mix veg recipe, how to make mixed vegetable curry | veg curry recipe

mix veg recipe with step by step pics – this north indian punjabi style mix veg gravy recipe is a family favorite and my mom’s recipe. its tastes delicious with phulkas, parathas or pooris.

mix veg recipe, mix vegetable recipe

the best part of this mix veg curry recipe is that you can use spare veggies that are in your kitchen and make a one pot tasty mix veg gravy.

i also make another variation of mix veg curry which is totally different than this one and is rich too – fried mix veg sabji recipe. in the fried mix veg recipe, the veggies are fried but the recipe posted here does not have fried veggies. the vegetables are cooked in their juices. this takes a little longer but the result is great. i often make this when we want to have something comforting with chapatis.

being vegetarians, we have lots of veggies in our diet. i have shared many other different types of gravies made with mix vegetables like.

few such mix veg curry recipes are:

this mixed veg curry recipe goes very well with chapatis but also tastes good with pooris or parathas. you can also have mix veg curry with some steamed rice. you can also add paneer in this mix vegetable recipe.

how to make mix veg recipe

making onion tomato masala:

1. heat 3 tablespoons oil in a kadai or pan. then add 1 teaspoon cumin seeds and let them crackle.

making mix veg recipe

2. when the cumin seeds finish crackling, then add ½ cup finely chopped onions.

making mix veg recipe

3. mix well and begin to sauté onions on a low to medium flame. stir often when sautéing onions.

making mix veg recipe

4. sauté onions till they turn light golden.

making mix veg recipe

5. then add 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste.

making mix veg recipe

6. mix well and saute for some seconds till the raw aroma of both ginger and garlic goes away.

making mix veg recipe

7. then add 1 cup tightly packed finely chopped tomatoes.

making mix veg recipe

8. mix well and begin to sauté tomatoes on a low flame. stir often when sauteing tomatoes.

making mix veg recipe

9. saute till the tomatoes turn pulpy and you see oil releasing from the sides.

making mix veg recipe

10. then add ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon kashmiri chili powder, ½ teaspoon garam masala powder and 2 teaspoons coriander powder.

making mix veg recipe

11. mix the spice powders very well with the onion-tomato mixture.

making mix veg recipe

making mix veg curry

12. then add 2 cups of chopped veggies and 1 green chili (chopped). chop the veggies in small to medium sized pieces so that they cook well. you can use mix vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, potatoes and french beans. you can also use capsicum, white button mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini etc.

making mix veg recipe

13. then add ½ cup of green peas (fresh or frozen).

making mix veg recipe

14. mix the veggies very well with the onion-tomato masala and saute for a minute.

making mix veg recipe

15. then add 1.5 cups water. for a thin gravy add 2 cups water.

making mix veg recipe

16 add salt as per taste.

making mix veg recipe

17. mix well.

making mix veg recipe

cooking mix vegetable curry

18. cover the kadai or pan with a lid and cook the veggies on a low to medium flame.

making mix veg recipe

19. in between do check when the veggies are cooking.

making mix veg recipe

20. when the veggie are half cooked, add 2 tablespoons cream or malai or 3 tablespoons milk in the mix veg curry. do note that the milk will curdle, but this gives a good taste in the veg gravy. you can even skip adding cream or milk.

making mix veg recipe

21. mix well.

making mix veg recipe

22. cover the kadai again and simmer till the veggies are cooked well.

making mix veg recipe

23. do check in between when the veggies are cooking.

making mix veg recipe

24. the veggies have to be cooked well. but ensure that you do not overcook them. if there is too much of water in the gravy, then remove the lid and cook till the water evaporates and you get the gravy as per the consistency you want. if the veg curry looks dry and the veggies are not cooked, then add some water and continue to cover and cook.

making mix veg recipe

25. when the veggies are cooked well, switch off the flame. then add 3 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves. mix again. if using paneer then add some paneer cubes before adding coriander leaves and simmer mix veg curry for a few seconds.

making mix veg recipe

26. serve mix veg curry steaming hot with chapatis, phulkas, naan, parathas or pooris. you can also serve it with steamed rice or jeera rice.

mix veg curry recipe

mix veg recipe

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Author:Dassana Amit
Prep Time:20 mins
Cook Time:30 mins
Total Time:50 mins
Course:main course
Cuisine:north indian,punjabi
Calories: 214kcal
Servings (change the number to scale):4
mix veg recipe, mix veg gravy recipe
mix vegetable curry recipe - simple, homely and tasty recipe of mix vegetables made in north indian punjabi style. 

