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bhatura recipe

Bhaturas or Bhature is one of the most popular punjabi recipe. Bhatura are thick leavened fried Indian bread. Bhaturas are often eaten with chole (chickpeas) and this combination of chole bhature is very tasty as well as popular all over india.

I wanted to post and share this great Bhatura recipe from a long time and finally, I am able to do it today. I just enjoyed making these bhature for the first time, on my hubby’s birthday. He is a great fan of Chole Bhature and I had decided to make it specially for him on his birthday.

Though, I have cooked chole many times, it was always with pooris. This time I wanted to make bhaturas. I know from examples of my friends that the bhatura is not so easy to make and it does not rise or puff up while frying. This was my first time and I did not want to take a chance.

I checked on the internet and there were many recipes for bhatura – with yeast, without yeast, with eno and so on…… the list is endless.  Finally, I decided to adapt this recipe, from a book which has tested and tried recipes from the world of Iskcon – The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking.

When I fried the bhaturas in oil……. I joyfully gleed….. the bhaturas not only puffed up……… they puffed up really well…….. like the way the bhatura actually has to puff up. Also, they were soft from inside and crisp from outside.

chole bhatura

My hubby was shocked……… how come I managed such great and awesome bhaturas and that too the first time. He relished it so much that I decided to make it again.

So the second time now, I made chole bhature for my mom-in-law as she too loves it. Again, this bhatura recipe did not fail me this time. The bhature  came out great again.

chole bhatura recipe

The other good point of this bhatura recipe is that it used less of all purpose flour (maida)/refined white flour and more of whole wheat flour (atta). The ratio of all purpose flour to whole wheat flour used in this recipe is approx 1:3 respectively. Some of the other bhatura recipes are made of only refined wheat flour. They are tasty but not so good for health. Thats why I chose this recipe.

Also, this bhatura recipe is made without yeast. For the leavening of the flour, curd and baking powder/baking soda is used.

The rolling and frying of the bhaturas takes around 20-30 mins. But the leavening of the flour, takes 8 hours (overnight) plus 2 hours. I made the bhaturas with Amritsari Chole.

The old pics have been updated with new pics, since I always end up making bhatura this way to go with chole on festive or special ocassions. I guess I love fermented foods and hence always go for this tried and tested bhatura recipe.

I have 3 more bhatura recipes on the blog:
1. Bhatura made using mashed potatoes. This aloo bhatura recipe is also a step by step recipe and is a quick recipe to make bhaturas.
2. Easy Bhatura Recipe – You just need to keep the dough to leaven for about 2 hours and then begun with the frying.
3, Quick Bread Bhatura Recipe – You only need to leaven the dough for 30 minutes. No need of yeast.

Step by Step Bhature or Bhatura Recipe:

  • You will have to start the night before. In a bowl take the yoghurt, sugar, baking powder and all purpose flour. Mix well all the above 4 ingredients.

  • Cover the bowl with a cloth or lid and set it aside in a warm place overnight or for 8 hours to allow natural fermentation to take place. The next day you will see tiny bubbles on the surface of the mixture. I stirred the mixture and so the bubbles cannot be seen in this pic.


  • In another bowl, mix together the wheat flour with salt and rub the oil or ghee or butter into it with your fingertips.

  • Into this bowl, add the fermented mixture and the warm water.

fermented mixture for bhatura

  • Mix everything well.

bhature preparation

  • Knead into a dough for 5 to 10 minutes or until it is silky smooth. Add a little flour if it is too wet.

bhatura dough

  • Gather the dough into a compact ball and cover it with a damp cloth. Again set it aside in a warm place for 2 hrs. This is how the dough appears after 2 hours.

bhatura dough

  • Knead the dough again. Form it in to 12-15 balls.

kneading bhatura dough

  • Roll each into 4-5 inch discs.

