eggless apple upside down cake recipe | apple upside down cake recipe

by dassana amit updated December 20, 2013

eggless apple upside down cake

this apple upside down cake is one of those eggless cake recipes that i have developed on my own.

while developing recipes, especially baking ones, sometimes they are a success and sometimes they are failures. more so when one has to make a cake or bread or muffins which does not use eggs nor dairy products.

generally when making the batter, i come to know if the cake will be a hit or miss. when i have that feeling that the cake is going to be a flop… bingo.. the cake does become a flop when baked.

apple cake

so when making this apple upside down cake, i knew it would not be a disaster recipe. what i did not know was that it will be a hit at home. the cake was so much liked, that i have got apples again to make this cake for easter.

in spite of not using eggs, the cake is light, soft and has a good crumb. almost like cakes baked with eggs.

the secret to this light & soft texture in the cake is due to the addition of lemon juice and water. this cake is made up of ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen and you don’t have to buy anything special to make this cake.

apple upside down cake recipe

since jaggery is easily available in india, i have added organic powdered jaggery to the cake batter. in absence of jaggery the cake can also be sweetened with sugar or powdered sugar.

if you don’t have apples, make the same cake with pears or pineapple and it would still be delicious. if using fresh pineapple slices, then its better to lightly cook the pineapple slices with some sugar and little water. you can also use tinned pineapple slices.

step by step eggless apple upside down cake recipe:

1: grease a round cake pan or tin. layer the apple slices. you can have a single layer or double layer. double is better.

2: doubled up the layer & added sprinkle cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, demerara sugar & some drops of lemon juice on the apple slices.

3: in another bowl take all the dry ingredients and mix them well.

4: add water, oil and stir well to form a batter without lumps.

5: add lemon juice and stir well again. you can see the tiny bubbles on the batter after adding lemon juice.

6: pour the cake batter in the pan layered with apples. shake the sides of the pan, so that the air bubbles are released.

7: bake in a pre heated oven for 50-55 minutes at 180 degrees C/356 degrees F or for some more time if required.

8: when the cake was hot, i removed it from the pan and some apple slices got stuck at the pan. i was impatient. just let the cake become warm and then unmould it carefully from the pan. you can even line the cake with parchment or butter paper so that its easy to unmould the cake without the apple slices sticking at the bottom of the pan.

slice and serve the apple upside down cake as an after meal dessert or with tea or coffee.

if you are looking for more eggless cakes then do check gingerbread cakedates walnut coffee cake, eggless orange cake, eggless apple cake, eggless chocolate cake and eggless plum cake.

eggless apple upside down cake recipe below:

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eggless apple upside down cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
easy to make eggless apple upside down cake. eggless & dairy free recipe.
Recipe type: dessert, cakes
Cuisine: world
Serves: 1 medium size round cake
apple layer:
  • 2 medium sized apples rinsed, peeled, cored and sliced
  • 2-3 tbsp organic demerara sugar or brown sugar or powdered sugar
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon powder
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg powder
  • few drops of lemon juice
cake batter:
  • 1 cup organic whole wheat flour/atta
  • ½ cup organic all purpose flour/maida
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 cup water
  • ¼ cup sunflower oil or any neutral tasting vegetable oil
  • ¾ cup organic powdered jaggery or organic unrefind cane sugar or powdered sugar – adjust as per your sweet requirements
  • a pinch of salt
  • ½ tsp ground vanilla powder or ½ tsp vanilla extract
  1. grease or line a round cake pan or tin.
  2. layer the apple slices neatly on the base of the pan in single or double layer.
  3. sprinkle all the ingredients mentioned for apple layer above on the apples.
  4. keep this pan aside.
  5. pre heat your oven now,
  6. in a bowl, first take all the dry ingredients and mix them well with a wire whisk.
  7. add the water and oil and stir well so that no lumps are formed.
  8. stir really well.
  9. now add the lemon juice and stir well again.
  10. pour the batter in the cake pan layered with the apple slices.
  11. bake at 180 degrees C/356 degrees F for 50-55 mins in a preheated oven.
  12. when warm or cooled, serve the eggless apple upside down cake with tea or coffee or as an after meal dessert.

organic powdered jaggery does not have any impurities and is good when making cakes or muffins or even indian sweets.

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Archana kamath March 11, 2014 1

Hi.. Juz baked the apple upside down cake !!it’s turned out good but found a little undone near the apples !! U think I can bake it again ?
Finished eating 2 big slices though !!!


dassana amit March 13, 2014 2

yes you can bake again. not sure if you baked again.