INGREDIENTS FOR mix veg recipe

(1 CUP = 250 ML)
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1 medium sized onion, chopped finely or ½ cup finely chopped onions
  • 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste
  • 2 medium to large tomatoes, chopped finely or 1 cup tightly packed finely chopped tomatoes
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder (haldi)
  • ½ teaspoon kashmiri chilli powder or deghi mirch, add more for a spicy gravy
  • 2 teaspoons coriander powder (dhania powder)
  • ½ teaspoon garam masala powder
  • 1 green chili, chopped finely
  • 2 cups chopped mix vegetables - cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, french beans, capsicum
  • ½ cup green peas (matar), fresh or frozen
  • 1.5 cups water or add as required
  • salt as per taste
  • 2 tablespoons cream or malai or 3 tablespoons milk
  • 8 to 10 paneer cubes, OPTIONAL
  • 3 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves,

HOW TO MAKE mix veg recipe

making masala for mix veg recipe

  • In a kadai or thick bottomed pan, heat oil.
  • add cumin seeds and let them splutter. 
  • then add finely chopped onions and sauté onions till they turn light golden. 
  • then add the ginger-garlic paste. sauté till the raw aroma of both ginger and garlic goes away. 
  • then add the tomatoes. keep on stirring till the tomatoes become soft and pulpy. 
  • the process of frying the tomatoes takes a little longer. if you want to quicken the process, add a pinch of salt to the onion-tomato mixture. fry the tomatoes on a low flame as you don’t want the tomatoes to get burnt.
  • when the mixture becomes smooth and you see oil releasing from the sides, then add turmeric powder, kashmiri red chili powder, coriander powder and garam masala powder. 
  • mix spice powders very well with the onion-tomato mixture.

making mix veg curry

  • now add the chopped veggies, green peas and green chilies. 
  • add water and salt as per taste. cover pan with a lid and let the veggies cook on a low to medium flame.
  • once the veggies are half cooked, add the cream or malai or milk. stir well. 
  • cover again with a lid and simmer the veggies till they are done.
  • don’t forget to check the vegetables occasionally at intervals. 
  • add more water if the water dries up and if the veggies are still to be cooked.
  • once the veggies are cooked and the mix veg sabzi is done, then switch off the flame and add 3 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves. mix well. if using paneer, then add the paneer before you add the coriander leaves and simmer for a few seconds.
  • you can also garnish mix veg gravy with fried paneer cubes. otherwise simply garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
  • serve mix veg hot with pooris, parathas, kulcha or chapatis.
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  1. I tried this recipe when I had no time and the guests were about to come suddenly

    It was awesome yummy so easy

  2. Hi mam
    I tried ur recipe n it turned so good. Thanks a lot for that.
    Another thing I wanted to ask is that should I double the ingredients for 10 servings as I have to cook for 10 persons.

    Pratibha5 stars

    • Welcome Pratibha. You can add double but add all the spices using method of approximation or andaaz. gravy recipes are difficult to double. you need to adjust the proportion of spices and spice powders.

  3. I made a double batch of this a few weeks ago and have been eating on it since. Unlike other recipes that I need to try a few times to get right (due to my skillset not the recipe), this one cooked up perfect the first try. It’s a really easy recipe. I like that a lot of the recipes are now including a firm measurement versus just size for things like onions and tomatoes. “1 medium onion or 1/2 a cup finely chopped.” I’m making this again this weekend in an even bigger batch.5 stars

    • thanks a lot nicole. some recipes are forgiving and can be easily doubled or adjusted with ingredients less or more. i started mentioning the cup measurement after a few readers gave feedback on the size of onions, tomatoes, potatoes etc – that a size varies and what may be small to one may be medium to someone else.

  4. HI Dassana
    This is a lovely simple recipe. Would it taste very different if the vegetables are cooked in a pressure cooker & added to the onion tomato mixture? Just to save time….4 stars

  5. Hmmm m looks yummy. I will try it at sunday but please let ne know how much all ingredients ned for 15 servings

    • chaitali, increase the ingredients by 6 times proportionately. this will give 16 to 18 servings. also you can add spice powders more or less as per your preferences.

  6. Since a looong time was looking for a good mix veg recipe but none ever tempted me enough to make me try make it….until I read this recipe. I collected all ingredients and started making the recipe following your recipe exactly but I decided will skip water, and cream and made the recipe….towards the end I stir fried paneer and capsicum and added, it is the best mix veg recipe I have ever eaten, thanks so much Dassana for sharing…God bless you.

    Ps I wanted to rate it 5 * but it does not let me do so3 stars

  7. Hi
    I just wanted to know that can’t we add green vegies like lady finger, brinjal n all..?

  8. Hi!! I have been trying a few of your recepies recently.. Your recepies are simple, easy to make and finger licking tasty!!! Just live your site.. Thank you 🙂4 stars

  9. Nice one. I was looking for this Indian recipe for sometime. Thanks! I hope, it’s authentic. Best,

    • yes, lauren you can add coconut milk. add toward the end and just give a stir. then switch off the flame. the coconut milk will give a nice coconut flavor and taste to this dish.

  10. Thanks for Sharing the details how to prepare Mix Veg Curry. I will try this in this week-end.

    • in this recipe the cream gives a nice sweet taste. yogurt will give a slightly sour taste. so i don’t suggest to add yogurt. use malai (from the top of the boiled milk), if you don’t have cream.