  • Heat oil or ghee and deep fry the bhaturas in the same way as you would fry pooris.

frying bhatura

  • Fry bhature till golden. The bhaturas will take a bit longer to fry than pooris.

frying bhatura or bhature

  • Drain the bhatura on kitchen paper napkins to remove the excess oil.

bhatura or bhature

  • Continue to fry each bhatura this way.

frying bhature or bhatura

bhatura of chole bhature

if you are looking for more indian bread recipes then do check matar kulchanaan without yeast, poori recipegarlic naan, aloo parathamatar kachori and butter naan.

Bhature or Bhatura Recipe below:

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Bhatura (Bhature) Recipe: How to make Bhatura
Bhaturas are thick leavened fried Indian bread often eating with chole/channa
RECIPE TYPE: Leavened Fried Bread
CUISINE: North Indian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
main ingredients:
  • 21/2 cups atta or whole wheat flour
  • 1 tsp salt or as required
  • 1 tbsp oil or ghee or butter
  • ½ or ⅓ cup warm water
  • vegetable oil for deep frying
for overnight fermentation:
  • ¾ cup (150 ml) plain curd/yoghurt or cashew curd
  • ½ tbsp sugar or brown sugar
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ¾ cup all purpose flour/maida
  • ¼ cup water (optional)
  1. You will have to start the night before.
  2. In a bowl take the yoghurt, sugar, baking powder and all purpose flour.
  3. Mix well all the above 4 ingredients mentioned for overnight fermentation.
  4. If the yogurt has whey in it, then don't need to add the ¼ cup water mentioned above.
  5. If the yogurt is thick, then to thin the batter, add ¼ cup water.
  6. Cover the bowl with a cloth and set it aside in a warm place overnight or for 8 hours to allow natural fermentation to take place.
  7. The next day you will see tiny bubbles on the surface of the mixture. The mixture is ready for the next step when tiny bubbles appear on the surface.
  8. In another bowl, mix together the wheat flour with salt and rub the ghee or butter into it with your fingertips. Into this bowl, add the fermenting mixture and the warm water. Form a dough with these two mixtures.
  9. Knead the dough for 5 to 10 minutes or until it is silky smooth. Add a little flour if it is too wet. Gather the dough into a compact ball and cover it with a damp cloth. Again set it aside in a warm place for 2 hrs.
  10. This is how the dough appears after 2 hours.
  11. Knead the dough again.
  12. Form it in to 15 balls and roll them into 5-6 inch discs. Heat oil or ghee and deep fry the bhaturas in the same way as you would fry pooris. Serve the bhaturas hot with chole and wedges of lemon and sliced onions.

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  1. pooja says

    Hi dassana.wonderful recipe.but is it compulsory to add baking powder in the white flour. Only curd and white flour won’t work.

  2. Pooja says

    Hi…happy holi…I decided to make chola bhatura , hummus n falafel..all from ur blissful site..evthing turned out soo Gud..though I had to make falafel againtoday as I made them last nite n my bowl in which I put uncooked falafel accidendentally fell down n broke:((…BT today evthing went all well…tchwood…thx for making our sumptuous holi

  3. Asmita gandhi says

    Heartly thanks for ur wonderful recipe for the new housewife’s like me. I just want to confirm ,is it ok if use Plain Eno instead of baking powder…..if yes, then how much should be the quantity.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Gayathri says

    Hi Dassana amit, I tried ur bhatura recipe as per ur instructions. It comes out awesome. I wondered about the perfect puffing and texture. While puffing the bhatura really I felt very happy that my effort and ingredients didn’t go waste. So the full credit is goes to Dassana. And now am confident to fallow ur style of cooking. And the important thing ur step by step photos and instructions induce me to do the bhatura with confident. Please post recipe with step by step photos, instructions and notes. Thank You…

  5. Chytali S says

    feeling confident to try out this….. nicely narrated……inspired by the pictures..looks sooo yummmy


  6. Sona gill says

    Tried the recipe, did not turned out exactly the same
    Made with maida only…. The bhatura’s used to puff and collapse….

    • says

      by puffing and collapsing, you mean in the oil or outside. if you keep the bhatura as an individual piece, it will be puffed up. but if you keep other bhaturas on top, it will collapse.

