gajar halwa recipe, how to make gajar ka halwa recipe | carrot halwa

gajar halwa recipe, carrot halwa recipe

carrot halwa or gajar halwa recipe – a traditional way of making gajar halwa without any shortcuts or tweaks. by the way, at home we call carrot halwa as gajrela.

during winters, we make gajar halwa often. this time i was not able to make the halwa due to time constraints. so on the request of hubby, made gajar halwa after a long long time. so when i made the halwa, i took the pics too.

there are few variations of making gajar halwa recipe:
1. vegan carrot halwa recipe – made with almond milk.
2. microwave carrot halwa recipe – a quick method to make gajar halwa in microwave.
3. carrot halwa made with sweetened condensed milk or milkmaid – easy and quicker method to make the halwa.

we generally use red delhi carrots to make the halwa as they are tender and juicy. here i used organic english carrots to make the halwa. after some days again, i made the halwa and this time used the red delhi carrots. you can use any carrots. but just make sure they are not fibrous and dense. you can even use the orange ooty carrots to make the halwa.

this traditional recipe uses just full fat milk, ghee and sugar to make the halwa. you don’t need khoya/evaporated milk or condensed milk. to make gajar halwa, it is important to buy tender and juicy carrots so that they are ease to grate. some arm work is needed to make this pudding as you have to first grate the carrots and then slow cook them in stove top and keep on stirring them on regular intervals.

you can grate the carrots manually or in a food processor. obviously the food processor makes grating the carrots easier. i suggest to use a heavy iron kadai to make the halwa. the halwa is simmered and simmered and stirred often. so that it should not get burnt,a really good kadai makes the job easier. you can also use a non stick kadai or a thick bottomed pan.

you can store gajar halwa in fridge. it stays well for almost a week but will get over quickly. when serving, you can just warm the halwa and serve. you can even have the halwa cold, if you prefer.

if you are interested, there is also a vegan carrot halwa already posted on the blog. the vegan carrot halwa is made with almond milk and takes less time to cook.

lets start step by step carrot halwa or gajar halwa recipe:

1. first rinse, peel and then grate the carrots, either with a hand held grater or in a food processor.

grate the gajar or carrots

2. in a kadai, add all of the grated carrots.

grated gajar for halwa

3. pour the milk.

add milk to grated gajar or carrots

4. stir the grated carrots and milk and keep the kadai on the stove top.

simmering gajar halwa on stove top

5. cook this mixture on a low to medium flame. the milk will froth and start reducing slowly and slowly.

gajar halwa on stove top with milk

6. keep on stirring this halwa mixture often. keep scraping the sides of the kadai to remove the evaporated milk solids. add the milk solids to the cooking mixture.

gajar halwa on stove top with milk

7. the mixture should reduce by 75% and then you add the ghee/clarified butter. some milk will be there when you add the ghee.

add ghee to gajar halwa

8. next add the sugar.

add sugar to make gajar halwa recipe

9. add the cardamom powder.

add crushed cardamom to gajar halwa recipe

10. stir and continue to simmer on a low flame till the mixture starts to thicken and reduce more. stir at intervals.

making gajar halwa

11. when the halwa has reduced much and you see a little milk – like that of a pudding consistency. then add the cashews, saffron and golden raisins.

add dry fruits to gajar halwa recipe

12. continue to stir and simmer till the whole mixture becomes dry. the milk should evaporate completely and you will see fine milk solids in the halwa. remember to scrape the milk solids stuck at the sides of the kadai or pan and add them to the halwa. some moisture is also fine in the halwa. 

gajar halwa recipe, carrot halwa recipe

serve gajar halwa hot or warm.

if you are looking for more halwa recipes then do check banana halwa, atte ka halwa, rava kesari, suji halwa, kaddu halwa and apple halwa recipe.

carrot halwa or gajar halwa recipe below:

