eggless chocolate mousse recipe, how to make chocolate mousse

easy eggless chocolate mousse, eggless chocolate mousse

eggless chocolate mousse recipe with step by step photos – this chocolate mousse is made in just 20 minutes… the refrigeration takes 4 hours…. and… your chocolate mousse…. oops… eggless chocolate mousse is ready.

this eggless chocolate mousse recipe is completelyvegetarian as it also does not use any gelatine.

i like chocolate mousse… but without eggs. the thought of raw eggs in a regular mousse, just makes me not to have it. i do prefer eggs in cakes, but no eggs for me in a mousse. i have developed a strong dislike for raw eggs in any food product.

the reason being this that i have had umpteen times raw eggs dissolved in milk – my regular breakfast diet as a kid. and gosh… i hated it so much, especially with the raw smell of eggs. till today there are some things, i just cannot eat, coz i was forcefully fed it or forcefully made to have it. god forbid everybody these kind of eating nightmares.

keeping this unpleasant experience behind, i move on to a pleasant and lovely experience of making and savoring an eggless chocolate mousse

eggless chocolate mousse recipe

i have adapted this chocolate mousse recipe from tarla dalal’s the chocolate cookbook. i have only made two recipes till now from this book. the first recipe – that of chocolate walnut fudge was a disaster… the taste was very good, but the fudge was all flat… still we ate it all…

i was not sure how the second recipe – that of this eggless chocolate mousse would turn out. i was keeping my fingers crossed and was hoping that the mousse should also not fall flat… and… it did not. the mousse was well set and was a lovely dessert to have after a nice lunch and dinner.

eggless chocolate mousse recipe

the original mousse recipe is made from dark chocolate. i made it from milk chocolate. also, in the original recipe, rum is used. we don’t add any liquor to the food we make. hence, i have added apple juice instead of rum. you can use any fruit juice, but remember the mousse will have the flavor and taste of that fruit juice. if you do not want rum or fruit juice, then add water instead.

lets begin step by step eggless chocolate mousse recipe:

chop the chocolate and begin to melt it in a double boiler.


whilst the chocolate begins to melt, add the golden syrup and rum…

golden syrup and juice added to chocolate mousse

and begin to melt gently over heat to a smooth sauce…

smooth chocolate sauce for mousse

whip the cream…

whipping the cream for eggless chocolate mousse

till you get soft peaks…

soft peaks for eggless chocolate mousse

fold the cream into the chocolate mixture or fold the chocolate mixture into the cream.

mixing cream and chocolate sauce

mix uniformly

smooth eggless chocolate mousse ready to pour

pour this mixture into stemmed glasses or small bowls. tap the bowls or glasses gently to make an even surface.

eggless chocolate mousse sauce poured in bowls

refrigerate for 4 hours or till the mousse is set. decorate the mousse with chocolate shavings, tutty frutties, cherries, choco chips, fruit slices, wafers, nuts, dark chocolate sauce.. whatever you like and fancy.

eggless chocolate mousse recipe

serve the eggless chocolate mousse made with love to your loved ones.

quick eggless chocolate mousse recipe

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eggless chocolate mousse recipe below:

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eggless chocolate mousse
this eggless chocolate mousse recipe is completely vegetarian as it also does not use any gelatine.
RECIPE TYPE: desserts
CUISINE: world
SERVES: 4-5 bowls
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 2 cups milk chocolate or dark chocolate, chopped
  • 1½ tbsp golden syrup
  • 1½ tbsp rum or any fruit juice or water
  • 1 cup - 200 gms fresh cream
  • any garnish
  1. melt the chocolate, golden syrup and rum together in a double boiler till you get a smooth mixture. don't overcook. cool slightly.
  2. whilst the mousse mixture is cooling, begin to whip the cream till you get soft peaks.
  3. fold the cream gently into the chocolate mixture.
  4. once you get a uniform even mousse mixture, pour the mousse in bowl or glasses.
  5. refrigerate for 4-6 hours or till the mousse is set.
  6. decorate the eggless chocolate mousse with your favorite garnishings.

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  1. Amrutha says

    Tried strawberry mousse and it tasted really awesome.Gonna try chocolate one today. Is there any substitute for golden syrup? As I don’t have it handy right now…

    • says

      thanks amrutha. there is no substitute for golden syrup. just add 3 to 4 tbsp of powdered sugar. you can also add honey. but add honey once the chocolate mixture cools down. honey should not be heated as it becomes toxic, when heated.

  2. Rhea says

    I am such a huge huge fan of your blog.
    Firstly you have showcased a great variety of recipes which is awesome! And the presentation of each recipe with a detailed cooking method is simply mind blowing . Thank u sooo much . you have really inspired me to cook! 😀
    I had 2 do we prepare this golden there a readymade option available in the market??
    Abt the chocolate, how much is 2 cups in it500gms?

    • says

      thanks rhea. golden syrup is commercially made and i don’t think can be made at home. you will get it in super stores. in cups, the chopped chocolate should be around 420 to 440 grams.

  3. says

    Yum! Looks like a great recipe! I can’t eat eggs raw or cooked :( I do eat eggs sometimes (very very rare) in curries but can’t handle the smell of it in my bakes. I have stopped using them in my kitchen. This is a great recipe for me :)