ginger tea recipe, ginger tea with milk, how to make adrak wali chai

ginger tea recipe

ginger tea made with milk – this is a beverage i make everyday.

ginger tea is a very common indian beverage made from tea leaves and fresh ginger. its also called as adrak chai or adrak wali chai in india.

the aroma, flavor and taste of ginger is something we are extremely fond of in our tea. ginger also has a lot of health benefits.

ginger chai

tea is one beverage that is made in all homes in india. first i would make the tea with milk. now i make tea with cashew or soy milk. i don’t add almond milk as i don’t like the taste of almond milk in tea. with cashew milk, you won’t even come to know that the tea is made in it and not regular milk.

there are a few variations of tea made in india. some spices are added to the tea thus making it a masala chai. you can also use a chai spice blend know as masala chai powder. there is also mint tea or pudina chai and tulsi tea, which is made from fresh mint leaves and tulsi leaves (holy basil) respectively. also, a combination of both ginger and mint can be used while making tea.

nowadays i make tea with ginger, cardamom and lemon grass leaves. this concoction helps to alleviate migraine. a herbal remedy which i learnt after my visit to sahakari spice farm in goa. you can make this herbal tea with or without tea leaves. i make mine with tea leaves. sometimes i also add ground cinnamon, fennel, nutmeg & cloves to this tea… and occasionally some mint or tulsi leaves.

its due to this everyday tea, that no one at home suffers from cold or cough problems even when the winter was at the very peak this year. the stomach as well as the digestive faculty stays good too.

ginger tea

in this post, i share the recipe of a simple homemade ginger tea with cardamom. the amount of ginger can be varied. if you really like to have a strong taste of ginger, than add more ginger.

ginger tea recipe details below:

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Ginger Tea - Indian Style
warm, spiced tea made with ginger and cardamom.
RECIPE TYPE: beverage
CUISINE: indian
SERVES: 4 cups
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 4 cups water
  • 3 to 4 tsp black tea leaves
  • 2 inch ginger for a strong taste or 1 inch ginger for a milder taste, peeled & either crushed or grated.
  • 3-4 cardamom, crushed or powdered in a mortar-pestle(optional)
  • ½ to ¾ cup regular milk or cashew milk or soy milk - add more if you want a milky tea
  • 8 tsp unrefined organic cane sugar or add more for more sweetness
  1. In a saucepan or kettle, add the water, ginger and crushed cardamom with the peel.
  2. boil this water-ginger-cardamom mixture for a good 6-7 minutes, till the color of the water changes to a mild yellowish hue. the ginger releases its juices & flavors in the water and thus the color of the water changes.
  3. add sugar and simmer for a more of 1-2 minutes.
  4. now add the tea leaves and simmer for about 1 to 2 minutes till the water gets a deep hue of red.
  5. simmering makes the tea strong. if you prefer a light version, then just add the tea leaves to the water. cover and allow the tea leaves to steep in the hot spiced water for 3 to 4 minutes.
  6. add hot milk and then strain the tea,
  7. if adding cold milk, then simmer for a minute or two.
  8. if using cashew milk or almond milk, then just stir the cashew milk with tea and remove from pan as otherwise heating further would cause the cashew or almond milk to become slimy and separate.
  9. strain the tea through a strainer right into the cups.
  10. serve the hot ginger tea or chai or adrak chai with indian snacks like pakoras or samosas. you could also serve the ginger tea with biscuits or cookies.

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  1. Shravani says

    I like your way of explaining the recipes. I follow a lot of ur recipes in my kitchen.. Thanks a lot for that. This time I stumbled upon ur page bcoz I was looking for the correct way of making ginger tea. I do make it at home sometimes, but I do not get the exact flavor that some other ladies make it. Just wanted to know if the ginger has to be freshly grated or if we can use the grated but stored ginger also. I usually grate the ginger in mixy and store in fridge, so that I can use it during cooking, just to save time.

    • says

      thanks shravani. i use fresh ginger always. some flavor is lost when anything fresh is stored. i would suggest to use fresh ginger while making tea. what i do is i peel the ginger and then just crush it in a mortar-pestle with cardamom or sometimes with other spices. then add this crushed ginger to water and then boil the water. it does not take time.

  2. Annapurna says

    Thank you for this (and other) recipes. You explain things very well.
    Aapko mere ashirvaad!

  3. gunjan says

    hi, nice blog. thanks for sharing your recipe.
    I suffer from bad migranes, please can you share the recipe that you learnt at the spice farm in goa.

    • says

      thanks gunjan. they didn’t share any recipe as such. they just told us that lemon grass-cardamom-ginger tea is good for migraine. don’t add any tea leaves in this tea. just simmer water with these three spices till there and then strain and have the tea. use crushed or grated ginger and also crushed or powdered cardamom. if you want then you can try with tea leaves also. ginger tea is very good for headache and migraine. i hope it helps.

  4. says

    I was just recently introduced to Indian Tea and I found your blog while googling more about it. This is a great recipe that you’ve shared, with a lot of useful information in the post. Thank you! I’m glad I stumbled upon…. xoxo

  5. sirisha says

    I made this tea it came out very well but what is cashew/almond milk how can I make it

    • harshita yadav says


  6. says

    I make this all the time too. I am so in love with your rustic tray. Btw, did some copper shopping, will send pics soon! :)