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Collection of 24 vegetarian tikki or cutlet recipes. tikki is a shallow fried or deep fried patty or cutlet. Basically, Indian tikki is same as the western patty that is used in burgers. Apart from frying, these can also be baked. There are various types of tikki that can be made depending on the ingredients that are added.

You can serve veg tikkis or cutlets with tomato sauce or coriander chutney or mint chutney or you can also sandwich them in a Veg burger or bread slices. Top with sauce and veggies of your choice and enjoy.

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veg tikki recipes, patties recipes, veg cutlet recipes

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Collection of 24 tikki or cutlet recipes

1. Aloo tikki recipe – popular North Indian snack of spiced, crisp potato patties. In western India, aloo tikki is known as aloo pattice or aloo patties. The method of making them is same but the spices and the stuffing added in them differs, according to the region.

aloo tikki recipe


2. Vegetable cutlet – crisp veg patties made with mixed vegetables. You can use vegetables like potatoes, peas, carrots and french beans.

veg cutlet recipe


3. Paneer cutlet recipe – easy to prepare crisp cutlets made with paneer and mix vegetables. for a healthier option you can even bake these paneer cutlets. I have pan fried them.

paneer cutlet recipe


4. Ragda patties recipe – a popular street food snack from Mumbai. Crisp potato patties served on a bed of white peas curry, herbs and spices. Other popular street food snacks from Mumbai are:

ragda patties recipe


5. Bread cutlet recipe – crispy and tasty cutlets made with bread and mixed veggies. the cutlets are coated with bread crumbs and then pan fried. This coating gives a crisp exterior on the cutlets.

bread cutlet recipe


6. Corn patties recipe – crisp melt in the mouth corn patties made with mashed potatoes and stuffed with a spicy corn filling.

corn patties recipe


7. Poha cutlet recipe – easy and tasty snack recipe of mix veg poha cutlet recipe. Poha or flattened rice is an ingredient that can be used in many recipes. Usually I make potato poha or Onion poha with flattened rice. Making cutlets with them is a novel way of using them.

poha cutlet recipe

8. Aloo tikki chole – crisp & browned spiced potato patties served with a spicy North Indian chickpea curry along with a green chutney and sweet chutney with some tidbits.

aloo tikki chole recipe


9. Sabudana tikki recipe – fasting recipe of pan fried patties with tapioca pearls, potatoes and minimal spices. the preparation of sabudana tikkis is similar to making Sabudana vada, but the ingredients are a bit different, apart from sabudana and potatoes. These tikkis are also not deep fried but pan fried.

sabudana tikki recipe


10. Aloo tikki burger – crisp golden potato patties sandwiched in burger buns topped with veggies and spiced with chutneys. Good to look at and good to eat too.

aloo tikki burger recioe


11. Frankie recipe – thin rotis stuffed with crisp aloo tikki, veggies and yogurt raita. the wraps are made from whole wheat flour or atta. You can also check the recipes of Paneer frankie and Kathi roll.

aloo tikki frankie recipe


12. Aloo tikki chaat – a super delicious chatpata dish. In aloo tikki chaat fried potato patties are topped with a tangy sweet tamarind chutney and spicy green chutney along with curd (yogurt).

aloo tikki chaat recipe

13. Mushroom cutlet recipe  – delicious cutlets made with mushrooms, mashed potatoes and spices. These mushroom cutlet or mushroom patties can also be added to burger buns. Add some mayonnaise, sliced onions, tomatoes and lettuce and you have yum burgers ready. You can also stuff them in wraps or rolls or serve them plain with a side sauce or chutney.

mushroom cutlet recipe

14. Rice cutlet recipe – crisp and delicious rice cutlets made from left over rice. the rice cutlet recipe is very easy to prepare. You just need cooked rice along with some boiled potatoes. Add your spices. Mix everything and then shallow fry or pan fry the cutlets. Serve rice cutlets with coriander chutney or tamarind chutney or pudina chutney.

rice cutlet recipe

15. Veg chops recipe – one of the popular street food in bengal are these veg chops. These are addictive and no one can just eat one. basically these are veg cutlets with beetroot as one of the main ingredient.

Bengali style veg chops recipe

16. Suran cutlet recipe – easy no onion no garlic patties made with yam and spices. these suran patties are very easy to make. They are crisp with a soft texture from inside. The only time taking part is chopping the suran or yam.

suran cutlet recipe


17. Farali pattice recipe – crisp potato patties stuffed with a sweet-tangy coconut-dry fruits stuffing. A popular Gujarati snack that is made during fasting.

farali pattice recipe


18. Dahi aloo tikki – a popular street food snack of potato patties topped with yogurt, sweet tamarind chutney, green chutney and spice blends.

dahi aloo tikki recipe


19. Arbi cutlet recipe – an easy and healthy version of arbi cutlet. I have pan fried the arbi with less oil and then added all my favorite spice powders to it. Drizzled some lemon juice and we had a crispy, tangy and mildly spiced arbi.

arbi cutlet recipe


20. Sweet potato tikki recipe – fasting recipe made from sweet potatoes. The patties are very easy to make and does not require much effort and time, especially on days when we fast.

sweet potato tikki recipe


21. Beetroot tikki recipe – a popular street food in calcutta. The beetroot tikkis are easy to make. Boiled and mashed beetroot plus potatoes and plus spices….  mix them all… shape them into tikkis.

beetroot tikki recipe


22. Arbi patties – a simple fasting recipe made from colocasia roots and singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour).

arbi patties recipe


23. Aloo paneer tikki recipe – easy and quick recipe for making tikkis with potatoes and paneer. The

paneer tikki recipe

24. Paneer cheese cutlet recipe – crisp and tasty melt in the mouth cutlets made with paneer and mozzarella cheese. these paneer cutlets are minimally spiced and have a soft cheesy, gooey texture inside due to the melted mozzarella cheese.

paneer cheese cutlet

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  2. hi dassana! i would like to share the chana dal patty recipe hoping that it might not be existing in your files.the stuffing is made from soaked,boiled & semi-mashed chana dal.tempering of oil,hing,mustard seeds & cumin seeds is added to chana dal.cooked for 1-2 min.tamarind pulp,jaggery,gr.chilli paste,ginger-garlic paste( ginger-garlic in equal qty),salt,turmeric pwdr,red chilli pwdr,garam masala are added & further cooked till well combined.when done it is allowed to cool & final addition – coriander leaves,mixed well & stuffed in mashed potato mix,shaped like patty.deep fried or shallow fried this one tastes good with sweet chutney,gr chutney.

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