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Think of a cookie, think of long, tiring procedures to prepare it which may eventually demoralize you to actually make it at home. Well, not any more, as I’ve got an easy and flavorful Coconut Cookies recipe for you. These tasty Coconut Cookies are healthier too as they are made with whole wheat flour, jaggery, desiccated coconut and a few more ingredients.

coconut cookies served on a plate with text layovers.

About Coconut Cookies

This Coconut Cookies recipe is that fool proof way of preparing a batch of yummy vegan cookies that you can enjoy with your friends and family, just about any day of the year.

These literally get done within minutes, and the only time taking part is when the cookies are getting baked. So, a perfect sweet-snack for your festive occasions too.

Besides the main ingredients, whole wheat flour, desiccated coconut and jaggery, these Coconut Cookies are also aromatic and earthy because of the hints of cardamom and ginger in them. The cookies are slightly chewy from the outside, soft from within and sweet, but not overly.

A Coconut Cookies recipe that’s just about being oh-so-good! With these measurements, you can make about 12 Coconut Cookies. Double it to make more.

Also, given my love for this very versatile fruit called coconut, I’d like you to try more of my coconut recipes by following this collection of Coconut Recipes. It’s surely not going to disappoint you!

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Coconut Cookies

1. First, take 1 cup (120 grams) whole wheat flour and ¼ teaspoon baking soda in a mixing bowl.

whole wheat flour and basking soda added in a bowl.

2. With a spoon or spatula, mix very well. Also, preheat your oven to 180 degrees C/356 degrees F. The oven should be preheated 15 minutes before baking.

mixing the ingredients in the bowl.

3. Add 4 tablespoons coconut oil. You can also add 3 tablespoons coconut oil.

coconut oil added to the mixed ingredients in the bowl.

4. Lightly mix the oil with the flour. Instead of coconut oil, you can also use 4 tablespoons butter or ghee.

mixing the oil with the flour in the bowl.

5. Then, add ¼ cup desiccated coconut, 1 tablespoon fine sooji/semolina (optional), ½ teaspoon cardamom powder and ¼ teaspoon dried ginger powder (optional).

desiccated coconut, semolina, cardamom powder and dried ginger powder added to the flour mixture in the bowl.

6. Add ½ cup (85 grams) powdered or grated jaggery.

powdered jaggery added to the flour mixture in the bowl.

7. Mix everything well with your fingertips.

mixing the ingredients well with the fingertips.

8. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons water. Add the water in parts and start mixing with the dough. Depending on the quality of the flour and the jaggery, you may add less or more water.

The mixture should be able to come together and hold easily. I added 3 tablespoons water. You can also use coconut milk instead of water.

adding water to the flour mixture and mixing well.

9. Just mix together with your hands and gather to a dough.

mixing the ingredients to form a dough.

10. Don’t knead, lightly mix and form into a dough ball.

prepared cookie dough.

11. Grease a tray or pan well with 1 teaspoon coconut oil.

greased tray for baking coconut cookies.

Shape and Bake Coconut Cookies

12. Pinch small to medium sized balls from the dough and place on the greased tray.

small size dough balls on the greased tray.

13. Press one cashew or almond on each cookie and slightly flatten them while pressing the cashews.

cashews placed on each dough ball on the tray.

14. Don’t flatten too much. You can even skip the dry fruits and just flatten directly.

cashews placed on each dough ball on the tray.

15. Bake the cookies in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C/356 degrees F for 20 to 25 minutes or till the tops become light golden. The cashews on the top will also become faintly golden.

Since oven temperatures vary, it may take less or more time. So, keep a check. For convection ovens, use the preheating and baking temperature of 170 degrees C/338 degrees F.

baked coconut cookies on the tray.

16. Once baked, after 2 to 3 minutes, remove them from the tray and keep on a wire rack for cooling. Use a flat spatula for removing the cookies from the tray.

You may see some jaggery melted and browned at the base of some cookies. Don’t worry. Just lift the cookies with a flat spatula.

baked coconut cookies kept on a wire rack for cooling.

17. When cooled to room temperature, store them in an air tight jar. Serve eggless Coconut Cookies during tea time.

coconut cookies served on a plate.

Expert Tips

  1. Desiccated coconut in this Coconut Cookies recipe can be replaced by fresh grated coconut. Roast/toast (don’t brown) to reduce moisture before using it in the recipe.
  2. For the fats, you can use any other odorless and flavorless oil, butter or ghee (clarified butter) instead of coconut oil.
  3. Instead of water, you can use coconut milk or any plant based milk in the cookie dough.
  4. You can skip topping the cookies with cashews or even top with almonds or your choice of nuts.
  5. To bake the cookies in a convection oven, preheat the oven at 170 degrees C/338 degrees F.
  6. After baking, cool the cookies to room temperature and then store in an airtight container or jar.