Rads October 23, 2013 3

Hey dear..the cake turned out YUM family loved it…though my hubby felt a lil more jaggery or any other sweetner could b added…but for me it ROCKED!!! :D gonna share it on my visit..thnx!!


dassana October 25, 2013 4

thanks rads. will check your blog. i usually make cakes less sweeter. however the jaggery or sugar can be adjusted as per one’s taste.


Rads October 5, 2013 5

Hai..first time here..really simple recipe..definately gonna try it asap..awesome pics..
Best Wishes


dassana October 8, 2013 6

thanks rads. do visit again. best wishes to you also.


Prachie Narang September 26, 2013 7

I baked this cake with exactly same proportions and instructions but in convection mode in microwave, 55 mins on 180 degrees.
It did not rise and was left uncooked at the bottom.
When inverted the base of cake (apple layer) was stuck to the bottom.

Please tell me what went wrong.


dassana September 26, 2013 8

hi prachie, since you mention the cake did not rise, then its either the baking powder or baking soda that has expired. this is the reason why the cake has taken so long to bake and still not cooked and got stuck at the bottom. when using baking powder or soda for any baking recipe always check their expiry date. sometimes even after 3 months, they loose their power.

i have had also issues where the baking powder was within the expiry date, but had lost all its power and the cake which i had made with it was tough and dense. you can check this link on how to find out if the baking powder or soda is active –


nalini September 6, 2013 9

Thank u for the quickest reply ever….really appreciate it…
U forgot the pineapple chunks though…i want to add it to d batter n not make it upside down….do i need to adjust baking time or if the batter becomes to runny for the chunks…
Thanks again..


dassana September 6, 2013 10

nalini, the batter might become runny. use this apple cake recipe where the apple chunks are in the cake. i hope it helps.


nalini September 6, 2013 11


I m so glad i came across this recipe…i want to bake a pineapple cake for someone special..n since u have mentioned i can use pineapple too, could u pla tell how to use chunks of pineapple in d batter ..n if i can replace oil with butter….n do i have to make any further changes if using pineapple…?


dassana September 6, 2013 12

use very ripe pineapple or use tinned pineapple. the same ingredients you would add in the pineapple can add butter instead of oil. use the butter at room temperature and not frozen butter. if the pineapple is not sweet enough, then just cook the slices in a sugar solution.


Shubha August 27, 2013 13

Hi, can u please tell me the size of the tin and also how can I use the regular jaggery available in India.


dassana August 29, 2013 14

shubha, for jaggery you have to first chop it or grate it or powder it. then you dissolve the jaggery in one cup of water. since the recipe uses one cup of water. no need to add extra water. then strain the jaggery-water solution so that the impurities are removed and then mix it with the cake mixture. you can use 5-6 inch diameter round tin.


Divya July 30, 2013 15

Lovely cake Dassana,I am planning to try this one for a good friend who is off sugar for a while.If I use jaggery in place of brown sugar while layering the apple,do you think it will burn?Or should I add apple chunks in the batter rather than making it an upside down cake?


dassana August 1, 2013 16

mailed you divya.


lakshmi June 22, 2013 17

Hi Dassana,
Love all your recipes. Would like to try this one. Please can you tell me if I could use brown sugar instead of jaggery and what quantity. Is organic whole wheat flour available? Can I use the regular wheat flour – I mix soy flour (100 gms), jowar(100 gma) and bajra flour (50 gma) for 1 kg of wheat flour. Can I use this and bake? Thanks.


dassana June 22, 2013 18

hi lakshmi, you can use brown sugar instead of jaggery. you can use the same quantity. the quantity mentioned in this recipe does not yield a very sweet cake. its just sweet and has a little less sweetness, but the apples compensate for the less amount of sweetness.

organic wheat flour is available in online and in super markets. you can use regular wheat flour too. you can try with the mixed flour you have. the texture and taste will be different for sure. but there is no harm in trying. i have made breads and cakes with multi grain flours and yes they taste very different than the regular bread and cakes. but healthy.


Supreeti June 10, 2013 19

Hi dasana,

I tried this eggless cake over the weekend and I used powdered jaggery. It came out so nice. The only thing that I did different was adding orange rind to the batter. It was yummy!! Thanks for such a nice recipe …


dassana June 11, 2013 20

thanks supreeti for trying the recipe and sharing your variation.


nikita May 11, 2013 21

wat should be the timing,if the is prepared in microwave? ?


dassana May 11, 2013 22

i have not tried making the cake in the microwave. you can try though. i guess 3 to 5 mins should be enough depending upon the microwave oven. so when microwaving keep checking, so that the cake does not harden up.