  7. Veena says

    If I need to make this with full white flour instead of atta do I need to change the measurement of curd, baking powder, etc

  8. Ambika sood says

    Hi just want to check that in case I wish to refrigerate excess dough will the bhaturas turn out as well the next day? Or can I leave the dough at room temp? TIA

  9. sital chandaria says

    Such a detailed writeup….thank you so much…am so confident after making bhatura following this recipe….they turned out so soft and each one puffed up…and most of all so little oil was used …excellent recipe

  10. Sinu says

    Hi Dassana…

    Trying this method for the first time… Just to confirm did u mean Baking soda or should i use baking powder? Please advise. Thanks a lot.

    • says

      actually i have used both and made these bhaturas. however, with baking soda there will be its slight aroma. so i suggest adding baking powder.

  11. umesh says

    hey this diwali i am thinking of making bhature for the first time. though i liked your recipe, the only thing i want to know is will they taste as good as the one made with maida?

  12. Jay says

    Thanks for recipe! I fermented the dough overnight from last night but won’t make the bhaturas till it better to mix the whole wheat flour step and leave it outside the whole day or keep it separate until evening? Should I refrigerate it? Thanks!

  13. kiran says

    really very nice recepice while reading i enjoyed dear and which flour is better i mean with atta or maida ?
    give me better idea pls

  14. Kris says


    This recipe rocks, girl !! My boyfriend’s mother is from India and she visited us last week. She’s an awsome cook, and I was really worried how she’d like eating at our place. This ‘Bhatura’ recipe really saved my life ! She was very impressed !!

    Thanks a million!


    Hiiiiiii Dassana,
    I was in rest for last 3 months. I gave birth a baby girl on 15 th april 2013. The day was poila boishakh. I could not try your any recipe last three months. I will try this coming Sunday. I tried many recipes as per your instruction and Those were just awesome. Thanx.


    • says

      congrats smita. your health and the baby’s health is more important. don’t worry about the recipes. just take care.

  16. AA_Mom says

    Hello Dassana,
    I have tried this recipe many times now and it has been fool proof every time. Thanks for bringing this beautiful recipes to us.

    Take care

  17. Asha Madan says

    The Bhatura recipe was excellent. Thanks Dassana, whoever you are. Thanks for sharing you’re recipe so accurately. Many people don’t give the correct recipe. They leave out some ingredient or other. You’re recipe was perfect and it came out very very well. I used more whole wheat atta 2:1. Thanks once again for sharing. Thanks to this website ‘vegrecipesofindia’ too.

  18. daisy says

    mine bhatura become very thick ,many didn’t puff up .it used to break while frying.pls give some tip

    • says

      frying bhatura is exactly like frying puri. something must have gone wrong in the kneading process or in the water – flour ratio. hence the bahturas did not puff up.

  19. shreya malik says

    pls let me know which oil did u use? refind or musturd?


  20. sakshi sharma says

    hey.. i just love to cook….
    but i was litle confused how to make dough for bhautras..
    through this i can make the dough very easily… thankU sho much..

    • says

      hi purva, rolling means the way we roll chapatis or rotis with the rolling pin which is called belan in hindi or latne in marathi. you have to use the polpat-latne for rolling the bhatura.

  21. amit pandey says

    I believe that there is no need of adding baking soda. As, we are already adding curd which is more then enough. If we are not putting the dough for a long time then we can add the baking soda. A sin this case as we are already keeping the dough for around 8hrs, its not required. Baking soda changes the taste of the food. So avoid using it if you enough preparation time.

    • says

      hi amit, since this recipe is adapted from a book, i kept the ingredients as it is and it works for me when i make these bhaturas. the idea of adding baking powder or soda is that it helps in leavening of the flour and makes the dough light and fluffy. baking soda does have a soapy taste, so baking powder can be added instead.

  22. says

    Aapki recipe ka tarika bot acha hota ha ma hameha follwo karti hu bhatura recipe bhi try ki thi very nice god bless you thanks.

  23. Avani Pranav says

    hello, i tried and it came out very well. thanks a ton for posting this recipe. useful work ever.

  24. Ruchi says

    Hi Dassana,
    I have a small doubt, my understanding is mixing of wheat flour and sugar has to be done in morning NOT in the night when “white flour and yoghurt” mixing is done.

