what is needed at the moment, but also guides us in making decisions in life.


Sourav Das June 23, 2010 340

this blog is awesome for veg loving peoples…..and I wish to make the every recipes published here


dassana June 23, 2010 341

Hi Sourav. Thanks for appreciating and boosting my spirits. Its nice to know that you like the blog as well as the recipes.


Sangita April 29, 2013 342

Hi Dassana,
i am so happy to read your blog today morning.. first recipe i saw was Veg. Biryani- awesome answer to non-veg. biryani. the most impressive thing to me is your changing to be vegan diet. you are not just good at recipes but have good compassionate heart to all living beings :).


dassana April 30, 2013 343

thanks sangita. i am already a vegan sangita :-)