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hummus recipe with step by step photos – hummus is a popular middle eastern dip made from cooked, mashed chickpeas.

chickpeas are a favorite at home. usually with chickpeas, i end up making either punjabi chole or chana pulao. i must have made umpteen versions of punjabi chole at home. and we simply love chickpeas cooked with indian spices and masala.

food blogging gives me the advantage of not only posting the traditional and regular recipes but also trying new recipes at home and then posting them. its such a joy to try out unknown recipes, take good shots and then write about them.

if you have never had hummus or don’t know what it is… this post will tell you that and please do try making hummus at home. you are going to love it.

i remember having hummus first time as a ten year old with falafel and pita bread in mumbai and i liked it so much. i asked my mom to make it for me and she did not know how to make it. i don’t blame her as these are not indian recipes and we do not make these at home.

the taste and aroma of that particular pita bread stuffed with falafel and hummus still lingers in my memory.

after a gap of many years, the second time i had hummus was when, a dear friend maitreya made it for all of us… about 18-20 people. it was such a bland hummus… poor maitreya… i don’t blame him for that. he was making it for the first time and that too for so many people.

maitreya, if you are reading this post, than you must try this hummus recipe. its a fantastic one and you are going to love it.

when i searched online for hummus recipe, there were many i came across. i settled for this one from about.com. a few recipes, i have tried from about.com and they have also come out good.

i have made a few changes to this basic hummus recipe and that is adding garlic, red chili powder and black pepper powder.

while preparing hummus tahini is required. tahini is a famous middle eastern spread made from sesame seeds. if you do not have tahini, then a simple idea is to just add powdered roasted sesame seeds to hummus. in the indian household, generally, one may not find tahini, but one will find sesame seeds, especially in the winter season.

hummus is great as a spread on sandwiches or burgers. you could also have it as a dip with fried, roasted or steamed veggies. best is to have hummus with pita bread. even it tastes good with garlic naan or butter naan.

i usually make extra hummus and keep it in the refrigerator. stays good for 4 to 5 days.

before we start, i have used dried chickpeas which require soaking them for a good 8-9 hours and then cooking them without salt. i always cook soaked chickpeas in a pressure cooker as its quick and does not take a long time. the chickpeas have to be really cooked well. they should be easily mashed when you press them between your fingers.

if you are looking for similar recipes then do check muhamarra, almond dukkah, tomato pizza sauce and cabbage coleslaw.

hummus recipe details below:

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hummus recipe
prep time
5 mins
cook time
25 mins
total time
30 mins
hummus recipe - creamy dip or spread made from white chickpeas.
course: appetizers
cuisine: world
servings: 5
author: dassana
ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1.5 cups dried white chickpeas, soaked in water for 8 to 9 hours and then cooked till soft
  • ½ cup olive oil, add more if required
  • 2 to 3 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon red chili powder or cayenne pepper
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin powder (jeera powder)
  • ½ cup roasted and powdered white sesame seeds or ½ cup tahini
  • a few sprigs of parsley or coriander leaves (cilantro)
  • salt as required
how to make recipe
  1. roast the sesame seeds and then powder these finely.
  2. take the cooked chickpeas, all the spices, parsley, salt and garlic in a blender.
  3. add the powdered sesame seeds, lemon juice and olive oil.
  4. blend to a smooth paste.
  5. serve the hummus with warm pita bread garnished with a few sprigs of parsley
recipe notes

in place of olive oil, you can use neutral oil like sunflower oil.

so lets start step by step hummus recipe:

1: take the roasted sesame seeds in a blender or dry grinder and finely powder them.

2: now take the thoroughly cooked chickpeas, garlic, all your spices and salt in a blender or wet grinder. either add the powdered sesame seeds to it or vice versa. this is what i did. firstly, i powdered sesame seeds in a blender. then added chickpeas et all to the powdered sesame seeds in the same blender.

3: oh… where are the garlic in the above pic… these are at the base and you cannot see them… so here is another pic for you with the garlic taken at some other time.

4: add lemon juice and olive oil.

5: blend to a smooth paste. while blending if its difficult, then add some chickpea stock to the blender. if you love olive
oil like me, then you can add some olive oil instead of the stock. whilst the hummus was blending, i remembered i had to add one herb to it, which i had forgotten. there goes some parsley in the hummus. you can use coriander leaves/cilantro if you don’t have parsley.

