masala powder recipes, 15 masala powder or spice powder recipes

Home made spice powders or masala powders recipes – This post shares a collection of 15 Indian spice blends or masala powders that have been posted on website. Homemade masala powders are always better in terms of aroma and flavor. Thus they really bring out the best in any dish. Also there are no additives or preservatives added.

Before making any homemade powder or spice mix, please follow some suggestions mentioned below:

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masala powder recipes, spice powder recipes
  • Use spices which are fresh and in their shelf period.
  • Pick, clean the spices of stones etc. Especially for spices like coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds.
  • Make sure that the dry red chilies do not have mold from inside. Just break them and check if there is any whitish or greyish mold inside. They should feel crisp on touch and not moist.
  • Do check for small insects which do appear in spices like coriander seeds. Also the coriander seeds should feel and look fresh and crisp. If they appear to have mould or are not aromatic, then throw them away.
  • For tej patta, do check if there are moulds or insects on them.
  • Also use real cinnamon and not cassia sticks. Both are different and cassia can cause health problems.

In Indian cuisine, masala powders are used extensively. each spice blend or masala powder has a different flavor profile. So One cannot substitute one masala powder with the other. e.g goda masala cannot be substituted with garam masala. Or a biryani masala cannot be substituted with garam masala powder and so on. The flavor and aroma profiles are so distinct and different that the dish’s overall taste will change a lot if you use a spice blend not meant for that dish.

One of the most commonly used spice blend is garam masala powder. There are many regional variations of preparing garam masala. Also each family makes it their own way.

There are two ways spice powders are made. one is the sun drying method and the other is roasting method. If you do not get enough sunlight, then you can also roast the spices one by one in a pan and then grind them. If you live in a humid and warm/hot region, then keep the spices powders in the fridge. They stay well for a longer period of time.

15 masala powder recipes

1. Garam masala powder recipe – one of the essential Indian spice mix used in North Indian recipes. This recipe of garam masala is too good. The difference it makes to the everyday dal or curry or sabzi is super. Since the masala is very strong and intense, I do suggest to add about ¼ to ½ teaspoon for 4 to 5 servings in a recipe.

garam masala powder recipe

2. Sambar powder recipe – fresh, aromatic, homemade sambar powder made with roasted spices. add sambar masala powder to sambar recipes whenever you make them. For a serving of 4, you can add about 2 to 3 teaspoons of this sambar masala powder in any sambar recipe.

sambar powder recipe

3. Pav bhaji masala powder recipe – a spice mix that is added to the famous Mumbai pav bhaji. this is a strong and aromatic masala and the pav bhaji that you will make with it, will only get better. Apart from adding the masala to pav bhaji, you can also use this in sabzis & stir fries. The masala can also be added to masala pav, tawa pulao, idli masala.

pav bhaji masala recipe

4. Biryani masala powder recipe – aromatic masala for biryani and pulao. the difference it makes to both the biryani and pulao can be felt by the aroma and taste. This is a lovely masala and i add it to all the pulaos I make. You don’t need whole spices while making pulao. Just add this pulao masala and you are done. While making biryani, I just add one tej patta and this masala in the biryani gravy.

biryani pulav masala recipe

5. Bisi bele bath powder recipe – a spice blend that is added to a very popular dish in Karnataka – bisi bele bath, Which is a spicy one pot rice, lentil and vegetable dish. this bisi bele bath powder is slightly spicy and hot.

bisi bele bath powder recipe

6. Rasam powder recipe – an aromatic spice blend that is used to make rasam. This recipe of rasam powder gives you a robust rasam powder that will bring a lot of flavors and taste in the rasam.

rasam powder recipe

7. Goda masala recipe – a special spice blend unique to Maharashtrian cuisine. The spices used here are aromatic spices and these lend a subtle sweet aroma without hints of pungency & heat. this aromatic spice blend is added to many Maharashtrian dishes.

Maharashtrian goda masala recipe

8. Masala milk powder recipe – a fragrant healthy powder that is added to milk, made with dry fruits and a few fragrant spices. one glass of hot milk with masala milk powder in the night will also help in getting sound sleep. The spice nutmeg in the powder calms, relaxes and helps in getting sleep. With all the dry fruits and spices in it, this masala milk powder makes an excellent drink with milk, for both kids and adults like. if stored in fridge, then shelf life of this masala powder is about 1 to 2 months.

masala milk powder recipe

9. Dhania powder recipe – for making the coriander powder, buy good quality and fresh coriander seeds. While buying coriander seeds take a handful of coriander seeds in your hands and sniff. If they give a fresh coriandery aroma, then they are good.

how to make coriander powder

10. Punjabi garam masala powder recipe – the words garam masala translates to a Warm spice blend. the coining of these two words is true as the spices that are used in making the garam masala make the body warm. They also have medicinal as well as digestive properties. This Punjabi garam masala is a very important spice blend added in many Punjabi recipes.

Punjabi garam masala powder recipe

11. Amchur powder recipe – to make amchur, unripe mango strips or chips are dried in sunlight for few days until they become brittle and crisp. Then these mango pieces are ground to fine powder. Thats why amchur is called as dry mango powder in english. Amchur is one of the most important ingredient in Punjabi cuisine.

amchur powder recipe

12. Masala tea powder recipe – if you make the masala tea powder, then you don’t have to add any spices to the tea while making it, unless you want a strong hint and taste of a particular spice. Its best to make your own chai masala as You can add the ingredients you want.

masala tea powder

13. Mysore sambar powder recipe – aromatic sambar powder made with whole spices, lentils and desiccated coconut. This sambar powder is a really good sambar powder and makes excellent sambar with any veggie.

mysore sambar powder recipe

14. Panch phoron recipe – Panch masala or Padkaune masala or Panch phutana is a blend of 5 aromatic spices. This 5 spice mixture is one of the essential spice blends used in Bengali cuisine. unlike, garam masala where the spices are powdered, in panch phoran, the spices are not powdered but used whole.

panch phoron

15. Idli podi recipe – idli podi is condiment of spiced dry powder made with lentils and red chilies. Idli podi is served with idli or dosa.

idli podi recipe

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