Can I make this recipe with fresh coconut?

Yes, you can make these cookies with ⅓ cup fresh coconut. Just toast or roast it till the moisture is reduced and then use it. You don’t have to brown it.

How should I bake these cookies in an OTG?

If you have an OTG, use the ‘toast mode’ in which both the top and bottom heating elements are on.

Can jaggery be replaced with brown sugar?

Yes, you can. Use about ⅓ to ½ cup of it. You can even use palm sugar or coconut sugar. Also please do not use white granulated sugar. Instead you can use confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar adding as required with the sweetness you prefer in the cookies.

Why did my cookies turn hard?

The hardness in the cookies might be due to overbaking. Try again by baking for a lesser time on a slightly lower temperature.

Can I skip adding baking soda in this recipe?

No, you cannot.

What can I use in place of desiccated coconut in this recipe?

You can use fresh coconut, dry fruit powders like cashew powder, pistachio powder, almond powder or also finely chopped nuts.

Can I make these cookies with any other vegetable oil?

Yes, you can. But it is always better to use coconut oil as it gives a unique aroma to the cookies.

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coconut cookies served on a plate.

Coconut Cookies Recipe

Easy and flavorful Coconut Cookies that are healthier too as these are made with whole wheat flour, jaggery, desiccated coconut and a few more ingredients.
4.91 from 21 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine World
Course Snacks
Diet Vegan
Difficulty Level Easy
Servings 12 Coconut Cookies


  • 1 cup whole wheat flour – 120 grams
  • ¼ cup desiccated coconut
  • ¼ teaspoon baking soda or baking powder
  • 4 tablespoons coconut oil – you can also use 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon sooji – fine variety (rava or cream of wheat), optional
  • ½ teaspoon cardamom powder or 4 to 5 green cardamoms – crushed in mortar-pestle
  • ¼ teaspoon dry ginger powder – optional
  • ½ cup jaggery powder (organic) or grated/chopped jaggery – 85 grams or add as needed. Swap jaggery with brown sugar, confectioner's sugar (powdered sugar) or coconut sugar or palm sugar adding as needed.
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons water or coconut milk, add as required


Making cookie dough

  • First take the whole wheat flour and baking soda in a mixing bowl. Stir to mix evenly.
  • With a spoon or spatula mix very well. Also preheat your oven to 180 degrees C/356 degrees F.
  • Add coconut oil to the flour and baking soda mixture in the bowl.
  • Lightly mix the oil with the flour. Instead of coconut oil, you can also use 4 tablespoons of butter or ghee.
  • Next add fine-textured sooji (optional), cardamom powder and dry ginger powder (optional).
  • Add the powdered or grated jaggery. Instead of jaggery you can also use brown sugar or confectioner's sugar or palm sugar or coconut sugar.
  • Mix everything well with your fingertips.
  • Add 2 to 3 tablespoons water. Add the water in parts and start mixing with the dough.
    Depending on the type of flour, you may add less or even more water. I added 3 tablespoons of water. You can also use coconut milk instead of water.
  • Just mix the cookie ingredients together with your hands and gather to a dough. Don't knead. Lightly mix and form into a dough ball.

Making coconut cookies

  • Pinch small to medium sized balls from the dough and place on a greased tray.
  • Press one cashew-halve or almond on each cookie and slightly flatten them while pressing the cashews.
    Don't flatten too much. You can even skip the nuts and simply flatten directly.
  • Bake the cookies in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C/356 degrees F for 20 to 25 mins till the tops become light golden. The cashews on the top will also become faintly golden. 
  • Since oven temperatures vary, it may takes less or more time. So do keep a check. For convection ovens use the pre heating and baking temperature of 170 degrees C/338 degrees F.
  • Once baked, after 2 to 3 minutes, remove them from the tray and keep on a wire rack for cooling. Use a flat spatula for removing the cookies from the tray.
  • When cooled at room temperature, store them in an air-tight jar. Serve eggless coconut cookies as a tea time cookie.


