how to make alfalfa sprouts – sprouting alfalfa seeds at home

by dassana amit updated September 24, 2013

how to make alfalfa sprouts

i usually grow my own alfalfa sprouts at home. they are easy to sprout and not at all difficult.

this post is a request on how to make alfalfa sprouts at home. the post was in the drafts from atleast three months as i had not worked on the pics…

my friend soma showed me the method of sprouting alfalfa seeds at home and i am thankful to her for this.

i get organic alfalfa seeds from the fabindia store here or buy the organic seeds from conscious food brand from the superstores. in hindi, these seeds are called as ‘rajko‘.

the alfalfa seeds are really tiny…

alfalfa seeds

and once you sprout these tiny seeds… they become magical… like other sprouts :-)

they are crunchy and taste good. they can be used in numerous ways… add it to your salads or your burgers/sandwiches or even veggie or dal dishes. . excellent way of including essential nutrients in your and your family’s diet.

i sprouted the seeds for 3 days. these pics were taken in the hot hot month of may in india and i did not want the sprouts to get spoilt due to extreme heat. for colder temperatures, you can easily sprout for 5 days. you will get beautifully green sprouts which are a delight to look at. in the colder months i sprout these for 5 days.

once sprouted, keep these in a zip lock bag or an air tight box in the fridge. stays good for 4-5 days.

usually i add these little beauties to my morning toast with tea and in the simple salads i make at home

alfalfa sprouts on salad

alfalfa sprouts have a lot of health benefits. below i have mentioned a few nutritional benefits:

  • rich in antioxidants
  • an excellent source of protein, especially for folks who are vegans as well into raw food.
  • they contain valuable minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, magnesiums, phosphorus…. plus the B Complex vitamins, Vitamins A, C, E and K

step by step tutorial to make alfalfa sprouts follows:

1: take a clean jar. if possible sterilize the jar by rinsing it with hot water. pick the alfalfa seeds for stones or damaged seeds. take about 1/4 cup of alfalfa seeds in the jar.

alfalfa seeds

2: rinse the seeds a couple of times in the jar. throw the water taking care the seeds do not spill. now add enough water to the same jar and let the seeds soak in water for 5-6 hours or overnight. cover the jar.

rinse alfalfa seeds

3: now take a muslin cloth or cheese cloth or a thin cotton kitchen napkin and cover the top of the jar.


4:  fix the muslin to the mouth of the jar with a rubber band or a string.


5: drain the water from the jar as shown in the pic below.

alfalfa recipe

6: below you can see the pic of soaked alfalfa seeds. let the seeds be in the jar. don’t remove them. i opened the muslin cover just to show the pic of the soaked seeds.

soaked alfalfa seeds

7: keep the bottle inverted in a bowl so that no extra water stays in the jar. if there is water left, it will rot the seeds. turn the jar so that seeds are all over including the sides.

alfalfa seeds in jar

8: rinse the seeds with clean filtered water every day. in hot temperatures you may have to rinse a couple of times.  the rinsing removes any toxic substances or harmful micro organisms that may grow in the jar. after one day, as you can see below, tiny sprouts have started to come on the seeds.

alfalfa sprouts

9: after second day, i can see some greens as well on the sprouts. remember to rinse everyday. after rinsing the water should be drained completely. rinsing also helps the seeds to have some moisture, otherwise they dry out.

alfalfa sprouts at home

10: on the third day, this is how the sprouts appear. i stopped the sprouting after 3 days, here due to very hot summers in may. hence the sprouts are small as compared to what i get when i sprout them in colder temperatures.

making alfalfa sprouts

11: add these sprouts to your salads, rice, curries, sandwiches, burgers… anything… have a healthy bite.

how to grow alfalfa sprouts

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method for making alfalfa sprouts below:

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how to make alfalfa sprouts
Serves: 1 medium size bowl of alfalfa sprouts
materials required:
  • a clean cheese cloth or muslin cloth
  • 1 small jar
  • a string or rubber band
ingredients required:
  • ¼ cup alfalfa seeds
  • 1 cup water
  1. pick the seeds if there are stones or damaged seeds.
  2. take a clean jar.
  3. add the alfalfa seeds in the jar
  4. rinse the seeds a couple of times with water taking care the seeds don’t spill out.
  5. cover the jar lightly and soak the seeds in the water for 5-6 hours.
  6. secure a muslin cloth on the mouth of the jar with a string or rubber band.
  7. drain all the water.
  8. keep the jar inverted for some time till the extra water also drains out.
  9. store the jar in a cool and dry place for 3-5 days till you get the sprouts.
  10. rinse the seeds and the jar everyday with water and then drain the water completely.
  11. when the sprouts are done, then remove the alfalfa sprouts with a spoon in another jar/box/zip lock bag and store airtight in the fridge.
  12. alfalfa sprouts stays good for 4-5 days.
  13. add the alfalfa sprouts to your food whenever you want them.

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Ashit Sheth February 19, 2014 1

This explanation is brilliant! And so methodically and pictorially explained. I have been wondering for a long time where I could get the Alfalfa sprouts as I need for various recipes.

