Sambar & Rasam

Get a variety of Sambar, Rasam and Stew recipes from the South Indian Cuisine here.

The traditional South Indian Sambar is a lentil and vegetable stew made with spices, herbs and tamarind.

Sambar is served with South Indian breakfast of Idli, Dosa & Medu Vada. Sambar is also served with steamed rice.

There are many variations of making Sambar all across the South Indian belt. In this category, you will find some of the unique sambar varieties and I hope you enjoy making them.

Rasam is a South Indian variation of soup made with tamarind pulp as a base along with spices & herbs. Lentils can be added or skipped in rasam.

You will also find vegetarian stews from the South Indian cuisine here like Vegetable Stew and Potato Stew.

Some of the sambar varieties and stews are naturally vegan. Asafoetida is added in most recipes of sambar. Packaged asafoetida contains wheat and thus the dish is not gluten-free. To make a gluten free version, use gluten-free asafoetida.

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