spaghetti bolognese recipe – how to make spaghetti bolognese recipe

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spaghetti bolognese recipe. this recipe of spaghetti bolognese with mushrooms is a treat for spaghetti and mushroom lovers. you can easily make this delicious pasta dish as a brunch or a meal for lunch or dinner.

pasta bolognese is made with bolognese sauce. bolognese sauce is generally a meat based sauce having its origins in ‘bologna’ in italy. thus the name ‘bolognese’. in bologna, tagliatelle pasta is served with bolognese sauce. pasta varieties like pappardalle, fettuccine, penne and rigatoni can also be used as alternatives to tagliatelle.

mushroom spaghetti bolognese

bolognese served with spaghetti or spaghetti bolognese recipe is a dish that is made and served outside italy. this is a vegetarian version of spaghetti bolognese recipe. i did check many recipes online for bolognese sauce and finally came up with my own version.

i have tried to kept the ingredients authentic as in the bolognese sauce, except for carrots and white or red wine. i did not have white or red wine, so have added balsamic vinegar instead. the bolognese sauce is made first and then the spaghetti are tossed in the sauce. here i have used organic durum wheat spaghetti.

the result was smooth, flavorful and spiced pasta dish that even beat the gourmet food that one gets outside. the white button mushrooms adds a lot of texture to the dish and combines with the smoothness of spaghetti very well.

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mushroom spaghetti bolognese recipe

so try this mushroom spaghetti bolognese at home and you won’t miss a gourmet pasta dish ever. serve the spaghetti with a salad and soup by the side.

spaghetti bolognese recipe below:

mushroom spaghetti bolognese recipe
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spaghetti bolognese recipe

flavorful and spiced spaghetti bolognese made with mushrooms. a vegetarian recipe of spaghetti bolognese. 

course brunch, main course
cuisine italian, world
prep time 20 minutes
cook time 20 minutes
total time 40 minutes
servings 2 to 3
author dassana amit

ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)

  • 250 grams white button mushrooms - rinsed and chopped
  • 250 grams whole wheat or semolina spaghetti
  • 1 medium sized onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped (lahsun)
  • 4 medium sized tomatoes, pureed
  • ½ teaspoon balsamic vinegar or ½ tablespoon white wine
  • ½ cup chopped fresh herbs Or 2 teaspoon dry mixed herbs Or italian seasoning
  • ½ teaspoon chili flakes or red chili powder (optional)
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • salt as required
  • black pepper powder (kali mirch powder) as required

how to make recipe

cooking spaghetti:

  1. first cook the pasta in enough boiling water to which some salt has been added.
  2. cook the spaghetti till al dente.

  3. strain and stir some oil in the spaghetti so that they don't stick to each other or dry out.

making bolognese sauce:

  1. make a puree of the tomatoes.
  2. heat olive oil. first add the onions and garlic .
  3. saute for 3 to 4 minutes or till the onions gets cooked, but don't brown them.

  4. add the mushrooms and saute them till the mushrooms are cooked.
  5. initially the mushrooms will release water. continue to stir and sauté till all the water is evaporated and the mushrooms turn light golden at the edges. 

  6. the mushroom will also shrink in size

  7. now add the tomato puree. simmer for 4 to 5 minutes. stir in between.

  8. add the celery or basil or a mixture of fresh or dry herbs ( i used celery and basil)
  9. add the balsamic vinegar or wine and stir.

  10. also add the red chili flakes, salt and pepper. stir the sauce. check the taste and add some more herbs, vinegar, salt if required. 

making spaghetti bolognese:

  1. finally add the spaghetti and toss them well so that the sauce coats the spaghetti.
  2. garnish with some celery or basil and serve spaghetti bolognese hot. 


dassana amit
i started in feb 2009. it is a pure vegetarian blog and shares recipes with step by step photos.

i am passionate about cooking from childhood and learnt cooking from my elders. a home science degree course further enhanced my cooking and baking skills professionally along with an internship in a five star hotel. i am trained both in mainstream indian as well as international cuisines.

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  1. Hi! I have tried many time this recipe and it is really good but my dish always stayed red because of tomatoes in place of picture which is shown against this dish can u please help me what should do to make exactly same pasta shown in that image

    • thanks saurabh. in fact when i made the above recipe posted, i was wondering why the spaghetti did not have a bright red color 🙂 its due to the quality and color intensity in the tomatoes. if you do not like the color, then reduce the tomatoes to 2 or 3. hope this helps.

  2. Could you please tell me the substitute for balsamic vinegar? I don’t have it! ?

    • you can skip the balsamic vinegar. or add wine or add regular vinegar or brown vinegar.

  3. Wonderful and Thank you ,I will try white sauce pasta. before reading ur recipe I thought that making pasta is very tough but now I m happy …..

    • welcome shalini. nice to know that the post cleared your doubt.

  4. When to add wine/vinegar?

    • when the celery or basil is added, the wine/vinegar can be added. will update the post.

  5. This looks great ! When you say to add herbs ..did you add celery sticks or Chives ? Thanks

    • thanks. i added fresh celery sticks and fresh basil. you can also use chives or any fresh or dried herbs you have.

  6. Looks wonderful! This is a meal I could eat almost every night! thanks for sharing and making me so hungry…


  7. its tempting ! loved the mushroom version !

  8. yummy and inviting recipe.. .

  9. can we substitute mushroom with some other vegetable?

    • yes ashwini. you can add carrots, broccoli, french beans, cauliflower. use whatever veggies you have. you can just steam or boil them first and then use the same stock to be added in the bolognese sauce.

  10. All I need is a fork to dig into this ! Looks breathtaking good. I do love the fact that you added balsamic vinegar. I love it.

  11. Hey Dassana!
    pasta looks fab! celery would a lovely flavor !

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