mint chutney recipe, how to make mint chutney | pudina chutney recipe

by dassana amit updated January 23, 2014

mint chutney for tandoori recipes, mint chutney for tandoori snacks

mint chutney or pudina chutney recipe - this is the same mint chutney recipe that is served in restaurants with tandoori snacks like kebabs and tikkas, be it veg or non veg.

this mint chutney recipe has the same taste of the ones served in restaurants. the chutney recipe is ready in 15 minutes and is very easy to make and you don’t need to make special tandoori snacks to make this chutney. just to have the chutney with baked or fried potato wedges is so comforting…. at least it is comforting for me ;-)

you can serve the mint chutney with any snack of your choice. i even remember once having it with samosas and the combo was so good. i served it with paneer tikka.

update: since i make this chutney often, i have updated the final pics on the post. after becoming a vegan, now i make this mint chutney with  cashew yogurt. so vegans you can make this chutney with cashew yogurt.

lets begin step by step pudina chutney or mint chutney recipe:

1: take curd in a bowl and whisk it till its smooth. add cumin powder, chaat masala and mango powder to the curd and mix well.

mint chutney for tandoori recipes

2: in a blender or wet grinder take freshly rinsed mint leaves (pudina), coriander leaves, green chilies, onion and ginger.

mint chutney for tandoori recipes

3: grind with a little water to a smooth paste. mix the green chutney paste with the curd.

mint chutney for tandoori recipes

4: with a spoon start to blend both the green chutney and curd.

mint chutney

continue to mix and blend till the whole mint chutney becomes uniform and in one color. check the mint chutney for salt and seasonings and add more if needed.

serve the mint chutney immediately or serve it cold with any tandoori snack or starter recipes like sindhi aloo tuk, french friesperi peri potato wedges, beetroot tikki, tandoori aloohara bhara kabab and aloo tikki.

mint chutney for tandoori recipes

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pudina chutney or mint chutney recipe below:

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mint chutney or pudina chutney for tandoori recipes
Prep time
Total time
pudina chutney – tangy mint chutney served as a side dish with tandoori snacks or kebabs.
Recipe type: appetizer, side
Cuisine: north indian
Serves: 1 bowl
  • 3 to 4 tbsp fresh curd/yogurt or cashew yogurt
  • 1 and half cup fresh mint leaves/pudina
  • 1 cup fresh coriander leaves/dhania
  • 1 green chili, chopped
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • ½ inch ginger, chopped
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, chopped (optional)
  • 1 tsp cumin powder/jeera powder
  • 1 tsp chaat masala
  • 1 tsp dry mango powder/amchur or dry pomegranate seeds powder/anardana powder
  • black salt or rock salt as required
  1. take the curd in a bowl and beat it with a whisk or spoon or egg beater till smooth.
  2. mix the spice powders and salt with the curd.
  3. grind the mint leaves, coriander leaves, ginger, onion and green chili with little water to a smooth paste.
  4. mix the freshly ground green chutney with the curd.
  5. blend both of these till they become uniform and one in color.
  6. serve the mint chutney with any tandoori snack or starter.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 4

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prajakta April 14, 2014 1

How long does this chutney last ?


dassana amit April 14, 2014 2

it won’t last even for a day, as yogurt is added. it should be consumed fresh. you can keep for some hours in the fridge though.


Lavanya March 7, 2014 3

I wanted to do this mint chutney for a long time. After viewing this site it was so very easy for me to make it. The steps was so simple & clearly mentioned and the photo’s helped me to get a better understanding of the make.

Both my husband & kid loved it when I served with chicken tikka. It was so perfect
Thanks for giving such a lovely site of Indian dishes.


dassana amit March 8, 2014 4

welcome lavanya and thanks for giving this positive feedback.


ritu shah March 4, 2014 5

Heyy …too gud..loved yr receipy..i tried tandoori paneer tikka ..all was happy perfect taste nd really i like the way u describe step by step…will sure always on wd ur site.just need more jain receipies


dassana amit March 4, 2014 6

thanks ritu. i don’t have much jain recipes, but there are quite a number of no onion no garlic recipes on this link –


tanish March 2, 2014 7

The chutney was good but i had put the curd too much then i had put tamarind paste so it beacme perfect and the aftertaste was little sweet so it became sweet and sour types but nice.loved it.!! thanks alot.!


dassana amit March 2, 2014 8

welcome tanish


Mez Mirza February 25, 2014 9

Lovely recipe!
Definetly trying tomrw insh.


kapil January 20, 2014 10

Thankyou Dassana for this recipe.