    • says

      the sugar, white flour, yogurt and baking powder have to be mixed in the night. this mixture is allowed to ferment for 8 hours. then this mixture is added to the whole wheat flour and oil mixture.

  25. kiara says

    i live in australia and dont know how to make all that stuff please suggest some simple ideas thanx =D

  26. Sushma says

    Perfect recipe…made it and enjoyed it too…Thank you for exploring and posting the recipe Dassana

  27. zahira says

    i surfed a lot for the recipe.. Stumbled upon many.. And this one.. It was perfect.. Tried it and fell in love with it.. Crispy n soft too.. Tnx a lot!

  28. shirin says

    I agree with suhani the yogurt measurement seems to be off maybe because it is store bought yogurt as is yogurt in US is more thicker than India I am making it now will definitely update the results later

    • says

      dear shirin, the yogurt measurement is what i have used as mentioned in the cookbook from where i have adapted the recipe…sure do update me.

  29. suhani says

    hi Dassana i made bhaturas again few days back and this time they turned out very nice and tasty..i paired them up with pindi chole..and we had a wholesome dinner..again thanks for ur guidance..

  30. says

    Hi im setayesh a female from iran.i visited your website and enjoyed.i decieded to translate your recipes by keeping your name if you please.

  31. Shilpa says

    I tried your recipe after googling many others… your awesome pics and use of whole wheat atta encouraged me to try it.. And it was fantastic.. Loved every bit of it and also the texture was fabulous, thaaaaaaanx a lot

  32. John Schwartz says

    I’m not sure if the white flour & wheat flour ratios is accurate!
    At one place the author said the ratio is 0.6:3, but under ingredients she said 150 gms and 300 gms, which one of these is right?


    • says

      the quantity of flours mentioned in the ingredients is right. the author forgot to update the the ratio part in the post.

  33. suhani says

    yes now i understood why my bhaturas were not good anyways i will add more yogurt to the mixture next time..thanks Dassana

  34. suhani says

    hey dassana..this bhatura recipe is the original recipe with a natural fermentation..i liked it very much however the results were not good for me..firstly when i made the white flour mixture it was not a paste consistency as it can be seen in ur was a dough like consistency anyhow i added warm milk to it for giving it the correct paste form..the next day i made the dough with wheat flour as per ur when i was deep frying they didnt easily puffed up like urs..where did i go wrong..may be u can help me out.. i dont want it to happen next time..plz help me

    • says

      i think the addition of milk has made affected the leavening process. i am unsure why you did not get a paste like consistency. instead of adding milk, you could have just added some more yogurt. that would have helped the bhaturas to ferment well.

  35. Sepideh (Savera) says

    Hi Dassana!
    I lived in India for 6 years and back home(Iran) for 4 . I madly miss this dish and I ave many memories with this delicous food. I really appreciate your taste, design and the fact that you are so meticilous, sharing the pics very beautifully. I guess you must be working in some food magazine or something. You must be the Lady at home. Thaks fo the recipe. I’m gonna try it. we can also keep in touch! Hindustan ko bhot miss kia hai :)

  36. Deepa Mohan says

    Turned out marvellous. Tks to you again…….
    Btw do you have recipes for arabic dishes like zattar and cheese fatayar


    • says

      thanks deepa. the bhatura is a tried and tested recipe and has always worked for me.

      i do not have arabic dishes like zattar and cheese fatayar. i know of zattar but cheese fatayar i will have to find out.

      • Deepa Mohan says

        Tks for your response. Does not matter… Actually , I am at present in Doha, State of Qatar and will be moving back to India by end of next month. We are so very used to the arabic dishes for the past 15 years and will miss them back home. Hence was enquiring eagerly. Tks for all your guidance.

        • says

          you may get the arabic spice blends and other edibles if you stay in the metro cities. but if you are going to stay in the towns or villages of india, then you might end up making them at home like me :-)

  37. Deepa Mohan says

    Hi Dassana
    Have made the dough today. Just waiting to see the results..will let u know soon. Recipe looks yummy !