  • Instead of water you can use light coconut milk (thin coconut milk) or any plant based milk. 
  • Opt to use grated fresh coconut if you prefer. But roast/toast for a few minutes on a skillet or pan, until the moisture is reduced. Remember not to brown the coconut.
  • You can also double the recipe to make a big batch of these coconut cookies.
  • For a non plant based recipe, use unsalted butter or ghee for the fat. You can also use milk instead of coconut milk.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Coconut Cookies Recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 116 Calories from Fat 54
% Daily Value*
Fat 6g9%
Saturated Fat 5g31%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Sodium 24mg1%
Potassium 50mg1%
Carbohydrates 15g5%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 6g7%
Protein 2g4%
Vitamin A 1IU0%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 1mg5%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin C 1mg1%
Vitamin E 1mg7%
Vitamin K 1µg1%
Calcium 7mg1%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 7µg2%
Iron 1mg6%
Magnesium 16mg4%
Phosphorus 41mg4%
Zinc 1mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  1. For a sweet monster like me is great to be able to make my own cookies at home specially these ones with coconut, they feel light and healthy5 stars

    1. You can but lightly roast the coconut for some time till the the moisture is reduced. No need to brown the coconut.

  2. hi..
    i tried these cookies.. although taste wise these were good..but they turned so hard..

    1. these cookies have a soft texture. hardness could be as the cookies have got overdone or overbaked. next time try baking them for less time or a slightly lower temperature. hope this helps.

  3. Hi,
    Happy Navratri
    Need your help again, currently I don’t have my microwave with me,but I have gas tandor/bati maker,can I bake biscuits n cake in that, if yes what’s the process for both?

    1. happy navratri vibha. you can use bati maker. i think it should work. process i do not know as i have never used it. but if you have made bati before in it, then use the same method and make the cookies.

  4. Hi
    Thanks for your recipe. The taste turned out to be great though they were a bit hard.
    Can you please help on this?4 stars

    1. these cookies are soft. so i guess baking time must be too much and thus they have hardened. next time you can try baking for less minutes.

  5. Hey dassana,

    Cookies were awesome, my lo old loved it. Whole wheat n jaggery combo is healthy n tasty too. All ur receipts are fool proof. I have tried many of them.
    I would like to know, how to make them crunchy, so that I can use them like teething biscuits .
    Sushmitha5 stars

    1. thanks a lot sushmitha. glad to know that your little one loved it. to make them crunchy, you will need to use butter and the technique will also change. you can either beat butter till smooth or mix it with flour and crumble till you get a bread crumb like texture. if whipping butter, then use softened butter. if mixing with flour, then use chilled butter. then add remaining ingredients. mix gently and bring the mixture together. do not knead. you can use 1/3rd cup butter in this recipe.

  6. I tired this recipe.. and it was a total hit in my family.. I request you to post more baking recipes with wheat and jaggery combat.. Thanks a lot for such a healthy recipe5 stars

  7. If d Cookies are slightly soft then can I bake them another time to make them crunchy.?5 stars

  8. Is adding baking powder or soda compulsory?Is there any replacement for that

  9. Hi!! Am a great fan of your recipes.
    Am using Otg…can you please tell which mode should be used for baking these cookies.5 stars

    1. thanks nikki. use the toast mode in which both the top and bottom heating elements are on.

  10. Hi dassana, I tried most of your recipes . all are just wow. I just want to know can I use parachute coconut oil in this recipe or olive oil or sesame oil. Please let me know . Thanks once again.

    1. chiki, do not use parachute coconut oil as it not edible and also not meant for cooking. its a cosmetic product. so there will be some other stuff in it and won’t be pure coconut oil. sesame oil can give a strong aroma which may not go well in these cookies. so you can use olive oil or any other neutral flavored oil like sunflower oil.

  11. Hi Dassanna,
    I had tried this coconut cookies recipe and had almost doubled it. It was simply superb and yummy in taste.?
    My son is longing for more to hog and will hav to repeat again to make few more.I had only got one or two to taste them.?
    The recipe is just perfect and very easy to follow.Thanxs for the recipe and coz of it I baked first time cookies at home.
    Can u pls state some variations instead of desiccated coconut and also upload biscuits for Fasting(Vrat or Upvaas).Looking forward to it.
    Once again thanxs alot and loads of good wishes for sharing ur lovely recipes and experiences too.???5 stars

    1. thank you pretti. glad to know that your son liked the cookies. agree its an easy recipe. cookies for fasting i will try to add before the fasting season. in this recipe, instead of coconut, you can also add fresh coconut or dry fruits powder like cashew powder, pista powder or almond meal (powder). you can also add finely chopped dry fruits.

  12. the cookies came out great. Thanks for a lovely recipe.
    i have one query though…. can i make these cookies using maida and regular sugar….if yes then what changes need to be done in the recipe.

    1. thanks hint. you can use maida and regular sugar. you will just need to add less water or coconut milk for binding. also add powdered sugar.

  13. hello….i have never used coconut oil for cooking so wanted to know which coconut oil is safe for cooking…can parachute oil be used?