Nisha May 8, 2013 23

Isn’t jaggery a heat producing substance.. Is it this quantity recommended in summers?


dassana May 9, 2013 24

old jaggery is cooling. you can use sugar instead of jaggery.


Chitra May 5, 2013 25

The cake came out perfect and all of us loved it! I’ll be using the same base for other cakes as well! I’m assuming I can, please correct me if I’m wrong.

This recipe is a keeper and the best low fat cake I have ever come across!!


dassana May 6, 2013 26

hi chitra. you can use the same base. i had made an apple cake with the same base. yes, the recipe is fool proof and a keeper.


Deeba Rajpal (@vindee) April 9, 2013 27

This is stunning Dassana. I’ve made something similar but it used yogurt. I like the idea of lime juice and water. Really really nice … as is your photography!


dassana April 15, 2013 28

thanks deeba.


mmeecriteuse April 6, 2013 29

Your cakes are so great! I made this one yesterday (as my first upside down cake) and it was eaten up in very very very short time – therefore I had to bake it again today :) Amazing!


dassana April 6, 2013 30



ANU April 4, 2013 31

hi ..I am baking now.. again…you didn’t mention about when to add the oil.


dassana April 4, 2013 32

i have already replied to your comment before and even added in the when to add oil in the recipe details below.


dassana April 4, 2013 33

that was a confusion… mistook you for someone else with a similar query for another cake. added in the recipe details. add oil and water together.


yazhini April 4, 2013 34

the recipe is nice .i tried it the apple upside down cake was superb


dassana April 4, 2013 35

thanks yazhini for the feedback.


Indira Kaur April 2, 2013 36

Can I make this cake with 2eggs and1/4cup of water


dassana April 2, 2013 37

i have already replied to your previous comment. i suggested to add 1/2 cup water.


shipra pande April 1, 2013 38

Dassana tell me, can i make this cake in microwave?


dassana April 2, 2013 39

hi shipra. since the batter is not very thick, i assume this cake can be made in the microwave. do try halving the recipe if making in one pan or make in individual cupcakes moulds or ramekins or small bowls.


Indira Kaur April 1, 2013 40

Can I use 2 eggs and1/4 cup of water instead of 1cup water?


dassana April 2, 2013 41

hi indira, you can add 2 eggs and 1/2 cup water instead. if the batter looks thick, then add some more water.


Kiran @ March 31, 2013 42

Made with water?!? You are a better baker than you give credit to yourself :)


Janani March 31, 2013 43

wow beautiful cake loving it. I had made it quite few times but yours look so soft and nice.


ANU March 29, 2013 44

I tried this recipe just now..awesome cake..very fluffy and spongy..thank u Dassana. I will definitely make it again .Also I tried your orange cake for second time as muffins as-well. It was nice…Such a great cook you are..


dassana March 30, 2013 45

thanks for your compliment anu. glad to know both the cakes were great.


Tania March 29, 2013 46

Hey! This recipe sounds great! Tell me please, if I have a sticky type of jaggery, how do I use it in this recipe?


dassana March 29, 2013 47

hi tania. just melt the jaggery first in a pan with 1 or 2 tbsp of water, so that it does not stick to the pan while melting. just melt, don’t thicken it. once its cooled, add the melted jaggery to the mixed dry ingredients, along with the water. you will have to decrease the amount of water as some water is already used for melting the jaggery and the melted jaggery will be of liquid consistency. so adjust the proportion of water accordingly. the cake batter should not be runny. if there are impurities in the melted jaggery, then strain before adding.


Tania March 29, 2013 48

Thank you very much for the answer! It’s a first time i use jaggery… I’ll try this tomorrow :D


renu March 29, 2013 49

wow u developed your own recipes.. cool… looks yummy .. wish i cud grab it from the screen:)


Vimitha March 28, 2013 50

Oh this looks so delish… Bookmarking this Dassana


Raks March 28, 2013 51

I have seen pineapple upside down cake, this one is new and interesting.


Priti March 28, 2013 52

Isn’t it gorgeous …I love baking with apple too and this looks just fab …


Pavithra March 28, 2013 53

Oh my goodness, can this get any yummier?
Looks like a dish worthy of Authentic bakery or 5 start hotel!!
Love the texture , color and the fluffiness!!
It is dark now, so I’m going to CCD tomorrow and get a upside down cake to satiate my hunger :-)


dassana March 28, 2013 54

thanks pavithra.