  38. ritu sharma says

    i m planning to make bhature bt i m little cnfsed cz my experience was so bad wen i made dz last tme

  39. Neela says

    oh dassana you are simply superb sweetheart, the bathuras looks simply delicious, i never knew that this need to be fermented a night before, thankx once again.

    • says

      dear poornima, the oil should be moderately hot for frying the bhaturas. if it is warm then the bhaturas will soak up the oil and become oily.

  40. hetal kapuriya says

    hi,this recipe is awesome
    can u tell me what other thing serve with this?
    i m little confuse.can i serve with any chatny?
    i have tasted it at our relative home….
    that was so yummy,it was tasted with immlys -red dark chatny..
    can u solve my confusion?

    • says

      hetal, generally bhatura is served with chole/chana…. however you can serve it with a potato sabzi along with some chopped onions, lime and the sweet imli chutney & green mint coriander chutney…. it will be a great combination. but just don’t serve the bhaturas with chutney…. have something substantial to go with the chutney…..

  41. vijay narayan kulkarni says

    This way of preparation looks amazing.Tomorow I am going to prepare in this way.Tomorow is a occasin of son’s birthday.I am going to celebrate with Chole & this bhature.

    • dassana says

      dear archana

      thanks for pointing this.

      i went through the cookbook from where i have taken this recipe and the ingredients measurements are the same as on the blog. for all the recipes in the book, they have given american measurements. i did a bit of research on the web, but found all conflicting results. so i am not sure what is what.

      i think its a typo error on their part. i have now changed it to 1½ cup.

      whenever i have made this recipe, i have used the gram measurement. i have always used 150 gms of white flour. i am not sure how the bhaturas turned out at your end, but i do hope they were good.

  42. shagufta iftakhar says

    these recipies are just amazing …..the best thing is that u can see the pis of the dishes too……great

  43. bandhana says

    Have eaten bhaturas outside but never prepared by self. But your demonstration makes me eager to prepare it at home. m going to prepare it tomorrow… n yes m dead sure ( in advance) that its gonna taste fabulous. THANK YOU.

  44. Sanj says

    Well, There is another way of making bhatura, instantly and just like road side vendors in India. Bhatura will be very thin and and instant.

    Just take proper measurement of Maida (floor), Paneer (200 grams for 1/2 Kg maida), 100 gram dahi or yougart or curd, pinch of salt, and make the dough with club soda. keep it aside for 1 hr before you use.

    Check it out and it will be just like indian road side bhatura.

    You can also wash rings of raw onions with remaining club soda and it will take the onions smells off (atleast 50%, it not 100%)

    • dassana says

      thanks sanj for this quick recipe of bhatura. it will help all the readers.

      thanks also for the tip on getting rid of the smell of sliced raw onions.

  45. Sangeet says

    I am a Bhatura fan! I have tried many variety of bhaturas, but this is really amazing and so nice. The recipie and narration are so outstanding. Thank you very much.

  46. shweta says

    its really nice to have such a easy and good receipe for making bhaturas. I used to think how to find way to make bhatura and also keeping in mind the health point. My whole family is fond of chole bhature.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe with every one. I will surely try the same way

    • says

      white flour or refined wheat flour is maida in hindi…. the flour which is commonly used for making breads and cakes.

  47. Sonia Khanna says

    The bhatura recipe shown above is awesome. I tried and i try to show all my relastives and friends to make the bahtura’s the same way. Thanks for this one…it really worked for me.

    • says

      thanks sonia….. this one is a tried and tested bhatura recipe for me and always worked for me. i am sure your friends and relatives will also have a nice time making the bhatura…

  48. Anita says

    liked ur recipe from health point of view n would surely like to try it.I would like to know whether the final prepared dough can be kept in the refrigerator nad used later or not say a day or two after it was prepared?

    • says

      i think you could use it on the next day after keeping in the refrigerator. i have never tried though doing this. better to use it in a day rather than using in after two or three days.

  49. smitha says

    the demonstartion is amazing and makes u really want to try it. For not so great cook like me, I do really need something like this to encourage me try it. thank u.