6: serve the hummus with warm pita bread or with steamed or roasted veggies. whilst serving you can also add some olive oil to the hummus… enjoy :-)…

the extra hummus can be stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

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    • thanks chinmayie for admiring the photos.... i am still learning photography and have so much to know and remember....

  • Hi Dasanna
    I stay in Middle East region i.e., Qatar and I am a big fan of your blog and recipes especially dry aloo gobi. I regularly eat pita bread and hummus with TAHINI sauce here...as this is the regional food available abundantly over here.

    This recipe is nice ! and thanks for posting..

    • thanks bhargavi

      generally we don't get hummus and pita bread here. tahini is available. and i am a fan of middle eastern food like baba ghanoush, tabouleh and the yummy baklava.

  • Hi...you may want to look at foodblogandthedog.wordpress for inspiration too. She certainly has a way with adjusting/augmenting different styles etc. with excellent results.
    I've made a number of the foods and can highly recommend.

    • dear tony, i am already following natalie's blog and have subscribed to it.

      you are right, she has way with cooking great food and i am sure the results are excellent. i still have to try her recipes, but living in india i do not get some of the ingredients. but i will try some of her recipes in which the ingredients are easily available here.

  • but this receipe has to be cooked in olive oil only not any other cooking oil?? I personally dont like the smell of olive oil.

    • dear neela, hummus won't be hummus if not made with olive oil :-) you can use other oils, but my suggestion would be to still add olive oil. what olive oil does to hummus no other oil can do.

      you won't get the real taste of hummus without olive oil and tahini. its the sesame seeds and olive oil that bring out the real taste and flavor of hummus. otherwise its just mashed chickpeas with some spices.

  • Hello, you used 1 1/2 cup of dry chickpeas? or this is the amount of cooked chickpeas that you need for this recipe?
    Thank you

  • Hello

    I have just made this style humous and it is delicious.
    I would like to make lots of other humous with more Indian spices, do you know any more?

    Mike in England.

    • i would suggest the classic plain hummus is really great. its my most favourite dish. i went to dubai many times but when ever i had hummus, they never mixed any spices in that, just classic. even i tried in hyderabad, they gave me the same hummus as it was in dubai.

    • i have not tried any other indian variation. only once i had made roasted red bell pepper hummus. the taste was different. you can add some ground coriander powder or even a dash of garam masala powder to give an indian touch.

  • Hi Dassana,
    I have just made this, and I have no yeast with me. So currently enjoying the hummus with chopped carrot sticks. A perfect healthy snack. I loved your pics and description! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  • Hey dassana nice recipe i ate this in dubai i think its an arabic dish i will try this soon

  • Dear Dassana, I had made your way of alu chole last night and it turned out to be awesome!!! Thank you for the lovely recipe :)
    Since I have some leftover channa from last night, which I had boiles along with salt, I wanted to know if I can use it for making this hummus? To rephrase, I have salted boiled chana. Will that make a difference if I try hummus with it?

  • Dear Dassana, I have tried many recipes from this site and they are very good. Specially the pics you attach makes one remember the recipe like nothing else. Will try the Hummus and thanks for the sesame seeds tip, I want to make this tomorrow and didn't have time to go to the market and buy Tahini paste.

  • Wow!! In one go i read all three recipes of yours...of falafel,,pita bread n hummus. Now please tell me some detailed serving suggestions. .as i hv not yet had these yummy looking delights. .bt had only heard about them.
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful blog dear. .God bless!!:)) im writing for the first time to any blog.
    Seems now i know where to turn for my cooking experiments needs!;))

    • hi sugandha, generally the pita bread is sliced and in their pockets, falafels are kept with tahini and a salad. usually the salad is a middle eastern pickled salad. but you can choose any veggies or combination for the salad. even you can add hummus or serve hummus as a side dip. basically they are like stuffed pocket sandwiches.

  • Hey Dassana...I loved the way you described the hummus recipe with the pics..one can easily understand by this way..thnx for the efforts taken by you to explain everything in detail wid nicely clicked pictures..I will surely try hummus the way you shown here and will let you know..thnx..

    • riya, olive oil is traditionally added. one of the main flavor in hummus is of olive oil. without olive oil, the taste will not be authentic. if you are OK with this then you can use any other oil or vegetable oil.

  • I tasted hummus for the first time today. Something about it reminded me of Indian food. I've found your recipe and I thank you for taking the time to post it online.

  • love it! This is first recipe I ever cooked other than omelette.. amazingly simple and tasty..thanks.