    1. avoid parachute coconut oil. its a cosmetic oil meant for hair. for cooking, the oil has to be extra virgin coconut oil. in south india and goa, coconut oil is easily available for cooking in the shops. even online you will get extra virgin oil from organic brands for cooking. just search organic coconut oil and you will get the results. but do make sure the oil is extra virgin and has nothing mixed with it. it should be just pure coconut oil.

  14. Hi dasana I have tried most of your recipes,they were very tasty,thanks for the recipes.I have a request can you please post cool cake recipe with frosting also

    1. thanks madhuri. have taken a note of your recipe request and will try to add it.

  15. Hii.. looks so yummy.. Very simple and easily understandable explanation..
    Can these be made using vegetable oil?
    will it taste good?

    1. shruti, coconut oil gives its coconut aroma in the cookies. but you can use any other oil too.

  16. Hi,
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes. Your site is my go to place for various recipes from all over India! We’re foodies and love to try out new dishes. I started baking again seeing your recipes (had stopped after many disasters earlier) because I was confident that your recipes never fail!
    I’ve a query about this recipe. Can we use fresh coconut instead of dessicated coconut? If yes what should be the amount?

    1. nimitha, thank you much 🙂 fresh coconut can be used. but they need to be slightly roasted so that their moisture dries a bit. just roast them in a pan till they kind of become loose and dry. no need to brown them. use 1/3rd cup grated coconut. by the time you roast them, the quantity will reduce to 1/4th cup or a little more than 1/4th cup.

    1. vibha, trays or pans meant for baking can handle high temperatures, which are essential while baking. the steel that we use for everyday serving or cooking may or may not be able to handle such a high temperature. usually steel plates cannot handle high heat that is there in an oven. so i would not suggest to use steel plate. if you plan to do more baking, then i would suggest you to buy a baking safe aluminium tray or a plate. you will be able to get them online as well as in shop in your city, which sells baking stuff.

      1. Thanks,I have baked cookies on steel plate earlier, but now I know the results were not good due to absence of baking tray. Tray wasn’t available in local market that’s why.I use convection microwave, I need to flip cookies while baking on steel plate, otherwise it remains uncooked from the bottom. Do I need to flip cookies on baking tray also?

        1. vibha you don’t need to flip cookies if baking on baking tray. Hope this help’s and thankyou.

  17. Hi
    I m interested in making the coconut macroon n coconut cookies for my 4 yr old daughter. But unfortunately don’t own any sort of oven. So how can I try these.

    1. you will need an oven to make these macaroons. without an oven these would be difficult to make in a pan, as they might get burnt quickly from the base.

  18. Hi Dasana,
    The cookies came out great! all your recipes..I have tried so many of your recipes and it always comes out great ?…5 stars

    1. glad to know this lavanya thankyou for trying the cookies and for your positive words.

  19. Loved it! Was skeptical about using wheat flour. But it did turn out very good. Taste was awesome..5 stars

  20. HI Mam

    All your recipes are simple and turn out great .
    In these days , when our mom’s tell us ….. U look up a recipe on the Internet ! I can’t tell u !
    Ur site is a huge huge help…… In fact I’ve started suggesting recipes from your site to my mother and she loves them all too !!
    Many thanks !

    I tried this recipe ….. Everything was perfect but my cookies after cooling became very hard 🙁
    Is it because I baked them 10-15 mins more than the suggested time as I realized that they were taking time in my oven 🙁

    Pls lemme know why so I can bake the perfect cookies next time and my husband who thought they were hard praises me :):)

    Warm Regards

    1. thanks a lot aditi and please convey my thanks and regards to your mom too.

      the cookies were overbaked. whenever cookies are over baked, they become hard. you may feel that they are taking time in the oven, but actually they are not 🙂 you can try this test. just press the cookie with a small spoon or dessert. if there spoon creates an impression on the cookie, that means they need to be baked more. when the spoon does not create an impression, it means the cookies are done. you can also try this method with finger tips, but one has to take care as the cookies are very hot.

      1. Hi Dassana, your recipes are awesome. Veg Recipes of India is my go site for vegetarian recipes and each time they turn out perfect.

        Just had one doubt in this recipe. Is it ¼ tsp of baking soda or baking powder to be added. I added baking powder and my cookies turned out to be dense.

        They were crispy on the outside and soft and dense inside and had a kind of raw taste. I baked them for 25 mins in OTG. What do you think might have gone wrong?

        1. Hi Preena, than you. Both work in the recipe. I have used baking soda. These cookies are soft from inside.

          Denseness can be if the cookie dough has been kneaded which will lead to gluten development. This can also cause the cookies to bake for more time.