I loved it!

I wish u all the best, and hope to c u soon on TV, making it really big.


dassana amit January 20, 2014 11

welcome kapil. thanks for this sweet comment.


Sofia December 25, 2013 12

omg this blog is heaven sent, love the recipes ;)


dassana amit December 26, 2013 13

thanks sofia


Moumita December 22, 2013 14

good recipe


sneha December 12, 2013 15

hi, just want to know, for how long can we store this chutney? is it possible to make this in large quantity and store for a while?


dassana amit December 12, 2013 16

sneha, i suggest to consume the pudina chutney in 1-2 day time, if kept refrigerated. the reason being curd is added to the mint chutney preparation so it will get spoilt quickly.


Swetha October 18, 2013 17

Hi, this is the first time I visited ur site, I was searching for pudina chutney for long time and impressed with ur recipe and comments u got… :) so I tried it and to my surprise it was awesome and got the restaurant taste too….


dassana October 18, 2013 18

thanks swetha. nice to know you liked the pudina chutney.


Milind October 9, 2013 19

I have starting to like this site too much, mostly due to the style of blogging ….simple step wise and mostly the Hindi names of the spices are mentioned right there.
Thanks for the beautiful work


dassana October 9, 2013 20

thanks milind. its important to know the preference and liking of readers.


Nandita September 23, 2013 21

Again, Really nice!


Such September 18, 2013 22

Just made this. Had no rock salt and didn’t follow the exact measurements, but kept adjusting to my taste and it came out perfect, like a chutney from any good kebab place. Yum :)



dassana September 18, 2013 23

thanks for giving the positive feedback.


Cooking Jar and Happy Accidents July 30, 2013 24

Made this and it’s spot on like a restaurant’s version. Couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for making it look so simple!


dassana July 31, 2013 25



Rajesh June 9, 2012 26

Thanks a Ton…!I had tried this kind of chuttney many times , but in vain.
This time its perfect….thanks again.


dassana June 11, 2012 27

welcome rajesh


sana April 16, 2012 28

hi!!! i tried ur recipe of chutney ….it was great….i loved it


neetu March 23, 2012 29

ur karahi paneer recipie n mint chatni recipie very gud.i my family members likeed it so much.


dassana March 23, 2012 30

thanks neetu. felt nice.


Mona Sehgal December 5, 2011 31

The chutni was exactly the way we have in the restaurants. It was so simple that even my son (16yrs) could make it on his own……Thankyou


dassana December 5, 2011 32

thanks mona.


Bhanu Priya November 11, 2011 33

Thaks a lot for your receipe .My husband liked it very much and also thanks you.


dassana November 11, 2011 34

dear bhanu priya, thanks you to you and your husband.


Mani Patel October 28, 2011 35

I am a Parsi but a vegetarian one and I am a hopeless cook especially since the family usually cooks non-veg food which is good … I believe. Do you think you could give some Parsi veg. food recipes? Am interested in Dhan Dal Patia … Patia to be precise. I have had such terrific veg Patia in restaurants and even weddings but just don’t know how they do it.

So try and give me a veg Patia recipe. Thank you


dassana October 28, 2011 36

i will try to post the vegetarian parsi recipes including dhan dal patia… in fact amongst the parsi recipes, dhansak and the parsi custard are my favorites.


Mani Patel June 11, 2012 37

Hey Thanks ever so much. Looking forward to the Patia. What about Parsi Stew? Am I pushing you a bit too much!!!!


dassana June 15, 2012 38

not at all mani. in fact the patia, i am still wondering which veggie to substitute for fish. have zeroed in two veggies but still to try out the patia at home. for the stew, will have to look out for the veg substitutes.


Debra October 28, 2011 39

I really look forward to your recipes! Everything is so appealing, and I’m discovering some wonderful new spices and traditions. I can’t wait to try this recipe. The peppercorn addition is unexpected and fun. Wonderful site! Thank you.


dassana October 28, 2011 40

thanks debra for the inspiring comment. it touched my heart.

i love cooking and it is a meditation for me. and all these positive comments makes me feel to share more of my creativity and love for cooking.