Just one suggestion. We could use a sprouting vessel which is avialble in the market. It is more hygenic and the moisture issues are taken care of more easily.

They are commonly called Rijaka seeds in hindi.



dassana amit February 21, 2014 2

thanks ashit. thanks for the suggestion of the sprouting vessel. you can buy alfalfa seeds online or in a super market.


Kay Geeone December 15, 2013 3

What is the name of Alfalfa Seeds in Marathi language? Are ‘Matki’ or ‘Mot’ Seeds, the alfalfa seeds? Maharashtrians sprout the ‘Matki’ or matkaya seeds, big time and quite routinely. Even other seeds like moong, masoor, chawli, harbare (channa) and even shengdane (peanuts) as they are called in marathi are sprouted and commonly made into a very tasty and nutrtious snack they call ‘Usal’ in a Maharashtrian household.


dassana amit December 16, 2013 4

i don’t know what is alfalfa seeds called in marathi. they are not matki or moth beans. alfalfa seeds are very tiny. i know about the sprouts and usal too.


Prabhakar October 11, 2013 5

Where can we get kudure menthe or alfalfa seeds. Are they available in super markets


dassana October 15, 2013 6

you can buy alfalfa seeds in the organic grocery section in super markets. you can also buy them online.


uma mahesh March 21, 2013 7

can we use alfalfa sprouts with other sprouts and make curry?thank u dassana


dassana March 21, 2013 8

alfalfa sprouts taste very different when cooked. they loose their crunchiness. so i would suggest to have them raw or lightly sauted. but still you can try adding them with other sprouts in a curry.


Nidhi March 11, 2013 9

Are these alfaalfa are methi seeds?


dassana March 11, 2013 10

no they are not methi seeds. you should be able to buy them online or get them at health food section or organic section in a super store.


saigeetha October 21, 2012 11

Wonderful post Dassana :)


dassana October 21, 2012 12

thanks saigeetha


Nisa Homey August 23, 2012 13

This is such a beautiful post…well explained…you are tempting me to make some sprouts with your amazing clicks…


Sanjeeta KK August 23, 2012 14

I used to sprout it quite often..but now I get it from my health store, lazy me..time I start doing it again.


Kankana August 23, 2012 15

This is new to me and I would love to give this a try. Btw not sure if I missed reading it .. how long does it stay fresh after you make the sprouts ?


dassana August 23, 2012 16

dear kankana, these usually keep good for 5 days. maximum one can extend for 7 days.


Funwidfud August 23, 2012 17

Alfalfa seeds are new to me…Never came across them..The method of making sprout in a jar is interesting..Anyway sure about it being healthy as all sprouts are…:) Beautiful clicks..


Mani Patel August 22, 2012 18


I did not know of Alfalfa Beans. I thought you may be referring to Moong Dal. Will try and get it from the grocers … hope they have heard of this. However, someone below have mentioned that it is called rajko in hindi. I’ve heard of Rajma. Anyway will try and find out if I can get it. Thanks. Healthy living is most welcomed.


dassana August 23, 2012 19

you should be able to get it in bombay. it is me who has mentioned that it called in rajko in hindi. do try… they taste also good and are healthy as well.


Anamika @ madcookingfusions August 21, 2012 20

Dassana alfalfa sprouts is really new to me, I am going to make this soon for my family, too healthy ! Your clicks are looking awesome…


Swasthi August 21, 2012 21

Loved this post Dassana! beautiful clicks!


Nami | Just One Cookbook August 21, 2012 22

How interesting!! It reminded me of a science class. :D Alfalfa is good for us and we should be eating it with salad and other food! Thanks for the great tutorial!


dassana August 21, 2012 23

thanks nami


familycook August 21, 2012 24

Hey Dassana, this is such a beautiful post. I love the alfalfa sprouts but, never thought about sprouting them at home. By any chance, do you know the name of alfala seeds in hindi or even Kannada?

Thanks in advance.


dassana August 21, 2012 25

good to see you family cool after a long time. i did miss your posts as well your comments. hope you & your family are doing good and you had a great eid.

in hindi they are known as rajko. i don’t know what they are called in kannada. a health food or organic food store will mostly have these seeds.


familycook August 22, 2012 26

Dassana, I found out! Alfalfa is called kudre menthe in Kannada. I wanted to tell somebody who knows kannada about this amazing seed.

Eid was good, thank you.

I am now enjoying the recipes I have missed and I am soon going to try your dhaba style daal.


dassana August 24, 2012 27

thanks family cook…..


Kanan August 21, 2012 28

hey Dassana, I read this method in one book and they mentioned that this method will work for any bean sprouts. I have never tried this method though. And even I have never tasted particular this alfalfa sprouts.
yea I remember the book – Joy of Cooking – All about Vegetarian.


dassana August 21, 2012 29

dear kanan, i make my other bean sprouts with the same method. only difference is i don’t use a jar for the beans. i use a bowl or a pan to sprout the beans. the alfalfa sprouts taste good. they are crunchy and tastes very nice with salads and even sandwiches or burgers.