          Even if baking soda or baking powder is not added, the recipe will still work. Just that the baking soda helps in adding some softness. I hope this helps.

    1. add around 1 cup of salt or sand in the cooker. keep on sim. place a heat proof rack inside the cooker. grease a baking pan/tray well with oil or butter. place the cookies on the pan. keep the pan on top of the rack inside the cooker. remove the gasket/rubber ring from the cooker’s lid. also remove the whistle from the lid. close the cooker tightly with the lid. cook on sim or low till the cookies are done. the same salt or sand can be used again while baking something else in the cooker.

      i cannot tell the time as you will have to keep a check. but i think it should be done in 20 minutes. please use a 5 to 6 litre thick bottomed steel or aluminium cooker. please don’t use a nonstick one. and once you use the cooker for baking, only use it for baking. avoid using it for steaming or pressure cooking any thing else like rice, dal or veggies. you can even bake cakes and breads in cooker this way. i have also made pav in the cooker. will share the method in some time.

      1. O thank u very muchhh a big explanation for a new baking person like me. I ll try. Again thank u once…

        1. Mam I m interested in baking because of u great guru. Can u pls let me know which oven can buy and can u say model which is gd fr health . bcos sum people say tat microwave is nt gd fr health so pls guide me mam

        2. thanks a lot loge. for baking a regular oven, which we call as OTG in india is good. the baking is more even in an OTG. i was using a philips oven and it was good. but this model is no longer available. i have not used any other brand, so cannot say how they are. you can check online reviews on OTG and then consider what suits your budget and then buy.

  21. It came out super….Thanks very much for this recipe. ..I don’t have a oven at home..I tried it in cooker. It came out very well…5 stars

  22. Hi Dasanna,

    Can I use Palm jaggery/ Palm sugar instead of regular jaggery.

  23. Hi dassana,
    I am a big fan of your blog. You have a very inspiring method of cooking. I am planning to add an oven to my kitchen. Could you please suggest the best oven for baking.5 stars

    1. the best oven for baking is an OTG. don’t buy convection ovens. convection ovens have fans inside, which makes the baking speed up. OTG is best for even baking. i use philips oven. the model which i have is no longer in stock. i have not used any other oven, so cannot say which oven is good. you can read online reviews and buy the oven.

  24. Can you substitute brown sugar for jaggery? If so, how much brown sugar to the 1/2 cup of jaggery?

    1. yes brown sugar can be used. you will need to add a bit more of water or coconut milk to bind, since jaggery has more moisture content than brown sugar. 1/3 cup of brown sugar will make them just about sweet and 1/2 cup can make slightly more sweet. so you can add between 1/3 to 1/2 cup of brown sugar.

  25. First of all dassana, thanks a lot.. I have tried many of your recipes and all have come out well so far..just to add I was a pathetic cook..your blog has given me confidence that I can cook…Thank a Lott!…Some of my fav are methi paratha, nankhatai, banana bread, orange cookies…planning to try this one…Can I use coconut flour instead of Ww flour?If yes, would anything need changing like temperature or baking time?
    Also to add your step by step recipe is really helpful.. You are a saviour for me…

    Thanks again 😉

    1. welcome saumiya. thank you much 🙂 no one is a pathetic cook. we all learn over a period of time.

      i feel you can try the cookies with coconut flour. recently i made macaroons with desiccated coconut and condensed milk and they turned out very good. in this recipe, you will have add some more coconut milk or water to get a thick consistency of the mixture made with coconut flour. it can be a dropping consistency also. time will be less and coconut flour will bake faster than whole wheat flour. you can also reduce on the oil. i think just 1 to 2 tbsp of oil should be fine. the same temperature can be used as mentioned in the recipe.

  26. Hi Dassana
    In the introduction part u have mentioned that dessicated coconut will be added recipe. But u didn’t mention dessicated coconut in the recipe box as well as in step by step recipe. In the 5th step I can see dessicated coconut in the picture. Can coconut oil and optional coconut milk give the flavour of coconut to this recipe?5 stars

    1. thanks amritha for pointing this out. i have now mentioned the quantity of desiccated coconut in the recipe. both coconut oil and coconut milk give the flavor of coconut.

  27. Hi , I cannot see coconut in the recipe ( may be you forgot coz I can see in the pictures ) …. Can you please mention the quantity of coconut to be used and also can I use the fresh one ? Thank you and Happy Diwali .

    1. shamala, i have added the amount of coconut in the post. yes you can use fresh also. but with fresh coconut, you will have to add less water or coconut milk while binding. just add the same amount of fresh coconut.