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gajar halwa
gajar halwa - a traditional slow cooked recipe of carrot halwa with just carrots, milk, ghee, sugar and a few dry fruits.
RECIPE TYPE: dessert
CUISINE: north indian, punjabi
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 8 to 9 medium tender juicy carrots/gajar - yields approx 4 to 4.5 cups grated carrots
  • 4 cups full fat organic milk
  • 4 tbsp ghee/clarified butter
  • 10 to 12 tbsp organic unrefined cane sugar or regular sugar or as required
  • 20-25 whole cashews/kaju
  • 5 to 6 green cardamom, powdered finely in a mortar-pestle or about ⅓ tsp cardamom powder
  • a pinch of saffron strands/kesar (optional)
  • handful of golden raisins
  1. rinse, peel and grate the carrots.
  2. in a kadai or deep thick bottomed pan combine milk and grated carrots.
  3. on a low to medium flame, bring the whole mixture to a boil and then simmer.
  4. while the mixture is simmering on a low flame, keep on stirring in between.
  5. the grated carrots will cook in the milk and the milk will start to reduce and evaporate.
  6. when the milk has 75% reduced, add the ghee, sugar and powdered cardamom to the mixture.
  7. stir well and continue to simmer and cook on a low flame.
  8. do keep on stirring the gajar halwa in between.
  9. towards the end, add the cashews, crushed saffron and raisins and simmer till all the milk is evaporated. switch off the burner.
  10. serve gajar halwa hot, warm or you can also serve it cold.

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  1. Diana says

    This was served today at a buffet restaurant. It was new on their menu and was delicious. I wanted to find a recipe and was glad to find yours. Thank you.

  2. Neha says

    Hi Dasana,

    This is my first post but I have followed many of your recipes and I must say, you have been my saviour.

    Regarding this recipe, if I have to make gajar ka halwa for 12 people, shall I just double the amount of all ingredients?


  3. Hemanth says

    Hi Dassana,

    The recipe you have mentioned is so simple and yet so beautiful. I was cooking for the very first time in my life sitting in the US and my wife and everyone else who tasted the halwa gave it a 5-STAR and i’m passing those 5 STARS to you as you deserve it.

    Very well explained with relevant pictures and it is of great help for beginners like me. Will look out for more of your recipes ! ! ! Many Thanks to you . . .

  4. Sneha says

    I made this today. It was delicious. I am currently living in the US and I didn’t have whole milk so I used what is called 2% milk. Just thought I’d mention, in case it is of use to anyone. :)

  5. Khushi says

    Hey Dassana Happy Diwali to you and your family. I just made this Gajar Halwa recipe for Diwali and it turned out really delicious, I am a novice cook and your website is really helpful and informative. It’s really encouraged me to cook and step out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic recipes. X

  6. Veena says

    I’m always referring to your blog for reliable recipe. Tried this last week and like you claim it was heavenly. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Janet says

    Thank you for sharing these recipes. Is there a reason you didn’t add the saffron and golden raisins to the microwave version?

  8. lakshmi says

    Hai dassana…
    I have tried dis recepie with milk maid. . I want it to b soft as of now even for 2 days.. anything u recommend pls.. but d taste was fabulous ty..

  9. Thanks and i kew to prepare it in different way... says

    Tomorrow my b’day, i’m going to make it for my frnds and my swt heart……

  10. Abhilasha says

    This looks just delicious, i am going to make this for my sis today, she loves gajar ka halwa with loads of kaju and kishmish

  11. Sudha says

    Your halwa is yummy and pictures are awesome! I don’t understand why people pressure cook carrots? They are already so soft and cook in milk anyway.If you want to retain juices why don’t you cook with milk ?Just wondering why to complicate this simple recipe? I am going to try this recipe in slow cooker…Hope it turns out good:)

    • says

      thanks sudha. even i would feel the same. i have seen some recipes where the carrots have been pressure cooked. i once made also this way. to be very honest, i did not like carrot halwa made this way. there was no juiciness felt at all in the halwa. it resembled like sweet potato halwa or potato halwa. after you have tasted the real stuff, why go for such variations. do try and the slow cooker variation will taste damn good.

      • Sudha says

        I made slow cooker version of this recipe and it was really yummy…drool!!
        I had to cheat a bit though as milk really takes too long ,I reduced milk to nearly 75% before adding to slow cooker.Next time I want to use evaporated milk from can ,dont know if the taste will be same?
        Thanks for inspiring to try different.

        • says

          you mean with milk the carrot halwa takes long. it will take as the cooking is done in a slow cooker. you can use sweetened condensed milk too. with khoya/evaporated milk the taste will be different. thanks sudha.

  12. says

    This season I didn’t make the gajar ka halwa for some reason. I make the halwa quite similar to yours. However, I pressure cook the carrots in their own juices before cooking them with milk and also, I add the ghee when all milk has evaporated. I know this halwa is delicious :-)
    Love that first shot. It looks AWESOME!