  • Excellent recipe. I tried it today and it came out very well. I had always wanted to try hummus at home but never did since I didn't have tahini handy. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  • Very simple and now there's no need for me to order this from my Greek and Turkish shops and restaurants. It's fresher and tastier and I can make it quickly..

  • Thanks for this wonderful recipe.I did a combi of roti, hummus and falafel for our lunch today. It was a gr8 success. I couldn't try pita bread as my active dry yeast has expired.Better luck next time.

    • if you add more chickpeas, then you also need to increase the quantity of other ingredients. you can try next time :-)

  • I have followed the recipe instructions as written I've achieved good results thanks very much.

  • I love you. Thank you for doing such a great job! None of ur recipes have failed me ever... Trying falafel tomm!

    • glad to know this thank you for your positive feedback. surely try and let us know how falafel was?

    • chickpeas have to be cooked in a pressure cooker or a pan//pot with enough water till they are cooked completely. they are not cooked in oven. if pressure cooking, then cook in 3 to 3.5 cups water for 15 minutes on a medium flame. if they are not cooked well, then continue to pressure cook for some more time.

  • This looks so tempting.. shall try it this week!
    Btw.. apart from your recipes, i also love to read the little intro/story that you write about them!

    • sure nia. some food and some recipes have special memories with most of us. so i do write about them. thanks for liking that.

  • Hi, I did not get a chance to soak the chickpeas for 8 to 9 hrs. About 3 hrs.
    Is there a way I can still make the hummus right away ?

  • The recipe calls for 1.5 cups of cooked chickpeas? Or 1.5 cups uncooked chickpeas which need to be cooked? I am assuming the first one, according to quantity of other ingredients..but still it will be nice if you mention it out clearly ma'am.

    • the recipe calls for 1.5 cups dried chickpeas. i have mentioned dry chickpeas in the recipe card. i think you missed reading it. its mentioned very clearly. the spices and oil you can add as per your choice.

  • Loved the recipe... Makes the perfect consistency. I had to use it up the same day, so used less olive oil and used more of chickpea stock. I served it with garlic naan.

  • Can we replace chickpeas with moong, or Bengal gram, or rajma, or other Indian pulses and have ready protein rich pulses paste to be used as a spread???
    (Remaining recipe being the same)

    • you can use both moong and chana dal. i am not sure about rajma though, as it can be slightly bitter due to rajma. you can use as a spread on toast or chapatis.

  • This was yum... I had made the Lebanese Hummus from an Arabic youtube blogger. It was nice but felt a little bland. Then I tried your website( you are always my go to food website, as I always know it would taste good). Your recipe was perfect for the Indian palette. Absolutely loved it. Going to make it tomorrow for the second time. This time I would use a little less coriander as last time I added a lot and coriander overtook the chickpeas taste. Thank you for taking out the time and effort to keep our taste buds going.

    • thanks a lot harry. i have had the authentic hummus in restaurants and for my taste too i have felt it slightly bland. you can always add less or more spices as per your requirements. regarding coriander, less is better as too much of it can be overpowering. thanks again.

  • Found your site while looking for what goes into hummus and thought I'd share details of my experiment with sprouted chickpeas here...
    Had packed my son's snack box today with sautéed chickpea sprouts - just added a pinch of garam masala, salt, red chilli powder and a clove of minced garlic to mask the typical stench of soaked chickpeas and was left with just over half a cup of it. Hadn't cooked the chickpeas since they seemed tolerably crunchy but my son may violently disagree!
    Anyways, inspiration struck. Pulsed the sprouts with 2 more cloves of garlic, whole black pepper, and half a teaspoon of roasted jeera, dhaniya, Bengal gram dal and sesame powder ( leftover again from my tamarind rice recipe preparation) , a tablespoon of olive oil...and what do you know...though nowhere near the consistency of a dip, the just-moist powder tasted divine! Your recipe mentions lemon juice...maybe that would have helped blend it to a paste and given it some tangy flavour or maybe not having cooked the chickpeas was the reason.

    Am a non vegetarian who turned vegan a few months ago but I know the taste of a winner for the whole lot of them! It reminded me of the yummy cutlets mum used to fry for teatime and tasted like the patties did before they were fried. This is the closest I've gotten to something veg mimicking the taste of a non vegetarian recipe. Yippee!!
    The point of sharing this story here - you don't even have to cook the sprouts to make a sprinkly flavourful hummus!! Mine were 2 days old - kept just moist after an overnight soak. So good luck with your next batch of chickpea sprouts if you are running out of time!

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